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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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interior south florida. here's the cold front we have been anticipating a a little delays but will bring us beautiful weather this afternoon. the showers associated with that front will move offshore and then we transition to sunshine probably by 10:00 t ts morning, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. 're at 65 in ft. lauderdale, and 66 in oakland park and 68 in miami, and a quick chance for a shower and then we transition to sunshine and breezy conditions and cooler than average highs at 71. good morning, ryan, and good morning south florida. still accident free in miami-dade and broward county. we are seeing all green on the first alert traffic maps,, northbound and southbound so that's good news for you. no construction going on in th area. you have a about a 10-minute ride from coral reef drive to tamiami trail, and the 836 now is nice and clear. we did have construction alerts
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nothing to worry about, from the palmetto expressway to i-95, a 9-minute ride ahead of you. golden glades to downtown miami a. 10-minute ride ahead of you. you will see the ex@press lanes flashing zero dollars and zero cents, but that will start on sunday. and 836 drivers from the big curve to the okeechobee road, a 5-minute commute. and then presidint obama meeting the cuban leader on the cuban leader's home turf. >> and they will discuss a lot, and jay gray is live in havana, and a lot of mixed emotions, but very much the same sentiment here in south florida, some
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and others just the opposite. >> reporter: you are absolutely right, breaking that 88-year code of silence between the two countries comes with mixed emotions, especially for many here in the island nation. after a visit to old havana late yesterday including a stop at the famous cathedral, this morning president obama's focus will shift from tourist to a business of a renewed relationship between his country and cuba. the president will lay a wreath at a memorial for the cuban poet's memorial. the white house said the president will be candid about areas of disagreement, including human rights practices.
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as importants the two sides talking again. >> yes, i's a historic trip and it's been 50 years without the rthern american government. >> and they hope the government will take a look. >> i like that he gets to know the country, and our story and country and how beautiful is it, and its touri attraction so he can share it with everybody else. >> reporter: of course travel for americans still very restricted and the state department will not issue a tourists visa for cuba and the trade embargo still in place, and some believe this is the first step towards easing restrictions and relations beteten the two countries. i am jay gray, and back to you, sheli. >> then you have folks on the
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by the time the president arrived tensions running high on theestreets of havana, and several members of the ladies in white arrested. >> you can't report on the relations of cuba without talking about the opposition to the new dissident movement. >> one of the trouble of the situation is that people have great fear to be here and join us in this march because they know what are the outcomes. >> a small church in havana, a small demonstration. >> the obama administration is expected to meet with key members of the opposition movement. >> if the meeting takes place, i will tell to the president obama
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rights and freedoms need to be in the main position on the table. >> they have served prison sentences for their message but fear is not part of their vocab cue . >> they can't scare me anymore. i don't have the capacity of sensing fear. >> he was on a hunger strike that ended with the release of over 100 political prisoners. what will be their message to president obama on tuesday? >> i would like president obama to talk about human rights, freedom of exession, by bipartisanship. >> as i mentioned a few minutes ago, president obama's visit striking a nerve here in little hana.
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commemorating political prisoners and they chose to do it on sunday in solidarity with the ladies in white. >> when obama goes through the streets of old havana with his family, we will be thinking of the countless number of families that were uprooted and separated. >> shortly after local cuban americans protested president obama's visit and called out the importance of human rights, dozens of dissidents in havana were arrested. >> a group of graduate udents from a university will be there for a five-day trip. here you see jackie nespral speaking with the mayor. she will have that story at 11:00. the televised address will take place in the same theater where calvin coolage, the last
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spoke 88 years ago. >> continued coverage starting this morning at 11:00 a.m. and you can see live speci reports and in depth stories from haana, just click on the cuba crossroads section. a 16-year-old will be araraigned in adult criminal court this morning facing murder charges for the d@ath of the first grader last month. he was caught in the cross fire from a fight that stemmed from facebook. two others are also facing charges for that little boy's death. at this hour plantation police are on the hunt for a shooter that open fire at a backyard house party leaving one person dead. nbc 6 reporter, erika glover,
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>> from music and dancing to panic and chaos. >> i heard a couple screams. i heard one shot and then two shots right after. everybody was just running for their lives, honestly. >> the neck thingng know, everybody is like, blocking the street. >> what began as a noise and parking complaint became a death investigatio saturday night. >> they were patting people down to get in and then this happened. >> for 5 bucks guests to join in on the house party advertised in this house fire. >> there was three different parties, in the kiten and then something in the back, and -- >> officers said they were on scene and outside the home when the gunshots rang out inside. >> i sawer bleeding and everything. >> the teen says he hit the for for safety. three women and one man were transported to broward general with gunshot wounds, and police found a 28-year-old deceased in the home.
