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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thunderstorms tokick off early this afternoon. we're still in the 80s, 86 in miami. we're still seeing very warm, humid temperatures across much of broward county. 84 in fort lauderdale and 85 in the pembroke pines aaa. as keith mentioned, we have a severe thunderstorm waching, not warning, a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for offshore waters from deerfield bea into ocean reef, in effect untiti 9:00 p.m. tonight. taking a look at the last few hours, you can see all the shower and thunderstorm activity really swinging through broward county. lots of lightning embedded within those thunderstorms. overnight, mostly cloudy skies. that will stick around. and of courseisolated showers. no doubt it's been active and the weather catching many beachgoers off guard. our team coverage conditions with stephanie bertini, live in
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fort lauderdalele hi, stephanie. >> reporter: we found some damage left behind on the beach. we've learned from people this is what's left over from a small boat after the intense rains hours ago. this is video sent to nbc 6 news from a lifeguard working on the beach. you can see a possible water spout, you see how intense the water is. you can see some wind in that cellphone video that was sent to us here in fort lauderdale. as erika mentioned, a severe thunderstorm watch in place until 9:00 p.m. however, right now, back out here live, you're looking at people, my,y, people, hi, guys, walking along the beach. it is overcast but people say that won't affect them being outside because it's warm, not
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we'll be out here throughout the evening to see if intense weather comes down in this area. stephanier about ber tintinibertini, nbc 6 news. >> check out our nbc 6 weather app for the latest news and weather. police are on the hunt for a person who shot someone on the corner of northwest 14th street and 28th avenue. family identifies him as 28-year-old damien jackson. his sister says they saw him lying down on the ground. he leaves behind a young daughter and a prereant girlfriend. >> there was a lot of people out here just a few minutes ago. i don't know who could have done it. >> bso detectives have not released information on possible suspects at this point. if you have any information, call broward crimestoppers. 954-439-tips.
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mourning the tragic death of an nfl player, tray walker. the baltimore ravens star died after a dirt bike crash. coach john harbaugh released a statement saying, may he rest in the peace of christ jesus forever. tray walker was critically injured thursday night when his dirt bike collided. the motorcycle had no headlights and walker's agent confirmed for us he was not wearing a helt. the ravens cornerback was a former northwestern miami football player. ariver went on a wild crash course on northwest 50th street and 12th avenue near charles hadley park. the car plowed into an empty bus bench. the driver died at the scene. it's unclear what caused the
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a school musician ends a night with friends on a sad note. their pricey instrument is stolen. gregory fallkenstein says somebody took off with his viola. he said earlier that night he performed in a concert. he says it's worth $40,000. >> they just took my le from me. i'm devastated. i don'have any words. >> the viola has a label inside the case that reads serial number 8232. if you have any information, call miami-dade crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. finishing touchesnder way in havana, cuba right now ahead of president obama's historic
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cubans say they are hopeful as they await the arrival. nbc 6 i everywhere. jackie nespral and jawan strader are in the island nation. >> reporter: we are in havana, thth is our second day here, for the historic presidential visit, the first time in 90 years a sitting american presidentas visited the island. he will be here with his wife, daughters, and mother-in-law. >> reporter: we're starting to see a whole lot, this is my first time visiting the island, and off to my right over here, a beautiful sight and a plate for love birds. >> reporter: it is a place for love birds and also a place for groups to come and hang ou
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to gi you a little perspective, this is the@ site of the sinking of the main. if you look above jawan's shoulder, you'll see the national hotel. that is iconic, one of the oldest hotels in cuba. >> reporter: getting back to the president's visit, though, jackie, the president is expected to land on the island and hit the ground running. president obama will arrive here first at cuba's national cathedral in old havana, where he'll meet with cardinal ortega, who played a crucial role in normalizing relations between america and cuba. many remember this palace as the cuban white house of sorts. president obama will be here meetiti with raul castro and then will return with the first lady for a state dinner. on tuesday president oma will be here at the national theater
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to the cuban people. the cuban government will be listening closely to what the president has to say. but not as closely as the people of cuba, who are hoping that the president will address some of their concerns from the first sitting president to visit the island in almost years. and the president's final stop here at the stadium in havana, where the president will take in a gameetween the tampa bay rays and the cuban natitial team. final preps are under way as they get ready for the b game. you're seeing right there the generators. and jackie, it's also important to note that the president plans on meeting with dissidents on the island. no date or time has been set for that meeting. >> reporter: it will be interesting to see that meeting. we've seen an increase in tourists here in havana. the cuban government is reporting in the until the month of marcrc they've seen 1.6
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we'll talk to the owner of a restaurant in havana. >> reporter: looking forward to thad, jackie. we'll be back out here at 11:00. now back to you in the studio. >> guys, thanks very much. one of president obama's biggest critics, marar rubio released a statement which reads," this is an obama presidential trip whose ultimate results will beiving away legitimacy and money to an anti-american regme that acts against our values every single day." the senator goes on t t criticize every stop he makes in cuba. he calls the trip, quote, naive and misguided. the u.s. is warning of the risk of zika in cuba. the president says the virus is not a factor in his travel plans.
