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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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effort made to make sure that the people walking away were passengers and not members of the terrorroup and a short time later attacks in the metro system. >> just striking fear in the heart of europe this morning. let's get to keir simmons following this along with us. we just heard from the prime minister of b b bum what we feared all along. yes, indeed, this is a terror attack. >> that's right, savannah. brussels is in lock down now. rail stations, the airport, rams, buses, all shutting down for fear of a further attack around just aftft 8:00 a.m. local time. we first heard reports o some kind of an explosion at the airport and then we began to get the pictures of windows blown out and debris around. it was becoming clear quickly
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not killed and we now believe 13 have been killed at the airport. reports then began to emerge that there were perhaps two explosions at the airport and quickly followed by reports of anotherxplosion at a metro station not far away from the european union building. bronchusels is the capital of europe. it's thelace where european government business is conducted. that metro station was in the place where many of the paris attackers came from back in november last year. so concerns very quickly raised, savannah, that this was not an accident. that this was another attack in the heart of europe and a substantial one. one that appeared t have been coordinated. >> let's put this in perspective and talk about the timing of all of this.
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four days after the arrestf the alleged ring leader of the paris attacks last year. he was arrested there last friday. he apparently allegedly told investigators there were others in that area and something else was being planned and now four days later we have these attacks and as we talked about with pete williams, we have talked about throughout this coverage so far we tonight know whether these attacks had been previously plans and were what abdeslam was referring to or if after his arrest that his associates became so alarmed they might be compromised that they simplyy decided with whatever they had at their disposal to go out and create carnage. pete, i'll bring you in on that note. >> that's right. the authorities are saying that the attack in the airport in
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attack. what does that mean? it means it was a person that had the explosives who detonated them on the scene. it was not a remote controlled device or something set off remotely but precisely what the delivery mechanism is we still don't know. whether this was a suicide vest, as you have been noting, it seems like it would be more explosive than that. was it contained in baggage? was it in a suitcase or a box? we just don't know they're trying to figure that out now. that's going to take time to try to reassemble and figure out what it was. that report is based in part on witnesses rather than on the forensic work it would takeo figure out how the device was nfigured. >> in terms of your sources here in this country, what are they telling you about your fears for
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precautions they maybe ready or willing to take here? >>well, the fears of these sorts of attac in the u.s. really have been at a higher level everince the attacks overseas but at the same time the intelligegee and security people here in the u.s. recognized that the threat picture is just simply very different because of where we are and where they are. the foreign fighter problem, the number of people from western european countries pouring into syria to join isis and then coming b bk or having connections to people that have done so is just an order of magnitude far worse in europe than it is here. the number of people in the u.s. that have been to syria is probably less than 200. it's many times that in europe and that's whatas been concerning officials in europe. so much more than in the u.s.
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you have seen some step up security measurere at airports especially. the question we're waiting to get an ansr to this morning, matt, is what are airports in the united states or what is transit in the united states going to do asprecaution based on the attacks in europe. >> you have articulated it so well this morning, this is an area%of an airport that is very, very difficult to secure. this is presecurity. this is before people andnd passengers are sent through that rather elaborate screening process we have all been used to. this is when you pull up to the airport. >> this has always been the concern here about airport security and what we have seen is when there have been attacks or threats against airports some airports do these things on eir own. just to stress here that the security of airport facilities, buildings, access, this is not a
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it's up to the airports. the feds take over past the security checkpoints. so what airports themselves do is their own call and i expect based on past expericnce many of them are going to reassess. some may restrict access by cars. we have seenthat. we just don't know yet. we're waiting to hear. the department of homeland security is k trying to decide what recommendations to give to airports in the u.s. but so far we haven't heard any changes. obviously the thing to do is what can we he tell people going to u.s. airports today that they can expect to see differently based on what happened? and my assumption is they won't see a lot different but there may be some further scrutiny of vehicles as they approach airports. nypd has said this is something
