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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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short distance with his diplomatic team to the palace of the revolution where the leaders of cuba and the united states shook hands. mr. obama told castro through an interpreter we had a great tour yesterday, referring t his walk through old havana with his family. a band played both countries national anthems in a moving and poignant ceremony before a closed door meeting between the leaders. president obama and raul castro revealing to the world new details of the restored diplomatic relations. >> this is a new day. this is a nueva dia between our two countries. i made it clear that the united states will continue to speak upp on behalf of democracy, including the right of the cuban people to decide their own
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we'll speak out on behalf of universal hun rights including freedom of speech and assembly and religion. >> reporter: the president addressed the people of cuba and what his trip could mean to them. >> ou goal is one overarched goal, advancing the mutual interests of our two countries, including improving the lives of both our people, cubans and americans. >> a very historic moment there for president barack obama. something we thought w w would never see. >> you're absolutely right. he talked about opening avenu between the u.s. and cuba in business and commerce. we have a live picture as president obama is meeting with some business leaders right now. some companies are wasting no time getting in on the president's loosening of relations. google announced a joint venture to provide internet and smartphone technology for the people.
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lowest rates of internet penetration in the world. google's head of cuban operations spoke about the joint venture. here's what he had to say. >> i think thenergy and the feedback that we're getting from our counterparts in cuba is there is a lot of excitement. >> reporter: travel also a hot topic in the warming of relations with cuba. we're expecting news from carnival any minute now. we'll have those details coming up in our next half hour of news. as of just a few minutes ago, when we checked, there have been no disdents detained today. that was a different story yesterday. the ladies in whitehas a peaceful protest yesterday and many of them were detained as well. another dissident i spoke to was detained for three hours before being released right before our interview with him. >> not only are the protests
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they're also happening in south florida. the cuban exile community still very uppt about the president's visit here to the island n nion. let's check in with steve litz. he is live in havanalittle havana with more. >> reporter: jawan, today those protesters ramped up their effort for obvious reasons. anti-castro and obama protesters used a steam roller to make their point, crushing pictures of obama, highly offended over his visit to cuba. >> i feel betrayed and disgusted by what is going on. >> going to museums and doing all types of tourism stuff. just say i'm going there for tourism reasons. don't say you're going there to make some type of change. >>hy do you want to do
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like the castros? >> reporter: anti-castro protests happen often outside of miami's iconic versailles restaurant in little havana, but today they stepped up their campaign calling president obama a coward, a traitor, even showing him locked in a kiss with president raul castro. protesters we loud but peaceful with plenty of miami police on hand to make sure things didn't get out of hand. lmost everyone here shares in their disdain for the castros and obama, except for another woman. you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's a good idea that obama opened the door to cuba because there are many people suffering in cuba. >> reporter: a lively day here on calle ocho. earlier today, a woman strolled through this area.
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consider a trendy t-shirt. she was not welcome. she was chased ay. little havana, it's become a hot spot for tourists. you had a bus load of tourists show up here. they came to get some cuban food and take in the sights. let's send it back to havana, cuba. we'll continue our team coverage with jackie and jawan. take it away. >> okay. it's funny tourists are going to little havana in miamto eat the cuban food. president obama has loved the cuban food here. let's talk again about the embargo embargo. not all americans share the same sentiment about it. >> that's according to a new poll.
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check in with jewiaulia bagg. >> quote, the embargo's got to go. the latest "new york times" poll shows most americans agree with him. 62% of americans said reopening ties would be mostly good for the unit states. fewer than half of the people surveyed, just 40%, think the effort will lead to more democracy for cuba. overall, nearly 6 in 10 americans support normalizing relations with cuba. the trade ban is a sticking point that cuban leader raul afternoon. he called it the most important obstacle between his country and the u.s. essential. newsroom. now back to havana withackie and jawan. >> thank you. >> thank you, julia. different sentimentnt about the embargo and different sentiments about the normalizion of relations twun the u.s. and
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that's in favor of the normalization is of course mayor philip levine. in a time of firsts for the@ presidential visit to cuba, another first by a south florida mayor, miami beach's leader philip levine traveling to the island. >> incredible the architecture, the smells, the people. you hear music on the streets. i'm excited to go out and interact with the people of cuba. >> reporter: it was fortuitous that his trip coincided with president obama's because i wasn't planned that way. >> i should give the students credit. they initiated this whole idea. they decided they waed to
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to cuba given the change that's been happening. >> reporter: when in rome, in th case havana, he has landed an invitation by the president to tuesday's baseball game. he brought with him miami beach commissioner and the son of the former miami city manager. >> i think it's a visit that's long overdue. having grown up as a cuba in miami and the hostilities between our nations, i think it's time it's this reproachment is occurring. >> reporter: although he has receivedsupport for his trip, he knows criticism will also come. you know you're probably going to get some criticism in south florida because of this visit. what would you say to them? >> i believe in the cuban people.
