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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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@me have you bought your @ @. @ @. @ have you bought your @ticket yet? @excitement around the @powerball reached a fever @pitch because the drawing is @$800 million and counting. @ plus the latest out of @philadelphia where a police @now say the man that murdered @and ambushed a police officer @is inspired by isis. @ and with primary voting @set to get under way in just @one month's time, we will show @you how presidential
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@ground game hard. @>>announcer: from tampa bay's @number one news station, this @is "good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: good morning to @you. @happy saturday morning, it is @7 a.m. @i am anjuli davis. @>> alcides: i am alcides @>> alcides: i am alcides @segui. @lindsay has a check of the @forecast. @>> lindsay: fog out there and @rain and tomorrow will be the @drier of the two weekend days. @hold off until later on. @plenty of time to get out here @in tampa. @cloudy but sunrise in the @works is still beautiful. @not so pretty south of i-4, @look at all that dense fog. @an 8th of a mile visibility @means you can barely see the @space between you and the car @in front of new venice. @arcadia has.pretty bad in@sebring. @bartow has half a mile @visibility and in and out @eastern portions of pasco @county near i-4 as well as @valrico. @officially our dense fog @advisory is only for sarasota @and portions of sarasota @counties. @but elsewhere, be on the
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@between 9 and 10 a.m. @we are at 59 in brooksville. @64 in st. pete. @and our rain is on the way. @here it is right now. @we have expired that severe @thunderstorm watch for @portions of louisiana. @now there are some @thunderstorms in the gulf, and @a chance that one or two could @move into our area as early @3:00 this afternoon. @on the lookout for those @approaching from the gulf. @our coastal counties first. @the shower storm icon at 5@p.m., and at noon it is still @dry. @time out the storms and talk @aboutout a big cooldown next week @guys coming up. @ @7 money, money, money, money @note @7. @>> anjuli: $800 million, @that's how much you can win in @tonight's powerball drawing. @unbelievable. @it is the biggest u.s. lottery @jackpot ever. @lottery officials expect to @sell $20,000 worth of ticket @at peak times today before the @drawing.
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@million of winning that top @prize, and it will be @wonderful to win that top @prize and win that $800 @million, but the fun in the @powerball game is really @laying down a very small wager @of $2, and getting the @entertainment that comes about @dreaming about what you might @do if you were the lucky @winner of that $800 million. @>> anjuli: oddsmakers say you @are more likely to be @president, give birth to @quadruplets or be hit by @lightning while drowning. @but still, who doesn't love to @dream, right? @>> alcides: i like my odds. @time is 7:03. @a hernando county man is @recovering after he was left @beaten and bloodied by a @14-year-old boy with a liquor @bottle. @after chris lehman dropped @14-year-old robert wayne sayer @off, he started hitting @lineman with a class battle.
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@lyman got away. @syer was arrested multiple @times and last month he was @busted running from a stolen @car. @>> i thought he was really @nice i said hey, if you ever @need a ride, call me, @blah-blah-blah. @i was being really nice. @just a random stranger. @>> reporter: teach you not to @be nice to anybody now. @>> no, it teaches me not to @have -- to have people @strip-searched when they get @in my car. @>> he got away with lyman's @cell phone and this morning he @is in the department of @juvenile justice. @whether or not he will be @charged as an adult will be up @to the state attorney's @office. @ to help solve a triple @murder in lakeland. @the execution-style shootings @took place early wednesday on @magnolia drive east. @this is the van that deputies @believe the gunmen were @driving. @you can see some type of @writing on the side of the van @but hard to tell exactly what @was said. @the men inside killed three @people @people shot a fourth in the
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@deputies believe the suspect @may have ties to the miami @area. @>> if you were one of those @that executed, that slaughter @that executed, that @slaughtered these young @people, you shouldn't rest @comfortably. @you shouldn't receive any @sleep because we are tracking @you. @we are trailing you. @we are putting a case together @against you. @and we are going to arrest you @and we are going to arrest @you. @>> anjuli: the crime is @believed to be dug-related. @anyone with information call @polk county crimestoppers. @ police philadelphia say @the suspect in the shooting @the suspect in the shooting of @a police officer told @investigators he shot that @officer in the name of islam @and pledge aidly began to isis @and pledge aidly began to @isis. @he was due in court on monday. @>> reporter: 30-year-old @edward archer's mugshot after @police arrested him for the @alleged shooting of
