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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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often. he's right there >> he was telling me that occasionally he washes tches reruns of pga tour championshcps. he said the guys that win don't always hit good shots. i think if he shores up a little bit, we will see him on the top of that upper echelon on a more consistent basis. >> and we heard of players ending up in broadcast booth because sometimes, you win wholly and the guy who plays carefully wins often. >> that is true. >> david? >> you'd like to be able to
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vaguer er vagueries out of the fringes. he's going with the putter. >> david, i would agree with you. i would think you'd want to chip this ball to get it over seven, eight feeee of fringe there. >> that is a lofted club, ratherr than had it on the ground when it was a little bumpy like this. >> this moved very steeply up the slope here, about halfway between graham and the hole. really hit this putt firmly. >> how appropriate would it be for delaet to roll this in. hasn't had a single birdie today. that's theay it's going to stay. >> that was well done. >> and the 34-year-old canadian who will still be in search of his first pga victory kind of changed his game plan today
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be the day. these were comments lastp night. he hasn't held a trophy since 2009. he was the canadian tour player of the year. he won twice that year. and he is hungry to get his hands on another trophy. here is haas for birdie to win. >> heeding his dad's advice, thinking slowly, taking his time, making that he's all set. once you get in mind what you want t do, get right in there and do it. >> they're a little tense back in the haas househd, mom and
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carolina right now. ooh, definitely, that took a little hook to the side. >> that was really well one. >> you have to admire him in that situation. >> we touched on it, dan, it was so much that you could afford to be aggressive. at worse, it's only going a couple feet going by. right about here, he thought he had a chance. >> we headed for another playoff if he makes this for the second year in a row. >> just third overall at acopperhead course. >> got to beprepared. >> yeah, take your time. >> so, haas will have to wait a little longer for that potential
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he's got the masters champion from 2011 as they head back to the 18th. they'll h hd back to the 18th again. if it's still n n settled then 17, 18. so charl schwartzel, 2011 masters champion taking on bill
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championship. great looking swing by charl schwartzel, especially when it's in order like it was today. again, schwartzel with a lot of birdies today. part of a 67. and the best round of the day to get himself into a playoff with bill haas who had a good look at a birdie. gave it a good stroke on his way to a playoff. >> well, he is. i don't think he can be too disappointed. he played a good shot coming down the stretch. at 17 and 18, after the bogey putt -- or he made bogey at 16. so he's got a positive coming in. normally, when we get into a playoff situation, i always look at the guy who has played the best in the final round maybe having the advantage. we'll see if that works out for schwartzel. he played beautifullyly today. >> here's an example of how each of the players got into this situation.
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began the day, 5 back of haas. and three holes for charl schwartzel to make a statement. haas, first birdie of the day coming at the 2nd would give him a three-shot lead to 9 under par and really looking good at this point. and then schwartzel's second at the par 5 11th. 252 yards. >> this was a thing of beauty. a high cut with a 3 wood into the breeze. and into the hole would lead to a birdie. >> that would get him back to 5 under after he bogeyed the 10th. schwartzel at the 13th. this is is not expected to say the least. >> 60-plus feet. you know what, that goes in and the final round, you think, maybe it's my time. >> he had a stretch in the first five holes in the back nine where he didn't make a single par. then he gets to 14, beautiful
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and then haas at the 11th, his second shot. this was a beauty. >> yes, it was. reminiscent of what he did in the round on saturday. a high towering 3 wood that just carry to the grain. a two-putt there. >> he needed that becausese he needed a birdie since that opening one at the 2nd. then he gets to the 12th and -- that gets him 11, and schwartzel was not up. at the beginning of the snake pit. >> this was a beauty here. big swing from right to left. he reads itperfectly. >> back to 7 unver, schwartzel nearly got to 8 under. this looke good for a long time. >> right about here, starts to go hard right. looks like it got a chance. >> in the end, that would have
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haas who needed a par the last three, par at 17 and 18. second shot was the problem there. he was positioned nicely in the fairway and put it green side bunker. still a chance to win it at 18. a good stroke. >> it's a great putt here. and so, now finds himself in a playoff where he has a 2-2 record. schwartzel in his first playoff on the pga tour. then a cple of playoffs on the european pga tour where he has a 1-1 record. we'll send it in the air at 18 when we come simpson. jordan spieth. bubba watsonon bill haas. on the tee, jason dufner. louis oosthuizen. jimmy walker. rickie fowler. adam scott. [driver sound] before sunday, before moving day, [ticking] before cut day, [driver sound] [tking] [explosion] there's count day. [dver sound] titleist,
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in golf. well, it's daylight saving kicking in, we've got plenty of daylight. this should go more th a couple of playoff holes as haas makes his way back. >> great crowds here at 18 as well, dan. earljer record crowds this week. copperhead, the civic organization made up of 150 or so men and women have done a great job. they're sll lining the 18th hole. what a change at this event and course over the last couple of years. >> okay. good play.
