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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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warm pattern. here is a live look macarthur towards port miami. patchy fogg developing, mainly outest over the grassy surfaces. not looking for a big push to develop in the next few hours that may impede the morning drive. we've had rain in the last 24 to 48 hours, a little fog developing. visibility is down under three hours in opa-locka and hialeah. one-mile visibility in homestead and florida city. temperatures back into the mid 60s in southwest miami-dade, but pretty commonplace. temperatures into the low 70s. that's where we kick things off on our tuesday morning. still a very warm and bright day. first alert forecast high for 86 under mostly sunny skies. here is kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida.
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good news for you leaving your house here dark and early. if you're heading out the door from palmetto expressway to okeechobee, photographic between 48 and 50 miles per hour. if you t`ke a look at the first alert traffic maps, you see all the red over there. that's construction on the palmetto expressway northbound around northwest 122nd street. you're going to find all lanes completely bcked off. you'll have to follow those detours. on the palmetto expressway northbound, traffic moving around 55rom bird road to the dolphin expressway. only a four-minutu ride. you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6. in a couple hours voters in five states will go to the polls to choose their favorite. >> our own state expected to be right at the center of all of this as florida is one of the two states where the republican winner will take everything. julia bagg is live in miramar breaking everything down ahead
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the pls this afternoon. good morning, julia. >> reporter: hi there, eric and shelly. we're here in miramar. voters will head to make their choice for republicans and democrats. let's look at the five states voting the day. in addition to florida, we also have missouri,i, illinois, ohio and north carolina. candidates haveeen crisscrossing the states going into today's big primary day, and so far the story has been the same. trump has been leading the republican pack, while it's hillary clinton with her lead in the sunshine state on bernie e sanders. it's a winner-take-all situation. florida has 99 delegates. the biggest prize of the day on either side but especially for republicans. here is a look at where thegop candidates stand in florida. donald trump at 46%, the double-digit lead on marco rubio, then comes ted cruz and
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kasich may be last here but is still first in his homestate. here is a look at ohio where he's just ahead of donald trump. ohio still a winner take allstate as well that state with 66 delegates up for grabs among publicans. coming up in our next half hour, hear what one expect is saying is on the minds of voters this morning and how it's mething they will want to avoid. live in miramar, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. julia, we'll talk to you again at the top of the hour. as the candidates made that final push ahead of today's primary, florida senator marco rubio spent a good deal of time rallying in his home state, making sure his campaign continues on. as we mentioned, there's a good possibility someone could drop out after the final numbers come in today. as nbc 6 reporter lawyer are rodriguez rah laura rodriguez shows us.
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pickup truck and speaking to the crowd on a megaphone, marco rubio received a warm welcome where he began his political rah rear. >> i will never be able to express the gratitude this community has given me. >> reporter: the senator is making one last push to get voters to the polls for florida's winner-take-all primary. he west miami audience cheered on as rub i don't talked about a white house kitchen. >> i think he can pullt off. >> rubio posed for pictures and signed autographs as many tried to make their way as close as possible to catch a glirm ps of him. >> there's literally over 100-some people there calling. >> trump has a lot of support in florida, but marco rubio is our
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he understands our needs. we believe in him. >> reporter: rubio's campaign planned a primary night celebration in west miami universisi. >> asashe votes come in today, as they start to come in, and very slowly those numbers infiltrate through the evening before the finals come out,the nbc 6 news and weather app, you'll be ae to track the live results as the polls begin to close to night. cameras caught victor ramirezushing and slapping a homeless man, saying he was trying to use the bathroom when officer ramirez arrested him fortress pag trespassing. he's been relieved from duty without pay. breaking overnight out of chicago, three officers have been shot on the city's west
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investigators say the shootout happened while the officers were investigating drug activity. one of the officers returned fire and killed one of the suspects. the officers are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. as soon as we kwet get an updatee on this, we'll pass it on on air and online. this morning student head back to school for the first time since a man vandalized it. this man broke in and stole a safe containing about $5,000. surveillanceideo from the school shows burglar going from room to room. police say the man was on the property for about an hour. that robbery caused school officials to cancel class opinions monday altogether. >> the billing wasas completely sealed, so he may have come through an r vent. >> the stolen money, the $5,000
