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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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you can always call crime stoppers. that number 305-47tips. we're following breaking news. florida wildlife officials have found the body of jose. dive team members say he was not wearing a life jacket. we have a crew on the scene where that search ended and we'll have a live report including more from the victim's family coming up in the next hour of news. a deadly car accident in hollywood. the driver died when his cadillac went airborne and slammed into a publix. his 20-year-old girlfriend is still in the hospital this evening in critical condition. this happened on hollywood boulevard early this morning. michael spears was at the scene. we'll have more details coming
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the countdown to florida's primy is official on and here's where the republican candidates stan for tonight. with 99 florida delegates up for grabs in the gop race, anyone can take the lead tomorrow. >> for the democratic candidates, take a look here. 214 delegates with up for grab in florida. hillary clinton is way ahead of bernie sanders with her 1,231 delegates compared to his 576. the mgic number here, they need 2,383 to claim the nomination. voters will also hit the polls tomorrow in illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio. >> steve litz is live in the studio with a new endorsement for donald trump. >> myhi, jackie. it's the big day before the big vote. florida attorney general announced
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endorse donald trump. she appeared in tampa with him. the race is on now and the candidates are all running hard from the midwest to right here in florida. rubio in jacksonville, trump in north carolina, cruz in illinois. the race for the gop nomination is taking candidates from the midwestst to the east coast. ohio governor john kash has a chance to win his state's own primary tomorrow. >> theumber one thing that needs to be achieved are jobs. >> reporter: but polls suggest marco rubio is not in that posititi in his state, down by double digits to donald trump here in florida. rubio hit several cities the sunshine state today, pumping up his supporters. >> tomorr's the day. tomorrow's the day where we're going to shock the country and we're going to do what needsds to be done. we're going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> reporter: protests at trump rallies continued today with people interrupting an event in
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candidate chris christie appeared with the republican frontrunner saying he's angry along with his throngs of supporters. >> because we're tired of a government that is run incompetently. we have incompetent people running our country. >> reporter: ted cruz stuck to his mathematical message, insisting he's thehe only republican who can beat trump. >> we've had over 20 states vote. governor kasich has won zero. when you go 0 for 23, that does not pose a path to going forward and winning. reporter: the democrats are barn storming across several cities. health care hillary clinton in chicago talking to a group of communi navigators. those are people trained to help with the immigration process. >> you are helping tocreate the kind of future we want in our country. >> reporter: her opponent,
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ohio today pressing his grass roots message. >> no president, not bernie sanders, not anybody else, can do it alone. >> reporter: protests and interruptions mostly at donald trump events over the weekend. that made big news. you saw that happened again today. there were more than a dozen rallies from the midwest all the way here to florida. more on politics coming up at 6:00. live into the studio, i'm steve nbc 6 news. sarah palin wrapping up her florida trip to be with her husband in the hospital. >> thank you guys for your prayers for my husband who is recovering in icu after a little wreck on a snow machine. >> she confirmed reports that todd is in fact in the icu. trump's campaign said the former
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today. she endorsed the billionaire earlier this year. ick with nbc 6 for complete coverage leading up to tomorrow's crucial primary here in florida. first, join us tonight for a special edition of "nbc 6 impact.t. now is a good time to download the nbc 6 news and weather app if you haven't already done so. keep it handy throughout tomorrow's primary. we'll send push alerts of winners as they are declared. as cases grow in florida, health officials are reporting one new case of zika in miami-dade today, bringing the county's total to 28. there are 60 confirmed cases in the state, including four involving pregnant women. governor rick scott has asked the cdc to host another
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well, pollututon from the turkey point nuclear power station was topic one at county hall. that's here top brass tried to persuade miami-dad county's mayor that they have things under control. >>he president of fpl and four vice presidents met with mayor carlos carlos carlos carlos carlos gimenez in private. as five top executives met behind closed doors withounty mayor. when it was over, the company was not cited for violating environmental standards. >> did you issue a notice of violation? >> not at this meeting. we discussed solutions to things
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>> reporter: things such as excessive nutrient levels in key biscayne bay. levels far below the minimum allowed by the epa for even drinking water. >> nobody isipping their glass into biscayne bay and drinking the water. but if you did, it would be perfectly safe. >> reporter: it is the salt and nutrients that concern the county. >> we're going to look and see if their solutions are adequate to protect the life and wel-being of citizens in the county. >> reporter: the water needed to cool fpl's two nuclear reactors.
