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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 runs:oc: :04 p>> i never killed those -- p>>russell: exclusive interview pwith the man who has hours left pto live. pgloria sits down with one of ptampa bay's most notorious pserial killers just before his pexecution. p>>laura: the team is looking for
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p>>russell: two masked men barge pinto a bank and then leave pwithout taking anything. p>>dave: 6:00 and we're in the pmid 50s this morning. pit's the cloud cover keeping us pin the mid 50s and we'll give pway to some of that later this pafternoon. pwinds are out of the northeast, pnot as breezy as yesterday. pstill running eight to 13 miles pan hour. pstart with clouds, finish with psun and high temperatures so phopefully, finally getting back pto at least the lower 70s. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we have a live plook at i-4 another polk arkway. pwe do have some haziness in the parea but it doesn't look like pit's on the ground level where pall the cars are driving. pno fog alerts out there but just pkeep in mind that that's in the parea. pthat's what you'll be seeing. pmeantime, we have some pconstruction that should be in pthe clearing skaj tages at this oint. pthat should be clearing out as
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pto keep in mind as well here as pyou make your way through the parea, it is clearing or might be pclearing. pyou could see construction crews pclearing out the barricades. p>>russell: coming up on 6:02. pit was a shocking announcement pand now there's a job opening at pone buc. pthey hired lovie smith. psmith is the team's third coach psince john gruden was fired pafter the 08 season. p>>laura: and this was supposed pto be his homecoming. phe started under tony dungy and pnow he leaves with an 8-24 precord. p>>russell: some would argue two pseasons not enough to build the pteam back up. p>>reporter: good morning to you, prussell and laura. pnot to mention that some would palso argue that lovie smith pinherited a very bad football pteam. pseveral teams are looking for a phead coach but i got a feeling
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pthey're looking for. pin fact, take a look at this ptweet. pthis was sent by buck nears pbrandon myers and it was shortly pafter lovie smith's dismissal. pit says dirk has been the man psince he walked in the door. phe's refers to dirk cutter. pcoach lovie was the truth. pcoach lovie drafted alexander pwho, by the way, is a great plinebacker in the nfl, expected pto have a career in the nfl as pwell. plovie finished his second season pwith the buccaneers 6-10. pthe team showed improvements but pbuccaneer ownership felt it pwasn't enough. pa familiar face could take this pjob as the head coach of the ptampa bay buck nears and that's poffensive coordinator dirk pcutter.
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phead coach. pin 2013 he was actually pinterviewed by the cleveland pbrowns, kansas city chiefs and hiladelphia eagles. plovie smith talked about pcutter's prospects as a head pcoach in the nfl shortly after pthis season. plisten in. p>> dirk will be here to continue pthe growth we had. pthat's just a base part of it. pfootball team out there looking pfor a good football coach, look pat cutter, too. pso again, that's just part of eople seeing you have success. p>>reporter: and dirk had psuccess, bringing in jameis pwinston and putting him right ptop 15 quarterbacks in the nfl. pin fact, on the nfl stat sheet phe's ranked 11th. pthat's a rookie quarterback.
