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tv   Today  NBC  March 14, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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breaking his silence. why has richard simmons not been seen or heard fromm in more than two years? there are odd claims that he's being heldgainst his will in his own home. this morning, he opens up in a morning exclusive, here on "today". concert of a lifetime. you makee me feel i've come alive again >> selling out stadiums all over the world. crushing it at the super bowl. now, coldplay is heating up our plaza for a rare late winter concert. today, nday, march 14th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. no rain. no, it's not raining out there. forgetethe umbrellas. we've got a great concert in our 8:30 half hour. >> we're so excited.
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how do you flllow up a performance at the super bowl? obviously, come to the "today" show plaza. we're thrilled to have them. tons of people getting ready. >> we hope the weather cooperates. let's begin with the amtrak train, traveling from los angeles to chicago, derails in kansas. five cars falling off the tracks. blake mccoy is in chicago with more. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. the train, as you mentioned, was on its way t t chicago when just after midnight something caused the train to derail, sending passengers and their belongings flying. >> reporter: this morning, authorities are trying to figure out what causean amtrak train carrying 128 passengers and 14 crew to derail overnight in kansas. amtrak's southwest chief train was heading from oslos angeles to chicago when five of the nine cars derailed, leaving them
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>> attention north ems and rescue, we have a train derailed. it's going to be approximately 3 1/2 miles west of cimarron. >> reporter: more than two dozen passengers were taken to hospitals, with nonlife threatening injuries. amtrak saying in part, all other passengers were transported to the 4-h recreation center and will be provided alternate transportation to their final destination. >> we spoke with one passenger this morning who said he did not feel any sort of impact. he says it felt like thehe train just left the tracks. investigators will be out, working to detmine a cause. in the meantime, trainsverted around that area. politics the other big story. 24 hours to go until voting against underway in five critical states. this morning, there is criticism surrounding donald trump's campaign after a weekend of chaos and violence at some of his rallies. we have coverage and analysis
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we're going to talk to dr. ben carson live about his endorsement of donald trump. let's start this mornini with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning to you. >> savannah, good morning to you. this was an unprecedented weekend in terms of mern campaign politics. violence, protests, arrests, all of it at donald trump rallies. trump himself remains defiant, insisting he should get credit, not be scorned for his handling of the tension at these events. >> reporter: campaign 2016 at a boiling point. >> get him out. >> reporter: donald trump's rallies, a magnet for clashes. the front runner with stepped up security after a violent weekend. >> do you accept any responsibility for creating this atmosphere? >> i don't accept responsible. i do not condone violence. >> reporter: vooiflrivals say the billionaire encouraged the hostility.
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have a presidential candidate like trump telling his the face. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> if he's our nominee, this is what our party will be defined by. >> reporter: echoed by hillary clinton. >> he's couraging violence and chaos to get votes. >> reporter: a series of rough episodes trailing trump from stop to stop. chicago, trump cancelling the rally there with brawling supporters. dayton, ohio, secret service agents surrounding trump as a protester rushed the stage. trump insisting the man had ties to isis. tweeting a link to this video. official say there's no evidence that's the case. >> there's no law enforcement official claiming that, and ts video appears to be a hoax. >> all i know is what's on the internet. >> reporter: the protester, 22-year-old tommy, charged with inducing panic and disorderly conduct, says the video is fake
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>> no way, shape or form was i planning on touching hihi not even to move him from the podium. just trying to get there and get my voice close to the miophone. >> reporter: trump is supporting a 78-year-old protester who erer erer -- supporter who punched a protester. >> i instructed my people to look into it. >> reporter: a new ad. >> donald trump, campaign violence. >> like to punch him in the face. >> reporter: all of it fodder for "saturday night live." >> another incident of violence at a donald trump rally. apparently, the victim was this man, dr. ben carson. >> it's okay. i'm fine. >> guys, what did i say? not this one! >> ahead of super tuesday, tomorrow, donald trump according to our poll, leads in florida and illinois. in his home state, john kasich, the governor, has the advantage.
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kasich will be joined on the trail by mitt romney today. romney's aid telle telling me, it's not an endorsement, just an effort to help defeat donald trump. >> peter alexander on the trail for us. thank you. former presidential candidate dr. ben carson endorsed donald trump on friday. dr. carson, nice to have you with us. good morning. >> good morning. nice to be with you. >> when you made your endorsement, you said you prayed about this decision and decided you were fillphilosophically and spirituality aligned with donald trump. i have to say, after watching you over the last several months on the campaign trail and seeing your demeanor and the way you handled yourself, that surprised me. >> well, i had an opportunity to actually spend significant time talking with him in private. i found out that he actually is
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greatly, thinks deeply and does have some openness to spiritual things, which is not the impression that you would get fr looking at the persona on stage. >> you are so carefly spoken though. you choose your words so carefully and have been praised for the way you handle yourself. let me give y a little of donald trump in his own words. listen. >> like to punch him in the face. if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of themem i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. the third group, i'll be a litttt more violent. >> are you comfortable with that temperament in the oval office? >> that probably is not the way that i would handle it, but recognize that the people of america are at a different place than i'm at. they're really more at a place where donald trump is because they're so frustrated and they're angry and they're tired
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i think you're seeing a magnetic phenomenon going on here because he aually represents where people are. to stay at that place? no. it means that we need to work toward something very different. we the american people have to realize we are not each other's enemies. there are others out there, like radical islamic terrorists,ho want to destroy us. those are the enemies. we have to focus on the real enemy here. >> i guess the bottom line is, do you believe donald trump bears any responsibility for what has happened at some of the rallies? for example, him saying, i'd like to punch that protester in the face, and a few weeks later, someone at his rally actually punches someone in the face. trumppsays, i bear no responsible for this. do you agree, or do you think how he speaks and the tone he sets matters? >> well, again, i think we have
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thing there. the problem is that there are those who are being taught that if someone disagrees with you, you have the right to interfere with their first amendment rights, their ability to express themselves, their freedom of speech. that's where the emphasis needs to be. now, when people do things wrong,uch as that, it causes other people to reaction in a way that is negative. therefore, you see that reaction. >> do y think mr. trump fanned those flames? >> i think that this is a wonderful opportunity for mr. trump, for bernie sanders, for hillary clinton, the other candidates, to stand up and start talking to people about what first amement rights are. why they're important as a part of the foundation of our country. >> real quickly, dr. carson, do you worry where this might lead if donald trump is the nominee of the replican party?
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season with escalating violence and words being used that are inflammatory like this? >> i think, certainly, if the protesters continue with their tactics, there is a real possibility of escalation. because those who are the victims of them have two choices. they can submit to them and meekly just do whatever those protesters want them to do, or they can fight back. if they decide to fight pack, there could be an escalation. >> dr. carson, thanks for your time this morning. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. let's turn to nicolle wallace, and also steve kornacki over at the board. we'll get to you and your maps in a momeme, steve. nicolle, let's look at the last few days in the republican campaign.
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what does it say about our future? >> nothing very good. i worked for a president for eight years whoas protested around the world, and never once did i hear him defend the violence on any side. i mean, the whole notion that republicans waited the last 48 hours to say the things they're saying about trump. as much responsibility lies with them than with the trump campaign about where we are. >> i might look into paying the legal fees for a man who sucker punched a guy at a rally. it's extraordinary. >> it is extraordinary. dr. ben carson is so careful with his words. this is really going to become a referendum on the people now that have endorsed trump. chris christie is one of the first establishment figures to join his cause. we have ben carson, who ran one of the most civil campaigns for the presidency in history. it will not be to them, if
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campaign trail, as expected to do after tomorrow's results, if he can regroup and set a new tone, it will be an extraordinary test for his candidacy. >> stay there. we want to turn to steve, waiting patiently by the board. tomorrow is a huge day. nsequential. even a chance the republican nomination could be wrapped up tomorrow. >> five big states, five big contests. a lot of things could happen. look at this, donaldrump is the front runner. need 1,237, the magic delegate number. now, he has 460. he's 100 ahead o o ted cruz. the good news for donald trump, when you look at this, every ngle one of the states tomorrow is winnable for him. in the absolute best-case snare scenario for donald trump, he'll be at 750 delegates after tomorrow. kasich would be out othe race because he beats him in ohio. rubio out of the race because he beats him in florida. the bad news for donald trump,
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potentially losable. >> d ds marco rubio have a chance in florida? >> that's a big question. there is a new poll out here, nbc poll, take a lo. this is grim for marco rubio. we have been seeing this now for the last week. marco rubio in his home state, practically doubled up by donald trump, maybe losing to ted cruz. the real problem for rubio is this, when you look what happened over theeekend, you're saying, maybe it'll j j minds at the last minute and change the race. florida is an aggressive early voting states. a lot of the votes are already locked in. if there is a last-minute surge, it may not be enough. >> our poll has kasich up by five points in ohio. thank you both so much. let's talk about severe weather in the south now. flooding is still very much a concern for thousands of residents. the rain has finally let up, but the rivers are still rising. nbc national correspondent mielal al vamaguer is in louisiana.
