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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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now the question is, how much of these gop leaders will even be willing to sit down with him. today, president obama nominated d.c.'s chief appeals court judge, merrick garland, to fill the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court. >> to find someone who just about everyone not only respects, but genuinely likes, that is rare. >> reporter: harvard educated, male, and white, garland doesn'' check diversity boxes, but he'e' seen as middle of the road. >> he's an incrediblywell-known figure in washington legal circles, adred from the left and the right. >> reporter: that pressures gop leaders to reconsider their refusal to even hold a hearing. >> it seems clear president obama made this nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed, but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election.
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antonin scalia left the high court's balance of power up for grabs and republicans want a republican president to fill that seat. garland, a former federal prosecutor who took the lead in the oklahoma city bombing investigation promised to rise above partisanship. >> people must be confirmed that a judge's decisions are determined by the law and only the law. >> reporter: even republicans and democrats can agree on one thing. everything is political. for republicans, blocking this nomination is a risky move that could backfire at the ballot box, especiaily if a democrat wins the white house. live at the supreme court, i'm brian moore. nbc 6 news. it was supposed to be a quiet day on the campaign trail ter last night's primaries, but there's a sudden change of
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and it's all thanks to donald trump. >> reporter: not so quiet today. donald trump says he will not take part in the next gop debate. that's happening monday in utah. because in trump's words, quote, we've had enough debates. also today florida governor rick scott endorsed trump, writing on facebook that republicans need to respect the will of the voters and coalesce around the billionaire. outside trump tower in manhattan, a die-in staged bb protesters mocking the billionaire's recent words that he could shoot somebody on fifth avenue withoutosing support. the gop frontrunner won big last night and laid low today, `ut not john kasich. he went to pennsylvania hours ter winning ohio. his home statbeating donald trump.
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future of this country, for thise spirit of this country. >> reporter: ted still can get enough degatlegates. >> the longer john kasich stays in the race, the more it benefits donald trump. >> reporter: trump needs 60% of the rest of the delegates to lock the nomination. he's warning if he is denied it at the convention, there will be riots. after losing all five states last night, bernie sanders is huddling with aides, but vowing to fight on. hillary clinton plalaing to shift her fire to donald trump. miami's hometown c cdidate marco rubio is out, suspending his bid after a bruising loss last night. friend and fundraiser george lewis lopez tells me the senator's future in gop party politics remains bright. >> marc has a role and his youth is a great asset in that
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energy and excitement. the most important thing is to unite this party. >> reporter: lopez and others feel senator rubio is not done with politics after he wraps up his senate term this year. we're going to take a more detailed look at mr. rubio's possible future in politics and alsoin his private life. live into the newsroom, i'm steve litz. >> perhaps you used it yesterday throughout the day, the nbc 6 news and weather app. two of the three teens arrested in the shooting death of a 6-year-old king carter appeared in court today. claudia claudia claudia d dcampo has more. >> do you think i thought that would be the last time? >> reporter: the last time she would see king carter live. today the grieving grandmother was in court for the arraignment of the twoeens accused of
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>> charging the defendant with one count of murder in the second-degree with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: irwen pressley and adams appeared in court. the crime outraged the local community as yet another young person died as a result of gun violence. >> doing the same thing over and over. one get killed here. another one right there. >> reporter: pressley was under house arrest. besides the child's grandmother, many others showed up in support of ending gun violence in their community. >> we just want justice for king carter. that's all we bantwant. >> love one another. don't shoot one another. >> reporter: they remain behind
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june 13th. at the metro justice building, i'm claudia docampo. take a look at 54-year-old joe lewis pageant wanted for killing of his estranged wife katrina. during an argument, he allledly shot at both women hitting his estranged wife several times, but missing her mother. police believe he is armed and dangerous. police want your help in finding two armed thieves who pointed a gun at a baby. this a a they robbed a clerk of her money. this wa at a grocery store in little haiti. one of theuspects pointed a gun at the clerk's infant son and then demanded the money.
