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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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3 - right now at 6:00 the jackpot jumps again. we're just hours away from the powerball drawing for $900 million. with the largest prizes of all-time. i'm doing a lot better. i'm doing a lot better now. >> helping vets heal. how a place in st. pete that caters to wounded warriors is
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bay's number one news atiothis i the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening thanks for being with us tonight i'm lloyd sowers. >> i'm hayley hincez. developing developing first tonight what would you do with $900 million. that's the question that so many people are asking themselves tonight. the tickets have been printed all day as the powerball craze has taken over. fox 13's evan lambert is live at a gas station in clear water. evan, how is it going out there? >> hayley, i can definitely think of a few things i would do. just to give you an idea this place has been busy all day. we got a little bit of a line forming now but most of these people are buying those tickets. wanting a chance at what $900 million and how could you want. we are going to talk about
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to wear about -- hear about the odds one in 192 million. let's talk about things that are more likely to happen to you than winning that jackpot tonight. a couple things here. first being attacked bay slashing. the odds of that one in 11.5 million. dying from being struck by lightning those odds one in 134,000. we'll be a little bit more positive becoming president the chances of that one in 10 million, date be a supermodel, one in 88,000, or becoming a movie star, chances of that one in 1.5 million. so not the best news that you want to hear but that is not stopping people from coming out and buying these tickets for a shot at that jackpot. and of course we will know what those lucky numbers are tonight just before 11:00. we'll have those numbers for you in our 11:00 newscast. so the good luck i got my
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winning combination. >> you have your ticket, i have my ticket, and lloyd has his ticket. someone has to win, right. thanks, evan. new at 6:00, a team of dozens of volunteers are sweating it out today in st. pete. all to though share support for our vets. theyability wheelchair accessible entrance for a place called aidle house. a place for veterans with traumatic brain injuries are once again. fox 13's crystal clark has more on how the facility is making transition much easier for these men and women. >> reporter: it's hard work and sweat but these volunteers with bank of america are committed. >> i -- one of our main missions is to give back. >> they spent saturday putting together a new landscape and crafting a wheelchair-accessible ramp the the place where they say
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>> a lot of times people don't want to leave their house. >> t.b.i. stands for traumatic brain injury all of the veterans at abel house short for acquired brain injury life including army vet randy adams. >> i'm doing a lot better. >> reporter: a job at sears the house helped him get through interview training, resum\ writing, and his counsellor even provided him with work clothes. >> she's been working with me and she's been meeting with me at the v.a. and she's been constantly in touch with me asking me if i need anything. >> reporter: some are wheelchair bound which is why the facility des operately needed the newly accessible entrance and other features inside like wider doors to accommodate them. learning how to function post injury can be an uphill battle. for many of the vets their memory loss has affected their muscular ability, their speech and ultimately their ability to work. volunteers say one of their goals is to help these men
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lives. >> i just see their motivation increase. they really like to be here they like to talk to other people that are dealing with similar issues that they are then they feel empowered to go out and get jobs. >> it's all apart of making their transition back to normalcy a smoother ride. >> i just thank god for it. >> crystal clark, fox 13 news. the new wheelchair accessible ramp was funded through donations of raymond james. the facility also opens its services to other nonveterans with brain injuries. we're seeing some storms roll through the bay area tonight. let's check in with meteorologist jim webber who is in for mike tonight. >> we are seeing this rain working its way through. started at about say 4:00 this afternoon. we done to see some areas of some heavier rain right now only the heaviest portions are in the eastern and southeastern hillsborough county moving over into polk county from barto over towards lake all moving
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then some areas of moderate to lighter 49 about i-4 on towards north. it's lined up out into the gulf of mexico. we do have some lightning in this not a whole lot about 45 strokes of lightning will pass through the interior then along the coastline a little bit more lightning where some of these cells a little bit stronger but they tend as these cells work their way on shore to basically diminish in intensity but we've got more rain lined up into the gulf of mexico. so at least the next few hours we expect to see more rain then we have the cold front moving through. cooler temperatures a lot to talk about. i'll have more rain talk coming up in just a little bit. >> jim, thank you. deputies in polk county are counting on surveillance video to help solve a tritchle murder in lakeland. the execution-style shootings took place early wednesday on magnolia drive east. this is the van that deputies believe the gunman were driving. you can see some writing on the side of the van but it's illegible. they believe the men inside killed three people and shot
