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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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pet phone home. pmaybe. pscientists have say found a lanet that is perfect for pintelligent life. pelliot. pa woman's new year's resolution phas gone viral. pand good thursday morning. pthat was a cute picture. pi'm laura moody. p>> it was.
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pit is not pretty. pelliot. p>> it's pretty outside. pdid we just do that? pyeah, we did. pno, it's not pretty outside. pit's ugly and gray out here. pbut lot of this low cloud cover pwill burn off. pthe thing is sun angle in pjanuary is not all that high. pso it's going to take some time pto burn these low clouds off. ponce we do i've seen what it plooks like above it on riverview pcamera. pit's pretty. pso we'll get sunshine back this pafternoon. pwe have not budged from our p56-degree temperature for past pfew hours. peast to northeast winds at 7 to p12. pforecast today, i'm going try to pbe optimistic and burn low pclouds off and get us into the pmid 70s. ptomorrow, quick shower, but a pbetter rain chance on saturday pwhich we'll talk about in a few pminutes. pvanessa. pall right dave thank you. pwe do have an update to deadly pcrash we've following throughout pmorning. pthe one reported along fletcher pavenue. pwe're hearing lanes are now pclear and for folks who are just pwaking up with this this did pinvolve a pedestrian that was
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pcross the road. phere's a live picture from pmemorial and independence and pbray road a car lost control and pslammed into a day care. pthe kiddie country day care. pit's already been towed away as pyou can see there. pthankfully no one was hurt. pwhich is remarkable. pthe building is damaged though. pcode enforcement is coming out pto see if the structure is in pfact safe to continue standing. pin brevard county now it's hour p8 of police stand off in pmelbourne as police try to pconvince a man with a gun to pcome out of his apartment. pauthorities have been in contact pwith this man since 11 o'clock plast night. pthey initially responded to a pdomestic disturbance call at the pcondo complex. pwhen they got there, the man pshot at them. pand police returned fire. pthe man is being described a pmilitary veteran in his mid 40s. olice have instructed residents pto stay away from the complex puntil further notice. poverseas authorities in france pnow investigating a knife attack pat paris police station.
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olice say the man wielding the pknife was shot to death. pthe attacker they say had wires, pextending from his clothing and pan explosive team is at the pscene at it hour. pthe this the attack comes one pyear to day after deadly assault pof had satirical magazine pcharlie hebdo. pa france remains under a state pof emergency a deadly attack pcarried out by islamic militants pback in november. p three young women lost their plives all at the hands of oscar pray bowlen. pthat's according to ten pdifferent juries. pconvicted of murdering terry plynn matthews stephanie collins pnatalie holly. pbowlen has been on death row for p29 years. pnow, barring any last minute pappeals, he's going to put to pdeath tonight. pfox 13's gloria gomez sat down pwith him, talked with him pexclusively. plisten.
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pmirror, do you like yourself? p>> yeah. pi'm comfortable with myself. pthere's a lot of things in my pyounger in my past i'm, you know pi wish i could change, but i'm pat peace with myself. pstating about to kill me. pand they think they are getting pjustice. pi'm like well, they are not pgetting justice. p>> gloria is with us this pmorning right now. pshe is standing by live. pgloria first of all thanks i pknow it was long day for you pthanks for starting for are us ptoday. p>> absolutely. pyou've talked, you've talked to pa lot of people who have been paccused of a doing some very bad pthings along the way in your pcareer. pbowlen? p>> reporter: i think what was pdifferent was just the looming pdeath that was in the room pyesterday. pand the fact that he knew when phe was going to die. pand it's today at 6. pand i think that was the only pdifference. pi've talked to other, you know,
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pthat was the only difference was pjust the somberness, the dead pman walking really. pand that was the to me the only psignificant difference was how pit just took over the entire pinterview. pi mean we obviously we're going pto cover a number of things. pbut that was just as soon as he pwalked in you could feel that pintensity, that gloom and doom, pthat kind of took over when i pstarted talking to him. p>> he still says he didn't do pit. p>> right. phe's, you know, believing and in pfact, spent 30 minutes of our pinterview, we had an hour pinterview, going over the facts pof the evidence. pthe fact that he says were ptainted. pit was police corruption that it pwas an f.b.i. analyst who ptampered with evidence. plist goes on and on and on and pon. pand i said so you, and i pactually pointed that out to him pi said you spent last 20 minutes ptelling me about all of this
