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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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pnext at noon. p from tampa bay's number 1 pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at noon. p well it's news that left pbucs fans stunned. pcoach lovie smith suddenly fired pfrom the team. pgood afternoon i'm linda hurtado pthanks for joining us. pthis firing sealed to come out pof nowhere. ptoday bucs are expected to paddress the decision to let psmith go. pfox 13's sports anchor kevin po'donnell is following
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ptalk about this, kenny p>> as you said at lot of people pdid not see this move coming a pbucs believe they made this move preally because they think they pknow they've got somebody in phand. psomebody who they will hire. pif you look back on how they poperated when they fired head pcoaches, tony dungy, they pthought they had bill parcells plocked up. pjon gruden raheem morris then pthey let greg schiano go pagreeing with deal with lovie psmith half way through the pseason. pthat's word i got. pso a deal with dirk koetter plikely already in place. pit better be because miami pdolphins 49er and eagles have pasked permission to interview pkoetter for their head coaching popenings. pthose requests were made over pthe last two days. pto me, that is what triggered pthis move. pkoetter has a strong connection pin miami. phis agent is now the vp of pfootball operations down there. pbucs better act quickly or they pwill left an altar like they
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pkoetter a great joyce a terrific prelationship wp jameis winston. pone player that really peverything centers around. pkoetter has an impressive resume pa head coach boise state and padds state before moving to nfl pas an offensive coordinator a pjacksonville, atlanta and then pcoming to the bucs in 2014. pjust a couple weeks ago koetter pwas asked if he's interested in pbecoming a head coach in the pnfl. p>> i was fortunate enough to be phead coach for nine years in at ptwo different schools and also a phigh school coach in one time in pmu life. pthat was fun. pbut, i got a great job. pgreatest job in the world. pi love working with coach smith pand offensive staff. pand we got a fantastic group of layers. pi'm excited about our long-term pfuture. pi hope our owners are as excited pabout as i am. pand you know, that, you don't pcontrol that. pi mean we're doing best job we pcan right now. p>> those are comments well pbefore dirk coat came on radar pof teams that now have openings
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pbucs also informed lovie as pdefensive coaches that they've pall be let go except for plinebacker hardee nicker son and pdefensive line coach joe collin. pwe're hoping to get more clarity pon this situation when bucs gm pjason light addresses media at p2 o'clock today at one buc lace. plinda. pkoetter is very popular guy, pthank you, kevin. pa lot of reaction is coming into pthis we will have a report from pour alcides segui coming up at p12:30. p developing this afternoon ptwo people have been charged pwith child abuse in lakeland pafter investigators say they pused duct tape and a stun gun as pa form of punishment. pstephen sanchez and yolanda pashley were arrested tuesday. olk county deputies say ashley pduct taped a ten-year-old's phands and mouth. p36-year-old told officials it pwas to keeper hands and feet to pherself. pin a separate incident officials psay sanchez used a stun gun to pscare children into cleaning the phouse. pofficials say he tased one of pthem on the behind through pthrough her clothing ashley and psanchez are being held at the olk county jail.
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pabuse charges have bonded out of pjail. pthey routinely tied up their pspecial needs daughter in play phouse. pa neighbor called police after pthe delve-year-old showed up pwith zip ties around her ankles pand hands saying she had been pleft at home alone. pthe couple says the girl was rone to violence and tied up to rotect herself and their other p7 children. pall of the children are in d cf pcustody today. p serial killer oscar ray bow plynn is set to be executed ptonight at 6. phe was convicted of killing pthree women nearly 30 years ago. pfox 13's gloria gomez got final pinterview with serial killer and pjoins us live from florida state rison in stark. pgloria, what is it about that pinterview that is really psticking with you? p>> reporter: there's so much, plinda to go through on that pinterview. pand of course we'll be pexpressing that the entire time phere. pbut i do want to share some pbreaking news with you right pnow. pand that is that oscar ray pbolin's attorneys just filed
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pstay of execution. pnow what's new about this is the pfact that if the u.s. supreme pcourt continues to review this ast the 6 o'clock deadline, pthat's time its supposed to be pexecuted they will actually porder a stay of execution until pthey make a decision about pwhether or not they are going to pexecute oscar ray bolin. pfor now just been filed with the pu.s. supreme court. pi understand. pso if the supreme court does not prule at 6 o'clock which time it psupposed to be executed then pthey will stay the execution puntil that decision is made. pso that was just decided a few pminutes ago. pin the meantime i did interview poscar ray bolin like you said pyesterday. pi asked him if he was prepared pto die. pthis is what he said. p>> hey, you know, we all die. pand i don't know what's on the pother side, if there is psomething after that, whatever. pbut we all got to be judged pagain. pand we'll be judged.
