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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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no fog in place, it should be a peaceful morning. righ now in ft. lauderdale, mostly cloudy skies. mostly clear in miami at 72. clear and breezy at key west in 76. rapid wwmup this morning, dry conditions. a few more clouds by the lunch hour. 83 by 11:00 a.m. today's high, warm one at 86. the rain chances starting to kick in on saturday afternoon. the complete forecast in about 12 minutes. right now let's get a check on traffic with joe brennan. >> you bet. good morning. still looks like a busy ride this morning. the ramp way still closed southbound 95 to the dolphin westbound. heading the the airport on that ramp, can't do it at this point. use state road 112, the airport expressway instead. in broward county, serious trouble as well, exiting 95 northbound at commercial bile vardhat. ramp looks to be closed off because of an accident there. getting word of a crash on 75 northbound right before royal
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three left lanes are blocked, starting the back up already nearing the scene. it's two minutes past the hour now. breaking overnight, miami-dade pice trying to figure out what led to the accident that sent baltimore ravens corner back and miami native trey walker to the hospital in critical condition. nbc 6's michael spears is live outside jackson memorial hospital hospital. what do we know about what happened? >> reporter: right now we know trey walker is still listed in critical condition at jackson memorial hospital. miami police say he was riding this dirt bke when he was involved in a crash with an suv last night. you see bike just lying there in the street. it happened just before 8:00 p.m. we learned that apparently his bike didn't have any lights. also new this morning, an
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and his family. family ravens teammates sending prayers and well wishes to the neighborhood. he attended miami northwestern and played college ball for texas southern. the ravens released a statement who said, oh, my god, this is devastating news. our prays are with tray and our prayers are with his famil this morning as he is still listed in critical condition, an active investigation. miami-dade police have not named the other driver who was involved or said who exactly caused this crash. we do know the other driver did stay on scene and is cooperating with police. for now, live outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you. this morning students head back to school after a pep rally performance went up in flames. more than a dozen were hurt during the fire breathing fiasco. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live a the delray beach medical center. do we know how that performer is
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>> reporter: later this morning him. it was unexpected and explosive. about 2,000 students packed into the gymnasium for a pep rally. at first many say they thought the fire was part of the act. it certainly wasn't. this morning that performer is here at the hospital recovering. watch this video of the school pep rally as it takes a dangerous turn inside the atlantic community high school gym. the performer lights up in flames after another per former attempts to jump over here. we made a decision not to show the disturbing video. the performer is ricky charles. he has 35 years of flame throwing experience and is based out of pembroke pines. his face. wepoke with him by phone on thursday about what went wrong the moment he went up in flames and how students reacted. >> reporter: i changed the oil i have been using. i have been using a different oil. today i tried a new oil, and the
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trouble. >> at first we thought it was part of the act. >> i was so shocked, i didn't know what was going on. >> ieacted by running and everybody else followed. >> once you saw the look in his face, like oh, crap, everyone is like,e, whoa, this is a really big deal. >> take a look at the video again. seven students were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. another 12 treated. school district officials are trying to figure out why a flyg fire act was approved for a pep rally in the first place. in the neht half hour, we'll share the response from district administrators and have more reaction from students saying this situation could have been a lot worse. reporting live in delray beach, erika glover, nbc 6 news. happening right now, deputies want to find the armed thief who preyed on a woman and her 91-year-old mother at their deerfield beach hope. they hope this sketch of the suspect will hemp track him down.
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tuesday near southeast 13th streetetnd 2nd avenue. deputies are saying barbara sutt was relaxing in hr back yard when this guy came through the side gate,ut a gun to her face, and walked inside and did the same thing to her 91 yrtd mom. the family says th refuse@ to let a criminal. >> i'm hypervigilant in the public, i know where i am in a parking lot at all times. it's bad enough that we have to live like that. i refuse to be afraid to have a cup of coffee in my back yard. >> unfortunately detectives don't have a lot to work with. they think he's a slim, younger man, no talalr than six feet. yesterday morning nbc 6 makingg a crashing entrance. we're hearing from the couple inside the restaurant at the time. surveillance video shows the honda suv crashed through the
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northeast 62nd street in oakland park. another angle shows a couple sitting at a cououer waiting for their food when the car slammed into. pee ae droe leon and fiancee were rere lease friday the hospital within hours. >> i remember being pinned in between the counter and the car and the people trying to drag me out. >> bso say it is driver, 70-year-old dina nola lost control of the suv. no word on any charges. this morning the man who vandalized and burglarized a bars. police arrested jose louise llamas. he broke in through the school's roof and stole a safe inside that contained $5,000. the stolen money was supposed to pay for two school field trips. officials say gel damas was
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incident when he confessed to this school break inn as well. the tef also admitted to breaking into another school in the area. the u.s. and cuba move to warm relations. the island nation is being removed from the list of countries considered to have insufficient security at their port. cruise ships, cargo vessels and ferries will be allowed to go into the u.s. without waiting to be boarded and cleared by the coast guard. the obama administration has started to give approval to cruise lines as well. nbc 6 news will be live during and after the president'strip. our team, headed up by anchors jackie nespral and juwan strader have coverage tonight starting at 11:00. >> they are ready to roll. >> through the weekend and beginning of the week. >> we'll hear from hem at the beginning of the week.
