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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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all of america. >> reporter: her opponent bernie sanders is way behind in florida polling, but he hopes to chip away a a her lead with voters in ohio. >> the key difference between secretary clinton and myself is not only did i vote against every one of these disastrous trade agreements. i helped lead the opposition for them. >> reporter: the four republicans are vying for position today. senator marco rubio stood on the bed of a pickup truck in melbourne, florida, talking optimism, fighting to win his own state. >> is tomorrow win or r home? squl >> we're scheduled to be in ututh. >> reporter: if the candidates weren't doing the talking, their surrogates were. pam bondy stumped for donald trump in tampa. >> we need someone who is not afraid to lead.
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supporting governor john kasich. >> he was the standard bearer of our party four years ago. he'll campaign in an upbeat and positive way. >> reporter: cruz continues to insist he's the only candidate who can beat donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or a vote for marco rubio is a vote that's thrown away. >> reporter: another enthusiastic day on the campaign trail. police issued six citations to people attending a donald trump rally in hickory, north carolina. that's near charlotte. the hickory police department says the citations were for disorderly conductnd resisting an officer. authorities did not specify if those citations were issued to protesters or trump supporters. thank you. former presidentntbill clinton on the campaign trail trying to rally support for his wife hilly.
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people at a florida a&m event. mr. clinton was trying to win over as many as florida's youngest voters who will be taking part in theirjfirst election this year. the stakes are high in tomorrow's floida primary. it's a make or break situation for the candidates on both sides, but for republicans it is a winner take all battle for 99 delegates. what does that mean? it means whoever gets the most votes winning by a margin of one or one million, that candidate nabs all 99 of florida delegates. we're tracking the delegates. so far donald trump has 460, cruz 370, rubio 163, kasich 63. 1,237 delegates with neede to get the gop nomination. 2,383 delegates are needed to
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hillary clinton holds 1,231. you can access the delegate tracker anytime from the palm of your hand on the nbc 6 news and weather app. it's in our decision 2016 section. plus, it's the best place to get in-depth write-ups about the presidential election. tonight, we will have live team coverage in a spial edition of "impact" at 7:00 p.. send us your pics use the hashtag nbc 6 on twitter and instagram. 2>> police are on the hunt for a man who vandalized and burglarid a south florida school. someone broke in through the roof of la progresiva presbyterian school in little havana and stole a safe containing 5,000. the suspect goes from room to room ransacking the building.
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more than an hour. the robbery prompted school officials to cancel classes today. >> he maybe came in through a rooftop and down through the air vent because the school was completely sealed. >> the money was supposed to pay two school trips for students. one man is dead tonight after he went on a wild crash course. his car went flying into a broward supermarket. >> reporter: the impact of the crash shook the entire building, setting off alarms and rattling nearby pharmacy employees and neighbors. >> i was dead asleep. as soon as i woke up, my clock is right in front of me. it was 2:55 a.m. >> reporter: a cadillac barrelling into the east young circle publix in hollywowo monday killing the d driver and sending his girlfriend to the hospital according to police. >> my brother was with him. my brother called me at 3:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the driver, a man in his early 20s, was heading
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>> it went in a straight line, lost control, and crashed right into the wall ofpublix. >> reporter: this is cell phone video taken right after the crash. witnesses say people in two other cars that may have been following stopped, ran inside the gcery store storage area, and tried to help. the driver was ejected and died on scene. >> i just believe in the power of prayer. >> reporter: this neighbor lit a candle for the man killed. these signs were recently placed here because this area has seen its share of crashes. >> it's not really all that uncommon. >> reporter: hollywood police haven't said whether speed, alcohol, or drugs led the driver to lose control. >> i didn't realize how bad it was because i was ha@f asleep. now i realize that someone died i feel terrible beginning this friday, the
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a curfew that will keep all children safe. police are still looking for whoever shot and killed 20-year-old antoinne decade. investigators b bieve both the victims and the shooter are from miami-dade county andnew each other before the deadly altercation. the gunfire rang out near ninth street and ocean drive. federal investigators say the public service aide deceived drivers to pocket extra cash. willard shepard is live. >> reporter: we're here at this busy intersection on northwest 25th street and 107 avenue. this is one of the places the fbi agent working this case says this clever scam took place.