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two school trips for those students. if you've got any information as to who that perp, that guy right there wheeling that bag out, if you have any idea who that is, you're asked to call police. startiti monday the city of doral will give citations to anyone violating the midnight curfew over the weekends. that comes after a deadly spring break shoot that took place in south beach over the weekend. police looking for who shot 20-year-old antoine decade. investigators believe he knew his shooter. >> a live picture as we go outside on your tuesday morning from our first alert camera. ryan, i'm a firm believer that the better the weather t bet attorney the turnout will be at the polls. >> exactly. considering we've had ely
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agreeable, hopefully we get good turnout for today's primary. 8:36 here. a lot of activity. let's assume that is construction. >> roadways are dry. we haven't had participation overnight. >> some of our normal culprits here, checking in with reduced visibility in southwest miami-dade, west kendall and homestead. as you can see on the 836, visibility looked a-okay. it's going to be a bright day. a rapid warmup settling into the lower 70s. first alert forecast, a repeat performance of yesterday. first alert forecast high is 86, above average but not record breaking. we'll talk rain chances in in a 2u minutes. but now here is traffic with
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836 has two lanes blocked off because of construction on the palmetto expressway as you try to ramp out into the 836 eastbound. we'll take yo over to the palmetto expressway at northwest 122nd street. you see cars getting by your northbound and southbound lanes. as you approach northwest 122nd street you'll have a lanes completely blocked off. we also had an earlier accident on 195 westbound and biscayne boulevard. that's clead up, also on the gratigny and 57th, that has also cleared up as well. no accidents right now. just a whole lot of construction. you can follow me on itter@kelly @kellynbc6, i'll be posting updates all morning long. your time is 4:40. still ahead today, police on the lookout for a man who raped and robbed a woman in coral gables. this morning they have a warning
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and neieibors having concern.
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fluent a warning for women in coral gables. police say a woman was sexually battered and robbed in a neighborhood. nbc 6 reporter amanda plasencia has the alert from police. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: and scary. cops say a woman was sexually attacked and robbed in coral gables. >> you don't think it will happen in an area like this. it headaches you think twice. it's just awful. >> reporter: the victim was walking the 1300 block of gra nana sunday morning around 7:00 sunday morning when a man grabbed her and assaulted her. >> probably this lady was walking by herself. i worry about that. >> reporter: police are searching for a bald latin man
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as 5'8" to 5'10" weighing 170 pounds with brown eyes and bushy eyeows. the subject was driving a while suv or van. this isn't the first sexual encounter in the coral gables area. just a few days ago a serial grober was arrested, 20-year-old rodolfo kol torrez. back in december 49-year-old richard san scan droe was arrested after touching a woman'sear end during the university of miami campus. >> if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere. i hope he's brought justice. >> reporter: amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. >> some southern states facing heavy flooding and evacuations this morning. the south has endured nearly a week of rain, heavy rain. some areas in that specific
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worst flooding they've had in decades. the devastation unfortunately is not over. some people near the texas-louisiana border could see re flooding as a major river expected to crest late they are week. some areas already seeing as ch as two feet of rain. 1,200 people have been ordered to evacuate. waking up on a tuesday mornii to dry conditions. live first alert doppler sweeping clear thrgh the overnight. if you're out and about across the area on monday, a few sprinkles popped up. that's going to be the exception here for the next few days. the rule, warm reaeangs, above average, high temperatures into
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it's that time of the spring season which officially starts next week. not all is lost. could see cooler weather coming let's talk about what's out there this morning. fog. we are seeing some develop across southwest miami-dade. i don't think it's going to put the squeeze on your morning drive, but y y may encounter it. you see some of it settling in on the grassy areas adjacent to all of his major roadways. you're seeing that especially into western miami-dade county along the turnpike and out west into broward coun on the sawgrass and in to i-75. the drive-in, sunrise at 7:30. temperatures in the lower 70s. the minute we bring the sunshine up, teteeratures take off. into the mid 80s. live look outside right now. you can see the skies mostly clear towards the water. it's out west that we have the best chance for some of the fog to settle in..
