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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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first full day in cuba began in revolution square as he laid a wreath at one of the nation's most important monuments, the statue of jose marti. then he went to the revolution palace. one of the most stunning sights and sound of this historic trip. president obama hand over heart as a cuban band played america's national anthem. following a brief review of the troops, the leaders moved behind closed doors for bilateral talked described as productiviv by president obama. >> for more than half a century, the sight of u.s. president here in havana would have been unimaginable. but this is a new day.
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>> reporter: the men discussed a wide range of topics, including human rights, easing travel restrictions restrictions, and the trade embargo that's been in place for more than 50 years. >> and the sanctions we have on cuba are stricter than anything we have anywhere in the world. think about that. that's amazing. >> reporter: amazing or incredible, words you hear quite a bit during this historic visit. there's a state dinner this evening. then tomorrow president o oma will address the cuban people during an historic speech broadcast live on state-run television here. jay gray, nbc news. trump. was mentioned in that news conference todday. when asked who does he prefer llary clinton or donald trump, the u.s.
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politics because y yterday president obama received two negative tweets from two republican hopefuls. of course, ted cruz and donald trump. today he receive a positive tweet and that's from the democrat, bernie sanders, saying i applaud president for traveling to cuba and moving relations between our two countries into a new era. >> you see where he's traveled so far. everything looks really nice. the r roads are paved and everything else, but he has not gone into the real cuba that some say is there. we spoke with a family who talked about theher everyday struggles with life. driving through cuba, you see paved roads and what l loks like clean streets and well kept neighborhoods. maybe a different image the cuban government wanted to portray for the president on his visit to the island, but this is the other side. a wake-up call for some, a reality for many here.
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conditions. their homes made of crumbled brick, rotted wood, and bathrooms you wououdn't see in an americananrison. he welcomed us into his home and introduced us to his family. they struggle to live day-to-day on about $30 a month. sabina says what i can tell you here is a pair of shoes is very expensive. worker's minimum salary is 800 pesos. it's not enough to buy a pair. other areas of their small community split up into several homes made of aluminum panels and wood planks. and if you lived on the second floor, that meant climbing a broken ladder to get to your home. inside the conditions just as
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this is the bathroom right here. this is pretty much the kitchen along with a room. somebody is sleeping right now. the roof on many of these homes with little protection from the weather. here's a look from above that gives y a better idea of just how small and unsafe tse homes are. many of the cubans here still have their faith. the outside of this door reads spanish god protect our home. but despite the struggle, many here are still joyful, happy about life, family, and someing they always carry with them, hope. hope is what they believe president obama brings to the cuban people on the island. >> translator: yes, i believe it. i think he will change this life we're living. >> reporter: and you're going to hear a l more from that woman right there who talked about the hope coming up at 6:00 and what
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and his visit here to the island natqon. >> it's such an important story to tell. president obama pcticing his spanish. we heard him say nueva dia. he also said we have to move forward in spanish. he also said he's excited about the baseball game tomorrow between tampa bay and the cuban nationals. that will do it for us. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. nbc 6's juua bagg joins us live in the studio witit mre on that. >> their arrival met with tears. the cuban native hadn't seen his
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defected to the u.s. three years ago. this is the first game between a u.s. team and the cuban national team since 1999. back then the baltimore orioles came to town and beat the home team 4-2. >> i'm looking forward to seeing fans here and how they react. >> reporter: the game happens tomorrow. president obama and president raul castro will both be in the stadium for it. new cruises to the island could be approved within days to get you there. we're expecting a major announcement on that any minute now. meanwhile british liners already sail to the island. carnival cruise lines is expected to dock there in may.y. it will soon be easier to send money to cuba. western union is joining the list of companii looking to do more business in cuba. soon it will begin processing remittances from other countries
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it's not known when that service will begin. live in the studio, julia bagg, nbc c news. check this out. a controversial piktdcture from cuba trending on social view 6. he was a notorious revolutionary who fought with raul castro. >> you can get in depth alysis on the nbc 6 news and weather app. deputies say 22 migrants were intercepted in the waters just off key west. the group was dropped off by smugglers. they appear to be in good condition. migrants that don't make it to u. soil are sent back to cuba. a search is under way for a
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let's send it to marissa bagg for the very latest. any update on her whereabouts? >> reporter: as of right now, police are just trying to get the word out in this neighborhood about this missing 13-year-old girl. thth main concern is according to her family she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. a very hard time for them right here, but let me show you what's going on in the park across the street. you see police. they've been meeting with people and passing out fliers. we're here in town park in miami. we now know the florida department of law enforcement is involved in the search for this runaway girl. now investigators say 13-year-old jasmen ravel was last seen at her apartment home right next to this park right around 10:30 last night. she was wearing pink pajamas and striped bottoms. she is about 5'1" with dark braided hair. according to police, her family says she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, so they are