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to step up security at airports, bridges, tunnels, transit points, subway stations and so forth. >> unfortunately it's not unpredictable that this would be an area attractive to@ a terrorist. this was a soft target and relatively low hanging fruit for a terrorist that wanted to inflict maximum ha. are there security measures perhaps not visible to us for these kinds of areas or is this area, departure lounge, this thing at airports around the world really as vulnerable as it seems? >> when we have seenn attacks on airports around the world, this is the typical thing we have seen. going all the way back, think about the shooting at the airport in rome that produced mass causalities a couple of decades ago. terrorists go where the people are and airports are are an obvious thing. the subway bombing this morning in brussels although as we
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nearly the causalities that this one did. this one was so much bigger but this has always been the worry about airpos and train stations and you name it. places where people congregate and wait to do something. >> pete, excuse me. i'll going to break in here next to you because the images we just showed aoment ago, that was euro control. the air traffic control system for all of europe which is based right there in brussels. that's euro control. if the police are now moving around the euro control headquaters outside of brussels that speaks to their level of heightened concern for bigger and bger targets. >> all right guys. pete i want to bring you back in and go over something that you and i i and savannah talked about earlier and that's the interrogation of salah abdeslam
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there were reports that he was cooperating with authorities and then reports over the weekend that he wasnono is there some thought now that when the all rights came out that he was not cooperating with authorities. that perhaps those reports were leaked so that any potential associates he had identified already might not feel that they had been jeopardized? >> that's possible but i suspect that anybody connected with him that was worried about him ratting them out would be worried no mattete what the authorities said. the conflicting reports were these. there were unnamed sources that said that after he was arrested he did initially cooperate but his lawyer came out and said that's not t t case. we just don't know which is the right answer. >> hang on one second. i want to go to something else.
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clemens, he's an msnbc contributor. i understand that you were actually at brussels airport this morning. >> yes. i had just arrived and had just come up the train stations in the basement had just come up into the big hall and i didn't hear theblast. it had happened just before i had come up. t i did see the smoke and i did see the rush of people back out and how the authorities sort of took control very quickly and began forcing us to evacuate the airport and go right back from where we came. >> first of all, how are you doing? and second of all, what were people saying? did you hear or overhear anything from people who had wiwiessed it? who had seen the devastation? >> yeah. i mean, first of all, thank you. i am fine. i'm definitely much better than
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injured and tragically killed today. when i was there, i of course bonded with a lot of the people that i was with and when we were back going from the airport back to brussels north station which is t t station that i had originated in and had gone back, i actually tried to use my phone and interviewed a couple of the peel and tweeted out the interviews with what they saw because they were much closer and were right there when the bombing happened and one gentlemen said he had stopped to discuss his travell with one of the travel information people and had he not done that he would have been right in the line when the bomb went off so there was a lot of tension and i was here on friday when salah abdeslam actions were going on. the level of tension is much higher than even friday. it's going to be something that
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now hasas shaken the whole city. when we left the airport and i was interested but they really pushed us out very rapidly and to the credit of the people here everyone had a good and immediate sense that they knew a very bad thing had just happened in the great hall. there was clearly a bombing. clearly smoke, an t trible things and people followed what the authorities said right away and the evacuation happened rapidly. it was interesting to see that and whenn you get back to brussels north station many people are trying toigure out what to do and i think i'm on the last train that got outp of the station before it shutdown and i'm on my way to am administer dahl but we began to hear almost immediately from people, rumums about the bombings in the subways a at that time then everyone began to worry. you saw the large crowds at brussels north station just immediately begin to leave the
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people said it's not good to be in these public places in large groups of people so that all happened within minutes. >> ll, steve, again, we want to say thank you for you input on this and we'll try to keep with you throughout the morning but most importantly we're happy you're okay and thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> it's 6:15 on the eastcoast. 11:15 a.m. in brussels and to bring everybody u to date there's been multiple explosions rocking the heart of the european capitol this morning. most significantly at the airport there around 8:00 local time this morning. at least one explosion. when you look at the damage in the terminal it's quite extensive. the associated press reporting at least 13 dead. it may go higher and in close proximity to that in terms of timing there was an explosion at a subway station there.