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psee where the buccaneers go from phere. pi will say this. pthe philadelphia eagles were palso looking for a head coach. pvery interested in dirk cutter pgoing to philadelphia. pwe'll see how this all plays pout. pback to you. p>>laura: this is not lovie's pfirst time in the unemployment pline. phe was fired as coach of the pchicago bears. phe had one super bowl appearance pand coach of the year award. p>>russell: monday giants head pcoach resigned. phe spent 12 years in new york pleading the giants to two super pbowls. phe said he will coach again if pthe right opportunity presents pitself. p>>laura: also five other teams pare looking for new head pcoaches. pcleveland browns fired their pcoach after week 17. p49ers fired theirs after just pone season with the team. peagles coach kelly was fired pjust five days before the season
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pand the dolphins and the titans pare also interviewing pcandidates. p>>russell: rays don't need a new pcoach. pthey want a new stadium. ptoday mayor kriseman is expected pto release his latest pitch to plet the team explore new stadium psites in pinellas and phillsborough counties. pthere are two new members on the pcouncil and they're both pexpected to support the deal. pthe vote on kriseman's proposal pcould come as soon as next week. p>>laura: in less than 12 hours, poscar ray bolin is scheduled for pexecution pexecution. phe's been on death row for the plast 20 years and until this pday, proclaims his innocence. pon the eve of his execution, pfamily and friends of stephanie pcollins gathered for a vigil in pcarrollwood. perica gomez was collins' best pfriend and said that the closure
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ponly go so far. p>> no matter how limited that plife was and my girlfriend's plife was ended, she didn't have pthe opportunity to marry like he pdid. p>>laura: and unlike collins' pimmediate family, gomez will not pbe there for the execution. pbefore he sits down to his final pmeal, gloria gomez sat down with pbolin for an exclusive interview pand he said he has no remorse pbecause he didn't do anything to pbe remorseful about. p>> during my one-hour interview pwith oscar bolin, one thing he pkept saying over and over again pis that he had nothing to do pwith the murders. pthe only thing he would admit to pwas raping an ohio woman which phe served time for. pbut when he came to the murders, phe had nothing to do with it. p>> i didn't kill them. p>>reporter: some would say pyou're set to die tomorrow and
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preally come clean and explain pwhat happened. pif you have remorse for what you pdid, what do you say to all of pthat? p>> i don't have no remorse for psomething i didn't do. pi was embarrassed. pi was humiliated. pi apologize and made my peace pwith that. pi don't have nothing to papologize for anymore. pi never killed those women. pthey can kill me tomorrow or 100 ptimes over. pit won't change nothing. p>> so you, tomorrow, as you're playing in the guerney, will roclaim your innocence. p>> absolutely. p>>reporter: barring a stay of pexecution by the u.s. supreme pcourt, oscar ray bolin is set to pbe executed tonight at 6:00. p>>laura: and gloria has declined pto be a witness to the pexecution. pfox 13 lloyd sowers will witness pit. pwe'll have complete coverage on, twitter and here
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p>>russell: about 24 hours ago a p911 call led deputies to a pbloody crime scene. pthis morning investigators are pstill not sure who killed three eople and left another for pdead. pdeputies got the call around p6:45. pthere had been a shooting at a phome on east magnolia drive on pthe south shore of lake parker. psheriff judd described the house pas a one top shop for drugs. pinvestigators say david pwashington, his girlfriend anita pbranch and castro were murdered. p18-year-old out was shot in the pface. phe was rushed to the hospital pand survived. pthe victims were targeted. pthey may be looking for more pthan one person as well. pst. pete police made another parrest in connection with one of pdecember's deadly shootings. pafter three weeks on the run, olice got a tip that p18-year-old witcher was staying pat a hotel, accused of shooting
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pdecember 17. pbutcher shot wallace in the pchest. p>>laura: if you plan on robbing pa bank, don't count the money in ublic. pthis man robbed the bank of pamerica on embassy boulevard in ort richey yesterday and then pjust a short time later, pdeputies spotted him walking paround, they say he was counting pthe stolen money. phe was arrested and looked in pthe land o lakes detention pcenter. p>>russell: deputies need your phelp in identifying a pair of parmed robbers. pthey visited at least four in pthe past. pthis is the latest attempt that phappened tuesday at the g.t.e. pfinancial on starkey road and pseminole. pone holds the door while the pother stands in line at the atm. pthey get shy and don't take panything. pif you recognize them, call the psheriff's office. p>>laura: for the second time in precent weeks, police in temple pterrace are investigating a case pof somebody impersonating a olice officer. pthe latest case happened january
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pthe imposter knocked on the pfront door, said they were olice and asked to speak to the phomeowner. panother happened a mile away. pin that case, a man and a woman retended to be with the police pand talked their way in an pelderly woman's home. pafter a few minutes they left pwithout robbing anything. pif someone comes to the door and pthey say they're with the police pdepartment, call to confirm pbefore you open the door. p>>russell: we can hold on to the pchampagne wishes and caviar pdreams for at least a few more pdays. pnobody hit last night's half pbillion dollar jackpot. pit's rolling over. pan estimated $675 million. pthe largest lottery prize in pu.s. history. pbut don't throw out the tickets pyet. pthere were one million dollar pwinners in 12 states, including pflorida.
