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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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with what's called your midweek forast. >> that's midweek. did you have that written down? >> no. i'm going to write it down now. hang on that that one. we'll use it next week. >> we have quiet conditions across south florida. if you're an early riser, you're finding warmer readings. i know the cool spell was rather nice here across the area. but it was very short lived. passing clouds on the ocean breeze now in place. were dry now, look at the warmer readings thanks to the east and southeast breeze, 70 oakland park and ft. lauderdale, 71 in miami. 12, 14 degrees warmer now than we were yesterday morning. 68 this morning. your first alert forecast is mild. it will drop a few more degrees by the time we get into your morning commute. otherwise bright skies: we're
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and breezy beaches. rain chances coming our way. details coming up in 12 minutes. blanco. >> good morning, south florida. let's start off with miami-dade. this is i-95 southbound and northbound lanesround the area of northwest 103rd street. traffic still early, lightly traveled there. express lanes haha opened up, 50 cents at this time. no construction on i-95. i was keeping my eye on the palmetto expressway which was blocked at southwest 8th street at tamiami trail. that cleared out of the way. you no longer have to worry about that anymore. let's take you over to our maps. that's where we do have an accident on the turnpike northbound right at hollywood boulevard. at's where you're going to find two left lanes completely blocked off. other than turnpike northbound, we have police activity because of t accident blocking a couple lanes on the southbound side of the turnpike. >> kelly, thank you so much. three minutes past the hour. right now police raids are under
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investigators believe these three men that you're looking at right now are involved in the deadly bombings. we're being told that the two men in the black shirts are brothers. theere actively searching for the man in the light-colored jacket. this morning at least 31 people are dead, more than 200 are hurt. we also know eight americans were wounded in the attacks yesterday morning including ree american missionaries and u.s. serviceman and his family: forensics experts are working around the clock to try to piece toother the attacks. a counterterrorism official says brussels was likely the beginning and the attacks were likely carried out by the same isis ntwork behind the attacks in paris last november. around 8:00 in the morning three explosions rocked the city's airport and nearby metro stations. investigators say the bombs were packed with shrapnel.
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>> my thought at the time was, that's one, that's two. three is coming. maybe even four. given what we know about what happened in paris, i thought there's a good chance i'm going to start hearing rifle fire. >> authorities did release this photo of the three suspected terrorists. police say the men in black shirts, the brothers, they confirmed they blew themselves up in the terminal, in the departures termina yesterday at 8:00. the man in the hat, light-colored clothing wanted for questioning. president obama has ordered flag flown at half staff at the embassy in washington, d.c. in yesterday's attack. nbc reporter julia bagg at live at miami international airport where security is tight snd emotions are running high. good morning, julia. >> reporter: eric and shelly, i
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they confirmed it's stepped up re at miami international airport as we saw yesterday. here is what things look like here, pretty quiet here. let me show you what it looked like late last night. if you were not up last night, there were some emotional reunions here that we captured, especially from travelers getting offff flight that came from brussels, a flight that took off just around the same time as those bombingsere happening. it initially had a stopover in sanford and landed here in miami late last night. people embracing loved ones with very big smiles and tears and so grateful to be reunited with those loved ones. >> thehee are innocent people. it's a crazy world. what can i say? >> reporter: certainly emotions still at that level here this
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we can see the security we're seeing. we're seeing more of it even as we firsrs got here, a level being kept at miami international airport. in the next half hour, we'll hear from travelers leaving the airport and what the experience is like for them. live at miami international airport. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> here is a live look at the aftermath and insi the brussels airport minutes after the deadlu attack. frantic, smokey scene that's left the city, the country and the world on edge. another nerve-racking scene nearby, the subway station where a trainin exploded. passengers desperate to the get to safety. i am brussels is trending in french. we are following breaking news out of southwest miami-dade where police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened overnight.
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reporter michael spears who is live at the scene. we know you're still gathering information and talking to investigators and trying to figure out what happened there. what do we know so far about th? >> reporter: we know from miami-dade police according to them. officers forced to shoot a man they say was armed with a pick ax and lunged at officers last night in this palmetto bay neighborhood. we learned from police around 9:30 last night, we have video from the scene, this man. they were called after neighbors called 911, a 25-year-old man who was busting cars we're told by pole. he had the pick ax, was knocking the windows @ut, puncturing tires. officers responded. they say the man went inde his home, family members arrived, went officers went inside.