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introduce you to mr. howard heckis. >> thank you. >> valspar's executive vice president this week. >> thank you. >> now, charl, you finished first, you draw first. we're going to play 18, 18, 1717 17. >> charl, you draw t t determine who goes first. >> okay. >> so it's been quite a weekor schwartzel. certainly a lot longer than haas who just got off the 18th. always interesting to see my guys react it's been a while. >> yeah, very true. loosened up a little bit. i'm sure, i would expect that he was hitting some shots with the
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teeing off on 18. i know some i was in playoffs that was the first thing t tt came to your nd. what shot would i be playing first. >> he's got double coverage on the grounds notah begay with mr. schwartzel. and dave feherty following dave haas in his playoff. >> schwartzel going with the exact same club that he played in regulation. is this hybrid play, muscleback iron. >> started it down the left side. wind pushing it, in fact. very good.
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18. >> that was to the right. >> that's way right. >> very good break. >> that's come down just on the other side of the cart path. >> he may actuay have a shot from there. i don't think there were any trees in his way. >> just near our tower.
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valspar playoff. charl schwartzel along with bill haas trying to put the finishing touches on what would be a second pga tour win, as haas still in search of his seventh, he had the one-shot lead after 54 holes. while schwartzel is trying to come back from five behind to the biggest comeback in the history of this championship. coming back from that number where he began the day. and, david, have you had a chance to scout out the line situation for haas? >> i did, dan. it's a horrible line. lying between a tree. but he may have it on the cart path and get a drop.
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has to make sure it lands on some soft land. >> this is where he's got to be carefu he's got to pick an area to drop this ball on, where the ball is going to bounce and roll a little.
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do nothing. >> thiss should be under the skill of the game, the drop. >> not the worst. >> another complication, he's got 191 yards left. and he's going to have to trap and i'm not sure he can get much height on it. >> i think in this situation, david, he's got to be thinking st get this ball in the middle of the green somehow. make par. and the chances for schwartzel making a birdi are not good. i think there's only five made all day long here. so you have to think if youan
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a chance to play another hole. >> 6 iron. >> you see that shot, maybe a little right. great contact. >> it caught a little bit. came out a little bit.
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trying to hit the ball, though. he was talking about carrying of the green. he was keeping it more to the left. there's a consistent pattern haas. schwartzel, notah. >> yeah, he's got 185 yards left. 180 gets him in the top shelf. >> put it over where he put it. in regulation, somewhere left of the hole. >> there you go. >> oh, beautiful play. controlled the distance nicely. just a cure for all the pressure for bill haas. it's been a comeback-like pga tour season. schwartzel would be the fourth player of the season to come from at least four shots from behind and win. as you mentioned it would be the largest comeback after the first
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valspar championship. by the way, smiley koffman's '70s shot comeback at las vegas is the largest comeback. schwartzel trying to pull off the comeback today. >> you know, dan, if someone can go out and play a really good round of golf, schwartzel's 6767 as we touched on, the best score of anybody who played today. so certainly earned the right to be where he is right now. >> while we have a moment, another chance to tell you where we'll be nextweek. arnold palmer invitational presented by mastercard. adam scott is back in action there along with rory mcilroy. you see the times there. coverage beginning thursday at
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continuing saturday here on nbc. there's the lie for haas in that bunker. and david -- >> yeah, it's almost lyingngoo well. it's kind of poached up. and it's sitting up in the air. >> where his situation is, dave, i mean, he needs to pretty much carry this ball up on that upper shelf, do you agree? >> yes, he does. he really got the perfect lie for it. pretty easy to go clean under. as high as its sitting, but he's got to gofclose to the ball here. >> that's one of the dangers, you know. it's j jt not a lie that you see very often.