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@hartnet late friday night. @it is not the first brush of @the law but his most serious. @>> he came out of nowhere and @started firing on him. @he came out of nowhere started @literally traversing toward @that patrol car. @i don't know even know when @hart net first noticed him. @>> reporter: court records @show archer was to face a @judge at 9:30 a.m. for a @multiple count delaware county @case for charges of forgery, @fraud and driving while @suspended. @archer's mother told the @philadelphia inquirer that her @son was strange hearing voices @and talking to himself. @his family urged him to get @medical help. @linked to addresses in @philadelphia came to the @attention of law enforcement @in philadelphia when he was @charged with a number of @serious crimes allegedly @committing early in 2012. @they include carrying a @firearm without a license,
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@terroristic threats. @he pled guilty of carrying @that firearm without a license @and a maximum of 23 months in @jail. @archer is paroled, not jailed, @because given credit for time @he already spent behind bars. @he also pleads to simple @assault and gets probation. @again. @last night they claim, gun in @hand, trying to end the life @of a cop. @>> he just started firing with @one aim and one aim only, and @that's to kill. @>> alcides: so scary. @in addition to the shooting @charges, archer was supposed @to be in philly court for a @possible parole violation. @police defend laws that are @contrary to islam. @ back here at home, friends @and family will honor a wesley @chapel teen killed in a car @with a memorial service. @he died on his way to church. @the service at wesley chapel @high school. @his father asked everybody to @wear sports jerseys and @t-shirts. @ a man has made it his
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@miles this weekend and doing @to to keep phoebe johnchuck's @memory alive. @phoebe died just over a year @ago. @officers say her farer john @wilson @john johnchuck jr. threw her @off of the skyway. @they want her memory to live @on with this money he started @at the shriner's headquarters @in tampa yesterday and will @finish up tomorrow. @phoebe's grandmother is honor @phoebe's grandmother is @honored he is doing this for @her granddaughter. @>> i do know this -- this @community loved phoebe and her @memory will always be around. @>> she just had a big heart, @and her heart just went out so @so many people when she was @here, and now i believe this @is just going to keep her @heart going out. @>> alcides: the loop from
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@money from this run go to @benefit shoo rhineer a he is @he says if you see him out @there, stop him. @he will stop and say hello @right back. @good story. @ still ahead, a family @loses everything after waking @up to a fire in their home. @why they say their dog is the @reason they are lie -- alive @this morning. @ the final day of the @consumer show in say gaing @gas. @some of the new high-tech gear @that could be hitting store @shelves. @ you may need your low @beams. @dense fog overtaking parts of @the area and the worst of it @south of tampa from venice to @bartow. @at least a half a mile @visibility. @you quiet for central portions @of polk, stay weather aware. @it is 63 in cloud cover beach. @those clouds leading up to @rain. @not until later today. @by noon, still dry. @by 5 p.m., not only showers @but a few embedded storms. @radar quiet for now and here
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a georgia family lost everything in @ @ a georgia family lost @everything in fire except each @other and the family dog who @they are credited this morning @for saving their lives. @the home went up to flames @when there were sleeping. @they didn't know the house was @on fire until their great dane @roxy started barking. @>> it was a real panicky bark @and we went outside to see @what it was and the next thing @i know my husband was saying @grab the kids. @the house is on fire. @>> reporter: mariah and @michael patterson grabbed @their two young kids and got @out safely. @although they lost all of
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@they know, of course, it could @have been so much worse and @they have rocks tow thank for @that. @man's best friend coming @through again. @>> alcides: man's best friend @>> alcides: man's best @friend. @we covered several stories in @the bay area. @>> lindsay: they have those @instinct. @they know when you are sick @and have a fire. @anjuli awngz you give them @extra treats every day. @>> lindsay: they have your @back. @keep them in your corner. @good morning, guys. @>> anjuli: good morning. @>> lindsay: sneak out a nice @little sunrise for news tampa. @plenty of clouds but a sliver @of brighten in downtown tampa. @mainly cloudy skies and a lot @of fog not just here but our @current temperatures that show @63 degrees on an average @early january morning though. @our lows are 51. @and we will be below that @starting on monday morning. @so cooler changes coming. @we have some rain coming as @well. @we have dew point of 60 right @now with a light-northeast @wind at 5. @this is not fog.
