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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  January 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month for 12 months. p p>> one year after the tragic pdeof phoebe john there's an peffort to remember her short plife in a positive way. pgood afternoon everyone and pthank you for joining us. pi'm lindsay milbourne. pone of the toughest stories pwe've ever had to cover on this pdate one year ago 5-year-old
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pof a bridge near the sunshine pskyway and the person accused of pdoing it her own father. ptoday a local man is honking her phermble are of that in a special pway. p>> reporter: the runner said pnot to remember the tragic date pof her death but remember the plife that phoebe lived. pher grandmother michelle pjonchuck says the pain is as preal as the day it happened. p>> she cared -- she had a huge pheart. pshe helped everybody, you know, . pit just -- i never will forget pher. p>> michelle says there isn't one pday that she doesn't think of pher granddaughter or is reminded pof her death. pformer army ranger will run for p3 days nonstop he's doing this pto remember phoebe a year ago ptoday officers say her father pjohn wilson chuck took her and ptossed her off of a bridge pbefore the skyway.
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poutpouring of support has been pfelt since the time of her pdeath. pthe grandmother will walk part pof that route. pthe runner is expected to take poff from 12:30. pfrom tampa kimberly kuizon pfox news. p>> convicted serial killer oscar prabowlen was put to death last pnight. phis case had already dragged on pfor decades. pthe state waited more than 4 phours for the supreme court to preact his final appeal. pbowlin was finally pronounced pdead at 10:16 last night. pfox 13 lloyd sowers was one of pthe witnesses. phe died 10 minutes after the plethal drugs were first pinjected. pthere was little families -- the pfamily of bowlin's victims, no psmiles, no tears. pbohlin was convicted of killing p3 bay area women back in the p1980s. phe had 10 trials and spent 2 pdecades on death row. pkathleen reeves the mother of pone of his victims spoke after pthe execution.
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plonger having to worry or wonder pif or when we would have to pendure another trial, another pappeal or after 29-plus years we pcould expect any justice at all. punlike natalie holloway who assed away, i will -- i will go pto my grave knowing i had pexperienced closure in my pdaughter's murder. p>> bowlin by the way never padmitted to any of the killings phe was convicted of and he pdidn't say anything to the pfamilies last night. pthe st. pete city council has a pfew days to look over a new deal pthat would allow the tampa rays pto look outside the city for a pnew home. pthe mayor just addressed the otential deal and fox 13 pchris chmura joins us with what pthe mayor had to say. p>> good afternoon, linda. punder the agreement the rays pmust stay in st. petersburg puntil 2018. pbut after 2018 the rays could pmove ending their contract 9 pyears early.
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pcity $24 million for each of pthey leave prematurely. pthere's also a shared escrow paccount in this deal that would pbe funded by the development of pthe dome site. pthat provision is called a big pdeal. p>> it's a real character to the prays real incentive to them to pstay because now you got a 34069 pmoney that you can see that otentially can be utilized for pthem to offset the cost in pbuilding a new stadium. pthat's a big deal. p>> so what about the -- p[inaudible] p>> well, keeping the rays is a pbig deal while we know what they pdo on the field it's the off the pfield contributions that also pmean a lot. pfox 13 shayla reaves shows us phow the team is stepping up to pthe plate to help habitat for phumanity. phumanity.
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pmaking the dream of phomeownership for real in ptampa bay. pi'm here with lakeba wallace pthis is going to be your first phome. phow does it feel to have all pthis work happening behind you. p>> it feels wonderful just being pout here on my own site and phaving the rays and my sister pdoing my own home so it's pwonderful. p>> and this will be the first ptime you've had a chance to own pyour own home and the thought of pgetting those keys -- i'm sure pyou've dreamed about it. p>> i always dreamed about having pmy own home so the thought of pgetting my keys is actually pexciting, um, i can't wait. p[laughter] p>> to have my own home. p[laughter] p>> there go my keys. p[laughter] p>> and for you and your daughter pi guess how is it going to pchange your life from where pyou've been and where you will pbe when this is completed? p>> actually, i've been a single pmother raising a texas ranger so pi've been doing it for what, pshe's 17, 17 years now on my pown, me and her being able to phave our own home is going to pchafining a lot.
