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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- no love for lovie. p>>russell: no love for lovie. pthe bucs fire the head coach pafter just two seasons. layers are reacting and we ask, pwho might replace him? p>>laura: and better luck next ptime. pno one won the powerball jack pspot last night. pthat means the next one will be pa record. pwait until you hear how much. p>>russell: financial emergency. pyou need $1,000. phow many people would react the psame way that you do? pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody.
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pit's ask a lawyer day at fox 13. pnumbers to call will be at the pbottom of the screen. pit's free. pthat's the best part. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave. p>>dave: a lot of cloud cover pthis morning. psun will be up in 22 minutes or pso. p56 degrees, we've been steady pbecause of all that cloud cover. pand i want to say low fog. plook at the visibility, half pmile or so. pwe will get a little sunshine pfor today. psomething we didn't see a lot of pyesterday afternoon at all so ptake that 55 degrees and bring pit back in the 70s. plooks like a shower possible ptomorrow and again on saturday. phowever, second half of the pweekend looks nice. pall the details in a few pminutes. plet's check the roadways this pthursday morning. p>>vanessa: and the most serious pcrash we're experiencing this pmorning for folks just waking up pwith us is the deadly pedestrian pcrash. pwe have a live look now. pthis is fletcher and this is in pthe intersection with bruce b pdowns boulevard.
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resence out here. edestrian involved crash. pthe pedestrian has passed away. pyou can expect extended road pclosures, especially in the pwestbound direction. pwestbound traffic is being pdiverted. palso seeing some eastbound pdelays. palternate up here, fowler pavenue, more information to come pas we get it. p>>russell: thanks. pwe are starting with some really pstunning news. pthe bucs are moving on without plovie smith. pthe team fired the head coach pafter losing pfox 13 sports anchor is here to ptell us why and who could be his preplacement. p>>reporter: good morning. pthis is going to be a swift psearch. pglazers did not make this psurprising move without knowing pwho they're going to replace him pwith and i don't see them going pany other way that dirk cutter. plovie is 8-24 record and really pthe fear of losing an offensive pcoordinator.
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pleague and in one year made them pthe top five offense. plovie smith was given just two pyears, not a lot of time for pturning things around. pthis was a struggling franchise. pif you compare wins of other pfirst year bucs numbers, the pnumbers aren't good. pat no point did smith even get pthis team to the 500 mark during phis career. pbucs co-chairman glazer put his ost on the team website last pnight. pit reads, after careful pconsideration, we informed lovie pthat we've decided to make a pchange. pi want to thank lovie for his phard work and dedication during phis time year. pthis decision was a difficult pone on a variety of levels. pi'm disappointed that we were pnot more successful these past ptwo seasons, but we're committed pto doing what is necessary to pgive our fans a winning team pthey deserve.
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pmanager jason light will oversee pthe process for finding our next phead coach. pwho that's going to be, i'm psaying it's dirk cutter. pthat's the direction the bucs pwill be turning to. pfirst they have to satisfy the prule by interviewing an pafrican-american coach but pultimately, they will land on pcutter. phe's going to be the next head pcoach. pcutter really has a terrific prelationship with jameis winston pand that's the one player, and peveryone knows, that everyone pcenters around. pcutter was a head coach at boise pstate and arizona state before pmoving into the nfl as an poffensive coordinator with pjacksonville, atlanta and coming pto the bucs in 2014. pjust a couple of weeks ago, pcutter was asked if he's pinterested in becoming a head pcoach in the nfl. p>> can you imagine if i had to panswer all the questions of the phead coach, how pissed off i
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pcall out the media in phoenix pand ask them. pi was fortunate enough to be phead coach for nine years in two pdifferent schools and high pschool coach at one time in my plife. pthat was fun. pi have a great job. pi have the greatest job in the pworld. pi love working with coach smith pand the offensive staff and we phave a fantastic group of layers that are excited about pour long-term future. pyou know, you don't control pthat. pwe're trying to do the best job pwe can right for you. p>>reporter: koetter, it's a pchange in lovie smith. plovie smith dry, laid back, pconservative type of coach. pkoetter just lays it out there. phe tells it like it is and preally, that's what's been great pin covering him. pyou know you're going to get an phonest opinion, one that maybe phe shouldn't be saying but he pdoes and people, i think, prespect that. pthis is really why koetter is pthe logical choice to replace