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a lot more coming up in the next half hour. a tampa city council changes the punishment if you get busted with a little marijuana. some people not so happy. after a disappointing loss in his home state. marco r rio returns to capitol hill for the first time since suspending his campaign. what's next for him? >> a few clouds across the area. temperatures there at 71. we'll keep it steady in the low 70s. a warm afternoon. talking mid 80s for your friday.
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we'll detail the city council in tampa changing the punishment if you get 20 grams of marijuana or less. getting busted is like getting a traffic ticket. the idea is to help young people but not essentially criminalize them. those who disagree are asking city leaders to create educational programs for repeat offenders. this way they're getting some kind of help. at this point it looks like south florida congressman david rivera is ready to run for congress again. rivera is going after the district 118 seat currently held
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state senate. he last held office in 2012 when he lost to joe garcia in a congressional contest. at that time he was actually involved in a federal investigation into a campaign finance scheme which some suspect he orchestrated. rifvera has not been charged and has repeatedly denied being under investigation. former presidential candidate marco rubio returned to capitoto hill for the first time since suspending his campaign. what't' next for him? >> i'm not going to be vice president, i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish out my term in the senate. we're going to work really hard here. we have some things who want to achieve and then i'll be a private citizen. >> reporter: the rmer senator says he has ruled out being vice president. rubio announced he's not going to seeke-election like you just heard him and says he plans
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his senate term ends. 5:14. donald trump's emergence as the big fish in a tiny pool of candidates started a scramble by political power brokers to try to shut him down. in t e meantime, there's a push among democrats to quickly choose a side. nbc's tracie potts reports on all of that from washington, d.c. >> reporter: this closed-door meeting organized by conservative republicans looking for a strategy do beat donald trump. >2 the best way to do it is to get a unity ticket. >> it's not clear if that's ted cruz. they're also looking at backing ahird party candidate in november. >> hopefully there's still time to prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party. >> reporter: at a late rally last night, bernie sanders called on democrats to unite.
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>> reporter: an article warning trump to knock off the rabble rousing, d dcribing him as a child threatening to throw a tan rum. >> to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat argues republicans cannot have it both ways. condemning trump and supporting them. >> they should put on make america great again, be a mini christie. >> reporter: trump tweeting overnight that hillary clinton is corrupt and cusing on tuesday's primary in izona. >> in a statement after that meeting, arizona congressman trent frank says he doesn't trust donald trump but he trusts hillary clinton less, so he'll push for ted cruz. if trump gs the nomination, he'll support him.
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washington. ;>> it is 5:16, friday morning. check on traffic with joe been nan in a few minutes. let's start first with live first alert doppler. a few showers across interior broward county. the good news is, no fog to contend with, a mild morning. one more warm day before we see changes forthcoming into your weekend. if you have outdoor plans, beach plans, boating plans, impacts coming your way. southeastern broward county, into hallandale beach, hollywood beach at the diplomat resort and spa, we've got dark conditions here. the lights are on. still have two hours to go untit we hit sunrise. 71 in ft. lauderdale.