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pgraduation surprise or welcome por gift for a senior that'll be pfinishing up this year. pmy last question for you, you phad you to put in a lot of hours pnot only on your home you're pstarting today but also on other phomes in the area. pyou had to take some classes. pit wasn't easy getting to this oint, huh? p>> no it was not. pwhen they say it's sweat equity pit's really sweat equity hours. pi have 200 hours now i have to pdo 50 on my own home as of today pthis is making my mark to my 50 phours so -- p>> but last but not least before pwe let you go what kinds of pactivities are going to be phappening here on this first day pfor all these volunteers and pyou? p>> um, the trust date is putting pup the roof is what we're doing pnow so we're actually putting pthe roof up. p>> all right. pthen well, we'll let you get pback to work and, of course, pthis is a project that's phappening a little bit more pquickly than normal we know the prays are trying to get off to pthe training camp pretty soon so pthis project lasting 5 weeks pinstead of the usual 8 but there pare volunteers, staffers with
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pcommitting hundreds of hours to phelp make that dream real for plakeba and her daughter. pso we're going to let them get pback to work and we'll keep you osted as we learn more guys, pback to you. p>> all right. phere's a warning for anyone pheading to tampa bay pinternational airport today. pit just got a lot harder to find pa parking spot. ptwo floors of the short-term arking garage are now pofficially closed. pit's part of an ongoing pconstruction project at the pairport. pthe two floors closed yesterday pthey don't open until pmid-february. ptravelers can still use the peconomy garage for $10 a day. pa shuttle will take you to and pfrom the terminal if you're icking up drivers can wait puntil the cell phone lot until ptheir passenger is ready. pwe just found out that a big pstar will be joining coldplay pfor the super bowl half time pshow and a lot of people are ptalking about her today on psocial media. pfor a very different reason and pexpect convenience stores to be pready for folks hoping to buy a pchance at becoming an pmultimillionaire. pthe powerball jackpot just pjumped again. pwhere does that money go for
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pwe'll take a look. lus, mike getting any rain for pthis forecast. p>> meteorologist: not in the pafternoon but certainly in the
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carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . ((linda)) south korea is firing back at north korea on p>> south korea is firing back on pnorth korea. pseoul's weapons, however, is pnonlethal and it's considered
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pnorth. pfox's benjamin hull is more in pengland with that. psouth korea is taking action pagainst north korea resuming no preports and pop music which is pbanned in north texas i guess. pnorth korea. pthe south says it's in pretaliation for the north's precent test. p[speaking in native tongue] p>> translator: our military is pwatching north korea's movement pif they start any additional rovocation our military will pdeal seriously with it. p>> the nuclear test the fourth pfor north korea but first to pinvolve a hydrogen bomb many paround the world condemning the paction including china. psecretary of state john kerry psays he agreed to give chinese pofficials space to implement ptheir own approach to pnorth korea but the time hears pto have run out. p>> today in my conversation with pthe chinese i made it very clear
12:12 pm
pcannot continue business as pusual. p>> reporter: the chinese pgovernment for its part says the pissue did not start with china pand get not the key to solving pthe problem. pthe country also calling for the pnorth to honor its commitment to pdenuclearization and refrain pfrom any action which could pheighten tensions. p[speaking in native tongue] p>> translator: meanwhile other arts should stay calm and puphold the general direction of presolving in peace to resolve pactions. p>> reporter: they started in pbroadcasts resulting in partillery fire and threats of pwar. pin london benjamin hall, pfox news. p>> we're watching wall street ptoday after a plunge in the pstock market. pthat drop was in part is because pfalling oil prices and concerns pover china's economy. pmarkets are still volatile in pasia a day after trading in the pchinese stocks halted. pchina's stock market sank about p7% on thursday after the it fell pagainst the lowest level since
