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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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a frantic and smoky scene that's left the city and continent on edge. this at the subway station where a train exploded. passengers desperate to get to safety and get to the bottom of what they narrowly escaped. right now working around the clock to try to piece together the events. >> a u.s. counter terrorism official told nbc news brussels was likely the beginning and that today's attacks were carried out by the same isis attack behind the coordinated attacks in paris last november. as night fell on the anguishsh city of brussels, messages of hope and love stand out in the dark. just hours earlier, three explosions rocked the city's airport and a nearby metro station killing morerehan 30 people and injurying 200 others. jeffrey hoffman and his girlfriend survived the blast at
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>> my thought was that's one, that's two. three's coming. maybe even four. given what we know about what happened in paris, i thought there's a good chance i'm going to start hearing rifle fire. >> as smoke filled terminal, he said he could see peop scattered on the floor not moving amonghe debris. hundreds poured out of the airport in fear. >> ls of people who's hands are covered in blood an everyone crying and i just, yes, it's the first time i saw such a thing in my life. >> commuters had to escape along the tracks after explosions went off after the train was leaving the station. investigators say the bombs were packed with sharpal. isis claims responsibility for the attacks. thorities released the photo of three suspected terrorists. police say t men in black shirts blew thems up in the terminal. the man on the right is still
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as poce search brussels for his whereabouts, prident obama kept his schedule in cuba vowing to once agin fight terrorism. dpl this is another reminder that the world must unite. >> the president ordered flags fln at half staff to honor the victims of today's attacks. these attacks have prompted a terror alert from the u.s. state department citing potential risks of travel for americans. our live team coverage continues now with jamie who spoke with passengers who just arrived. >> reporter: both heightened security and emotions here tonight. hours ago a flight landed at m.i.a. that left brussels hours before the attack. >> we made it. >> reporter: tears of relief and hugs of happiness as passengers
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after a series of attacks rocked the european city. >> we left half hour later at 8:00 a.m. we were still on the floor. we hadn't taken off yet. knowing behind you we left people and we didn't know anything of anybody that happened in there. you're there. you can just leave. >> reporter: it wasn't until a connectingnglight when all the people on board learned that terror struck. i woke up thinking i put myy mom on that flight and i basic her ticket and if she had gone, it was pretty much my fault. >> reporter: a father and daughter reunited after he spent most of the day not knowing if she e as okay. >> i'm just glad she's home. i want to go home already. juststant to get home. >> reporter: m.i.a.'s international terminal crowded flights to belgium cancelled leaving passengers stranded.
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sad for those people who died. >> i'm probably not going to go to brussels. that's horrible. >> reporter: attacks forced airports around the country and here at home to beef up security. armed eded police with machii guns opinion officers say there's no direct threat at m.i.a. and want everyone to go about business as usual.l. >> they should feel comfortable. one of the most safetiest airport safest airports in the world. >> these a ae innocent people. it's crazy world. what can i say. >> reporter: american airlines has cancelled flights to and from brussels tomorrow and on thursday. >> thank you. this morning as the explosions went off in brus sell,selsbrussels, students and staff were traveling through belgium.
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were in europe on a history trip for spring break. officials sid the trip is not sponsored di the school district. parents woke up to text messages that their k ks were in belgium but in a small town outside of brussels. >> we saw the text from the teacher saying we're safe. we know all this is happening. you want to communicate. you want to talk to them and see it how they are feeling or where they are. what's going on in their mind. you just worry about it. >> the students still have a few more countries to visit. they are scheduled to return home saturday night. >> gruesome images show people lying on the floor in blood.
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she's waiting to cch a flight. that's when she heard the blast. in the midst of the chaotic situation she started taking photos photos. over the berlin, that's where it was lit with the colors of the belgium flag. it was much of the same as the world's tallest building in the wod in dubai. >> twitter users expressing their support for brussels there. >> go fund me, launched a campmpgn to raise money for the victims and families affected by the terroristattacks.