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wednesday. deputies believe the suspects may have ties to the miami area. >> if you're one of those that executed, that slaughtered these young people you shouldn't rest comfortably, you shouldn't receive any sleep because we're tracking you, we're trailing you, we're putting a case together against you and we're going to arrest you. >> the crime is believed to be drug related. anyone who recognizes that van or knows anything about the crime is asked to call crime stoppers. deputies are looking for a suspicious man who they say has been spotted looking through the windows of homes and cars. no one knows why he was looking for what why he was doing it. we're told the man even looked into a pasco county sheriff's deputy cruiser. witnesses say the man told someone he was soliciting money for a woman's charity
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>> -- a man is described --. faces serious charges she attacked a fellow driver with a pair of scissors after the crash. 30-year-old vanessa sideswiped the victim along a busy highway back in november. after the crash, super pulled into a mcdonald's where he punched drive in the face and flashed her slashed her face several times with scissors. deputy say the victim required numerous stitches. she identified her from a photo lineup. he faces multiple charges including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of a crash. still to come on the fox 13 6:00 news, a virtual look at the dangers of distracted driving. >> a lot of people taking
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3 there's a brand new place to buy home improvement materials in a there's brand new place to buy brand new materials where you can not only save money but help local families. habitat for humanity held a grand opening for its second store. they say held improvement items like furniture and appliances. all donated in new or gendly used condition. money spent at the store goes toward habitat's
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rehabilitating homes so that low income families can finally have a place to call their own. >> we have tons of volunteers coming out to help us make sure that it's a great day. tons of shoppers in the store. and it's just very exciting. >> if you would like to shop or donate this new store is located on west hillsborough plaza. a distracted driving continues to be a threat to all ofous the roads. today -- all of us on the roads. today we see the potentially deadly consequences. they cover their eyes with at&t's new three driving simulator app. participants say it provided a very real and very powerful message that nothing on your phone is worth your life or someone else's. >> real life experience driving on the simulator is amazing. i'm kind of shaking it was
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nothing can noz more important than safety of and you others. do not tects and drive. >> at&t's ad campaign is pushing the idea that smartphone distracted driving is a bigger problem than texting. the company says 61% of people who use their smartphones while driving admit to texting the rest are surfing the web on facebook, tweeting, taking selfies or shooting video. still to come tonight we have more technology to show. will you be amazed it's way ahead of its time. >> we're taking you inside the consumer electronics show for a look at how
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channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th.
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if you made your way to las vegas this weekend.. you would think you had just traveled into the future. >> if you made your way to las vegas you would think you have just travelled into the future. >> i have coupled this thing a couple times. the international consumer electronics show giving people a look at the very latest technology. fox's rachel moore is in vegas tonight. >> you're looking at the type of drone powered by real sense and this is the future. >> reporter: technology is taking off as drones seem to dominate the 2016 international consumer electronics show. companies are advancing their drones, developing longer flight times, lowering their prices, and designing smaller models. but some companies think bigger is better. this year they unveiled a five foot 500 pound big
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electronic drone. it's not considered a helicopter because a smartphone navigates the aircraft not a pilot. another thing throughout c.e.s. is virtual reality. it's transforming video games into interactive experiences. some devices can attach to your smartphone it. >> was crazy like you are in a different world. different place. >> reporter: in virtual reality isn't reality enough they are showcasing a camera capturing every angle of your world. >> reporter: developers also helping amateur smartphone photographers look like professional filmmakers. showing off its universal mount. >> we can take any smartphone mount it and get movie level quality. >> reporter: innovators changing the way we sleep and changing the way we eat.