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pthey'll be judged for their act. p>> you've been here 28 years p>> i've locked up 28 years, psince december 9th, 1987. pso i'm a little tired. pof confinement. pimagine spending 28 years in pthis room. pthere's no way to describe it. pit's very difficult to spend 28 pyears in a row like this. pa lot of thinking? pyou have to be able to look in pmirror and like yourself. pyou like yourself? p>> yeah. pi'm comfortable with myself. pthere's a lot of things in my pyounger in my past, you know i pwish i could change, but, i'm at eace with myself. pstate's about to kill me. pand they think they're getting pjustice i'm like they're not pgetting justice. pthey are just going to kill
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p>> reporter: linda, again, just pto share with you, like we told pyou earlier, that again, the psupreme court will have to rule pon whether or not there will be pa stay of execution if again pthey don't decide at the p6 o'clock deadline which is the ptime that oscar ray bolin is set pto be executed then they will pstay the execution until they pmake a decision. pthat information has just been prelayed to me. pi wanted to share it with you, plinda. p>> anchor: while we all wait pfor this ruling, what do they pdo? pdo they go ahead with his pschedule as it was planned pbefore the execution? p>> reporter: as far as what is phappening this morning, yes. pyes he had his three-hour visit pwith his wife rose lee. pand during that time he had his plast meal, which he told me was psteak and potatoes he told me he pwouldn't be eating it because he pwasn't interested in that. phe told me awanted to spend all pof his time with rosa lee.
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pchanges thing i know you did pinterview before this happened. pwhen you talked to him how was phe processing what's happening pthat he was about to be pexecuted? p>> reporter: i think he's been reparing keep in mind the pgovernor signed a death warrant pback in october. pso he's been on death watch now plinda for 60 days. pso processing the fact that pyou're 30 feet away from the pdeath chamber and knowing that ptoday's day you're going to die, pwhich he said nobody really pknows when they are going to die pbut i do. pi know it's today. pi know i'm going to laying in pgurney. pi asked him, if he was going to pbe looking at the witnesses that pwere watching his execution. phe says yes he planned to, if he pcould he would. pand he says he's prepared to pdie. pso of course we're just going to phave to wait and see what u.s. psupreme court decides. pand you mentioned that rosa lee pwas there i'm sure she will pthere all day was her plan or pwas see even able to decide to pwatch the execution? p>> reporter: no she will not be
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pin fact i talked to bolin's pattorneys they said nowhere near pstark for the execution. pobviously she as long as peverybody else including the pvictim's families who have been pwaiting for this day will be pwaiting to see what u.s. supreme pcourt decides. pbut, everybody, now really on ins and needles who seriously paffected by these cases will be pwaiting to see what happens phere. pi know that you will keep us pupdated. pthank you, gloria. pand she just mentioned this pbreaking news but oscar ray pbolin is scheduled to be pexecuted pending ruling. pwe will have complete coverage pon fox 13 and twitter pand on air. pthank you, gloria. p>> well a man was killed in ptampa early this morning. pit happened at fletcher avenue pand bruce b. downs boulevard paround 5:30. phillsborough deputies say jodi pcarol was standing oh median pwhen he stepped in front of a pjeep driving weston fletcher. pthe woman driving immediately, pimmediately stopped her car. pcarol died at the scene. pa hillsborough county day care pwill be making repairs after a
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pdetectives say a car lost pcontrol and crashed into kiddie pcountry day care on memorial and pindependence in tampa. pas fox 13's shayla reeves preports, the outcome could have pbeen so much worse. p>> reporter: right now clean up pis under way at kiddie country pachievement center after a pvehicle lost control early this pmorning. pright now you're looking a some pof the damage left behind after pa vehicle crashed into the front parea of the day care. pnow we're told this particular parea is an office. pand accident happened right paround the time that children pwould normally begin arriving phere at the facility. paccording to some folks that pusually work here we're told pthat this particular time of pday, the owner is usually here pin this particular area. pbut he had actually left travel pto different part the building pwhen that vehicle crashed pearlier this morning. pjust listen to this. p>> well i got call to, you know pabout 6:35 this morning right pafter it happened.