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cuba and miami. >> he said there's enough tourism to go around. interesting perspective. >> definitely. there's so many stories to tell here, jackie. we're going to have a lot more at 5:30. for jackie nespral, i'm jawan trade strader. we are live in havana, cuba. >> thank you for your coverage. >> our coverage from cuba will continue the next half hour as well. jawan is going to show us a side of cuba that president obama will likely not see during this visit in our 6:00 newscast. laura rodriguez will have more on raul castro's controversial comments concerning political prisoners following his sit-down today with the president. u can get in depth analysis and tweets in havana cuba on nbc
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i'm ari odzer live in downtown miami. the allegations are that that county employee raped a young woman as she left the ultra music festival last night at this metromover platform last niht. a family of a teen is asking for your help. the special circumstances surrounding this search still ahead. an apple announcement. we'll show you what's in store for the next generation of iphones and tablets. a cool change here in south florida. some high clouds behind me here on the live shot of the
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big story of the day and we have some more information tonight on tt breaking news happening now in miami. that's where the family of smen ravel is asking the public's help here toind this missing 13-year-old. she was last seen at 10:30 last night in the area of northwest 17th street and 5th avenue. her family is very concerned because she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. if you have any information that can help find her or you've seen her, call the miami police department. meanwhile police say a tourist in town for this week's ultra music fest was the victim of a sickening crime. >> it hapappened a miami-dade metromover ststion.
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miami with the disturbing details. >> reporter: when the judge in bond court was reviewing the papers on this case, you could hear her mutter under her breath this is why you don't let kids go to ultra. this is what happened last night. a young woman from brazil was extremely intoxicated. shc was trying to get on the park west platfm just a block west of biscayne boulevard when the man who was the maintenance supervisor at this platform took advantage of her state and raped her. ultra is supposed to be all this. >> count 1, $10,000. count 2, no bond. >> reporter: this metromover maintenance supervisor took advantage of an extremely intoxicated participant and raped her. >> it's the worst thing that can happen to a woman. to be raped, that's the worst thing that can happen to them.
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ey're here to visit our country, to enjoy what our country has to offer, and this is what they receive. >> reporter: the young woman came to t ts station after she left ultra. she was so intoxicatat the authorities wouldn't let her on the train platform for her own sasaty. wilt saw an easy target and dragged her into a maintenance room. an officer ca over and knocked on the door and pulled him out. >> he was notot ful dressed with his zipper pulled down. he confessed to the fact that, yes, he did have sexual relations with a white female approximately 22 years of age. >> we shouldn't let our kids go to ultra. >> reporter: this is a case that illustrates what they always say. if you're going to drink, do it in a responsible amount.
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say something if you see something. >> we also need to praise the citizens that were observant, that were aware of their surroundings, that were looking around and knowing what happened and not necessarily stuck in their cell phone world. >> reporter: at this point, we don't know if the young woman has flown back to brazil yet. wilt has been charged with sexually battery on a person who was intoxicated and kidnapping for taking her in that room and locking her in. we're following another incident connected to ultra. a studentrom the university of miami died over the weekend after being rushed to thehe hospital from the music festivalal adam levine was just 21 years old finishing up his last year as a political science major.
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that's coming up in our 6:00 newscast. >> announcer: now first alert weather with chief meteorologist john morales. well, a great day today in south florida. it was very cool. we did have more clouds than i bargained for here, but the sun was able to filter through the clouds. you see we have no rain right now on the first alert doppler radar. here's this holiday everglades park cam. you can see the high clouds above. a little b)t of a patch of blue there. these cirrus clouds don't yield rain, so don't worry about that. a nice day out there in the everglades this afternoon. a little bit chillier than it has been of late technically, today is the first full day of spring. why? because yesterday spring started 30 minutes after midnight. it wasn't technically the first full day of spring.