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>> good morning. rescue teams worked late into the night trying to reach anyone who may have been trapped by the flood waters. they'll be at it again at first light. it was in arkansas where there was wild weather. several tornadoes touched down there. >> reporter: this morning, arkansas residents arere assessing the latest damage. series of tornadoes sweeping through the state sunday. this mobile home lifted off its foundation. the family inside, including a baby, barely making it to safety. >> grabbed the mattress and held it over us. that was it. >> reporter: overnight, hail and lightning. in missouri, serious flooding. the start of a new week, and there's new misery through parts of the south. >> i'm hoping that it doesn't get a lot worse, but can't make any promises. >> reporter:pfast-moving, historic storms dropped torrential downpours on this
7:15 am
in louisiana, at least 5,000 homes are damaged. roads and bridges washed away. cars and neighborhoods, swamped. mississippi, near the swollen pearl river, hundreds of homes are still threatened. the river levels are high and nowhere for the water to go. >> reporter: the water is n receding, but only after the louisiana national guard rescued 3,300 people from flooded neighborhoods. even animals were ferried to safety. the most widespread, non-hurricane flooding ever seen here. this morninin the sabine river is surging. >> i've been doing this 26 years. this is the highest i've e`er seen. >> reporter: across the river in texas, a town completely cut off. 1,200 residents ordered to evacuate. could be days before they get back home. across much of this region, the rain has finally stopped, but the threat isn't over yet.
7:16 am
be at six, many rivers in the area are beginning to crest. the big question will be, can the levies and riverbanks hold back all of the water? the president declared a disaster in parts of louisiana. they'll need the federal funds to begin the cleanup process in this area. back to you. miguel, thank you very much. the coming days? >> the good news is the rain ended but everything coming downstream will be a problem. severe weather into the mid-atlantic states. north carolina, between green point and durham, heavy rain accidents. over 100 cars involved there. getting back to the flooding, you can see the areas, the diamonds in yellow, that's moderate flooding. flooding. the rain is moving away, but the mississippi is going to rise to major flood levels. the sabine river, which miguel
7:17 am
expected to tres atcrest at 32.2. that'll be a new record. continuing to rise through tomorrow. also severe weather will be pushing itsts way in greensboro, charlotte, raleigh. damaging winds and tornadoes possible possible. travel delays into the heavier storms. some of the heavier rain moves to the northeast later today. in the meantime, we are talking about the good news, no heavy rain. flood areas just have to get through the crests which will happen in the next 24 hours. >> keep our fingers crossed. horrific scene in turkey. a cararomb exploded in the middle of the count's capital city ankara. more than three dozen people killed, more than 100 injured. authorities are trying to figure out who was behind the attack. richard ageengel is in istanbul with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the investigation is still underway, but police sources
7:18 am
identified one of the bombers they think was responsible for the car bomb attack at a transportation hub in the cente of ankara. most of the people killed were waiting to get on a bus at the time. the police sources say it was a young woman, university student, 24 years old, a kurdish woman th known ties to the pkk. the turkish governmnmt has been fighting a military campaign that has intensified against the pkk over the last several months. two curfews have been imposed on kurdish villages in the wake of the attack. the kurdish militant group these attacks are justified, as a response, it says, to the military campaign against it. the attack has been condemned internationally. washington saying it stands strongly with its nato partner rkey. funerals for the nearly 40 people who were killed have already begun. >> richard engel, thank you. police in maryland are
7:19 am
-- calling the fatal shooting of an officer an unprovoked attack. it was in prince george county. officials say a gunman fired at the first officer he saw. that started a gun battle with police. the 28-year-d officer was shot and later died of his wounds. the suspect was arrested at a fast food restaurant nearby. a second suspect was taken into custody a short time later. > wild scene in southern california overnight. a high speed chase between police and a suspect in the stolen patrol car. thth suspect at speeds of 100 miles per hour, weaving on and off freeways in the los angeles area. the chase came to a dramatic end when the driver pulls into an alley. officers pinned the car between their patrol units. police opened fire and the suspect was killed. officials did not say if the suspect fired at police. it's unclear how he managed to steal the patrol car in the first place. >> scary. mr. roker, back to you. >> show you nationally, we'll be
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thunderstorms here in the northeast. we're also going to be looking at more wet weather and snowy conditions in the pacific northwest i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it t re. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. monday morning off to a warm start, 74 opa locka lock and miami. skies partly cloudy skies, 41, gradually sunshine takin over.
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any fog trying to develop not taking shape, not worried about that. first alert forecast just warm here for mid march. 83 by the midday hour. first alert forecast high of 8 >> that's your latestweather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, could donald trump's candidacy split the republican party apart? the battle raging within the grand old party. why has richard simmons remained out of the public eye for more than two years? is he being held against his own wiwi, or is it a choice he's made? he opens up in a morning
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first, this is "today" on nbc. still to come, do women need more sleep than men? the new battle of the sexes is brewing over shut eye. rare monday concert. the candy man can 'cause he mixes it... need some help, guys? yeah. no. living for tomorrow,
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>> announcer: live, this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. >> good monday morning to you, i'm sheli munoz. >> i'm eric harryman. the time on monday 7:26. we're still following breaking news out of hollywood. >> nbc 6 the first to tell you about this fatal crash on social media. what have you been ablele to find out? >> reporter: i can show you what's happening. a few minutes ago they pulled this cadillac out of the publix. that cadillac, a man and womm inside crashed into the publix. unfortunately police say the driver did die on the scene. he was removed here not too long ago. the woman, his girlfriend, we're told by police taken to the hospital where her condition is unknown.
7:26 am
apparently when she was transported. thth cadillac lost control on the curve, something neighbors say happen frequently in the area. stay with us updates on facebook, nbc 6 and weather app. >> that was michael spears reporting live with us from hollywood. we'll continue to check in with him this morning. >> a look at the forecast with ryan phillips. >> 74 in miami and opa locka, 73 pembroke pines. sun coming up, a warm start to thee day. early morning clouds. a lot more sunshine and no rain in sight. first alert weather on monday. 83, even as soon as the l`nch hour. today's forecast high 86. first alert weather for the next few days. no changes, warm and dry, mid-80s a al the way through. here is kelly with traffic. taking a look at the drive 7:27. a crash blocking the left lane on i-75 southbound as you're approaching the lmetto expressway your typical morning.
7:28 am
7:29 am
minute commute with traff 7:30 now, monday morning, march 14th, 2016. only one way toure the mondays. it's a live concert from coldplay. we're so excited. fans have been lining up. yes, it rained a little bit, but they're here and will take our stage coming up. . >> al guaranteed no rain for the concert. >> thank you, al. >> is that true? >> not now. take a look at stories making headlines. 24 hours to go until tomorrow's key contests in five states. concerns are growing over the clashe between donald trump supporters and opponents. chuck todd ask trump about that on "meet the press." >> do you accept any responsibility for creating this
7:30 am
>> i don't accept responsibility. i do not condone violence in any shape. >> some of these people are swinging. >> trump's opponents say he's encouraging the hostility. we'll have more on how this s impacted the republican party in a couple minutes. an amtrak train headed from los angeles to chicago derailed in kansas overnight. five of the nine cars went off the track. no word yet on what caused that accident. and let the madness begin. college basketball's biggest party tips off in a couple days. sunday, 68 teams got their invitations. here's a look at the four number one seeds. kansas, oregon, north carolina and virginia. the ncaa, by the way, is investigating reports that the full bracket was leaked on twitter before sunday's
7:31 am
are we doing our bracket contest again? mt. matt the defending champion -- i won't leak the bracket. let's talk about the clashes at donald trump's rallies. there is a fear among republican insiders that the gop front runner is hurting the party. andrea mitchell has more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. the protests at donald trump's rallies and criticism that trump himself added fuel to the fire. today, raising questions about how his candidacy will affect the future of the republican party and american politics. >> look at the people pack thereback there, wow. >> reporter: donald trump, after tomorrow, could have a lock on the republican nomination. even a a there was violence between supporters and protesters over his candidacy. trump rejecting criticism that he shares part of the provoking. we all want peace. is that true or not? we don't want trouble.
