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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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winds will shift to the northeast today, that will bring in atlantic clouds to ourur skies. but for the time being, the emphasis as sheli mentioned, 58 in opa-locka. dry and partly cloudy, mostly sunny. temperatures below average. first alert forecast high suny skies at 74. >> good morning, south florida. through for joining us this tuesday morning. we are accident free in miami-dade and broward county. dark and early out there. these are your southbound and northbound lanes around the area of northwest 79th street. we had construction around the area of. the express lanes blkd off until 5:30. once they open up, they will be 50 cents.
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expressway to 95, a nine-minute ride. we have the ramps around northwest 45th blocked off westbound and eastbound. if you're heading out the door southbound fromhe big curve to okeechobee road, a five-minute commute ahead of you. time is 4:31. president obama waking up in cuba once again this morning following his first meeting with cuban leader raul castro s@nce diplomatic ties were first established. >> the preside and first lady attend add state dinner at the revolutionary palace. jay gray has a preview of what's on the agenda for today. >> reporter: president obama and the first family ended their first fufl day in cuba at a state dinner hosted by raul castro. a friendly celebration after tension earlier during talks at the revolutionary palace. castro blasting the trade embargo and u.s. social olicies.
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inconceivable that the government does not ensure the right to health care, education, equal pay. >> reporter: the president pushing back, calling for open dialogue about human rights violations" >> in the absence of that, it will continue to be a powerful irritant irritant. >> reporter: later today the president will addreses cubans broadcast liven state television and also hearing concerns from dissidents before ending his historic visit by taking on a baseball game. this morning we're still waiting to see if raul castro will release prisoners on that island, based on earlier comments he made yesterday that there are no political prisoners in cuba.
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in little havana. a lot of people in little havana not pleased with that remark. >> not at all. raul castro asked eric and at least 2,000 delivered. one with 47 names, the other with 51 names of those political prisoners. their status still unclear, but all this response to a clearly agitated raul castro during that historic meeting. castro saying what political prisoner. tell me a name or names when asked by the american journalist. we start with the president of the former organization saying thousan have been arrested in cuban since 1959. >> it's a joke. it's a very black humor joke to say there are no political prisoners in cuba. >> that feeling there the feeling of many. after the joint news conference
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would give castro a list of the political prisoners to which he responded that the u.s. has donn so in the past but cuba has only engaged regularly. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> some companies wting no time when it comes to warming of relations. google announced a joint venture with cuban artist gao chow. he first began offering free wi-fi to studio two years ago t. country still has one of the lowest rates in the world. here is what google's head of cuban operations said aboutut e joint venture. >> i think that the energy and the feedback that we're getting from our counterpar in cuba is there's a lot of excitement about expansion.
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it appears carnival recently got approved from the cuban government to make the vyage. the ship will sail from the u.s. to cuba and particularly miami starting may. >> the thawing off relations between the united states and cuba is due to the intervention of the catholic church in large part. we followed the visits of pope francis to cuba. jackie nespral and juwan strader are in cuba continuing coverage with a look at the church's role on that island nation. >> reporter: the catholic church in cuba which for decades was silenced has come back strong. the bishop is second in command. >> translator: politics has a major role but we can't look at politics for change because even though politics is important,
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this world in a fternal way. >> reporter: the president and his family on friday night went to visit the cardinal in havana's cathedral. >> translator: i consider this a positive step. president obama has been courageous to break the circle. >> reporter: after 40 years serving incuba and 20 as cardinal, he's said to be stepping down. the bishop is a possible replacement to lead not only the 6 million catholics on the island. at a massive mass on friday night, he sits to the cardinal's 4re69. i asked the bishop about t possibility of becoming cardinal. >> translator: that sun predictable. god will tell and then i'll tell you. >> reporter: we had an opportunity to aend palm sunday mass. i've got to tell you the bishop knew almost every single parishioner in that church. there were hundreds, standing
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you can tell he is be loved in havana. >> our nbc 6 news and weather app is your source for everything you need to know abt the president's historic visit. you can see the entire list of political prisoners with michael spears, lots of videos and articles from this historic couple of days in havana, cuba. >> breaking news we're following out of brussels, eay reports into the newsroom, explosions at the airport. a few seconds ago we found out there have been reports of even morexplosions in a subway. we understand the metro system in brususls is being shut down. reports of three explosions at three different stations. nbc still has not been able to confirm how many explosions in total and what type. social view 6 showing some of what is happening. casualties have been reported. we don't have an exact number at this point. officers say it's too early to
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the threat level for the country has been raised to the maximum level. recently one person was taken into custody in connection with the paris terror attacks in brussels. another manhunt r another man. >> because we're talking about the metro system we know a lot of people impacted. information in terms of tweets, a lot of video and information should be coming out within the xt couple minutes. we also do know that nbcews in new york has been putting together as much information as they possibly can. let's see what they have to say. once again, multiple explosions reported in brussels outside the airport. let's listen to what we know so farr. >> -- smoke at the very least at possibly as many as three metro stations in brussels. the metro has been closed down there.