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ptrading was automatically psuspended for the second time in p4 days well, that set off a pslump in asian and european pstocks, here in the u.s. the dow pjones dropped nearly 400 points pyesterday. p does fitbit make you work pout too hard? pand more bosses said you're phired last month fox's lauren psimonetti has the afternoon preport. p p>> reporter: the december jobs preport coming in well above pestimates with the u.s. economy padding 292,000 jobs last month. pthe unemployment rate holding psteady at a 7-year low of 5%. pthis is as more people enter the pworkforce. pbad news for fitbit the maker of pwearable devices sued because pcustomers claim their heart rate pmonitors tricked them into pworking out much harder than pthey should have. pthe class action lawsuit seeks pto compensate users for economic pinjuries, fitbit denies the pallegations. pthe good news if you're booking pa vacation, the low cost carrier
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p42 new routes in the next couple pof months saving fliers as much pas 70%. pthat means one way tickets could pcost as low as 39 bucks. pthe hitch is the new routes are pbeing flown a few times a week pand inconvenient times. pthe city seeing the biggest psavings will be cincinnati, hiladelphia and phoenix. pand taco bell is releasing a psecret new menu item during the psuper bowl next month all we pknow now is it's being called ptheir biggest food creation yet. pstay tuned. pthat's business for more check pout fox business pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. p>> beyonce will join coldplay. epsi who sponsored the show psaying she will definitely be a pguest shore. pshe was the half time show for pthe 2013 show and she was great pwell, beyonce was channing ptatum's choice to see if he k
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p-- lip sync. p[inaudible] p>> in the world at the very pspecial moment. pit's so funny. ptake a look. psnoet p>> i love that. pall the way down from like the pmakeup to the fan blowing the phair back. p>> oh, my gosh and, of course, pthe outfit. pso he does have the moves but phis wife jen is the first to see pit look who walks out -- she pdoes not walk, she struts. pbeyonce herself and then they pfinish the song. pcheck it out. pthat's the reaction of his wife pjenna by the way is a great pdancer if you would like to see pthat whole video head over to my pfacebook page and like the page plook for fox 13 -- look for me pon pit's good for a laugh on friday pafternoon you can watch it at
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p>> meteorologist: clean pentertainment. phave you ever seen that show. p>> watching that clip makes me pwant to watch it because that pwas hilarious. p>> it's a pretty funny show but pchanning tatum i got to give him pwhen he first came out my fiance ploves him so maybe that was part pof the reason why i hated him so pmuch but -- p>> he's growing on you. pthe wind blown hair. p>> that's got to be it. phe's a funny guy. p>> yeah, he is. pa little bit of improvements pthis afternoon versus what we phad this morning. pyou woke up this morning some prain out there. peven heavy at times. pthat's all pushing off to the peast so are the clouds. phere's a look at the visible psatellite picture and you can psee that cloud cover continuing pto now push to the east coast. phere's a look at some of our pcamera views. pi see some of that sun across psorata beach. pthis is looking east now, we phead back west you can see some pof those breaks in the clouds. pi think overall that's what has pwe're going to see this pafternoon not necessarily just pstraight sunshine but breaks in
12:17 pm
pthat's going to help warm things pup inland lakeland you could see pstill a bit cloudy we'll wait to psee some breaks a little bit plater on. pbreaks in sun warming ptemperatures into the mid-70s. pa couple of degrees warmer, in pfact, than where we were pyesterday. pclouds thicken saturday. pshowers, though, arriving late pso saturday kind of a flip-flop pof what we saw today. ptoday the showers early, the psunshine in the afternoon ptomorrow, a few breaks of sun to pstart the day. plater on that's when we see the pshowers arrive. pbest chance of showers, i think, pwill be saturday night and then pturning and staying cooler next pweek. phigh temperatures topping out preally in the low 60s most of pthe days. p71 the current temperature. pdew point is i-is 5. pa relative humidity at 81%. pbarometer 29.29-ins steady and pwinds out of the southeast at 5 pmiles per hour. pother temps around the area it's p69 up in newport ricci. p73 in brandon. p74 already in bradenton. p64 at cross pier.
12:18 pm
pclouds and a few showers just a plittle bit longer than everybody pso north 71 at brooksville and p70 in crystal river the wider pview, a typical breakdown right, pyou got mid-70s to the south, pmiami sitting at 78. ensacola 56. pcompared to yesterday at this ptime several degrees warmer, in pfact, 10 degrees warmer now than pyesterday at noon in tampa. premember, yesterday yesterday pjust a chilly, chilly start of pthe day. p14 degrees warmer in sarasota. p10 he degrees warmer out at pmarathon, most of the state pfeeling warmer temperatures and pthat carries on in the day on psaturday. pweak area of low pressure right pnow. pthat kind of falls apart as it ushes east but again it did pbring us some showers earlier ptoday. pfuturecast shows as we continues pto lift to the north and east pfew afternoon breaks of sun. pthe next bigger system stronger psystem to push through arrives plater on in the evening. pnotice 6:00 start to see some pshowers kind of showing up. pi think we're dry for the first
