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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. you've now got a billion reasons to play.. everyone in the p>> anjuli: you've now got a pbillion reasons to play. peveryone in the country missed pout on the jackpot last night. phow big will it get? p>> alcides: a tornado touches pdown in south florida causing lenty of damage. pwe'll tell you if any severe pweather is headed our way. p>> anjuli: a former defense pattorney for the accused cop pshooter in philadelphia is
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ast. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning, to you pand welcome to "good day tampa pbay." pit's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'm alcides segui. plindsay is here to talk about pour forecast. p>> lindsay: we have severe pweather not locally, but we'll ptalk about the tornadic activity pin cape coral coming up. pthe cool air is not close yet. pit's 70, so don't wake up and pexpect it to be here, because it pis not. pthe clouds are, though, and pwinds are shifting so that's a psign of cooler air later today. pnear 70 in most spots. pit's 69 in brooksville and 70 is pthe average afternoon high. pwe a few spot showers around psouth of tampa bay. pthese hang around the next pcouple of hours and drier pthroughout the afternoon. pshowers are moderate in
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pthese push into southern ortions of polk county and a psprinkle near wauchula and more psteady rain through osprey. pthe cooler air is lagging in the anhandle, but it gets here. ponce it moves in, our winds pick pup as well. pthroughout the day today, gusty pwinds and a high of 70 this pmorning. pfalling temps later today. pmonday and tuesday highs in the plow to mid-60s. pwhat does that mean for the pmorning lows? pwe talk about cool mornings pcoming up. p>> anjuli: homeowners in psouthwest florida will be busy icking up debris in morning. pstrong overnight storms caused psevere damage to many homes in pcape coral. pdegrees were pulled straight out pof the ground, roofs damaged, pstreets flooded with parking plots turning into ponds. phundreds were also left without ower. p>> sitting on the patio, and we pstarted to see lightning and pthen a big flash in the back.
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psomething like a freight train. p>> like a 747 coming overhead. pwe said, oh, it's a tornado. pwe ran. p>> anjuli: so far there's no pserious reports of injuries. p if you played powerball, pyou're probably waking up a plittle bit disappointed. pso is everybody else, though. pno one won last night's drawing. pit rolling over to $1.3 billion. p>> alcides: those winning pnumbers in case you want to know pwhat they are, 16, 19, 32, 34, p57 and the powerball number is p13. pone lucky person did manage to pget five numbers but not the owerball. phe walked away with a million pdollars. pnot to bad. pthis jackpot has been growing psince november 4th where it pstarted with a measley $4 pmillion. pthe next chance is wednesday pnight.
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pgunman suspected of opening fire pon a officer is charged with pattempted murder along with pseveral related offenses. pnow as our sister station in hiladelphia found out, his pformer attorney is speaking out. p>> i think this is his way of pmaking a statement for himself. pdon't forget, he has supposedly pto be sentenced next week in pdelaware county for a case. pi think this was a last stand. phe wanted to do something to pshow who he was. p>> reporter: this criminal pdefense attorney once prepresented the accused cop pshooter edward archer in a 2013 pfirearms case. pwhen he saw this video of p30-year-old archer dressed in pmuslim garb and shooting the pofficer on thursday, the hiladelphia attorney says he pimmediately remembered a man he pdescribes as violent and having pa poe ropensity to carry guns. p>> very flamboyant and in your
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pif he wanted something done, he pwanted it done that moment. p>> reporter: archer is formally pcharged with attempted murder as pwell as aggravated assault and a pslew of other crimes want ptonight new images of a police pmug shot of archer still in what pappears to be his hospital gown. phis 33-year-old alleged victim pfired back despite three gunshot pwounds on the arm. olice say archer pledged pallegiance to isis saying he pwounded the officer in the name pof islam. parcher was not radicalized when phe knew them despite traveling pto egypt in the months before pthey met. p>> i don't believe he personally phas ties to it, but that's up to pthe investigators. p>> reporter: those sentiments pechoed to fox 25 from his own pbrother. phe says he believes his brother pmay have acted out of the pmistreatment of black men by olice rather than a religious pstatement. p>> i've done this for 22 years pand represented thousands of pclients.
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pin my mind. p>> alcides: the mexican pattorney general's office has pannounced he will chal el chapo pwill be extradited back to the pu.s. plast summer they had official pextradition requests for guzman pto the mexican government. phe's wanted for drug traffics, phomicide, illegal possession of pfirearms and money laundering. pguzman has been on the run since pjuly when surveillance video pcaptured his escape from a pmaximum security prison in pmexico. pthis all comes with a surprise phollywood twist this morning. psean penn is under pinvestigation. plisten to this. papparently penn interviewed pguzman for "rolling stone" pmagazine. pthe secret meeting was at a pmexican jungle just three months pafter he escaped from prison.