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the coolest night for tonight since february is what i'm forecasting. temperatures tonight will be in the 50s across south florida. if you like the cool weather, you better enjoy it because the heat and the humidity will be back by this upcoming weekend. current temperature in miami, 65 degrees. look at the dew point readings at this hour. a 32 degree dew point in pompano beach. the air is very dry athis hour. that's reflected in the relative humidity. desert desert-like for south florida right now. your surface map shows the front that came through here well to the southeast of our area. there you see it just coming off the louisisana area. it will dominate our weather for a couple more days. by the time we get to this
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to our area. tempmpratures are going to warm up in quite a hurry as we get closer to the weekendnd a chilly start tomorrow. i'm forecasting 56 degrees in the morning. then 74 in the afternoon. look how quickly the temperatures are going to get into the 80s. even uer 080s by the time we get to friday. if you want to enjoy this great weather, you'll see 63 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 60 degrees by 11:00 p.m. keep in mind o normal low this time of the year is 65. the overnight low 56 degrees. indeed chilly for south florida. tomorrow's high 74. back into the 80s by time we get into wednesday. a pair of eagles adjusting to new life as parents in washington, d.c. their home is inside the national arboretum which is a
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the president and first lady are the first of their scies to nest in this area since 1947. their first baby hatched friday followed by the second one that hatched sunday. you can foolow their movements by the way live at you can check up on their daily activities and see what they're up to. >> that's a beautiful place. it's gorgeous. worth visiting. next on 6, twitter is feeling the love today. >> why the social media site is celebrating and how you can help them do it. that's stil ahead. all new ahead in our 6:00 newscast, a run-in on the road
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hearts are all aflutter or atwitter on twitter today. the social media site celebrates 10 years of concting the world in 140 characters or less. people are celebrating by reposting ttir very first tweets. ten years. >> seems s ke it was yesterday. >> not long, yeah. apple made an announcement today as well about its next generation of iphone and ipad products. >> yeah, they did. mark barger explains. >> we did not expect to be in
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own government. >> reportrt: apple's encryption battle with the fbi was top of mind at the launch today. >> this is an issue that impacts all of us, and we will not shrink from this this responsibility. >> reporter: th comments come on the eve of a showdown in federal court. >> both sdes are kind of protecting tir interests inand in a way protecting the country. >> reporter: tuesdays have traditionally been the day that apple reserved for device announcements. moving it up a day allowed making a case for principle and product including a new four-inch phone. >> lots of people don't like the bigger phones. >> repoer: the new one starts at 399.
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ipad pro and colorful new bands for its apple watch. that serious turn comes in court tuesday. mark barger, nbc news. today's event is seen by most observers in the texe world as a prelude to a fall announcement of a newly designed iphone 7. 7. >> obsolete. >> so is mine. news at 5:30 continues next. >> comg up, live team coverage from cuba. jawan straaer on the ground in cuba showing the struggle of people there on the island. a side of havana president obama will not see. plus, the tampa bay rays
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for a more than half a century the sight of a.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable, but this is a new day. it is nueva dia between our two countries. >> presiden barack obama and raul castro side by side for the first time to talk about the new day in cuba.
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>> the two leaders spoke to reporrs two hours ago following a private meeting. >> nbc 6 news is everywhere. jackie nespral and jawan strader continue our team coverage live from havana, cuba. >> we are live in front of the museum of the revolution right here in the heart of old havana in theenter of the historic district. >> president obama and cuban leader raul castro held a joint news conference here on the island. it was awkward at times, but they discussed everything to diplomacy to democracy and political prisoners and donald trump. >> for nbc 6, jay gray has more on this history making meeting.
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first full day in cuba began in revolution square as he laid a wreath at one of the nation's most important monuments, the statue of jose marti. then he went to the revolution palace. one of the most stunning sights and sound of this historic trip. president obama hand over heart as a cuban band played america's national anthem. following a brief review of the troops, the leaders moved behind closed doors for bilateral talked described as productiviv by president obama. >> for more than half a century, the sight of u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. but this is a new day.


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