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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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that's the hot spot for this. visibility now reduced. we've got zero visibility report just in now in the homestead and florida city area. just use some caution here on the turnpike coming out of southwest miami-dade. you get into miami. visibility is okay. over five miles there. that's much the same across broward county. so no widespread dense fog. the visibility is just fine looking towards the aaa. skies are clear in ft. lauderdale and miami-dade. a few clouds in key west. that's about it. that brighterly morning sunshine with a 7:30 sunrise will burn off. firsr alert weather going this way. low 70s early. partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. 84 by the lunch hour. today's first alert forecast high 86, well above average. we're dry for a new more days. then some changes. we'll talk about that in about 12 minutes. right now first alert traffic with kelly blanco.
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day with us. accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. patchy fog not affecting your morning ride whatsoever. we have construction on i-95 northbound, a couple lanes blocked off at sheridan strt. hopefully that clears up pretty soon. this is i-75,our northbound and southbound lanes at miramar parkway. let's take you over tothe palmetto expressway. your southbouou lanes as you're making your way towarars northwest 122nd street. no issues as you make your way northbound. maybe you're about to hop on to i-75, no issues or delays. let's take you over to our maps, right now on the turnpike, coral reef to tamiami trail, ten minutes, trafficoving between 55 and 60 miles per hour. 8, traffic moving at 55 miles per hour leaving you with a four-minute ride from bird road to the dolphin expressway. it is being called separation tuesday. the front-runners for both gop aa democrats hoping today is the day they can break from the pack. >> it's going to be do-or-die for a couple candidates here.
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the entire nation. we'll start your coverage with nbc 6 reportermichael spears live in sweetwater. >> we start with nbc 6 reporter julia bagg live at a polling place in miramar. this election may come down to florida and ohio. >> reporter: while it's still quiet in miramar, it won't stay like that for ng. donald trump told voters to go to bed early last night. that's not what he did. he was up after midninht tweeting shots at marco rubio and john kasich. remember, florida is not the only big prize for today. tights winner-take all, but not the winner-take-allstate. the other big prize being ohio. so ohio is where hillary clinton and bernie sanders have been campaigning furiously with sanders pushing for another
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>> winning ohio would be huge for the sanders campaign, just like winning michigan. provides enthusiasm for supporters and more importantly money for his campaign to continue. >> reporter: ohio is big for republicans, too. have a look at where john kasich and donald trump stand. the governor with a slim lead over the billionaire, and he's never lost a political contest like this in his home state. so that will be something to watch as well. coming up in our next half hour, here in florida. 6 news. >> julia, thank you so 34u67. wheel check in with you at 6:30. our decision 2016 team coverage continues on this tuesday michael spears. sweetwater. michael, even though the numbers really aren't showing it, marco rubio says he's pretty confident he'll keep his cpaign going after today. all of that is going to hinge on
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won't officially have until later this evening. >> that's right. florida a h he one. seniors make or break for marco rubio. that's why he will be here today amongst support irs as the results roll in. his advisers, they do remain hopeful, not only rubio himself but his advisers saying they're hoping to bring in those late deciding voters to move this primary in rubio's favor. you know, he was seen last night in west miami, truly rallying the voters, trying to get themem out to the polls. despite the odds, he remamans hopeful he can carry this on and he will continue with his campaign. again, video from him in west miami, hoping to get the voters out this morning. it's important to note he's only won three contests leading in to super tuesday and today. only a handful of polls showing trump -- show him trailing trump at home. losing florida's primary could be seen as the end, as people say, could make him hang it all up.