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pbucs went from 30th to fifth in ptotal offense. pthey were 17th in the league pthis season for passing yards pand fifth in rushing. pnow, both were major pimprovements from a year ago but pthe bucs offense said they had pto adjust to the sudden loss of pthe offensive koord coordinate or coordinator. pquarterback's coach had called pthe plays for that season. pit was a complete mess. pbucs were 17th in passing, 29th pin rushing offense. pjust two years ago. pnow, a lot of people thought plovie smith would help the pdefense improve. pwhile it might not seem likely, phe actually did, when it comes pto yards allowed, the bucs pdefense gave up fewer -- 30 pfewer yards this past season pthan a year ago. p15 fewer yards in passing. pnot a whole lot in nearly 15 pfewer yards rushing per game. pthey also had two more sacks pthan they did in 2014. pnot a drastic improvement. roblem is, this defense was pultimately ranked 10th in the pleague which sounds great but
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pleague in points allowed and pthat's the category that you preally need to look at. pthere's been a lot of twitter preactions. pbuccaneer linebacker davidson, a ptweet out saying this is stupid. pwe can't even have a consistent pcoach. pthree coaches in five years. poutside looking in, you all punderstand -- wouldn't punderstand how great a coach or erson he is and i guess you all pgot what you've been asking for. pthere's been a lot of criticism pduring the year from fans pwanting lovie smith to be fired pand ultimately that's what he's psaying. phe later took down his tweets, pthough. pbrandon myers sent out a tweet. pdirk has been the man since he pcame through the door. pand former buck nears pquarterback shawn king said, ponly in america can morris get pthree years to fix the bucs and plovie smith only two. retty telling right there. phe really is respected around pthe league, lovie smith is, and pi know steve who works for the pnfl network said that you have
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roblem for what's going on here pin tampa bay because they've pjust now fired lovie smith, tony pdungy and john gruden. pso coming up in the next half phour, we'll look at the few pother names the glazers could pconsider but i'll tell you, it's pgoing to be dirk koetter. p>>laura: bucs have gone three pthree coaches. pmorris was the immediate preplacement. phe spent three seasons here. pgreg shianna was after that, pthen lovie smith, eight wins, 24 plosses during the last two pyears. pbut he seems to have improved pand i think that's what has peverybody talking this morning. pdespite the record, after all pthe team did a lot this season, pdidn't they? pwinning four more games than pthey did last year. pfox 13 alcides segui is getting psome reaction on this.
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pfacebook earlier this morning. pwe did get some feedback for psome of our viewers. pthis person says they don't pthink he had enough time. phe needed at least two more pyears. panother person says, i don't plike him. pbut we are becoming the coach of pthe week franchise. psomeone else says that's pterrible. psomeone else says that's sad. pand then just when i was pconsidering season tickets. phorrible decision. pso it seems like the majority of pthe folks on facebook not pagreeing the glazers' move to pdismiss coach lovie smith. pit will be interesting to see pwhere he goes next. pa short time ago, i actually pspoke with one of the coaches at pjesuit. pinteresting perspective, what he phad to say. plisten in. p>> i thought he was a good pcoach. pi don't know what they're going pto do. pyou know, i hate to see a coach plose their job. pi just hope they don't -- what pthey have coming up, you know,
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pwho they're going to hire after pthis. p>>reporter: there are talks it pcould be dirk koetter. p>> i think what he did with pjameis and the offense was pgreat. pi think he's a good leader. p>>reporter: so people are pfrustrated that the glazers -- i psay most people are frustrated pthe glazers moved away from plovie smith and it will be very pinteresting to see what the next pstep is for the franchise. pkevin is going to continue pfollowing it and sports pdepartment as well. pgo to our website, pand we'll keep you up to date pwith the very latest. pnews conference is scheduled psometime this afternoon. pback to you guys. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. pand again, don't forget to check pout everything., we're on facebook pand twitter, too. p>>russell: 7:10. pbreaking news right now. prescue workers in upstate new pyork frantically working to free p17 miners. pthey're trapped more than 900 pfeet underground.