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everybody was just trying to get to their car but the police wouldn't let us out. >> searching through cars and looking for answers. >>omebody died and it could have been you, you know?w? a new concern after violence erupted as a donald trump event, and something the candidate said is getting strong emotions this morning. and then a college student missing after a freak accident that happened on a caribbean island. skies are mostly cloudy, and it's's cooler start to our monday. 66 ft. lauderdale, and 68 in miami and key west, and temperatures still flling and it looks to be a cool start to the workweek. details on your first alert forecast ahead. and as you make your way out the door on i-95 from flamingo
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and welcome back. what started out at road rage ended up with one man dead and another being investigated. investigators found o man had been shot and the person was taken to broward medical health where he later died. as for the shooter, he did stay ononhe scene. police are trying to figure out how the road rage and shooting started. right now a d@sperate search under way for a local college student missing at sea. she fell into the ocean on
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in st. thomas, and shend her boyfriend were reportedly standing on rocks when she went in. choppy seas made the rescue effort hard. and her boyfriend was rescued but she never came back to the surface. good morning. still watching live first alert doppler as we approach 5:46. shower chances possible for the morning drive, and not overly wet but i don't want you to be caught off guard, the moisture extends from palm beaea county through broward county. let's talk about what we can expect because i will only leave the shower chances in for the first part of our morning.
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we will see how the little ribbon holds together as it slides off to the south and east. live first alert doppler, the only live radar here in south florida keeping it dry in miami-dade county. a quick shower in the parkland area, and nothing to say that is aappreciataable. wide picture here. this lis up very well with where the cold front is, and to clear things out a little bit once we bring the front through, and until 9:00 or 10:00, shower chances in play, and the bulk of the wet weather already out of here. the main concern will turn to clearing skies out and contending with the breeze. showers possible in the morning commute and then we clear out and bring on the sunshine, but we are breezing all day and we are cool today as well. we will talk about that a a well in a moment. we are headed into the 50s
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since late february, and it will be quite a change. here is the breeze, saw stayed breeze, gusts to 25 this afternoon, and temperatures are settling back into the middle and upper 60s. they will still fall as we get throuu the morning hours. as for the rain chances, very narrow window now, and we will clear things out. future radar into the afternoon hours, not worried about any showers revisiting us. a brief window for showers early in the morning commute, and then we are justst breezy, partly sunny and 68. that's it. by the lunc hour, we are up to 71 today, and that's well below average. how about tonight? 56. it was late february we were at 5656 and this is our last shot of cool weather as we round out the winter weather and heading into spring. today is the first full day of spring. 80 on wednesday, and it's brief, mid-80s and humidity back late week with shower chances as well, and for the most part a beautiful start to at least the
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it's 5:48 now, and let's check on traffif with kelly. thank you for joining us. taking a look at the drive, the palmetto expressway getting busy on the southbound lanes of northwest 122nd street. now we have two accidents on the 836, so if you are headed on the 836 eastbound we do have an accident with injuries around the area of northwest 57th avenue blocking one of your lanes, and then another crash on the 836 around northwest 187th avenue, and t`at crash direction still unknown. i will make phone calls for you and see how it will affect your ride, and i will tweet it out and let you know in a couple minutes on air as well. and thingsre looking much better, and your southbound and northbound lanes, this is south of sheraton street, and no delays in all of broward county. turning to politi this
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biden is reassuring a pro israel group the obama administration is standing by its side. during a speech, he praised the an nuclear deal and he said because of it iran is further away from obtaining a nuclear weapon. meanwhile, bernie sanders rallied thousands of supporters in washington state. he spoke in vancouver yesterday to an ethusiastic crowd, and during his speech sanders talked about the americans that don't vote. and today he will continue to campaign on the west coass and there's concern this morning after violence once again erupted at a donald trump campaign event and the concerns specifically is how his campaign and his security staff are responding to these violent protesters. gabe gutierrerereports. >> this weekend the anger boiled over. >> are you pushing me?