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having their eyes on florida. we know polls back out here live open at 7:00 a.m. we've seen poll workers getting ready. rubio tweeted out late overnight saying a lot is at stake, not only for america, but the republican patriotism he'll be attending his primary night celebrations at the florida internationanauniversity arena. michael spears, nbc 6 news. as the votes continue to come in and the final numbers later this evening, the nbc 6 news and weather app is your go-to guide for today's primary. we'll be up dating it minute by minute. you'll be able to track the live results anywhere any time. a womann is recovering this morning after a deadly crash in hollywood. we broughthtyou this as breaking news yesterday morning. it happened near the 1700 block of east young circle. police say the driver was speeding on hollywood boulevard when he lost control and crashed through the wall next to the
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we understand 24-year-old david paul lemoore, he was the one killed in that crash. his passenger, roxana villa remains in critical condititn. if you're ready to go on a morning walk, police in one community want to warn you this morning. this comes of a terrifying attack. police say a woman was sexually battered and robbed on grenada boulevard and coral gables. we have nbc 6 reporter erika glover working on this story. she'll have an update coming up in the next half hour. an unfortunate end to this story we've been following for the next couple days t. search for the mission jet skier in miami has ce to a tragic end. divers pulled his body from the waters of blue lagoon. the46-year-old dad of three was missing since saturday night when he took off on a jet ski
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since then his family has held out a lot of hope staking out that area near miami international airport until they got that bad news unforlunately. we're told he had a pacemaker. there is speculation among his family and investigators that he might ve suffered some kind of heart condition while he was on the water. a craftft crook makes his own entrance into a south florida gas station. this morning w w'll show you just exactly how he did it. nbc 6 tracking breaking news out of chicago this morning. that's where three officers were shot overnight. we're understanding it happened during some kind of a drug investigation. we don't have a lot of detail. e of the officers returned fire killing one of the suspects. the officers are being treated injuries. >> chances are some of you are putting ititn right now.
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of (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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welcome back. it's being called separation tuesday. the front-runners looking to punch their ticket to the nomination. >> a big day here. both hillary clinton and donald trump are finding themselves in a fight today in their own worlds. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joining us right now. let's get started with the republicans. in your opinion, do you think it's going to be the end of the road for marco rubio here in florida today? >> well, to a point. it doesn't look good. multiple polls now, three straight polls in the last three days all show double digit deficits for rubio. it's very possible with the early vote that maybe some of the polls haven't gotten the early vote split right. i happen to think they might have. but that's always possible. so you can't assume that the polls are 100% accurate there. rubio may not drop out even if
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if trump does lose ohio, and even if he wins florida, he will still b i think short of the delegates he's going to need. he's going to not be able to win all the delegates n ncessary to have the majority before the convention. but if rubb gets out, his delegates go up for grabs. and thh trump can get him early. if he stays in as an active candidate, even if he doesn't campaign as much, he controls those delegates which is something that all of the stop trump forces may want him to do. so he may lose but not get out tomorrow. so keep an eye on that. >> certainly interesting perspective. let's talk about the democrats now, chuck. hillarar has a big lead here in florida. but when it comes to ohio, it's a lot closer. what do you foresee hapapning here? >> well, you look at the five states. on one hand hillary clinton i think will win the night on delegates probably no matter what happens, because she's going to win big enough in florida to net out a lot of delegates there and big enough
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but ohio, illinois and missouri, it's very possible she could lose all three of those states, not just ohio. the symbolic aspect of that, losing a big swing state lili ohio one week after losing michigan would give sanders some extra momentum, particularly if he stort of wins the night on states. there's five states, if he wins a majority @f them, even if he's short on delegates, that gives momentum. after tonight he could win seven straight contests. suddenly the map gets a lot better for sanders than it does clinton. that's why she desperately wants to win io tonight. >> chuck todd live out of new york city. we know it's going to be a very big and long day for us. we appreciate you taking a couple minutes to talk with us this morning. be sure to watch the "today"
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chuck and polls are opening up. >> health officials reporting one new case of zika, 60 confirmed cases statewide including four that involve pregnant women. last week the first sexually transmitted case was discovered in polk county. these are all travel related. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. good tuesday morning to you. we have dry conditions. i don't see that changing for the next few days. live first alert doppler, the only live radar on the air in south florida. the weekend will bring you changes. ll get to that momentariry.
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ahead mainly ak krot southwest miami-dade. be mindful of that. i think visibility is maybe limited only briefly. so here is what we're looking at to kick off your tuesday. low 70s for most of us. there are pockets of 60s. tpose will be short lived. looking at a 7:30 sunrise. another hour and 15 minutes in the dark, beautiful start to our morning, especially out towards the beaches. a great drive home at least in terms of the weather. hopefully no congestion by the time you get out of work. 84 degrees.. a very warm pattern we're locked in to. i don't see it changes. we have a shot at cooler weather around the corner. our royal caribbean first alert camera looking back towards the aaa. all is quiet there. it's looking good towards the beaes. it's out west. and some of our problem locations, some of the typical locations we do see a little patchy fog. winds are calm.