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pso is the state of florida pkilling an innocent man? phe said absolutely. phe goes i admit to the raping of pan ohio woman. pi served time for that. pi admitted to that. pbut that's all i've done. pand if state of florida wants to pexecute me for that, fine but i pdid not murder thee at least pwomen. phe said that russell, over and pover and over and over again. pi lost count of how many times phe said it. p>> gloria as i watched your pinterview last night, so much pstruck me this that interview pthe one thing he said i was pthinking about and it was, you pwere asked him, some of his pthoughts on everything. phe said it's it's going to be plike going into surgery. pthey give you a shot, but in pthis case you're not going to pwake up from it. p>> right. pi wanted to know. pi wanted to know have you have pyou put yourself there yet. pif i was in his shoes i would phave put myself to figure out
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pwhat would i be saying, what pwill i be looking. pi asked him, i said will you be plooking at the witnesses. phe says yes. pi will look at all the pwitnesses. pif i can, i will. pand so would you be making a plast statement? p>> he says, what's good of that? pwhat would be the point of that. pthey are not going to get panything out of that. pi said but will you then he pshared with me what he will be psaying as his last statement. pwhich of course we're going to psharing with you later at 5 and p6. pbut there's a lot of moments pthere that struck me. pthat was one of them withdrew pwant to obviously put that ptogether for later on. pbut we'll, i think the one thing pthat the take away for me any pwas that he was already set for pdeath. phe knew it was going to happen pthe u.s. supreme court, afelt pwas not going to stay the pexecution.
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pwill take his last breath. pi've thinking about this i've phere 21 years now. pand since i've been here, this pstory has been going on there phas always been a twist, a turn psomething going on in the oscar pray bowlen story. pcan you imagine though, what the pfamilies of these victims must pbe thinking now, finally that it pdoes appear some justice is p6 o'clock. pright. pi mean it's been 30 years of panguish for these families. pthink about how many trials and pretrials and retrials they've phad to go through. pi can't even imagine that. pi've covered trials for years. pnot one ten times. pand they had to. pthey had to endure all evidence pover and over again. pthe victims' pshths their family pmembers been shown to the jury pas far as how they were found. pi mean, the anguish they must be
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pknow it's finally going to end pat 6 o'clock today has got to be poverwhelming for them. pi know they are going to, they phave a tent set up here russell pfor them to speak after the pexecution. pmy understanding is they will be pspeaking after the execution. pso we're all really anticipating pto see what they will say. pbut i'm hoping that at the end pof the day this they find some eace out of this. pbecause i know they've looking pand waiting for this day to phappen and it's finally going to phappen today. pgloria will be there. plloyd's going to be there. pand we'll be watch later today. pthank you so much appreciate pyour time today. pyou got it. pnot a problem. pthank you, russell. p a repeal of affordable phealthcare reform act otherwise pknown obamacare is sitting on resident's desk. pfor first time ever, it passed pbot house and senate. resident obama will veto the plegislation he has already said pthat he will send it back to pcongress. pbut they don't have enough votes pto override it. pand republicans know that but
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pup call for the president. pthat the law justice not pworking. pand a new gallop survey says law phas stalled in reducing number puninsured americans. palmost 12 percent are without a phealth insurance that's an punchanged number. psince law took effect percentage puninsured has dropped from 17 ercent. pthat equates to about 13 million eople. pnow have health insurance. pwhite house did not comment on pthe latest survey. p the 3 major democratic pcandidates were all this las pvegas last night. pbernie sanders martin oh pmal-hillary clinton. pall three got rousing applause peach time to criticize prepublicans and tell nevada they phave friend in white house pshould they be elected. pthe nevada's caucus by way is pfebruary 20th. pa big story this morning on good pday. pin totally unexpected move the pbuccaneers fired head coach plovie smith last night.