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p2, 11, 47, 62, 63, powerball 17. psaturday's jackpot will only get pbigger as we near that drawing. plottery association added $50 pmillion on tuesday. panother 50 on wednesday. pthe odds stay the same. pone in 292 million. pyou're more likely to be struck pby lightning or be new head pcoach of the bucs. p>>laura: but somebody has to pwin. p>>russell: eventually somebody pis going to win that money. pwhy shouldn't that be us? p>>laura: why shouldn't it? pit's been growing since pnovember. pit's time. ush to free a convicted killer pat the center of a new netflix pdocumentary. peven the president can't help phim now. p>>russell: and later, farewell pseason of american idol. p>>russell: we'll find out if pthis singer makes it to
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p>>dave: 6:12 on this thursday pmorning. pit's cloudy thursday morning as pwell. pwe're mainly in the mid 50s. pit's not a huge temperature prange because of cloud cover. pvisibilities down around the pvenice area, we have half a mile pvisibility so some fog a little pfurther to the south. pas we scour out the low clouds pand bring back some sunshine ptoday, looks like we'll get back pin the mid 70s.
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p>>dave: 56 degrees at tampa pinternational and, you know, you pgo to the north where it's ptypically cooler. pcrystal river at 62. pthere's not a big difference. pthere's a lot of cloud cover paround this morning. pwhen you get a lot of cloud pcover, you get more uniform ptemperatures rather than when pit's completely clear. pgo to the northwest and there it pis. p39 in panama city. p48 in tallahassee. pstraight up 50 in gainesville. p47 in jacksonville so there are pa few spots that are on the cold pside to the north but i do have pa little more in the way of pclear skies. pwinds are out of the northeast. pthere's a big, stubborn ridge of phigh pressure that's been phanging around for days and it pwill start to scoot out to the pwestern atlantic for later today pand that will shift our winds to pthe east. peast is a warming wind as it pwarms up across the state. pso all we've got to do is just pburn off some of the low cloud pcover and it's going to be a retty nice, mild afternoon.
6:16 am
psome people, especially inland, phit the mid 70s for high ptemperatures so that is a ossibility. pyesterday was a struggle and pwhen those showers moved in pmiddle of the afternoon, that ut the kabash on us. ptoday should be a few degrees pwarmer overall. pyou can see over my shoulder, pclouds in louisiana and texas. pthere's a next disturbance that pwill come swinging through the parea tomorrow. pmaybe a quick shower but poverall, not a lot of rain with ptomorrow's forecast. pso a better chance of some pdecent rain on saturday. pwe do have all this drier air in pthe mid levels of the patmosphere. pwe're going to take care of that pby bringing in moisture to the pwest of us. pthis is what happens with an el pnino type pattern. pyou get a disturbance that pswings through, a quick shower pand the sun will come out and panother disturbance comes pthrough, a quick shower. pit's like every couple of days, pevery day or two, you're pactually getting little pdisturbances to work their way pin. pthis low has moved to the pnortheast now.
6:17 am
phere's our weather maker for ptomorrow. pbehind that is a cold front. pthat will come swinging through pon saturday. phere it is in the four corners parea of the country. ponce that moves through, we'll pknock temperatures back to the p60s for highs for the beginning pof next week. pno rest for the weary in pcalifornia. pit continues to rain day after pday after day. pthis, again, classic especially pwith the strong el nino pattern plike this. pvariable clouds, mild, 74 for a phigh today. ptonight overnight lows near 62 pdegrees and tomorrow mostly pcloudy, a few showers around. pit should be a huge deal. pkind of like yesterday, it was pthe middle of the afternoon. p60% the rain chance on saturday pand that will get the sunshine pback for sunday as we cool pthings off to the mid 60s for
6:18 am
p>>vanessa: all right. pand right now we're following a pserious injury crash involving a edestrian that's affecting pfletcher avenue and bruce b pdowns boulevard. preally going to be affecting pwestbound traffic. pwe're hearing that westbound ptraffic is being diverted pnorthbound and southbound. pnot only will you run in the phiccups heading in that pdirection but also probably palong bruce b downs boulevard pyourself. pyou have all the extra traffic pbeing pushed onto the roadway. pa pedestrian is involved, pserious injuries are reported. pwe'll have more updates as soon pas we get them. pwe have a look at the drive ptimes on the interstates. plooks like things are pretty pclear here. p275 southbound just 33 minutes pheading from flech to her -- pfletcher to the bayway. peastbound along i-4 from the pinterchange, maybe heading ptowards the area of the pconnector, plan for just about pfour minutes. p>>russell: it's expected to take pweeks to make a final pdetermination of just what kind pof weapon north korea fired and
