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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a live look right now at the magi city where it is a picture perfect start to the evening. right now at 5:00, team coverage of this big event. >> stephanie bertini i# at the ultra music festival itself, but we begin with erica dellgadodelgado. >> we've had a wonderful workweek. the whole month of march has been very dry for us. e'll take a look at our live first alert radar. things looking pretty good. dry conditions from ft. lauderdale all the way down into miami-dade. it's a nice end to the workweek, albeit it has been relatively warm, but a cold front is on its way. rain chances definitely increasing saturday into sunday. we are still thatdealing with some
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little cooler in broward. temperatures in pompano beach degrees. things will begin to change. as you can see, plenty of cloud cover all over the gulf of mexico. i'll have more on your weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. all right. right now on social view 6, the number one trending hashtag on twitter in miami, ultra 2016. dade front park transformed as thousands converge for a weekend of electronic music. live coverage continues now with stephanie bertini. >> reporter: the park is full of people and music. it also runs parallel to biscayne boulevard.
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off part of biscayne here at southeast 1st. detours in place as arked by the cones. lots of officers out controlling the flow of traffic, redirecting drivers if needed, and making sure pedestrians are safe. there's thousands of people in this area this weekend. because of the crowds, police are recommending you use public transportation like the metro mover, which youl find is busier than usual this weekend. a trolley that runs downtown also an option. you should expect delays with all these people in the area. patience is a virtue. >> pack a little patience in your pocket, your book bag, because we have thousands of people who are coming around the world for this particular event. there is going to be traffic.
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officers are going to be directing traffic. >> reporter: back out here live you're looking at pictures from chopper 6. look at that video. look at all these people on the ground in downtown miami. back here on the ground live you can see just the crowds of peoplele walking. maybe your feet can help you get to where you need to be a lot quicker, like offfficials point out, than a vehicle. if you can avoid driving -- i'm in the thick of it -- it is probably a good idea to do so. i'm reporting live in downtown miami. nbc 6 news. >> that looked like a bunch of an there, not even people. if your plans take you anywhere around bay front park, prepare for a chaotic traffic situation. tours west at northeast 4th street to northeaea 2nd avenue.
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two lanes. now at northeast 4th it goes back northbound. if you missed any of that, head on over to the nbc 6 news and weather app where we've got it all mapped out for you. you can check out a gridlock happening anywhere in south florida by tapping on the traffic section. the story that continues to garner a lot of attention, a fire breathing stunt at a local pep rally gone wrong. tonight nbc 6 iss hearing from the school district and the injuriesyed performer taking responsibilily for this school scare. >> the fires in my face. i'm going this is new. what? then what? boom. oh, no. as soon as i saw my pants on fire, i'm like that's it. i'm done. >> reporter: burned, bruised, boiled, and scabbed. >> it's my responsibility. i should have practiced. i didn't practice.
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remorseful and recovering after a pep rally at atlanta community high school in delray beach. >> it's like being burned alive and an audience is watching. >> reporter: students packed the bleachers inside the gym for a pep rally. charles in the center lights up in flames after another performer attempts to jump over him. nbc 6 decided not to show the disturbing video. >> to me, it's common sense. you don't bring that kind of activity into a building anywhere, let alone a school in an auditorium or a media center or gym filled with children. >> reporter: it's also against the rules in palm beach county schools. >> i was shocked. i wasn't happy. i was a little confused about who had approved that kind of activity. >> reporter: now that's all being investigated. chchrles said he was clear about using fire when doing his act. >> they s this is against
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>> t is? that's what i asked before i do it. you guys want fire? no, we'll do this. right now, police are looking for a person of interest in connection to last week's fatal springg break shooting. christopher huff i i a critical witness to the murder of antoinne decade. he was shot twice on oce drive following a fight last week. the gunfire rang out near ninth street and ocean drive. the city is enforcing a new curfew for minors to keep them safe. any person wiill be given a citation, taken home, or taken to a holding cell in out past the cucuew. mordetails emerge about the motorcycle crash that left the quarterback in critical condition.