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pthe season team went 6 and 10. pbut better than 2014, this was plovie's second year with the pteam. pand only the first year with pfirst round pick james winston. pa shocker too. pnow just been absorb trying to pfigure out what next step is fox p13's alcides segui joins us with pthe story. pgood morning, alcides. pand good morning to you. pa lot of fans we spoke to this pmorning are shocked that lovie psmith lost his job with the pbuccaneer and very sfwd to see pwhat they will do next. pthere are talks of bringing dirk pkoetter, promoting him as head pcoach. pa lot of fans are believe are pnot receptive to that they know poffensive coordinator has done a pgreat job with jameis winston as pwell. pso, mixed emotions for lot of pfans on facebook and listening pto sports radio as well. p620 wdae. pfans are angry, sad because they pknow lovie smith loves the tampa pbay area.
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pstarted here in tampa bay. pas linebacker coach. pmixed emotions from a lot of pfans. pbut most of them from what i saw pon facebook, saddened and pfrustrated that the buccaneer phaves now fired another coach pand now are looking to bring in psomeone else. pif impede it that is offensive pcoordinator dirk koetter it pwould be an obvious movie but a pgood news for quarterback jameis pwinston he worked under his wing pfor already a year. phe had fantastic rookie season assing for over 4 thousand pyards. psome would argue right you pjameis winston is rookie of the pyear because of dirk koetter. pit will be very interesting to psee what the buccaneers do in pthe next couple of weeks. pnew conference scheduled for p2 o'clock in afternoon general pmanager jason light is expected pto discuss future the buccaneer pand what they plan on doing here pat the next couple of weeks. pyou can bet they are pinterviewing candidates through pthe nfl and including dirk pkoetter and talks even from
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pdominic that they will in fact phire dirk koetter as head coach pin next couple of weeks. pwe will see how it all plays oh pout. pone things that sticks with me phere is what a testament to pjameis winston's success now pthat the talk today as it prelates to picking a new head pcoach is who will be best for pjameis winston you remember he pcame in beginning season people pwere doubting him. pnow he's at the center of this pdebate about best person to lead pthe team. p>> he is face franchise whether pyou like his off the field pissues or not he's face of the pfranchise. pif you do some research you'll psee that lovie smith's dismissal phas everything to do with jameis pwinston. pbecause they want dirk koetter pas head coach he was the pcritical parted of james pwinston's development. pso the fact they let go of smith pis clear indication that they pare going to hire dirk koetter pas their head coach and continue pto mold james winston as pfranchise player. pright.
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p>> and stay with us too coming pup 9:30 fox 13 sports reporter pkoeven dodge will be here to ptalk about what happened with plovie and then what happens now pwhich is the big question. pyou want to call somebody? pet phone home. pet phone home. pet phone home. p>> i can see it again. pclassic movie about et. pthe extra terrestrial who came pto earth and wanted to get back phome. pwell, maybe we know where et's phome is. pthe american astronomical psociety's annual meeting held in pkissimmee. pone astronomer says milky way
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pintelligent life i'm assume pother intelligent life besides pother. prose an from harvard their pclusters of planets that are old pand stable which is needed to psustain life. pthe paper presented yesterday at pthe meeting says group of stars pdate back nearly ten billion pyears plenty of time for pcivilization to develop and pbecome complex with group of lanets so close together it pwould easy for advanced pcivilizations to hop from one lanet to the next. pso there. p>> wild. pwe talked et a lot this week, phaven't we? pi'm reaching out to you russell. pall right stay with us new years presolutions there are all kinds. phad to. pi'm sorry. pone woman's pledge to do psomething better. pwell really not to not really do pit at all has gone viral. pit's been shared more than p50,000 times. pwhat has everyone saying yeah,