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this 25-year-old, ethan rincone was pronounced dead on sce. the big question is what caused him to bust up cars in the neighborhood. we know fom investigators a total of six cars were damaged. it appears right now no other people were hurt neighbor-wise. this happened at 9:30 last night, still active this morning at 5:00 a.m. the big question moving forward is what fueled this violent attack accordingg to police. that will definitely be a focus of the investigation moving forward. coming up at 5:30, we'll have the interview with police on what happened with those moments leading to officers firing their guns. michael spears, nbc 6 news. president obama waking up this morning in argentina. the first family arrived in buenos aries late last night, the first visit by a u.s.
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mr. obama also plans to hold a town hallmeeting with young argentinians and will later attend a state dinner. the historic trip to the island of cuba may be over, but will no doubt be a topic of heavy debate for years to come. yesterday president obobma addressed the cuban people in a speech carried live by state-n media, after he met privately with dissidents#and civil society members in havana. the wrapped off his trip after a friendly game of baseball. ten minutes past the top of the hour. still a lot more ahead on this wednesday morning including this. the fbi on the hunt for a man on the market for quick cash after wroping a ft. lauderdale bank. who exactly they're looking for. it's national puppy day. of course, petsmart is celebrating. find out what deals they have in store for those four-legged friends.
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puppy sheli. her name is sasha fruit snacks, beautiful little puppy. 68 in west kendall. temperatures settling back into the upper 60s and loafer 70s. we'll gradually see warm not just today but through the
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security experts the bombing of the subway train in brussels shows a sobering reality, more people are killed on the rails. nbc's pete williams has mor on the stepped-up security here in the united states. >> reporter: in new york's times square, extra police swarm in with 50 officers deployed to the subway station there. on bridges and tunnels, moran dom checks of cars and trucks. on commuter train systems from los angeles to washington, a scramble to turn out a visible show of force. nationwide fbi agents are stepping up surveillance of terror suspects on the lookout for possible copy cat attacks at home. u.s. officials say there's no known threat of a brussels style attack here and the experts say the security picture here is far different. police in europe are overwhelmed trying to trackck nearly 7,000 people who have been to train with isis, compared to the 200
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from the u.s. >> some of the countries have unique challenge because of their close proximity to some of the countries off concern. >> reporter: the fbi has proven adept at stopping potential attacks here. ofcials say they phase one challenge that make terrorists the harder to track, the use of encrypted apps, disposable fons and other ways to communicate that cannot be monitored. a former homeland securityty expert says working hard since 9/11 to prevent attacks. >> the bomb makers are very crafty and they keep adapting, too. this is not a static situation. it will keep moving. it requires united states security to keep improving. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in port by m mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's.
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>> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. . we are dry this morning but we'll move into shower chances on the day ahead. we can enjoy a dry forecast for your wednesday. big changes around the corner. it looks like the shower chances will stay with us. live first alert doppler sweeping clear. you can download our fr@ee news and weather app to check the radar any time. live look at miami where it's been a quiet night. a few clouds rolling in on the ocean breeze which is well tablished, also bringing us warmerreadings. again, temperatures this morning generally trending at or above average. after yesterday, it was so refreing to be back in the 50s. that was very short lived. told you that would not last long. certainly not the case. with the ocean breeze, w w're at 71 in miami. satellite picture relatively clear here across the area out west. it's out east we'll see some morning clouds hugging the beaches.
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sunshine to get our day started. temperatures steady at 70 in ft. lauderdale, 71 in opa-locka. one of the cooler locations into the west kendall area. it's rather consist accident at about ten miles per hour. the weste areas dipping into the upper 60s this morning. out near the beaches we'll stay steady around 70 or 71. through the keys all is quiet. i think we're dry there today. future tracker, think think we or done on the rain chances today. we will see passing clouds. we will see more moisture building in the atmosphere. i think by thursday we'll bring you rain chances. unfortunately those stay in the first alert traffic up through the upcoming weekend. today is the in between day, if you will. we will notice the breeze still with us. a fair amountf sunshine but warmer readings, not overly warm, temperatures rig around average at 80. from 68 this morning, breezy in the beaches midday. another day with a high rip
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we'll reach 80 today. tonight down to 71. tomorrow you'll notice the humidity turning on. late day shower possible. we're up to 85. you'll certainly feel that difference. 85 again on friday. i think we take a little bit of a break on saturday with temperatures reaching 86. for late march, the humidity with us. that continues into sunday with more rain chances in your fst alert forecast. we have one accident going on in all of miami-dade and broward county. let's take you to the maps. turnpike northbound. that's where the accident happened. you have two lanes blocked off. you see yellow on the maps. that's because emergency crews are blocking the two left lanes. on the southbound side we have police activity in the same area. so southbound and northbound on the turnpike around hollywood boulevard, police active.
