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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  March 12, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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weekend, so don't forget to spring forward and turn your clocks ahead one hour before you go to bed. let's get you started with your first alert weather forecast. meteorologist erika delgado. >> that means w lose an hour of sleep tonight, so turning your clocks ahead one ho before grow to bed today. but please now we have more daylight hours in the dada sunset will be in the 7:00 p.m. hour instead of 6:00 p.m. hour. 73 in ft. lauderdale, despite the cloud cover we're dealing with this morning, temperatures are quickly warming up. it's shaping up to be another warm one here. we he been dry for the most part. we saw a few, light, spotty showers throughout the overnight hours and now we're picking up off broward coast. other than that, it's a quiet sack to our weekend. nice conditions throughout. definitely feelinggit, though, the air just feels on a heavy side now that humidity levels have continued to go up. plenty of moisture to go around as you can see over the gulf of mexico.
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into the lower mississippi valley and across much of the southeast, leaving flooding rains along the gulf coast. for your forecast, sharon, the next few hours we'll be in the 70. we'll already be in the 80s come noontime. thank you. protests in chicago after donald trump postpone adderally there due to safety concerns. hundreds of demonstrators gathered yesterday to protest the appearance by the gop front-runner, while supporters were there to attend the event. when the trump campaign decided to postpone, there was an uproar, even punches were throwow police arrested five people during the protes. we'll learn more on this story and hear from other candidates the next half hour of news. only three days before the florida primary and presidential hopeful marco rubio is hoping to win it all in his home state. he sat down for an exclusive one on one interview about the future of his presidential campaign with nbc 6 anchor. it's a sit-down you'll see only on 6.
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tuday you are not the winner in the state of florida, would you continue in this race til the convention? >> we haven't made that decision yet. we hopefully won'tthave to make that decision because we'll win florida. i do believe, i do, that the winner of florida will probably be the nominee. neither john kasich nor ted cruz has the most minimal chance of winning in florida. if you don't want donald trump to be the w wner in florida, even ted cruz and john kasich supporters should vote for me. >> to hear the full interview with senator marco rubio tune into this sundayorning at 9:30 a.m. right before "meet the press". spring break arrives on miami beach as police are forced to deal with unruly crowds. things got o is out of control police had to shut down some of the beach's busiest roadways. erika glover is had miami beach police headquarters with h more.
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couple hoursgo ocean drive was a much different scene. look at thisviewer video from friday night when spring break turned into chaos on miami beachh as massive crowds of people got out of hand. >> it was just too much. it was too chaotic. too many people running. >> at first things were starting to get under control but then i guess people got too rowdy, started to fight police. >> reporter: miami dade police say a large group of people started gathering on is shore, t small fights erupted. police were shut to force down ocean ive between 7th and 10th street because of the large, unruly crowds. a handful of people around 6 to 7 were arrested, but cops say it never turned into a riot. >> obviously with all the lights we can tell that the cops are on top of it. i feel good about that. i'm not worried at wall. >> miami beach tweeted this of all the spring breakers packed on the beach.
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the fight messed with their spring break be. >> it ruined it. why are you fighting? we're having fun, why are you fighting? >> ocean drive is back up and running this morning, but officers really want to remind everyone to stay safe and have fun. reporting in miami beach, erika glover, nbc 6 news. they're trying to determine if a south florida woman was justified when she shot and killed a teenage burglary suspect in miami dade. the family soft tray john johnson is now making preparations for h funeral. the 17-year-old was shot and killed thursday night outside a home in northwest miami dade. 54-year-old janet said she confronted johnson after returning home because her burglar alarm went off. state attorney will decide whether charges will be filed. >> thumbs up. >> thumbs up. >> come on. >> good job! >> you got it! >> nicc a big step forward for the woman police say was brutally beaten at the hands of her
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a man she recently met on craigslist. she opened herd eyes for the first time after being in a coma forearly a month. the video released by family members shows the 23-year-old sitting upupn her hospital bed that you just saw and giving a thumbs up and then laughing as her family clapped her on and cheered for her. jones was living in a downtown miami apartment when she found a roommate on craigslist who her family says brutally attacked her. >> althe basics that we take for granted she will have to learn to do again. it's ike starting over with a baby but at a faster rate. >> and now the 23-year-old has to learn how to walk and talk saying. 35-year-old byron mitchell remains behind bars with no bond. only on 6, a couple who went through a t tumatic experience have after welcoming their son into the world speaking out. their son died shortly after birth and the funeral home they
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accused of tossing the baby's body in a gas station dumpster. nearly two years after the ordeal, the parents won a 28 million dollar civil lawsuit against that funeral home. >> we're very thankful for that. >> justice finally prevailed for this couple who won a civil lawsuit after a funeral home failed to properly prepare their baby's remains. >> i found out aeek to two weeks later that they have found the baby. and a gas station in@ a box, our baby. >> it's been about a year and a half since disturbing discovery was made, but for these parents tt pain of losing their newborn son david is still raw. >> they told me the baby haha died. that was just -- it was the worst feeling.