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@so we still have somewhat of a @vantage point over lake mirror @in lakeland @in lakeland. @57 degrees with a northerly @wind. @look at all the parameters @that are down, i-75 into @sarasota county. @venice, anjuli, north port, @you are seeing it and under a @dense fog advisory until 9 @a.m. @pourings of hardee, desoto, @highland, polk county, central @and southern especially. @while we have four-mile @visibility in lakeland @depending on where you live, @there is fog around that @extends from dade city to @zephyrhills and along state @road 60 in hillsborough @county. @keep it slow. @current temperatures upper @60s. @64 in st. pete. @61 in palm harbor. @59 in brooksville, dade city, @inverness. @by monday morning in the low @40s. @64 in venice. @60 in myacca city. @foggy in arcadia at 64 and @dense fog in frostproof at 61. @sky tower generally quiet and
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@a couple little lie showers @off to the west and by 3:00, @more of those will approach @our near shore waters. @boating a day to get in your @plans early. @clouds. @quick moving jet stream show @high clouds overhead. @may see a couple of breaks @before they thicken a bit this @afternoon in the wake of a @disturbance. @quick moving upper-level @disturbance. @brought heavy thunderstorms to @louisiana this morning march @louisiana this morning @marching to the east pretty @rapidly and notice some @instability in the upper @levels of the atmosphere. @so as i take to you the @central gulf waters, that's @where our rain will initiate @and move in late this @afternoon. @now we are generally talking @showers and a few embedded @storms, but if we get one or @two to pack a little bit more @of a bunch. @a chance to see wind gusts @from sit trous sarasota @county. @it extends into western polk @and western hardee and desoto @and under a marginal risk of @severe weather and i am not
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@future cast so you can plan @your day. @low clouds, fog. @by noon, sun breaking through. @by 3:00 though, here comes @that isolated storm activity @which ramps up early in @evening but quickly ends from @west to east. @overnight only a few showers @and sunday during the day, @some extra clouds, but drier @and milder before the real @cool air moves in sunday @night. @75 with that 50% late-day @storm chance. @a quick round of storm. @tonight there will be dry @periods especially overnight. @65 for the low. @sunday we only climb to 70. @variably clouds. @milder in the afternoon. @as the evening progresses we @open the door for a @reinforcing shot of cool air. @southerly winds at 10 knots. @a light shop. @we have a low tide at 8:03. @st. pete pier. @the seven-day forecast, a busy @week and you expect that with @el nino. @we get the storms tonight. @the cool weather and 40s for a @few mornings and perhaps @another round of storms coming @in late thursday or early
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@still some time to fine tune a @that. @ a north dakota man drove @to the nation's capitol only @to be arrested only on what @police say was a plot to @kidnap one of the first @family's dogs. @the secret service says @49-year-old scott stockard was @taken into custody at a @downtown washington hotel @yesterday afternoon. @he was facing a weapons charge @after being found with guns @and aim anything that included @a .12-gauge shotgun, @.22-caliber rifle and 22 @rounds of ammo. @>> kidnap a? @how stupid is that. @a little concerning and at @least he didn't get into the @white house. @>> anjuli: stockard was @released into a intensive @supervision programs. @and he was ordered to stay @away from the white house and @ordered not to possess any @weapon. @ today marks the fourth and @final day the consumer @electronics show in reagan @national. @techys from around the world @has been in citizen city
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@and greatest gadgets that @could soon be hitting store @shelves. @pretty neat. @wearable health devices are @extremely popular at the show. @korean giant lg also unveiled, @listen to this, guys, an 18 @listen to this, guys, an @18-inch tv that rolls up like @a newspaper. @>> anjuli: cool. @>> alcides: how neat that. @samsung allows you to deliver @grocery @groceries from the ren page @from rater and can be. @>> a camera inin the @refrigerator. @if you were there in front of @the refrigerator you can order @it from fresh direct right @there on the refrigerator door @there on the refrigerator @door. @>> alcides: earlier this week @we saw cars that can respond @to owners' commands and @cutting-edge virtual reality @gear. @ the first in the nation @primary is a month away. @fox news cons respond ent john @roberts looks to what they are @doing to gain voters in new @hampshire.