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at this time, she is bng labeled an engaged juvenile. again, police have been talking to neighbors, passing out fliers for seral hours this afternoon, hoping somebody can lead them to some information o o where she is. if you have information on her whereabouts, you are urged to call 911. that's the later here in miami. nbc 6 news. new tonight, an armed suspect who targeted a man at a drive-thru atm is on the run tonight. it happened at a bank of america atm. a 22-year-old man was trying to withdraw money when the criminal approached him with a knife and demanded his cash. it's n n known if the thief made off with any money. still to come, congressional congressional -- will
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up to donald trump? a teen pilot blacks out moments before a crash landing. how he survived. a joyride in a cement trck. see the wild police chase just ahead. so cool today in south florida. temperatures really dropped. tonight will be the coldest
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then it warms up now on tonight's decision debrief, donald trump is in
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he's duelling with hillary clinton in rival speecheheabout israel. the gop frontrunner is trying to unify the republican that for better or worse trump has torn apart. >> reporter: good evening here at the aipac meeting in downtown washington. the pro-israel lobbng group. it's trump versus clinton in public. trump strategized about his party's problems behind osed doors. last time trump tried was september. since then, he's won the most primaries and delegates. with trump todayere his few control congressional supporters, newt gingrich and bob livingston. >> let's have a victory this time around. >> reporter: trump later said the same thing warning his party's establishment. >> if people want to be smart, they should embraceehis
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if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they're doinggow and t t republicans are going to go down to a mass massive loss. >> reporter: he speaks today at aipac, the pro-israel organization where there's worry about tmp's demeanor. his call to ban muslims, calling micans criminals. >> in those nine months all i've heard is hatred. i don't want to listen to anymore. >> reporr: rabbi david with others planned a walkout. at aipac this morning hillary clinton slammed trump for waffling on israel. >> wet need steady hands. not a president who says he is neutral on monday, pro-israel on tuesday, and who knows what on wednesday because everything is negotiable. >> reporter: sounding like a preview of the fall campaign.
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donald trump whether he could win in a fight in the fall against clinton. a young pilot calls on his training to save two lives when forced to make an emergency landing. this was in kansas. a 17-year-old doesn't remember landing the plane after clipping a tree at a w@chita golf course over the weekend. he managed to crawl out with a broken nose and cheekbones. his 18-year-old girl has a concussion and minor scrapes. they're both alive because instinct kicked in when the engine died out. >> my instructor and i always talk about what happens if your engine fails. we'e' going to pick a spot and land there. that's kind of what happened. you pick a spot and you make it there. >> he did it. 17-year-old christian is a certitied pilot and had saved up some money to rent themall
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spring break. faa still investigating what caused the plane's engine to just conk out. quite the pleasant day here in south florida. there was some shower activity very early in the day left over as the front was moving through, but right now a first alert doppler radar doesn't show any precipitation. we have seen a lot of high clouds today. you'll take a look outside here on the holiday everglades cam. youuan see some of the clouds out there filtering the sunshine throughout the day. it is 65 right now miami. and that is well below normal. this time of the year our temperatures normal reach 80 to 18 degree 81 degrees. that's how cool it is in south florida..%
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60 in key west. 59 degrees in key largo. that's certainly chilly. metro dade county, 53. 56 in miami. for broward, you can expect double nickels in weston. 58 degrees at pompano beach. 57 for ft. lauderdrde. this will be a chilly night. if you like the chillier mperatures, well, you better enjoy them because it's going to warm up in quite a hurry. by the time we get to the end of is workweek, it's going to be hot and humid. enjoyt for the time being. this evening if you want to be out and about, you can expect temperatures in the lower 60s all the way through 11:00 p.m. no rain. dipping into the 50s once we get past the midnight hour during the overnight. for tomorrow, we wake up to just a few clouds.
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temperatures 55 to 59 degrees as far as our low temperatures are concerned. tomorrow morning some clouds start to come in off the ocean. future tracker picks up on a couple of spopoy showers hitting the upper florida keys. the chance of rain tomorrow is near nothing. should be a pretty niceday. mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. more sunshinee tomorrow than today. the threat tracker tomorrow, due to rip currents in the area, will be yellow. keep that in mind. that risk at the beaches for tomorrow. jump ahead to the weekend. first look at these hoi temperature -- high temperatures for the weekend. the overnight lows probably no o less than 75. it's going to be warm. it's gogog to be humid too. a chance of showers saturday and sunday. a full look at the seven-day forecast so you can plan accordingly for the rest of this
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back to you. the miami hurricanes are doing its part to make sure south florida becomes a basketball town. they're now in the sweet 16, just four wins from a national championship. >> reporter: exciting times here at the u. the miami hurricanes basketball team has advanced to the sweet 16 of the ncaa tournament for the fourth time in their history. all that's standing in their way is a matchup with villanova on thursday. the canes are looking to make history this week, but just like their secocod round game they're the underdogs. this time against the second seeded wildcats. >> once again, they haves losing. that's another chip whave on our shoulder. today starts the preparation for another good team. >> reporter: miami is battle tested.