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and unexpected death came the unthinkable, an employeeith this funeral home was supposed to retrieve the newborn's remains and prepare it for cremation but that didn't happen. if it wasn't for a homeless man rummaging through this dumpster area for food, little david's remain would never be found. >> in north miami the scece of the crime in december 2014, the box with the remains was stolen from his vehicle the driver said. >> i'm not sure about any kids or anything. >> it was later determined hood the owner of fuferal home's son was lying. he was arrested but only charged with resisting arrest. state probable cause panel found he committed negligence, incompetence or misconduct in the transportation of remains and a jury agreed, awarding the parents $28 million thursdays. a bittersweet victory for the couple and their lawyer who says it was never about the money. stend send the message to the funeral
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not be tolerated. >> it took the jury just about five minutes to reach its verdict. as for the funeral home, we contacted both the owner and his calls. time about 8:39. still ahead, nancy reagan has bebe laid to rest beside her husband and now a presidential candidate is in hot water over comments made about the former first lady. we're expecting breezy conditions here again over atlanc water. small aircraft should caution water overseas. winds will be out of the southeast at 20 knots leaving seas occasionally up to five feet and the bay y ll remain a
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seeing a few sh welcome back. family and friends of nancy reagan said their final farewells to the former first lady. she was buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan
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guests of honor such as former president george w. bush around other first ladies including rose lin carter, laura b bh and michelle obama paid their respects. according to the librar all of the details of the service were arranged by mrs. reagan hersjlf. the former first lady died at age 94. democratic front-runner hillary clinton was forced to apologize after she made a comment about mrs. reagan during an interview with msnbc during its coverage of her funeral. she said mrs. reagan helped start a a national conversation about aids in the 1980s. gay rights and aii activists attacked her on social media. after the outcry, clinton took to twitter to apologize saying she mistake about reagan's record on@aids. many activists remain bitter at ronald reagan and his administration for what they view as a slow response to aids. california's wine country is under water after heavy rainfall covered parts of northern california.