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@faces that pound the new @hampshire pavement, at this @point toe over frozen walk @ways. @talking to voters. @>> the governor from ohio @running in the presidential @primary here. @>> reporter: these aren't @campaign volunteers. @they are working for a super @pac supporting ohio governor @john kasich. @>> what we are doing at new @day is what the campaigns @would do is direct voter @contact, door to door, phone @banking, going to @banking, going to events. @>> reporter: super pacs are @yielding more influence, armed @with a mountain of digitally @mined. @>> looking at thinks he is @coter rick like yearbooks, @church memberships and data. @>> welcome back to new @hampshire. @>> reporter: with such a @crowded field, the ground game @is more important this year @than in decades. @>> are you still undecided? @>> reporter: nearly half of @voters can change their mind @and marco rubio's campaign is @using every strap of data it @can bring up. @>> reporter: would voter be @surprised how much you know
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@>> i think they probably @would. @>> reporter: a good ground @game can pull a candidate back @from the brink. @chris christie was becoming an @afterthought before his @campaign went all out @>> the number of months the @polls didn't look that great @and people said, scott what @are you doing. @-- i said give it time. @he is working hard. @>> reporter: perhaps the @candidate with the most riding @on the ground flame is jeb @bush. @>> governor bush had a very @successful record -- @>>reporter: went from fifth to @8th place but after beefing up @his operation is battling wack @his operation is battling @wack. @>> important to capture the @raindrops when you leave the @meetings with candidates. @ what they feel about the @candidates, what they feel @about the candidates, who else @they like, who else this @they like, who else they don't @like. @>> reporter: after months of @polling voters in new @hampshire are beginning to @take a hare hard look at the @candidates. @new hampshire breaks late so @the campaign with the most @incentive ground operation in @the few weeks may be the one @to prevail.
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@john roberts, fox news. @ one of the two men @arrested for having ties to @the islamic state made his @first appearance in court. @23-year-old muhammed al-jahab @is currently enrolled as a @computer science. @may jor at american river @college in sacramento. @he is charged with lying to @investigators about travelling @to syria to join the civil war @there in 2014 and 2015 @there in 2014 and 2015. @if convicted, he can face up @to eight years in a federal @prison. @ security is a big concern @for this monday's college @football championship in @phoenix. @organizers say -- organizers @say more security personnel @for the championship game for @last year's super bowl. @this comes as federal @authorities are warning about @the risk of terror attacks of @crowded events. @tens of thousands of fans are @expected at the game between @alabama and clemson. @ and of course, today is a @big day for football fans. @the official start of the @playoffs.
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@kansas city chiefs are said to @take on the houston texans. @the chief are looking to get a @playoff win. @lost their past 8 playoff @matches. @tonight at 8 :15, the @steelers take on the @cincinnati bengals. @without starting quarterback @andy dalton. @and aj mccarron the second @and aj mccarron the @second-year quarterback hopes @to get the first win since 198 @to get the first win since @1981. @ on the ice, the lightning @was flat for the first two @periods of the game last night @in edmonton, but they were @to win. @victor headman had a goal and @two assists. @steven stamkos led the rally. @lightning win this one 3-2. @saves. @and head over to vancouver to @play the canucks at 10:00. @ when we come back, a 9 @ when we come back, a @93-year-old woman who served @her country in world war ii @was honored earlier this week. @show you why she has her @sister to thank.
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a 93-year-old woman is finally getting recognition for her service during @ a 93-year-old woman is @finally getting recognition @for her service during world @war ii. @how she has her sister to @thank for getting involved. @>> reporter: military training @and provided search and rescue @efforts during world war ii.
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@quad run kept on track taking @notes on just about everything @notes on just about @everything. @it started with liz who simply @stepped up because they needed @help. @>> we were to be prepared to @do anything we needed to do to @help our army. @>> reporter: liz had a love he @couldn't resist and left to @join the air service pilots. @>> why did i do that? @because i loved to fly @airplanes. @>> reporter: she left it in @good hand and her sister cici @recorded history in the make @recorded history in the @making. @>> i kept track of what was @going on were were liz is @draped in medals and now @cici's turn. @the congressional gold medal @for her important service in @the civil air patrol during @the war. @>> very important. @i -- i am very much impressed @by it. @>> reporter: liz is proud of @her sister and proud of the @civil air patrol and the air @force.