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allegedly contacted a tow truck operator who should have been neverereen here and that's just the tip of the iceberg. leonardo mahi, a man whoho participated in an illegal operation who took advantage of his employment as a public service aide. with doral's ros becoming more congested, the packed roadways opening the door for what federal prosecutors say what happened here. the pubc service aide who was first hired in 2010 is now facing federal charges, including wire fraud and the bribery of a public official. prosecutors say mahi was contacting tow truck companies that weren't on the list to respond to accident scenes. >> well, it happens. not every department is 10100% clear. >> reporter: the fbi says when the damaged vehicles were taken to body shops, the tow truck companiesesould get kickbacks and pass along the funds to
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the feds say they have him on recorded conversations with tow truck operators directing traffic. one case he's heard saying there's one that has to go. thy're at fault. the other one i think you should take it too. come fast. two men working at separate tow truck companies are also charged. mahi ownpened the door for other officers to get involved, but none did. two walking away from gift cards for several hundred dollars. >> they did the right thing. i hope we get more of those. >> reporter: now t ts man mr. mahi resigned from his position here in the city ofof doral. he is presumed innocent on these charges, gets his day in court. the court documents indicate that he is helping the fbi and thfederal authorities continue to investigate this. this isn't the only case across
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that the feds believe is taking place. we're live tonight in doral. willard shepard, nbc 6 news. breaking news out of miami beach. chopper 6 live over a building right now where there is a possible carbon monoxide poisoning. it all started with a call from an elderly woman who hadn't been feeling well for days. >> they found slightly higher levels of carbon monoxide on the upper floors. ttse residents have beenoved down as a precaution until theyy pinpoint the location of that carbon monoxide. the building as of right now has not been evacuated. that could be changed. the elderly woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. this is happening at 700 block of west avenue. we will continue to follow this breakiki news story. yoy can always go to our nbc 6 news and weather app for very latest.
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zika as cases grow in south florida. health officials are reporting one new case of the virus in miami-dade today bringing the county's total to 28. there are now 60 confirmed cases in the state, including four that involve pregnant women. last week experts discovered the first sexually transmitted zika case in polk county. there have been no locally acquired cases in the state as l cases are travel related. job demand as grown. miami added 23,300 jobs in areas such as health and education services. miami continues to have the thirdighest job demand in florida. a cuban migrant is caught trying to cross the border in the mediterranean sea. we'll explain.
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the front door in a brazen break-in. the humidity making it feel extra hot. find out if that will change over the next few days and these rogue showers that have been
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later,e're a cuban migrant intercepted
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nowhere near florida. a group of 51 people from ten different couries including cuba, south africa, afghanistan, and iran were taken to a repatriation center after being ushered to safety according to the turkish coast guard. a man takes it to the hole and we're not talking basketball. he helped himself to the cash inside the register and then rummaged through the cabinets before leaving the same w w he came in through a hole that had been cut into a wall. if you recognize this guy, call broward crime stoppers. a former top editor of the website "gawker" took the stand today defnding his decision to publish a sex tape statring hulk hogan.
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take hogan's emotional well-being into consideration. hogan is suing "gawker" for $1 million. the website argues the video was newsworthy. it's feeling a little bit more like late april or perhaps early may here in south florida than it is like mimimarch. the humidity is a lot to bram for - blame for that. there goes one shower. it passed through key biscayne and port miami. we had other showers off the coast of broward county just north of ft. lauderdal. it's moving away too. yesterday an impressive amount of rainfall in some locations. we had over 2 incs of rain in some spots. 86 still at this hour in miami. of course, the sun is setting
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pembroke pines, 86. cooler still in key west at 79. conditions will continue to be warm and humid for this week. take a look at some of those rainfall amounts i mentioned. 0.01 of an inch in homestead. princeton had 2.15 inches of rain fromm a big rainstorm yesterday. we don't have any fronts approaching for now. it will be this upcoming weekend when we get the next front moving through. it should produce a good chance of rain and thunderstorms this weekend, especially on sunday. then monday cooler temperature readings. you can see the build up of some of the clouds that yielded rain this afternoon. xpect tomorrow for us to see a mixture of clouds and sun. the rai chances are low.
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the forecast, but i can't completely rule out a couple sprinkles for tomorrow. ll show you why here on the futuretracker as we set it in motion for your tuesday. sunshine, s. plenty of that tomorrow. couple of showers here. spotty in dade. that's why there is a 10% chance of rain on your tuesday here in south florida. otherwise nice and hot i'd say. 87. your average high is is80. then 86 wednesday. still saying in the mid 80s for thursday and friday. by friday, a higher chance of rain. then the peak rain chance will be this weekend when a cold front is expected to approach. a better chance of rain on saturday. sunday possible thunderstorms. then look at monday's temperatures. they're finally expected to cool down into the 60s at night and 70s during the day. >>okay. as a child, we anticipated the
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here, we were burdened withhew responsibilities and the new realities. >> you've got that right. now there's an app to guide young adults during this traition. it's called just adulting. the app created by the florida bar is a legal survival guide for teens who just turned 18. >> the app includes subjects like legal drinking and what to do during a police encounter. car inhsurance is reviewed and taxes and voting. the goal of the proje is to help young adults understand how the lawill impact their daily lives. comingup next, we're bragging about a new south florida school that has a lot to offer. >> these kids are already fluent in portuguese.