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acrossesque laters, at leastt one injured person outside a metro station brussels, close to the eu headquarters. this is now looking like a coordinated attack of some sort, first the two explosions at the airport -- potentially two explosions at the airport and pictures on social media, passengers getting off the trains, blocking -- we have no confirmation yet on exactly what's happened inside, but we do know there are reports of some sort of explosion there and possibly people injured. kelly cobiella, thank you so much. i know you're in transit. we're getting word that david cameron, the prime minister has tweeted that he says he is shocked and concerned by these
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help. word coming from david cameron. the ramifications, the shock waves which shapg now from brusss. obviously this is an explosion at the airport initially which happened at the beginning of the day just after 8:00 local time as people were getting into the airport, into the international section of the brussels airport. apparently there were two explosions in departure hall number one. there was shattered glass. we do have confirmation that one person has been killed. we do not have anymore information on how many people have been wounded. we've been seeing pictures of the other thousands of people who have been at the airport that have been m med out of the terminals, they are on the tarmac. people from certain flights landing have been also diverted out to the tarr mack. at this point flights have been canceled from brussels.s. they're trying to keep people away from the airport.
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there were reports of smoke possibly coming from the shoeman subway area which is near an eu building. reports of threestations that have possibly been in some other bomb bomb, smoke attack in brussels. this is going on not only at the airport but through the city of the metro has been shut down. aised. it is now at the maximum rate four. they have raised the terror al left. we are now getting more information that people have possibly been injured in the explosion in the metro explosions. obviously this is an ongoing situation here. we'll have more inrmation as it comes in as to how many people have been injured, how manyeople have possibly died.
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one person has been killed, and that was in thehe initial explosion at the curb departure area of the brussels airport. this happened roughly after 8: on tuesday morning in brussels. thousands of people just starting their day. allaster, it's later in the afternoon for you in london, so this is midday. travel reports, things have been shut down. what are youhearing also coming out, maybe pos blue through social media as to what's going on in brussels? >> reporter: absolutely, you're right. it's the initial explosions, two explosions at least authorities have confirmed out at the airport airport around an hour or so ago. that was not only at the height of the rush hour in the city
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busiest times day at the airport. from eyewitnesss we have spoken to, note there were multiple people injure many of them injuries to their legs cut by flying glass and fast moving debris. a security source syndicating to nbc news in the last few minutes that the death toll could be higher because of the severity and number of injuries. that's not confirmed by authorities. at this popont only one confirmed dead. >> allaster, if you wouldn't mind, we're going to take a quick break so nbc stations can go back to their normally scheduled programming at this moment. this is a break for nbc news to go back to their normal program. >> we have just been watching obviously breaking news coverage out of bbssels. this is what we know so far. david cameron, the prime
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shocked and concerned and it has been confirmed that there have been four explosions inside the brussels international airport. it is also confirmed that one person is dead out of that. >> many more injuries, so the death toll could, of course, rise. people reported by debris, fast moving glass.