7:32 am
his rhetoric and violence could split the party. >> he's created a toxic environment. >> do we want to live in a country where americans hate each other? >> the difference is, here seeing it live here. >> reporter: trump's rhetoric compared to george wallace, who split from the democratic party in 1968. launching an independent bid for the white house, appealing heavily to white working class voters. >> we have some of the free speech folks here. let the police handle it. they have it all right. >> reporter: the two men targeting the news media in similar fashion. >> the newsman will have a fit. run over there. they're interested in two or three pickets now than thousands of people here. and that's what they show on television, you know. >> we have 9,000 or 10,000 people in here. they'll talk about one or two guys, headlines. >> reporter: republicans openly concerned. captured by "time" magazine,
7:33 am
party? >> if donald trump is the nominee, the republican vote will collapse. if they're not committed to the political process, they'll stoway home and then the governors and county commissioners are doomed. >> trump repeatedly urged his supporters to go get them out. in a campaign where heated rhetoric has else ka collatescalatedd beyond anything seen in decades. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by nationwide. nationwide is on youou side. >> well, we've got rain on our side here in the northeast. as we zoom in a little on new york city, you can see the heavier rain getting ready to push in in the next hour or so. coldplay will be wet play, but everybody is going to havav a good time, nonetheless. here's the other thing that's going to haen, besides the rain pushing in, we'll have travel delays. winds are going to pick up and temperatures will start slowly
7:34 am
in fact, we're looking at wet snow for new england before it's tomorrow morning. that's what's going on start. 74 opa locka and miami. 74 ft. lauderdsle. skies partly cloudy skies, sunrise coming at 7:31. we're going to see gradually the sunshine taking over across the area. a little bit of extra cloud cover this morning. any fog that was trying to develop not really taking shape, not worried about that. first alert forecast warm here for mid march. 83 by t t >hat's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. oming up, why the toys you used to play with as a kid could be worth a lot of money today. >> why didn't i keep the easy bake oven? richard simmons breaks his silence about why he stayed out
7:35 am
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we're back at 7:40 with a bit of a mystery. where is richard simmons? the fitness guru hasn't been seen publicly in two yeyes. no one, not even his friends, are sure why. >> is this his own doing, his own choice, or is he being held against his will, as some reports suggested? simmons is breaking his silence after opening up to us last night in an interview.
7:40 am
is the richard simmons the public has grown asus tomccustomed to seeing. >> do you want to do the twist? >> reporter: energetic and ir irresistible irresistible. he disappeared from the public eye in 2014 and cut off contact with his friends. simmons spoke publicly for the first time in more than two years with us on sunday by phone. >> savannah, it's richard simmons, how are you? >> good richard. how are you? >> feeling good, my health is good and i'm sort of enjoying the day. >> you sound good. >> reporter: i is a sound very few people these days get to hear. in fact, richarars isolation has been so startling, it's led some of his friends touestion if he's being held in his house against his will. >> what do you make of people being fearful that you're being held up in your own house? that you've become a recluse? perhaps people such as your housekeeper are in control of
7:41 am
>> no one is holding me in my house as a hostage. you know, i do what i want to do, as i've always done. people should sort of just believe what i have to say. because like i'm richard simmons. >> i want to ask you point-blank about your housekeeper. is she in any way -- is she@ still employed by you? is there any issue where you feel she is controlling you or havi any kind of undue influence? >> that's just very silly. en with me for 30 years. almost like we're a married couple. >> think your friends or people that have spoken to reporters are saying,0 but it's not like you, to just lose touch completely. >> i just sort of wanted to be a little bit of a loaner for a while. i hurtty knee, savannah, and i had some problems with it. thth other knee started to give me trouble. i've taught like thousands and
7:42 am
you know, right now, i just want to sort of, you know, just take care o@ me. >> was this a conscious decision? >> i just really don't wt to do anything, you know. i just don't want to be traveling anymore. it certainty has taken its toll on me. it was not like over a day. it was just over some time. >> what kinds of things have you been doing? >> well, you ow, i take walks. i take drives. you know, i just go out and get some fresh air. i have a gym upstairs. i've been working out in my gym. i've just sort of, you know, enjoyed this time by myself. >> you wrote in your memoir and have always been very public and very open about going through ups and downs and your own struggles with depression and different things. >> survival has always meant a lot. when you're an overweight kid,
7:43 am
that never leaves you, savannah, but is a shadow, like peter pan. >> are you surprised that people have been so worried about you? >> all the people worrying about me, i want to tell them that i love them with my whole heart and soul. and that not to worry. richard is fine. you haven't seen the last of me. i'll come back, and i'll come back strong. >> by the way, he said to say hi to all of you. >> love him. >> he used to come almost every year. >> he says he just wants to take time for himself, that he's enjoying being alonon enjoying being in his own space. he says he's healthy, says he's not depressed, working out. >> spent so much time in the public eye. >> i think he's ready to step out. >> take him at his word. >> exactly. coming up, we'll get reaction online.
7:44 am
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7:49 am
good spirits. i hope to hear your joyous laughter again. pat says, i'm glalalaou're doing things you haven't in a long time. i know the feeling, it's great. maghann has been a fan since the early '80s. you've inspired millions and you deserve r and r. you can keep the conversation going on by using the #orange room. back to you. >> carson, thank you very much. still to come, dog whisperer. he responds to accusations of animal cruelty. later on, we'll held outside for our big concert. coldplay live on our plaza. first, your localews. maststing the enchantment of chocolate. just in ti for easter, the lindt master chocolatier is stirring up our finest chocolate... and bringing back our dearest friend... the one and only lindt gold bunny.
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>> announcer: live, this is nbc 6 south florida news now. good monday morning to you. i'm shelimunoz. >> i'm eric harryman. the time 7:56. we continue to follow breaking news new for you in llywood. a car losing control and slamming into publix off young circle. we know the driver of the car died. the passenger, a femal taken to the hospital. we're told both victims in their early 20s. police tell us they are investigating what happened. >> turkey point's aging canal leaking into biscayne bay. we just learned mayor jimenez will meet to discuss the report. high levels of radioactive isotope have been leaking into the park. >> check on back to work and back to school forecast. ryan. >> g#od morning to you. mid-70s will do it now. opa locka at 75, 74 in miami. holding steady at 73 in ft.
7:56 am
warm start to our day. lots of sunshine. up to 83 at the lunch hour. today's high a toasty 86. above average but not record setting. very warm to get the workweek startee mid-80s all the way through rain chances for the weekend. morning drive. >> broken down carn palmetto causing heavy delays. one lane blocked there. we also have reports of a crash involving a pedestrian. somebody was hit around the area of 135th street at northwest 27th avenue. try to avoid the area there. finally a broken down car blocking the right lane as you're approaching i-95 southbod and northwest 135th street. no delays on the 826 eastbound as you're making your way from
7:57 am
7:59 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, laura bush live. the former first lady stops by studio 1a to talk about the race for the white house, the passing ofof nancy reagan and her own efforts to help shine a light on an extraordinary group of women. plus, biting back. dog whisperer caesaresar millan defending himself against accusations o animal cruelty on his show. did his training techniques cross the line? bells are ringing >> reporter: viva la coldplay.
8:00 am
world tour. first, they're hitting our stage live. today, monday, march 14th, 2016. it's 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 14th day of march, 2016. winter, not over yet. spring hasn't arrived, but we've got an amazing concert on a monday morning out on the plaza. look at what we've created here. >> it's amaying. they've already gotten a little taste of what's to come. chris and the band have been out here warming up. sound awesome. we'll hear from them in a bit. >> a lot of people multi-tasking. talk to me about your friend. >> a young lady is on her knees with her computer and phone. scheduling her classes at 8:00 a.m. did you get the classes you want? >> yes, i did. >> which university? >> westchester university.
8:01 am
coming up, we'll talk to laura bush. she's working hard to shine a spotlight on the lives of special women. >> first, a check of the top stories. natalie is back from the west coast after a week away. good morning. >> good morning. once again, on the eve of crucial primaries in florida, ohio and three other states, donald trump's opponents are criticizing his campaigig over violence at trump events. on friday, shuffles betweenen protesters and supporters forced trump to cancel a ralal in chicago. in dayton, ohio, the secret service hado protect trump when a man rushed the stage. his rivals say tru creates a hostile atmosphere that courages confrontations. on sunday, trump denied a responsibility and says he does not condone violence in any shape. former republican candidate dr. ben carsov endorsed trump on friday. earlier here on "today", he blamed anti-trump protesters for the violence, saying they are trying to interfere with the free speech rights of others.
8:02 am
them have two choices. they can submit to them and meekly just do whatever the protesters want them to do, or ey can fight back. if thehedecide to fight back, there could be an escalation. >> carson also said that trump supporters are angry and frustrated with the people who are trying to manipulate them. more than two dozen p@ople were injured overnight when an amtrak train traveling from los angeles to chicago derailed near dodge city, nsas. officials say five of the nine passenger cars flipped on to their sides. they said none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening. amtrak said the remaining passengers, about 100 of them, were taken to a 4-h recreation center and would be provided with alternate transportation to their final deinations. soccer fans and players didn't know if they should be frightened or amused when this bull wandered on to the field during a youth game in australia. it suddenly picked up speed and
8:03 am
managed to dodge the powerful animal with quick moves there. after having fun, the bull seemed to lose interest and trotted back to his enclosure on a nearby ranch. >> frightened or amusus? i'd go with thefrightened. >> exactly. >> me, too. that was a fast charge. >> thanks very much. famed animal trainer cesar millan responding to annual cruelty accusations after a dog attacked a pig on his show, "cesar 911." animal activists are calling for criminal charges. morgan radford hashe details. >> good morning. as of right now, the online petition has over 11,000 gnatures. all demanding an end to millan's sh. the emmy nominated training with hundreds ofhousands of followers said he did nothing wrong.