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you can customize it. >> reporter: technology changing the way we play sports, and changing the way we listen to music. pretty cool. >> interesting stuff there. technology. >> all things you will be buying if you win that the lottery. >> or next year's christmas list. >> around here today just wet afternoon. >> yeah, that rain just rolled in right off the gulf of mexico as expected. this el nio pattern we'll be dealing with this pretty much for the next few months here probably where these systems just keep rolling in off the gulf of mexico. that's again what we're seeing today. the rain will continue through the evening hours. you can see it on sky tower radar. heaviest fortunes now are throughout the interior but we have another line of some showers out into the gulf of mexico. so these will continue to work their way on shore as we go through the evening hours. but right through most of hillsborough county we're dry at the moment because
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pushed through and it appears round two now working its way along the coastline throughout millis county you can see the rain making its way on shore. heavier rain throughout polk county from lake wales also back towards barto and south of lakeland a little bit of lightning in this but really over the past 20 minutes we've been watching that lightning activity diminishing. you see most areas seeing probably about 14 strokes of lightning over the past 20 minutes then more rain some heavy rain down into portions of extreme southern sarasota county down towards punta gorda as well then stretching back into the gulf of mexico. we will see some more breaks. but more rain by late potent most of the -- by late tonight most of the rain activity should be done. winds are currently out of the east southeast at six miles per hour. so temperatures in those rain areas basically running in the 60s just a little bit
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towards highlands county, sebring, lake placid and venus currently at 72 . we have a warm front which is sitting right about here so south of that temperatures are warm. 60s to our north we have the front that will continue to work its way on towards the east and you will start to notice those cooler temperatures that start moving in as we go through the day tomorrow. so we got more systems working their way across the country. cold air is dropping down across the country. in fact, look at these wind chills up towards fargo. currents wind chill with is now at -20 . 65 for tonight we'll see showers winding down. mostly cloudy for tomorrow. daytime high of 68 with temperatures falling as we go through the afternoon mostly sunny, 68 . on the water, winds are out of the northwest at 15 knots for tomorrow. high tide comes off at 12:51
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here's your seven-day forecast they work their way in for the first part of next week. the bucs general manager jason light continues his coaching search but it could directly affect who will replace lovie smith. plus, is dirk the right choice? the bucs aren't the only team interested reportedly the niners are in town interviewing cutter in tampa. and did the bucs fire lovie
6:22 pm
keep it canner.3 3 the miami dolphins miami dolphins make first coaching move they introduce their new head coach this afternoon. former chicago bear
6:23 pm
this is really an instrumental move by the dolphins that directly affects the bucs. miami has shown interest in dirk cutter now they are out of the competition but this just in late this afternoon. cutter is interviewing with the 49ers today in tampa. that according to the sacramento newspaper. bucs have not confirmed this as of yet. cutter isn't locked up yet for the bucs. still five other teams that need head coaches it's looking like the detroit lions might be shopping as well. new general manager could mean that jim caldwell will be out of work. jason light is conducting his second due today with carolina defensive coordinator sean mcdermott but everything i'm hearing is that the bucs still want cutter. also today the bucs denied permission to the san diego chargers to talk with defensive line coach joe can you tellin. a decision from one buc place could come at any time. i asked sean xing if he believes lovie smith was fired solely to keep cutter
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>> we'll find out if cutter becomes the new head coach then it was driven by dirk cutter and their fear of losing them. i think dirk cutter is a -- when the coordinator becomes the head coach it's generally the second time that he succeeds. >> he said i know it's college but he's had some experience as the head coach at bosey state and arizona state obviously not the nfl. the fact he has in in his back pocket a little bit of experience there at that level. then to have three years three different teams of being offensive coordinator. is a guy you feel could have success. >> i hope so. i'm a buc fan at heart. born and raised here. we were for the team. i want nothing more than for our national perception to change. i covered the football league as a whole we're the browns. a lot of other cities. i don't know the organization has come to grips with that but that's
6:25 pm
has to change. >> light they pull off a win last night a way this franchise has never done before. the boments win their first game in franchise history when trailing on the road by at least two goals in the final period and they are right back at it tonight with a game in van -- vancouver. looking for a perfect pass instead of really shooting. they change their approach in the third period. the offense going ripping a shot in the top. good things can happen when you take some shots on net. you can also get some good bounces when you put the puck there. victor headman does that. then a minute later stephen stampcos will plank his shot they are just one point behind new jersey for that final wild card spotted. >> i thought question were
6:26 pm
we were putting ourselves in great positions to score scores we just weren't attacking the net. then you look in the third period they attack the net. there were three goals did they go off i think an edmonton player touched it was the last to touch it on all three goals. but we were directing pucks at the net and hungry down there. i think that was the mood after the second was let's just get enough. let's stop doing the pass. let's just see what happens. fortunately for us we got three. you never know what to expect when it comes to s.e.c. basketball. l.s.u. comes to gainesville this afternoon tresh off an upset win against kentucky. gators need a bounceback. florida would lead by as many as 10 points. they control this game. th's
6:27 pm
nice play and the tigers freshman tough to keep down this afternoon. simmons was the driver there makes the free-throw. he led all scores with 28 points. time running out the runner at l.s.u. cuts the lead 4-2. burt then john it's really the sealing shot. a big bounceback for florida. they kind of needed this game. >> thanks a lot, kevin. when we come back, powerball fever is sweeping
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>> up next3 around the world tonight.. iran is denying that its revolutionary
6:29 pm
revolutionary guard launched rockets near a u.s. aircraft carryer on december 26th . but video just released by the u.s. navy goes directly against those claims. >> fox's garrett tennies had more from washington on what authorities are saying really happened. >> reporter: when rereported this missile launch last week a spokesman denied it ever happened and called the allegations from the u.s. psychological warfare. well, now you can see it for yourself in this video released by the u.s. navy today. the 45 second slip taken by navy seahawk helicopter from the u.s.s. s harry s. truman shows what appears to be an oil tanker passing by one of many commercial ships that were in the area that day we're told. then as the camera zooms in just beyond the tanker you can see what the navy says is five iranian missile boats then the streaks of lied as one of the boats launches several missiles less than 1500 yards away from the u.s. warship and even closer to some of those ships.