12:19 pm
pbest chance of seeing any kind pof rain would be the closer to pthe coast you get and later in pthe afternoon. pevening and overnight tomorrow pthat's going to be the best shot pat seeing the showers. pthere's the cold front pushing pthrough, sunday, 5:00 pm we're ptalking about cooler ptemperatures, continuing to pfunnel in by sunday night, we're ptalking overnight lows back into pthe 40s so big, big changes pcoming once again. p75 for today. pbreaks of sunshine. pa warm afternoon for tonight, 64 pmostly cloudy, a pretty mild pnight. paverage lower 50s. pthen for today warm again 75 pshowers. pmarine forecast today winds out pof the south 10 knots. pgulf temperature 64 degrees. pforecast. pmid-70s the next couple of days. prain chance tomorrow about 50%. pbest chance again late in the pday then 70 on the day, low 60s pthough as we head toward the
12:20 pm
pthrough thursday in the mid-60s, plinda. p>> thank you, mike. pyou may think your dog is smart pbut one canine is really smart. p[inaudible] p>> how she's making history at
12:21 pm
pand3 a philadelphia police a p>> a philadelphia police officer pis recovering after a gunman pambushed him while he was pcruiser. pit happened late last night. pan officer was driving when the pgunman approached his patrol pcar. pwell, that's when officials say pthe man fired at least 13 pbullets through the window. phe emptied his .9 millimeter phandgun hitting hartnett 3 times pin the arm. pthe officer was able to return pfire hitting the shooter at pleast 3 times now, the man did
12:22 pm
pofficers caught him. pthe police commissioner says pit's one of the scariest things pthat he has ever seen. p>> this guy tried to execute the olice officer. pthe police officer had no idea phe was coming. pit's amazing he's alive. p>> the 5-year veteran underwent psurgery in the hospital but he pis in stable condition. pthe suspect was hospitalized pthat they have his condition is pnot known. pwe don't have any idea on a pmultiple. pwell, the british government is pwondering by the side effects of pexcessive drinking saying even a pmoderate amount of the alcohol pcould lead to cancer. pthe government just upped it's pguidelines lowering the precommended amount of the weekly palcohol consumption to 14 units pfor men, down from 21 units. pthat is equal to about 6 pints pweek. pthe new guidelines also paddressed the weekly amount pversus the daily. pofficialsn't to discourage pthinking drinking every day is pokay.
12:23 pm
palcohol drinking levels. p you could call her a pcourthouse pet but tibet the phillsboro county courthouse dog pis really more than that. pfox 13 angie davis introduces us pthe yellow lab who is making pstate history. p>> judge catherine's courtroom pdeficit than the rest in the phillsboro county courthouse. p>> they get to pick out a pstuffed animal and take one out. p>> it's designed to bring pcomfort to the county's youngest pvictims. p>> some of these children have phad horrific things that they've pwitnessed or experienced, um, pand, of course, they're reliving psome of that, um, when we're pcoming to court. p>> but it is teddy's and books ail in comparison to the pcourthouse's four-legged pemployee. p>> let's go. p>> reporter: meet tibet. p>> this courtroom and the pcourthouse in general she knows pthis is her age where she has to pbe on her a game.
12:24 pm
pthe first of her kind in pflorida. p>> so she can open and close pdoors she can turn on and off plight switches. p>> she can even turn the pages pof story books. p>> tibet, page. pgood girl. p>> but sometimes her most owerful command is just being pthere. p[inaudible] p>> her presence was unknown to pthe jury and there were pconvictions on all counts. p>> while she's all business pwhile behind the stand dibet pdoes have a lighter side. p>> and pull a tennis pull out pand it's all over. p>> it's that lightness and love pthat allows her to help 500 pchildren a year through their pdarkest hours. ptibet is a tool to hillsboro pcounty courthouse and a gift to pthe kids she works countless pfor. p>> the look of every child's
12:25 pm
ptibet or cuddle up with tibet pshe just makes life a little pbetter. p>> in tampa, angie davis, pfox 13 news. p>> well, tibet's success story pinspired the orange county court psystem to also try to get a dog. plegislation is now being drafted pto fight to allow facility dogs pin courthouses throughout pflorida. p a medical miracle, how a
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3 a big development in that record powerball jackpot! p>> a big development in that precord powerball jackpot. pit just jumped to $800 million pfor tomorrow night's drawing and pbuying a powerball ticket can be pa big benefit. pfox 13 explains. p>> reporter: stores like this pone will be busy today pespecially tomorrow as everyone pwaits until the very last minute pto play that powerball jackpot.