8:04 am
see sancaesaresar millan in the doghouse, after the bulldog bit this potbelly migpig during a recent episode of his show. the pig's ear began bleeding, starting a petition, demanding millan's show be taken off the air. >> this is not how you handle it. >> reporter: he's accused of using the pig as a bait animal. he was called an arrogant showman who knows nothing about animal behavior and whose training meth@ds shouldn't see the light of day. officers were sent to his ranch but no arrests were made. >> anonymous caller reported the incident. >> reporr: millan couldn't be reached for comment. in an interview with the "associated press," said his critics are taking this the wrong way and blowing it way out of proportion. >> he faces a sheep who challenges him. >> reporter: millan said he used
8:05 am
canines with other animals, hundreds of times. and this time was no different. >> youaw simon with the pig and it wasn't a good scene. >> reporter: "national geographic," which hosts the show, posted this clip, showing the pig and the pup calmly co-existing in the aftermath of the attack. >> the same pig that simon tacked is going to take him for a walk. he's a follower, not an aggressor. good boy. >> reporter: the company released a statement, explaining the pig nipped by simon was tended to immediately afterwards. healed quickly and showed no lasting signs of distress. >> this is a dream. >> reporter: the dog's owner coming to millan's defense. >> people have mischaracterized what really happened. have a brand-new life with simon. having cesar's help was the best
8:06 am
>> millan is on a speaking tour, posting this photo over the weekend. animal control required him to show him)to pig. his team says he is cooperating fully with theinvestigation. >> show them the pig. okay. morgan, thank youery much. appreciate that. coming up next, the battle over sleep. why women may actually need more shut eye than men. > also, the "frozen" reunion you won't want to miss. former first lady laura bush is here. she'll tell us about her passion project. first, on a monday the citi d dble cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only cararthat lets you earn ch back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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8:10 am
we're back at 8:11. time for what's trending today. we all agree, nobody gets enough sleep. >> no. >> especially not in thi job. who needs it more, men or women? new research is offering an answer this morning. might surprise you. a british study says it's women that need more sleep. in fact, about 20 minutes more. here's the reason. researchers say women's brains are more complex than men's, and the female brain works harder during the day. the study's author, who is a man, i'll add, say women multitask and use more brainpower than men. >> i'm biting my tongue. >> you're lucky mrs. bush is sitting over there. that's all i'll say. >> good behavior. >> i completely agree. >> complex or complicated, which would it be? >> i'm going with complex. >> very good. smart.
8:11 am
your childhood toys would be worth today? the folks at aol scanned ebay and found amazing bids for the toys that some people have forgotten. remember the easy bake oven? when it came out, it cost $15 to $25. online, you can find them for $305. >> no!! >> wow. >> gameboy, did you have one? >> i think i still have one. >> on the market for $90 when it came out. if yours is in good condition, you can get $650or it. >> crazy. >> remember the furby toy? $35. if youave one in good condition today, $900. >> what does it do? >> how much is a slinky worth? >> it doesn't stop talking, which is annoying. >> like me. now to ariana grande's impersonations on "snl" and the white house photo getting two thumbs up.
8:12 am
did you see it? >> oh, man. >> she hosted "snl" and was the musical guest. she impersonated her musical peers. oh, baby, baby, i shouldn't have let youou go whenever, whenever, we're meant to be together i'll behere and you're be here, and that's good, my dear and i will alway love you i will always love you >> i mean, spot on. she didn't stop there. during a family feud sketch, she did her jennifer lawrence impression.
8:13 am
>> they told me not to do game shows and i was like, screw it. i can have fun. i'm a regular person. >> bad habit you can't quit. >> i'm like a snackoholic. i love pringles. if no one is lookin i'll eat a whole can. every day is my cheat day, you know what i mean? >> annoyingly relatable. >> that's insane. >> amazing. >> spot on. >>ave reviews for her impressions. the whole episode is great. a picture is worth a thousand words. how would you caption this from the white house? sasha obama talking to ryan reynolds and malia forced two thumbs up. the first daughters attended their first state dinner. looks like they had a great time.
8:14 am
idina menzel, josh gad and kristin bell reuniting for a charity event. kristin performing a "frozen" song. more than a spare >> "frozen 2" which doesn't have a release date, but people are getting excited for it. >> i got "let it go" out of my head. >> that's the story. let's get al's forecast. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by garnier. >> let's look at your week ahead. real mess in the pacific northwest out to the rockies. wet and nasty in the northeast with severe weather. into the midwest, midweek period, we're looking at wet weather in the nortast and great lakes. dries out in the west.
8:15 am
frozen precip in the northeast and on into northern new england. severe weather from the gulf to texas. try and sunny out west. temperature wise, we're pretty warm as you make your way throughout the eastern half of the country. northwest. latter part of the country, east and west coast, much above. sunshine taking over into the l:00 hour.r. bright conditions and warm conditions and a beach forecast setting up. low risk for rip currents,s, winds 10 to 15. good day to be on the sand. we are in the mid-70s thishour. sunshine taking over, and so warm first alert forecast for our monday. we're up to 86 with just a slim chance for a shower. most of he workweek, though, staying dry and above average with highs each day i >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you so much.
8:16 am
with former first lady laura bush. she's here to talk about a new book called "we are afterbeganghan women." the boooo includes afghan women's successes and triumphs, despite adversity there. it iss a topic mrs. bush has been passionate about since her time in the white house. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you are invested in these women and these stories. i thought it was striking in your introduction, you said in sixth grade, you wrote an essay about afghanistan. >> that's right. when i was in sixth grade, i chose afghanistan as the most exotic, far away country. neve expecting i would actually visit afghanistan and become friends wh so many people who live there. >> who knew that all these years later, you would not only be a part of it when you were in the white house, but that you have remained so caring and concerned about their circumstances. what is this book about? why should people care? >> this is the stories of afghan women. they're very interesting.
8:17 am
interested to read about them. it's a great history of afghanistan. many of these women left afghanistan with their families when the soviets came in, and then went back. most of them went back after september 11th, when the whole world spotlight turn on afghanistan. people saw how women w we treated. american women especially wanted to do something to help our sisters in afghanistan. >> this is a collection of stories. some of these women you know rsonally, and some have been through unimaginable tragedy. >> that's right. >> somehow overcome. >> mm-hmm. >> this is a story of hope though. >> it is. things are better in afghanistan for women, for sure. afghanistan just had a great election. they have a new president, president ghani, and a new first lady, who is very active as the first lady. working on women's issues. she's studying many, many women
8:18 am
afghanistan for things like looking lewd or things like that. she's reviewing those. many, many women are gettingut of prison now in afghanistan. >> you wrote in an op-ed you're glad president obama has decided to keep a true presence in afghanistan past 2016. >> they need the security to be stable and try to build this institution thaha afghanistan needs to support ademocracy. they need that security. i'm heartened he chose to leave our troops in there a while. >> do you worry abouthe future president not doing that and pulling out the troops? >> i'm hoping whoever becomes president next will continue to pay attention to women's issues, especially, in afghanistan, and just the security of afghanistan and of other countries that affect our own security in our country. >> speaking of campaigns, as we were doing, of course we saw you on the campaign trail. >> that's right.
8:19 am
>>re brotherur brother, jeb, who i think would have made a great president. now we're back on the sidelines. >> you were briefly in the political mix, are you happy to be out? >> i'm sad jeb is out because i think he would have been a great president. george and i are watching with interest from the sidelines. as you know, george is determined%not to make remarks about politics. we're bac to that side. >> did he share that? there's so much going on in politics now. i imagine you're full of imagines. >> i am, but i won't tell them to you today. >> we saw you last week at the funeral for mrs. nancy reagan. what did she mean to you? you've known her for years. >> i have known her for years and liked her a lot. i went back after she died and looked at photographs of me with her. we did the red dress project together about women and heart health. because, of course, she loved rednd loved red dresses. the funeral was beautiful.