6:19 am
pcountry claims it detonated a phydrogen bomb. pu.s. leaders doubt that. pu.n. security council says it pwill pursue new sanctions pagainst north korea. pon the other side of the dmc, psouth korea says it will resume pthe cross border propaganda that pthe p it considers an act of pwar. p>>laura: president obama is articipating in a live town phall on cnn. phe'll discuss his plan to reduce pgun violence in america. pearlier this week he announced a pset of new executive actions, pincluding one requiring more pbackground checks on potential pgun buyers. pnational rifle association for pits part turned down an pinvitation to the forum. pit begins tonight. p>>russell: the legislation would palso strict federal funding, lanned parenthood and the resident said he will veto it pand the republicans have already pscheduled a veto override vote pjanuary 22. p>>laura: more than 100,000
6:20 am
pasking president obama to pardon pthe man by the name of steven pavery. phe's the focus of a very popular pnetflix documentary. pit's called serving a murderer. phe served 18 years for a sexual passault he did not commit. psoon after he and his nephew pwere arrested, later convicted pof murdering a photographer at a pwisconsin home and some believe phe has been wrongfully convicted pagain. pthere's a catch here. resident obama does not have pthe power to pardon avery. phe can only pardon federal pconvictions. pscott walker has already says he pdoes not plan to pardon avery. p>>laura: a fireworks display
6:21 am
psaw on new year' eve ahead and 3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning. p>>russell: what's going on? p>>taylor: good morning. pwhat is going on? pwe have a very spirited edition pof hot clicks for you. pthat's what's going on. pwe're starting things off with a pwoman who has a hilarious preaction when she tests out one pof her son's christmas gifts. pit's electronic. ptake a look at this. p>> how did you get that in pthere? pahhh! poh, my god.
6:22 am
pstrapped to her head is a google pheadset. pyou can experience virtual vaelt pand watch various scenarios. pshe's seeing the inside of a pdinosaur where things are opping at her. plots of fun. p>>russell: that's neat. pthat's really neat. p>>taylor: i want to try one of pthese. psomething i don't want to try, pthat's this. pyeah. pthese guys hosted video. pthey put fireworks to a three pinch pvc tube. pi don't want to be on thor end pof that handle.
6:23 am
pthey fired off 1,001 shots in 45 pseconds. pthey posted this on youtube. pthey said, quote, and i'm going pto urge everyone to listen to pthis. pdo not in any way attempt to precreate something like this. pit is not safe and just because pit didn't come back on us pdoesn't mean it won't come back pat you. pbut it is a go ahead show, pright? p>>russell: in florida they only pbought them for agricultural urposes. p>>taylor: and lastly, we have pthis adorable moment. pwe've seen humans unwrapping pchristmas gifts with little dogs pinside. phave we seen a dog unwrapping pchristmas gifts with their pfavorite humans inside? pthat is what's happening here. pthe dog's name happens to be ptrouble and the owner there,
6:24 am
plondon for christmas and the dog pis very excited. p>>russell: that's neat. p>>laura: so cute, right? pwhat a clever idea. p>>russell: it is. p>>laura: that's a lot of kisses. p>>taylor: that's so many kisses. pbest thing on christmas, right? p>>russell: that's lovely. p>>taylor: so cute. pthis might make it in the final pthree for me. pi love this moment. p>>russell: that's so cool. p>>taylor: yes. ptime to vote. pwell, between us. pand then tomorrow -- p>>russell: it is. psend an email. p>>taylor: we will and then we'll phave it tomorrow. p>>russell: it's good. p>>laura: we'll take it. p>>russell: this is really good. pall right. psee you later. pstill ahead on "good day," five pnew year's resolutions to live pby in 2016 to keep you and your pfamily safe. p>>laura: no winners in last pnight's powerball drawing and
6:25 am
p>>reporter: it's absolutely pgrown. pwe're talking about $675
6:26 am
pthat's how much some people3 3 ((laura 2shot) good morning, i'm laura moody. ((russell)) p>>laura: and good morning. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. plet's get to look at dave for pthe weather. p>>dave: a lot of cloud cover. pgood morning to the two of you. pit's 47 degrees based on this pcamera point all children's phospital looking towards the peast. pyou can see the low clouds. pthe visibility, the ground has pbeen good. pmost of this is just really pabove the surface. pthose in tampa, i can't see the pdowntown building but 56 degrees pwith a northeast wind at eight. ponce some of that cloud cover
6:27 am