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phit and so you came rushing out phere. pand i saw the vehicle inside the pbuilding. pfirst thoughts was anybody pinjured. pany kids inside. pno children were inside. phe had just walked out of the poffice. pwalked over to the other side pwhen the vehicle came through. p and as clean up continues phere at kiddie country pachievement center, we can tell pyou at this point, only the powner and one other employee pwere inside of the building at pthe time that this accident poccurred. pwe're told the driver of that pvehicle did not suffer any sort pof serious injuries of any kind. pand that driver did stay here at pthe scene. pso at this point we've seen at pleast one person coming to pick pup a grandson to transport him phome. pbut we have learned the facility pdid get all appropriate checks pand the building is said to be pstructurally sound and safe to pcontinue operations for the rest pof the day. pso we will continue to let you
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pdetails reporting here at pindependence and memorial. pshayla reaves. pa close call in paris after an pattempted terror attack is pthwarted. pand powerball fever is growing pwith another shot becoming multi pmillionaire. plinda socked in the cloud cover pright now for most of the area, ptake look outside from our tampa pcamera. plooking out over downtown, we've pgot the clouds stuck over us, peven at the beaches, pretty pcloudy start to day. pthere is some sun out there.
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3 in paris. police thwarted an pall too familiar scene this aris police stopped an pattempted attack following a pdeadly terror attack in french pcapital. pgreg palkot is following the pinvestigation. pa paris police station targeted. pofficers shooting and killing a pman armed with a knife. pand wires coming from this is pclothes. pattacker said to use god great pin arabic. phis suicide belt later pdetermined to be a fake. pincident happening shortly after pfrank franc ois hollande paddressed law enforcement pofficials in an another part of pthe city. p>> probably not decades. pand more demanding. pterrorism is not done burdening pour country with permitable pthreat. pone year chins charlie hebdo pattack killing 12 peel satirical
12:16 pm
pmemorial plaque hangs. pa sign hangs reading i am pcharley. p>> i came here just to see all pthe messages again. pall the solidarity. pi came here to not forgot. pto not forget people who were pkilled for nothing. pfrance hits by a string recent pterror attacks extremist calling p5 others in wake of charlie phebdo siege skp isis militants pkilling 130 in paris last pnovember. p>> president says a working to pkeep it's citizens safe but pwarns the threat remains high. pinside france we're tackling it pby hunting down terrorist pdismantling network drying up psources of financing and by pblocking propaganda of radical plie sayings. pfrance also taking aim terrorism pabroad participating in u.s. led pcoalition to defeat isis in iraq pand syria. pin london greg palkot, fox news. p we are keeping our eyes on pwall street u.s. stocks opened
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pabout china's economy. plauren simonetti has the midday pmarket report. p china triggering another pmarket sell off. pthe country halting trading once pagain today to 30 minutes after pmarket opened. psparking the sell off china's pmove to devalue currency against pthe u.s. dollar. pripple effect felt in other pasian markets. peuropean markets, also feeling pthe pain. poil under pressure once again. pcrude dropping to 12-year low povernight. pwe weak holiday season was last pstraw macy's pthat retailer saying going to peliminate 4500 jobs. pthat's about 3 percent of its pwork force. pmacy's psays it will continue with a reviously announce closing of p36 stores later this year. pyahoo will layoff one thousand pemployees cutting roughly 10 ercent of its work force. pin response to shareholder ressure to make big changes pwith internet business. pthat's business, for check out
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p all right. pbad news is you didn't win owerball. pthe good news is you get you may pget an evan bigger jackpot at pleast you get another chance. pnobody won last night huge owerball drawing. psaturday drawing will be worth a p$700 million. pwow. pthat's estimated jackpot worth pright now. pand you know it's going to grow pbecause more tickets are going pto be sold. pat one point florida lottery pofficials were selling 25 pthousand tickets per minute last pnight. pnow we know odds of winning with pso many people playing are preally slim. pbut consider this previous precord powerball winner was pgloria mckenzie. pan 84-year-old widow who bought pher tickets about three years pago. pshe cashed it in for p$590 million. pso the last we heard she bought pmillion dollar home in north pflorida and staying out of the pspotlight. pby the way here are last night's owerball winners, 2, 11, 47,
12:19 pm