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this is a crash that happened about 45 minutes ago that still has not cleared. let's ange sources and take you over to i-95. you see those flashing lights? that's an accident that was just reported. i'm glad the camera changed its view. this is right at the ramp from miami gardens to i-95. this is a crash with injuries as well. keep that in mind, you might want to avoid ramping on i-95, taking ives dairy instead of miami gardens drive. we have 836 westbound blocked off at the palmetto expressway northbound. that should be clearing up within the next ten minutes. >> kelly, thank you so much. police say a 20-year-old is dead his morning after allegedly speeding and crashing a carnto a canal in coral springs. the incident happened at ramblewood drive.
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a cement barricade and drove into the canal. the driver died at the scene. the investigation is on going. right now the fbi is looking for a thief who stole cash from a ft. lauderdale bank. that thief walked in wear ag green baseball cap and glasses and walked out with a bunch off cash. this happened yesterday afternoon at the suntrust bank branch near federal highy and 16th street. if you think you know who he is or know anything about what happened, call crimestoppers, 954-493-tips. three, two, one, ignition and liftoff. >> i love watching that. i say that every time we cover these stories which is like once a week. an unmanned atlas five rocket has blasted off f fom cape canaveral. the rocket is headed to the iss
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food, equipment and scientific research data for nasa. in case you didn't know it -- >> today is national puppy day. >> sasha fruit snacks which is eli's puppy. although it's one of the most deligful stages in a dog's life, except for chewig everything you own including your credit card, most people don't actually know when a puppy transitions from a a puppy to an adult. >> the transition depends on the puppy's size and breed. it happens between 10 and 24 months. i can't even talk with all those puppies on screen. >> petsmart is offering special doles. if you use the code tenforyou for deals.
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she has my ankles. >> and your wallet and your credit cards, yourur shoes and your socks. >> the list is so long. >> we skipped adolescence. dogs go through teenage years. they're not very nice. maybe that was just me. your time right now is 5:22 on your wednesday. still a whole lot more ahead for you this morning. is is a new book on the shelves that is revealing a lot of details on the scandal involving former cia director david petraeus, how e-mails triggered an investigation into his affair. a killer combination
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the deadly results of what welcome back. new details coming from a book self published by jill kelly, a former family friend of
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he explained by resigning from the cia he could not be blackmailed. you'll remember back in 2012, kelly, a florida native originally complained to the fbi about threatening e-mails and that would trigg an investigation that would eventually expose his affair. a deadly super pill has killed nine people in the tampa bay area in just a matter of weeks. >> it's happened very quickly. police are saying it's a lethal mix of xanax to bring you down and fentanyl which really brings you down. 80 times stronger than morphine. the question at this point is who is making it and where. >> reporter: deadly and deceiving. this super pill holds a super secret. >> you don't have to take a handful of them. all you have to do is take one and you're dead. >> reporter: the lethal contents are c cverly packaged.
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mixed with fentanyl, the combination so potent, it's killing people within minutes. >> you better stop buying xanax on the street. nine people are dead. there's no other way to put it. >> reporter: recently in pinellas county the biggest problem with people overdoseing have been from spice. now undercover cops are searching for the super pill that contains fentanyl. >> 80 to 100 times strong as morphine and about 40 to 50 times as strong as street heroin. >> reporter: this doctor has worked in the er at north side hospital in pinellas county r 18 years, and it's the first time he's ever seen something like this. it's eas to overdose on a very small dose. >> incredible. that was melanie michael reporting for us this morning. fentanyl, you recognize the name. that's the kind of stuff they give peoe in the hospital where they can be monitored
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that's how powerful it is. they're pliksing it with other drugs. >> much more ahead. >> your time is 5:27 on this wednesday. still ahead for our next half hour. following yesterday's terrorist & attack in brussels, airports very much on high alert today, hoping to prevent another attack. julia bagg at live at miami international airport with what travellers need to know about the heightened security there.
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investigatink an we're following two big
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first, breaking news out of palmetto bay where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting near zoo miami. one perp was found dead inside a home. nbc 6's michael spears will bring us a live report coming up. memorial growing i i honor of yesterday's terror attacks in brussels. this is a live look near one of the airports. you see a lot of things on the ground there, flowers and posters and post cards in memorial of those killed yesterday. as of this morning, the hunt is officially on for whoever is responsible for thatat >> live, this is nbc 6 south florida ws now. good morning, your time 5:32. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it's wednesday, march 23rd. hard to believe 20 minutes ago we were just learning more about these brussels attacks. it was happening just 24 hours a. 24 hours later we're learning so much more about what going on. >> so much more about the


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