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pa salt mine. pradio contact has been made to pthem with the miners. pright now officials say none are phurt. pcrews have been able to get heat acks of water to trapped pworkers while they await rescue. p>>laura: in less than 12 hours, poscar ray bolin will be given a plethal injection. p>>russell: he's sitting on death prow right now. phe's been there more than 24 pyears. pbolit put to death for killing pthree bay area women in the p1980s and he's still claiming phe's innocent. phis last meal to be bacon and otatoes and he'll get a visit pfrom his wife before he's set to pdie at 6:00 tonight. pthere's still a chance of an pexecution stay from the u.s. psupreme court. pfox 13 gloria gomez spoke pexclusively to oscar ray bolin pand she'll join us in the next phalf hour to talk about that. p>>laura: polk county detectives pare hunting for a kill they are pmorning. pthree people were found dead in pa home on magnolia drive east pabout this time yesterday pmorning.
7:12 am
pwashington, his girlfriend anita pbranch and angelika castro. psheriff judd said that this plocation was a known drug house. pif you can help solve this case, pcall crime stoppers at p1-800-226-tips. p>>russell: police a step closer pto solving the december murder pof a 17-year-old st. petersburg. pofficers arrested whicher after pgetting a tip that the p18-year-old was in the pinellas ark hotel. phe's been on the run more than pthree weeks. phe is accused of fatally pshooting gabrielle wallace on pdecember 17. pthe two teens got in a fight and phe's facing second degree murder pcharges. p>>laura: it wasn't your lucky pday. pit wasn't mine, erment ither. pjackpot is now at $675 million pfor saturday. pthat's a record. pyou can bet it will climb even phigher before the drawing. pat one point yesterday, florida plottery officials say an average
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pbeing sold. pdon't throw away your ticket pjust yet. ptwo people in florida won a pmillion dollars for matching pfive of the six numbers. pso those numbers are 2, 11, 47, p62, 63 and the powerball number pwas 17. pno one has won the jackpot since pnovember 7. podds of winning are still one in p292 million and officials say pthat 80% to 90% of winning ptickets are quick picks. p>>russell: and shayla reaves is pgetting reaction from the record pjackpot. p>>laura: and then it happens to pall of us. pa financial emergency and it pmight surprise you how many eople can relate to your method pof payment. p>>dave: as soon as these winds pdie down, which they did this pmorning, we have a lot of low pcloud cover to deal with. pthat probably looks worse than pit is because the visibility at pthe surface is okay but half a pvenice. ptake it easy, slow it down on
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pwe'll avert some cloud cover and phave a little sunshine this pafternoon. penough to bring us back in the plow to mid 70s for highs today. p>>russell: it's ask a lawyer day pat fox 13. anel will be here until 9:30 to panswer your questions. pthe number to call will be at
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3 3 3 (take vo) p>>laura: it is 7:16 now. pwe have a news alert out of pair pthinks morning where police have pshot and killed a man armed with pa knife at a police station. pfrench officials say the man had pwires extending from his pclothing and this is a look at pthe scene of the shooting. pyou can see a very heavy police resence. pthat neighborhood is on lockdown pand the shooting comes on the pone-year anniversary of the pattacks against the charley phebdo newspaper. p12 people, you may remember, pdied in the attack. pwe're following it and give you pthe latest developments as we pget them. p>>dave: i want to show you a few pcamera shots. pas high as the tower is, it's plooking straight into that low pcloud cover this morning. pso the ground down here. pbut we do have a few visibility pissues. phere's a picture, okay, and this
7:17 am
pwhat's going on. pcover. pthis will all burn off. ptake a few hours but it will. pso i look above and i actually pthat. pthat's why i think once the low pcloud cover burns off, we bring ptoday. pthe sirata beach area showing psome of the low clouds and fog pthat they are dealing with. pwe turn that tampa cam around pand you can see it's looking pwest on kennedy. phoward frankland being out here pso you can't really see that pright now with some visibility pissues. pwe're down a half mile or so in psarasota and venice but notice ptampa international, still preporting 10 miles visibility. pthat fog is not quite at the psurface. pit's just above the surface and pi'm thinking that maybe some of pthese northeast winds we have paround eight, 10 miles an hour pare kind of helping the psituation out this morning. pnonetheless, sun will be up in a pfew minutes and we'll start the rocess of getting rid of some
7:18 am
p57 in st. petersburg. pupper 50s as well in psoutheastern portions of polk pcounty, down through highlands pcounty so our temperatures this pmorning are a couple of degrees pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime and there it is. pthat five to 15 mile-per-hour pwind and i think the winds were pcalm, just calm everywhere, i pthink we would have a huge roblem this morning. pbut mostly just above the psurface, even though it looks pkind of gloomy, looking for pafternoon sunshine today. pas we do, that will bring temps pback up to the 70s. pbut quickly, this disturbance pmoves through tomorrow, late ptonight, tomorrow. pthat's going to bring us a pcouple of showers so we're going pto finish the week with a 30% prain chance. pwe've been saying it all weekend plong. pthe best rain chance the next pseven days is going to be on psaturday. pback to back rain chances. p74 degrees for a high temp ptoday. pwe burn the whole clouds off. pclouds are going to roll in ptonight, 62 for the overnight plow.