ptwo people in florida match 5 pnumbers and won a million pdollars each. pand listen, i wouldn't have been pdisappointed mike bennet with a pmillion dollars. pno, that's fine. pi would say you've got two of pthe numbers right. pwell, so, i think i was one pnumber away from winning $12. psomething like that. pi didn't play but you know what pi'm getting succeed in. pyou might have to the thing is pevery i tell myself don't play, pit's not worth it you're not pgoing to win then you throw pmoney into it because just that pdream. pdream. pright. pand someone, someone does have pto win. psomeone's going to win. robably not going to be me. pcheck this out i want to show pasatellite picture socked this pthis cloud cover all morning. plook at the visible satellite icture seeing breaks in clouds pjust over pasco county. pcoastal sections. pnature coast there. pso, that is starting to spread pout a little bit. pi think we start to get a little pbit more sun now as we head into
12:20 pm
psirata beach you're stuck in pclouds. plikewise back to hilton pclearwater beach cam all in pcloud cover. pyou take look brook dale bay pshore camera. pit looks cloudy. pbut there's starting to get some pbreaks out there over north ptampa. pand then look at lakeland. pgood amount of sunshine in fact pover lakeland right now. pso again, i think we increase pthe sun a bit this afternoon. pbut for now, at least, pretty p61. pthat's all we've got right now. pdew point of 55. pso at least it's some dry air in lace. pwinds out northeast at 5 miles er hour. phere's look at the other ptemperatures in area. p59 up in new port richey. p62 in brooksville. p61 in lakeland. p65 in winter haven. p59 in wauchula. p60 in sarasota and 61 down in pvenice. p24 hour temperature changes pactually cooler now. pseveral degrees cooler for most pof us than it was yesterday at pthis time. pespecially as you head south pwhere we had a little bit more psun yesterday to start the day. pit's 11 degrees cooler in pvenice. pthree degrees cooler in tampa.
12:21 pm
pseven degrees cooler in pwauchula. pcool start to the day. pwe should start to warm up a bit pthis afternoon. ponce we mix in this of that sun pat least. pactive sub tropical jet stream, pwhat does that mean for us ptypical el nino pattern it? pit means stormier scenario for pus we head through next week. pcold front saturday night. pcooler sunday cooler yet as we phead into day on monday. pmore unsettled weather likely pnot just next couple of days but peven later next week and on into pnext weekend. phere's exactly what i mean. pthis is your typical el nino attern. pyou get active sub tropical jet pstream. pareas of low pressure kind of priding along it. pyou saw this one coming from pcalifornia. pthey are getting a ton of rain pright now. pthat same system moves through. pwe get a few showers from day on pfriday and overnight tonight. pa stronger system comes through pon saturday. pand you kind of just get this pconveyer belt of moisture coming pthrough. pso next week, there's more pchances for rain later in the pweek.
12:22 pm
pand as long as we continue this pactive sub tropical jet stream, pwe'll continue to keep our rain pchances above where they should pbe this time of the year. phere's the satellite ask radar pview. pnot a whole lot over us right pnow. pjust kind of that low cloud pcover. plook off to the west here, we've pgot more in the way of high pclouds and some moisture not pmoving through new orleans. pthat's what comes through during pthe day tomorrow. pso here's your future cast pclouds eroding as we head into pafternoon hours. pscattered showers through day on pfriday. pbut watch what happens on psaturday more moisture coming in pthis one a little bit more pwidespread. prain chances saturday look to be psignificantly higher than they pare tomorrow. p70 for today. pthat's all we're going to get u pup to with late sun. pless breezy at least out there. pfor tonight 61, a few showers pmoving in late. phere's a look at the seven-day pforecast, temperatures in the plow 70s today. pupper 60s for many of us pespecially south. pmid 70s for friday and saturday. pand then we cool off as we head
12:23 pm
pmaybe a few showers wednesday. pi think better chance of showers pthough later next week. pthank you, mike. pwell an amazing rescue unfolding pin new york. lus, a new target for
12:24 pm
pand why it a developing story from new york... a group of miners has been rescued... after being trapped nearly a thousand-feet underground. pa group mines has rescued of a pbeing trapped in nearly a pthousand feet underground. pit happened in new york around p10 o'clock last light deep's psalt mine in western hemisphere. p17 workers got stuck while going pdown mine's elevator crew sent psupplies while they waited for pcrane to arrive. pit took about ten hours to bring pall of the miners to the psurface. pwe don't know what caused the pelevator to malfunction. pas we close in a final stretch