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government buildings there in brussels belgium which in recent months has become a focus of counter terrorism officials and intee manhunt for one of the surviving paris attackers and also in recent years in light of what's been going on in syria this district is a hot bed of islamic radicalism. and this city has been under a great deal of tension over the last few months and now it seems some of the worst fearersus come to pass. >> they have been living under a high state o o alert over the last several months. that's now been changed to the highest state of alert meaning there's fear of another or imminent attack. whether that's in the next several hours or days. we have no reports of any change this country. a guy who would be able to keep us abreast of that would be pete
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justice correspondent. what else can you tell us? >> well, matt, the u.s. gornment is trying to decide what to tell airports in the u.s. to do and it may be getting some additional perspective on this from europe from the new transportation security administrator himself who we're told this morning is in europe and we have been told he was in who run airports. so, prexfor example, in the new york area, the port authority of new
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here in d.c., the washington metropolitan area -- as we keep talking we have some images just coming into our images from the subway station and it appears you see commuters there being evacuated under conditions. there has been at least one attack at a subway station there as is so often the case. we heard multiple reports and we're trying to stick to just what we know but at this point one attack at a subway station and we're just gettingng the pictures in. passengers being evacuated. this is a separate scene than that of the airport. >> it's interesting to note that the images we're seeing, you can see the lights of the actual subway or train in the background are still working so this looks like this explosion was carried out in a tunnel while that train was either
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the station or after it had left the station so those passengers are trying to navigate their way after this explosion through the tunnels of the metro to get to safety which is dangerous in itself. we have no reports of causalities or h many people were injured or killed in those explosions or that explosion. what we could be getting from belgian authorities, this number between 13 and 35 could be in l of these locations but clearly when you look at the damage at the departure's terminal it looks lik there must have been many causalities in that area. it's hard to know whether this is downtown brussels orr the airport. thth looks like downtown brussels to me. >> that looks pentially like the airport but to that end tom costello that covers aviation security is familiar with this region as his family and in laws are from belgium originally. tom what can you add as we
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>> that picture is a hotel near the downtown eu building where i took graduate school classes. my wife used to work at the airport there. listen, 23 million people come through the brussels airport every year. it serves as the capital of europe and whate mean by that for those of us not as familiar with what the eu means. the departure hall is right there i ithe lower right. that's where this explosion would have taken place in that main, that long rectangle there in the bottom right and then you go, once you proceed past the check in you then go through security. either go downno gates b or all the way to gate a all the way down on the other side and that's a long walk i'll tell you. i have done it many times. so you can see everybody, regardless of where you're going you arrive at the departure hall.
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airline or nationality targeteded was a u.s. or french airline targeted? i'm not sure that we can tell or that it matters much because people are so packed an condensed in that particular portion of the airport there. you have airline after a aline all lined up next to each other there and if you're in line at american airlines you would be standing next to somebody at bronchus airway and british airways. >> and all of those people carrying suitcases, carrying backpacks with packages and boxes and you have no idea what the person next to you has in that packag >> to your point, is there any kind of security you're asking when you approach the airport and then walk into that main terminal hall, you'll normally see the national police standing
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have automatic weapons but that is a normal part of almost any airport in europe. you don't see militarar necessarily and you see them moving through the airport and you will see dogs. i have very uchb seenolicing tos that will come up and randomly sniff up pele's bags as they're waiting there to begin checking in but you don't see any sort of anything entering into the terminal at all and because the parking structure is up against the airport. it's easy to be in the terminal in about 2 to 3 minutes. that's the fire station which is adjacent to the airport and there i will tell you, that looks to me likthe main avenue that goes down through brussels next to the european comssion and the european parliament and the last point i was going to make about explaining what is
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hub of europe. this is where they all try to decide together how are they going to makeoint decisions. that's not to say that london and paris and amsterdam are not autonomous but they try to coordinate eu policies in brussels. >> you have your family there and extended family there as do i. my sister-in-law around brother-in-law live outside brussels and are planning to come here from that airport onn saturday of this week. i understand that in materials ofowntown brussels now there are police at every single css road. they have taken up positions at the crossroads and the intersections so clearly trying to figure out or either preparing for something else or trying to get their eyes on someone or anyone else that may be thinking of carrying out
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someone pfrbefore they can escape that area. >> the metro stations are closed. the airport is closed. the cell service has been suspended so tom it's just a lot of fear and a lot of tension on streets that have known that too well recently. >> have to tell you, you know, the balgians have been very fearful for a long time. yes since the paris attacks absolutely but they have also talked about this changing face of belgium for the last 20 years, 25 ars. have to tell you it's been a politically devive issue with the right wing parties trying to capitalize on tha and become a country that no longer accepts immigrants but that's no longer the case. they're very welcoming of immigrants and when you do arrive from north african or middle eastern countries you're given a very generous social stipen tolive off of.