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river and when it reaches flood stage almost everything gets swallowed up by water, including vineyards and roads leading to nearby businesses. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning by mcdonald's coffee. mcdonald's, i'm loven it. >> announcer: now, first alert weather with erika delgado -- >> 8:43 on this saturday morning. our live first radar is picking up on a few showers over the atlantic waters moving along that southeast breeze. we've kept an eye on this all morning long. we did see a few showers over miami dade county. very spotty. we're dealing with the same thing over the atlantic waters. let's leave the possibility a quick passing spotty shower throughout the morning hours. temperatures right now 76
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lauderdale. 77 in opaloca. let's look outside, this outside of the weston diplomat in hollywood where we're seaing rough seas out there because of the strong southeast winds. rip currents will be a main threat along the atlantic beaches. keep that in mind if you have any plans that do involve getting into the water. temperatures will remain in the 80s this afternoon, warm one in store for us. sunset as i mentioned before, we'll be at 6:29 p.m. but tonight we spring forward. daylight savings begins tomorrow. tomorrow's sunset will be at 7:29, anour later. this high pressure is what left us quiet conditions the past few days. as it continues to push towards the east further into the atlantic and weekend, it will allow for this system to slowly approach the area. southerly winds ahead of it will moisture. flooding rains across portions of mississippi vall and across
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continue to leave us increasing moisture for us here across our sunshine state. so, let's look at the levels of moisture, dry air still remains across much of the bahamas. you're expecting a really nice day. i know you're watching. i do get your e-mails. thanks for joining so early in the morning. moisture over the gulf of mexico, still across much of the southeast reaching to the tennessee valley and portions of thth midwest. that moisture slowly but surely moving towards . you'll notice one in the cloud cover and two the air will feel heavy so humidity levels have continued to creep up all workweek long, if you haven't stepped out yet. the uv index is at the hire end of the scale and breezy conditions, rip currents and marine conditions will be one of the main threats for today. small aircraft should exercise caution over the atlantic waters. if your plans going out in the water, keep that in mind. tonight turn your clocks ahead one hour before go to tomorrow calle ocho is here. we look forward to seeing you
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other than an isolated shower on sunday and morning expect warm and breeszsy, especially warm up until the following weekend. sharon? >> erika, thank you. 9:46 is the time. 8:46 is actually the time. today's segmentntf clear the shelters, we want to introduce
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welcome back. in today's segment of clear the shelters, we want to introduce you to our little friend, miss peach. joining me is laurie wex. >> nice to see you. she is a darling. she is a rottweiler mix. she is going to be a bigger dog, mid size easy. she was abandoned and found with her siblings and her mom and she is two months old, but she is just a gorgeous little girl. and she is a doll. she's quite a handful now. i'm sure she is going to get close to at least 50 poununs.
8:48 am
paws, she will be a biggererone. >> exactly. >> she's a sweetheart. she is sitting in my arms. i think she is afraid she will fall. i think she wants to eat my mike, i think. she is a darling dog. i'm hoping she'll find a great family soon like the other siblings, too. >> you mentioned she was found with her blings. >> yes. >> she is the only one left. >> i believe there's another one or two. but shsh's a doll. she is g ging me kisses and licks. she will need some training. >> she is still a baby. >> she is still a baby but we love her. can't get her face on camera. >> it is early. she doesn't have her makeup face on, tv face. she was two months, rottweiler, what was the other mix? >> she is probably maybe a little lab in there, little terrier. she has a little bit going on. i also wanted to mention that it is kitten season, early spring to late fall. we always desperately need fosters.
8:49 am
only a few days old or week old, hopefully you can hear me, we need foster parents. we give all the training -- it's only usually untml they're six weeks old and can eat on their own. we give the blankets and the formula and the whole training desperately need foster parents. it's a great rewarding experience. >> i've never owned a cat before. i don't know if i would know how to take care of a kitty. > we teach you. we give you all the training and it's a wonderful experience. great for the kids to get involved, too. it. go to >> if you would like to adopt miss peach over here, she is a sweetheart, log on to nbc and search all act animals right there and check out other furry friends who are looking for their forever home. sharoro she is just peachy. >> she is. that little face, you want to eat it all up. thank you, guys.
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still ahead, just one more day until one of the biggest blo parties in the country takes place.
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an welcome back. if you see people climbing over the edge of ft. lauderdale yesterday, don't you worry, it was all for charity. >> oh, good. >> yesterday nbc 6 anchor eric and shelly along with kelly and i, we all went repelling over the edge to raise money for guildede club a chancer charity. the broward c cnty mayor was there and that was just the beginning. people will be repelling all day today. last year the event raised $100,000 and this year so far in the ft. lauderdale event which is the one happening tay we already raised over $65,000. take a look at that. that was little scary. it was breezy up there. >> my goodness, yes. but all for a good cause.