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ptrump is resurrecting an old pline of attack. pthis time he's got new target, pted cruz. pjoel waldman is following the prace for the white house. p>> the top three democratic pcandidates appeared to go a high rofile caucus dinner las vegas pwednesday. pseeking to shore up support pwhich could provide a life line pfor any campaign that suffers pdefeats in iowa or new phampshire. p>> i am only candidate here ptonight who has pledged to raise pmiddle class incomes not middle pclass taxes. pin recent years the nevada roven to bellwether state and pmany states crucial for hillary pclinton to skush a win there. pespecially with bernie sanders olling high in iowa even pleading in new hampshire. pthreatening her long presumed pfront runner status. pour job running around not a guy pfrom the country raising money pfrom wealthy. pour job should be to bring
12:26 pm
pappears vulnerable is donald ptrump. precent polls in iowa showed ptexas senator ted cruz leading pin hawk eye state. pedge out trump who still enjoy pas significant lead nationally. p>> there is an awakening and pthere is a spirit of revival. pthat is sweeping this country. pthe cruz search is a to sour as pdonald raising questions about a pcruise's citizenship an attack phe ones lobbed at president pobama in a now disproved pcontroversy. p>> i would like to see ted do psomething maybe he does reemptive fashion into court to ptry to get some kind of an porder. pcruise was born in canada his pmother was still a u.s. citizen pwhich many legal experts say pmeans texas senator does meet pthe constitutional requirement pto run for president. pnews. p i'm sure you've heard the pnews bucs fans are reacting to
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reaction is coming in after the stunning news p>> anchor: reaction is coming pin after stunning news that bucs pfired coach lovie smith. pnow we heard from sports anchor pkevin o'donnell at the top of pthe hour. pnow fox 13's alcides segui takes pa look what fans are saying pabout the surprising move. p>> mixed emotions from fans i ost a story earlier today on pfacebook and twitter. pfor most part some are saddened plovie smith will not be the head pcoach for tampa bay buccaneers. pespecially because he actually pstarted his coaching career in pthe nfl right here in tampa bay. phe calls tampa bay his home. pso again, fans are saddened by pthis move. pbut they understand that as of
12:30 pm
pbuccaneers. pthat's just not good enough to pmaintain a head coaching job in pnational football league. pwith that said as you just heard pkoeven dodge talk about dirk pkoetter possibility of hiring phim an as new head coach not ponly on social media but on psports radio as well. pfans are saying if lovie smith pis gone, they do want dirk pkoetter they know he's done a pgreat job with jameis winston at pthe quarterback rookie pquarterback for tampa bay pbuccaneers. pwe talked to some people here palong bay shore earlier this pmorning. pas i discussed earlier they are pshocked that lovie is no the pwith the bucs. p>> hate to see a coach lose ptheir job i just hope they know pwhat they have coming up. pyou know i hope they know what pthey are going to hire after pthis. pthere are talks it could dirk pkoetter. pi'd love to see that happen. pyou know i think what he did pyear with jameis and offense pgreat keep it here to fox 13.
12:31 pm
pall breaking news on social pmedia and p>> anchor: thank you alcides pseguibucs are hold press pconference a 2 we will keep you pupdated facebook twitter all psocial media platforms and of pcourse on air starting at p5 o'clock. pnew this afternoon a substitute pteacher accused of sexting phillsborough county student has phis bond reduced. pdeputies say samuel bullock pfriend requested a 14-year-old pon instagram, and that's when pthey say he started sending her pnude photos and sexual messages. pwhile officials say the p23-year-old never had sex with pthe riverview high student they pdid try to meet for that purpose pmultiple times. p>> mr. bullock talked about a psituation where they met in pclassroom ask hugged and kissed pand there may have been some pglobing. pbut that's as far as it went. pbullocks facing several charges phis bond was originally $100,000 pbut judge reduced it to $48,000
12:32 pm
pif he does make bail bullock pwill be required to wear an pankle monitor. resident clinton deputies are ptrying to figure out who killed pthree people and left another pfor dead. pwhen they arrived investigators psay they found david washington phis girlfriend anita branch pangelica castro dead inside a plakeland home. p18-year-old felix campos was pshot in the face. pand rushed to the hospital. pdetectives believe the victims pwere targeted. p>> after nearly three weeks of psearching st. petersburg police pmade an arrest in killing of a p17-year-old. olice got a tip 18-year-old a pbreen witcher was staying this photel in pinellas park he paccused a shooting and killing pgabriel wallace on pdecember 15th. pdetectives say two got in a pfight and he left him bleeding pin at sidewalk witcher is pcharged with second degree pmurder. pwallace is one eight young eople killed during eight-week ptime period in st. pete. p>> an apartment is destroyed pafter every night fire just pbefore ten last night. pfire officials were called to pthe avenue apartments in temple pterrace.