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today they would handle it. >> there's ammonon that comes from decomposition of plant t fe and material. clearly that's shown up in some of the monitoring wells. we're not happy about that and we are actively addressing that. >> reporter: critics of fpl's operation say if the county does not cite fpl for violating environmental laws, not much will change. the governor failed to enforce the law when it was clearfpl was polluting the area. some activists say they will ask the federal government to step in. reporting live in the studio, nbc 6 news. happening right now, tens of thousands of cun nationals convicted of crimes could face deportation as washington normalizes relations with the island country. here's a live look at the story that is getting a lot of clicks. the miami herald reports nearly 30,000 nationals have served prison terms and could be forced
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some 18,000 of them are living in florida. and this report comes as president obama continues his push to restore relations with cuba, including an historic trr next week. nbc 6 is everywhere starting this friday. jawan and i will be in havana bringing you live coverage. next on 6, brothers busted. four siblilis suspected in an ambush style attack at a maryland police station. we're learning what one of them did during a shootout that left a young detective dead. gunmen storm a crowded car dealership forcing everyone to the ground, including a father andd his young child. why twitter is up in arms
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daughters' state house dresses. there are a couple of welcome back. new crystal clear video captures a harrowing hold-up insi a houston auto finance store. take a look. the suspects walked into the store. investigators say that the trio pointed their guns at the customers including a father and his young child who are seen in that video huddling on the floor there. they ordered everyone to the ground and stole their cell phones, wallets, and purses.
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lead to a lucky break in the case. three men are in custody just 23 hours after a sthoothootout at a maryland police station. >> the three suspects are others. one confirmed by a relative to be the trigger man. one o@ the siblings recorded the attack while the hunt has ended for that fourth person. >> but the community needs to know thatne of your defenders has bn lost. >> reporter: prince george county's police chief made the announcement lastight officer jacai colson was shot. >> an individual launched an unprovoked attack on the district's three police station and b bought several of our officers under fire. >> reporter: the gun battle left
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colson was a detective and a four-ar veteran of the force. >> those officers did not shrink. they bravely advanced and engage this individual who was threatening not just the police officers and the police facility that he was opening fire upon, but numerous members of the community in the area. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted on a drizzly sunday afternoon. roads surrounding the police station were shut down four hours as police investigated what was initially called an active shooter situation. police say there is no apparent motive. the suspect identified as michael ford shot the first person he saw. >> it wasn't about anything. this man launched an attack on a police station and engaged several police officers in a gunfight to which they responded heroically. >> porter: by the time the shootout was over, ford was in custody. shot by police outside the
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the second suspect mak ford was holed up inside the popeyes bathroom. at the same time, police were zeroing on the location. all in an effort to make sense of what can only be described night as a senseless act of violence. >> today,, we witnessed again another horrific act of evil and this is an act of cowardice. a new low. >> colson would have celebrated his 29th birthday this week. you may-- we are following breaking news right now out of hialeah. chopper 6 live over the scene.
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>> okeechobee is shut down. looks like one of the victims there about to be air rescued and taken to the hospital. again, this is a ree-car crash. you can see where they're about to be air rescued here. this is what we've been told right now is that apparently one of the victims sufferedeg injuries and a woman may have suffered arm ijuries as well. we're going to continue to follow this story, but this isi definitely an area you may want to avoid because traffic is expected to be tied up. again, a three-car crash there at okeechobee road and palm avenue. the first daughters are the focus of a heated dress debate on twitter after a post about the price tag of their dresses worn during last week's white house state dinner. it started with this tweet from a news anchor in san francisco
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dress to a state dinner. that sparked a twitter war between first family supporters and critics. another went the sarcastic route referencing the horror of not wearing a dress from forever 21. the original post has since been deleted. the news anchor folwed up with an apology. the first lady's press secretary released this statement, quote, mrs. obama paying for her clototng for official events of historic significance. they are then stored by the national archives. well, when we told you las week the weather this weekend
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it ever become warm and humid. yesterday's high was 85 degrees. today's high was 86. it's possible tomorrow will hit 87, but with less humidity. let's zoom in and show you where it is at. we have some showers right now wowoing their way through eastern broward county just now moving offshore. others are past key biscayne and moving further towards the north along areas very close to fort miami and south ach. another shower not far from the area near north miami. that's moving toward the east at this hour. we expect maybe a couple more showers this evening. let's take a look at weather temperatures right now. it is 85 in miami. 86 still in kendall as well as in opa-locka. 80 in ft. lauderdale. it rained there recently. 83 right now in marathon. take a look at the dew point temperature. it is a 70-degree dew point. these readings were very common
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and throughout today. they've only now briefly dropped in places like miami to the 60s. it's been humid. that's yielded some rain showers. 0.01 in homestead. princeton, which is right around here, got 2.25 inches of rain with one big shower that affected that area yesterday afternoon. we have a light southerly wind flow. you can see the wind is coming up from the caririean. that's why it is so humid at this hour across the state. the entire state is seeing some sprinkles. nothing too widespread at this hour. we have seen most of the rainfall duringhis evening. i am removing rain from the forecast by tomorrow, but look at this high temperature i'm forecasting. 87 degrees for morrow.