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official charity for the victims. it's just over $30,000 in donations. you can find the link on the nbc 6 and weather app. tonight, president obama is on his way to argentina after visiting cuba. he's the topic of heavy debate. castroas also present this morning when the president adddssed the cuban people in a speech carried live by state run media. >> reporter: we have the courage to acknowledge that truth. it made little sense. >> the president received perhaps the loudest applalae
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54-yearlong cuban embargo. >> he praised them for showing extra ordinary in the faceof tension and repression. picked up each of the dissidents decided to meet with president obama and drop them off one by one. >> more than just we have a moment here with a political demonstration. >> that political reality of the situation in cuba captured here on live tv. bob lee of espn was providing analysis of the baseball game. you saw that protester appearing on camera. plain closed police responded taking him away. during the game president obama talked about the role sports can
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>> that's the power of baseball. that's the power of sports. it can change attitudes in ways that politician ks never change. >> the president said he had no second thoughts abou attending the game today following the terror attacks in brussels. the president argued pfs important to deny terrorists their goal of offending daily life. sglrm attended by thepresident and the first lady. it must have been odd, a very odd site for many watching to see the president of the united states along with president castro eating side by side and listening to traditional cuban music. >> now that the trip is over, the question many are asking is what happens next. >> aside from the embargo, many
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future of guantanamo bay. they want it back but the u.s. made it clear it's not on the table. the democrat and republican front-runner hillary clinton and donald trump look to expand their leads in western state contests tonight. nbc 6 reports. >> reporter: some intriguing contests for thth republican nomination as the campaign headed out west going into tuesday's elections donald trump was leading the polls in arizona while ted cruz was projected in polls to win utah. arizona brings a large haul of delegates. the winner takes all 58. utah awards the 40 delegates proportionally unless a candidate gets more than 50% of the vote. a real opportunity for ted cruz on john kasich to keep pace with donald trump. the devastating terror attacks
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at the fore of tuesday's plars primaries and caucuses. >> they don't work within laws. they have no laws. we work within laws. the water boarding would be fine and if they can expand, we'll do a lot more. >> i will apologize to nobody with how vigorous i will be as president fighting radical islamic terrorists. >> we're following breaking news out of southwest miami dade. that's where we're learning there's a police involved shooting. the scene we're talking about along the 8800 block of southwest 183rd. we do not know at this point if anyone was hurt or what led to the shooting. this police involved shooting,
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updates on our nbc 6 news and weather app. it was a beautiful day here in south florida but now things are about to start changing. humidity will come in. there are rain chances in the forecast. stick around for the details. coral gables police release a sketch of man accused of sexual battery and robbery. howowou can help crack the case. new equipment keeping the community safe. see what police see when approaching a citizen.
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how a birth announcement man is rsponsible for sexually battering a woman. police want to get this guy off the streets and fast. >> reporter: that's why we're showing you the picture again so you can take a good look at him.
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battery, he's also accused of robbery. people in this neighborhood are on edge. theyeyay this man grabbed a woman walking southbound, stole her property and sexually battered her. >> i worry about the security of our community and our neighborhood. >> reporter: around 68 a.m., he dragged the victim behind the tree and fondled her. >> around 6:45 in the morning, that was the time change. tfrs still it was still dark out. >> my kids walk the dog. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: they hope someone know something aboutthis man. >> i haven't seen him. i'm pleased ty have a description. >> reporter: police describe the attacker has a man between 30 to 40 years of age weighing 170 to 180 pounds.
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>> i hope police tell up. >> reporter: police believe the man was driving a white suv or a fan. if you know anything, if you recognize the man you just saw make sure to give police call. you can always call crime stoppers. the number 3005-401-tips. the broward sheriff's office is hoping new equipment will improve relations with the community they serve. the new equipment he body cameras can capture confrontations like th one. come summer the agency plans to roll out as many as 1500 of them joining other departments who already use this technology. unlike cell phones they capture parts of incidents, body cameras roll from start to finish and show the perfective of an officer.
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evidence that didn't exist before. >> this is the right thing to do. we're a transparent agency. we're not afraid of what goes on out in the street. >> we realize the public be belaifbe behave differently. >> the agency says it will cost taxpayers roughly $1,000 per camera per year. the fbi looking for a thief who stole cash from a ft. lauderdale bank this afternoon. he walked in wearing a baseball cap and walked out with a big stack of cash. this happened around 2:00 p.m. near federal highway and 16th street. federal agents still wa to get
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we saw more sun as well. crisp start to the morning and warm afternoon. take a look at this morning's low temperatures in south florida. we did see readings in the 50s in many spots. 52 in homestead. the overnight low in hollywood and pembroke pines reached 55. hialeah, 56 for your morning low tonight. temperatures in the upper 60s. it's much warmer. the reason for that is anon shore wind flow we've got going on right now. it's 70 at this hour in pompano beach. at least the humidity is low. humidity is running this hour of the night really low. normally at this hour it's much higher but around 50 to 60% across the main land and even parts of the florida keys. high pressure is the most important weather feature on our map tonight.