8:20 am
and, of course, like everything shsh did, it was perfect. george and i got to live with the brenenefits of her decorating when we moved to the white house. in some ways, it's sort of the end of an era. for us, with president bush and barbara close to the same age as nancy reagan, of course, we think about them, also. >> i think about this club of first ladies. it's a very tight club. >> getting smaller. >> mrs. obama, of course, is about to wrap up her time in the white house. you know a little something about being a former first lady. any advice for her many? >> i think she's looking forward to it. you know whenou're elected, four years later, your term is up. it's not l le other things. i think you do start to anticipatete more normal life and wonder what it's going to be like. also, i think you start to think about what you can continue to do, that you've already worked on, that'll be productive and
8:21 am
>> that brings us full circle. you are certainly doing that with many book. "we are afghan women: voices of hope." good to have you. >> thank you a lot. >> we'll send it outside to matt and carson. >> thank you very much. a matter of minutes from now, we'll hear from coldplay, live on the stage. first, let's look how the band has grown into one of the biggest names in music. >> reporter: for more than 15 years, coldplay has been making hits. it was all yellow >> reporter: speed of sound para >> reporter: their seven studio albums sold more than 80 million copies, including their lalest,
8:22 am
debuted at the top of the rock and alternative charts. they've won seven grammys and have millions of fans worldwide. headlining everything from our concert series to stadium tours to the super bowl. they're upcoming world tour is sold out, but before they start crisscrossing the globe, they're here on our plaza once more. coldplay today. >> coldplay might be the right word today. >> it's raining. chris martin, lead singer, we asked, should we g you an umbrella? with a smile, he said, no, it's like a summer day. we're from england and get this weather all the time. >> we've been tracking the excitement for today's citi concert online using #coldplay today. sandra posting in, thanks for giving us the music that speaks
8:23 am
#joy #grief #hope. another said, my 2-year-old saw her first coldplay concert and loved it. keep sharing thoughts and use #coldplay today. >> if it rains harder, we'll name the storm. it's coming down. coming up, an entiti half hour with the guys from
8:24 am
8:25 am
and weather. good monday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. the time on this monday is 8:26, andpolice are still looking for whoever shot and killed a man on south beach over the weekend just near 19th street and ocean drive. they have interviewed and released a person of interest in the death of 20-year-old antoinne decade. investigators believe that both the victim and the shooter knew each other, and both are from miami-dade. police in coral gables are looking for a man they say attacked a woman and then robbed her. it happened along the 1300 block of granada boulevard yesterday. police are looking for a latin man in his mid-30s, no taller than 5'10" and the victim describes him as having a bald head and bushy eye browdz. and y yr monday commute's in full force.
8:26 am
things are moving. good morning. >> good morning, south florida. looking at your drive on i-75, northbound and southbound lanes at miramar parkway. but on i-75 southbound and royal palm boulevard, that's where the problem is. two lanes completely blocked off, causing some delays. et's take you to the maps. heading out the door on 595 westbound approaching maybe the accident from us-441 to i-75, that's a 25-minute ride. we have a broken-down car on i-95, express lanes southbound at northwest 79th street. >> thank you, kelly. we'll be right back here in 25 minutes.
8:27 am
8:29 am
have a great monday morning. [ cheers and applause ]. 8:3030n monday morning. the 14th of march, 2016. it is the very definition of singing in the rain. coldplay is here. they are thrilling our crowd. the weather has something else to say about it. it's pourung. but it's exciting. >> you want to see a group that's all in? this group is all in. they've been out here rehearsing. chris has a t-shirt on in the rain, and i said, go inside. he goes, no, we're cool, man. this is fine. happy to be here. anyway, we're moments away from an incredible live performance. i almost feel stupid saying this.
8:30 am
>> 45 degrees. raining pretty good. let's show you what we're looking at around the rest of the country. a mix of frozen precip to the north. also wet weather around the plain states. also expect more snow in the inner mountain region. also the pacific northwest. tomorrow, we've got a risk of strong storms up into the upper mississippi river valley. icy mix in northern new england. the wet weather clears out. look for sunshine through the gulf. good news for friends dealing with the flooding through texas and on into parts of mississippi, alabama and louisianan that's what's going on sunshine taking over our skies here in south florida into the 8:00 hour. brighter conditions, warmer conditions and a very decent beach forecast setting up for the afternoon hours. low risk for rip currents. winds out of the south at 10 to 15. good day to be out on the sand. if yoyore getting your morning started, we are into the lower mid-70s at this hour. sunshine taking over, and so warm first alert forecast for
8:31 am
we're up to 86 with just a slim chance for a shower. most of the workweek, though, staying dry and above average with highs each day into the mid-80s. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "toda is proudly presented to you by citi. usually, we say we won't make you wait any longer. we're not going to let them wait any longer. ladies and gentlemen, coldplay. [ applause ] angels sent from up ave
8:32 am
when i was strong, when i was hurt life is a drink, and love's a drug now i think i must be miles up when i was a river, dried u u you came to rain a flood you said drinknk from me, drink from me, when i was so thirsty pour on a symphony now i just can't get enough put your wings on me, wings on me, when i was so heavy pour on a symphony when i'm low, low, low, low
8:33 am
high so high, so high i, oh, i, oh now i'm'meeling drunk and high so high, so high oh oh, angel sent from up above i feel you c#ursing through my blood life is a drink, your love's about to make the stars come out put your wings on me, wings on me when i was so heavy pour on a symphony when i'm low, low, low, low i, oh i, oh i got me feeling drunk and
8:34 am
so high, so high oh i, oh i, o i i'm feeling drunk and high so high, so high come on, let's go i, oh i, oh i feeling drunk and high so high, so high shoot across the sky then we'll shoot across the sky then we'll shoot across the sky then we'll shoot across the
8:35 am
we'll shoot across the sky we'll shoot across the sky we'll shoot across thehe sky yeah, we shoot across the sky >> thank you, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]. >> we'll have more from coldplay
8:37 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. we're back. our citi concert series rolls on. coldplay is here. they've got a brand-new record. we are so happy to have them back on our plaza. >> that's right. the band's latest album is a head full of dreams. coldplay is chris martin, guy berryman, will champion and jonny buckland.
8:38 am
>> thanks for having us. >> you just said something to us that completely freaked me out. you said, thank you for coming outside and doing thihi with us. we're spoiled, and it's really fun too get up at 4:00 in the morning and sweat it out in weather like this. >> grateful to everyone that came out so early. >> you guys, i mean, these are not the best of conditions. every time i look over at you all, you're smiling this morning. does it feel good to be back on stag >> we haven't seen each other for a week, so we're happy to, you know, be back together as friends. also, any time anyone shows up, it makes us feel great. that's the truth.h. >> let's go back a few weeks to the super bowl. i mean, amazing. san jose, you're up there on stage, you know that hundreded of millions of people are watching. any nerves going into the performance? >> we prepared for it for a long time. eventually, we got so excited
8:39 am
tatented friends to be there with us. the whole thing was an amazing experience in friendship, togetherness and all that kind of thing. >> jonny and guy, i was reading about the new record. which i loved. you looked at it as a jam session. >> we spent w wks together jamming out stuff, seeing what we could come up with. >> will, want to put the towel back on your head? you all right? >> trying to mop up. >> all right. it's important to he the drums dry. >> exactly. >> like a hat. >> y want this one? >> i'm fine. >> we'll play a coldplay song next. >> good idea. >> ladies and gentlemen, coldplay. >> thank you, guys.
8:40 am
you're a sky full of stars i'm gonna give you my heart 'cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars 'cause you light up the path i don't caree if you wanna tear me apart i don't care if you do, ooh cause in a sky 'cause in a sky
8:41 am
i tnk about you cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars i wanna die in your arms, arms you get lighter the more it gege dark i'm going to give you my heart and i don't ca, go on and
8:42 am
and i don't care if you do cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of stars i think i saw you
8:43 am
cause you're a sky, you're a sky full of stars i don't care if you do yeah, yeah, yeah i'll never leave you >> thank you so much, everybody. [ cheers ss and applause ]. >> coldplay is not done yet. another live performance coming up next. first, this is "today" on nbc. a major public traffic study has confirmed our worst fears. every titi miami beach holds a local trade or consumer show
8:44 am
come barreling into town. creating a mess on our roads but independenexperts say a new convention center hotel could fix this. so people could walk not drive to conventions. on march 15th, vote yes for a world class covention center
8:46 am
beautiful morning. let's keep the music going on our citi concert stage. coldplay. searching for the water, hoping for the rain up and up down upon the canvas, working meal to meal waitingor a chance to pick on your orange field up andup, up and up see a pearl form a diamond in the rough see a bird aring high above the flood it's in your blood, it's in your blood underneath the storm, an umbrella is saying sitting with the poison takes away the pain up and up
8:47 am
e're gonna get it, get it together right now gonna get it, get it together somehow gonna get it, get it@ together and flower we're gonna get it, get it together, i know gonna get it, get it together and flow gonna get it, get it together and go up and up and up lying in the tter, aiming for the moon trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon up and up, up and up trying to see the forest, there in every seed angels in the marble waiting to be freed just need love, just need love when the going is rough, sasang we're gonna get it, get it together r rht now gonna get it, get it together somehow gonna get it, get it together
8:48 am
we're gonna get it, get it together, i know gonna get it, get it together and flow we're gonna get it, get it together and go but you can say what is, or fight for it close your mind, or take a risk you can say, it's mine, and clench your fist or see each sunrise a a gift
8:49 am
together right now sngts we're gonna get it, get it together somehow we're gonna get it, get it together and flower we're gonna get it, get it together, i i know gonna get it, get it together and flow onna get it, get it together and go up and up and up we're gonna get it, get it together right now gonna get it, get it together somehow gonna get it, get it together and flower we're gonna get it, get it together, i know gonna get it, get it together and flow gonna get it, get it together and go up and up and up fixing up a car to drive it again when you're in pain, when you think you've had enough
8:50 am
>> thank you for coming, everybody. [ applause ] >> once again, coldplay, thanks so much.