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throughout the rest of the workweek. look for a warm evening, temperatures above 80 degrees, then dipping into the mid 70s by 11:00 tonight. 70 the overnight low where your average low would be 65. tomorrow's high very warm. staying near 86 by wednesday. 85 degrees. saturday into sunday we'll be watching for a cold front approaching. that front could yield some thunderstorms by sunday. thank you. fossilized remains from asia of a new dinosaur helping eerts piece together the history of the t. rex. he transitioned from a small-body species to a fearsome giant, but the discovery suggests much of the growth happened suddenly. the new species is not a a
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it lived 90 million years ago. it will fill a 20-year gap in the fossil record. >> only the size of a horse, but it already has a sophisticated brain and senses. keen hearing and eyesight and smell that the t. rex has. >> discoveries like this one tell us how animals adapted a a how the world changed. next on 6, if you think march madness is all about basketball, think again. >> oh, yes. why this month is a potential slam dunk for shoppers ahead. > in our 6:00 newscast, we're bragging about anotr south
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>> these are third graders welcome back. many of us associate march with the madness of college basketball. >> there's another kind of madness you can bet on this month. >> reporter: in between bounces and the mad dash to the final four, you might want to consider the madness going on in tail during the month of march. >> it's the end of te season, so you want to head into stores. >> reporter: mandy walker at consumer reports writes in this month's edition that march is especially good for stocking up on clothing you'll need next winter.r. >> go to the racks ii the back of the stores.
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70% off clothing. >> reporter: march is also the best time to buy a digital camera. manufacturers are making way for the newer models. >> it is a good time to buy a digital camera for your upcoming summer vacation and graduations and weddings. >> reporter: heavy exercise equipment like a treadmill is most affordable in march. >> keep in mind these are really big piecesf equipment. you want to make sure you've got the room. a treadmill can be the size of a love seat. >> reporter: the march sales are both in store and online. nbc news. >> it's definitely that time. take advantage any way you n. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> here's adam with a look ahead. weekend water fun turns tragedy for a family. it's a breaking news story we've been monitoring all day. police give a heartbreaking update on the search for a man
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a ride on a jet ski over the weekend. a pilot leaves his gun in a public bathroom in an airport.
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footage emerges of a a tragic ending tonight to the search for a man who
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today, rescuers discovered the body of jose de oca two days after he went missing on a ride on his personal water craft. thank you for joining us. i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm am kuperstein. all this playing out at blue lagoon near miami international airport. that's where we find claudi docampo. >> reporter: just a tragic@ ending here for this family. they're all still here after aring this news. they're just all shocked about what had happened, but they were hoping, hoping the whole time to find him alive. after days of seaeahing and crying, divers found the body of jose de oca. >> i'm feeling very desperate. >> reporter: the jet skier had been missing since saturday eveni. >> i've been out here with no sleep, not eating, just standing% out here waiting, hoping for the west, wishing for the best, but
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>> around 2:30 this afternoon, metro dade dive team got a hit on a side sonar. at that timee they immediately sent the dive team, which confirmed and recovered the body. >> reporter: investigators say montes de oca wasn't wearing a life jacket and had a pacemaker. he leaves behind his wife, three children ages 3, 5, and 13, plus his extended family. again, his extended family is still here dealing with the shock. they're also planning his funeral. miami, i'm claudia docampo. tomorrow is mega tuesday. primaries kick off in five big delegate-rich states. on the republican side,, two are on the home turf of donald


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