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images of the people in the subway. while there are reports of explosions in the metro system, the subway, i believe that's the image right there. there's a metro station at the brussels airport, guys. so it's entirely possible thal we may be looking at a combination of the images from across the brussels metro system but there is an underground metro subway station. >> actually steve who is our msnbc contributor that happens to be in the brussels airport told us he had just come up from the underground metro and witnessed the aftermath of these attacks and he is now headed out of the area. let's go to keir simmons. keir has some information and i should menenon that the belgian prosecutor now said at least in theease of the airport attack this does appear to be a suicide attack. keir what more can you add? >> that's right. and sensing the fear sweeping
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electrical bass-- u.s. embassy to avoid belgian transport. the leader of trans, hollande is holding an emergency defense council to establish how they will react in france. all of t ts gives you a picture of whether there's others out this or more attacks are planned. we have been saying this in our reporting over the last few days, back to friday, are there more isis affiliated jihadists out there and to they have plans for another attack. there were repts that salah salah salah salah a salah abdeslam himself that more attacks were planned.
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will be are there others that still have explosives and weapons and still intend to attack other places. perhaps in belgium and other parts of europe and that will be the fear and part of that will be because until a week ago the authorities simply did not know where he was. they captured him because they carried o a routine raid on a building. at lead them to a fire fight which gave them some evidence that lead tm to salah salah abdeslam. we have had a picture since the paris attacks in november of the intelligence agencies in europe and they have a very, very difficult task to tackle all of the extremists returning from syria. isis affiliated extremists have been coming back into europe. they have a difficult task but
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conclusion that the intelligence agencies in europe have b bn really struggling and once again another attack has bee carried out. >> keir, thank you very much. i want to go back to tom costello. we're now seeing in a tweet from united airlines that their employees at the brussels airport are all safe. good news for the folks that work for you nighted. you have something you want too add though. >> delta airlines flight 80 from atlanta to brussels did land safely at brussels this morning and is parked remotely. they're not letting the passengers off t plane. they're still sitting on the plane. local teams on the ground are trying to figure out how to deplane them and whereo put them. you saw the images of thousands of people on the ramp a a the brussels airport because they had evacuated the terminal. imagine you have been on a long flight from atlanta into brussels. that's about a 9 hour plight or so you land and can't get off the plane because you're in
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they're trying to determine where to put the flight. delta flight 42 from new york to brussels had been diverted to amsterdam. 80 from atlanta is on the ramp there in brussels. >> anybody that's flown from the united states to europe knows that most of those flights are, i guess the majority of those flights are overnight flilits that land in the european capitals anywhere from 6:00o 6:30 in the morning up until 10:00 in the morning. so this would have been an incredibly busy time. >> that's right. new york jfk is the busiest intercontinental destination for flights leaving brussels followed by tell aviv and washington d.c. they then turn the planes around
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they head right back across the ocean so that's the morning push is when this would have happened and you can see how busy and packed. that's a con source there at the brussels airport. a very busy, by airport and you'll see a lot of folks headed to israel there in the brussels airport. it is a main portel from europe and amsterdam is the center for a lot of jewish activity in belgium. so the brussels airport i ia main gateway for people leaving brussels and headed to tel aviv. >> stay right@there. this is breaking news out of brussels belgium where 13 people good morning everybody. your time is 6:30 locally. obviously we've been extended breaking news coverage of what's been going none brussels, belgium, coordinated attacks. they are calling it at this point terrorist attacks.