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poutlaw talked about his drug ptrade saying that he supplies pmore heroin, methamphetamine, pcocaine and marijuana than panyone else in the world. pguzman spent hours talking to enn. pit's said that he even answered pfollow-up questions while still pon the run. p>> anjuli: over in volusia pcounty, deputies sa the man paccused of sexually battering a pwoman turned himself in last pnight. pthe 18-year-old was accused of pforcing a woman to have sec with pforcing a woman to have sec with phim three times at an apartment pcomplex in deland. pin one occasion he held her at pgunpoint. phe's been charged with several pcounts of sexual battery, paggravated assault with a deadly pweapon and false imprisonment. p>> anjuli: a panama city woman pis facing serious charges this pmorning after she attacked panother driver with pair of pscissors after a crash. p30-year-old vanessa suber psideswiped the victim along a
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pthey pulled into a mcdonald's, pwhere she alleged punched the pdriver and then slashed her face pseveral times with a pair of pscissors. p>> alcides: all right. phere at home dozens of people pvolunteered their time in pst. pete to help local veterans. pthey built a pwheelchair-accessible entrance pat the able house off of 49th pstreet. pit helps veterans learn to be pindependent again. pnot being fully wheelchair paccessible held the group back pfrom helping more people. pthey say brain injuries affect peverything from memory to muscle pmovement making it difficult to pwork. p>> we have staff on site that pdoes counseling and help them pwith resume writing and career pcounseling can that kind of pthing. pit's a nice steppingstone. pinstead of finding a job, they phave more of a safety net here. p>> alcides: the new entrance pwas funded through donations at praymond james. p>> anjuli: there's a brand-new lace to buy home improvement pmaterials in hillsborough county pto save money and also help
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phabitat for humanity held the pgrand opening for the second prestore in the county. pit sells home improvement items plike furniture, building pmaterials and appliances. pthey're donated in new or gently pused condition. pthe money goes towards habitat's pmission of building and prehabilitating homes for low pincome families to have a place pto call their own. p>> it's an incredible feat. pmonths. pwe have tons of volunteers pcoming out to help us make sure pit's a great day. ptons of shoppers in the store, pand it's just very exciting. p>> anjuli: great idea. pif you'd like to smop or donate, pit's locate odd west phillsborough at the silver mill laza. p>> alcides: this morning one pman is dead and another in pserious but stable condition. pthere was a head-on crash on pfleischer avenue. pit happened around 5:15 this pmorning at fletcher and kitten pdrive. pthe hillsborough county
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pthe median on fleischer and hit panother car head-om. pahmed was killed. pno reason to believe alcohol or pdrugs was involved in the crash. p whether we come back, it was pa packed day full of sports. pwe'll break it down from pyesterday's match-up for you. p>> anjuli: plus, boom goes the pdynamite. pwhy this grandstand was taken pdown in dramatic fashion. p>> lindsay: we had some booming pthunderstorms last night that plasted a couple of hours and pthen the drier air tried to work pin. pwe're still hanging on to a few psouth of the bay. ptlf heavier pox the from venice pto duet. pyou see that rain right now. pit's 69 in brookdale bayshore. pit is muggy and cloudy and winds pstarting to shift. pthat's a sign of our change in pour air mass. pyou notice by the afternoon pturning cooler, breezy and pdrier.
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pfor the week3 in spo p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning it took a little bit pmore of overtime, but the plightning were able to pull out panother win on the road last pnight against vancouver after pstarting slow with edmonton. pit was the bolts that got out to pa 1-0 lead early in the first pafter an exchange of goals and pend-to-end, three-on-three extra eriod saw kucherov finish the pgame on a break-away. pthere's your goal right there. phis 16th of the season. pthe bolts win this one 3-2. pthey head to denver on tuesday pto play the avalanche. p onto football now.