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@i scared the hell out of them @but i had to let them home in. @>> together they have served @our country and we are all @forever grateful. @>> if you were watching @earlier this week, sadly you @can see what happened there. @it is no more. @and it is not the weather. @the city streets and @sanitation crews did it reduce @sanitation crews did it @reduced it to chunks of snow @and it into a truck. @the guy who built it, david @sudler, said he was clearing @the ice off the sidewalks and @decided to stack the ice in @blocks in the form of an @icehouse. @did you say homeless person @lived in there. @anjuli thaingz is what a @producer told us. @seems like a cold option but @do what you got to do. @>> alcides: do what you got @to do. @ on "good day @ on "good day" we are all @sitting and dreaming what we @will do with all this money, @how we are not going into work @tomorrow if we win the jackpot @tomorrow if we win the @jackpot.
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@snooze. @crystal clark will a live @report about the powerball @hysteria. @800,000 million. @ el chapo is behind bars. @where they are keeping him may @surprise us. @ 7:6. @a little bit of brightness in @the sky. @overall cloudy skies and dense @fog. @now is your time to do your @boating. @64 in st. pete and mainly @cloudy skies. @a few breaks. @lots of fog. @especially east of i-75 and @south of tampa bay. @dense fog advisory continues @for venice and arcadia. @we do have some rain on the @horizon. @not yet, but it is off to to @the west including a few @storms.
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@ @ from tampa bay's number @one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> alcides: good morning, @everyone, thank you for @joining us saturday for "good @day tampa bay." @i am alcide segui. @>> anjuli: and i am anjuli @davis. @a quick check with lindsay in @a few moments. @ police are looking for a @person responsible for the @break in of several cars. @it happened in the beacon @woods community. @surveillance photos of two @suspects. @if you recognize them call the @pasco county sheriff's office. @ the city of feet is @starting to shop out the vast @acreage currently occupied by @tropicana field. @all part of a loophole for the @trop's lease. @as a part of it, the rays will
7:28 am
@sites in hillsborough and @pinellas counties, but it will @also split the cost of a @master plan for the tropicana @property. @if a developer puts some cash @down, the rays could stay put @and get half or walk away from @it. @st. pete city council will @vote on amending the ray's @lease on the next trop meeting @next thursday. @ and at 7:30, some of us @seeing fog. @others seeing clouds. @it is muggy, mild and we have @some rain on the way. @let's start out our morning @where we are kind of fouinged @in overlooking lake mirror @this morning. @we are 59 degrees with a light @north wind. @these low clouds should lift @by 10 a.m., and we could @squeeze out a little sun @before we brick in some -- @bring in some rain from the @gulf. @in the gulf looking toward it. @if you have beach plans i @encourage to you get out @before 3:00. @63 degrees here with an east @wind at 5 and also at 63 in @tampa. @we talked about it all morning @we talked about it all @morning. @we will talk about it at least @another hour and a half as it
7:29 am
@the further south you live. @a little more widespread. @half a mile visibility in @venice. @bar tow. @this may extend into eastern @portions of hillsborough @county. @so you know the drill. @the low beams, not the brights @the low beams, not the @brights. @please slow it down out there. @we have a couple of breaks in @the clouds that, and will @eventually will after the fog @lifts after a swift-moving jet @ability triggers showers and @embedded storms across the @central gulf waters. @switch over to sky tower so @you can see the lightning @strikes. @and the instability now over @the gulf waters. @it is racing east, so we will @have to monitor at least a few @storms by early this evening, @and if they hold together, @some could produce some gusty @winds, but i am not @anticipating widespread strong @storms. @by noon, still dry, 72. @there is that 50% rain chance @at 5:00 and a high of 75. @ deputies in sill russ @county found plenty of
7:30 am
@pictures from a home on north @arkansas terrace. @they found 100 grams of @methamphetamine along with @equipment to operate a drug @lab. @three people have been @arrested. @they each face seven years in @prison. @ pasco county deputies are @looking for a suspicious man @they say have been spotted @looking through the windows of @homes and cars in the zevely @hills neighborhood. @nobody knows exactly what he @is looking for or why he was @doing it. @we are told the man even @looked into a pasco county @deputy's cruiser. @witnesses said the man told @someone he was soliciting @money for a women's charity @but didn't give the actual @name. @>> i don't think it is going @to be too long for people to @know who he is. @and find out the real reason @why he was down here walking @around. @>> reporter: the man is @described as being about 5'6", @230 pounds, if you know who he @is, you are asked to call the @sheriff's office. @ $800 million.