8:51 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
from coldplay on a rainy monday morning. lights go out and i can't be saved tides that i tried to swim against have brought me down upon my knees oh, i b and plead, sjnging come out of things unsaid shoot an apple off my head and a trouble that can't be named a tiger's waiting to be tamed, singing
8:53 am
you are confusion never stops closing walls and the ticking clocks gonna come back and take you home i could not stop that you now know so i come out upon my seas cursed missed opportunities i'm a part of the cure or i am part of the disease singing, you are you are you are
8:54 am
oh, and nothing else compares oh, nothing else compares and nothing else compares
8:55 am
oh, home, where i wanted to go home, home where i wanted to go good monday morning you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. your time on this monday 8:56. mong your headlines, turkey point's aging canals are leaking into biscayne bay. mayor carlos gimenez will meet with fpl officials at 11:00 this morning to talk about that report. they also tell us that high levels of a radioactive isotope
8:56 am
power plant have been leaking into the port. now to weather. >> it was a warm weekend and that's exactly where we start off monday, partly cloudy skies and enjoying sunshine in miami-dade county. temperatures into the mid-70s and climbing another ten degrees. it's going to be a very warm afternoon. upper 70s through 10:00 a.m., midday temperatures at 83. we're up to 86 this afternoon. could see a stray shower late in the day. otherwise, a dry and warm workweek ahead. here's kelly with traffic. we have a rollover on the palmetto expressway northbound. this is the car on its side by the on-ramp to 826 northbound and northwest 122nd$ street. that ramp completely blocked off. cars are trying to get by the side but again, causing pretty heavy tie-ups. taking you to the maps, we have a crash on i-75 southbound and royal p plm boulevard. >> kelly, thanks. we'll be right back in 25
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> see you then. this morning on "today's take coldlday is here. we've got more music from one of the biggest bands on the planet. then you're invited to another big fat greek wedding. we'll catch up with the cast of the new film. we're going to spring forward for the hottest sty season. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalieie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on an ugly monday morning here in new york city. ma 14th, 2016. i feel alive >> beautiful in music. oh, my gosh. >> amazing.
9:00 am
pouring rain and it was a drenching rain on the crowd and on coldplay. >> they were just out there in is amazing. could not have designed a worse day weather wise. >> i could come up with a worse day. >> really? cold rain, what's worse? >> a driving blizzard. >> it was great and beautiful. nobody likes cold rain. it was an ugly rain but didn't show at all. coldplay was incredible. the guys have their new album, the super bowl show. they're unbelievable. i picked "adventure of a lifetime" as#my morning jam, and they'll sing it a little later. have you seen the video for this song? it's great. gorillas in the jungle. apparently, this live capture motion, is what they used. i love this. they're all jamming out. if you look in their eyes, you can see, that's chris martin there, obviously. >> circus is doing backup. >> yeah, right. the last song of our wedding, the dj asked my husband, what's
9:01 am
know. viva la vida. the whole crowd, i mean, i was spinning around, like feet off the ground in my wedding dress. best moment of the night. >> they did annan encore for the crowd out there. >> we have another song so stay tuned this hour. now, we're going to talk politics. campaign. beginning on friday really. protests, some violence at donald trump's events. on friday, chaos in chicago. large group of protesters took over an arena, essentially, and cancel the event. on saturday, secret service agents in dayton, ohio, scrambled to protect trump. look at this scene. >> oh, mygosh. >> surrounding donald trump. a man tried to breach security.
9:02 am
to the stage to say trump was s racist. trump later sa ties to isis. there's no evidence of that. he was referring to a video h dug up on youtube. >> right. >> protester was charged with conduct. more chaos on saturday night. kansas city, police using pepper spray on some demonstrators there. this w outside the event. there was also an incident last wednesday. yo mig remember this. 78-year-old man, this is in fayetteville, nor carolina, as a protter is led out, just steps into the aisle and delivers a forearm shiver. he's charged with assault there. that incident@ prompted this exchange yesterday between donald trump and chuck todd on "meet the press." >> do you accept any responsibili whatsoever for the escalated tension that takes place at your rallies? >> i don't accept responsibility violence in any
9:03 am
what i saw, theoung man stuck his finger up in the air and the other man sort of just had it. violence. i'm curious, do you plan on paying for t legal fees of the older gentleman in north carolina who sucker punched the protester? >> well, i'm not awarar i will say this, i do want to doing. i've actually instructed my people to look into it, yes. >> he sa he will look into covering the legal fees of the 78-year-old man charged with assault there. trumps critics saying the rhetoric he's been using for months and months encouraged some of the hostility. he talks about, in the good old days, we'd take the protester out on a stretcher. face. >> ght. >> demonstrators came in chicago and shut down a rally and violed trump's free speech. there are two sides to this. something ugl is happening right now. hillary clinton and bernie sanderthisis all against the back dre day in
9:04 am
ohio, florida, missouri, north carolina, states all voting there. if donalal trump wins florida and ohio, he's off to the races. >> yeah. >> inow chuck yesterday on "meet the press" was calling it separation tuesday. if john kasich loses, he'll probably have to drop out. if marco rubio loses, he's out. >> which all the polls indicate he may in fl by double digits. >> i think ohio will be closer. it's interesting with kasich, the sitting governor there. uld beat trump there. >> we'll be watching it for sure. another story we're at t morning, you recall richard simmons, frequent guest on our show. used to be here all the time. se was last here in 2012. there have been some reports in the last couple of years, people haven't seen him. he's 67 years old. apparently had a knee injury. he spoke with savannah recently about these reports. they were in the "daily news" most recently, that said he was
9:05 am
around him, including a housekeeper. masseuse. >> possibly controlling him. on the phone with savannah, he set the record straight and wanted to clear up the rumors. >> no one is holding me in my house as a hostage. you know, i do what i wa do, as i've always done. people s suld sort of just believe what i have to say. simmons. i wanted to ask you point-blank about your housekeeper. she in any way -- is she still employed by you? is there anyssue where you feel she is controlling you or having any kind of undue influence? >> that's just very silly. she has been with m m for 30 years. it's almost like we're a married couple. i think your friends or people that have spoken to porters are saying, but it's not like you, to just lose touch completely. >> i just sort of wanted to be a little bit of a loaner for a
9:06 am
>> are you surprised that people have been so worried about you? >> for all the people thaha are worrying about me, i want to tell them that i love them with my whole heartnd soul. and that not to worry. richard is fine. you haven't seen the last of me. i' come back, and i'll come back strong. >> he's got a lot of fans, a lot of people clearly worried about him. hopefully, t ts sets the record straight. i think a lot of people still wonderinggthough, you know, why he won't at least come out publicly and say, i'm doing okay. >> that article suggests not just that he's being controlled but held capve in his own home. >> elderly abuse and all of that, as well, the reports of that. it sounds like he is making his own decisions. >> farceass we know. >> he spent most of his life in the public eye. >> wants to step out. >> who are we to say?