12:28 pm
pis that for every dollar you pspend a certain percentage of pthat will go to the classroom. plisten to do so the florida plottery secretary says the owerball jackpot is not only a plife-changing opportunity for pany person but also it allows pthe lottery to generate over 40 pmillion dollars of revenue for pflorida students in schools, in pfact, in fiscal year 2014/2015 pthe florida lottery transferred p$1.5 billion enhancement trust pfund the lottery's total pcontribution since startup is p$29 billion money going straight pto the classroom. pno one has won the jackpot since pnovember. pthe bigger the prize the more eople buy tickets that in turn pdrives up the jackpot. pthe increased ticket sales also pmakes it more likely there will pbe a winner because all of those pextra tickets mean more number pcombinations are covered. p>> i'm trying to win. p>> reporter: did you hear how pmuch it was?
12:29 pm
p>> reporter: 700 million. p>> wow, i didn't know that. pi should have gotten more. p[laughter] pthank you. p>> reporter: if no one wins pthis week the powerball may plikely be a billion by next pweek. p>> that's a lot. pthat's a lot. pi'll look forward to it. p>> if you are playing i highly precommend a quick pick 75% of pthe time is the winning tickets pit gives you of covering the plottery miticks you might want pto include 8, 54, 39, and 13. p[inaudible] p>> fox 13 news. p>> thank you. pa slew of national polls reveal pwe could be headed toward a pclinton-trump general election pmatch-up with less than a month pto go before the iowa caucuses pthe talks between the two camps
12:30 pm
p>> reporter: there was tension pin the air as a donald trump pcampaign event was disrupted by pbernie sanders supporters in the psenator's home state of vermont. ptrump who described the race as resident as going to war as plittle everyone think for those ptrying to steal the spotlight. p>> you know it's 10 degrees pbelow zero outside now, you can pkeep his coat, tell him we'll psend it to him in a couple of pweeks. p>> reporter: turnover turned to pa more serious school. phis proposal coming just 2 days pafter president obama announced pexecutive actions to curb gun pviolence. p>> do you recognize what a pgun-free zone for a sicko that's pbait. p>> reporter: for weeks trump phas threatened his most pformidable foe on the democratic pside hillary clinton and her pclaim she's a champion for pwomen. p>> women's rights are human prights. p>> reporter: trump releasing pthis ad contrasting clinton's pown words with images of her pstanding next to accused rapist
12:31 pm
pcongressman anthony weiner who's pcaught in a sexting scandal. pthe commercial piggy backs pverbal attacks launched by trump pin recent days against pbill clinton who hit the pcampaign trail on hillary's pbehave this week plagued himself pby public problems with women. p>> i don't have any response. pif he wins the republican pnomination we'll have time to ptalk about it. pi have no interest in getting pinvolved in their politics or pdoing anything except trying to phelp hillary. p>> reporter: trump who had panticipated potential pdisruptions by sanders reporters pat his vermont campaign event pinvited 20,000 people to fill a p14-00 seat venue. p>> a woman is found dead inside pher infant daughter hospital proom from an apparent overdose. pmedical staff went to check on pthe 7 month old just a few hours pafter she had undergone trachea preconstruction they found her
12:32 pm
pfather was found in the bathroom palso unconscioused. pthe couple overdosed on heroin. p>> for us it shocks the pconscience you can have your pchild are trying to and heroin pis so powerful, so overwhelming pthat you just do the drug pknowing that the possibility you pcould die. p>> both parents were found pcarrying guns. pthe father was revived and faces pseveral charges. pthe family is from alabama and pthe baby is recovering today. p the mother of aflewensa teen pethan couch just appeared nath pcourtroom. ptonya couch was apprehended in pmexico. pher son is accused of killing 4 eople in a drunk driving crash. ptonya couch is now facing behind premembering of apprehension of a pfugitive. pthe bond already been set at $1 pmillion but there will be a phearing on monday to discuss a ossible bond reduction. p in world news now, 6 people phave been killed after a bus paccident in turkey.
