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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 11, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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car that hit a woman. fresh off last night's gop debate which was civil for the most part, two remaining of the four candidates are still stumping in south florida hoping to reel in voters, of course, just days before tuesday's primary next week. thank for joining us this midday. >> we're keeping tabs on the candidates with live team coverage from the newsroom to west palm beach where marco rubio and donald trump are making moves early this morning. >> that's where we get started with michael spearslive with trump's latest endorsement. >> good morning. former gop hopeful ben carson took the stage not too long here in palm beach announcing had he and donald trump put their differences b bhind them, officially endorsing him. trum announced that ben carson would have a big role in his
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>> i really appreciate the endorsement, ben. thank you. >> former gop hopeful dr. ben carson endorsed frontrunner donald trump friday morning in palm beach. >> i have found in talking with him, you know, there's a lot more alignment philosophically and spiritually than i ever thought it was. >> trump joined carson on theat the announcement. >> everybody lovesham and admires him. >> trump who questioned his success as a surgeon. >> it's politics. >> dr. carson will play a role in his campaign. carson suspended his presidential campaign last week a has nothing but nice things to say about his favorite for
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america. >> now, following the big announcement, ben carson was asked whyot endorse ted cruz, carson said he feels donald trump the only candidate willing to do what it takes to break what he caca the special hold of special interest groups. we have much more on this, check out the nbc news and weather app. and our team coverage continues for you this midday. nbc 6 reporter steve litz also in west palm beach where marco rubio is expected to speak in the next couple of minutes. >> reporting live tonight from temple bethel. this is an invited guest only events, the specific topic will
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conflict. there continues to be talk among leaders about donald trump's comments last night. he -- in light of terror attacks israel has sustained over the years, mr. trump and senator rubio went head-to-head on that issue last night. >> i think it would be much more helpful, i'm a negotiator, if i go in, i'll say i'm pro israel and i've told that to anybody that would listen, but i would like to have the other side think i'm somewhat neutral as to them so we can maybe get a a deal done. maybe we can get a deal. i think it's probablyhe toughest negotiation of all time. >> the policydonald has
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realizes it's an anti israeli policy. here there is, there is no peace deal possible with the palestinians at the moment. there's no one to negotiate with. the they are not interested in a serious deal and they are now in union with hamas. >> donaa trump pressed his love for israel last night several times note thag his son-in-law, his daughter are jewish and he has two juish grandchildren. senator marco rubio is expected to come in here and meet these invited guests and have a very different position from d dnald trump's position of neutrality. thank you so much. and nbc 6 anchor jackie nespral also catching up with marco rubio very early this morning
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sitdown interview, they got to talk a little strategy. >> win florida. state. work as hard as we can. we've been working very hard now for 11 months and i feel confident we're going to win >> all right. so jackie nespral will have much more on her exclusive sitdown interview with rubio tonight on nbc 6 news starting at 6:00. showing you perhaps one of the most talked about moments at last night's debate at the university of miami, the candidates tackling the issue instead of each other. donald trump called it civil. our coverage coinues now with julia bagg live in the newsroom with people reacting to the change of course from yesterday. >> well, no guilty feelings this midday after the most doss -- docile debate we've seen in the last year. >> we have to take a ststng,
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>> theiei mellowed miami civil. >> i'm glad they decided to get around insulting one another and getting back to the issues. >> each hopeful aimed to move forward and separate himself from the pack. john kasich tried to get some traction over his home state of ohio. >> i don't think anybody really scored any knockout punches. it's funny, like these other candidates when you u e running for president, you got to act like a president. while three of the final four have already left florida to campaign in other states, marco rubio is keeping all of his energy right here ih the sunshine state. >> marco rubio showed that he's the real deal. that he's worked hard in the senate for this community, that he knows what the american dream is. he wants everyone to be able to prosper in this country. >> just four days to go to convince florida voters. and besides florida and ohio, voters in lots of other places
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tuesday as well. illinois, missouri, north carolina, and the northern mariona islands in the pacific. a total of 367 delegates are available for hopefuls. bernie sanders is expected to be in three different states today. first north carolina, ohio, then illinois. hillary clinton will spending part of her day attending former first lady nancy raegan's funeral. all of this is following a busy day on the campaign trail foror everyone. it started with a surprise visit with blows a athe fountainbleau in miami beach. followed by persons in north rolina and ill i will oid -- illinois. >> and bernie sanders stopped at university of florida and wearing a gators hat. >> i know that florida is big
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[ cheers and applause ] >> but unless you are out on the playing field, football is a spectator sport. democracy is not a spectator sport. >> safest to say he knew his audience yesterday. both contenders are geang up, of course, for the big surprise, florida's primary and that will be next week on tuesday and nbc 6 has you covered. all things decision 2016. again, tuesday, will bring you liveesults as they roll in. once the polls close and ouj nbc 6 news and weather app, have that handy we'll be updating that all day long. new today, nbc 6 on the scene of a shooting near ft. lauderdale, that's where a man was shot several times and st into the newsroom, broward sheriffs office telling us he was visiting the area near 30th avenue. we brought you the news earlier this morning. the man was rushed to the medical center. we're learning much more
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deadly encounter. >> it all started after a woman received an alert on her phone that there was annen intruder inside her home. we just learned who the intruder. >> reporter: this morning we're continuing to learn more information about the 17-year-old shot here at this home at the same time officers are really using this as an example of whatnot to do when taking the law into yourwn hands. when the alarm rang out at this home on 7237 northwest 19th avenue nurse evening -- thursday evening, officers say the 54-year-old home owner was not there. she was alerted by her alarm company. policewere also notified, but the home owner was the first to arrive. >> was checkinghe home herself when she observed a subject exiting thehehome through the rear. at that point, there was some type of a quick confrontation. shots were fired.