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pwon a playoff game since 1994. pyesterday afternoon they got a pwig win over the houston texans. pit didn't take long to score pearly. pon the opening kickoff nile pdavis runs it back 106 yards for pthe touchdown. pthe fastest score in any ostseason game in the nfl phistory. pit was all downhill from there pfor the texans. ptheir quarterback brian hoyer phad the worst game of his ka career pcareer. pfour interceptions and a fumble. phouston also lost j.j. watt do pyou to a groin injury. p the pittsburgh steelers are pheading to denver. pthis was a close one, too. pthe steelers kicker chris pboswell nailed a 35-yard field pgoal with 14 seconds remaining pto steal an ugly, ugly game. p18-16 victory. ittsburgh got into a field goal osition thanks to consecutive p15-yard penalties on the
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psteelers quarterback ben proethlisberger and wide receiver pantonio brown were hurt in the pgame. p>> we're not a perfect group, pbut we do enough to move on. phopefully that can be said again pnext week. p>> alcides: cincinnati now has plosses. pthe steelers play the broncos in pthe definition round at 4:00 pnext sunday. pi love this music, by the way. pif that's not enough football ptoday. pfirst up is the seahawks and pvikings in what's expected to be pone of the coldest playoff games pin history. pdue to injuries seattle is pwithout star running back pmarshawn lynch. pit all kicks off at 1:00 this pafternoon in minneapolis, and pright here on fox 13 at 4:40 we phave the green bay packers and pthe washington redskins. pthe packers stumbled into ostseason play, but believe it por not, they're still favorites pin this game. pthis is green bay's seventh
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p coldest game in playoff phistory? p>> lindsay: it's the windchill, ptoo. pthe fans feel it at at least 20 pbelow zero. pwe talked about the arctic air pfrom canada streaming south. psome makes it our way in more pflorida fashion, but that's ptonight into the overnight phours. pwe're waiting on our florida pcooldown after some rain, some pstorms last night. pyou know, i don't think it's plingering moisture. pone rain drop is a little pstubborn on the cam. pwe have ponding on the roads and plots of rain late in the day pyesterday and storms with it as pwell. pit's 70 for the time being in ptampa with a west-northwest pwind. pthe key to our forecast today is pwatching our winds, which will pbe shifting and picking up as pthe afternoon goes on. pthey're mainly out of the west pthis morning. pthey kick in out of the pnorthwest as the day progresses. pdew points are high and ptemperatures are high. pour high temperatures probably pclose to where we're at right
7:15 am
pwe go to st. pete. pwe show 71 degrees with a light pnorthwest wind. pagain, that will be increasing pas the day goes on. ptime to do so. pwe have some raindrops, and some pare light to moderate in nature, pand they're quickly moving in pour southern counties. phere are the pockets, and i'll pshow you where the rain is pmoving rapidly from west to east pinto polk county this morning, pwest of fort mead and fort plonesome dealing with showers. peven further south we go, pmoderate rain streaming pthroughout osprey right along pu.s. 41. pthis extends near myakka city as pwell. pwho saw the rain yesterday, and pfor the most part most people psaw at least some rain. pthe heaviest band is southern inellas county through northern ortions of manatee. p1 to 2 inches of rain fell pthere. pat the airport we saw .65 inches pof rain, which is beneficial. pthis is our dry season. pel nino will change that with
7:16 am
pit's 69 degrees in brooksville pand 71 in st. pete and 66 in pbartow. pthe cool air is in the panhandle pwith 49 degrees in pensacola. pwe have the 40s by tomorrow pmorning. pwinds not breezy yet out of the pnorthwest. pthey will pick up throughout the pday, and these numbers are dew oints. pthey will be dropping through pthroughout the day. pthe northwest wind pulls in pcooler and drier air. pthrough the afternoon we go, by pnoon around 70 and by 3:00 p.m. pstarting to drop and by 6:00 .m. upper 50s in the northern pcounties. pthat rain chance this morning as phigh as south of the bay, and it pwill drop off over the next few phours. pturning cooler and breezy but pdon't expect much sunshine ptoday. p70 for the afternoon high and pthat 70 is early on. p47 for the late night low and artial clearing through the povernight hours. pchilly and breezy tomorrow pmorning. pnorth of tampa bay you wake up pnear 40 in brooksville. pthat's a start of a cool trend pthrough the week. p62 degrees for the high on pmonday. pcrisp, low humidity and a pbeautiful winter day.
7:17 am
pwinds pick up out of the pnorthwest at 15 knots. pwe have a low tide and about an phour and 20 minutes, 8:40 at pst. pete pier. pcool this morning, and it will pthrough tuesday. pwe have our next el nino type pimpulse thursday night into pfriday morning, and we'll keep a pclose eye on that one. p>> alcides: thank you, lindsay. pthe time is 7:18. pemergency officials spent last pnight freeing a construction pworker as a street collapsed in pthe old city section of hiladelphia. pthe worker was taken from the pscene by ambulance. pwitnesses say he was conscious pand talking during the rescue. pofficials believe the worker was art of a construction crew that pworked on the street when it pcaved in. p>> alcides: tension is mounting pin burns, oregon this morning as parmed protesters continue to poccupy a wildlife refuge. pthe issue is who it belongs to. rotesters say it belongs to the eople.