12:33 pm
pand burma were on board. pthey were being brought to pgreece when the bus hit a car on pa bridge and then fell into a priver bed. p2 children are among the dead. p30 other bugs passengers were ptaken to the hospital. p weeks of rain and flooding pcontinue to trench the u.k. in pscotland hundreds of people were precognized from their homes povernight. pa river also overfloits banks psending emergency crews sending eople away from their homes. pso there's this electronics show pgoing on in las vegas right now pand they're showing off lots of pnew stuff but the biggest buzz pisn't coming from high tech pwearables or toys. pfox's miguel martinez tells us pit's all about home safe home. p>> 2016, the year of the smart phome at ces from big companies pto startups. pit seems like everyone was resenting the next step in home psecurity. p>> they're growing into not just pabout being about safety but pcommunication. eople are using cameras to pcheck in on things but they're pactually using them to connect pwith the people and things that
12:34 pm
pto make sure their house is psafe. pbut the technology presented pthis year goes beyond home palarms that contact law penforcement. p>> you can do more than just rotect your house with than a palarm you can actually open and pclose your door locks. pyou could actually turn on and poff your thermostat whether pyou're away from home or even in pthe back bedroom. p>> there's outdoor face precognition that can text you pwhen it spots cars or animals or phumans outside the door. pand there's even interactive pdoor bells where you can not ponly see who's at your door but palso let them in right from your phome. peven smart home reps say their psystems isn't only good for home pvacations it can save you from pgetting your packages stolen pfrom the front porch. p[inaudible] p>> united states of america pull pup pup, in a secure place. p>> the optionals are many when pit comes to smart home ptechnology and with everyone
12:35 pm
ower to protect and control pyour home right in the palm of pyour hand. p>> a texas grandmother acted as pa surrogate for her daughter and pgave birth to her grandchild plisten to do so. p54-year-old tracy thompson pcarried her grandchild for her p28-year-old daughter for her pdaughter and her husband. pthe couple have been struggling pfor infertility for 3 years. pkelsey was born at the puniversity of plano. pweighing 6 pounds 11 ounces her pname coming from the mom kelly pand grandma's tracy names. pit's kelly said it was a pblessing her mom was able to pcarry the child for her well, pleonardo dicaprio has a new
12:36 pm
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3 leonardo dicaprio's latest movie "the revenant" opens in wide release this p>> leonardo dicaprio's latest pmovie opens in wide release this pweekend. pfox movie reviewer kevin pmccarthy gives us what the film pis about and it's got plenty of poscar buzz. psnoet p>> hey, everybody it's kevin pmccarthy happy new year to you pand this is my first movie preview in 2013 it's a leonardo pdicaprio movie and shot by the pincredible emanuel la-bess can i pwho won two back to back pacademy awards for his work on pgravity as well as a little film pcalled burn mail which won best icture and he shot one of my pfavorite movies of all time a pmovie called children of men. pthe director of this new movie palso directed a film called pbabble and an amazing movie pcalled 21 grams. pit's based on true events about
12:39 pm
pthis character but it primarily ptalks about his revenge story pthe character hardy plays him it pstars will polluter and donald pgleason and the film is pincredibly shot. pemanuel shot this movie with all pnatural light they had to shoot pat certain point of the days the pshoots was one of the most pincredibly hard shots for a pfilmmaking process. pi loved, loved dicaprio in his pcareer i think he will win an pacademy award finally he never pwon an accurate before he's been pnominated 47 times but has never pwon he is phenomenal in the prole. phe really got into it. phe ate actual bison liver when pshooting the movie. phardy is amazing that they have pit contains one of the intense psequences i've ever seen in my pentire life. pit's a bear sequence with pleonardo dicaprio. pi won't give much away.
12:40 pm
p>> during this scene it is so pmind-blowingly intense. pnow, the film starts off a plittle bit slow at times there's psome scenes where it does drag pbut overall, as you leave the ptheater you know you've never pseen anything like this movie in pyour entire life it's one of pthe -- i saw in 2015 it will pblow your mind from pcinematography standpoint and a erformance standpoint think pemanuel's cinematography is pabsolutely genius and it really roves he can put you in a film pand make you think you are psitting are trying to with the pcharacters i give it 4.5 out of p5 it's brilliant film it does pdrag slightly but overall it is pworth seeing and i do think that pleonardo dicaprio will finally pwin his first academy award in pthe best actor category. pi'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. p>> okay, you heard it here. phe's going to win. phere's a live look outside right pnow.
12:41 pm
pyour forecast p p>> hey, everybody, i'm charlie pbelcher coming down to ptarpon springs coming right down pat a replay amusement museum. pyou think the arcade of pyesteryear and it is a museum pbecause there's games here that pi haven't seen probably in 20 pyears or more. pbrian is the man who owns the lace. pit's your collection that kind pof got out of control. p>> absolutely. pit started with one and then it pbecomes 2 and next thing it's pwhere we're at. p>> so you decided well, instead pof just put them in storage i'll pget a little place downtown and pshare it wefshgs and then i pcould put even more in them. p>> absolutely, it's really a way pfor us to be able to expand it pand take a historic district plike tarpon springs and be able pto put our own historic flavor pin the space. p>> yeah, let's talk pinball pfirst. pdidn't your passion didn't preally start -- p>> no, no. p>> but it had to be a part of pit.