9:07 am
people recognizing him. >> tr. >> when he was here in 2008, he took over the control room. >> exhausting, being richard simmons, as you look at this video. he literally came in and it was a party in the control room. >> still had the tank top and shorts. eve wearing the head bands. >> short shorts and thehe tank top. >> wishing him wellll richard, hope you'll come back on the show with us soon if you're watching. march madness, they just announced the brackets. have you filled yours out yet? >> i'm just happy vanderbilt got in. barely snuck? >> i filled mine out. we're going to do our contest better get on it. >> to get you in the mood,, check out the dramatic finish atathe a versus oklahoma game. launching a half court shot. take a look. >> oh, h wins the game! he wins it! oh, wait, hold on. officials ruling the ball was
9:08 am
clock expires. >> no! come on! >> west virginia wins. >> kidding me? >> all that for nothing? >> look at that. >> oh, oh! come on. >> i say you give it to them. cincinnati-uconn game. on again, it's heartbreaking. it is. >> oklahoma, watch out for them in the tournament. buddy, the senior, he's great. oklahoma will go far. >> who are you picking? >> kansas look but that's the obvious pick, number one seed. vanderbilt, all the way. >> how can you turn your back on your team? >> yeah. check of the weather, roker? >> little nasty out there. the good news is a lot of folks getting a lit bit of a break right now. especially in the areas that were somhat flood prone. early week precipitation, week ahead, wet in the northeast. we have a little -- look who is over here. the cast of "my big fat greek
9:09 am
all hanging out. this is exciting. >> andrea martin. >> it's like saying a magic word. >> and joey fatone. >> all troublemakers. lainie kazan. >> we'll get to them. >> i'll take that from you. >> this never happened. terrible. >> oh! oh! thank u very much. that's what's going on around th temperatures are into the mid-70s. 75 in ft. lauderdale, 76 pembroke pines and a warmer 77 at opa-locka. so, plenty of sunshine to go around. a few fair weather clouds moving on through, but no rain in sight. just a warm and for mid-march, a rather humid pattern. first alert weather, 78 through
9:10 am
there is a slim chance we could see a stray shower, but otherwise, focus on that warm 86 today. >> i'm traveling. i got a trip. >> i need this suit. >> how are you? we've been waiting for you guys. >> how are you? >> hello, hello. >> hey, hey, hey. >> we're going to break it out. the cast is back and better tha ever. the cast of "my big fat greek wedding 2" is joining us after this.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
first, a look at the phenomenon. >> r 02, audiences feokos family. it was the brain child of nia vardalos, whs towula, a woman who falls in love with a non-greek, played by john corbett. may i please date your daughter? >> no! >> reporter: cultures collide as the two plan their wedding. >> my parents' names are rodney and harriett. >> reporter: the star-studded cast includes lainie kazan has h toula's mother andrea martin a a the aunt, joey fatone as the usin. raking in more than $240 million, it was the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time.
9:15 am
>> reporter: in "my big fat greek wedding 2," a shocking family secret. >> never signed the wedding license. >> r leaves the whole toula and ian's teenage daughter to come together for a bigger and fatter wedding this march. >> with us now for the film's cast members, nia vardalos, lainie kazan, andrea martin and joey fatone. i can't believe it's been 14 years. wee j saying, it seems we were just in athens for the olympics and you did a whole walking tour with us back then. the movie was just coming out. >> yeah. >> what's it like, being back as the family? >> we love each other. >> we see each other all the time. >> you do? >> yeah. it was joyous to be on set. we felt sorry forhe director. this is us on set. >> how are you? >> that's risht. >> hey. >> it's a big fat greek vacation.
9:16 am
did it take 14 years? why did it take so long for a movie -- >> she didn't listen to me. >> classic mom,right? >> yes. >> no-brainer. >> the wait is entirely myy fault. all my fault. i wanted to wait until motherho. luckily, i did recently become a mother, and i started writing on my daughter's first day of kindergarten. here we are. >> she's now 11 years old, right? >> thatgs right. takes a while. >> she's pretty much doing it from life experience. being a mother now and knowing what and tribulations, goo times andnd bad times, that's great about her. she writes from her real life, which is great. >> i love you, joey fatone. it's like we're cousins. so much changed on the set in the first day. i'm a parent now. joey is a parent. things have changed in our lives. it was like, we caught up, but it was just like we had just been there yesterday.
9:17 am
surroundinin your character and a wedding that needs to take place. i'm not supposed to talk abouou it. >> okay. >> lips are sealed. >> what do you think about the film, the first film that struck a chord, what was it? >> i think everyone identified with the characters. it didn't matter what nationality yo. a just touched a core and chord in everyone. even my vietnamese nail person, mann manicuri we cast close to the way people are. andrea martin is a very mischievous person. she can play aunt voula from her own experience. >> trying to actgainst type today. you seem very subdued. >> whahais it like being in an ensemble like this? where it's just non-stop chaos,
9:18 am
>> yes, it's chaotic off camera, but i think everybody is serious about the roles that they play. i think what was beautiful 14 years later is that it was organic this time. we didn't have to second guess what we were doing. >> we were already the characters. we alr the people. you know, also, i think what's so special, that we shot this filmlmn toronto -- i don't know if i'm supposed to say -- it's away from the dia. you focus on what you're doing. you're not thinking, i this going to be successful? it's really about getting together and having fun. a big benefit, shooting it in the same place we shot it 14 years ago. >> number three is youdaughter wedding coming up. >> if i write it, i have to give you credit. >> that's right. our cast is sticking around to spill some secrets from m e set, right after these increase speed, fullhrottle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing?
9:19 am
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sargento. we're real cheese people. if you misplace your discover card, you can use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it, you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at back now with the cast of "my big fat greek wedding 2." we're going to play a game called stories from the set. here's how it works, i'll ask a question and you use your magic cubes there to reveal the most likely answer. all right? >> yeah. >> here we go.
9:22 am
who can do the best greek accent? >> interesting. ;> for sure. >> no-brainer. >> joey. >> andrea. >> i think consensus is nia. if there were a blooper reel for the film, who would appear most often? >> i'm going to say -- joey. >> joey. >> why is it always me? >> what would we do? >> he's a troublemaker. >> who is most likely to trample a crowd to get the bouquet at wedding? andrea, right? >> andrea. >> lainie. >> joey, you're the tie breaker. >> i'll say lainie. >> all right. who can actually name the first
9:23 am
>> got to be nia. >> all right. embarrassing wedding speech. >> oh, yeah, right there. >> joey. >> why me many. >>e joker. >> you'd drink and be like, i love you, man. a lot of that. >> joey? >> andrea. >> okay. >> if i had writers, i'd be able to give a g/od speech. off thetop, i don't know. >> couple of drinks. always helps, right? >> baklava. >> mosa '90s boy band song from the dj. >> come , joey. >> nia. >> i went ton nsync concert. joey invited us. my husband and i we there, before we were parents, and w@
9:24 am
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9:25 am
you're back! freeze it from discover. get it at good monday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. right now it is 9:26, and new for you overnight out of hollywood. a car loses control, slams into a publix supermarket off of young circle. we know the driver died. the passenger, a female, is in the hospital right now. we're told both victims in their early 20s. police also tell us they are investigating exactly how it happened. a look at your forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> okay, sheli, not a bad day to be out on the beach. we're going to see warm conditions, lighter winds, and the low risk for rip currents. so, that's some good news here. inviting look there into the diplomat resort and spa into hollywood and hallandale beach. we're at 75 in miami as well as ft. lauderdale, on our way up to 86 with a slim chance for a
9:26 am
otherwise, keeping it warm and dry, not only today, but for the rest of the workweek. all right, 9:27. let's see how the morning drive looks. here's kelly. >> we have a broken-down car, 595 eastbound approaching state route 84 with acenter lane blocked off and causing delays. we had an earlier rollover accident. you can see the on-ramp to the palmetto expressway northbound and northwest 122nd street completely blocked off. there is a crash on 395 eastbound at fountain street. take 195 instead. >> thanks, kelly.
9:27 am
9:29 am
taking a look at the headlines. nissan is recalling nearly 47,000 electric cars due to possiblerake troubles. the recall involves the 2013 to 2015 nissan leaf electric cars. extremely cold temperatures cause the brake relay to fail, making it harder to stop. no accidents reported. women need more sleep than men.n. a british study finds that women require an extra 20 minutes of sleep each day. the reason, a women's brain is more complex than a man's, and typically works harder during the day. women also u up more brainpower because we tend to multitask. yes, we do. videos may help patients prepr surge better than a doctor's consolation.
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their upcoming operation with their doctor and watched an animated video narrated by a physician. 80% of the patients preferred the video to the face-to-face meeting, and the video increased their underststding of the procedure by 15%. researchery yoga@an improve atial fibrillation. patients feel aious and worried in social situations. the study found adding a weekly yoga session to treatments improved the mental health and lowered heart rate and blood pressure. it's the most common heart rhythm disorder. "zootopia" brought in $50 million at the box office. "10 cloverfield lane" was second at $25 million. "deadpool" was third. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> natalie, thanks so much. rain getting out of here eventually, but it's going t tbe
9:31 am
valley. risk of strong storms along the western carolina coastline. i should say, western care lies that- carolinas. surf advisories along southern california's coast. second day tomorrow, we're looking at more sunshine. mperatures in the 80s. all the way into atlanta, 84 tomorrow. risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley. snow in the inner mountain region. the gorgeous weather extends to temperatures are into the mid-70s here into the 9:00 hour. 75 in miami and ft. lauderdale, 76 in pembroke pines and a warmer 77 at opa-locka. so, plenty of sunshine to go around. a few fair weather clouds moving on through, but no rain in sight. just a warm and for mid-march, a rather humid pattern. first alert weather, 78 through 10:00 a.m., 83 at the lunch hou there is a slim chance we could see a stray shower but otherwise
9:32 am
willie? al, thank you very much. >> thiss morning on today food, no-brainer recipes to make your week night cooking easier. >> we have the executive chef at the soon to bee h in new york city. nice to see you, scott. >> nice to be here. >> tell me about the n goi t@ do a pasta street. constructi now, fun time. >> not stressful at all. good. we look forward to joining you for dinner. let's do this, sausage, chicken and peppers. onions. it's like a play on sausage and peppers, wit chicken i was a kid, my mher did this chicken cooked in a cast
9:33 am
this case, we're going to do it with another pan, but if you don't have -- plenty of black pepper in this thing. sk side down. >> leave the skin on. that's where the flavor comes from. >> the crispiness. the caramelization of the chicken is where the great flavor comes from. >> olive oil, salt and pepper. that's it? >> simple. >> should i invest in a cast iron pan? i feel that's the one item i don't have. >> also, it's something you can pass down through generations. i pan. >> do you clean yours? >> i do with a lot of oil and sa. i scrub it. i spend the time doing it the right way. what we have here, after it's cooked through, cook it ten minutes until golden brown, just like this, right? once that is done, we're going to cover that. once it's all done, cover it with another pan. let it go at a low temperature.