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the search is on for another cbiminal suspected of four pompano beach armed robberies. the thief targets 7-elevens, but then switches up his o. once he shut off the power before his heist. all the robberies are happening atbout 3:00 in the morning. broward crime stoppers will pay you up to $3,000 for a tip that will lead to an arrest. new video tonight as the miami womaneaten into a coma by a craigslist roommate takes her first breath outside sinszce the attack. >> i spend nights with her. she hugs me. tells me she loves me. she's back. this is the danielle that i know. she's back. i couldn't be happier. >> 23-year-old danielle jones
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she woke up about a month after the brutal beating by the hands of byron mitchell. dan krauth will have more on this family's miracle coming up at 6:00. spring break is returning to a very popular part of florida and so are some of the problems that come with thesesestudents. teachers are allowing guns in a middle school classroom and are even letting students handle them. why the government is takingg a very close look at a popular p. bright sunshine in south florida, but also very warm temperatures. then we hit 90 again. aisle i'll have that and the forecast coming up. a piece of florora history
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crews tear down the students at a college in iowa g an early wake-up call when a fire broke out in their dorm room. firefighters think lightning sparked this morning's fire at laura's college. it's a small liberal arts school. the fire caused most of the dorm's roof to collapse. all 40 students who live there got out safely. the driver in a limo crash that killed four women last july was indicted on charges of negligent homicide.
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his limo was hit by a truck killing four passssgers. the driver of the truck was arrested for drunk driving and later charged with dwi. the four women who survived the crash have filed civil lawsuits in that crash. it's spring break and daytona beach has been packed with crowds and that hasn't been seen since the late 90s. beer was flowing like a river, but in some cases the suds were soaking into the sand. many of these wild and crazy kids have no idea booze is banned. as a matter of fact, many flock this wayyecause of the crackdown at panama city beach. >> i heard it was stricter. >> reporter: not so convenient for the officers trying to manage the crowd. the beach littered with cups and
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there's good reason young people and alcohol and this beach don't mix. >> rip current is an issue. we do have driving on the beach. >> reporter: generall officers are warning students, making them pour the alcohol out and remove it all together. if some visitors are defiant, they'll get arrested. 65 have been taken away in handcuffs through today, including 20-year-oldnthony johnson accused of battering a life guard. get rid of the alcohol, say officials, and a lot of the problems dry up today. >> it is still a lot of fun here. i'm not complalaing. >> reporter: this college student invasion caught many by rprise. law enforcement doing what they can to beef up their numbers so everyone stays safe through the end of this month, the end of spring break. students out west are getting up close and personal with weapons at school. volunteers with project apple speed work with students to arm
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the colorado city students learned about weapons and testing. the goal of the program is to face fear and cureiositycuriosity. with respect. >> she should never be a-- you should never be afraid of a gun. even though we should never trust guns, we should always be careful with them. >> the kids will head to the gun range for a day to test loaded weapons. in south florida right now no rain. unlike the last two afternoons where in the heat of the day we saw some showers, that's not happening this afternoon across south florida. it is a beach day. take a look outside here. the diplomat resort and spa cam along hollywood beach.
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marine conditions are nice and quiet. there's not much of a wind or not much of a breeze out there. that allows for the surf to be nice and low and relatively calm. there's few people in the water right now as you can tell. it's mostly safe compared to some of those days when we have rip currents out there. it is more conducive to going to the cooler waters. the first half of march has indeed been warm. we're running three and a half degrees above normal. the trend for this week is for it to contitie to be warm. then we'll see some changes. this weekend when a front approaches south florida that will lead to a cooldown. so far this month we have had in miami 12 days where the high temperature has been above its norm. 14 nights in which the minimum temperature has been above normal. certainly the majority of the days, almost all of them, have been warm. 87 right now in miami.
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opa-locka and pembroke pines, thoseeare today's high temperatures in south florida. we did not get to 90, which yesterday we had in pembroke pines. not today. it stayed at 88 for your high. interesting to see that contrast in tperatures at coastal locations and the inland temperatures. ft. lauderdale airport and pompano beach air park are right close to the coastline. all these other locations are a full few miles removed from the coast. not mu to show on the weather map again. we have high pressure controlling our weather here i south florida. there's a front off to our northwest, but we're not going to see any new fronts in south florida until probably monday and that's still several days away. you can see just how sunny it has been this afternoon. it is expected to say nice and quite and mostly sunny for tomorrow which happens to be st. patrick's day.
