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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 17, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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happened now a third time but also those two people that were sitting inside enjoying a meal when that car hit. you were able to talk to them. what did they say? >> reporter: that's right.@ them, the cook, witnesses. i think it's pretty much safe to say that everyone here thinks it's truly miracle no one was hurt worse or seriously killed here. suv slammed into a business i io this business, downtown pizza grill. this is not the first time we just learned from the owner. this has happened three times. incredible. we spoke with two of the customers hit by the suv in the video there out those terrifying moments, all caught on camera. a brush with death caught on camera. an suv slamming into downtown pizza grill overnight. >> i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: these two are waiting for the pizza at the counter.
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against the counter and the car. and the people trying to drag me out. >> reporter: four customers were inside the restaurant when oakland park fire rescue said a driver who witnesses identified as this woman lost control of her suv. >> the only thing is meoming to the floor, the car coming past me and him being slammed against the wall. >> reporter: both he and his fiancee were released from the hospital within hours. >> ten stables all in allnd i got some right here. >eporter: herbert st. louis is a cook working at the time. he rushed to help. the restaurant'sowner said another customer was knocked unconscious. >> i put water on it and she went away. >> repororr: she left before first responders arrived. investigators haven't said what caused the woman to lose control of her suv. >> he was on the wall for a long time. that's the one thing i'll never
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>> reporter: they arere thankful this wasn't worst. >> i'm glad it was really okay. i was afraid somebody could have gotten killed. >> reporter: the driver has been identified as 70-year-old deana nolans. no word on whether she will be cited. be on the lookout, that is the message that officers are sending to those people living in one opa-locka neighborhood. four men opened fire into a car, execution style there. we brought you this story as breaking news very early this morning. nbc 6 anchor sharon lawson is live in opa-locka with what we know so far. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning to you. at this hour, few details as the investigation continues. as you'll take a look behind me you'll see traffic is back up and moving, the crime scene cleared after shots rang out
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let's take a look at video. this is the victim being transported by air rescue to the trauma center after being shot numerous times. th person's identity unknown. northwest 26th street is the scene of the crime. a couple of cars collided and authorities thought it was an act of road rage. they later described it as a hit. >> a vehicle rammed another vehicle there. the subjects got out, started shooting, and the other vehicle subject the victim was hit, he's airlifted to jackson memorial hospital in stable condition. >> report: and back out live, one person taken into custody. authorities are hoping that that person will lead them to thee other three that are now on the run and also a motive in this shooting. right now the scene is clear. once again, traffic back up and
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continues. reporting live in opa-locka, sharon lawson, nbc 6 news. our next story you saw first on our nbc 6 news and weather app, our digital team posting aboutit an hour ago, the arrest of the man who broke into a school in little havana stealing thousands of ddlars. this mugshot just into the newsroom of 35-year-old juan luis galdames arrested for the robbery of the presbyterian school in little ha va in a. investigators say galdames entered through the roof of the school over the weekend and stole a safe containing $5,000. surveillance video shows the burglary going room to room ransacking. he also confessed to
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president obama is getting advice from cuban-americans before he goes to cuba. first he met with 16 people who try to talk about the efforts to normalize their relations. among those was emilio estefan. >> i don't think we never go to cuba. we hope one day soon that we have a new people and that we can go to a really free cuba. >> that historic trip happening quickly here. president obama plans to make an open address to the people of cuba from havana so everyone on that island nation can see what's happening during that historic visit. the u.s. postal service will
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it's been more than 50 years. you can send any type a first class international mail to the island nation that includes things like postcards and letter-sized envelopes. we'll be there every step of the way. our team headed up by our anchors in the evening. live coverage will staa tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. new today out ofwashington. secretary of state john kerry announcing that isis is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in iraq and syria. officials say these new findings will most likely not mean new action by the united states. this is only the second time an genocide has been declared in an on going conflict, the last one being in the sudan region.