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of it. >> and you were strapped in really well. >> we have more harnesses than i don't know what. >> great job, guys. you haven't been to a party until you've been to this block party, calle ocho, almost 2 million locals and visitors from all over the world will take over a historic south florida strip in miami this weekend. >> t at's right. carnival miami culminates on calle ocho this sunday, roxanne has a little more. >> the biggest hispanic street festival in the states is drumming up for its biggest party yet, as callelecho celebrates 39 years. the historic strip of southwest 8th street wi shut down on sunday between 8th and 27th avenue. you can dance -- take a taste of cultural dishes from all over latin america and the
8:54 am
wear it at this internationally renown block party that celebrates hispanics and latinos from all over the world. this party has a purpose, this club has supported th growing hispanic community in south florida for 40 years. carnival miami helps contue that mission. >> so they brought in a megastar for the fiesta, actor, director, producer, musician local, andy garcia. this year's king of carnival, the king of calle ocho. andy garcia joins a star-studded lineup of carnival kings and queens -- in 1988 they got into the guinness book of world records when they formed the
8:55 am
you'll hear the classics on stage like -- last year's king chino -- blocks of the culture and music that helps make up miami at calle ocho. >> lots of music no doubt. make sure you join us at our sister station telemundo 51 stage. we will be right on 23rd avenue and southwest 8th street. come on out, join us for a dance, will you? i'll be there at 10:00 a.m. >> yeah, come on out. i'm hoping to start the conga line this year. >> you have to get there early. >> i will be there 10:00 a.m. >> nbc 6 is everywhere, including calle ocho, so stop by our booth sunday and snap a selfie with us or come by and say hello. this is a look at the lineup of who will be there to greet you throughout the day. find it on the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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p.m. i'll get there a little after 10:00 a.m., but i'll see you at the festival. hope you come by and say hello. >> if you come out, it's an energy like none other. you can't help but get intoto the lines and start dancing. it's a great time for the entire family. caliente. >> i'm going to wheel it back. >> we'll see you out there. 8:56 is the time. still ahead, republican presidential front-runner donald
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we'll b >> announcer: live, "nbc 6 today" starts now -- good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc 6 south florida today. it's saturday march 12th. i'm sharon lawson. daylight saving begins this weekend, sunday at 2:00 a.m. so don't forget to spring forward and turn your clocks bed tonight. let's get you started with your weather forecast with meteorologist erika delgado. you're right. spring forward today, again tomorrow, sunrise andunset will be an hour later than what months. temperatures right now in miami, 77, 75 in ft. lauderdale. still dealing with that breezy
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miles per hour and because of that breezy southeast wind, now it's picking up a few of the spotty showers over the atlantic waters and bringing it really close to t t broward coastline as you can see. very spotty in nature. just letting y know in case you're heading out to do your hair in the rning. you're heading home and don't want that shower to get you. south florida, we're dealing with a few clouds. all the moisture over the gulf of mexico, south wind over the gulf really pumping in lots of moisture across the southeast. for us, we will seee humidity levels continue to go up. if you haven't gone outside just yet, you'll feel the difference in the air. dealing with 70s this morning, a light shower is possible, very spotty at best. later today by 12:00 p.m. we'll be into the ler 80s. well, take a look at this scene. clashes between suprters for presidential candidate donald trump and protesters erupt into chaos in chicago.
9:01 am
chicago pavilion, forcing trump to poopone the event. nbc 6 reporter dan krauss has more. >> reporter: mhem broke out of the the university of illinois after organizers announced they wewe canceling the rally due to safety concerns. >> tonight rally will be postponed until another day. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> reporter: an uproar from the crowd as organizers walkeded off the stage and soon after people started to throw punches. tens of thousands of people under one r rf both trump supporters and trump protesters showing their opposition. this man, who was pulled off the stage at the event tweeted -- i feel this trump rally at uic has given me a glimpse into the civil rights movement. i've never seen such bold hatred in life. the crowdsnd fights soon spilling out on to the streets of downtown icago. a police officer covered in
9:02 am
the presidential candidate himself sounding off on msnbc. >> have a country that's so divided that maybe even you don't understand. i've never seen anything like it and this has been going on for years. >> reporter: it's not the first time the candidate was greeted by protesters. earlier in st. louis, trump was interrupted numerous times during a rally. police rested more than two dozen people at this event alone. all of it coming one day after a trump supporters was arrested for sucker punching a protester in the face. trump's opponents reacting to the chaotic scene. >> responsibility for that lies with protesters who took vience into their own hands. but in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top. >> this campaign is about is bringing our people together. [ cheers and applause ]. > not letting donald trump or
9:03 am
>> reporter: dan krauss, nbc 6 news. here at home, spring break arrives at miami beach as police are forced to deal with unruly crowds. things got so out of control police had to shut down some o the beach's busiest roads. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is at miami beach police head quarters with more. >> reporter: this morning the crowds and streets are slowing down just a little bitn miami beach but that won't last long. officers say a coupup hours ago ocean drive was a much different scene. take a look at this viewer video from friday night when spring break turned into chaos in miami each as massive crowds of people got out of hand. >> it was just too much. it was too chaotic. too people running. >> at first everything was starting to get under control but then i guess people got too rowdy, starting to fight police. >> reporter: they say the large group of people started gathering on the sand near beach ore, but after sunset, the partiers spilled out on to ocean drive and small fights erupted.