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71 opa-locka, 70 ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. currently in the keys. lower 70s. going to be a great day. mid 80s, 84 key west,ig pine key and key lar goechlt southeast winds at five. 85 in marathon. steamy day. temperatures a above average at this point in the season by aut five, six degrees. 86, that's hour high again today. that's still shy of any record highs which at this point in march usually fall into the upper 80s, lower 90s. get through the patchy fog early this morning. otherwise it's a bright beautiful day. now with winds out of the south and them being light, what a great beach forecast. really advantageous to be out on the water there. no change is anticipated there. good beach weather, good boating weather. lots of bright sunshine, warmer than we would be used to here into mid march. mid 80s the rest of the workweek.
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shower chancesnd even cooler air next week. afternoon highs by monday into the upper 70s. in the meantime locked into the 80s. let's see how the drive is looking with kelly blanco. >> we have two accidents at 6:18 a.m. first a look outside, the palmetto expressway where it meets 836, traffic lightly traveled on the 836 northwest 72nd avenue. let's take you over to i-75, yournorthbound and your southbound lanes at miramar parkway, no issues, no delays. we will have southbound lanes of miramar parkway shut down tomorrow, overnight construction between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. over on the map, brand new crash on the palmetto expressway eastbound approaching the golden glades interchange. one lane blocked off because of that crash. we have a car fire at 826 southbound at bird road. you'll have twro lanes of traffic right there and causin delays as well. two lanes completely blocked off. >> kely, thank you so much. police looking for a thief who
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wilton manor through a hole. surveillance video shows a hooded man inside a texaco gas station earlier this month. he steals the cash inside the register, ruruages through the cabinet before leaving the same way he came in, through the hole he cut into a wall. if you recognize this guy, call broward crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. sarah palin's husband is in the hospital wi multiple broken bones. the former vp candidate saying her husband todd was back in surgery to repair multiple fractures. back up a little bit. this comes after her huuand todd was in a crash while he was snowmobiling onnunday night. they do tell us he is expected to be okay. you'lloticic a long list of ingredients. do you wonder how safe the chemicals really are? studieshow some ingredients can cause tumors and alzheimer's.
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say they're fine to use. formaldehyde is known to cause cancer in higher concentration. it's used in il polish because it's necessary for it to dry. alumim, usuallylyound in deodorant to help them work longer. >> aluminum can promote the growth of certain types of tumorr can trigger algz hiemer's disease when injected directly i io the brain of a rat. >> and sulfate used to increase the cosmetic feel of a product. the main use is the bubbliness. it's been linked to hormone and metabolism issues. dermatologists say a lot of these ingredients are allowed because the fda is constantly checking to make sure they're used in small amous. >> that means all those big huge words on the back of your deodorant bottle that you can't think about are nounsing, that's what they'ree talking about here. >> basically that's it. >> your time is 6:20 o o your tuesday morning. a mega music deal, the michael jackson estate part being major
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huge payout.
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good morning. your time is 6:4. sony records adding a massive music catalog to its company. michael jackson's estate h h sold its half share of the catalog to the company for $750 million. is that all? the works include feature big name artists like the beatles and bob dylan. even taylor swift. the late king of pop originally bought the catalog back in 1985 for $41.5 million. let's go to baseball. former baseball player and manager pete rose is clarifyi reports that he endorsed donald trump for president. this is why he's saying that. the rumor started from this tweet that@trump posted showing a baseball apparently signed by rose that says, quote, mr. trump
6:24 am
rose's attorney says his client has not endorsed any candidate and believes each votot should decide on their even. the four-legged heroes at coral springs police department are fighting crime in style. the group protect the paws, a canine cause, donated the bulletproof vests specifically made for dogs. the vests each cost $724. >> and worth every penny. >> that's right. it's 6:25 now. police are on the lookout for a man who raped and robbed a woman in coral gables. this morning they have a warning for anybody that might be walking in that same area. as we look down towards aaa, visibility just fine here toward the beaches, all is quiet. a mild morning with temueratures at 70 in ft. lauderdale, 71 in miami, 73 in key west. a little patchy fog this morning. bright sunshine and a warm day. don't forgethe sunscreen.