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the accident. >> that motorcycle accident has the ravens corner back fighting for his life. in regards to a possible second person involved, miami-dade police say their preliminary investigation revees that this individual may be a witness rather than involved in the crash. this is video of the scene at northwest 75th street and 21st avenue. the motorcycle was left behind on the street. walker was rushed to jackson memorial hospital in critical condition. we have no further details as far as his injuries are concerned. nbc 6 received this statement last night from baltimore ravens head coach john harbaugh. he says, quote, oh, my god.. this is devastating news. our prayers and hopes are with tray and his family tonight, end quote. walker is a miami native. he played high school football at miami northwestern. we'll continue to update this story on@our nbc 6 news and
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nbc 6 news. in just two days, president obama will be the first sitting united staas president to visit cuba in decades. >> this symbolic trip drawing some strong opinions here. some see it as a step forward towards progress. others as an ill-conceived plan. steve litz joins us live in studio. he has a more in-depth understanding of the visit. >> there is tough talk on both sides in the run-up to this trip. one cuban government officiall has expressed concerns that the purpose of president obama's trip isoo empower the cuban people and in fact an obama administration official has made clear that the president hasa no plans to curtail his call for more freedoms for cubans during his three-day trip. the venezuelan president landed in cuba today.
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his presidency ends. >> reporter: sebastian with the cuban think tank the cuban research institute talks about the purpose of the visit. >> president obama wants to convey the image that the united states is no longer a threat to cuba, that the united states is not the obstacle for cuba to move fororrd into a more open society. >> reporter: 15 months ago, president obama started thawing diplomatic relatilns with cuba, a moveome agree with and others don't. another objective for obama -- >> he wants to make it more difficult for our next president to turn around the policy the way he did 15 monthth ago. >> reporter: no sweeping changes are expected as a result of obama's trip. in fact, for many, expectations are low. the president will tour havana. he'll meet with raul casto and
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vision of greater freedoms and more economic opportunities. some have an opinion that real change won't happen until cuba's original dictator is gogone. >> you won't get a real change into the old guy dies. out of it he is. these things are symbolic. >> >> the president will also take in a baseball game while in cuba. the tampa bay rays are taking on the cuban natiial team. nbc 6 news. stay with us nbc 6 for the president's visit to cuba. jackie and jawan have already arrived on the island nation and are taking to social media to document their journey. this is video and pictures they both posted on their facebook pages a little while ago. they want you to keep up to date
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while they're therere and while they're not on the air. look for their fst live report starting tonight at 11:00 p.m. still aheada here, total destruction. a florida airport littered with the wreckage of a plummeting plane. nbc 6 learning what may have caused that crash. hulk hogan versus gawker. a final plea from lawyers representing both sides. aoman finds an unappetizin ingredient in her breakfast food and takes to social media with it. this workweek it's been pretty warm out there as well. seeing a few clouds beginning to stream into south florida. there's a system that's on its way that is going to bring us some major changes for this weekend. i'll have details after the break. we take you downtown. look at this crowd at the ultra music festival. edm.
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>> tens of thousands of people there in bay front park.
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more on t tragedy in tampa when a small plane falls from the sky killing everyone on ard. from our affiliate station there in tampa, they're live from the airport where that plane plummeted. chip? >> reporter: good evening to you keith. i spoke with a witness who lives across the street from the airport. she told me she heard a loud
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aircraft taking off from the airport and one aircraft on the airport property in flames. i spoke with an airport spokeswoman, asked her about a secondary aircraft involved. when firefighters arrived on scene just minutes after the crash, the twin engine cessna was engulfed in flames. >> made access onto the property and started to effect firefighter procedures. it was not a very large fire at the time. it was very easy to get under control. then we proceeded with a search for any victims in the surrounding areas. it was confirmed that we did have two people that were deceased within the wreckage of the aircraft.. >> reporter: the plane that crashed was a cessna 340, similar to the one pictured here. an aircraft capable of holding a pilot and five passengers. the crash happened shortly after 11:30 at peter o. knight airport.
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communicate with a tower when taking off or landing. they generally communicate with each other on a common frequency. >> we have general aviation airports. peter o. knight is one of them. vander vanderburg is one of them. we do coorol these airports. but when there's a plane crash, faa is the one that investigates the crash. >> reporter: investigators spent several hours at the scene taking picture and trying to figure out what caused this aircraft to go down. in the end, ntsb and faa are investigating the cause of this crash. most of the investigators have left the scene for the evening. authorities have yet to release the names of those who died in that plane crash. reporting live in tampa, i'm chip. nbc 6 news. new tonight, jury deliberations are under way in
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hogan is sng gawker media here in florida for $100 million. in 2012, gawker posted a video of hogan having sex with the wife of his then best friend. he says the video was a violation of privacy. gawker claims it is protected under the first amendment. an unsavory ingredient inside of a honey bunches of oats cereal box. a woman found insects in her breakfast food. she called keologgs's to complain. they asked her to send them the box to determine if the insects were already there or got into
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we definitely had a warm workweek. the highn miami today was 89, almost reaching the record of 90 degrees that was set back a few years ago. definitely has been a warm and dry start to our march. we're already halfway through and the workweek was a beautiful one. as you can see behind me, our live first alert radar looking good. our changes are headed our way just in time for the weekend. let's jump right in. things looking pretty good right now. keep in mind that overnight and into tomorrow we could begin to see a few of those changes. taking a look at the weather headlines. temperatures will remain well aboveeaverage. they did so today and they'll continue to be that way for this weekend, but there is a cold front that continues to approach south florida. thas going to bring us some major weekend changes. once that cold front clears our area, we're expecting more changes for the start of this upcoming workweek. we're still warm. 84 degrees right now in miami. 83 ft. lauderdale. 88 degrees in the opa-locka area.
