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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 14, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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scho is a crime scene after someone broke in and then vandalized it. >> the crooks apparently stole thousands of dollars of not just students but teachers had been collecting for school trips coming up. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live outside that school in little havana with surveillalae video they want everyone to see. hopefully this is going to n the people who are responsible for this. >> that's exactly what administrators and teachers are hoping at la progresiva school. shattered glass and ransacked rooms. when the principal arrived to school this morning, what she saw maae her cancel class.
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presbyterian school around 1:00 this morning. >> the criminal comes into the school as if it was his own home. he's on his property for over an hour going room to room. >> reporter: principal rigo has a good idea. >> they came in through the of top and the air vent. the building was completely sealed. >> reporr: surveillance captured the man inside. he made off wi the school safe. it's what was inside that upsets the principal most. >> my heart is torn up. >> reporter: torn over $5,000 in students own field trip money that vanished with the thief this morning. you know, we have to trust god, know everything is going to be fine and eventually we'll make it up somehow. >> csses are cancel here for
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if you know anything about this, police are hoping you will contact them. also forou this midday, police are trying to piece together an overnight crash that ended with a car inside a publix store. nbc 6 the first to tell you about the story as it was developing very early this morning. the driver died. the passenger is still in the hospital as of this midday. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live in hollywood and we understand that you have some new information about the couple that was inside that vehicle when it crashed. >> > porter: yeah, we do, eric. hololwood police just identified the driver who died after crashing into this publix is david pablamor. his girlfriend roxanne in a. they went airborne and flew and
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we're told roxanne vegas remains in the hospital. the impact of the crash rattled air larms -- alarms in nearby buildings. >> i was dead asleep. it was 2:11 a.m. >> reporter: a cadillac barreling into the east circle public lix on monday. killing the driver and sending his girlfriend to the hospital according t t police. police say the driver, a man in his early 20s was heading west on hollywood boulevard. >> it went in a straight-line, lost control and crashed right into the wall of public. >> reporter: this is cell phone video taken right after the crash. witnesses say people and two other cars may have been following, stopped inside the grocery store orage area and tried to help. investigators tell us that t t driver was ejected and died on
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this neighbor lit a can dell for thean killed. these signs were recently placed here because this area has seen its share of crashes. >> it's not all that really uncommon. >> reporter: hollywood police haven't said whether speed, alcohol or drugs caused the driver to lose control. but it appears there weren't any skidmarks left bebend on the road. >> i didn't realize how b b it was because i was half asleep. now that i realize someone died, i feel terrible. >> reporter: police tell us the driver was not wearing a seat belt when he crashed into this publix here. there were some concerns about the strurk here, whetherrr not this building was safe. we know it did -- open in time. michael, thank you so much. right now, miami-dade mayor
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officials totalk about an urgent point.t. water sampling taken early this year shows level up to 215 times higher than normal in water. the canals were ordered to be judge. certainly no surprise here, the president shat candidates are making the rounds with less than 24 hours to go before five critical primaries,ncluding one of them right here in florida tomorrow. nbc 6 political reporter steve litz right here in the studio with us tracking all of that. >> the words and in some instances the actions are at a feveritch and not in a positive way. donald trump spent the weekend defending himself and his protesters. bernie sanders flat-out called trump a liar and florida senator marco rubio way behind in the polls is hoping he's competitive in tomorrow's elections. five states vote tomorrow with
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on both sides with florida and ohio with the biggest prizes. by double digits. he's in tampa today after a weekend of violent protests. bernie sanders denies he is sending them. pathological liar. >> hillary clinton says donald trump is inciting them. >> he has lit the fire and he throws his hands up and says he shouldn't be held sponled and he should be held responsible. >> foreign leaders are asking to endorse her to stop trump. marco rubio continues slamming trump as he c cntinues his bus tour today. john kasich is leadidi his home state. >> i believe we're rising. >> it's going to depend on turn out. >> on the "today" show this
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about freedom of speech and trump events being interrupted by protesters. >> that's where the emphasis needs to be, when people do things wrong such as that, it causes other people to react in a ww that is negative. >> here in florida, nearly 2 million people have already voted.d. so a big day tomorrow, but a busy day today as candidates all over the country from the east coast to the midwest. li in the studio, i'm steve litz. stick with nbc 6 for complete coverage, of course, leading up to tomorrow's crucial primary vote here in the state of florida. we have crews covering all the polling places and we'll be bringing you a special edition of "impact" hosted by jackie nespral. so, keepp the nbc 6 news and weather app handy. we'll be postingresults live as they come in all day tomorrow.