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that's's warm and dry forecast. let's talk about rain chances next half houou guys. just a reminder nbc 6 is
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juwan and jackie will be welcome back. your time 16:30. a lot of people are calling this separation tuesday because today is going to start with six candidates still running for president. by the end of the day, by the time the final numbers are tallied, we could be down to only four candidates out of the six. on of those on the edge right now, florida's own marco rubio. the latest polls have him down more than 20 points. we'll have to see what happens over the course of the next 12 hours or so. nbc 6 has team coverage of today's primaries.
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michael spears live in sweetwater tracking all of it for us. they're tracking the polls here in florida, preparing to officiallylyopen. police are on the hunt for a pretty wicked burglar who ended school. this guy got in there, made out with a bunch of cash meant for eld strips but lft behind a crucial clue to who he might be. first a check of your first alert traffic and weather together. meteorologist ryan phillips is back. those heading to the polls won't have to worry too much or at all of the rain? >> we're rain-free. we'll keep the trend going. here is what's interesting to start things off. a little patchy fog is continuing to settle in. some locations like southwestern broward county, pembroke pines
6:30 am
low clouds and fog building in. we've certainly seen that through the overnight and morning hours across southwest miami-dade. it's not concentrated, but we'll find patches of fog early this morning. we'll get through that in a matter of two hours or some temperatures updated, settling back to 69 in pembroke pines and opa-locka. mainly in ft. lauderdale and miami, lower 70s. roadways aredry. pockets of fog first thing this morning. ove that, skies are clear. that means a whole lot of sunshine inin today's first alert forecast. 82 before the lunch hoho and a very warm and bright day. first alert forecast high 86. let's check the drive with kkly. >> > have a couple accidents on the palmetto expressway eastbound as you're approaching i-95. there's a crash blocking one of your lanes. keep that in mind as you make
6:31 am
no major issues once you get to i-95 southbound. we have an accident on the palmetto expressway southbound just up until a couple moments ago, bird road at southwest 40th street. you had two lanes of traffic blocked off. this accident is starting to clear off and head on to the shoulder. again, it was two lanes that were blocked off. now the crash starting to clear. good news as you make your wear out the door. this one would have definitely been a problem. right now on the turnpike, seeing all green, not seeing any red, coral reef to tamiami trail, only ten minutes, traffic moving between 48 miles per hour around southwest 88th street. 826 northbound drivers, bird road to the dolphin expressway, a four-minute right. six candidates start today. but how many will be left after the polls close. a must-win day for both florida senator marco rubio sand ohio governor john kasich. we ha team coverage of today's primary elections starting with
6:32 am
at a polling place in miramar. are you hearing from any voters yet? >> reporter:sheli, very quiet here. we have seen poll workers arriving here. remember five states voting here, florida with the biggest prize of them all. for democrats, 214 delegates to be split proportionally and the 99 winner-take-all prize for republicans. here is a look at how things stand for republicans in the sunshine state. donald trump with that huge lead over marco rubio and followed by ted cruz and john kasich. it's rankings like these, experts say, that really weigh on the minds of voters as they head to the polls this mornrng. >> a t of voters don't can't to cast a vote for somebody theyy think can't win. >> reporter: among the
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come in, both races we'll be watching from south florida and palm beach county. hillary clinton and donald trump, we expect to hear from them. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> ohio the other big primary today especially for republicans. governor john kasich in a dead heat with donald trump. according to the latest quinnipiac poll, kasich has to win his home state if he hopes to contin@ue on. senator ted cruz is way back in thi place. florida's own marco rubio coming in dead last. right now hillary clinton leading by five percentage points over smat tore bernie sanders. ohio is a similar state to michigan where sanders won earlier this month. by the way, sanders heads to arizona today where a march 22nd primary looms. we've been talking a lot this morning about this being do or die. some of thecandidates by the end of the day could be out of
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floridais a must-win for marco rubio if he hopes to continue past oday. rubio will be spending the day in florida, more specificclly the night in miami, watching the results as they continue to come in. you can count on us here. the latest poll numbers are showing right now florida senar marco rubio down more than 20 points to donald trum our decision 2016 coverage continues with nbc 6 reporter michael spears live at a sweetwater polling place. michael, rubio is down big time, but he said a lot of things the last couple days, still feels confident that people will rally and come to th polls and he'll continue on past today. >> reporter: he's already scheduled to be in utah tomorrow campaigning. today is primary day in florida. he'll be in south floridat florida international university
6:35 am
the push to get the voters out. despite the odds, very optimistic, he's confident he'll win florida. as far as the campaign, he's looking at recece violence at donald trump rallies to boost those hopes and theoptimism. he's been speaking out about it the last several days, even tweeting overnight the definition he says and identity of ammica and the republican party at stake. so very strong words for the donald trump campaign. and against the odds, definitely feeling confident. here is what he had to say at a west miami rally last night. >> i just left the campaign office,e, literally over 100 people there. i will never be able to ex-enough gratitude for the support this community h h given me, not just now, but over the last years. >> the work not stopping. as far as the polls, they open in less than 30 minutes.