12:33 pm
pfound smoke coming from the papartment. pthere was also visible damage. pwe don't know if there were any pinjuries though. pwoman from st. petersburg has pstruck a nerve with her new pyear's resolution in honor of pher boyfriend who died 5 months pago in a car accident susan pshane believes the car accident pmay have had something to doing pwith being distracted by his pcell phone. pso on new year's eve she posted pa picture of herself with her pboyfriend ask wrote this, we've pall been guilty of using our hone when we shouldn't, so if pyou need a new year's resolution lease consider this. pstop using your phone while pdriving. pthat means no texting no voice pto text no fiddling with music. pshe goes on to say it's just not pworth it. pand then she asks her friends to pshare her post if they agree. pthat's just what they did. pher post has been share ad lot. pat last check more than 58 pthousand people have shared it pand even more have liked it. pat the end of the post she pwrites i love for this message pto reach as many people as ossible.
12:34 pm
pi posted her message on my pfacebook page you can share it pto two with loved look for fox p13 linda hurried and follow me pon twitter at linda hurtado fox. p>> another place banning hor pboards college camps dozens pacross country or banning new phot ride because apparently it's pgetting too hot causing fires pand injuries. pthere have been more than 70 er pvisits in 17 different states. pflorida state is just one of the pcolleges adding that hover board pban. pnot clear if local colleges will pfollow suit. pthe boards have already be pbanned on pretty much every pairline. p>> so, ever wish you could fly? pwell we may have found next best pthing where you can experience pit for yourself.
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pstay tuned have you ever had a dream you could fly? phave you ever had a dream that pyou could fly or wondered it pwould be like to have wings our pken suarez just discovered next pbest thing. pyou can too. pin this tank trip. pwants to live on the edge? pbe liberated from gravity? pthere's no restrictions when you pwant to do something. pthen fly. pbirds do. p p p
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ptra piece school in venice. plegs up. ptighten pick up a lot of fun. pif it wasn't fun we wouldn't be phere. p>> he loves being in the zone. pi feeling very, very free. phold it. phold it. pbreak. peasy. ptighten up. pnice. ptito who comes from legendary pmexican circus family caught the pbug early. pwhen he was just eight years pold. pi no whae they are feeling i pknow way ahead what they are pgoing to feel tito says no pmatter what your age believe it por not almost anyone can do pthis. pwhen you do it right, it's easy. pit's like nothing to it. pi proved it. pso now you take off
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panything. pyou glide through the air. pyou're going to not with pgreatest of ease. pyou think? pyeah, you will. pokay. pif it looks high up there trust pme. pit feels twice as high. pken you're doing great. ptito has only one warning don't pbe scared of the heights. pbe scared of the addiction. pafter taking a giant leap of pfaith, go, go, go, go. pbeautiful. pthen with new sense of i'm pcooler than i thought, kick it pback, kick it forward. p>> you quickly realize there's ponly one way to go from here, pand that's down. pi survived. pthat was kind of fun actually. pscared to death but it was fun. pyou worked hard and right into pit. pfor decades soaring was tito's pcareer.
12:38 pm
pon one tank trip in jen venice, pken suarez, fox 13 news. p and for details on tito's ptrapeze school go to our pwebsite, and pgo to the seen on tv section. phere's a live look outside right pnow meteorologist mike bennet pwill have another check on your pforecast stay with not yet.