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or a bike ride, it's going to be warm and relatively low humidity end to the day. a few clouds. overnight, we could see the velopment of patchy fog again. that's happened for three nights in a row. could happen tonight too. tomorrow warming to 88 degrees. friday not as hot. a few more clouds. i'll keep rain out of the forecast for friday. the front won't be here until monday, but ahead of it saturday and sunday the risk of showers or thunderstorms. temperatures not quite as hot. 83 to 84 degrees. next week significant changes where our high temperatures could be a good 15 to 10 degrees cooler than they have been. next week we'll notice the change with cooler air in place. march madness tips off tomorrow. many of you have been talking on social media about how you're going to win your office pool. president obama filled out his last bracket as commander and
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the president has kansas and michigan and texas going to the final four( miami is up there. going to the sweet 16 before losing toville know villanova. >> i l)ke the sound of that one. a special education on 6 report. >> i'm ari odzer at cooper city high school where there's a new
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how to save a life. americans are expected to spend more than ever on easter this year. the national retail federation survey released today say those celebrating easterer will spend an average of $146 per person. that's the highest level in 13 years of the survey. more than halfflan to cook a meal. 31% plan to have a a easter egg hunt. total spending is expected to
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>> lots and lots of chocolate. apple continuing its legal battle with the justice department and the fbi over iphone security. in papers filed today, the company claims the government's request to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooter is contrary to the rule of law, the democratic process, and the rights of the american people. executives at apple have fought the government's request, claiming it is overreaching its authority. >> that battle with apple isn't the only dispute between the government and big tech companies. one is brewing with the provider of one of the most popular instant messaging systems on the planet. trina robinson is standing by more. >> the service called what's app allows users to exchange text messages. it's designed so that no one else, including the company, can't read those text messages.
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messaging service in the world. one of its advantages convenience. >> i used it to talk to my friends. went to study abroad. >> reporter: the other selling point everything you type is instantly encrypted and is not decrypted or made readable again until the person on the receiving end opens it up. that means facebook cannot read those messages either while they're being sent or even afterwards. it also means that when the police come with a court order to tap those messages, what's app cannot respond by decoding them. the fbi has been calling that part of the going dark problem and president obama is adding his voice. >> that i think does not strike the kind of balance that we have lived wit for 200, 300 years. >> the co-founder of facebook says the company does workard to keep terrorist material off
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when n comes to making all our communications secure, so secure that the police can never read them, mark zuckerberg says that's howw the technology is evolving. >> i don't think requiring back doors to encryption is going to be an effective way to increase security or is really the right thing to do. >> reporter: what does it mean for users? unless congress acts, says the experts, it probably means more privacy. >> it's going to be very difficult to find some middle grounds where our data is secure and yet law enforcement can stilllaccess it. >> reporter: the justice department hasn't decided to sue what's app, but that should come. reporting lilie, trina robinson. >> the news at 5:30 continues
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a story that's been getting a whole lot of traction online. a dozen horses killed when a
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also, demo begins in a horrifying hold-up involving the youngest of victims tonight. police in little haiti hunting
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good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm keith jones. surveillance video captures the thief holding the infant at gunpoint. >> sharon lawson is live. >> reporter: right here at this buena vista grocery store, it happened yesterday afternoon shortly before 1:00. she thought the men were patrons. then they told her to empty her register while pointing a gun at her baby boy. >> everything was happening so fast. i was just really scared that something terrible was going to happen. >> reporter: a terrifying experience for a store clerk and her baby robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight tuesday. the drama playing out on surveillance video. >> he basically just told me to put my baby down on the floor. i did.
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he said if i do anything, say anything, or do anything stupid, he would shoot my baby. >> reporter: the victim shared the horror she felt as two crooks armed with a firearm threatened her 9-month-old son. >> it is all a blur. it was like an out body experience. >> they emptied it out and they took off. >> reporter: the scene of the crime this grocery store located at 4322 northwest second avenue in little haiti. >> i had to be calm for her because she was hisysterical and emotional. >> reporter: he is grateful they weren't hurt. he hopes someone recognizes the culprits in the video so their freedom will be short lived. >> we're very confident that the police are going to take care of the situation. they're going to apprehend the suspects. >> reporter: back out live.
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opened this store in september of last year and they've never had anything happen like this. if you have any information, contact miami-dade crime stoppers. that number on the bottom of your screen. 1-305-471-tips. we have video of a couple of guys here wanted for an attempted armed robbery in miami-dade. surveillance video from november 5th shows two men outside a shopping center in hialeah. tried to rob three people who were walking home from a local supermarket. robbers tried to steal their money and a purse. they took off in a silver honda pielot pilot. a south florida mother facing an uncertain future with her young daughter. this after deputies busted her


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