6:30 pm
live fire exercises only 23 minutes beforehand and ordered all other ships to move outside of the international waters. this latest incident in the strait of hormuz marks the third time that iranian ships have done had and each time those missiles are being launched closer. it also comes on the heels of iran conducting several ballistic tests last year. despite all that though secretary kerry said on thursday iran is now potentially days away from a receiving $100 billion in sanctions relief all part of the nuclear deal reached this past summer. in washington, i'm garrett tenny fox news. a new york city police officer is recovering in the hospital after being shot early this morning in the bronx. the officer 25-year-old stewart was hit in right ankle but managed to return fire striking alleged shooter christopher rice four times. stewart was with a group of plainclothes officers
6:31 pm
about two groups of people fighting. as law enforcement tried to break them up the two groups turned on them. five people were hospitalized with stab wounds. the police officer shooting in west philadelphia thursday remains under investigation. the police and the f.b.i. are trying to determine whether the shooter had any ties to terrorism. fox's brian yennis has the latest now from philadelphia. >> we are now learning that the f.b.i. is looking into two recent trips made by the shooter to the middle east as the f.b.i. tries to determine whether 30-year-old evan archer has any terrorist ties. archer travelled to saudi arabia in 2011 for a few weeks, apparently reportedly for pilgrimage to mecca in 2012 he travelled to egypt for several months. 33-year-old philadelphia officer jesse hartnet is in critical but stable condition this morning police saying it's miraculous he's alive today suffering a severe broken arm and nerve damage after he was shot with a stolen
6:32 pm
point from just arms length away. the chilling video capturing the horrific moment despite being shot three times in the left arm hartnet manages to chase, shoot and wound the suspect before collapsing and calling for backup. >> we have an officer shot. 18th district assist the officer. we have an officer down. >> reporter: now the investigation shifts to proving motive. archer an ex-convict scheduled to be in court on montels police he pledged his apledgeance and attacked officer hartnet in the name ofalla. >> he was certainly targeting police. he knew who was shooting at and my god, i mean the way he's got his arm inside that vehicle i mean he knew what he was doing he was trying to assassinate this police officer. >> reporter: but the f.b.i. and police have yet to call this a terrorist attack
6:33 pm
associated with the shooter and his on-line activity to determine if they was radicalized or was in contact with terrorists. meantime the shooter's mom telling the philadelphia inquiry she believes her son is suffering from psychological issues saying he has been hearing voices. in west philadelphia, brian yennis, fox news. as we told you earlier the powerball jackpot could go as high as one billion. right now western georgia seeing a lot of hopeful ticket buyers from neighboringal wral there is no powerball. lines of ticket buyers stretched all through this parking lot. the tuscaloosa is the first town over the border where the lottery is legal. at last check was at $900 million and counting. the odds are pretty terrible no matter the fwhun 292 million chance people are willing to spare a few bucks for the opportunity to strike it big.
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can retire. i'm going to disappear. >> i have people calling me on my phone wanting me to put down a lot of these are not mine. >> once again tonight's drawing is at 10:59 p.m. we'll have the numbers for you on the fox 11:00 news. a colorado dog missing since christmas eve is now safe and sound. the boxer mix was found miles away from his home covered in porcupine quills. police have been looking for the dog since december 24th when he escaped after he was given up by his owner. someone spotted him wednesday but he ran away. he was eventually found by the pace family with hundreds of quills stuck to his skin. >> many of them were inside his mouth, his tongue, nose, on his neck. some of the quills were on one of his eyelids but had fortunately missed the eyeball himself.