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89 grees. as i mentioned before, the record was 90 degrees, so we almost tied that record. take a look at what's going on right now. there is a stationary front that remains across the mississiii valley. under it still the very dede southerly wind pumping in the moisture. as this continues to approach, it could cause some thunderstorms strong to severe across portions of the mississippi valley. in the meantime for us, the southern half of our sunshine state looking pretty od. now entering portions of northern flida. that goes for the panhandle as well. tomorrow earlyorning we could wake up to a few isolated showers near coastal areas. most mostly cloudy skies early tomorrow morning. we could see a break in the clouds. partial sunshine that will allow temperatures to warm up. we'll see a surge of moisture
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that could bring some isolated showers in the forecast throughout the early afternoon into the evening. unfortunately, it may stick around for most of the evening hours and especially for the second half of the weekend. you want to have those umbrellas handy for tomorrow. we'll start off in the lower 80s. a slight chance overnight lingering into the morning hours. we'll wake up to mostly cloudy skies, but then we could see some breaks in the clouds. weare expecting showers to remain in the forecast tomorrow and especially into sunday with a chance of thunderstorms, especially with that cold front swinging through sunday into sunday night. behind that system, i mentioned those changes. take a look at temperatures. highs only reaching into lower 70s with overnight lows monday and tuesday back into the upper 50s andnd low 60s. definitely have those umbrellas handy this weekend.
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the most popular colors for clothing are either black or white, but they can be tough to keep looking good. consumer reports experts have advice on how to give your blacks and whites some staying power. black and white clothing is classic and stylish. black dyes can fade if you're not careful and whites can turn dingy gray.
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to. >> when you do wash them, wash them with dark clothes of similar fabric and use the short cycle. >> reporter: using cold water helps. never put black clothes in the dryer. instead ke them inside out and hang the clothes to dry. lastly, never dry black clothing in the sun. when it comes to white clothing, one big culprit is grain. soil from dirty clothing transferring in the washing machine. use the white amount of tergent, wash your white clothes separately, and what about bleach? >> only use chlorine bleach on 100% cotton. >> reporter: for fabric blends
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oxygen cleaner like oxy clean or something generic. one other complaint about white clothes that they turn yellow. try soaking the clothes overnight in a mixture of warm water in an oxygen cleaner, then wash as usual. >> good to know. the news at5:30 continues next. a destructive wake-up call for residents after a car plowed through their building. i'm sharon lawson. new cases of zika here in south florida prompting lawmakers in washington to kick it intooigh gear in hopes of coming up with a solution somehow.
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flocking to now on 6, rude awakening. a driver p powed through an apartment building in northwest miami-dade trapping drivs inside. good evening. the driver tried to walk away from the scene, but didn't get all that far. >> residents telling nbcbc6 this isn't the first time something like this has happened. sharon lawson live with case
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>> reporter: definitely a case of deja vu and a close call for residents after a car rashed into this building. the driver won't find herself behind the wheel of a car soon. she found herself on a violent collision course crashing head-on with this apartment building. >> it happens so often. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: pearl dear was shaken, but luckily not hurt after being trapped inside. >> i heard the boom. when came out trying to open the door, i couldn't openhe door. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a vehicle has plowed into her home. >> the way it came in i was luckck it didn't come in my apartment. >> reporter: six months ago, two men were hospitalized after careening into the building's staircase.
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the hospital and then jailed to face some serious charges. meantime for the complex owners -- >> we've been here 28 years. we've never had anything li this happen. now twice within a six-month time frame. >> how upsetting is it that you have to go through this again? >> very. it is very upsetting. it's scary that it keeps happening. >> reporter: and back out live now. ree families displaced staying with family and friends in the meantime right now. they don't know when they'll be allowed to go back into their homes. reporting live in northeastwest miami-dade, i'm sharon lawson. new details about a deadly confrontation in hialeah last night. a second victim involved in a murder-suicide has died from her


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