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say the woman shot 17-yeye-old trayvon johnson who was transported to the trauma center and diedshortly after. >> she's distraught.. >> this incident brings a reminder from law enforcement to the public. poce say if you find someone on your property -- >> have the police go ouw and make that confrontation. that's what we're here for. >> this is an ongoing investigation and for right now officers say they are still not sure where the weapon came from. glover. nbc 6s everywhere. earlier this morning, we brought you this scene where a car was stuck in a tree in doral, believe it or not. chopper 6 was overhe as miami fire and rescue pulled the man from his r. firefighters say he was pinned underneath the steering wheel at the time. no word yet on what exactly caused that accident.
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hit-and-run that happened in north miami beacac police have new evidence on the driver who struck and killed a woman. police say they died at the -- police say she died at the scene. security video shows a car that's possibly involved in this hit-and-run. if you think you have any information you are called to call the miami-dade crime stoppers line. 305-471 tips. the victim of ale valentine's day attack it shows time. nbc 6 was the first to bring you month. she was attacked by her roommate who she met on craigslist. she had been on a coma since the attack. 35-year-old byron mitchell facing attempted murder charges. her family posting on her go fund me page. she's still in a comatose state and f flowing commands.
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still on a feeding tube but they are hoping they will soon be able to eat on her own. >> federal agents are sorting through all kinds of documents after a massive raid at opa-locka cty hall. it's part of a crackdown on public corrtion. this morning, agents were carrying out boxes and boxes of evidence. what we know so far is that last november, the newly appnted city manager steve shiever was ousted after he exposed some issues. >> i pointedout several irregularities and things didn't make sense about thr financial systems there. >> as i mentioned, at this point, this is real early. the fbi is only confirming that this is a public corruption case involving the city of opa-locka. no names, though, were mentioned. so far, no one has officially been arrested.
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raegan. also, a high speed chase comes to a crashing end. the reason behind the pursuit. up. the soutut is getting pummeled by the torrential rain. parts of the south coast are also being batteried. as you can see now some cloud cover over the gulf of
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our sunshine state. a driver going more than 50 miles per hour through residential side streets, sometimes even hitting speeds of over 90 miles. the suspect ended up driving and trying to drive through a field, but his car hit a bump and then that crashed the front fender. he tried running but officers were le to catch and arrest him. former first lady nancy reagan being laid to rest today. it will be held at the ronald raegan library in simi valley, california california. she spent a lot of time planning
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>> she@ told me once that she was not afraid to die. she saidi don't want it to hurt, but i'm not afraid to die, you know, i'll see ronnie again. >> sobering words there throughout the past week, thousands of people have been paying their respects during public vugs. you can watch today's funeral live streaming on our nbc 6 news and w wther app that started at 2:00 t tay. an update on the shooting in pennlvania today. six people he died. the shooting at that backyard cook-out was planned. two other people are in the hospil that were hit. police are continuing their search for two shooters. investators say the shooters targeted two victims at that party and they have not ruled out drugs as a motive. parts of california on weather watch as heavy rains and flooding sweep through the state. bad weather have led to
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to close schools and roads in the arar. one river is expected to crest 35 feet a, three feetbove flood staining. another storm is forecasted to move through over the weekend dropping another 8 to 10 inches of rain. 'll been telling you a few days, more bad weather in louisiana. officials warning some levees could overflow today because of the continuous rain. many high water rescues and three people have died from all the flooding. it's one thing when you can see an end to it, when you can foresee an end. when you see more rain forecast, you already three feet into your home, it's sobering to say the very least. >> that system that's been pumping in that golf moisture into the gulf coast, it hasn't moved the past few days, continues to pump in. there are flashlood warnings