pfor many of us, we're starting pthis week getting back in the p70s. pmainly the low to mid 70s for phigh temperatures. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right. psad update to the crash i just pmentioned in the last report, pthe one involving a pedestrian pthat was struck on fletcher near pbruce b downs. pthat pedestrian has passed away pfrom their injuries. pas i mentioned before, westbound ptraffic is being diverted and pyou'll probably expect an pextended investigation and pclosure throughout the morning. pso a custom hours is what we ptypically see following a deadly pcrash. pfowler avenue, you could heading peastbound along fletcher see psome onlooker delays at the very pleast. plet's take a live look at 275 pand busch boulevard. pwe do have some slowdowns we're pseeing here. pwe have a crash in the psouthbound direction blocking an pinside lane and you can see from pthis shot here, it is looking a pbit slower than normal. p>>russell: thank you. pconvicted serial killer oscar
6:28 am
pless than 12 hours convicted of pkilling three women nearly 30 pyears ago. phis first victim was 25-year-old pnatalie holly. pshe was abducted january of p1986. pthat same year, stephanie pcollins and teri lynn matthews palso disappeared. pbolin faced 10 trials and every ptime he was found guilty. pgloria gomez sat down with him pyesterday. pwe'll talk to her at 7:40. p>>laura: a couple routinely tied pup their 12-year-old daughter pand kept her in a cage. pthey turned themselves in pyesterday and they called police pafter the girl had been left phome alone. pthe couple says the girl was pviolent and was tied up to rotect herself and others. pthey each posted $5,000 bail povernight. p>>russell: 5-year-old sister of pa jacksonville toddler will be
6:29 am
phearing today. pshe hasn't been seen since her pmother's boyfriend reported her pmissing last july. psince then eberon has been the rime suspect. p21-month-old's mother pleaded pguilty to child abuse. pthe defense hopes to call the pboy's sister as a witness. p>>laura: dungy, gruden, now plovie smith. pthe tampa bay buccaneers fired ptheir latest head coach last pnight, dismissing him after two pseasons. psmith went 8-24 with losing precords both seasons. pbucs will hold a news conscience plater today to talk about the pnext step. pcoming up at 7:00, kevin will be phere to talk about the future of pthe bucs and how the players are ptaking the stunning pannouncement. p>>russell: and this morning, owerball jackpot skyrockets pafter no winner last night. p>>laura: is now it's the largest
6:30 am
pit's only going to get bigger. pshayla reaves is live in the pflorida lottery office in tampa. pamazing that so many tickets pwere sold and still no winner. p>>reporter: i know. pthere are a lot of folks that pare hoping they can take home pthat big prize and the big prize pwe're talking about? pjust check out the sign there. p$675 million. pwe're talking about that amount pof money available. pthe only thing you've got to do pis match up the numbers. pnot an easy task but something pthat many people around the pcountry are hoping they get plucky this time around, that pthey win. pit's two bucks to buy in but of pcourse, winning is not the peasiest thing to do. pand in fact, if you look at the podds, it's one out of 292 pmillion. pthat's the chances you have of pwinning the powerball jackpot. pwhen you look at that, you have pa greater chance of being struck
6:31 am
pone out of 960,000 chances that psomething like that can happen. pbut just to give you a little pbit of an idea about history, pjust three years ago, the plargest powerball jackpot winner pin u.s. history was right here pin our area, right here in tampa pbay. pa woman in zephyrhills, 84 years pold, she was the big winner in pmarch of 2013. pshe won an estimated $590 pmillion and she purchased that pticket from a publix location phere in tampa bay. pso that just gives you an idea. pwe've had a winner here before pand now we have to see if we get panother one this time around. pof course, you can't win if you pdon't play. pyou can still have a few days to pbuy one of those tickets before pthat big drawing coming up on psaturday. pback to you. p>>laura: we're in. pwe're in. pwe were just talking about that. p>>russell: we're so in. p>>reporter: we're in? pmy question to you is, are you palready thinking about if i won,
6:32 am
p>>russell: there's a plan. pthere's a plan in place. pthere's a plan in place. pright? p>>laura: yeah. p>>reporter: absolutely. peverybody thinks about it. pthanks, guys. p>>russell: a new year, time for pmaking resolutions and while psaving money, winning the plottery and losing weight are opular ones, staying safe pshould be the one resolution we pall make. phillsborough county sheriff's poffice is with us this morning. phappy new year, chad. p>> happy new year to you. p>>russell: you have five new pyear's resolutions to keep in p2016. pyou say -- it's a story we ptalked about a lot at the end of pthe year last year. plock your vehicle. p>> people still aren't getting pthe message. pthree out of four car burglaries pcould be prevented by quite psimply locking your doors. pwhy are we making it so easy for pthieves? pwe work hard for those items and pthings we need and that we want. rotect them. ptake them inside the house, lock
6:33 am