7:19 am
pfew showers around. pi don't think it's going to be panything significant tomorrow. pthat's what i want to point out. pa few showers here and there. pcomputer models, keeping the prain models low. pa decent chance on saturday. pwe're bringing a cold front pthrough the area. pon sunday we'll dry it off, cool pit off. pmonday, highs in the mid 60s pagain. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we do have some pslower speeds that we're pwatching 275. pwe have a live look at the pbearss avenue exit. pa crash is reported on the exit pramp. pyou can't get a good vantage oint on that. phere are your travel plans. pheading from the 75 junction in asco county coming to the pinterchange, plan for 30 minutes pso we're in the red zone there. p15 minutes southbound 75 from pfletcher to the selmon pexpressway and then 75 to 275. ptime right now is 7:20. pwe want to check in with charley pbelcher.
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p>>charley: of course. pringling brothers and barnum and pbailey circus is back. p145 years they've been doing pthis and people keep saying on pfacebook i would make a good pring master. pdo you know what? pi think they're right. pladies and gentlemen, children pof all ages -- p>> no, no, no. p>>charley: step right up. p>> no. pno. pcome on. p>>charley: stick around, peverybody. p>> and have a good day, tampa pbay. p>>charley: where is my wallet? pseriously. new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry.
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3 governor rick p>>russell: 7:24. pgovernor scott appears to be psomething of himself in prepublican presidential pcandidate donald trump. pthe governor wrote for "usa ptoday" that while scott says phe's isn't formally endorsing pany candidate, he sure has nice pthings to say about trump. phe cited his run for governor in p2010, how he started as an
7:22 am
ptalking about the need for fresh pblood. phe also said trump speaks his pmind freely. phe wrote that while the pcandidate gives some interesting pinterviews, it's how he captures pthe frustration of americans pthat has him leading the polls. pwrote, quote, voter er rs have been pchoosing new ideas and energy. pthe op ad repeated the long held pbelief that candidates should pfocus on economic policies. phe even touted his own job pcreation here in florida saying pthe same change could be seen pnationally but the dramatic pchange in government. pscott ended with an appeal to prepublican voters to stay pfrustrated. pas he put it, major change is pneeded. p>>laura: it is 7:25 now. pmost americans live paycheck to aycheck. pyesterday we told you that some eople can't even afford to pspend $500 on an unexpected pexpense.
7:23 am
ptoday jennifer epstein is here pnow to tell us how often those psurprise bills occur and what pwe're willing to give up to pay pfor them. p>>jennifer: you know an pemergency bill, the refrigerator pstops working, car broke down, peven though those unexpected pexpenses are pretty much pguaranteed to occur, most pamericans aren't planning and psaving for emergencies. paccording to bank, four pout of 10 people surveyed say pthey or their immediate family phad a major unexpected expense plast year. ponly 57% of people made it out pof 2015 unscathed. pso what do you do when you've pgot to come up with a cash pquick? pfour in 10 people, 37%, say they pdip in savings. ponly a quarter people say they preduce spending on other things pto get the job done. p15% prefer to charge it off on a pcredit card. pand the same amount of people pwould borrow from friends or pfamily.