6:36 am
workers and asked what are you bracing for and says this time has yet to be seen. as far as rubio, at florida ternational university, a huge day ahead for him. >>e're live in sweetwater, nbc news. >> as i mentioned, as the votes and the, use our nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll be updating minute by minute and you can track the live results anywhere any time all day. 2 ft. lauderdale cop accused of slapping a homeless man is expected to appear in court. cameras caught victor ramirez slipping a homeless man. bruce la claire was trying to useehe restroom when he was arrested for trespassing. ramirez has been relieved from duty without pay.
6:37 am
breaking news overnight out of chicago. three officers have been shot on the city's west side. investigators say the shootout happened while the officers were investigating drug activity. within the last hour, we have learned that new details say that police are saying that the officer saww a man and woman, they were acting suspiciously. as the pair tried to run away, we're told the man shot at police hitting all three of them. one of the officers returned fire and killed one of the suss spebts. the woman was arrested, now being questioned by police. the officers are expected to be okay. it's 6:38 now. this morning kids are heading back to school at one south florida school for the first time since a man broke in and vandalized their school and stole a bunch of money. officials say this man broke through the roof at the la progresiva school. surveillance video is showing this burglar going from room to room ransacking the building looking for whatever he's
6:38 am
police say the man was on that property for about an hour. that robbery a ao prompted school officials to cancel monday classes altogether. >> maybe came in through the rooftop and down through the air vent because the building was completely sealed. > the stolen money, that $5,000 i mentioned in the safe, was supposed to pay for two school field trips for those students. if you have any information this this guy might be, you're asked to call police. nbc news just released new presidential polling numbers. we're going to show you if there is any movement for those trailing the leaders in both parties going into today's primary. plus this morning police are searching for somebody they're calling a very clever crook. nvestigators say he somehow managed to make his entrance into the gas station and made off with cash from the register. it's interesting how he initially got in there. wheel have all this and your other top stories coming up in the big 6 stories you need to
6:39 am
did an officer go too far trying to stop a bar brawl? strong opinions from both sides of the argument. traffic moving along just fine here on the 836. all of our first alert cameras looking decent this morning. we have changes by the time we
6:40 am
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we'll see some rain flirding let's get you updated real quick here. maybe you're heading out the door to work or to take the kids to school. brand new polling numbers into the newsroom. you're looking at an nbc news survey monkey tracking poll that was just release add few minutes ago. these are national numbmbs, mind you, not numbers by state. no real shock for republicans. donald trump holding a clear lead at 44% as of this hour this morning.
6:43 am
followed by senator marco rubio and governor john kasich as well. that's the way things are shaking out o the republican side. as for the democrats, it's tightening, though not a whole lot, with hillary clinton still dominating over sanders right now. she's at 64%, sanders at 41%. sanders continues to do extremely well with young people, the same group who tended not to voteto begin with. back to the republicans in our last half hor, we talked live with nbc political director chuck todd. gave us insight as to what marco rubio might do even if he does lose florida. >> rubio may not drop out even if he loses tomorrow and here is why. if trump does lose ohio, and even if he wins florida, he will still b i think short of the delegates he's going to need. he's going to not be able to not win all the delegates necessary to win.