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light skies, perfect setup for fog to develop. not much happening here. a broad area of high pressure is sprawled out across the entire region. not going to budge that much. we'll see this repeat performance day to day. again, with rain in the area yesterday, that put moisture down at the ground. you bring in clear skies and light winds overnight. that's what we've got. set up for fog. temperatures dialing back just a touch more across southwest miami-dade. we're at 65 in west kendall. 75 in key west. future tracker again, next few days, i think the active weather stays to our north. the system is not making a big push. fog leading into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon more of the same, not much change here day by day.
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that's your first alert forecast high, keeping the mid 80s strend going. st. patrick's day, mid 80s take us through the workweek. i'll talk more about this next hour. shower chances move backnto the forecast. look at that. cooler weather early next week. more of that ahead at 4:48. another check on yoyo morning drive with kelly blanco. >> construction on the 836 westbound ramping onto the palmetto expressway northbound and southbound where we had all lanes completely blocked off. ramps should be opening up within the next few minutes. you see a couple cars getting by just fine at 4:48 a.m. we are accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. we had an earlier crash at i-95 westbound at biscayne boulevard. if you're making your way out the door, on the palmlmto expressway from the big curve to okeechobee road, a five-minute drive.
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lanes because we still have construction around northwest 122nd street. if you're headed out the door on the palmetto expressway, a little south of that, bird road to the dolphin expressway, a four-minute ride. > new details on the amtrak train derailment in kansas. a federal safety agency is focused on track conditions and speed. apparently there's word that the conductor applied the emergency brakes when he saw a bend in a rail. the chicago-bound train started in los angeles. a couple of people are still in critical condition this morning. apple's response to the department of justice over a locked iphone is due today. this is the latest move in the doj's case to unlock the phone of one of the sbeerpshooters. authorities say the phone could provide more information, crucial details about the shooter and the plot while apple says it would be a breach of privacy. today marks one week until both parties are due in a california
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off we gogo to video out of cape coral that's getting a lot of attention on social media. some people who have seen it s they're shocked. others say they support the officer in question here. the woman you see is reportedly drunk. the man she's punching is her boyfriend because he wouldn't let her get in the car and drive home. that's when the officer steps in. she says it was excessive force. the officer is under internal investigation. in the wake of rising teen aths in florida, members of people acting for commmnity together joined community leaders at the new birth baptist church in miami. the organization wants to see youth programs and better justice practices in schools to
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>> all most every week we're seeing one@ of our children die in our communities because of petty conflict that could have been resolved, one-on-one, somebody addressing how they feel@and come to a resolution right then and there, instead of another mother burying her child. >> they also hope this translates into affordable housing neighborhoods. good news if you're looking for a b jol in south florida. the sunshine state is leading the nation at least when it comes to job growth. this is according to anew federal jobless report. governor rick scott announced job demand has grown and unemployment continues to decrease here in south florida. the ft. lauderdale area added more than 27,000 jobs over the past year in private sector areas like transportation and construction jobs. that's just to name a few of those areas. meantime,,iami added more than 23,0 jobob in areas like health and education services.
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magnet schools, but even within that school, aidenerit stands out. >> it stands out as unique because the school in little havana draws kids from three different counties. >> education on 6 reporter ari dzer will show us why that school is worth braggingabout. >> reporter: they're in first grade. they're kooult and they'2e singing in portuguese. these kids are on the road to fluency in a foreign language just like every other student at aida merit k-8 school. a wonderful opportunity. >> reporter: they're learning about the history of brazil turally in portuguese. they're the only k-8 portuguese full emersion program in florida. the language track is combined with the rigor of the international baccalaureate program.