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pyeah, all right. plet's do this. ptalk about about an amazing pamount of money powerball pjackpot rolls over we're pbreaking down numbers for and pwhat could you buy with all that pdough? pwe'll crunch the numbers. p>> you could buy a circus. pthat is a matt damon movie? pof course it is. pbought a zoo. prussel and laura are you ready pfor a big reveal? p>> yeah. pyes. palways. pwell here it is. pthere it is. pladies and gentlemen, the pgreatest show on earth. pringling brothers and barnum and pbailey circus. pthis weekend could be your last popportunity to see the pelephants. pthey are being retired from pringling brothers and barnum and pbailey circus some people are phappy about that some people are psad good that either way we've
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p hey just a reminder it's ask pa lawyer here at fox 13. pattorneys answering your pquestions free of charge only phere to 9:30. pnumber here at the bottom of pscreen if you don't get through pnext time next ask a lawyer is pfebruary the fourth. p hey, hey, hey. plook at this russell. p$675 million. pi don't know how to think about pthat. plump sum pay out would only p$413 million. pthis is by way is record no
9:18 am
pbet it makes it to 700 easily pbefore drawing which will be on psaturday night. pand, after taxes, of course, puncle sam has got his you're plooking $279 million. pscreen? pi'll be okay. p>> think about this, if you take plump sum, if you settle that, pnow, my bad. p>> that's okay. pmove on. p>> think about this. pyou see that home right there? pderek jeter's water front home pin davis island you could buy pthat 20 times with that money. p>> or, if you're eventuallying pgenerous you could a begat for p99 of p>> i've never heard of that. pthat's one right there. pthat's it. p>> you know what i would do. pcan i tell you what i'd do?
9:19 am
pi'm not at p>> the first pothole you in psouth tampa you hit or flooding pin south tampa. pbuckhorn. pyou owe me $1.2 million, buddy. pi don't know. p>> i would give ten percent to pcharity straight off the top. pyou got to give some of that pback. pif you're so lucky to win that, pabsolutely. pabsolutely. p>> to what? pi don't know. p>> maybe the russell rhodes pfund. pthe foundation. pand here's the riverview camera. pand obviously the skies obscured pthere. pwhere the tower is where cameras pare of all low cloud coverover it pjust above that. pbeautiful. pgive a few more hours. pwe will begin to get sunshine pback and once we do start to pwarm temperatures up right now pall morning long we've stuck mid pto upper 50s. pit hasn't changed. pall we need is a little bit of psunshine. pwe can add that in, we can get ptemperatures back up into the p70s.
9:20 am
pto 12 miles per hour. pi honestly think that wind is pwhat kept those low clouds just phigh enough. pbecause i think if we had light pwinds you know what would have phappened, we would have nasty pfog. plook visible satellite everybody pis shrouded with clouds. pgoing to take some time to burn pthese off once we go we should pget temperatures to head back at pleast into lower 70s. pi'm trying to be a little more poptimist toik make up to mid p70s. pquick shower, rain chance 30 ercent. pcold front coming through on psaturday. pand that rain chance will be paround 60 percent. p>> all right, thanks, dave. pit may be latest cool gadget, ew there's one more place where eople can't ride their hover pboards. pa college campus. pdozens of them across the pcountry are now banning them. pthat's because the boards can pignite fires and cause injuries. pthere have been more than 70 er pvisits in 17 states. pflorida state is just one of the pcolleges adding that hover board pban. pnot clear yet if local colleges
9:21 am
pwe'll have to wait and see. pso you rode one of those. pi did. pi loved it. pi have to say i really loved it. pi mean first i was scared. pbut then once you get hang of it pyou're like zooming all over ptown. p>> it's great. p>> i wish there was video. pjust not on college campus. ptime 9:22. pwoman from st. petersburg has preally struck a nerve with her pnew years resolution in honor of pher boyfriend that died 5 months pago in a car accident. p>> yeah susan shane believes the pcar accident might have had psomething to do being distracted pby his cell phone. pson new year's eve she post ad icture of herself with her pboyfriend and wrote this, we phave all been guilty of using pour phone when we shouldn't. pso if you need a new year's presolution please consider this, pstop using your phone while pdriving. pthat means no texting, no voice ptexts no fiddling with music. pshe goes on to say it's just not pworth. pthen she asks her friends to pshare her post if they agree.