6:35 pm
hours to remove all those porcupine qils. a painful lesson. we're told once he heals he will be put up for adoption. >> poor dog. hollywood's biggest stars under one roof. and president obama term winding down where the race to take his place is tightening up. we have these stories and more in the week ahead. >> sunday hollywood award season kicks off for the 73rd annual golden globes. the best of film and tv will be on the red carpet vying for top honors. comedian ricky gervais is said to host. monday in motor city the north american international auto show gets underway at the cobo center in detroit. car lovers can expect more than 50 new models. the show will run until january 24th. also monday, college football's best square off in the second championship. the number two ranked alabama clemson tied will take on the number one
6:36 pm
university of phoenix stadium in arizona. a on tuesday, president obama set to deliver his seventh and final state of the union. in a video preview, the president says the address will lay out what he wants to get done in the year ahead scwlz highlight the progress the country has made during his time in office. while president obama's time in office winds down on thursday the race to replace him heats up. in south carolina with the sixth g.o.p. debate. the fox business network will be hosting this time around with a new selection criteria in place. the prime time debate will likely only feature six candidates. those missing the cut will appear in the earlier undercard debate. catch the debate at 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern only on the fox business network. that's a look at the week ahead. patricia stark, fox news. take a look at this shoes covered part of florida's turnpike in miami gardens yesterday afternoon after a truck overturned on exit ramp. spilled nearly 32,000 pounds
6:37 pm
that five people were in the cabin of this truck when it flipped. some were taken to the hospital but authorities said injuries appeared to be minor. what a selection. >> when we come back a 93-year-old woman who served her country in world war ii was honored. >> we'll show you why she has her sister to thank for getting that recognition at last. the fight over new gun rules is just getting started. >> he's going to give us edicts as if he's a king. >> all of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand up. >> we'll show where you this
6:38 pm
means on money, power and 3 a 93-year-old woman is finally getting recognition for a 93-year-old woman is finally getting recognition for her service in world war ii. >> we hear why she has her sister to thank for getting her involved. >> reporter: at the civil air patrol offered military training and provided search and rescue efforts during world war ii, there were two sisters making sure that the squadron kept on track by meticulously taking notes on just about everything. it started with liz who stepped up because they needed help. >> we were to be prepared to do anything we needed to do to help our army. >> reporter: but liz had a love she couldn't resist and left to join the women's air force service pilots. >> why did i do that? >> reporter: she left her
6:39 pm
hands her sister cici was hands her sister cici was happy to record what was ultimately history in the making. >> the meetings and things that happened. >> reporter: liz is draped in medals now it's cici's concern she's preparing to receive the congressional gold medal for important service during the war. >> very important. i very much impressed by it. >> reporter: liz is proud of her sister and proud of her own service to the air force. >> and i -- scare the hell out of them but you see i had to let them know that i could handle it. >> reporter: together they have served our country and we all are forever grateful. >> she received the congressional gold medal on thursday it's one of the highest that you can receive in the whole zpli that is fantastic. -- whole country. so really who's to blame for the bucs struggles lovie
6:40 pm
well, shaun king grew up a bucs fan playing for the bucs now covering the team. he tell us white house he
6:41 pm
failures and what needs to3 jason licht is now stuck having to fix another bad >> jason light is now stuck having to fix another bad hire. the fifth time in the last seven years that the bucs are spending january looking for a coach to lead this team. when rich mckay was the g.m. the glazers bucs won 75% of therapy games including four playoffs. and a super bowl. since mckay left the bucs have had seven double digit loss seasons in 12 years. so that's why you have to point to ownership as the problem. the biggest concern isn't who will be the bucs next
6:42 pm
question is will the bucs finally get it right? >> lovie smith is the fourth head coach fired by the glazers in the last seven years but g.m. jason light doesn't believe that will hamper his job to find the right man to lead this team. >> i don't think it's going to deter a great coach from coming here. it's an excellent situation already been just showed from interest the that we received that people want to come to tampa and coach. >> reporter: since rich mckay was forced now the 2003, the bucs have gone to the playoffs just twice. they're the only team in the nfl in the modern era to finish last in their division five straight years. losing is directly linked to the glazers coaching hires and former buc quarterback shaun king says it's time for the glazers to step back from the hiring decisions. >> as good as they are, as businessmen and people, i think they're lacking when it comes to being able and select head coaches and g.m.s.
6:43 pm
lead candidate but jason light admits there is competition for cutter. he won't characterize it as a tug-of-war for custodier but the bucs are obligated to allow him to interview elsewhere unless they hire him first. >> yes, you are obligated it's a notification they tell you that they want to interview him as a head coach yes there have been teams that have contacted us. >> reporter: but is cutter the right choice? >> all i ask whoever we hire that we hire the person that we believe in to the point we'll show the commit no matter how long it takes to get it fixed. >> san francisco 49ers one of the first teams to ask to talk with cutter. he interviewed him in tampa today. lloyd. >> thanks very much. big event of weather it's a free car wash. >> just get out the soap and you are ready to go right there. we have the rain that's rolling through then wind down through the overnight hours.