12:42 pm
pthe one games it's been 20 years pcan i still play it do i have pstill have it. pyes it's like this little seed pthat just grows and pinball pbecame a passion as an adult and pthe ball's wild and it's not plike linger a pattern of a game pand understanding how it works. pthe game is going to be pdifferent every single time. p>> you've got some great old inball machines but they're pstill making them. pthis game -- the copyright are ptrying to says 2015. p>> it came out in september. p>> wow! p>> yeah. p>> so they're still making p>> yep, yep. pthere's -- actually, as of yes pthey unveiled a new spider-man pgame in ces. p>> the one behind you metallica pgame 2013. pit's interesting. pi'm fascinated by that that pthey're still making these games pnow, when i think of an arcade, pthough, this is my wheel house pright here er. pdonkey kong, donkey kong, jr. pyou've almost got them all. p>> yeah, the pac-mans, the gal pgas, the frogger --
12:43 pm
parcade at the mall or stel pskating rink bowling alley for psome. pwortd p>> at the bowling alley or the pfirst time you and your friends pdid something together it takes pyou right back. p>> you were more advanced than i pwas. p[laughter] p>> i had plenty of time in the parcades and i lived with the -- pi was talking with kids with ptheir controls and a billion pbuttons. plook, kids, we have one pjoystick, maybe a button. pmaybe a button that just said pjump. pyou did that and you did that pand we were happy. pthat's all we needed in life. p[laughter] p>> how can people enjoy and play pall these games? p>> so we're open thursday to psunday. p$13 for adults we don't do any pcoins. pwe don't do any quarters. pyou come and you pay an padmission and you come and play pas long as you like. pyou can come in and out. pgo get lunch, get some greek pfoot --
12:44 pm
pthe 13 bucks. p>> we have people that come from pthe -- the minute we open until pthe minute we close we have eople in all day. p>> what about kids 12 and under. p>> 12 and under are $7. pkids that are under 6 are free. pso with a paying adult. p>> it's not a babysitting pservice you cannot drop your p10-year-old off and do your pshopping we'd appreciate about pthat. p>> what's cool you have the time pand we do have four generations pof people playing, you know, plineup at a pinball you'll see pthe great grandfather, the dad pand the baby son all playing pgaming. p>> you're also doing a thing pwhich i think is brilliant romotion, late night date night p2 for $20 and you're doing that pon fridays and saturday nights. pi think that's a great romotion. p>> and again, get some greek pfood it's some of the best laces for food in the tampa bay parea and being able to bring pyour significant other -- p>> he's always buying stuff. pin fact, if you're out there and phave an old pinball --
12:45 pm
pback to life and we'll put it phere and we'll come back and lay it. p>> there you go, it is the re preplay amusement resume we'll plink it to our website you go to pmy facebook page at pcharlie with an ey 'cause i had pto be different. pwe will link you to their pfacebook page. pcome out here and you'll have a pgood time julie it was 1980 all pover again -- just like it was p1980 all over good. pcharley belcher, fox news. p>> wasn't charley makes you plife. p>> he's like a little kid in the pcandy store. phe's a kid in the arcade store. p>> friday that's making people phappy maybe not the rain that pwill come with the weekend but pyou said it's going to be a pwashout. p>> i don't see any washout out pthere and the more data that pkeeps kind of pouring in at this oint looks like at least the pand a half of the day, psaturdays, okay -- saturday, pokay. pif you have any saturday plans ptry and get them done maybe pearly afternoon maybe this is phead in the later afternoon and plate evening that's when we
12:46 pm
pyou see some breaks in the pclouds not a sunny day but pbreaks, improvements from what pwe had this morning. p70 from our usf marine science pbuilding remember yesterday it ptook us to about 1:00, 2:00 pbefore we started to see those pbreaks that sun. phere's looking at our beach cam pgetting back in the 70s out of pthe beaches as well. pwater temperatures certainly has ptaken a hit the last few days pdown into the mid-60s right now. phere's the current temper. pit's 71 degrees. pdew point of 65. pwinds out of the southeast at 5 pmiles per hour. pother temps around the area 71 pin west chase, 69 still in plant pcity. p73 in brandon as well as apollo pbeach. p71 at brooksville. p70 at in ver verness, 74 in myakka pcity, 72 in wauchula and 68 in pbartow. pas far as dew points go, dew oints in the mid-60s so pcertainly a bit stickier than it phas been. pit will be this somewhat humid
12:47 pm
phours during the day saturday by psunday we do start to drop those pdew points and next week should pfeel fantastic as far as how pcomfortable it will be. psatellite and radar there's that pstationary frontal bound to the pnorth this little impulse in the patmosphere will continue to pbrush through that's what pbrought us those showers early pon today meanwhile the northern pfringes of that you're seeing psome rain moving through ohio pinto pennsylvania and on west pvirginia as well and the pbackside of that with the colder pair you get the snow so snow pfrom minneapolis down through pomaha back towards denver most pareas not picking up too much pbut it's january. pwe're ajuchld to parts of the pcountry, of course, are paccustomed to the cold ptemperatures. p22 in denver, 16 newspaper pbillings. p74 in albuquerque, meanwhile, pmilder as i head to the psoutheast, 55 in mobile, 61 in plittle rock. p51 in atlanta. pa little bit cooler across the pnortheast. pour jet stream as far as things pgo over the next week or so, pmore of a typical el nino attern. pwe've been talking about this pthe last couple of days.