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multiple, possibly two to four explosions. not sure how many right now. we know a couple of them airport. another few happened within the metro system not far from there. a lot of questions to be answered. one that has been answered is that 1 people are confirmed dead and this is being called, as of this morning anyway, a terror attack, although no specific group has claimed responsibility. >> so much happening so quickly. the miami-dade police department chimes in saying their thoughts and prayers are with belgium and florida. you always think locally how does this affect me. homeland security is also instructing us and the airport as far as what should we do and what safety precautions should our local airports, miami international airport and the ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport. if you're heading the the airport, take your time. surely there will be safety precautions taken as a result of these attacks. as you're ready to head out the doortion we want to check on
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ryan phillips standing by. a cool morning. >> well below average first thing this morning. eric and sheli, mid and upper 50s across south florida. clouds up above. 56 in ft. lauderdale, pembroke pines and oakland ark. 58 in miami. still another hour in the darkness before we bring on sunshine to warm us up. winds out of the north and northwest. that's aiding in the cooldown. they've come down, not quite as strong as they were for the afternoon hours yesterday. th other benefit we've got, extra cloud cover with skies mostly clear. we would easily be in the lower to mid 50s, right now mid to upper 50s. these clouds will skirt on by. we end up with a fair amount of sunshine and a dry first alert forecast. initially this morning, you need a sweater or jacket to take the chill off. bright sunshine taking us to 70 for the lunch hour. mild, first alert forecast with a high of 74.
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hope your morning is off to a good start. right now, chopper 6 over the golden glades interchange if you're making your way out the door at 6:32 a.m. the express lanes are $1.00 this time. a little buildup as you get into golden glades, whether coming from the turnpike, the palmetto expressway or u.s. 441, everyone trying to ramp on to i-95 southbound. the good news is we're accident-free from broward. up until about two minutes ago, we wewe accident-free in miami-dade. 836 eastbound trying to ramp onto lejeune road, that ramp is completely shut down because of an accident that happened moments ago. golden glades to downtown miami, ten minutes, traffic moving between 47 and 50. coral reef to tamiami trail, an 11-minute commute. 826 from bird road to the dolphin expressway, a. you saw the special report going on on nbc news, we continue to follow that breaking news out of elgium.
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been killed in the capital of brussels. this is happening in the airport and metro registration. it's now being called a terror attack. i want to head over to eric at the breaking news desk. >> sheli, let's first off say this, if you're heading the the international terminals at m.i.a. or ft. lauderdale international airport, be aware there cld be delays for you no matter where you're going at the airport. know there will probably be big-time delays. call your carrier and find out what's going on there, especially if you're headed to the international terminal because of what we're talking about. the possibility, multiple explosions, not sure the number yet. belgian media is reporting multiple explosions. that's the way they're putting it. between 10 and 30 deaths across the city of brussels. 13 have been confirmed. we think that number may jum to possibly 30. so many people injured, they're using luggage carts to get people from curbside at the airport to the ambulances and
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we understand the petro system in brussels also shut down. reports of three explosions at three different stations within that metro system as well. nbc still has not been able to confirm exactly how many or what type of explosions we're talking about inj the metro there, although we do know at the airport, one happened curbside, one happened in one of the departure lounges. social view six showing some of what is happening in brussels as we speak. with nbc news out of new york and brussels the last couple hours, emergency crews, take a look at this mass of people trying to get out of the airport. this is what the scene looked like about two and a half hours ago. the explosions going off at 8:01 brussels time, prime time for travelers at the airport, people commuting on the roads as well. right now that city is in a state of emergency. everything has been shut down. people are asked to shelter in place. cell phone service isn't working
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at least four explosions at the metro stations. everything there is shut down completely, at a level four which is a maximum level for them in terms of terror alert, basically what it means is an eminent terror strike could happen without any notice. that's what a level four means. that's the highest you can go in belgium. recently one man we know was taken into custody, of course, in connection with the pair ris attack. they think he was the mastermind for the entire thing. it was a manhunt that lasted a couple weeks. once again, people are being ordered to stay off the streets there, shelter in place, stay home. the entire city has been shut down as of right now. the numbers continue to change between 10 and 30 deaths. al flights have been canceled in and out of the brususls airport at least until tomorrow morning. we'll keep you updated on that. as i mentioned here locally, if you're headed to an
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florida, definitely know there are going to be some delays out there as they're working to make sure security is heigened, to make sure you are safe trying to get out of the airport. we'll keep you updated here on the air using our nbc 6 news and weather app, you can follow us on our twitter accounts, t tking about the nbc 6 twitter account as well as our twitter accounts for sheli muniz and myself. we'lcontinue to follow this. sheli, there are other big things that happen impacting south florida in a big way today. >> all this happening as the president is in cuba on his historic trip. his last day, a very busy day. he will meet with cuban dissidents and meet with the cuban people in the granan theater. the president will head, as you saw, head to the ball park to watch the tampa bay rays take on the cuban national team. wewee still watching to see if cuban leader raul castro h released the dozens of political prisoners jailed on the island.