7:31 am
@the powerball actually. @the biggest ever, and could @you be the winner. @but before the dream of the @ferrari in the garage and all @the vacations you may take, @fox 13's crystal clark is here @to bring us all back down to @reality a little bit. @crystal, some pretty big odds @to overcome first, right. @>> definitely big odds, @anjuli. @but for $2 for a ticket, @everyone is willing to take @their chances just about just @to see if they can one day @become millionaires. @now you can see the sign @behind me, $800 million is @what it is up to this weekend @and powerball officials say if @no one matches the numbers @again, they are expecting it @to reach $1 billion by the @next drawing. @imagine that $1 billion. @now take a look at some video. @we have been reaching out to @people all week long talking @to them about what would this @he do if this won this kind of @money. @a lot of people said buy a @house for their mom or quit @their job and buy an island. @for $800 million, you can
7:32 am
@you want. @this jesus christpot since @november 4. @has grown from the 40 million @starting point and now up to @$800 billion. @now from what we are being @told. @this is the kind of jackpot @that powerball officials have @been hoping for. @a lot of people don't realize @this but last fall they change @the odds from about 1 in 175 @million to now 1 in 292.2 @million. @so by making it harder to win @a jackpot, obviously the jack @a jackpot, obviously the @jackpot will keep on @increasing, growing larger and @larger because less people are @likely to win it. @again it is not stopping @anyone from buying a ticket. @we are expecting to see long @lines before tonight's drawing @of people trying to increase @their odds of winning by @buying more tickets. @and, of course, you know if @anyone wins, we will be the @first to report if to you. @hopefully i will be the winner @angrily and i won't be here @reporting it. @this may be my last time @seeing you all. @>> anjuli: you get to snooze @on a saturday. @there is nothing wrong with
7:33 am
@thank you, crystal. @ he is one of the world's @most notorious and slippery @criminals. @joaquin el chapo guzman @escaped pills are @escaped prison not once but @twice. @this morning he is back behind @bars after being captured in a @bloody raid. @he is in the same jail he @escaped from in the first @place. @he was captured friday by the @mexican military after six @months on the run. @he was taken into custody on @at a motel on the west coast @after a gun battle with the @mexican military at a nearby @home where he may have been @hiding. @five people were killed in @that shootout and one marine @was hurt. @el chapo broke out of a @maximum security prison last @july escaping through mile @july escaping through @mile-long tunnel built under @his cell. @ staying in mexico, justin @bieber and his entourage was @kicked out of a historical @site there. @officials at the national @institute of anthropology and @history said the singer and @crew were caught trying to @climb part of the ancient @ruins that was off limits.
7:34 am
@law in latin america. @in 2013, bieber faced two @criminal complaints and @demands for refunds for @storming off the stage in @argentina just an hour before @the concert and ditching fans @at an expensive meet and greet @at an expensive meet and @greet. @he is caught spraying graffiti @in brazil. @ world leaders are looking @for a way to punish north @korea after a test that brings @the nation closer to becoming @a nuclear power. @in the meantime north and @south korea have entered @somewhat of a cold war. @south korea resumed propaganda @broadcast. @the north considers the @broadcast an act of war. @ today marks opening day @for "star wars: the force @awakens" in china. @the box office hit has already @become north america's highest @grossing film ever.
7:35 am
@enough moviegoers will buy @enough tickets to knock off @"avatar" as the world's @highest grossing movie. @the latest box office stands @at $1.6 billion compared to @the $2.8 billion that "avatar" @made in 2009. @ if you have to die, why @not die as quickly and humane @not die as quickly and @humanely as possible. @the message from peta this @morning. @the annal activist group is @asking to prohibit hunters @from decapitating.pythons @during the python challenge. @snakes can survive an hour @after decapitation. @although decapitation isn't @banned. @official and wildlife agree it @is not the best message. @the thigh on this challenge @until january 16 @until january 16. @68 snakes were captured during @last year's challenge. @ look at this shoes could
7:36 am
@turnpike in miami gardens @after a truck overturned on an @exit ramp, spilled nearly 32 @exit ramp, spilled nearly @32,000 pounds of shoes. @florida highway patrol says @that five people were in the @cabin of that truck when it @flipped. @some of them were take to the @hoal @injuries, but what happened to @all those shoe is the real @question? @a sad scene there. @>> alcides: i was going to @say, a lot of him wonder -- @>> anjuli: making any woman @cry. @ i think my producer is @trying to give me gray hairs @on this one. @the florida united new -- @pneumistists. @fun for short. @>> alcides: way to go, alex.