7:24 am
phow we choose to pay for these punexpected expenses depends on pour age and our salary. p57% of people earning $75,000 a pyear or more would use savings. p9% of people making $30,000 or pless have no idea how they would ay for an emergency. pmost millennials say they most plikely use savings or a credit pcard. pthat's a change from 2014 when pmost said they would cut pspending in other areas. pwhat are people willing to pcutback on? pthe top five budget busters, pdining out, coffee, satellite or pcable tv, alcohol and cell phone lans. palthough most people surveyed paren't so willing to budge in pthe last one. pyou know, the cell phone bill. pfinancial experts say don't pcutback on things obviously that pare important like your child's pdance lessons but the trip to pstarbucks or the drive through, pnot necessary. pthey say the best way to ensure pyour peace of mind, have a plan pin place for those emergencies
7:25 am
pdave? p>>dave: thank you. pit's 7:27. pi got a couple of different ictures for you. pwe've got cloud cover all over pthe place. pvery low cloud cover. pand the viz sible visible, just above the psurface is where we're having pour issues. ptampa, down to 3/4 mile for the pvenice area and once the fog plifts, we're looking at a decent pday overall with high ptemperatures in the mid 70s. pwhile we stay in the mid 70s ptomorrow and saturday, look at pthe rain chances. ptomorrow up 30% and we'll double pthat, yeah, looking at a shower, pa good shower chance on saturday pat around 60%. p>>vanessa: thank you. p7:28 is the time. inellas county, a new crash pthat we're following that is pgoing to be affecting the pintersection of keystone road pand east lake road. pwe're hearing really main delays pwill be the southbound pdirection. pthat's where we are experiencing psome lane blockage. peye been reminding pinellas pcounty drivers throughout the pmorning there is a permanent
7:26 am
pthis happened overnight, gandy pboulevard, vintage road, that pintersection is closed with pdetours in place and of course, pnew traffic patterns so watch pout for the possibility of some pconfused drivers. plet's check on the veterans pexpressway. pwe're up to our -- getting ptoward our heavier travel times. p22 minutes southbound direction. p22 miles per hour is the average pspeed. psouthbound near gunn highway, pnorthbound drivers just plan for pa 13 minute drive. p>>russell: storming the stage. pexcited at the people's choice pawards. p>>laura: and more money than you pcan imagine. pshayla reaves is on that story pfor us. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you pguys. pthe powerball jackpot is up for pgrabs and we're talking about pthe largest jackpot in u.s. phistory. pwe'll hear from some folks who psay they plan to buy a ticket pstraight ahead. p>>laura: our panel will be here puntil 9:30 answering your legal pquestions for free.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. 3 (russell- infam p>>russell: 7:32. poscar ray bolin doesn't have a
7:29 am
phe's going to be given lethal pinjection tonight. p>>laura: this is punishment for pkilling three bay area women. pgloria gomez is covering the pexecution and she spoke pexclusively to bolin yesterday pin his final jailhouse pinterview. psheer what he had to say about pdying. plisten. p>> i mean, i don't know how you pwould expect someone to feel. pthey told you tomorrow you're pgoing to die and how would you pfeel? pit's not something -- we all pdie. pit's knowing the exact date and ptime, that's -- that's hard to pdeal with. p>>laura: she joins us live to ptalk about it. pgood morning to you, gloria. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>laura: i spoke to you before pyou left. pi know it was emotional in a lot pof ways. pthis is a man who showed no premorse. pthere was nothing in his face, pnothing in his voice that seemed pto indicate any remorse.
7:30 am
pas a matter of fact, laura, i pasked him several times, now is pthe time to do it. pyou're going to be killed ptomorrow. pyou're going to be executed. pnow is the time to come clean, pto tell us what you know, to pexplain what happened, to show premorse and he said, i have no preason to show remorse. pi didn't do this. pi didn't kill these women at pall. phe reiterated that over and over pand over again throughout the phour interview that we sat at pthis prison, going over all the pfacts in the case and again, he pspent half an hour really going pover all of the details of the pcase and how the evidence pdoesn't add up, how he was pframed by police, how he was pframed by an f.b.i. analyst and phe's convinced that at the end pof the day, florida is executing pan innocent man. phe said that over and over pagain, laura. p>>laura: and for you personally, pjust as a journalist, this was a punique opportunity. pyou declined the opportunity to pto witness the execution ersonally.
7:31 am
pwhat was your impression as you psat there, just as a journalist? p>> well, as he walked in the proom, i could share with you pthat he was absolutely somber pand serious. pi mean, the gravity of the psituation really hit that room pthat we were in and we were like palmost in a cell-like room, very psmall. pand the moment he walked in, you pcould feel it. pyou could feel that intensity pand as i sat with him, the pfurther thing he said was the pfact that, yeah, i'm going to be pkilled tomorrow and how do you pdeal with that? phow do you know? pand deal with the fact that ptomorrow is the day you die. pmost of us don't know when we're pgoing to die. phe does. pit's going to be today at 6:00 .m. and he shared with me that phe will spend three of those phours with his wife and they pwill share that time together pand during that time, he will phave his last meal. pi asked him, what will be your plast meal? phe said steak and potatoes but phe didn't plan on eating it.