6:36 am
yesterday, you will remember during the news conference he told the reporter there are no political prisoners in cuba. nbc 6's michael s sars is live in little havana. what are people saying there this morning? >> reporter: as we saw yesterday, a lot of people set. today the ball is in raul castro' court. at least two south florida exile groups delivered names rjs one containing 47 names, the other names of political prisoners. their status still unclear. all this in response to a clearly agitated raul castro during this historic meeting with president obama. prisoners? tell me names. we sat down with one who said since 1959.
6:37 am
humor joke to say there are no political prisoners in cuba. >> reporter: in an interview with abc news after the joint news conference, president obama was asked if he would give presidenthim a list. he said they have done so in the past. cuba has responded not consistently. live in little hhvana, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you so much. some companies wasting no time getting in on the warming of relations. google will announce a joint venture. free wi-fi to studio near havana two years s o. the country has one of the lowest rates in the rld. here is what google's cuban head
6:38 am
>> i think the facts that we're getting from our counterparts in cuba there's a lot of information about expanding access to technology. >> travel also a hot topic. it appears carnival will be the first american cruise company in more than 50 years to get approval. they recently got approval from the cuban government to make the voyage. the ship will sale from the u.s., in particular cuba. it could start as early as the first week of may. >> the nbc 6 news and weather appis your source from everything you need to know about the president's his tore isit to cuba, following that closely this morning as well. there you can see the entire list of political prisoners along with videos and articles from the president's historic two-day trip pto havana. a live look in brussels, the capital of belgium after at least 20 people have been killed in a series of attacksks at the airport and also at the metro system that has been shut down, the airport closed off,
6:39 am
they are calling this a possible terror attack indeed. >> that city right now is at a level four which basically means an imminent attack is possible. they're trying to shuttling everybody out of the met troi tomorrow area and the airport area to ensure everybody's safety moving forward. once again, that entire city is on lockdown. other than that, things in brussels are chaotic to say the very least because they're trying to figure out what's going on. about 30 minutes ago is whenhe official word came down that they're pointing to a possible terror attack. responbility for this. much more coming up on that after the break. but here is weather and traffic. >> 6:41. if you're kicking off your tuesday morning, it's down right cool for late march. 56 in ft. lauderdale, 58 in miami, 61 in key west.
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temperatures, no wet weather in place. mid 50s on the drive in. a breezy, brighter afternoon. details on a warmer forecast in just a few minutes. accident-free for the majority of the morning. if you're heade out the door from the big curve to okeechobee road, i-75, pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, nine-minute drive.
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u.s. welcome back on this tuesday morning. time is 6:45. we continue to follow breang news out of brussels, belgium. a quick update now. it is being called at this point a terrorist attack although no specific responsibility has been claimed on this.