psimply, lock your car door. p>>reporter: p>>russell: it's amazing to see pthe thieves walk through the pneighborhood and open car doors pin the middle of the night. p>> they want the easy payday. pif they wanted to work hard, pthey would get a real job. p>>russell: very good point. pthis one applies to all of us. pif you see something, say psomething. p>> exactly how it is. pit's the world we live in today. pwe must be vigilant. pif something doesn't look right, pit's probably because it isn't pright. pgive us a call. pwe'll never get upset if we go pout there and it's unfounded. pit's just something. pthere's an easy explanation. pthank you. pwe'll be on our way. p>>russell: so it's okay if i say pi'm going to feel stupid if i preport this. pyou say you're not being stupid. p>> please. pevery time we see a tragedy, pthere's always someone out there psaying, i knew something wasn't pright. pi saw this. lease, say something, call. p>>russell: put the cell phones
6:34 am
p>> the number of people being pinjured or killed from pdistracted driving are pstaggering. pthere are way too many people pgetting hurt because they want pto use their cell phones. pwe're begging everyone, wait puntil you get to that stoplight. pyou stop your car and then use pyour cell phone. pthere's no need for this many eople to be getting injured or pkilled. p>>russell: and we have laws pabout things like this but pthey're very hard to enforcement p>> they are. peven the laws, i not going to pstop it. pwe have to stop it ourselves. p>>russell: don't drive under the pinfluence. retty obvious. p>> it's crazy that in 2016, as peducated as we are with all the pride share options out there pthat we're even talking about pthis. pbut even as recent over new pyears, over the holidays, we're pseeing too many people being pkilled and injured and injuring pthemselves or someone else pbecause they don't plan paccordingly and find that safe pride home. lease, do it. p>>russell: uber app is easy. p>> i love it.
6:35 am
por pets in hot cars. pwe still do it, don't we? p>> every year there's so many pyoung children, infants being pkilled, even those dear pets we phave that we love, that we pconsider family members, being pinjured, being killed because it ptakes minutes, less than two pdangerous. pthere's too many of our loved pones getting hurt and injured pbecause the car gets that hot. pi know it's hard to imagine with pit being the cooler weather the plast few days but please, rotect that loved one. pwe have to do it. pkeep them out of that car. p>>russell: those resolutions are pfar easier than losing weight. p>> that's it. pgoing back to the gym, peverything else we promise pourselves. p>>russell: good to see you. p>> happy new year. p>>russell: you, too. pthanks. p>>laura: it's warming up a plittle bit. phave you felt it? pdave has the thursday forecast pcoming up. p>>russell: and the season of pidol continues tonight. pmeet the local singers on the
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america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: not too bad with ptemperatures in the mid 50s this pmorning. pa lot of low cloud cover, just pgenerally an unsettled weather attern. pit's going to linger, too. pwe have a couple of chances of prain that will squeeze through ptomorrow, morning into the early pafternoon and another one on psaturday afternoon and saturday plooks to be the best rain pchance. pin fact, we could see a half pinch of rain or more in a few
6:39 am
pthen after like a day and a half pof sunshine, more clouds, pshowers come running right back pin next week. pthat, my friends, is typical el pnino pattern around here. psometimes during the winter, pwe'll get seven straight days pwithout a cloud in the sky. pit's just gorgeous. pwhen you get in an el nino attern, every couple of days pyou're getting weak disturbances pto move through which is why we phave typically above normal prainfall in the winter. pit's starting things off in a ptrue el nino fashion for us as pit's been pretty warm up until pthis point. pi have 55 in west chase, palm pharbor, new tampa. p55 degrees in dade city, wesley pchapel. pmid 50s from bradenton, psarasota, uniform temperatures pmeaning we're all within a few pdegrees of each other because of pall the low cloud cover we're pdealing with this morning. ponce the low clouds burn off and pwe crank out even a little bit
6:40 am
pdidn't hit that 70-degree mark pyesterday was, we had those plittle showers come through pmiddle of the afternoon. prather than getting a little psunshine, which would have pbrought us upper 70 today, i pthink we'll get a little psunshine but then quickly, the pthicker clouds will come right pback in. phere's your disturbance that's pgoing to come swinging through pthe area for tomorrow. pand then in the wake of that, pyou've got that big cold front pin the four corners area of the pcountry and that's saturday's pweather. pevery day it's like, okay. pa little sunshine, back this pafternoon. pcloud it right back up, a little psunshine saturday morning, pclouding right back up. pit's fast, progressive pattern. psometimes you get a difficult pforecast because it's going so pquickly, everything changes at pthe drop of a dime. pwe'll go 74 for a high ptemperature. ptrying to be optimistic. pthe more sunshine we get, the pbetter chance we have of hitting pthe mid 70s. plots of clouds tonight, leasant, low 62 degrees. pheads up for a few showers ptomorrow.