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police still looking for a man who targeted a woman while she was walking. they say the woman was along the 1300 block of granada boulevard yesterday when a man attacked and robbed her. she got a good look at the thief. they described him as a latin man in his mid 30s. no taller than 5' 10", bal head and bushy eyebrows. cash up for grabs for snin who can solve a burglary caught on camera. continue to watch this. they make their way to the -- into the check cashing store all the way near the back 127th avenue in kendall. they think this happened sometime over the weekend. you can see more of this video on our nbc 6 news and weather app. it appears that the suspects are
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this midday, we're learning more details about a deadly spring break shooting on south beach. police say they have the deadly fire -- forced police to close portionsns of the area and businesses to the end of the night early. crews are ntinuing to search for a missing jet skier but this is what we know about him missing at this point. this video just into the newsroom, chopper six over blue lagoon south of international airport. 49-year-old jose deloca was last seen on saturday. he was not wearing a life jacket en he set out on that jet ski. we're told that he has a pace maker so right now there is some speculatn he might have had a
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similar to that. another story that's been getting a lot of clicks, the "miami herald" is reportinghat 30,000 cuban nationals may be sent back if they have a criminal record. nbc 6 is everywhere startingng this friday. jackie nespral will be i havana to bring you live coverage ahead of obama' stop in havana. still ahead for you. a twisted mess after a train derails in kansas. several people treated for major injuries overnight. coming up this midday, we're going to talk to some of the other passengers as investigators try to work to figure out what caused it to go off the tracks. plus, picking up the pieces,
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destroyed by days of t trential rains in the south and forecasters say there could be more. blue skies arthe rule. here's a look inland. blue sky. lots of warm sunshine up above and temperaturesapidly climbing into the lower 80s now. key west lagging behind at 79. glooking forecast. it gets warmer this afternoon and stays warm all week. how warm? stick around for first alert weather c cing up next. i'm ari odzer. can you guess what language
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por to a geee? welcome back. new today, at least 20 people are in the hospital of aapril amtrak train deraraed early this morning. five train cars with about40 passengers on board derailed as they were traveling from los angeles to chicago. it happened about 20 miles west of dodge city. one passenger described the moment saying @t sent people flying. >> everybody had their own seat mostly, and i guess if y y were on the left side, you hit the window and if you were on the right side, you flew to the left side. >> wow, the cause of that
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for several days of devastatinindownpours, some communities in the south are just starting to dry out as of this midday but a lot of people are still facing a serious threat and will be for the next couple of days. overnight, people in arkansas spent the night on high alert after a couple tornadoes touched down in this area. miguel amagara reports on the after math of those storms. >> reporter: this morning, arkansas residents are assessing the latest damage, a series of tornadoes sweeping through the state sunday. this mobile home lifted off its foundation, the family inside, including a baby, barely making it to safety. >> i held it over us. >> reporter: overnight, hail and lightning, in missouri, serious flooding. the start of a new week and there's new misery through parts
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>> i'm hoping it doesn't get a lot worse but i can't make you any promises. >> reporter: fast-moving storms dropped torrential downpours for days. in louisiana, at least 5,000 homes were damaged, roads and bridges washed away. cars and neighborhoods swamped. in mississippi, near the pearl river, hundreds of homes are still threatened. >> river levelsre still high. there's nowhere for the water to go. >> reporter: the water is receding only after louisiana national guard rescued people from flooded neighborhoods.s the most widespread non-hurricane related flooding ever seen here. this morning, the is a -- sabine river is surging. the down of weyville is
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much of the region, the rain has finally stopped but the threat isn't over yet. president obama has declared a disaster in at least parts of northern louisiana based upon the video and the pictures that you were just seeing. it is monday, so we're bragging about another south florida school. this time around, this midday we're on the campus of aida merit school. >> ari odzer is there and these kids are so precious. how does the school set them apart from all the other ones? >> you know what, ey are really cute, and you know what, i learned something from them. [ speaking foreign language ] that's how you say hello in portuguese. this school has the only portuguese immersion program in
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the principal is so proud. >> we're all the only school in miami-dade school that has an international program. all one roof. we do it so well at ada merit center. not only -- >> beforewe make that point, let me say what's going on in the back. these kids a a growing saled over here. these are the third graders who are busy gardening over here and we're heating this tomorrow. we're here a day early. tell me about the commuter aspect of this. >> we're the only school tt has a commuter school and we bring in children not only from miami-dade but also from broward and monroe counties. this allows the prents the convenience and peace of mind no
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>> you can come down to miami, downtown to your office, drop your kids off as as early as 6:30 and pick them up at 7:00. why portuguese? spanish too. u got portuguese. that makes it usually unique. >> initially, it was opened with spanish and portuguese because of the growing bazilian population in miami-dade and the numbers are not as high for the spanish program and the demand but portuguese nmbers have been growing steadily year after year after yoor to the case where we cannot accept all the portuguese applicants that are coming out tomorrow, actually, and we've en receiving phone calls already. >> kids come out of this program -- when t ty are out of here, after eighth grade t ty can speak spanish and portuguese. they pick a language and they are fluent in it unlike trying to learn it in high chool.