9:22 am
pher post has share ad lot. pat last check more than 58 pthousand times. pso even more people have liked pit. pand at the end of her post she pwrites i love for this message pto reach as many people as ossible. pit looks like it is doing just pthat. pyeah. pvery powerful. psad story. pbut it's, it's a good way to use pthat opportunity and get people pon board. pand lots of apps out there. ponce if you're driving more than p15 miles an hour it pautomatically locks your phone. p>> very smart. pstay safe. pshock last night firing of lovie psmith starting to set in there pare more questions than answers pat this point. pcoming up up a 9:30 kevin
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pwhy and what what happens stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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p good day tampa bay i'm pcharley belcher coming to you pfrom amalie arena this morning panybody else smell elephant? pit's not me for a change. pkelly anne has joined us. pringling brothers barnum and pbailey circus packed doing this pfor 145 years. pthey are back amalie arena here pin tampa through sunday. pand it could be the last time we psee these beautiful elephants in pcircus ringling brothers barnum pand bailey because they are pbeing retired. pjoey, have you been working this pwhole family thing. p>> how long has your family been pworking i'm a third generation pelephant train it all started pwith my grandfather he ran away pand joined irrelevant circus pwhen he was ten years old. pmy 3 pcharge on this show my father pworks a center for elephant 64 pvagus. pthis is kelly anne. pshe's 20 years old. pshe is what kind of elephant? pasian elephant. pwith smaller ears african have
9:25 am
pyes asian elephant. ptell me about kelly anne. p>> wellcally anne is one of 26 pbabies that have been born in pour center for elephant pconservation since 1995. pshe's one of six that's here out pon the road. pshe's been on blue show since pshe was probably two or three pyears old. pshe's got about a year and a phalf left before eerie tire pelephants back at the center. pi get it. pi understand why people want to psee them retired. pi get so excited when i see them pin person. pso i'm a little conflicted. pare you conflicted as well? pfor me a bittersweet ending a ptradition, come here kelly. pan oldest family entertainment pclean family entertainment in pthe united states. pand we know we're doing the pright thing for elephants and ublic that keeps coming to pshows understands how well we do pfor elephants especially here in ptampa if anyone has any concerns por wants to see them they are pright out in front of the pbuilding. pyou can go during the open house
9:26 am
pand it's, it's a bittersweet pending but we're going to move pin different direction. pelephants will live here at our p200 acre facility at the center pfor elephant conservation. pi haven't heard too many people pcomplain about retiring in pflorida. pelephants are the same way. pwe know they will enjoy. pcould last time. pand is that all right? p>> go ahead hit them up with a pbunch. poh. pjoey, i've interviewed you many ptimes over years. pit's ab pleasure. pkelly anne oh my goodness i'm ptelling you it's, i just love pthese animals. pi love these animals. phopefully when we go to cc you pwill interview me and see kelly panne retired. p>> absolutely. pabsolutely. pyou have a good day kelly anne. pyou enjoy retirement. plaura, wow. p>> that is so beautiful. pjust majestic she didn't even lay around. psoon as she knew you had peanuts p>> she just wants food.
9:27 am
pshe know what is she's after. pyeah she does. pi'm the middle man. phow did the trunk feel on your phand? p>> like a big strong muscle. p>> is it scary p>> over 140 thousand muscles in pthis trunk alone. pjust their trunks. p>> wow. p>> and slobber smells, not that pgreat. pit's water. pit's water. pthat's what i was looking for. pbring me into the experience. pwe've got to leave it there. pthank you. pbeautiful. pbeautiful baby. pit is beautiful. pall right. pstay with us, straight ahead out pof nowhere, the bucs fired head pcoach lovie smith last night.
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pand who will be the this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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this is totally un-expected. after only two years as head coach, the bucs fired head coach lovie smith last night. fans are shocked. but they're not alone. the players took to twitter saying it was insane to let the man go. even some coaches have said they are shocked.. reports saying everything seemed fine yesterday. 3 ((laura/2sh)) but now- the questions., why? being the biggest one. what happens next.. and possible candidates. pwhat happened? pand what happens next? plet's talk about the possible pcandidates. pfox 13 kevin o'donnell came in pmorning to help sort it all out. plet's start with this, why? pis it obvious he had a bad pcouple of seasons. pi think on surface russell it plooks like you know two and 14, pand then 6 in 10. pit's progress, right? pbut not a great record when you plook 8:24. pi will tell you this, i think pthis is what sent ball in pmotion. pdirk koetter has been really one pof the favorites. pone coaching candidates out pthere to replace one 7 openings pthat are available right now.