6:44 am
first happening at the airport in brussels, and then two more happening -- we think two more, possibly four, happening at the metro station not far from the airport. right now the city is in a state of emergency. the city is on lockdown, at a threat level four, which means an imminentt attack is possile. the city basically at a total and complete standstill outside of what you're looking at here which is people in the metro station and at the airpt. this happened at 8:01 brussels time. that goes without saying, no matter where you live, 8:01 in the morning is the peak time for rush hour. >> also, since the commercial break and in the last few seconds we have learned that two sources tell nbc news that they believe at least one and possibly multiple suicide bombers are indeed involved in this attack. we're trying to figure out
6:45 am
for how this plays into salah abdeslam's arrest last friday. it was the paris mastermind in the terror attacks last fall. security and investigators are trying to figure out if indeed this is in retaliation and how this all is related to that arrest that happened four days ago in the same area. much more to come and check our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your mrning with mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south floridids most accurate forecast. >> 6:47. let's get you caught up to date on weather and traffic as you kick off your tuesday morning. a big chill in the air first thing this morning. you'll notice it is definitely without a doubt sweater and jacket weather for one more day
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you can probably put them away after record heat last week. we are dry. no rain in the forecast. it comes back in the forecast maybe sooner than you'd like. live look outside right now, 836, dolphin exessway looking the the east. a few breaks in the clouds there. we have partly to mostly cloudy skies above. first light breaking through telling us we 50e8 probably spend time in the clouds first thing this morning. roads moving along here and conditions dry. kelly will bring us up to date in a few minutes. clouds overhead this morning acting as a blanket and slowing the cooler process. our temperatures didn't get too out of hand overnight. we're about ten degrees or so bebew average at 56 in pembroke pines and ft. lauderdale, 58 in miami, 56 in west kendall. again, i do believe temperatures could drop another degree or two before we warm things back up into the 70s.
6:47 am
our records have fallen into the 40s at this point in the season. so just cool. nice northwest wind, a light breeze. unfortunately it picks back up as high pressure begins to reorient itself in the afternoon hours. we're in the wake of a front, a rapid warmup will take shape in the days ahead. as for bright, sunny days, i don't see that coming. we'll be in and out of cloud cover this morning. we'll see shower chances in your first alert forecast. unfortunately not a nice run ofof spring weather. looks like spring showers in the mix for the next new days, but not today. i want you to really enjoy today. maybe the last blast of winter if you will south florida style. cool start, into the mid 50s. 7:00 a.m., we'll warm things up. as the winds turnp over the atlantic waters, mild and breezy, first alert forecast high is 74. with the stronger winds off the atlantic, a high rip curnt risk in place. keep that in mind for you
6:48 am
not quite as cooln the humidity is still down tomorrow, highs of 79. it's as soo as thursday. unfortunately we bring back in rain shower chces and look at the temperature trend. mid 80s all the way through. we're right back to the warm readings and higher humidity, isolated shower chances lead us all the way through the weekend well into next week. time for a check on traffic with kelly. >> we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. we sent chopper 6to check out the accident reported on the 836 eastbound on thh ramp to lejeune road. that accident has cleared. this is a live look outside above the 836. eastbound lanes are the headlights, westbound lanes are those taillights. no issues whatsoever. let's changegeources and take you to a pretty busy i-95 northbound and southbound at sheridan street. no issues. accident and construction-free in broward county, your typical morning tie-ups despite it being spring break and miami-dade and
6:49 am
turnpike, coral reef to tamiami trail, 12-minute commute. done shula expressway and right around southwest 88th street, traffic moving between 58 and 44 miles per hour. four minutes from bird road to the dolphin expressway. >> kelly, thank you so much. a little girl without a father this morning after he was killed in a road rage incident. 27-year-old don alvarez was shot and killed in ft. lauderdale on southwest 48th avenue. police say the shooter will not be arrested because this is what they're saying, it looks like alvarezz appears to be the aggressor in the situation. witnesses a a saying on sunday night the driver may have accidentally swerved into alvarez's lane. police say that's when alvarez u turned, followed that driver and that driviv was armed. >> if people could let cooler heads preil, we wouldn't find
6:50 am
>> that driverclaimed self-defense. this morning an armed suspect who targeted a man at a drive-through atm, that victim recovering from cuts this morning. it happened at the bank of america atm near west davie boulevard and 33rd avenue. police say the 22-year-old man was trying to withdraw money, the suspect approached him with a knife from behind and demanded cash. it's unclear if he made off with any money because deteteives have not been able to talk to the victim because he's still in the hospital. it looks like the fbi might not need apple's help after all. the fbi saying it might have found a way to get into the iphone belonging the the san bernardino terrorist attacker. analysts are saying they could make a copy of the memory if they fail to unlock it on apple's end. the fbi has continued to say
6:51 am
can help. apple ceo is turning to its customers asking how much access the government should have to something extremely personal to many users. >> abobo a month ago we asked americans across the country to join in a conversatio we need to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy. >> tim cook thereresking some very appropriate questions for what's going on with this case. lawyers for apple say, if this new method is proven to work, it could seriously undermine the fbi's court case. both sides are due back in court at some point today. we'll go back to the brussels coverage in just a minute, first i want to back up and give you perspective on this. a manhunt is intensifying for a new suspect possibly linked to the paris terror attacks. remember what happened today, we'll talk about that in a
6:52 am
during recent raids they found explosives at housing units in brussels. police found someone's dna as well at the same place where the explosives were found. they think that dna belongs to a 24-year-old man in the meantime, police say the 26-year-old is the alleged master mind behind the paris terror attacks. they do believe he was plotting another attack. >> could this be the attack that we're seeing coming to fruition. today at least 20 people have been killed adds we've been following this morning at the airport in brussels and also at the metro system t. prime minister for belgium just said, released a statement saying we were fearing terrorist attucks and that has now happened.