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don't really practice. sometimes, in that effort to carry the b bl the distance he's close to it. when it's sitting up that high, you don't have the cushion of sand that you normally do playing that shot. >> in addition to the slow greens this week it has been a challenge in these bunkers. we've seen a lot of sand. >> and a lot of sand. there is a lot of sand in the bunkers it's proving to be a challenge for the players. >> this is the putt if he made it would win it. notah. >> and, gary, that was just a perfectly p pced approach shot. could do nothing but go closer to the hole. started right at the center of the green. rfectly judged. and this putt, not a whole lot of speed to it. maybe 8 to 10 inches outside of
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>> noteahnotah, it's actually a shorter version of that shot he in regulation that he almost made. but he should have a very good idea how much this ball move to the right. >> yeah, it gets around the cup. > schwartzel with 11 european tour wins. that lone pga tour win at the masters in 2011. this for pga tour victory number two. >> got to go, got to go. >> with a breath of a chance to move the playoff back to the tee at this same hole. well, this is when you start thinking about what your dad told you again. you start thinking about that new putting, you start going
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everything in order and then hit the putt, right? >> thahas all can do. make sure you're positive before you make that stroke. that's what his dad was tryinin to reinforce. taking your time thinking,on't play until you'veot the positive thoughts in your mind. once do you, just go ahead and let it go. >> it just so happens that his dad jay haas who ended up with ninega tour wins was 34 years old when he won his seventh tour event, back in january of 1988. of course, he went on to win 17 times in his continuing pga champions tour for a lot of wins that came from dad. d a lot of advice in this position. but a must make for schwartzel
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>> needs to break. >> sochwartzel is just a ball away from getting that second pga tour win. and disappointment setting in for bill haas already. with schwartzel this close. >> best round of the day of this final round, schwartzel to finish off bill haas in a playoff. schwartzel, back in the winner's circle in the pga tour. has another masters not too far away, getting his name into shape. rounding into form.. so the south african ends up on top in a playoff over bill haas. making a five-shot comeback for schwartzel. biggest in the history of this
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and so the latest fedexcup standings adam scott on top there. kevin kisner, snedeker and moving up into the top five there. with the golf channel coverage in florida, concludes. and then arnie's place coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. on thursday. coming u next, except on the west coast your local news. and the premiere of "little big shots can ss shots" and carmichael show. for the entire team on nbc, dan hicks saying so long from copperhehe course. and was it ever challenging today. chchl schwartzel gets the win in
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don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. now on 6 -- the good times rolling in little havana. we'll take you there. >> donald trump back in florida to address a crowd in boca raton. a live report ahead. >> aouth florida veterinarian steps in to help several sled dogs hit by a drunk snowmobiler. first, breaking news from key biscayne. the video just in. we have a look at the scene of a boating accident in. we are told a 32-foot boat hit a sand bar. an elderly woman was ej@ected from the boat. she has back and neck injuries. a second victim. young female thrown into the center console.
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okay. both victims stable at this hour. investigator do's not think alcohol was a factor. we are told owners of the boat are going to wait until high tide, that's 1:00 a.m. to push the boat out of there. continue following the story for you. bring you updates on nbc6 news and weather app. >> somebody got shot. a crime scene down@here. >> deadly spring break weekend in miami beach. a young man is dead. to night, police are working two separate crime scenes. two separate shootings. minutes apart. block as way. in the middle of spring break crowd. nbc 6 reporter erika glover joins us from police headquarters with brand new information. >> here in miami beach ey say they're interviewing a person of interest tied to the deadly shooting incident. we are learning more about the victim. 20-year-old antoine decade. both parties were residents of miami-dade county and knew each other. early sunday morning, along the 900 block of ocean drive, miami


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