9:30 am
pmiami came calling yesterday. pinterestingly dirk koetter at pjust got hired a football poperations in miami. pinteresting move he would call phim first. pso i think what happened is the pglazers got a little nervous pabout dirk koetter possibly pleaving and leaving jameis pwinston with new objectivesive pcoordinator to start next year. pafter seeing progress that he phad with dirk koetter going from p32nd in league in offense to pnumber 5, there's concerns pthere. pi think basically what miami is pdoing push this ball in motion. pi think that's what they are pafraid of right now losing dirk pkoetter. pinterestingly though if you're pdirk koetter, you've got a pfriend down in miami running the pshow, would you rather. pand a let coaches go in lat 7 pyears. p>> that is true. pall right. plet's talk about the pool right pnow, the field of potential pcandidates. pwe know 7 teams are looking for pcoaches right now.
9:31 am
pgood names. pi think of tommy first. p>> yeah let go by giants. pi think bucs a pretty attractive pteam p>> they are attractive team pbecause jameis winston who pwouldn't want to in here a pfranchise quarterback already in lace. pthat's most important question pwhen you look a franchise's pfuture do they have a pquarterback. pobviously they do with jameis pwinston. pso that part i say tractive. pi think there has to be some pconcern here. pi know some former nfl coaches paround the league they've seen pwhat this organization has done pto tony dungy to johnny gruden ptorah heem morris to greg now to plovie smith. pyou got to be a little leery pabout how quickly glazers are to preact to what's being talked pabout publicly with fans what's pbeing said in media. preally when you get lovie smith pjust two years to turn this porganization around you see
9:32 am
ponly coach in last 35 firings to phave a four-game improvement and pto lose his job. p>> hmm. pkevin, what time are the bucs pdoing their press conference genera paddress media at 2 o'clock. pyou know, if they like dirk pkoetter that's direction i think pthey will definitely go in they pcan't make this move as of yet. pthey are going to have to listen pto the address the rooney rule pwhich is basically interview on pminority coaching candidate. pso they have to address that pfirst. pi think possibly they could do pthat pretty quickly today. p>> maybe move on to dirk pkoetter. pthey better act fast because if pmiami is very interested in him, pyou know there's going to battle phere. pbucs don't want to be left, you pknow out in dark on this one pbecause if they hire him down in pmiami you just fired lovie smith pwhere no candidate in hand. p>> yeah, hmm. pfeels like kevin cotter in pmovie. pwe will talk later. pall right. pthank you. p>> shall we get to t it's weird poutside. pwhat does it feel like?
9:33 am
pfeels like it's going to rain. pi know it is just clouds. pit feels weird out there very pdamp very moist. pbut there's nothing on the pradar. pi mean we're good as far as pthat's concerned. plow cloud cover. pand it's going to take some time pto brurn it off. ponce we do we get to afternoon pwe will start to get sun and pwarm things up. p56 degrees out tampa pinternational. psome spots, look frostproof, pfirst to hit 60 in our area pbrandon on your heels at 59. pbut most spots we really haven't pmoved much. pthat's because of this very pthick low cloud cover. plooking a 7 to 8 to 10 mile per phour winds out the northeast. pbut this will give you an idea pwhat it looks like. pvisible satellite. pit's cloudy everywhere. pbut, once we get sfwot pafternoon, and we start to burn psome of these low clouds off, i pthink we get back into some psunshine. pand depending upon the amount of psunshine we see some may make it pto 70 some may go warmer that psome may stay in upper 60s.