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>> we had so many good players and teams in our league this year that every game was a major challenge no matter who you were facing. >> reporter: coach l. is a big reason for the success. the experience of getting his former team george mason to the final four serves a confidence for his team. his relationship with the players has always been the same. >> really try to remain cool, calm, and collected on the sideline as much as possible. although`xhere are occasions when i don't do that. but relating to the kids, i've always had that what i would describe that youthful enthusiasm and p psion for the game. >> reporter: coach larranaga's team traveling tomorrow to louisville, kentucky. their very fst game of the sweet 16. nbc 6 news. deer in danger.
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back to shore a deer and yearling. thee deer were merely t small heads in the ocean. they appeared fatigued and disoriented from trying to fight the waves in the ocean. crews coaxed them back to dry land and to safety. >> who knew they could swim. we've seen some pretty wiwi police chases, but nothing like this. >> a h hot pursuit of a cement truck. why this mall easter bunny went bananas on a customer. all new tonight at 6:00, two
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the new video of a kid who is cementing his reputation as a daredevil rider from a young age. there he goes. celllphone video shows the 11-year-old driving a stolen cement truck. yes, a cement truck in minnesota. police say the child swiped the
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then swiped an officer with a truck while cuttiti through yards. officers did manage to catch up to him before he could hurt anyone and himself. >> he drove ararnd in town here. i bet you i've seen him six or seven different times. >> he was hauled off to a juvenile detention center. this easter bunny delivers blows. the costume character in a furry fistfight. this is unbelievable to see here. >> now it all happened at a busy new jersey mall. here's ida segal. >> reporter: there is a new east easter bunny at the newport, new jersey mall today. >> i was just disappointed to see that type of bemaifhaveior is
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>> reporter: this is cell phone video of an easterr bunny brawling with a parent and the ensuing chaos when mall security tried to break it up. >> >> you have to have patience for that dealing with kids. >> reporter: the 1-ye-old slipped and fell. her father was not happy and started to verbally and physically attack the man in the bunny costume. he fought back. mall security tried to hold the bunny back,, but he broke free. then came back stripping mor of his costume off and going in for another swing at the irate father. >> i think they should do a good job of vetting i out more in terms of people applying for this. >> yeah. >> you want to be secure and safe. >> reporter: the company that runs the easter bunny event said this in a statement today. we'll continue to investigate this incident and take appropriate action. in the meantime, we are cooperating with the police
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other employees to fill the role of bunny. >> i'm sure the security is going to be up totay. >> but you're confident there won't be a repeat incident today? >> well, hope not. >> the man in the costume and the father@were both arrested on aggravated assault and disorderly conduct charges. unbelievable. >> the easter bunny. >> rabid rabbitit that'll do it for the news at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere. more news straight ahead. it's a sight many thought they'd never see. president obama and cuban leader raul castro kick off their official talks with a handshake at the palace of the revolution. >> we have a half a century of work to catch up on. >> both men vowing it is a new day. the two countries are planning to move forward with a renewed relationship. >> but back at home, many in the
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community are angry saying the re-e re-established ties ignore human rights abuses in cuba. >reporter: historic handshake. cuban leader raul castro welcoming president obama to the palace of the revolution before each leader stood at attention for their country's respected anthems. good evening, everyone. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. we're live right now in front of the museum of the revolution in the heart of old havana. this is the historic district. >> the two presidents held talks a short distance from revolution square. raul's brother fidel held many rallies there. a difjerent tone today. it's hard to overstate the historic feelingoday in havana, cuba, as the sitting
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meets with cuban leader raul castro. president obama started his public schedule with a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of beloved cuban liberator jose marti. mar marti is known as the apostle of cuban independence when cuba gained independence from spain. while inthere, the media surrounded the commander and chief in a scene rarely seen in modern american politics. then president obama walked a short distance with his diplomatic team to the palace of the revolution where the leaders of cuba and the u.s. shook hands. mr. obama told castro thrgh an interpreter we had a great tour yesterday, referring to his walk through old havana with his family. a band then played both country's national anthem in a moving and poignant ceremony before a closed door meeting between the leaders. from the c cosed door meeting to a news conference with president
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to the world new details of the restored diplomatic nations. >> this is a new da this is nueva dia between our two countries. >> reporter: the president addressed the humum rights issues many in t t exiled community have been waiting to hear about. >> i made it clear that the united states will continue to speak up on behalf of democracy, including the right of the cuban people to decide their own future. we'll speak out on universal human rights. >> reporter: the president addressed the people of cuba and what his trip could mean to them. >> our growing engagement with cubas guided by one goal, advancing the mutual interests of our two countries. >> reporter: as you saw in those talks, they discussed several issues from diplomacy and democracy to the embargo and political prisoners. people in both countries listening intently to what happened today because it could change the course of history


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