7:18 am
parrived creating a security pbuffer between the police pofficers and protesters. p>> the reality is they're public presources. pthey're paid for by we the eople. pthey belong to we the people. p>> alcides: members of the pbundy family have voiced their pdesire for de-escalation. rotesters continue to argue, phowever, that the federal pgovernment should be under pscrutiny. p>> anjuli: pretty incredible pvideo this morning. pthe grandstand at the new york pstate fairgrounds is no more. pthe governor was on hand for the pdemolition. pthe state is spending $50 pmillion as an overall pfairgrounds renovation project, pbut the grandstand wasn't part pof the plans. pthe rv park will replace the psite while state fair concerts pwill be moved to a nearby pampitheater. p>> alcides: donald trump is ptaking aim at ted cruz.
7:19 am
pcruz's citizenship. pat a campaign stop yesterday in pclear lake, iowa, trump once pagain brought up the issue. p>> he was born in canada. pi say to ted and as a republican pi say it because i think it's pvery important. pyou got to get it straightened pout. p>> alcides: cruz has repeatedly psaid he's a natural-born citizen pbecause his mother is an pamerican. p>> anjuli: ahead of president pobama's final state of the union pspeech in tuesday, it's pannounced a formerly homeless pveteran from las vegas will sit pin michelle obama's visitor box. pshe served on a hospital ship as pa registered nurse. pshe attributed her years of phomelessness to ptsb. pthe obama administration is phighlighting a challenge the pfirst lady and joe biden issued pfor local leaders. pthey want them to do more to end pveteran homelessness. p>> alcides: kids everywhere pdream of being able to fly.
7:20 am
pthing. p>> anjuli: this should be psomething to see. phe went to flying trapeze pschool. pthis is so -- this is right up pken's alley. pit should be a very interesting pstory, and it is coming up ne walmart set out on a mission to find you the best oranges. to do that, we first had to find the best orange growers. we logged the miles, put in the hours, tasted a lot of fruit, and shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason. so that here you'll find the best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at
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3 the thought may have crossed your mind.. p>> anjuli: the thought may have pcrossed your mind. pwhat would it feel like to psprout wings and fly? p>> alcides: that probably won't phatch. phappen. pken suarez discovered it. p>> reporter: want to live on pthe edge, need liberated from pgravity? p>> there's to restriction when pyou want to do something. p>> reporter: then fly. pbirds do.
7:22 am
p[ music ] pno, so can you at the trapeze pschool in venice. p>> all right. p>> a lot of fun. pif it wasn't fun, we wouldn't be phere. p>> up. erfect. p>> reporter: hernandez loves to pbe in the zone. p>> i'm feeling very, very free. p>> hold it, hold it. pbreak. peasy. ptighten up. pnice. p>> reporter: tito from a plegendary circus family caught pthe bug early when he was just 8 pyears old. phe went on become one of the pmost celebrated flyers and now ptrains young performers at pringling brothers. p>> i've been there so i know pexactly what they're feeling, pbut i can let them know way pahead what they will feel. p>> reporter: tito says no pmatter your age, almost anyone
7:23 am
p>> whether you when you do it pright, it's easy. pnothing to it. p>> reporter: i proved it. p>> now you take off smoothly. pdon't jump or do anything. pyou glide through the air. p>> reporter: not with the pgreatest of ease? p>> yeah, you will. p>> reporter: if it looks high pup there, trust me, it feels ptwice as high. p>> ken, you're doing great? p>> reporter: only one warning. p>> don't be scared the heights. pbe scared on the addiction. p>> reporter: after taking a pgiant leap of faith. p>> squat down and go. pgo, go, go! pbeautiful. p>> reporter: with a new sense pof i'm cooler than i thought. p>> take it back and take it pforward. p>> reporter: you quickly prealize there's only one to go pfrom here, and that's down. p>> let go! p>> reporter: i survived.