9:04 am
ocean drive between 7th and 10th street b%cause of the large, unruly crowds. a handful of people around 6 to 7 were arrested but cops say it never turned into a riot. >> obviously we can tell that the cops are on top of it. i feel good about that. i'm not worried at all. >> reporter: miami beach police also tweeted this piiure of all the spring breakers packed on the beach. those who witness it all said the fights messed with their spring break vibe. >> it ruined it. it ruins a vacation when you see fights because why are you fighting? we're having fun, why you >> reporter: now ocean drive is back up and running this morning, but officers really want to remind everyone to stay safe and have fun. reporting in miami beach, erika glover, nbc 6 news. a father and young daughtht are lucky to be alive this morning after their van plunged into a south florida canal and they suived thanks to the heroic act os f a stranger. justin thomas was driving to work yesterday morning when he
9:05 am
a van veered off sunrise boulevard and went into the watt water in 46th avenue and plantation. thomas didn't know who was in the van when he jumped in to help. >> i realize that my finger and my hands could get between the glass, so i pulled it, pop it open. and the glass was shattered. as soon as it wa shattered, i saw the little girl and her father inside. >> thomas in the right place at it's not clear why the car ended up in the water. the good nws the father and daughter suffered only minor injuries. ll, we have new details on yet another teenager accusing a south florida high school student of extorting sex from her. terry is facing additional arges of sexual battery by coercion and extortion. the h hmestead high student was already accused of extorting sex from three teenage girls by threatening to harm their families and post their nude foe photos online.
9:06 am
18-year-old forced herto engage in sex acts by threatening to tell her family she was involved in a burglary. he is held without bond. this morning the miami beach police are searching for skimmers. a duo distracts a clerk, quickly placing a device over a card reader. police are hoping you recognize the duo before they steal someone's identity. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks has more. >> reporter: the card skimmers put into place so fast and it oks so real and again we have it caught on tape. plus some advice on how to avoid situations like this. let's take a look. man did these guys make stealing your credit and debit card information look easy. in case you missed it, itit happened during the first couple seconds of this story. well, we'll replay it again in slow motion. focus on the card reader. we zoom in, they put the card skimmer right on top. was put in place by these guys on wednesda and luckily it started to fall off or else it might still be on there and
9:07 am
their card inside the chevron station at 1453 alton road would have their information taken. >>retty quick, right? >> reporter: we showed a few people the c coks in action for ben ja man potter, he chuckled a because this has constantly happened to him on the beach. >> three times it's been stolen on mia beach. >> three times in the last year. >> reporter: police say it's a scam that's been growing. >> this isn't the first time we've seen this. >> the best way to avoid a scam like this is to get a credit or debit card that has the chip in it, that way you don't'tave to swipe and you can avoid the skimmer all together. so now the skimmer had been has been detected, it's time to find the bad guys. at this point no, id on them yet, so we're zooming into their faces. please take a good look. if you know them, pick up the phone and call police. remember, there's always a cash reward for information that leads to their arrest. okay.