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p hey everybody i'm charley pbelcher coming from amalie parena, that's right circus time pagain. pringling brothers barnum and pbailey circus they are back. pthey've doing this for 145 pyears. pback in tampa, through sunday, ptickets available. pand could be, could be the last popportunity to see the elephants pas part of the show because they pare being retired. pjosie been working with these pelephants for many years. pa family tradition, right pactually i'm third generation pwork i'll started with my
12:41 pm
pjoined circus a ten years old my puncle is or sister show i'm in pcharge on this show, blue show pmy father actually worked for pcenter for elephant pconservations. p>> that's fantastic. pwhat's a most challenging job pi'm sure they have all p>> they are second smartest panimal in world it may be pchallenging but it makes most pexciting amount of time you pspend with try to see what they plike what they don't like i say pjust, not really challenging pjust the experience. pand most challenging part is pbalancing a family and then our pbigger family members. pi'm sure. pi have 5 kids and wife. p>> oh my gosh p>> i need to come home psometimes. pknock it off elephants. pgirls really enjoy the company. pand the family actually gets to pspend a lot of time with p>> tell me this is kelly anne. pshe's 20 years old. pshe's one of 26 baby el fapts pthat were born center for pelephant conservation which pmakes us a largest and most psuccessful breeding facility in
12:42 pm
pshe's one of six that's out on pour show here at legends. pour oldest is 50 years old her pname is karen. pour youngest sara. pasian elephant. p>> how much did she seat in day? pshe probably eats anywhere from p100 to 150 pounds a foot and pdrink 50 to 150 gallons of pwater. pshe weighs probably, 9700 ounds. pwe can't say that too loud. pyou don't want to embarrass you pwear it well sweetheart. pelephants are being retired. pi get it, i understand why some eople want this retired i also punderstand why some people are psad to see them retired bottom pline is decision has been made pthey will be phased out and pretired from circus performing. pbittersweet for you as well robably? pbittersweet for us because peverybody ringling and all of eople that come to shows pbecause we get a lot people that pcome to the show, really punderstand that we take very pgood care of the elephants they pknow we're doing best thing for
12:43 pm
pelephant conservation to open phouses to all really cool things pwe do to show public how well ptaken care of they are. pbut it's something that out of pour control. pit's city halls activist pushing pthere agenda for the wrong pthings really nothing that we pcan do about it for the show so pthey just kind of wanted to move pon to the next chapter and going pto retire the elephants going to pused for research going to be pused for breeding facilities and pwho complains about going to pflorida to retire? p>> you will enjoy your pretirement years here in pflorida. pshuffleboard. pwe'll have to try that. pshe can do it. pher. pwe definitely will. p>> she will remember. pi'll remember you you remember pme kelly anne. pthank you very much. pit's been a pleasure. pyou can come see the show pthrough sunday, plenty of ptickets available. pget here early because with your pticket you get preshow whole pshow in and of itself. pof course.
12:44 pm
pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p thank you, charley. pnotice charley had jacket on. pyou and i were talking, just pfeels colder today because of pall that cloud cover. pand the good news is i'm looking psome camera views out here and pwe're starting to see more of pthat sun across the area. pso i think as we head through pthe afternoon, it will feel pwarmer we should be able to get ptemperatures a little bit closer pto average. premember we've now had four days pin a row of below average ptemperatures. pfirst time that's happened in pthree months. pand first time we've had four pdelays below 70 since beginning pof february. pso it has been a while since pwe've seen a pattern like this p63 are from our tampa camera pthere's some blue sky cover. peven out there, even that amount pof blue is immensely better than pit was just say 15 minutes ago. plook at this hilton clearwater pbeach cam, i showed you this pwhat, 20 minutes ago. pand they were socked in clouds. pnow look at it good amount of psun out there.
12:45 pm
p63 now the current temperature. pdew point at 56. pwinds oh northeast a 5 miles per phour. pother temperatures around the parea, still climbing through p60s. p64 in westchase. p64 palm harbor to north. p63 weeki wachee and down in pbrooksville 60 in bradenton 61 pin myakka city. p63 in lakeland. phere's a look satellite and pradar view. pall right the wider view of it pshows one area of low pressure pcontinuing to depart off to pnorth and east. pthat's what's been causing all pof those gusty winds proximity pof that area of low pressure. pwe get rid of that. pwe drop some of that breeze out pthere. pbut we don't get a big break. pwhy? pyou look right on our door step pthere, this batch of recipitation, that's going to pbe heading our way now as we phead into day on friday. pbehind that more coming as we phead towards saturday. pwe just have this wave of action pcoming that active sub tropical pjet we were talking about pbringing in systems.
12:46 pm
pso we don't have any big arctic poutbreaks for now. pthat changes at least for parts pof the country. pas we head into this weekend not pinto next week el nino winters ptypically we see across florida p12 tornadoes. pall right. pyou look back some of the revious strongest el ninos 82, p83. pwell how about 32 tornadoes that pyear. phow about 60 tornadoes in 97-98. pso far this year we've seen one. pbut i expect that number to pchange. pespecially if you compare it to pother strong el ninos that's why pwe always say with this active psub tropical jet you got to pay pattention, very close attention pto the forecast because things pcan change and any time you've pgot rain or storms in the pforecast, you want to be pcareful. pbecause there's that threat at pleast for severe weather, pespecially in el nino pattern. phere's future cast clearing this pafternoon. ptemperatures get back near 70, plow 70s. pbut more cloud cover by tonight. pand it a couple showers popping pup with that next system.