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as soon tuesday morning, 4:48. a check now of wealth and traffic. live first alert doppler still sweeping clear. no risk of shower activity now for the next few days. the showers may return to our forecast sooner than we'd like.
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first alert doppler any time on our free mobile app. a cool morning awaits you, also moonlit skies makes for an interesting view. we'll take you out to our everglades holiday park, first alert camera. notice the moon illuminating the clouds moving through. it's a nearly full moon. we have aittle cloud cover moving through, not producing any precipitati. the visibility is just find. our nova southeastern university first alert camera has a canopy of cloud cover overhead. fair amount of sunshine should get through that first thing this morning. our normal low at this point in late march about 65 to 66. we're at 56 and 57 in broward county, 58 opa-locka and miami, 56 in west kendall and temperatures still falling. we have nort winds which have relaxed just a touch overnight versus the very broez si conditions we experienced yesterday.
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this time around it will shift to the northeast and that will help us to warm later this afternoon. very cool morning awaits you. it will stay dry this time round. sunrise at 7:23. 55 on the drive in. once we bring in sunshine, a decent warmup this afternoon. your first alert forecast, from 55 early to 70 by the lunch hour. brighter skies today, but ocean breeze clouds moving in. we will be breezy at times with a mi afternoon at 74. overall nice day, a very chilly start here for late march. overnight hours tonight, lows drop into the 60s.s. mild an breezy day today. very brief. we're back to warmer conditions, your first alert forecast on wednesday, as soon as thursday, warmth, humidity and shower chances back. highs back at 856789 here is a check on traffic with kelly. >> no accidents in miami-dade or broward county. good morning, south florida. if you take a look at your
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this is no accident, butou have three left lanes of traffic blocked off. this is i-95 approaching sheridan street. that's whehe you have construction going on for another 20 to 30 minutes. i-95 looking good in miami-dade, you have a ten-minute ride. heads up southbound arou northwest 62nd street, a couple lanes blocked off because of construction. those express lanes haven't opened yet. once they dorks they should be reopening about 5:30 a.m. 836 from palmetto expressway to i-95, you have a nine-minute ride. >> kelly, thank you so much. this morning an armed suspect who targeted a man at a drive-through atm is still on the run. the victim recovering from cuts at broward healthedical center. the attempted robbery happened yesterday morning at a bank of america atm near west davie
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police say the 22-year-o man was trying to withdraw money when the suspect approached him from behind and demanded cash. it's unknown at this point if the suspected got off with any ofof the cash because detectives have not been able to talk with the victim because he's still in the hospital. > a happy ending in the search for a runaway teenager. a good samaritan found jas mean rovell almost 24 hours after her family saw her. blood hounds and other police dogs tried to track her scent for hours yeeerday in hopes of bringing 13-year-o-o home. the family were especially worried because ty say she has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old. >> looks like the fbi may not be apple's lp. the fbi will explore making a copy of the phone's memory so nothing is destroyed if they
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the iphone could reveal critical clues into last year's shooting. the feds asked to postpone the hearing so agents uld look into the possible new method. a manhunt is intensifying for a new suspect possibly link linked to the paris terror attacks. police found dna they think belonging the a 24-year-old. 26-year-old salah abdeslam was plotting another attack. bernie sanders was still out campaigning in utah because more primaries will be today. donald trump called himself a friend for israel. hillary clinton took shots at trump pointing out his recent
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about being a neutral bargainer between israel and palestinian authorities. we're coming up today on mo primaries and caucuses in temperatural race. candidates will be duking it out in three different states. we'll hear from the voters in both parties from arizona primaries and the utah caucuses. democratic voters will cast their vote an idaho caucus and we'll keep you up to date on our nbc 6 news and weather app on everything that is decision 2016. coming up, we'll have the latest on the brussels attack. also, do you have bad credit or no credit at all. we'll talk abbt getting you better rates on your next loan. south florida university could be taking a big leap into the future. coming up, we'll give you a look at the driverless shuttle that could soon come to fiu. if you're heading out the door, you aice ride from the big curve to okeechobee road.