7:32 am
pi'm interested in spending as pmuch time with rosalie as ossible. p>>laura: let's talk about the prelationship with his wife. pit's a love story to them. pwe can't forget he's a master pmanipulator here, generally pregarded as that. pthis was a sensational story pwhen it first happened, the way phe met his wife and what phappened in the days after they pmet. pit was something, wasn't it? pit was in the news, the pheadlines. p>>reporter: absolutely. pkeep in mind that she was part pof his defense team. pshe was looking to find evidence pto exonerate him and during that ptime, the two fell in love. pshe ended up leaving her husband pwho was a high powered attorney pin tampa, and they ended up pgetting married in a prison phere. pso the whole thing was kind of psensational and took on a whole pnew headline and a side show on pthis already tragic story. pkeep in mind, there are three pvictims here and all of the
7:33 am
pthe meantime, they waited 30 pyears for justice. pall of these families. pkeep in mind, he's had 10 ptrials, eight times juries have psent him to death row. pnow the families of the victims, pthey see it as justice today at p6:00. p>>laura: and we heard from the pbest friend of one of the pvictims who said these women pnever got a chance to get pmarried. pthey never had an opportunity to pfind love or experience any of pthose moments. p>>reporter: nothing. pthey were just ripped from phaving a life. pand think about what it did to pthe families. pi mean, they've been suffering pfor years. pi can tell you natalie holly's pfamily, her mother was in her p80s when bolin was being tried pfor the last time. pshe passed away so she will not pget to see justice but the rest pof her family will. pclearly this family, all the pfamilies have endured a lot of ain for 30 years. pending today for them. p>>laura: we know this was a long
7:34 am
pfor you, you worked hard to get pthis interview and you got it pexclusively so we thank you. pwe're proud of you, gloria. pwell done. p>>reporter: thank you very much. pthank you. p>>russell: thank you. pall right. pyou didn't win the powerball pjackpot. pnobody did. pthat's a record. pthat should motivate a lot of eople to play. pshayla reaves is getting preaction to all of that this pmorning. p>>reporter: hi. pgood morning to you, russell. pi'm sure there are a lot of pfolks out there that could use psome money to do something, even pa fraction of that amount of pmoney. pwell, they still have a chance pto try their hand at this. psee if this is something that pthey can win. pof course, $675 million, that's pa record amount. pthat's the largest amount for pthe powerball jackpot in u.s. phistory. pwell, only $2 to get involved pand there are millions of people paround the country that are phoping they have a chance to pwin. pthere were some folks right here
7:35 am
pright now listen to amy here as pshe described her experience. p>> i want it to be me. pit's a lot of money. pi have a billion dollars with a pb. pi can't believe it. pit's just too much. p>>reporter: there are a lot of pfolks that are probably pthinking, if i even had a pfraction, i could spend some of pthat. pthe odds of winning are slim. pwe're talking about one out of p292 million. pthat would be the chances of pwinning there. pyou would have a greater chance pof being struck by lightning in pa year. pone out of 960,000 chances on pthat end. pso in the meantime, though, we pcan tell you in zephyrhills, an p84-year-old woman back in 2013, pshe won that powerball jackpot, pthe largest in history at that ptime around $590 million. pthat ticket purchased at a tampa
7:36 am
pthey'll have to see if someone pelse in the tampa bay area gets plucky this time around. pbut i do have to ask you guys, pwhat would be your first pfrivolous purchase if you were plucky enough to win the lottery? p>>russell: frivolous. p>>laura: wouldn't it all be pfrivolous? p>>russell: good point. p>>reporter: i think i would robably take a trip. p>>russell: okay. pall right. pi'm buying it. pi'm buying it. p>>reporter: maybe a little ptravel. p>>russell: big car. pbig car. phouse? pdid they say house? pwhat's in that house? plawyer arcs -- laura, you got pone? p>>laura: there are so many pchoices. phow about a beautiful boat? p>>russell: we have to run. ptoday at st. pete, city council
7:37 am
pit might come up for discussion. pit's the first meeting with new pcouncil members. pthe previous city council could pnot agree on a deal. phillsborough commissioners are pready to talk if they're given pthe opportunity. p>>laura: the buck nears are plooking for a new head coach. pthey fired lovie smith last pnight. pkevin is here to tell us about a pcouple other big names the pcoaches are looking at with the pnew job. p>>reporter: timing of the move pby the glazers comes as a pcomplete shock. plovie smith met with his pcoaching staff yesterday pafternoon and they met unaware pthat smith was about to be pfired. pwhere do they go from here? pthey only need a replacement pvery quickly. pi think it's going to happen pvery quickliment smith leaves pafter going 8-24 and really, pthat's the foundation for the preason behind this move. pafter guiding the bucs into the layoffs contention, i should