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white hood escorted out by police, and another one behind him repeatedly punched and kicked by a man in the crowd, and that protester s ske with nbc's jacob rascon. >> this polical movement got to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. i just got my [ bleep ] kicked. >> it's this video raising more questions, trump's campaign manager grabs the collar of another protesters, and trump strongly defending him. >> security at the arena, the police were a little bit lax and he had signs, they had signs up in that area that were horrendous. i will give him credit. >> last week a reporter from the consvative website bright bart filed a police complaint for assault. >> it's very unusual, unprecedented for a campaign manager to be out in the crowd
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>> ted cruz campaigning in arizona. >> there is now only one campaign in a position to beat donald trump and win the republican nomination. > polls show he trailsrump there and leads in utah getting support from the so-called establishment. >> nobody is going to that convention with enough delegates and at the end, you know why i will get picked? because i can win in the fall. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. this morning the u.s. sending more troops to iraq after a marine killed by an isis rocket when his unit was attacked by rockk fire in northern iraq. other members in that unit were also hurt. they are sending a group of
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the sergeant was t t first u.s. member to be . police ay he was ready to stage more violence. investigators say he had a huge stash of heavy weapons and ammunition and now officials are hoping he will reveal how widespread the threat of isis is in eure. checking the time for you on this mond morning. 5:52. two helicopters involved in a daring rescue in california. and then coming up, the tampa bay rays arrive in havana,
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out to be a five minutes until the top of the hour on your monday. a driver facing a wrong-way dui arrest. she is identified as a 34-year-old woman, a dui officer was on his way home when he realized the vehicle was traveling at him and nearly causing an accident. another officer happened to see the car exiting the highway also going the wrong direction and was able to arrest her for driving under the influence charges. a southern california
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taking a tumble down a canyon. the rescue caught on video and you can see, as los angeles firefighters hoisted the horse to safety, the horse was attached on a harness and blindfolded before being thrown through the air by a helicopter, and then it was back on its feet in non time. they blindfold him so he doesn't see it. >> so he doesn't completely freak out. i am hanging from a helicopter. it's three minutes to the top of the hour, and w are working on more for the next hour of news this morning. nbc 6 on the scene of breaking news. police with crime scene tape surrounding a car in a bank o o america, atm, and our crew talking with police looking for confirmation as to what happened there. we will talk live to them in a couple minutes. showers on the approach to
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morning drive, but what we will see for everybody, a breezy and cooler and brighter forecast. details in just a minute. more news, weather and
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we'll seyou then. he is there, and it's happening, president obama waking up in cuba this morning.
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first full day on the island nation, but thevisit is surrounded with protests. >> many saying cuba has not done engh to earn a presidential visit. >> it's one minute past the top of the hour right now, and nbc 6 has a live crew in havana this morning, and we will check in with them at 6:30 for the latest what the president obama will be doing later this morning, and he has a veryull schedule the next couple of days. but meteorologist, ryan phillips, a hot and humid weekend, but tonight will be cool. >> you won't believe where we are headed in the overnight hours, and after a hot and humid weekend, we have shower chances still in play for the morning comme and transitioning quickly to a cooler, brighter and drier pattern. a thin ribbon of moisture extending from the beach continuing into broward county, and on into collier county.
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moving to the north and east and into palm beach county, and still a clip of shower activity and moving in after 6:30 and 6:45, and few and far in between, not looking for an overly wet day but some of you may run the windshield wipers one or two times. it's marching south of lake okeechobee, and should sweep in by 9:00 or 10:00 and clears out this afternoon and temperatures are still falling. 65 in oakland park and ft. lauderdale. 65 in miami. leveling off at 63, and turning breezy but brighter this afternoon. a forecast high of 71. welcome back to kelly blanco. >> we have a couple accidents on the dolphin expressway other than the dolphin, we are accident free. the two accidents, one on the eastbound lanes of the 836 around northwest 57th avenue,


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