9:08 am
those cards with the chips built in and your other option is to use good old fashion cash. for now reporting on miami beach, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. in an effort to remove illegal and unwanted guns from our streets, there will be a gun buy-back event later today. it wili be hosted by the office of police and fire rescue taking place at jordan grove missionary baptist church located at 5946 northwest 12th avenue at 10:00 a.m. those who turn over r eapons will receive gift certificates valued at 50 or $100. no questitis or and no ids checked. still ahead, two missing teens found safe after nearly a year since teir disappearance. and find out what the former owner of the l.a. clippers is up to now. we're expecting a bit more in the way of clouds today than
9:09 am
winds will still remain breezy out of the soututast, so we are expecting a moderate risk of rip currents along the miami beaches.
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9:11 am
will w welcome back. the search continues this morning for two prison escapees in new mexico. officials say the two men escaped wednesday night and this morning we're told police have arrested one of the fugitive's sister. her involvement to the escape is still under investigation. police say the pair was last seen when the van they were beng transported in stopped for gas. they believe the two are hiding out in the albuquerque area or northern new mexico. a woman behind bars this morning after police say she kidnapped two new york teens who went missing last spring. 29-year-old pleaded not guilty to charges of second degree kidnapping. officials say she kidnapped a 15
9:12 am
bingington on april 15th. nearly a year later police found the two girls at her home. she is now being held in jail without bond. severe weather hits parts of southeast united states leaving many without a place to call home. relentless rain has pounded if area for the last three days and more rain is expected. in mississippi, officials say as many as 1,000esidents could see ththr homes flooded by the rising river. and in louisiana, the governor declared a state of emergency, several deaths have already been reported because of the severe weather conditions. on friday, hundreds of people had to leave their homes after torrential rains caused flash flooding. more rain is expected to fall there today, although not as much as previous days. weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's cafe coffee. mcdonald's, i'm lovin' it.
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weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. south florida almost 9:15 here on saturday morning. we're dealing with a few spotty showers over broward coastal areas and off the coast of palm beach right now. nothing affecting us here, but again early this morning our radars weren't picking up onon much rain, but i did encncnter a shower on the way in. keep that in mind as you head out the door this early in the morning, very quick, ve light passing shower is possible. temperatures right now, they're warming up. 77 in miami as well as in pem brook piens. 75 in ft. lauderdale and dealing with 76 degree right now in kendall. it's a breezy start to the saturday, out of the east to southeast, 10 and 20 miles per hour. this will be the trend for this afternoon. we're expecting another b bezy one, but slowly but surely winds are dying down. it won't be as breezy as we've seen the past few day. what we areeginning to see are clouds over the gulf of mexico now making its way across much
9:14 am
that's the mid level of the atmomphere. they'll be in the mid to higher level clouds that you'll see out there. in the meantime for your forecast, temperatures in the low to mid 80s. mix of breeze and clouds. i wouldn't put a light shower past us throughout thee morning hours. high pressure, remember it's the one that's been keepingng us dry all workweek long. that now is not only beginning weaken, but it's also pushing further and further into the atlantic waters. that's allowing for this system right now the same one that continues to leave flooding rains across the mississippi valley and southeast to slowly but smurly approach. we are expecting moiure levels to continue to increase here across south florida. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. the uv index at the high end of the scale. the breeze is the main weather factor. please be carefululif you do have any outdoor plans that do involve getting intothe water. tomorrow we'll see an isolated shower, before tonight before you go to bed, turn your clocks
9:15 am
we spring orward. that means daylight saving begins tomorrow. calle ocho is tomorrow, hopefully you'll come say hello to us. look for the nbc 6 booth. we'll be ready to take pictures you and say hello to you. isolated shower tomorrow and monday at best. what does stick around is the heat and the humiditit up until tuesday and wednesday. >> i'm stacking up and getting all my hair products ready. got all the hair spray. load it up. time for it. time right now 9916. the former owner of the l.a. clippers is calling off his divorce. donald sterling and his wife shelly sterling have decided to remain in their six-decade marriage. the move is the latest twist in the saga of the sterlinin. they sold the clippers for $2 billion after donald sterlingg was recorded making some racist comments. the nba. mr. sterling had sited irreconcilable differences in his divorce filings last year. some sad news to report this