9:34 am
prange somewhere in upper 60s to pmid 70s for highs. phey, i got a complaint, pretty pseasonable for this time of year pvariable clouds get rid of some pcloud cover this afternoon, just pfor it to come right back again pin tonight a disturbance comes pquickly moving in from the gulf. leasant tonight, but there pcould be a shower tomorrow pmorning. pextending into early afternoon phours with high temperature of paround 75 degrees. pnow rain chances tomorrow, 30 ercent. pthey are not great then a cold pfront will come through on psoort. pthat literally is julie pschenecker going to drive peverything through the area. p60 percent the rain chance. pair. pby monday i think we're back in pmid 60s for highs. pbut guess what another pdisturbance comes in from middle pnext week very progressive very pfast moving withdrew get pdisturbances every couple of pdays. pwe do have one first birthday i pwant with to pass along to you pmiss ad lynn is turning one. pnow she loves climbing on the
9:35 am
pa new one. pwatching race cars at east pbayway he's bay race way. plisten to this, folks i've also pgot another new one for you, ploves paul delgado. pwhat? phow you supposed to make the pmorning show and when you say pyou love paul delgado. pwe'll do it for you. phappy first birthday russell. plook at this this one someone's pgot love paul. pwow. pwow. pyou just through it down. pyes, you did. psee you later. pcoming up people's choice awards pwere last night. pand their favorite is one of pours, russell. pby ours i mean the voice in our phead producer anne marie we will ptell you who won favorite action pmovie star. pand let's bring it down a few pnotches shall we and look at pthat.
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel.
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p. p rise and shine, this is good pday tampa bay. p chris helmsworth.
9:38 am
p there you have it he won eople's choice award. p>> special thing to go to work pand not at all feel like work pinstead feel like a childhood pdream i'm living out. pall made possible by aguys the pfans. phe won people choice award. pyou certainly know he's our fan pfavorite. pbut other winners favorite movie pscream queens and simpsons pfavorite animated show. p>> and you know people's choice pawards marks the beginning of paward season. pbut of course only award that pvoted on by just the fans. p we know it's always one of pget in shape. pfor all of you ladies looking to plook like a victoria secret pmodel, you're getting some help pthis morning from company pitself. pvictoria secret is launching pit's new athletic line today not pto be victoria secret sport
9:39 am
arty year's biggest sport. phighlight of the line is sports pbrasalong with work out shorts pand pants and some bras already pon sale. pranging in price from ten bucks pto 60 bucks. pthe buyer line by the way should pbe revealed later today. p>> and speaking of resolutions pcoming up next how to reset your pbody to get the most out of the pnew you.
9:40 am
pfox 13's good did i day local pfor all morning long fireworks por done champagne is finished presolutions complete. pand most of them are get in pshape or lose weight. pwhatever it is, you need to jump pstart your body. phere to help an gilbert shapes ptotal fitness. pgood morning. phappy new year. pthanks for having me. pwe're talking about. pflushing your fat. pmy favorite subject. pwith resolution first of all my pbig point today before we start pany more is to get rid of this
9:41 am
pdetriment to your goal. p. pi don't want to see it. pwhen you're talking about prestarting your engine or presetting your engine you're reparing your body to flush pflat. pfat flush is big trendy lilley psaying right now. preally i want to equate it what pyou would do for instance if you pwere driving your car from tampa pto rhode island before the pholidays. pwhat would you have to do to p>> get maintenance going. pcheck the oil. pfilters. pget it fixed run thing all pcylinders, all the systems prunning. pand maintaining. pbecause you have a huge goal you phave to go all way. pkind of a what resolution is. pnot one-day thing. pnot one sentence, it's not psomething you put on facebook. pit's your system. pand a we're talking about pflushing fat we're not talking pdiets flush cleansing detoxes pdon't we value a love hate with pthose.
9:42 am
pis how to reset the engine. pthe first thing i want you to do pis start digesting better. pi don't mean visiting bathroom pmore. pi mean looking what you have pbeen eating and resetting your pwhole ability to burn fat by one ptaking in more protein. rotein. pmore protein is the building pblock of your muscle, your pmuscle is what burns fat. pif you're not preparing to build pthe muscle, and protect the pmuscle, you're going to have a pchallenge burning fat. pmore protein. pmore protein. p>> fiber. pmore fiber. ptwo, fiber. pwe've talked about many a time pfresh fruits and vegetables. pbut increase your fiber. pas soon as you do, the whole pdigestive system, the engine, if pyou will, is in gear. pthat is good fiber? pbananas are not already lower psugar versions this time of year pget berries.