12:48 pm
pwell, it means that more active psubtropical jets so kind of a arade of storms along that psubtropical jet. pwe saw one today. pwe see another later on ptomorrow. pnext week we see he these pimpulses go by. pknots necessarily a whole lot of pmoisture with any of them at pleast through thursday. pwe have rain in the forecast and pwith that it is still a ways paway but there could be severe pweather we know where el nino pwinters typically bring the most psevere weather winter in an paverage winter around here we psee 12 tornadoes. pyou look at some of our pstrongest el nino events we pcertainly see more than 12, palmost triple in 82, 83, 5 times pas much in 97/98 so it remains pto be seen what we're going to psee this year but again anytime pyou see rain and storms in the pforecast especially in this attern just know the threat is pthere for severe weather. pyou want to pay attention
12:49 pm
p75 for today, breaks of sun, a pwarm afternoon, here's that p7-day forecast. ptemps in the mid-70s tomorrow psheriff's deputy about a 50% pchance for rain mainly in the pafternoon and the evening. p70 on sunday, cooler, though, plook at monday highs only in the plow 60s, overnight lows all next pweek we'll see oversight lows in pthe 40s. p>> thank you, much like. pstill ahead how a we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we g ive you your day back. what you do with
12:50 pm
p >> oh, that's my favorite pelvis. ptoday fans are celebrating the
12:51 pm
pthis would have been elvis resley's 81st bradford -- about pready. pfans and paying tribute more pthan 20,000 elvis fans are pdescending parks australia for pthe elvis presley festival a 5 pday party that draws fans from pall over the globe in all kinds pof costumes as you can see. pit's the largest gathering of pits kind in the southern phemisphere with a parade and, of pcourse, lots and lots of elvis plook alikes. pwell, going to a new school can pbe tough especially if a child pdoesn't know any of the pstudents, making friends can be preally hard but thanks to a new rogram it just got easier at pseveral schools and as fox 13 pkelly ring shows us it's what's pright with tampa bay. psnoet p>> i just felt strange because i phad no kind of friends. p>> p>> reporter: that's how pthailand williams felt when he pstarted his first day at oak ark elementary school. pthat changed when he sat on the
12:52 pm
pa new innovative approach to phelp elementary school students pfind new friendships. p>> in my heart, i felt this pwould be an opportunity and a lace for these children to sit pand once they sit there this is pa signal to other that they pdon't have anybody to play with. p>> the bench is for students who pwant to make new friends. p>> he came over and sat down and pwant to play. p>> reporter: the bench seems to pbe working for the students. p[inaudible] p>> and have fun and learn.r: pbecome best friends. pall thanks to the buddy bench. p>> i saw him over here and i pthought he should have a friend ptoo. p>> reporter: a unique approach
12:53 pm
pagain. pagain. p>> well, certainly i like that pidea and i like the fact that pit's friday, the weekend is upon pus and you said at least psaturday morning going to look pnice. p>> meteorologist: saturday and psunday is going to look nice as pwell. pi think sunday the better day of pthe weekend. p75 for today. pyou're seeing some breaks of sun pout there certainly a somewhat pwarm somewhat humid tomorrow. pmore of the same late-day pshowers out there and then psunday cooler seven-day. plook at next week. pi mean, that to me is the pfirst -- p>> cool weather. p>> meteorologist: that is pwinter are trying to. pacceleration. p>> meteorologist: a florida pwinter right, right. p>> the news doesn't end here pwe'll post the latest on p>> watch for more sports
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