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i'm ari odzer. welcome back. souu florida has many all magnet schools, but even without that group ada merit k-8 stands as unique. it draws k ks from three counties legally. that's right, three. it is designed to accommodate parents who work in downtown
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ada merit is unique for another reason. foreign language immersion in tonight's brag about your school. reporter: they're in first grade, they're cute, and they're singing in portuguese. these kids are on the road to uency in a foreign language just like every other student at ada merit k-8 school. >> it's an wonderful opportunity for the kids at the school. >> reporter: the fourth graders are learning about the history of brazil naturally in portuguese. ada merit has the only k-8 full immersion portuguese program in florida. every student chooses either spanish or portuguese. >> ib programs are not unique. immersion programs are not unique. but the combination is unique. >> reporter: they're into hand to mouth learning at florida
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they're tending their edible garden. >> they learn the whole process, and they understand where we get our food. >> reporter: where to you live? >> pembroke pines florida. >> reporter: ada merit is the only commuter school in south florida. >> the cunninghams -- >> reporter: it is all magnet. no boundaries. if you live in broward and work in miami, you could drop your chd off at this school every morning. >> we have a program that starts as early as 6:30 in the morning. then we offer an afterschool care program until 7:00 at night. we have many other activities such as yoga, hip hop, karate, guitar. >> reporter: the primary focus is turning out kids who are ready to excel in high school and beyond. >> we want to prepare our students to go into the world and be involved in the world community and their area
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>> reporter: they're on they're way. just ask them. they'll tell you in portuguese. >> every monday we're brcaagging about a different school in south florida. you can submbm up to a 200 word essay to describe why your school is so incredible. ahead for us tonight,t,ore fallout from these violent trump rallies asasich is poised to defend his home turf. russia is pulng is forces out of syria.
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migraine finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. it's the night before the big day when florida voters will hit the polls to chhoose their party nominee. the candidates crisscrossed their way acrossthe states that are having primaries tomorrow. florida, ohio, and three others. bernie sanders is hoping to chip away at hillary clinton's lead as the gop hopefuls and
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the search for a missing jet skier has come to a tragic end. police pulled the body of jose de oca from the blue lagoon this afternoon. he took off on a jet ski saturday without a life jacket. a man who vandalized and burglarized a south florida school is on the loose. police are looking for the man who stole a safe containing $5,000. surveillance video shows the suspect going froro room to room ransacking the building. the stolen money was supposs to pay for two school trips for the students. it is hot outside. i feel like we're in the middle of summer again, john. >> i couldn't agree more. it was really muggy out there yesterday. it was like that again today. here's the hope for tomorrow through thursday. less humidity. slightly less humidity, but it is going to be warm. 87 is nothing to sneeze at.
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as a front approaches. >> 87? that's hot. >> thtt's hot. >> tha breaking news tonight. under investigation. police weighing arges against donald trump and his campaign and whether they incited a riot at a rally. dramatic developments hours from the polls opening in critical states. race against time. catastrophic flooding destroys thousands of homes. tonight a major emergency effort to save entire towns. american isis surrender. a shocking moment caught on camera in iraq as a virginia man turns himself in. his parents thought he was on vacation. miracle survivor. the 14-year-old girl who squeezed her mother's hand right as they were preparing to say good-bye. wait until you see her now. and hidden migraine risks. why so many women are getting them. doctors saying knowing the reason is a key to fighting them.
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ght now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nighghy news" with lester holt. good evening. it's often said that words matter, and tonight it's donald trump's words under scrutiny as part of a criminal investigation by sheriffs officials in north carolina. nbc news has confirmed that authorities are looking at whether trump or his campaign incited a supporter to attack a protester at a rally in cumberland county last week. violent clashes between trump supporters and protesters have become more frequent, reaching a new level on friday night in chicago when bloody fights broke out after a trump rally was abruptly cancelled. let's start tonight with nbc's katy tur. >> reporter: donald trump facing an investigation tonight as a north carolina sheriff's office confirms it is looking at whether statements made by the candidate constituted inciting a riot after an


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