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immersion programs ae not unique, but combination is unique. >> reporter: they're in to hands-on, actually hand to mouth learning, the fourth graders are tending their edible garden. salad for lunch. >> they learn the whole process and they understand where we get our food. >> where do you live, jordan? >> pembroke pines florida. >> reporter: aida merit is the only commuter s shool in south florida. it's all magnet, no boundaries. if y live in broward, but work in miami, you could drop your child off at this school every morning. >> we have a program that starts as early as 6:30 in the morning and we're here operating an off school program until 7:00 at night. we not only provide for homework help and view, but many other activities such as yoga, hip hop, karate, guitar. >> the primary focus is turning
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school and beyond. >> and that wants to prepare students to go into the world and`be involved in their community, in the world community and be able to compete. way. just ask them. theell tell you in portuguese. in little havana, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. >> our hearts are so full over re. >> that's terrific. that's the way to get your kids to eat their veg dabbles, ask just make them grow them. >> a young girl with big talents creating a buzz in social media. hear about a viral sensation with the kind of basketball moves that would make any person very excited. >> she is awesome. check her out. can't wait for that. also coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00 th morning, the fight for florida, it is heating up without a doubt. we have live team coverage of the florida primarys the polls
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couple hours. out towards the beaches, all is quiet. mostly`clear skies. homestead, fog settling in, temperatures at 66. most of us like m.i.a. checking in in the lolo 70s. about 71 there. we'll keep the fog around early this morning, not overly dense or widespread.
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warm first alert forecast that e are back with a young girl wowing millions of people on social media. what she can do with a basketball is amazing. >> she's only 6 years old. as nbc's ron mott shows us she can dribble circles around grownups. >> reporter: while many kids her
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mates, 6-year-old jillia manuel dosess off with hoop dreams beside the family boxer tyson and wakes up to put a bounce in her step especially o game day. breakfast, ponytail, uniform. she's a dribbling die nah mow. hand-eye coordination rarely seen in someone so young and this close to the ground. her online video is captivating people the world over, more than 60 million views. >> are you shocked by this. >> amazed, shocked. >> reporter: her father is part drill sergeant, guidance counselor. the swagger? well, that's all hers. >> how much time do you put in? >> a lot. >> do you skip days. >> no days off, baby. >> mom and dad noticed her
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was only 1. >> she records the game on dvr. when she lays down to go to sleep, she watches the game. >> reporter: man nicknamed king james is her favorite player. she reisn'tly scored an invite to meet basketball royalty. >> what do you like about lebron. >> he does it cooectly and he dunks it. >> the next queen on a thrown of her own in command of her court. ron mott, nbc nns, bell chase, louisiana. >> first grader. >> that's fantastic. >> i highly doubt dad knew he was going to give birth to his 401(k). >> i love the first shot is her in a onesie. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now nbc 6 is everywhere.
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presidential hopefuls in t t ccial white for the white house. >> a man sexually battered and robbed a woman as she walked down the street. breaking overnight, three chicago police officers shot during a drug investigation. it's 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. a big day in decision 2016. >> we have live team coverage ahead of today's florida primary. i suppose our team coverage actually begins before you even walk out the door. >> i think we'll see patchy fog lay loud for a few hours this morning. once we get the early morning sunshine out, we'll burn it all up. we have a very warm and bright first alert forecast for you. visibility holding steady about a half mile orless. down to our trouble spots that we usually find into the wect kendall area and towards florida
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much of metro south florida doing just fine. right along the 836 in miami-dade county, south of m.i.a., all is quiet. 234 southwest miami-dade we have cooler temperatures, light winds and clear skies, the fog settling in. west kendall and homestead into the mid 60s. everybody else in the lowow 70s. we have dipped down to 69 in ppbroke pines. as i mentioned, clear skies above, early morning sunshine. a rapid warmup and a nice day ahead. here is a look at the port of miami, a little fog trying to settle in. 84 midday, 8686 your first alert forecast high. my complete forecast in about 12 minutes. right now to traffic and kelly blanco. >> good morning, ryan and good morning south florida. we have construction, a whole lot of it. taking a look at our first alert cameras. this is where we have l lanes completely blocked off on the


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