12:47 pm
povernight tonight into morning phours tomorrow. pthen we start to kind of clear pthings out later on tomorrow. psaturday though, another batch pof rain works in. phere's that jet stream forecast pbig arctic outbreak i was ptalking about that makes its way pthrough northern half country pfor tuesday, wednesday. pwe get a piece of it cooler ptemperatures as we head towards pmonday, tuesday even on into pwednesday. p70 for today. psome sun this afternoon pcertainly lez breezy plenty of pcloud cover. pa couple showers popping up as pwellhere's your 7 day forecast. ptemperatures in the mid 70s pfriday and saturday. p40 percent chance of rain pfriday. p60 percent on saturday. pthen we start dropping those ptemperatures. plow 70s on sunday. ponly mid 60s by monday. pthanks, mike. pwell still ahead some young
12:48 pm
caring for someone
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3 a health scare for a pop star... p a health scare for a pop pstar janet jackson post ad pmessage to her fans on twitter pyesterday. pshaig see recovering from punspecified illness. pshe also said rumors abouting pthere throat cancer are not ptrue. pher doctors have approved her pupcoming concerts in europe pstarting in march. pshe plans to reschedule concerts pshe had to cancel here in the pstates. pjackson announced postponement pof several shows two weeks ago pwhile she recovered from psurgery. p>> the people's choice awards pwere handed out last night. pit awards trophies for favorite pfilms tv show and musicians from pthe past year and all of the pvotes come from the fans. pthere were several best film pcategories various favorite pmovie and favorite action movie pand favorite action movie star
12:51 pm
pa few members of fox family won paward john stay moss favorite pactor in new tv series scream pqueens won favorite tv comedy pand simpson won favorite panimated show. pa final season of "american pidol" kicked off last night. pjudges will have to make tough pchoices i think it's safe to say pthis next musician is going to phollywood. pokay, now don't be nervous. pthere's three judges do your pthing and be comfortable. p>> next. pis this kanye west? pwhat are you doing here? p>> i don't think kanye west is pever been nervous. pthe rap giant crashed auditions plast night he also brought his pwife kim kardashian along for pride he impressed three judges pimpromptu version of gold digger pwhich ultimate earned him a
12:52 pm
pwould be interesting if he went pthrough competition. p"american idol" premier we can pcontinues 8 with auditions in plittle rock arkansas and a san pfrancisco you can see it ptwo-hour special right here on pfox 13. pthey are walking footsteps of pjonas drivers and other kid pbands. pbeyond chaotic is making good pimpression. pkelly ring reports, these young paspiring musicians are what's pright with tampa bay. p p performing is way of life pfor preteen musicians. pwhen you get on stage it like it pjust feels magical you just know pthat everything's going to go pright. pthey've been jamming together psince last year.
12:53 pm
pand formed a band. pwe play a variety from imagine pdragons to ac/dc. pthey call themselves beyond pchaotic. pit's awesome. pin their short time together pthey played wire grass mall and pother venues in the tampa bay parea. pi feel great. plike on stage for like a crowd. pit's sometimes it takes some pgetting used to. pbut it's fun. p8-year-old caleb got a late pstart with the band. poriginal keyboarder quit so i pdecided i wanted to play with pthe band. pthe band plays rock music and ractices two hours, three days pa week. pit keeps you busy, i'll tell you pthat. pit's really hard work. pon top of school. pgroup has big aspirations. p>> performing in world tours pmaybe even getting signed for a precord label. pbig dreams from talented int-sizeded performers.
12:54 pm
racticing two hours a day, too. pbefore middle school. pi mean, that's crazy. psounded good. pyeah. pand the weather looking p>> looking better this afternoon pthan it did this morning. pthis morning kind of a gloomy pstart to the day seeing a little pbit more sunshine out there. plow 70s right now. pmid 70s for the next couple of pdays friday and saturday. p40 percent chance of showers psaturday 60 percent saturday and pcooler for next week. pthank you, mike. pwell news does not end here pwe'll keep posting latest all pday on, ptwitter and facebook. lus look for more news, weather pand sports begin beginning at p5 o'clock. pi hope to see you where me ptonight at 5. phave a good afternoon. p"realtime closed captioning
12:55 pm
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