7:38 am
pyear with a four-game losing pstreak. pthat's not the progress the pglazers were comfortable with. pfor the third time in five pyears, the bucs are looking for pthe new coach. pdirk koetter will be the next pstop. pthe bucs didn't want to lose pdirk koetter who is drawing pinterest from the dolphins and peagles. pi really believe that's why the pglazers fired lovie smith and pmade a move this quickly. pkoetter is well liked and prespected by players and has a pdynamic personality and the pexperience as head coach. phe was head coach at boise state pand arizona state before the nfl pin 2007. pglazers could turn back to the pcoach they tried to hire in p2012, chip kelly is available. preally runs an unorthodox poffense but he was fired in hiladelphia.
7:39 am
phiring chip kelly. ptom coughlin was forced out of pnew york on monday by the pgiants. pcoughlin has two super bowl prings on his resume. pthat's not the type of coach the pbucs need to turn to. pthey have a lot of holes to fill pbefore they become a legitimate layoff contenders. pglazers have put general manager pjason light in charge of the pcoaching search. pbucs will have to satisfy the prule by interviewing a minority
7:40 am
pstay p>>dave: it is 7:46. pa cloudy start to our thursday. pnot a lot of rain, just low pclouds and fog to deal with. pi'll give you a couple of shots phere. phere is the beach. pover at clearwater, 56 degrees.
7:41 am
pthe visibility at the ground is pdecent once you go up 100 feet pabove. pit's a whole different story. plook at the lakeland camera, ptoo. pwe're all just fogged in and 55 pdegrees with the northeast wind. ponce the winds die down, that's pall it took for the clouds to pget closer to the ground. plook at the visibilities. pit's not awful. pa mile and a half in tampa. p3/4 mile in sarasota and down to pthe venice area so a lot of low pclouds just above the surface pbut whatever camera i show you pis also just above the surface pso it's going to make it look pworse than it really is outside. phere's the northeast wind again, pfive to 10, even 15 miles an phour along the coastline. pwe're going to shift that a bit ptowards the east as high ressure over the mid atlantic pshifts out of the western patlantic. pwe'll get an east wind. pwe'll burn some low clouds off pand i think it's going to be a pdecent afternoon as we bring ptemperatures back up into the p70s for the first time this pweek. pyou can see all the low cloud
7:42 am
pbefore we do that. pas soon as we get back out in pthe sunshine, here come the high pclouds right back at us again pfrom a disturbance sitting out phere just off to the west. pthis will bring us a quick plittle shower late tonight, ptomorrow. pit shouldn't be a huge deal as pthis comes through. pi still think the better chance pthat we have of shower activity pis going to be on saturday with pa cold front. plook at the bigelows sitting out phere for the western atlantic. pas that moves away, that very ptight pressure gradient, it's pgotten windy and starts to prelax. pthat's why the northeast winds pwon't be quite as bad as they've pbeen the past couple of days. pa little sunshine today but the pclouds roll back in tonight with pa chance of showers. pso today, progressively fast attern. pthat's what we've got the next pseveral days. p74 degrees, variable clouds. pmild this afternoon and then leasant tonight. pi think as the clouds roll back
7:43 am
ptonight. plows around 62 degrees which, by pthe way, way above normal. pwe're not hitting the 80s or precord highs but we're kind of pstill above normal for the povernight lows which is okay. pmostly cloudy, a couple of quick pshowers to finish up tomorrow pwith a high of 75 degrees. pthen the rain chance goes to p60%. pwe have to bring a cold front pthrough on saturday. pi'm going to do my best to psavage out the weekend on psunday. pmid to upper 60s for highs. pclouds roll right back in by ptuesday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we have a pair of pcrashes we're following in the ptown 'n' country area. pone of them does involve lane pblockage and the other involves pa vehicle in the building. pthe first one is reported at phillsborough avenue and sawyer proad with travel lanes blocked. pworst delays in the eastbound pdirection. pit doesn't look like we're pdealing with any serious delays pso just a couple of extra pminutes out the door.