9:43 am
pfresh veggies. pnext thing i want to talk about pas far as digestion goes is to preally, really seriously stop psaying you drink water when you pdon't. pi'm sorry. pi drink water. phow much water? pwhat are we talking about? plet's not put a number on it. plet's just increase it. pand just water, water not like i ut crystal light in my water. pjust water. p>> protein. pfiber, we have water. pokay. pnow think about exercise. pokay. pdo it gradually. pdon't skip resistance training. pwe cyst incidence training what pis builds and protects that pmuscle. pit is the machine that burns the pfat. pso flush the system, get it did pi yes, siring after the pholidays. pget it back to what it needs to prun the race. pand then start using strength pbiggest thing for women out pthere, especially because that's pwho i work with on a daily basis pget lessons don't jump into psomething you don't know about
9:44 am
pmay be frustrating and stop pgrading yourself on what the pscale says. pthrow it out. pyou don't need the scale. pdon't need scale. pare you ready to flush? pi'm flushing. pi'm ready. pready to flush. pthank you so much great to so pyou. pwe'll back with last look dave's pforecast. guys, to celebrate super bowl 50 i'm rewarding fans with a special offer. order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change!
9:45 am
what? purely decorative. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. add our new brookie for just $6 more. p better ingredients. x better pizza. better football.
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3 3 ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the p here's another live picture. pdow opening the day down 200 oints. retty significant. pbut the news is i guess right phere could have been a lot pworse. plet's get to lauren simonetti pwith a fox business network to ptalk a little bit more about pthat, good morning. p>> it could have been a lot pworse. pso china had their shortest ptrading day ever today because pthey devalued their currency. pthey need to spur their economy pone way to do that is to make ptheir goods cheap enough that eople want to buy them because pthey have like best price ever pthey devalued currency. pit suggests time is really pstruggling. pthat suggestion, that proof, if pyou will, that they are pstruggling made investors go psell, sell, sell, sell, sell. ressing sell buttons everywhere pyou looked.
9:47 am
pit was worse earlier 25 minutes pago. pcertainly in premarket trading. pbut now we're down not even 200. pi don't know. pmaybe this is going to be a pdecent day in the end. pit's volatile. p>> boy, you came back to work pand had to get right to it. pi know, i mean really i thought pcaught a break every morning i pwake up i look at my phone and i psay oh, no, it's going to be pbusy chaotic day every single pday this week. pi mean, chinese authorities pclosed their markets two days pout of four. pare you kidding me? pthis is worst start to year in pjapan in 20 years. p>> wow. p>> yeah. pthen you have north korea pyesterday. pi mean world wide headlines are pnot good. p>> exactly. pyou couple that altogether, pinvestor say what do we do. pand i ask everybody i speak to pwhat do you do? pwhere do you put it your money, pyou know what people say brush pyour teeth every day, you look pfor things that are cheap every pday. psou buy staple toothpaste
9:48 am
pwalmart's a winner this year peven though the year is short, pand basically buy domestic pstocks because even though it pmight not feel like it the u.s. pis one the safer places to pinvest right now. pokay. phey, we've got to run. plet's see bhaps. pand p>> and don't look at your 401k. pall right. pthanks, lauren. p>> see you. p>> see you. ptrying to get brighter out here. pwe still have a lot of cloud pcover. ptemperatures in the 50s. pbut, i all depends on amount of psunshine you get you get decent pamount make back up to 70s. p30 percent rain chance tomorrow pin mid 70s. pbest rain chance over next 7 you pgo so it there 60 percent on psaturday. pbringing cold front through. pand a little bit cooler but pstill unsettled for next week as pwell. plooks like it will be good. pnice. pnice weather. pvery nice. plook at that. pjust like that. ptoday is thursday, january 7th plife with kelly and michael
9:49 am
pwilliams and fox 13 news at noon pas always you can get latest on follow us on pon facebook. pkeep it like this. p"realtime closed captioning
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