6:41 am
pbe a big deal. pmore of a nuisance than thing. pa better chance of rain on psaturday. pgetting the out of here saturday pnight which leaves us with a pdecent sunday around here. peven a decent monday. pguess what? phere come the clouds and showers pfor tuesday into wednesday of pnext week. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pand right now i do have an pupdate to the crash along 275 psouthbound. pf.h.p. was originally reporting pit closer to busch boulevard but pi checked a few of the fdot pcameras a bit further south and pi think i've found it. pthis is the one we're checking pout near hillsborough avenue. psouthbound direction seeing some pdelays here but good news is i'm pnot seeing any travel lanes pblocked so it looks like this is pnot going to be causing too much pof a concern but as i mentioned pbefore, onlooker delays psouthbound 275. pbearss avenue looks like it's a pcouple of minutes heavier than pwe're used to seeing this time pof morning. p20 minutes northbound 75 is in pthe clear. pi-4 westbound drivers, typical pdelays coming into the pinterchange.
6:42 am
pwith charley belcher this pmorning. p>>charley: good day to you, pvanessa. pnice to see you back. p>>vanessa: thank you. p>>charley: jennifer epstein, not pthat she wasn't fun to chat pwith, of course. pshe might be listening. pi was shocked finding out that plovie smith had been fired. pthat was weird. p>>vanessa: surprise. p>>charley: that's the crazy pbusiness of the nfl, isn't it? pi don't know. pi want to know -- my mind is pspinning around and wondering, p11:00 at night they made that pannouncement? pdid they meet yesterday and psomething went awry? plovie smith couldn't have been a pnicer man. phe was a fan of "good day" and phe watched "good day" and he was pvery complimentary. psometimes people forget that all pthese men playing football and pcoaching football, they're like, pi have to fire that guy.
6:43 am
pthey're real human beings with pwives and families and kids and pmortgages to pay so i always pfeel bad at the human end of it. pi got faith in the buck nears. pwe'll see what happens, right? pthat's my two cents that nobody pasked for. pi just wanted to offer that. p>>vanessa: it was a good two pcents. p>>charley: did you see my cohost pstanding next to me? pit's odd that you didn't see phim. pyou have a big personality, my pbrother. pwe're here for the greatest show pon earth. pyou know what that is. pthat's the ringling brothers, pbarnum and bailey service. pyou've been in 142 of those pyears. p>> that was six years ago. p>>charley: i got that slightly pwrong. p>> the show isgends.
6:44 am
pcan i see some tumbling real pquick? pshow me. pi'll take you out, man. p>> oh, my gosh. p>>charley: you go low and i'll pgo high. pyou go low and i'll go high. p>>russell: be careful. p>>charley: i'll p>>charley: we're getting you pready, today through sunday. pstick around. pwe'll have a "good day." p>>vanessa: we're going to get so pmany hate emails today. pthat was very entertaining. pi needed that. pall right, charley. pthank you. p>>laura: all right. pit is 6:48 now. pjust into the news room, a man parmed with knives attacks a aris police station and he was pshot to death. pthis comes exactly one year pafter the terror attack in paris
6:45 am
ptwo brothers stormed the offices pbeginning three days of terror pthat killed 17 people. pcharley hebdo released a special pissue with the headline that preads, one year later, the passassin is still on the run. pgovernor rick scott just wrote pan opinion piece for "usa ptoday." pthis is very kind donald trump, ptoo. pin fact, the title of it is pdonald trump has america's ulse. pgovernor scott says he knows ptrump personally and he doesn't lan to endorse a candidate pbefore florida's primary, but he pdid write this. pquote, there is no doubt that pdonald is a man who speaks and ptweets his mind freely. pi think he is capturing the pfrustration of many americans. pand then star wars, we know it's pkick at the galaxy and the box poffice. pwalt disney estimates it claimed pthe all time number one spot and pthat means it's earned more than p$760 million. pthe big question is, can it be pthe first film in north america pto reach a billion dollars?