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to the palmetto, nine minutes. flamingo road to u.s. 441, eight minutes. 55 deeees this morning, mostly clear skies. it's a down right chilly start to this march morning. normally we'd be into the mid 60s. we'll spendime into the upper
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warmup for the rest of it is 4:56. we want to get you updated on the breaking news we've been talking aboutll morning long. there have been four confirmed explosions he brussels airport. one person is confirmed dead. your mind immediately goes to terrorist activity because of everything going on there in the last couple months. the terror threat has been increased within the last 20 minutes brussels and the surrounding area. again, that has not been confirmed. no one has taken responsibility
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we do know there have been four explosions at the brussels airport. one person skon firmed dead. thousandk of people down on the tarmac, downton pavement with the plane because there was literally no other place for them to go. they've been evacuated while investigators try to figure out what's going on. >> the metro system is shut down. there were several explosions at the metro system. this is 8:00. it happened at 8:00 a.m. local time.e. this is peak time for them, busy time as people were headingto work or wherever there may be. we're talking about the airport being shut down, the metro system being shut down. several injuries reported. you're taking a live look here. not sure if this is the airport or the metro system right here. you can see it seems like people are calm. no one is running, so we're not sure if the situation is contained. but we still don't know what the cause of the explosions is, just that one person at least at this point is dead. >> sheli mentioned that people are looking relatively calm.
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looking at one of the metro transit stations or outside the airport. we do know and this is unconfirmed, it seems like all this is coordinated, so it happened very quickly, in terms of big gaps of time going by in between explosions. it sort of all happened at the same time. things have calmed down significantly. again, we are getting -- literally producers are talking into our ear giving us updated numbers. that's where the investigation is standing. 13 people confirmed dead. 35 people have been injured so far. but again, we're not exactly sure what was going on at the metro stations. all we know is a couple of different stations ad a couple of stops a couple miles apart, that the area filled with smoke. we're not hearing reports of any explosions like we did at the airport. but four confirmed explosions at the airport. once again, those updated numbers, 13 people confirmed dead, 35 wounded. >> we understand there were two blasts around the departure area.
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the evacuation is on going. we understand people were told to leave their lug gaj and leave the area, get away from the airport, away from the metro system, all tis while they try to figure out if this is indeed terror related. it is ironic or perhaps -- the concern is the fact that there was just a terror-related arrest made just days ago and another one the night before. this could be coincidence or this could be exactly what they were looking for. >> at this point it's not even connecting points a and b, but points a, b, c and d. let's get toa special report with nbc 6 news. >> this is an nbc news special report. here is matt lauer. >> good morning. i'm matt lauer in new york. we're c cering breaking news out of europe this morning, out of
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multiple e eplosions have been reported at the airport and subway stops or metro stops around that city. let's start at the airport. shortly after 8:00 a.m. brussels time, that would be 2:00 a.m.on the east coast here in the united states, there were a couple of explosions. two, one around the curbside area near the departures area. that is said to be or perhaps to have been a suicide bombing, and then another explosion just inside the departures area. we should mention this would be an area -- you're looking at footage from the scene right now. this would be an area where you would not have had to go through security t get into that area, so anyone arriving from a car or mass transportation could have gone into that area carrying a suitcase or a backpack and detonated it. then a short time later in separate bombings, there were several explosions in subway stops in and around the brussels area.
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the mole land beak area. it's important to note that. that is the area where on friday salah abdeslam who was the alleged mastermind of the paris terror attacks innovember was arrested. he was rested on friday, the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks. the question now is was this someort of retribution for his arrest or perhaps were there accomplices already in brussels planning something else with devices in their possession to carry out their attacksho then thought because of his arrest their locations and identities might have been compromised. they decided to carry out some attack prior to what they had en planning. let me give you a couple other details. we have several conflicting reports. at the moment we can confirm that one person has been killed in that airport bombing. there have been many juries. there were reports earlier of


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