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our thoughts are with them as they continue to see those heavy rains. they are expecting more today and the weekend. conditions. good news here in south florida. our live first alert radar has been dry from broward county all the way down into miami-dade all morning long ove the atlantic waters as well things are looking pretty quiet so far. apart from the rain-free start, mostly mild start, now it's already warm, 79 already in miami. not even noon yet. now in the pompano beach area. i want to take a look at our first alert cam. there's a few t tngs we can notice here. number one, we've been dealing with breezy conditions. we're beginning to see now some rough seas developing along atlantic beaches. it's not as breezy as we've seen the pas few days. winds are gusting 20 to 25 miles per hour, still dealingwith the beaches. number two, we've been seeing moments of sunshine and moments of cloud cover.%
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not much cloud cover. all of this gulf moisture being pumped into south florida. right now we're seseng some of those clouds along atlantic beaches and across much of our sunshine state. that will be the trend for the next couple of days as moisture continues to increase m mch of florida. first alert forecast callng for a mix of sun and clouds. we'll see moments of sunshine but then there will be moments we'll see more in the way of clouds. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. a a w degrees above average, reaching into the mid to lower 80s. high preure now beginning to weaken and pushing further into the atlantic waters. as it does so, that same system bringing flooding rains across much of the gulf coast and the lower mississippq valley. you can see that south wind pumping in that moisture. that syem over the southern plains right now. it will continue to push toward the east. as it does so, it will continue to drag that moisture into closer into south florida and that will bring us the next shot for a few showers.
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moisture over the gulf of mexico remains across much of the area. for us, we're dealing with dry air. good news fors as we head for the weekend. temperatures will be mild and lower 70s. breezy beaches. still winds at the east, southeast. we'll say few more clouds over t week than we've seen the past few days. what we can expect the next few days. weekend looking pretty good. we can see a spotty shower. it will be warm and breezy, you want to keep hydrated out there. spotty shower chance lingers into monday. other than that, we're looking pretty dry, warm and breezy with temperatures in the mid 80s come monday and tuesday. consider this your heads up. make sure the coffee pot for work is well stocked for monday morning. otherwise, you are going to be
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we spring forward ahead one hour. a lot of grumpy people. just know that going into it on monday. expect grumpy people, but sleep deprivation can raise your risk for a lot of dangerous health effects. the solution is pay attention to your body and make sleep a bigger priority and hope you also don't have kids. also, most sleep experts recommend adults get 7 to 9 hours of quality shut eye every single night. >> the quality is going -- the coffee is going to affect us. >> some actors will tell you they are in the business because they are so passionate about their artrt that's not the case for super man. >> this guy sys it's the super--sized paycheck. >>ake it rain. henry calvo, holla,@we love him
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the super man actor enjoying the finer things in life, thanko his super size success. he says the money is fantastic, but he does share the wealth. he spoils his friends and family. henry gets back his superhero tights in "batman versus superman, dawn of justice." >> if you haven't been to this block party, you been to a party all. calle ocho is this weekend.
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mes to the kitchen, cindy >> in about two hours, sheli, eric, kelly and i will be jumping off a building. not jumping. repelling off. that's in ft. lauderdale. it should be exciting. >> it should be a good cause. it supports gilda's club. >> they will be hosting the same
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>> if you are interested going (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next psident needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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well, it's no secret that voice coach adam levine wants a big family. 100 kids he has said. one is baking. 99 to go. welcome to this fantastic friday. thank you for joining us here on "six in the mix." the maroon 5 frontmanan and his gorgeous secret -- victoria's secret is expecting their first
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they got married in 2014. and caitlyn jenner is kicking her modeling career in new girl. you can see the 66-year-old in a suit h & m suit. this comes one week after she announced that she is a mac girl, the latest face of mac cosmetics. under radios! >> what? no, yourur eyes are not playing trick on you. that is spider man. civil war. the webbed superhero is taking captain america's shield, costume and all. i can't wait may 6th. a lot happening this weekend. if you haven't been@to a party to -- any block party you


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