6:44 am
go up for grabs and trump can get him early. >> that was just part of the live interview with did with chuck todd a couple minutes ago. no matter who you're supporting, it's important you get out and vote today. we want to see you pictures. they give you a sticker. send a picture of yourself wearing your "i voted" sticker. you tweet them to us using using #nbc6. a warning for women who walk. >> reporter: we're learning more from officers this morning who say the woman was sexually battered and robbed. it't' a frightening story which has members of this coral gables community concerned for their safety. the victim says e was walking along the 1300 block of grenada boulevard around 7:00 sunday morning when a man grabbed her, assaulted her and took off with her property. police are searching r a bald
6:45 am
described to be between 5'8" and 5'10", wairing 170 pounds with brown eyes and bushy eyebrows, also possibly driving a white suv or van. residents in the area are now keeping their guard up. >> zou just don't think it's going to happen in an area like this. it really makes you think twice. it's just awful. >> probably this lady was walking by herself. i worry about that. >> just a few days ago, this serial groper was arrested on battery and aggravated assault for fondling women. back in december this 49-year-old was arrested for battery after exposing himself and touching a woman's rear end near the uversity of miami campus. if you have any information about this case, call crimestoppers, 305-471-tips. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with
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mcdonald's. i'm lolon' it. it is 6:47. time for weather and traffic, kicking thingsff with dry conditions. not worried about any wet weather. on the 836 we'll see patchy fog to to. let's change perspective and look towards the macarthur causeway from our miami children's museum camera. the air kind of thick and soupy this morning for early march. it's generally out west that we're having the problems. here is the deal. the next two hours, contending with fog the rest of the day. lower 70s early here. many of you have taken advantage of the 5b89 to vote early. if today is your day, no problems weatherwise. sunshine and warm conditions in
6:47 am
let's get back to what's going on. we have this fog bank out west. no advisories in place. want you to slow down on the roads. some of the main locations being southwest miami-dade. it's's down right soupy into the homestead and florida city area, coming up on the turnpike out of southwest miami-dade you'll encounter some locations where the visibility is really reduced. take it easy. allow a lot of following distance between y and the car ahead of you. use your low beams as well. low clouds and patchy fog in and around broward county. again, nothing widespread, nothing taking over to impede the morning drive. use your low beams. we'll get through it and burn the fog off quickly. mid 60s, kind of a cool feel across southwest miami-dade. most locations in the metro area beginning in the lower 70s. so patchy fog early. bright sunshine though, from
6:48 am
84 by the midday hours. 86 your first alert forecast high. below records but certainly above average. great beach weather continuing. happy about that for all the spring breakers. no rip current risksks to contend with. warm and dry. st. patrick's day on thursday, much the same, 85. a few more clouds on friday. then we get into the upcoming weekend. we have shower chancesate in the day on saturday. carrying in to sunday. highs both days for your weekend at about 82. >> we have a couple of accidents out there. none in broward county, good news for you broward drivers. 826 approachng i-95, you'll find an accident off to the shoulder. we have two lanes of traffic blocked off on the pks at bird road. this should be clearing hopefully by the time you head out the door. brand new crash on the 874 don
6:49 am
if you're headed out the door towards the golden glades interchange, you will catch slow going traffic between northwest 119th street and northwest 103rd street where we had an earlier accident that's also off to the shoulder. >> thank you, kelly. a snow bird remains behind bars after police say he exposed himself in front of women and children on a south florida beach. christian mallo was scheduled to return to canada next month. instead he's held on bond after his arrest last thursday. bso says he was sitting on the sand in pompano beach where he was repeatedly touching himself. witnesses told lifeguards. the 60-year-old is facing several charges this morning. video out of cape coral that is getting a whole lot of attention on social media right now. take a look at this. maybe you've seen it. a lot of people that have seen it are pretty shocked.
6:50 am
officer in question here. the woman that you see was admittedly drunk. and the man she is punching is her boy friend. she's punching him because he would not let her drive home. that's when cape coral police stepped in and the woman ends up landing hard on the concrete. based upon what happened there, she saysys it was excessive force. the officer is under an internal inveigation and has been placed on administrative duty. apple's respse to the department of justice over a locked iphone is new due today. authorities say the phone could provide more information, more clues about the shooter and the plot. apple says it would be a breach of privacy. today marks one week until both parties are due in a california courtroom to settle the case. 6:52 now. we're learning new information about the deadly shootings involving an uber driver in southwestern michigan.