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we shift down into miami, towards the b side area and aaa. skies are mostly clear at 72. moving into the weekend, the commute much easier across southwest miami-dade and in metro broward and metro miami-dade overall. the temperatures well above normal. it's been a downright warm week, highs every day in the mid 80s. that continues today. as an approaching front moves into play this weekend, the changes will be forthcoming with more showers and maybe a few thunderstorms in the cards for us as well. 66 right now in west kendall. 71 in ft. lauderdale and opa-locka. 72 in miami. mid 70s through the keys. in and out of cloud cover today. could see a stray shower this afternoon. not worried about a widespread rain event today. as soon as we get to the afternoon hours on saturday, i say keep an eye to t t sky. scattered showers, maybe a thundedetorm in play saturday
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good news is we've got cooler weather in store for early this week. first alert weather this morning, quiet drive in, temperatures around 70. 84 midday. a stray shower possible this afternoon. highs at 86, moving into your weekend, here come the changes. still on the rm side, into the mid 80s. after the lunchn saturday, here comes the rain. it continues saturday night into sunday. 84 on sunday. front comes through while we're sleeping. by monday morning, temperatures around 60 degrees. highs at 71. two cooler days here into monday and tuesday. then warming up towards the tail end of the seven-day forecast. 5:18. let's get to traffic. here is joe brennan. >> a busy ride this morning, more trouble in broward county. a live look at i-95 and griffin road. ninie and quiet. still looks great north and southbound. we have issues f fther to the west on i-75, bad accident on the northbound side. is going to be just before the royal palm boulevard exit. three left lanes blocked and a
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point, starting to b bk up quickly. if you're heading that way, stay er to the right side to get around it. it's going to take some extra time. that's traffic. back to you. joe, thank you so much. a sad update to bring you this morning on the golden retriever who was rescued from a canal last week in southwest miami-dade. a florida rescue group says the dog named lilly has passed away. just last week people noticed the dog swimming around in the water fort least 20 minutes near southwest 144th street andnd 157th avenue. crews arrived just in time to save her. something went wrong during her recovery. it's unclear if they even found her owner. some people lili a dog as a pet. one woman's fight to keep her plus-size pet is making national headlinin. >> we're talking about an alligator, not a dog or cat.
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>> i don't know. maybe we are judgdgg. it's been very popular on our nbc 6 news and weather app. obviously we're making light of it. this won ma is taking this have, very seriously. this is a six-foot long alligator. he lives with this woman with herer home in lakeland. the woman did get a license to own rambo when he was a couple feet long. now he's a little bigger than that. he's got his owow pool. >> during a routine visit, florida fish and wildlife inspector realized he put on a few extra lbs, that he would require about about 2 1/2 acres of property to be kept. and she doesn't have that much property. >> he said how tall is he? i said i don't know, he's getting pretty big. so we measured him. that's where it started.
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>> this woman is insists that rambo would not be able to survive if he was taken away from her. experts say the gator's current living conditions, because it's so small, could cause him to get sick and die. they want to take the alligator away. >> the issue is the property, not enough property, not the fact that he wears a jacket. >> she doesn't have enough acreage which means she could have neighbors which could be a concern. coming up next, ultra isn't the only music festival draws crowds to south florida. sunlight stadium gearing up for jazz in the gardens. we have a behind-the-scenes look at the event. haveou ever heard the
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welcome back. 5:25. the sun life stadium parking lot is quickly transorming. jazz in the garden begins today. the event is drawing people from allver the country.
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something that started 11 years ago as a party for a couple people. it acts like uncle charlie, usher, cool in the gang. >> it's incredible. like nothing you've ever seen before. you're going to dance with, sing with, rty with your friends, family and a whole bunch of strangers. >> sounds like fun. people from all over the country comes from this. miami gardens mayor oliver gilbert encouraging everyone to come out. ub ser testing a way for drivers to get your money. the pilot program will allow drivers to deposit earnings into an account with go bank. no fees for the service as long as drivers access it every six months. florida drivers, you'll have to wait. the pilot program is only happening now in san rancisco. >> as we move deeper into the
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starting to develop. >> when i first saw this, i thoug this is insane. it's dumb. the more i realize it's actually a good idea. it sounds weird. give it a chance. experts are calling it sharenting, creating social media presence for their kids before they're 2 years old. that' the weird folks. scrap books and photo albums are shelved. we don't pnt out pictures anymore. so you put them online. not necessari everybody has to see it. that means thousands of pictures of your little one also be circulating around the internet. for a lot of people, that's a problem. >> we've never seen a generation of parents that have so publicly talked about their children and ne through all of the milestones of their children's lives. >> researchers say onlyime will tell if the involvement of
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younger generation in a bad way. i understood in a certain sense because you worry if you have pictures on your phone, you don't back it off, your phone goes away, your ipp goes away, but at the same time letting everybody see it. >> you're exposing them so early. that's the nerve-racking part. >> timemes 5:27. much more ahead in our next half hour of news. coming up, continuing to follow breakingews overnight in northwest miami-dade. baltimore ravens' tray walker is in critical condition after a motorccle crash at jackson memorial hospital. students headed back to school after this pep rally performance literally went up in flames.
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performer i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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right now at 5:30, an nfl player and miami native fighting for his life at a local hospital. at least 20 people injured after something goes terribly wrong at a high school pep rally. the ultra music festival taking over downtown miami. find out what police are doing to make sure things stay in control. good morning erybody. your time is 5:32. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for starting your day with us, your friday to be exact. it is friday. for a lot of kids in south florida today, today is the first day of spring break. no school today. probably a lot of kids and paren hoping that maybe over the next couple days will be a nice beachday to get the kids out and about. >> i think today ends up being the better beach day.


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