6:46 am
pall right. pcoming up, we're keeping a very pclose eye on all of the pfinancial markets this morning. pdow futures do not look good. pand there were no american idol pauditions in tampa bay. pso some local singers had to hit pthe road. pcoming up, they put their talent pon the line. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct
6:47 am
3 chinese stocks p>>russell: china stocks took a pnose dive overnight. pas i was getting ready to go to pbed, i got the alert that pthey've suspended trading. pyou knew it was going to be bad. p>>laura: and down from the pwires, the sharp plunge has ptaken investors on the other pside of the world, too. pjoining us to talk about it, plauren simonetti.
6:48 am
p>>reporter: good morning. pchinese authorities hold trading ptwice. ptoday was the shortest day ever pthere. pfor instance, if that were to phappen here in the u.s., traders pwould be home at 10:00 a.m. p>>russell: that fast. p>>reporter: sell soing bad, they phad to trigger the circuit pbreakers to calm the markets. palso chinese authorities pdevaluing currency because their peconomy is slowing. pthey're devaluing it. pall of this impacting your 401k, pevery single stock for the most art is down in a big way. plooking at the dow futures, down pthree, 91. pthey were down 12. p>>russell: so what we're talking pabout that happened in china is pbigger than north korea issue. p>>reporter: that's a great pquestion. pi'm so glad you asked. pmost people will say yes. pthey will say number two economy pis slowing and slowing and in a pbig way, really what has
6:49 am
pit correlates are the oil pmarket. pchina uses a lot of oil. pif their economy is slowing, pthen demand is slowing. pit's the lowest level in 12 pyears right now. poil goes to like $29. ptotally possible. pthe china story is making people pnervous. pnorth korea story is also making eople nervous. pbut you know, we're still pverifying whether it was a phydrogen bomb. pand i can add to this for you. piran, saudi arabia, first week pof the new year and we just pfound three very worried signals pthat are making people say, i pdon't know what to do with my pmoney. p>>laura: that's true. p>>russell: a lot to watch today. pwe'll see you later on. pthank you. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation pstation. plog on to fox and
6:50 am
that's right, we're feeling a little blue about p>>jennifer: some of us are pfeeling a little blue about the pfarewell season of american pidol. plast night the season began with pa 15-year-old from daytona pbeach. pshe was just a baby when idol pbegan and now she's going to phollywood. pone of the best parts of pwatching idol all of these years phas been following a local psinger. pmost recently sam wolf and who pcan forget shan an mc grane? pwe spotted a few more faces you pmight recognize starting with pthis singer. p>> let's go. p p>> i remember going to the
6:51 am
pjust really scary. p>> you're not even close to pbeing ready yet. pwith some work, you could get pthere. p>> sheets shevonne, aka, dejar. pyear after year the judges told pher to come back. pshe did again and again. pfinally, seventh time is a pcharm. plast night she got her golden pticket. pwe'll be hearing a lot more from pher. pnext up is 24-year-old carrie pcourtney from st. petersburg.
6:52 am
p>>jennifer: found him. pthat's three yeses from the pjudges, one, two, three. pyou can count on us to follow pthe local idol hopefuls on their pjourney. pfarewell season of american idol pcontinues tonight at 8:00 with pauditions in little rock, parkansas and san francisco. pyou can see the two-hour special pright here on fox 13. pcan you believe it? p>>russell: i love it. ersistence pays off. p>>laura: what a range, too. atsy klein and the other was plike a leash -- alicia keys. pthere are a lot of questions pthis morning about lovie smith. p>>russell: we'll talk to kevin pabout who the bucs may be pchoosing next and why the team pfeels it had to part-ways with pyet another coach. p>>laura: and then drama at the eople's choice awards.
6:53 am
pstage. pwhat he had to say, who kicked
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