9:34 am
you see a touch of release of moisture here. it's going to cook to itself but not so much that the moisture releases and boils. >> keep it crispy. >> we want it to roast. >> party here for me. you don't get to eat, but i do. >> i like it. >> what'd i do? >> onions, peppers, sa in here, as well. >> not a ton of sausage. >> just a touch. adds a lot of flavor. a little goes a long way. >> spicy? >> it's a little spicy, the sausage. going to adgarlic clover ss, as well. cover it for another 15 minutes or so. the natural release of the juices from the pepuers and the sausage and the onions. this is what is ultimately going to look like. >> ten minutes on the initial browning. next phase, how long? >> another 15 minutes or so. just like that.
9:35 am
>> nice and slow. just like that. >> how can you tell if the chicken issone inside? >> you can use a litite tester, y poke it to see if the juices are running clear. but jump right in there. there's no judgment here. >> going in. ;> it is delicious. >> scott, always good to see yo >> thayou. to get this recipe, head to i'm taking this whole plate. >> take it with you. we'll listen to coldplay together with the food. coldplay has been live on our plaza all morning. they'r back next with their
9:36 am
lifetime." brandon#thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best. there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divivi by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ]
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9:40 am
now here they are with their hit song off the album, "adventure of a lifetime." turn your magic on, umi she say everything you want's a dream away and we are legends every day that's what she told me i feel my heart beating i feel my heart underneath my skin oh, yeah, i feel my heart beating
9:41 am
likik i'm alive again alive again yeah, oh, you make me feel like i'm alive again said i can't go on not in this way i'm a dream that died by light of day gonna hold up h hf the sky and say only own me i feel my heart beating i feel my heart underneath my skin oh, yeah, i feel my heart beatin cause you make me feel like i'm alive again alive again
9:42 am
like i'm alive again turn your magic on umi she'd say everything you want's a dream away under this pressure, under this weight we are diamonds, taking shape we are diamonds, taking shape whoo if we've only got this life this adventure, oh, then i and if we've only got this life you get me through
9:43 am
life in this adventure, oh, then i want to share it with you with you, with you yeah, i do woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo >> thank you, everybody. [ cheers and applause ]. >> coldplay playing in the rain for us this morning. guys, thanks so much. up next, spring fashion for the whole family. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your mk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. why am i a fan of applebee's fan favorites quesadilla burger? it's a burger... inside a quesadilla. genius. hot... melty... cheese. fresh... pico de gallo.o. woah. mind blown. everyone's a fan with applebee's 2 for $20 fan favorites. % we may have lost an hour of sleep yesterday, but the good news is spring is almost here. >> here to show us some of the fas trends you'll be seeing this season is lilliana vazquez. good morning. >> good morning. >> these are trends for men, women. you have something for everyone,
9:48 am
entire family today. everything is under $100. superr affordable and very stylish. we're going too start with the larkins now. beautiful. gorgeous family here. >> love the dress ashley has on. >he looks beautiful. spring. this year, it's about multi-colored stripes. unconditiol color combinations. dad, here we have the jacket. >> clearly, he's loving it. >> show that move again. >> must-have cut for guys. this is from h&m. super affordable. classic jeans and shoes. royal. the trend for him is pop art. these fun patches. tire outfit is from zara baby. >> i like the suspenders and the shoes tie the outfit together. >> royal, can i get a smile? >> maybe later, he says. >> thank you, guys. >> adorable.
9:49 am
next, the hoblins. >> yeah. >> i think cool is the name of the game. >> culottes are huge this spring. beautitul pair of white culottes. great knit top. leather jacket. she's neutral but has a fun flair. for dad, it's a pop of don't be afraid of yellows. the khakis are from gap, under $60. for the kids, shades of blues and greens. beach-inspired look.. on the daughter, we have this jump suit from old navy. ii love the mint green jacket. aiden is showing us how to rock out blue in style. pants from kmart. the shoes are from native. slip ons and waterproof. kids love them. >> keep it in the same color family.
9:50 am
petite, do you worry about that? >> if you're under 5'4", you want to wear them with a heel. if you're over 5'4", you're lucky and can rock them with whatever you want. >> cool with the culottes. not a good look on me. >> thank you so much. next up, we have the mcgoverns looking beachy inspired. >> we have fun tones here. on mom, she is showing us the hottest trend for spring. this is the shoulder cutout. they're flattering no matter your size or figure. the dress is under $50 from navy and did a long necklace. is is the must-have sandal. dad is showing us how to do safari chic. i love the jacket. great update to your classic blazer. >> c on out. work it. >> safari chic. >> think indiana jones.
9:51 am
i like this.a s chic jacket and also a stable, button down khakis. let's talk about the kids. also channelling the sahara sand look. it's all about neutrals. usually you think of colors for ds, but it's elevated with neutrals for children. old navy on our daughter here, looks beautiful in the little jacket, as well. then w whave the striped sweater from h&m. also pants from foreverer 21. they have kids and mens and women. i didn'now that. i have ter >> great place for the entire family to shop. >> all the families rocked it. >> i know. >> suc the carpet. come on out. >> i love t e layering effect. you can break down the outfit depending on the temperature. >> you can kind of repurpose all the pieces with stuff already in your closet. you get more bang for your bucks. >> royal, smile! come on, one little smile, royal.
9:52 am
>> oh! yay.
9:54 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. look who is back. >> yay! >> nobody missed me. >> people have been doing the back. >> i'm going to tell everybody >> it's a big one. >> we also have some more coldplay, you guys. >> amazing. >> how joyful are they in the
9:55 am
>> and my good monday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 9:56. we're followin a traffic alert on 395. nbc 6 traffic reporter kelly blanco to give us a better idea of what's going on there. >> for those of you trying to leave the beach towards the mainland, you'll have problem on 395 westbound this morning where we have a rollover accident. one lane getting by at this time, but delays are stretching and back, a pretty big deal. st and west delays, but the crash isis on the westbound lanes. and on the palmetto, we had a rollover, but lanes are back open. and an accident in broward county, the turnpike southbound as you approach state road 84 that off-ramp blocked off. kelly, roadways are dry and boy, warming up in a hurry. up to 80 in pompano beach an hialeah, miami at 79. the beach looks inviting, lots of sunshine out there and winds out. south and southwest will fuel a
9:56 am
86 your first alert forecast high today, keeping it dry with mid-80s all week long. guys, back to you. >> all righ ryan, thank you so much. turkey point's aging canals are leaking into biscayne bay. we've just learned miami-dade mayor carlos gimenez will meet with fpl officials in a few minutes to discuss the report. high levels of a radioactive isotope r rportedly leaked frr the power plant.
9:59 am
headlines at our midday >> announcer: f nbc news, this i "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda tb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. how great were they, coldplay? hey, everybody. itnd monday. march 14th. i had an advture of a lifetime. can't wait to hear about it. coldplay was out on the plaza. here's what makes them amazing, it was pouring and cold. >> it was a cold rain. >> looked at chris martin. look at coldplay. look at the crowd. some people have been outut here since yesterday. they were singing. they got rid of the tents
10:00 am
then it started to downpour. >> yeah. >> he just got more and more energy and more juice as it went on. >> every woman is in l him here. >> hello. anyway, they saved a song f us in the pouring rain. >> so nice. if you want to see what true love is wait to hear what gwyn ste did while her boyfriend blake shelton was hosting the nickelodeon choice awards. we'e' have two members of our joy fit club. they'll share the app that helped them. they're a married couple and lost a combined 250 pounds. we'll do our godwing stories. we have the 40 day prayer challenge that could change your relationships and your life. >> a lot of people have been the tv for the last week or so, where is kathie lee? we have not said. now we can. >> yeah.


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