6:44 pm
tumble. it's kind of nice to get some changes in hecht you look at the radar right now that one band that was sitting off the coastline about half an hour ago you can see has now made its way on shore into pinellas county some heavier rain lined up throughout the interior into eastern polk county stretching down into highlands desoto, hardy county all the way down towards punta gorda and fort myers. pretty big thunderstorms going through fort myers right now. back closer to home you can see throughout pinellas county most of this is just light to moderate rain. a little bit heavier as you head down towards downtown st. petersburg. these will continue to work their way across the bay into hillsborough county some heavier showers throughout eastern polk county working their way over towards osceola county and down towards orlando. right down here we've seen some pretty good rotation in a cell that has been working its way towards fort myers possibly a tornado forming
6:45 pm
the rain that will continue to work its way through as we go through the evening hours. down to our south temperatures have been warmer we have a warm front here. so anything to the north of that we are seeing the temperatures a little bit cooler running into the 60s, 70s and some 80s down to our south. and this front here that will continue to swing on towards the east and then secondary front pushes through through the early part of the week. that will bring these temperatures right back down so we have that warm up we've had over the past few days then we will cool things right back down as we get into the first part of the workweek and then we will slowly warm these temperatures back up as we head towards the second half of next week. yet another series of firsts which will continue to work their way across the country. as that very active pattern that we typically see during el nio and very cold temperatures are starting to spread across the country
6:46 pm
right now at -4 millions at 2 they're going minneapolis at 2 . three see wind chills right around -25 . for tomorrow mainly cloudy skies. breezy, with those temperatures falling as the day goes on. seven-day forecast you can see those temperatures they cool down as we get into the first part of next week. we will see those overnight the lower 40s. >> thanks. an old school adventure is complete. for one british pilot flying a vintage open cockpit biplane. tracy curtis tailor arrived in australia after completing a journey of nearly 17,000 miles that began last october in the u.k. flying a 1942 boeing steerman spirit artemis
6:47 pm
refuel. taylor says she enjoyed every moment of her adventure but adds it wasn't easy. >> look, i never doubted that i would make it but i could only live and do the expedition day-by-day because it was overwhelming to look at the mileage and everywhere we had to go to. overwhelming i was terrified so you mr. ing you on inch by inch, mile by mile then one day you get here. the weather, heavy rains in row may have beenia and monsoons over end nassia was the biggest -- over indonesia. a coin collector show that features over 600 booths. >> i will practice it with a rare dime did you hear about this a dime that sold for about $2 million earlier this week. we will show you how there's plenty of shine left there
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3 3 taking place right now in down-town tampa.. is one of the world's largest coin taking place right now is one of the world's largest coin conventions. as you may have heard earlier this week we reported somebody auctioned a dime off from 1894 for
6:50 pm
>> as fox 13 photographer shows us that's not the only rare coin on display. >> coin dealers and collectors are from all over the world have gathered here in tampa, florida. this is one of the largest coin shows that's held here in the world it fakes place every january. collectors and dealers from all over the world assemble here to buy and sell coins and participate in a grand auction. we brought a handful of the most desirable most interesting coins that they will be offering. this first one i will show you not one of the most expensive items but one of the most interesting. it's a 10 cent piece that was struck off of zank coated of zank coated nail of a zinc coated mail. there's only a few pieces that are known to exist today this being the finest known of those pieces. one of the other interesting items is a one cent piece
6:51 pm
in 1942, and 1943 during the darkest days of world war ii the medal's copper bronze were desperately needed for shell casings. but this particular one never should have been released because it happens to still be the bronze copper item rather than the steel and zinc item. coin collecting has been popular for centuries. it's incredibly popular here in the united states. we have endescribed very vibrant marketplace. the internet has really opened up people's ability to part pay the in lawn auctions and meet each other and buy and sell coins. >> you never know what that coin is worth. just a few weeks away and the invasion is inspiring designs for 2016. it's available at target, wal-mart, walgreen's, c.v.s., party city and publix as well as on-line. fox 13 is a proud sponsor of the gasparilla children's
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we will be broadcasting it live beginning at 4:00. can't wait. for more news follow us on twirt. the news is always on >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 and 11:00.
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