7:37 am
@we will show you how there is@"h"h @ @ fox 13 "good day" local @for you all morning long. @>> anjuli: taking place this @weekend in downtown tampa is @one of the world's largest @coin collections. @someone auctioned off a dime @from 184 for nearly $2 @million. @but as fox 13 to photographer @mike macera shows us, that is @not the only rare coin on @display. @>> coin dealers and prominent @connectors from all over the @world have gathered here in @tampa, florida. @one of the largest coin shows @held anywhere in the world and @takes place every january and @collectors and dealers from @all over the world assemble @here to buy and sell coins and @participate in a grand auction @by heritage auctions. @a handful of the most @desirable and interesting @coins that heritage will be
7:38 am
@sections. @ this first one i am going to @show as not one of the most @expensive items but most @interesting. @a $.10-cent peace that was on @a zinc-coated nail. @one of the most exciting is a @gold piece minted in 1809. @only a few pieces that are @known to exist today. @this being the finest known of @those pieces. @one of the other most @interested items is one cent @piece in 1922. @the metals copper, bronze was @desperately needed for shell @casing but this particular one @should never be released @because happens to be the @bronze copper item rather than @the steel. @coin collect something popular @for century @for centuries, incredibly @popular here in the united @states and we have enjoyed a
7:39 am
@the internet has opened up @people's abilities to @participate in auctions and @meet each other and buy and @sell coins. @>> alcides: all right. @ just a few weeks away. @gasparilla merchandise is now @available. @believe it or not, the @invasion is near and clothing @designed for 2016. @encore select has made @everything from t-shirts to @caps to cozy @caps to cozies and buy them at @walgreen, target, wal-mart, @cvs and online. @fox 13 is a proud sponsor of @the gasparilla children's @parade. @broadcasting it live at 4:00. @so much fun. @>> anjuli: hawes a blast. @ it may be getting chilly @right down here in florida, @but not told you have to go @skiing, of course. @>> not quite. @how folks around the country
7:40 am
@and trying to wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey.
7:41 am
want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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@ @>>announcer: rise and shine. @this is "good day tampa bay." @>> anjuli: skiers and @snowboarders spent yesterday @afternoon attempting to break @a world record. @>> alcides: all part of a @nationwide tovt hold the world @nationwide tovt hold the @world's largest ski and snow @world's largest ski and @snowboard lesson.
7:43 am
@with the national learn to key @and snowboard month. @despite less-than-perfect @weather conditions for many, @hundreds of people showed up @at 165 different locations @around the country. @>> i am definitely learning. @it is not as easy as i @remembered it to be or thought @it would be. @so i am just kind of trying to @do my best, and, like, not @fall as much as i am. @>> better than me. @representatives are still @trying to tally up all the @people that participated in @the event. @results from the world record @attempt are expected in about @three weeks. @>> you know i had never been @skiing. @have you? @>> i haven't seen snow since i @was little. @how pathetic is that. @>> anjuli: lindsay is used to @it with her upbringing in @chicago. @>> lindsay: i never ski also. @>> alcides: you don't have @the excuse linkedin lung @cancer one of the things i @always wanted to do. @we have a ton of snow out west
7:44 am
@the rain in southern @california. @higher up we saw the snow pile @up and officially, 52.3% of @the country is covered in snow @right now. @most of it especially out west @in the higher terrain or in @some spots, over 2 feet of the @flakes flying. @we have some cold canadian air @diving into the upper midwest. @this will slide south and east @and make it our way sunday @night and last through the @early part of the workweek. @bitter cold. @8 will be warm in minneapolis @considering how warm it is @going to be tomorrow afternoon @during the playoff game. @some of the wind chills could @be 20 to 30 below zero. @wild. @36 in chicago. @we have the upper 50s with @rain in new orleans. @we do have some low clouds and @fog. @1400 feet out from riverview. @we have low clouds here and @after these break, probably @some peaks of sun. @6 3 degrees locally and a @great picture from lenny in @palm harbor that takes great @picks. @how about those bright colors @in the sky before we @officially brought in low @clouds.