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court nominee will be on the hill all day today. we have more. >> the importance of hard work and fair dealing. >> reporter: a handful of republican senators have agreed to the president's supreme court nominee, judge garland on capitol hill today. >> the white house is encouraged. >> that's a good thing. there's a responsibility the united states senate has to consider the nominee. >> chuck grassley may meet with garland in april after the break.. others are undecided. >> if i do meet with him, it may not be a good usese of his time because i'm not going to change my position because it's based on the principle -- >> reporter: they spoke with garland by phone and won't meet face-tomface. mitch mcconnell called waiting for the next president's nominee
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compromise. the house speaker agrees. >> the president has every right to no, ma'amminate who he wants to, but the senate which is a -equal branch has every right not to act on that the nomination. >> if merrick garland can't get bipartisan support, then nobody can. >> we are hearing from the nra, the national rifle association, they say they have gone through the judge's record and will strongly oppose his nomination. tracie potts. nbc news washingto governor rick insider -- snyder in washington, d.c. today testifying about the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan. this is the third and final hearing in front of a house committee on the water crisis when the state decided to change flint's water supply to begin
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it went fromlake water to river water to save money. they didn't properly treat it before it went into people's home. it led to corrosion of the pipes nd caused health problems. >> let me be blu. this was a failure of government at all levels, local, state, and federal officials. we all failed the families of flint. >> so that said, flint city government really had no control because the state under snyder's rule actually hired an emergency manager for the city who forced that water switch, so in emails recently released within the last week we've learned that the snyder administration knew that there were major, major problems here with this community long before !ny of the alarm bells went off, long before anybody got sick.
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a hand in that slow response. after being closed for 29 hours, it has finaay reopened, the metro system welcomed passenger starting at 5:00 this morning again. firbleds closed the subway systems as crews were concerned about frayed wires and a couple of 2ecent fires and sure enough they found even more poblems. now, most are fixed and those that aren't have rerouted trains. the nation's transportation seseretary is continuing to ask for more money to fix the crumbling infrasucture. an experimental jet sits on the will he -- levee in the everglades just east of u.s. 27, at the saw grass recreation park. thth pilot did a pretty good job landing the jet last night. there's no damage from the outside. this was an experimental plane. two people walked away with no injuries.
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of engine problem. at the time it was on its way to ft. lauderdale executive airport. the ft. lauderdale officer accused of slapping a homeless man can now get his job back this come after a jury found him not guilty on all counts in court. ramirez said he took measures to prstect himself. he had writen up the man for trespassing at the bus station. he had been suspended without pay from the ft. lauderdalee police department after the incident occurred. he can start working as an officer. but his lawyer says that's not guaranteed. for the homeless man, he justs wants to move on with his life. there's a recall that could affect your lunch the bumblebee tuna you might have in your home.
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tuna from processing deviations. some of the meat not properly sterilized which could lead to life-threatening illnesses consumed. there are 31,000 cases involved in this nationwide recall. check out our nbc news and ather app and they will tell you whether or not the can you have has been impacted by that recall. huge announcement out of sea world. why the park has had a change of heart over its orcas. >> we're going to hear from a florida woman fighting to kee her six-footally investigator -- alley gator she keeps as a pet. blue skies along coastal areas. we're going to see some of that moisture over the gulf of mexico
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i'll have details plus a sneak welcome back, everybody. we've got breaking news we want to get you updated here. this is happpping out of delray
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atlantic community pep rally. there was an adult performer who were usingire in a performance. she endedp getting burned. >> he or she was a fire breather. at least 10 to 12 students were transported for smoke inhalation. that performer was taken via a trauma letter. the current orcas for sea world will be the last at its theme park. sea world is planning to have new natural encounters.
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"black fish" played a huge part. we found out they are ending the shows and the breedeng. as i mentioned sie that documentary "black fish" was released. that happened in 2013. a woman is fighting to keep her pet gator, rambo. he squares clothes, he rides on themotorcycle, and he even has his own bedroom. from our affiliate station in tampa, melissa moreno has this very bizarre story. >> reporter: he's definitely not your average gator. >>he sits on the couch. he knows how to use the remote. he's justa house gator. >> reporter: his name is rambo. she treats the 15-year-old, 125-pound gator like her child. he has his own bedroom and a pool.