9:16 am
musician keith emerson and renowned journalist ben have died. emerson died on thursday at his home in california. the british-born keyboardist was best known for being a key founder of emerson lake and palmer. the band released nine studio albums during the 1970s. his cause of death was not sclosed. emerson was 71. noted media commentator, ben bag bagdikian died. he is said to have a passionate voice for journalist integrity. he helped publish the penalty gone papers for the washington post. he was 96. time right now 9:17. still ahead, another swag on 6 success story. meet amari, the troubled florida transfer sttent who went from having a failing gpa to take honor courses. find out how he managed to turn
9:17 am
9:18 am
9:19 am
years. welcome back. it sounds impossible going from an abysmal 0.6 gpa to an honor student taking dual enrollment courses in one year. that's exactly what took place for one student in this morning's student working at greatness reports, we are introduced to a young man who definitely has swag and a bright future. thanks to an amazing turn around. >> if that tall kid in the middle laughs a lot these days, it's because he's earned it. amari has worked insanely hard to transform himself a a his success started with a major change in location and inin attitude. >> i'm tired of getting kicked out of schools. i'm tired of getting in trouble. you know, i'm tired of losing. how do i make myself become a better person? i just want to be a good person
9:20 am
you know? >> reporter: here at everglades high, amari become a role model. >> he inspired me to strive for the best. >> he's always been that one friend that wants to motivate you to be better and do better. >> rererter: back home in detroit amari was a troublemaker, kicked out of school,o future. >> it was extremely hard growing upwithout a father. >> reporter: when amari and his mom moved to florida in the mid middle of his junior here, his gpa was 0 .6. he walked his way into everglades high school. >> he is a 1 percenter. he has gone ahead d taken that opportunity and it is incredible because a lot of students they give up on themselves. >> reporter: taking online courses and night school amari crammed two yrs of classes into one year and now his gpa is 3.5. >> saying, brorks i'm stressed out and the next day knock out
9:21 am
the's nothing stopping this kid. >> his ambition, perseverance, chasing after what you want to be. >> he beat us at one time. 15 classes ats one time. >> reporter: he hasn't just caught up to the rest of the pack, he has his sights set now on the highest lelel of academic achievement, he wants to go on to become a octor. >> i know now that i got a big future ahead of me. >> reporter: there's no stopping amari now. >> definitely great thgs in store for that young man. congratulations to amari. 9:22 is the time. coming up a look at our
9:22 am
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>> announr: now the big 6 stories you need to know --
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donald trumpd a ed ad a ed ad a a rally there. supporters ther there to attend the event. trump campaign decides to postpone. spring breakers get rowdy on miami beach. last night crowds got out of control forcing p pice to shut down some busy streets. after sunset, partiers spilled out on to ocean drive and fall smaul fights erupted. this morning a fourth teenager is accusing a south florida high school udent of extorting sex from her. she says 18year-old terry forced her to engage in sex acts by threatening to tell her family she was involved in a burglary. bond. miami beach police are searching for some skimmers. the duo distracts the clerk and quickly places a device over a card reader. police are hoping you recognize the duo before they steal someone's @dentity. in an effort to remove
9:25 am
ourstreets, there will be a gun buy-back event later today. it will take place at jordan grove missionary baptist church in miami starting at 10:00 a.m. no questions will be asked and no ids will be checked. and nbc 6 is everywhere, including calle ocho. stop by our booth sunday and snapap selfie with us. this is a look at the lineup of who will be there to greet you throughout the day and find it on the nbc 6 news and weather app. be sthur check out our app for full details on all the stories as you're waking up. >> you are feeling the difference in the air. lot heavier. humidity has returned to the forecast. few spotty showers off the broward coastline. i wouldn't put it past a light shower coming on through. we saw soo overnight. keep that many find as you head out the door this morning. we are dealing with clouds out there but seas on the rough side. breezy southwest wind will leave for a moderate to high rip
9:26 am
for your forecast, we'll keep that in there. just keep in mind that it could be a little on the dangerous side. temperatures this afternoon will be in the mid 80s. sunset 6:29 but tonight we spring forward. that means we spring ahead. wa-wa. big congratulations to some very disserving south floridians. this lady celebrated the accomplishments of stake holders. making a positive difference in the communities. she was one of the night's honorees.
9:27 am
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