7:45 am
@63 degrees with a northeast @wind. @whole lot of fog though which @is still very dense. @and to sarasota county. @officially downtown seat @officially downtown @officially sarasota you have @nine miles and englewood half @a mile visibility. @punta gorda. @any time we show you a @quarter, that is typically @dense fog. @extends patchy in nature up @sebring. @interior portions of polk @county. @lakeland your visibility has @dropped. @where you live in brandon and @zephyrhills you are seeing the @fog. @we know the drill between 9 @and 10 a.m. it lifts. @let these fog advisory @let these fog advisories @expire. @at 9 a.m., these have been @extended into polk, hardee, @highlands. @not to say we won't see it @elsewhere where it will be the @most widespread. @63 in tampa. @64 in sarasota -- excuse me in @st. pete. @62 in sarasota. @and 63 in sebring. @radar is nice and quiet. @we have many dry hours before @we bring in some active @weather to the west. @kind of a weakening storm @system over land. @we have an upper-level impulse
7:46 am
@across the gulf today. @i am showing you the gulf @waters, because we have some @embedded thunderstorms here @and these will be sliding east @and these will be sliding @east. @there is a chance between 3 @and 8:00 tonight any storms @that we do see could @potentially briefly be strong. @not widespread, but one or two @could pack stronger winds. @a wider view of the set-up. @yes, a little piece of the @subtropical jet. @the el nino set-up for us. @not only will we see storms @but stronger rounds of storms @thursday night of the upcoming @workweek. @we will watch it. @today here is watching future @today here is watching @futurecast. @lunchtime some sun, 3, 4:00 @and thunderstorms that quickly @move from west to east. @i think by 8, 9:00 most of the @stronger storms, if we see any @will be done and then tomorrow @much drier, slightly cooler @day. @75 for today. @that 50% storm chance, but a @quick round. @tonight after 9:00, only a few @lingering showers. @65 for our overnight low. @during the day sunday, 70 @which is our average high by @the way.
7:47 am
@we funnel in some cooler air @sunday night. @your boating today, please do @it early. @south winds at 10 knots and a @light chop. @75 to 62 and breezy on monday. @several cool mornings this @week and we will have to watch @a round of storms possibly @thursday night and friday @morning. @>> all right, thank you, @lindsay. @ coming up after the break, @from the locker room to the @cardio zone, when it comes to @the gym, a few rules that @everyone should follow. @our he had yet expert will be @in with tips of how to conduct @yourself while you pump the @iron. @ as we head into the next @republican debate, we will @show you where they line up in @our polling here in florida. @and we will show you why trump @has been advantage his r @vishtion als did not see @coming.
7:48 am
@>> reporter: back down the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. 3 and finally this hour: lots of people made new year's resolutions to go t @ @ finally this hour, many @of us made new year's @resolutions to get to the gym @more option. @our etiquette expert kim @goddard says it is no place to @lose your manners. @>> kim: if your new year's @resolution to get to the gym, @more etiquette tips.
7:50 am
@body workout but also a social @workout. @to make your resolution more @enjoyable, a few must-dos. @you must remember that the gym @is for card dee yo, squats and @curls and not for tweeting or @chatting unless you are there @to work out, you thumbs and be @thoughtful and carry the @golden rule of the gym, carry @a towel and wipe down after @your set otherwise you will @get a bad reputation in the @gym. @when you are done with the @equipment put the weights back @to zero. @you must be patient. @if someone is take @if someone is taking too long, @move to the next machine. @remember your resolution. @you plan on coming here, what, @three times a week? @this isn't the place to make @enemy @enemies. @on a final note. @you must wear the appropriate @attire. @the proper shoes are a must @and definitely wear the @appropriate workout clothes. @for performance, safety and so @your picture doesn't show up
7:51 am
@you thinking. @i am properly yours kimberly @kuizon. @ toss it over to alcide s @with what is coming up at 8:00 @with what is coming up at @8:00. @>> alcides: stay with us, @much more to come in the 8:00 @hour of "good day tampa bay." @pack your patience if you are @head to tampa international. @construction has shut down @some of the parking garages. @ we know the holidays are @over. @running around @running around leaving you
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