6:51 am
dalton told them the uber app on his cell phone was controlling him when he drove around shooting people seemingly at random. cal ton killed six people, injured two others last month. police say dalton didn't know his victims. they're still working to figure out a motive. a judge did order dalton to undergo a mental evaluation. breaking news out of berlin. these pictures on social media of a car bombings. you really can't see it in this picture. it's happening right behind that white van. you can see debris littered on the ground. police are saying the car blew up while it was traveling down the street. it's still unclear exactly what happened. they're trying to figure it out. keep our nbc 6 news and weather app handy. an american who traveled overseas to allegedly fight for isis has been captured in iraq. kurdish fighters say this
6:52 am
zaep isis when he stumbled into kurdish-held territory. they say this is the video o the moment he surrendered himself. when they asked him who he was, he said he was from the united states. they pound the man's virginia driver's license. the man's family says they thought he was on vacation in europe. five states headed to the polls this morning. florida offering the biggest prize, and in south florida the polls open in just minutes across miami-dade and broward. front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump will be watching the results froro palm beach county. marco rubio will be watching from florida international universit in west miami-dade. stay with nbc 6, we'll bring you to the results and watch parties this evening. live in miramar, julia bagg, nbc 6 news.
6:53 am
shot in chicago. investigators say the shootout happened while these officers were investigating some kind of drug activity, but that's all the detail they're giving us. one of the officers returned fire and killed one of the suspects. the officers are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. the ft. lauderdale cop accused of slapping a homeless man is expected to start his trial. camemes caught victor ramirez kicking and flapping bruce le claire. he's been released from duty without pair. police are look forth a thief who broke into a texaco gas station. the hooded guy stole the cash inside the register and rummaged through the cabinets before leaving the same way he came in through a hole that had been cut in a wall. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. police are looking for a man
6:54 am
school and stole a safe with $5,000 inside. after some spring breakers sparked violence on the beach, doral is enacting a cfew for minors. starting this friday, the school will give citations for anyone under the age of 18 violating the midnigkt weekend curfew. this comes after a deadly shooting happened over this past weekend. breaking now on our nbc news and weather app. the vatican saying pope francis mother teresa to become a saint. that officially happens september 4th. all the accidents that we had are off to the shoulder, not blocking any of your lanes. so hopefully not a problem for you out on the roadways. we are seeing slowdowns on the turnpike. 15-minute drive from coral reef to tamiami trail. 836 drivers, no accidents, no
6:55 am
i-95, a ten-minute ride. golden glaens glades to downtown miami a 12-minute ride. some patchy fog to contend with. here is a look along i-75 between miramar parkway and pines boulevard. that's the northbound lanes moving away from you. the visibility is looking okay here. sti a half hour or so out from sunrise. patchy fog around for the kids at the bus stop. upper 60s, lower 70s. we have pockets of 60s that have unfolded here where the fog is lying. mid 60s down there. at 69 in pembroke pines, currently at 72 in miami. patchy fog early this morning. otherwise bright sunshine, dry conditions, very warm. 86 today, mid 80s the rest of the workweek. wednesday, thursday, friday, shower chances due by the weekend. i think they'll start late on
6:56 am
>> a great day to get to the polls.
6:58 am
6:59 am
we'll b good morning. make or break. key contests in five states today. trump wins in florida and ohio would knock most of his rivals out of the race. >> if we win ohio and florida, it's pretty much over. >> if hillary clinton sweeps the day, will i be the end for bernie sanders? >> i feel goo about where i am in this campaign. >> our team ways sweighs in on what could be the most decisive day of the race. admission. >> the answer is yes. >> the nfl acknowledging a link between football and brain disease. where does the league go from here, and what does it mean for the future of america's most popular sport? weighing in.
7:00 am
>> people are, oh, the acting is riveting and this is a great plot line. i'm thinking, this is murder. >> this morning, what they say you're not seeing on the show. rose garden rap. the creator of "hamilton" enlists the help of the president for a free style performance performance. >> you think that's going viral? >> one for the history books today, tuesday, march 15th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." election day in many states. free style rapping seems hard by itself. in front of the president -- >> "hamilton" taking over the white house. you said this reminded you of


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