7:44 am
pthis is at the daycare according pto the sheriff's office. pmemorial highway and pindependence parkway. pthis will be on the north side pof the intersection. pnot hearing about any travel planes blocked. pno injuries, either. pbut we're seeing what i'm pguessing is onlooker delay. pit's in the northbound direction papproaching that intersection of pjust a couple of minutes or so. p>>laura: thank you. pcontroversy last night for the eople's choice awards. pwhile the award for favorite pdaytime hosting team was being phanded out, folks were excited pbut a fan crashed the show. pthe women from the show "the ptalk" were on stage. pthe man ran up and grabbed the pmicrophone from sara gilbert. pwatch this. phe was quickly pushed, even pkicked away friday cheryl punderwood and sharon osbourne. pspeculation has already begun ponline that it was a stunt. pa man shouted a plug for an pupcoming album by kevin gates.
7:45 am
pfor "50 shades of grey." pellen degeneres took home awards pfor favorite humanitarian and pfavorite talk show host. retty little liars took home pthe awards for best actress and pbest actors. pall right. pcharley belcher? phe has run off to join the pcircus. p>>russell: he's running a three pring circus route noi. p>>charley: one of these days i pwant to come to the circus and pi'm never coming back. p>>laura: are you going to be pring master? p>>charley: i'm going to run with pthese guys. pasa the clown. phe's a clown from kansas. phow weird is that? pthat's weird. pclowns. poh. plook. pshe comes all the way from prussia and it's catarina. psay it with me, clowns. pcatarina.
7:46 am
pgreatest show on earth. pi used to think it was barnamun pand bailey when i was a kid. pit's (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction)
7:47 am
(burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
7:48 am
p>>charley: "good day tampa bay."
7:49 am
pyou from the amalie. pthere goes corina from russia. pshe's from moscow, you know. p>> yeah. p>>charley: look at that. p>> she's only one of 25 nations prepresented in our cast and pcrew. p>>charley: look at you doing the pinterview before i can ask the pquestion. pthat is a professional clown pthat you are. pi should tell everybody, we're phere at the amalie arena. pwe're here for the barnum and pbailey circus, 145 years they've pbeen doing this and they're at pbeen doing this and they're at pthe amalie arena through sunday. pboys and girls, children of all pages, everybody loves this. pit's the clown from kansas. ptell me, what do you know about pcarina? p>> she's my friend. pshe's one of the many acts that pyou can see in the pre-show. pthis act is actually not in plegends. pthe only way you're going to see pthis act is if you show up one phour before whatever show you're pattending and you can see circus
7:50 am
p>>charley: is that an extra pticket or comes with my -- p>> no. pit's super free. pbuy your ticket, free. pone hour before the show, show pup and come down. p>>charley: that's clown logic. pbuy your ticket and then it's pall free. poddly enough, that's capitalism. pmy photographer is like, i pay pmy rent. pi get to live for free next pmonth. pso okay. pit is included in your ticket rice. pyou get to see this pre-show. pi love this. pokay. pthat looks like it would not pfeel -- p>> i can't do that. pthat's why she's a professional. p>>charley: this silk stuff, i plove this. pclassic acrobatics that this is pwhat i think of when i think of pthe circus, legendary erformances like this. p>> right. pshe's actually one of half a pdozen arielists. pshe's one of six arielists. pi'm here all week at amalie parena.
7:51 am
p>>charley: remember the age when pdrowns didn't talk? p>> yeah. pthings change, okay? pwe have aerials from china, side pby side flying trapeze, we've pgot riders from uzbekistan pflying on and off, riding horses p>>charley: and it could be your plast chance to see the elegants. p>> that's true. pyou have to come down to amalie parena. pyou can stand right here where pwe're standing right now. p>>charley: that's funny. pshould have put the mic on that pguy. pjust kidding. pall right. phang around, everybody. pwe're getting you ready for the pcircus when "good day tampa bay"
7:52 am
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