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a specific mosquito and is believed to carry a particular risk for birth defects. live streaming coverage of the president's trip begins tomorrow on the nbc 6 news and weather app. check out the "cuba crossroads" section. a deadly plane crash in southern russia. investigators are searching for the cause. experts are saying weather was likely a factor. a flydubai jet with people on board nose dived, exploded into a giant fireball while trying to land in high winds. several planes had trouble landing at the airport at the time of the crash. one gave up and diverted to another airport. crews continue to scour an airfield there for bodies. thth flight data recorders have been found. ahead on 6, major highway
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arrests made as hundreds of protestors take to the streets in hopes of putting a stop to donald trump. >> reporter: thousands of men and women of various backgkgunds are one step closer to becoming citizens. plus cleanup under way on
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protestors target trump. the stop trump movement is very much alive and in full force. thousands of protestors took to the streets to protest the presidential hopeful. in arizona, trumpp was holding a rally. in new york, demonstrators gathered in columbus circle amid a heavy police presence. a mad dash in miami today, hundreds lining up to get naturalized so ty can have their say come this november election. nbc 6 repoer erika glover was at marlins park today as many took their first step in the path to citizenship. >> reporter: thousands of men and women of various backgrounds are packing marlins parkor their chance at citizenship. those we spoke with earlier say when it comes time to vote in november, for the next president, they'll be ready. the path to united states citizenship is tedious but rewarding. >> we've been here since about 8:00. >> i've seen so many people
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>> reporter: for more than 1500 aspiring citizens at marlins park, this saturday is picture perfect timing. >> absolutely. we don't know if we're filling out the directly, where to go for legal advice. >> reporter: about 600 trained volunteers with the miami to americans campaign are doing their part to ensure legal residents overcome citizenship obstacles. >> there's a lot of legalese and it's expensive to file. >> reporter: people are registered and meet with experienced volunteers to review the required documents to make sure there's nothing in their past toto hinder their application. the final step is a seal of approval from immigration lawyers. applicants can also pick up udy materials and register for english and citizenship classes. >> for people would are on
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certain income threshold, the u.s. government will waive their fees. >> reporter: organizerssay every election here, applications increase. and this year is no different. can vote. >> we need a better president. we don't want donald trump. democracy. counts. >> if we go out there and advocate and make our votes count, it will make a difference. >> reporter: volunteers say it typically takes five or six months after they mail out their applications before everything is finalized. erika glover, nbc 6 news. it's been a bu start to the weekend. we started the weekend relatively quiet. if you stepped out early this morning, felt the humidi in the air, you saw the clouds, you felt the warmth. and now we saw the thunderstorms
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our live first alert radar, things a looking much better than they were an hour ago. the majority of the thunderstorm activity moving offshore over the atlantic waters. you'll see showers and thunderstorms pushing further into the atlantic waters. the atmosphere still remains very unstable, and still very warm. and the moisture is in place, so of course we're not ruling out howers and thunderstorms kicking up within the next few hours, overnight and into tomorrow. the severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect for only broward county. that will remain in effect until 9: p.m. conditions are very favorable for any thunderstorms to kick up at any given time. looking outside in fort lauderdale, still looking at clouds but good news, things are relatively quiet, the majority of the showers remain offshore. boy, is it warm, 86 degrees in
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lauderdale, mid-80s in opa locka into kendall. the sphere thunderstorm watch is only for broward county until 9:00 p.m. and also offshore front from deerfield beach into ocean reef just east of palm beach. plenty of showers to go around on either side of us over the atlantic waters. plenty more activity over the gulf of mexico. the moisture is present. this is all ahead of a cold front that will slowly but surely continue to creep south in the next 24 hours. it will not clear south florida into sunday night into monday morning. of course conditions will rainfall favorable for shower or thunderstorm activity within the next 24 hours. taking a look hour by hour, here's what you can expect for the rest of the evening. if you have outdoor plans, mostly cloudy skies will stick around. the majority of the showers will remain offshore. you definitely want to have the rain gear handy. download our nbc 6 news and weather app where you'll find