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it is an ideal program. they are learning two languages. they learn i a second language or sometimes third language for some of them, andh what they learn in the language -- they graduate from here and they are bilingual and bicultural. >> thanks so much. obviously lots going on, including sheli just tweeted a cuteness overload behind me. we'll have more coming up at 6:00. back to you guys. glooking monday. not a bad way to start off the workweek. we culd see an isolated shower try to pop up this afternoon. i think we're looking pretty good. it does going to be aainly dry workweek. awfully warm.
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at the beach. live look here from the d dlomat spa resort and camera. the benefit to turning the clocks forward this weekend, it's going to be lighter later. sunset tooght at 7:30. more daylight to enjoy deeper in the evening. it's a warm and dry pattern as i mentioned and the beach forecast hasn't looked this good in days. wet weather tucked away in tampa. this ridge of high pressure which is bringing us the sunshine and the warmth, holding that zone of precipitation back. just had some fair weather clouds build up first thing this morning. a lot of this activity again not adding up to all that much. much of the interior filled with sunshine right now. winds are out of the south and southeast. it's a warm breeze for us. notice the humidity inching up for the next few days. 83 coming up in pompano beach.
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high pressure moving in with the southerly winds. that's a constant for our weather this week. any areas of low pressure traversing through the mid atlantic and into the northeast staying away from south florida. it's going to be a pattern in which much the same each day looks very similar to the previous. not a lot of change in our temperature. not a lot o change in our sky condition and rain chances are minimal. a stray shower in a worst-case scenario. 86 today. 83 at the lunch hour. 86 our high. 83 leading into the evening commute. the next few days, 85 tuesday and wednesday. again, mostly sunny skies. next chance for signinicant or at least a significantnt chance for rain holding off right now until we get into the weekend. weekend looking at highs right ow of 84. chief meteorologist john
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ladies, i'm talkingabout uncle jesse. john r -- stamos might be off the market. >> there's pictures. he admitted that he was dating, didn't reveal her name but all we needed was an ice cream day. who is this caitlynyn mchugh. you got tolove her. coming up, we're going to talk more about uncle jesse and his date. we're going to talk about "the voice." the bales begin tonight. a preview of the voices and their stellar advise coming up this season.
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coach usher will be in inhulge me. we're going to kick off during the workweek. thank you for joining us here on "six in the mix." dwayne "the rock" johnson take a break from filming "baywatch." he pays kids a special visit in the children's ward. he visited an older child receiving treatment in the main part of the hospital.
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to the faces of those kids, he's bringing a smile to all of us, the rock showing us how quickly his wardrobe changes are on the set of "ballers." he ain't got time for buttons. and magic mike star says he needed to find himself. he made a lot of choices that are opposite who he wanted to be. after he conquered hisis drinking issues became the man i dreamed of being and the result was i met the woman of my dreams. name a bad habit that you just can'tquit. >> i'm just a snack aalcoholic. i'll eat a whole can. every day is my cheat day. >> this weekens addition of


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