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he like to dress and he's got my hair because he doesn't want me to take him off my shoulder. he wants to be a baby. >> reporter: she gotot a license when she rescued him six years ago. florida wildlife requires 2 1/2 acres when he's at a certain size. we spoke with an e epert who insists living like this is not healthy for a gator. even thorne admits he's sensitive for an alley gator.. >> it's not known yet when wildlife officials will make a determination on rambo's future. right.
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animals, but that's a little crazy to me. who am i to judge? a soccer from the world of -- shocker from the world of sports after adam latoche was asked to limit the amount of time that his 14-year-old son drake spends at the clubhouse with the team. this is raising a lot of questions as you can imagine as to how much time is too much time whenen it comes to bringing your kids to work and in this case, work is obviously a baseball park for this guy. the white sox vice president says it's time for the team to concentrate on playing better seball. >> sometimes you got to make some unpopular decisions what would i say to the next person who wants to bring his son every day. >> a lot of the team call him
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he attends every single practice. he has his own uniform and a locker at u.s. cellular field. 11:21 on this thursdada morning. we've been dry so far. good news across much of broward county and miami-dade, but our live first alert radar is picking up a few spotty showers over the florida stras just to the north. you can see the showers very -- barely moving. it's been rain free but also warm. we're seeing teeratures in the 80s. 81 in miami. 70 in ft. lauderdale and also 83 degrees near the hialeah opa-locka area. weather headlines, this watch stretch of weather is going to continue today and into tomorrow. temperatures the past few days have been trending well above average and not just the
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the overnight temperatures. as all good and bad things come to an end, an approaching front will bring us some changes as early as this uuoming weekend. it looks pretty nice over holiday everglades park. we're dealing with a few clouds, hazy over coastall areas. rain-free so far. temperatures will be reaching into the mid to upper 80s with very light slight wind, allowing temperatures to warm up. later this evening, if you have some outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, we can expect a few clouds. it looks like our thursday will be rain-free and it will remain that way until tomomoow. sneak peek, showers return to the forecast for the week. we can see a chance of a thurm thurm for not only -- thourm
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saturday but sunday. high pressure dominating our weather pattern. this front that you see here already providing showers across the panhandle and across the lower mississippi valley. that will continue to push toward the south. what's going to push it? well, low pressure will form along that front and as it continues to push, moisture will continue to move in. wwre expecting showers saturday, sunday, and possibly even enough instability in the area to cause some thunderstorms. tonight's forecasts, temperatures in the lower 70s. tomorrow we couou be dealing with patchy fog again special interior areas. we'll have temperatures more seasonable come monday and into tuesday. thank you so muchch i think probably if you are a fan of country music, you are going to know exactly what i'm talking about re. talk about a power cocole, right? tim mccaw is ready to take on a
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>> the details, roxie has them. >> it's really exciting stuff. he's gone skydiving, rocky mountain climbing, he went 2.7 seconds on a bull named fu manchu. i'm quoting from tim mcgraw one of his song here. he's going to be writing a book based on his hit single "humble and kind." it will be a book. it will feature the lyrics, illustrations. he is donating the proceeds to charity by the way. coming up at 11:30 on "six in the mix," we're celebrating by shining the spotlight on a
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happy thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always lookg for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud?? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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> my fellow pregnant sister. you beat me with your babies. you are pregnant with two and i'm with one. we're s excited and thrilled to congratulation the bosh family on their beautiful twin babies. take a look at miami heat start chris bosh. lennox and phoenix. they will be%welcomed home by their big brother jackson, dylan sky and trinity. the next thing you know my ribsbswere compressed. >> like a spanx. it's to intense.
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we say it all the time. we love jimmy fallon saying spanx on national television almomo as much as how frank jennifer garner is about getting into her gown for the oscars. >> it doesn't matter what kind of face. it's just a belief in a greater good that's ultimately important. >> and also right now you can search jennifer garner's new movie "miracles from heaven" on our nbc 6 news and weather april to watch my interview. her latest film is in theaters right now.


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