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you'll see where the shower activity remains. we're calling for mostly cloudy skies, waking up tomorrow, a few isolated showers. thunderstorm activity will begin to kick up tomorrow in the afternoon. >> erika, thank you. a live look at downtown miami's park. thousands of people are here for day two of the three-day experience. dozens of famous deejays are performing this year. security has been beefed up as well to ensure the safety of concertgos. several roads are blocked, if you know somebody headed in that area, plan on taking an alternate route or avoid it altogether. miami beach is in cleanup mode again following spring break parties. dozens of volunteers teamed up
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litter left behind by spring break crowds. the crew picked up soda cans and beer bottles. thank you, volunteers. miami advanced to the sweet 16. you'll hear from angel rodriguez. speaking the basketball, the miami heat are back in action
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and the welcome back. the miami hurricanes were the underdogs aggnst 11th seeded wichita state. the contains sure made vegas look pretty bad. miami finished them off 65-57 to advance to the sweet 16. angel rodriguez, incredible for miami. 28 points on 9 of 11 shootings. it wasn't the prettiest game for the contains but the coach knows just how they were able to tough
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>> they are a terrific team. they made a great run at us. eventually took the lead. these guys have great heart. and they really pulled together down the stretch, made some huge plays. >> today i just feel different. i had a really good, really good energy about the team, not about me. and i just seemed to come out on fire. >> we're just getting started with basketball today. lebron james and the cavaliers will return to the aaa tonight for the second time this season. this time former heat number 6 is actually expected to play. last time james opted not to play because of exhaustion from a late night game before. he sat on the bench and watched his cavs lose by double digits. lebron is tired. this time the cavs are on full
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seven of their last ten since acquiring johnson. >> there's not much margin for error for either team. it's competition at its finest. and you not only have to compete at a high level, you also have to play well and make plays under duress. ou probably heard of the spacey sweatshirtiven to the players after each win. the man himselflf kevin spacey, will be at the game. the cats hope h h can be a good luck charm as they take on the red ings. they find themselves back in first time place in the atlantic division, 3 points ahead of the boboton bruins. if that's not enough motivation, the their trademark post game is plenty motivational.
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i know the players enjoy it a lot. as long as you wi they can trade that spacey sweatshirt around. in just a few moments the hurricanes women's team will havtheir first march madness game against florida state. keith? >> thank you, sir. a penguin return to an island off rio de janiero to visit a man he hasn't seen in years. it's an unlikely friendship that started back in 2011. he was covered in oil and the man saved it and nursed it back to health before returning it back to the patagonia breeding grounds. eve year the penguin makes the
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waters and an on this saturday night, charged with murder. the dramatic new details tonight on how the suspect in the deadly paris bombing
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tracked down and captured as the french try to bring him back to face trial. deadly crash. searching for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashes and breaks apart on landing in bad weather killing all 62 people on board. arizona battleground. ahead of tuesday's primary, we are out with the protesters who are blocking traffic and chaining themselves to cars in the ground war to try to stop trump. road less traveled. why so many teenagers are deciding to wait before getting a driver's license. putting off a rite of passage. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters -- good evening, he was europe's most wanted man. today one day after his capture after a four-month service,
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charged with murder. french officials say he played a central role in the planning andogistics but backed out before the first shots were fired. at the same time, new details emerged of how authorities tracked him down and how he got away one last time before he was finally caught. the latest. >> reporter: police are standing guard outside the apartment where abdeslam was captured yesterday. it's along the street there. today, the police have been questioning him. officials say he has been providing answers. charged with participating in terrorist murder, salah abdeslam was transferred in a convoy escted by a police chopper to a high security prison today. shot in the leg in last night's raid, abdeslam is coopering, his lawyer says. admitting driving some attackers to paris


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