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florida, another one offshore. you notice allow these highs are now starting to produce and an shore wind flow. as the high pressure system moves towards the east, eventually that easterly wind flow will veer and it will become more of a southeasterly wind flow and that's going to increase the amount of moisture we have in the air mass. it's very dry now. hen the wind starts to come in, that's when we'll see the moisture return and our weath will change in a hurry. i am forecasting a chance of rain beginning thursday and continuing into the weekend. let's look at tomorrow first. all these days we've seen an of aggressive computer forecast model here in the hour by hour future tracker because it's forecasasng rain. i don't see rain on the weather radar. this rain tomorrow.
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the on shore breeze and temperatures in the morning starting off at 65 degrees, ending up at 81 degrees in the amp and the sunsetting tomorrow at 7:34. 81 tomorrow is still tolerable. we get into the mid to upper 80s combined with a lot more hpmidity in the air. it will feel muggy thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. showers scattered about the area for the upcoming weekend. thank you so mumpch. donald trump picking up 58 delegates in a win in the primary for the gop. that brings his total to 681. he needs 1237 to win. ey are proojecting that hillary clinton is that state's winner. right now still ahead, a welcome prize after a special delivery.
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managed : this edible bean known for its sweet taste are grown throughout east asia and in yoyr own
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people have been posting pictures of their shower plant after sudings up. people are using it wrong. the product is notntended for use with water at all. it's a lotion. a lotion in a bar meant to massage onon dry skin. >> oops. a georgia family accidental sent a text announcing the birth of family member to a wrong number and what happened next has gone viral. they were mistakenly set to the phone of 19-year-old derrick williams. a family relative sent the message and pictures by mistake in a group text message. despite the confusion, the family continued to carry on the conversation with williams inviting him and his brother do a local hospital in georgia. >> it was like a shock wave. they didn't know we were still coming or still coming or were we going to come at all. >> the brothers showed up with diapers, pacifiers and baby bottles.
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miami heat on a roll right
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white sox continue to . tonight in new orleans t tey did it again.
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high of 16 points. he had nine rebounds. the guy who replaced himoff the bench has been better. he hit ten of his 11 shots including the three-point play here. that gave miami an eight-point lead. when the pelicans cut the lead to five, it was d. wade taking it over. he hit it with the drive and the smooth turn around jumper. heat win, 113-99. white side doesn't seem to mind coming off the bench. >> this is part of it. we call it the mob because it's most outstanding bench. that duke education. that's special. the miami hurricanes basketball team on the road now to making history. the canes took off this afternoon for louisville.
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villanova on thursday night. he's gotten the far in the past but never reached the elite eight before. now they are one win away. for the first time since the dollins made a controversial move, the coach commenting. >> we got two starters. we're going to have a third. >> we look back five spots. i was all for it. one guy is not going to change our team. >> one guy is not going to change the entire team. interesting. much different approach than just a year ago when the dolphins gave that guy $114 million. hopefully it's time to figure it out. great news for marlins fans for spring training. jose hernandez unhittable in the mound. even threw 98 miles an hour on the radar.
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that's we're looking at a picture with the president's plane air force one will be touching down approximately at 12:05.
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he'll get there for a two day tour of that historic trip. >> onto colu [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don chedle, saoirse ronan, musical guest iggy azalea, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 438, montreal. woo! >> steve6 and now, here he is,s, jimmy fallon!
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>> jimmy: thank you very much, please. [ cheers and applause ] that's a great new york city crowd right there. weweome, welcome to "the tonight show", everybody. this is it. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] hey, thank you, enjoy it. sit down and relax. enjoy yourselves. please. thank you so much for being here. guys, thank you so much. it's a hot show tonight. a hot crowd. and this is a great, hot new york city crowd is what you want right here. [ cheers and a alause ] come on. wow. >> jimmy: welcome, welcome again. i'm your host, jimmy fallon. here's what people are talking about. the latest on president obama's trip to cuba. i saw that over the weekend he and his family were photographed on a walking tour of havana in the pouring rain. which means the president's like everyone's dad on vacation. if he paid for the nonrefundable tour, you're going to go on that


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