6:53 am
blind attacks. also he said this is a dark moment for our nation. we need calm and solidarity. they have been on alert@ and really worried because that area is considered a hotbed for terrorism. that is where abdeslam was fond on friday, where another man's dna was found. they're currently looking for him. something that could not be orchestrated in a matter of days after that arrest. so certainly something that had been in the works. explosions and blasting targeting folks, passengers, families in the airport and also throughout the metro system that has been shut down. all planes heading the the area have been diverted. another thing, the miami-dade police director, he currently are thinking about those inn belgium and wanted to stress to south florida there have been no
6:54 am
>> this is video we werefrom about an hour and a half ago. look at these folks. these are people, they st lowered the stairs from the terminals and put everybody out on the tarmac. all flights have been diverted, the entireirport is shut down. they had no police to go. they put these people on the tarmac. the conversation, the investigation, everything will continue in brussels.% in fact, it's going to ripple across the wcrld right now. anyone heading to an international terminal at an airport should be on alert for major delays don't be surprised ifou have a flight out today and it has been canceled. call ahead to make sure everything is working out for you. >> while we're not on tv, we're always on our nbc news and weather app. you can keep up to date on information just by checking on the app. >> we've been accident-free from broward county all morning long. here is a live look from our first alert camera at 595, eastbound and westbound lanes
6:55 am
no issues, no delays in broward county. let's take you quick to i-75 in miami-dade where you'll see stop-and-go traffic from the area of northwest 54th street leading to 195 and the airport expressway. >> a light northwest wind will pick up today. updated readings at 57 in ft. lauderdale and pechl broke pines. a chilly start to our tuesday morning. sun comes up. it will warm up, 70 by the midday hour. 74 this afternoon. enjoy today. we warm up andnd become more humid by thursday.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
continued coverage of thate a break, allow our stations to reset. we'll be back with you in a second. good morning. breaking news. terror in brussels. powerful explosions rocking the rport and the city subway system overnight. reports of at least 15 people killed. dozens more injured.
6:59 am
images from inside the airport and underground, as passengers are evacuated from train cars through darkened and smokey tunnels. aenior counter-terror official this morning telling nbc news, isis, the terror group, is likely behind the attacks. the hunt for suspects is underway today, tuesday, march 22nd, 2016. good mornino, everybody. welcome to this edition of "today" on tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. we're covering this breaking newsut of belgium. the prime minister said this is a terror attack, a dark moment for his country. what we feared eded eded has happened. >> someone or someones went up to the airport area, detonated one device outside of the building. someone else, apparentlyly suicide bomber inside the terminal, packed with morning commuters.
7:00 am
flights to otherer parts of europe and parts of the world. near a starbucks, waiting to get coffee. standing side by side, everyone with a backpack, suitcase or package, when the explosion ripped through the terminal. the devastataon is apparent for anyone who can see the images. at least 15 people confirmed killed. this is an area of an airport where you haven't gone through security yet. you pull up in a car, get off a bus. one of our colleagues from msnbc said, he came up from a rail system benth into the great hall, the departures terminal, when the explosion had gone off. no one had been screened for security. >> as w speak to counter-terrorism officials, like they say, this is a soft target. little to no security.


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