7:24 am
pi was scared to death but it was pfun. p>> reporter: for decades psoaring was tito's career, and pnow he's passionate about giving pwings to others. pken suarez, fox 13 news. p[ music ] p>> alcides: good job, ken. pfor details on his trapeze pschool, go to our website,, and click on the p"seen on tv" section. p>> anjuli: plenty more to come pon "good day." pthe pope is expected to release pa new book this week. pwhat's inside. p>> alcides: we didn't winn the pjackpot. pthat's why we're working today. pthere's a new chance you can win pan even bigger prize. pcrystal clark will have a lot pmore on that. p plus, the u.s. showing its pmilitary might oversees this pmorning. pwhy this bomber was sent on a pspecial mission to deter the penemy. plindsay. p>> lindsay: good morning. p7:27. lenty of clouds, and humidity pis up, and our cooldown is on pthe horizon, just not quite yet. p71 in st. pete, all children's
7:25 am
pnorthwest wind that will pick up pthroughout the day. prain chances dropping through pthe morning. pbut they're up there for the pnext few hours south of the bay. posprey to frostproof, you have a pfew showers and we're around 70. pthat 70 turns to 47 by tomorrow pmorning, and those 60s will be paround for a few days. phow long? okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back,
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3 good morning. thanks for p>> alcides: good morning. pthanks for joining us on this psunday for "good day tampa bay." pi'm alcides segui. p>> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. p el chapo's arrest may have
7:28 am
phe reached out to producers pabout making a biopic and met pwith actor sean penn. pel chapo's defense team is pdealing with questions about how pthey react to extradition prequests including one from the punited states. p deputies in polk counties phope that surveillance video pwill help to solve a triple pmurder in lakeland early pwednesday on magnolia drive peast. pthis is a van that deputies pbelieve the gunmen were driving. pyou see writing on the van on pthe side of it. pit's hard to see what it says. panyone with information or precognizes that van should call pcrimestoppers. p the next powerball wincer phas a chance to claim the plargest prize in history. pwednesday's jackpot is already pexpected to pay out more than p$1.3 billion with a b dollars. podds of wins the powerball jock ot are an all-time high as pwell. pcrystal clark is live this pmorning. pcrystal, this thing just keeping
7:29 am
pit is unbelievable. p>> reporter: it really is, panjuli. owerball officials didn't even pexpect it to get this big. pthis $1 billion that it reached pwas so unfoefr seen. pthe sign can't even reflect it pbehind me. pmany signs in our state and pother states as well are fixed pto say a million at the bottom. ptheir solution to it is going to pread 999 million, saying it's preached the max until the next pdrawing on wednesday night. phopefully by then someone will pwin all the money. pyou can imagine what the lines pwere like yesterday at stores pall across the area. peveryone just hoping for a pchance to win even a portion of pthat money. pas we know now, no one including pus ended up matching all six pnumbers. pfor anyone who may be slept pthrough the drawing last night, pthis was the winning pcombination. p32, 16, 19, 57, 34 and the owerball number was 13.
7:30 am
preached near $950 million with pso many tickets bought, though, pit's now up to at least $1.3 pbillion by the next drawing, pwhich is expected to happen on pwednesday night. pnow, officials are saying this pwin. plast fall they increased the podds to make it more difficult pto win the powerball. pfor months they saw a decrease pin sales. pinterested in the game with psmall amounts. pthey say big jackpots like this pwhether it reaches mull tie pmillion dlars like a billion pdollars like now, that draws out pthe crowds and gets everyone pdreaming. panjuli it seems like at this oint we have a few more days to pcontinue dreams what we're going pto do with that money if we win. pagain, that next drawing is set pfor wednesday night. pso you have plenty of time to pbuy tickets if you want to take pchances once more. p>> anjuli: i got my ticket and pthis morning looked at the pnumbers but was disappointed.
7:31 am
p>> alcides: what are the odds pof winning? pwhat is it now, i wonder. p>> lindsay: we're talking about pthe powerball, but we have to ptalk about weather this morning. pit's a winning forecast if pyou're ready for cooler changes pbecause they are going to move pin into the lighter part of the pday and into the evening ptonight. pthey're not here this morning. pit's 70 and muggy and winds are plight. pi expect them to kick up over pthe next three, four hours. pas we go to the beach, well, pwith those gusty winds there's a phigher risk of rip currents and p71 degrees in sirata beach right pnow. p60s and 70s are the rule, but palso some showers on sky tower pthis morning, and they're south pof tampa bay. pthat's where they will stay the pnext few hours as well. pfort mead to lake wales dealing pwith moderate rain. pwe have one shower east of duet. posprey now your heavy showers pare light and myakka city has pwithin on their doorstep as well peast of arcadia.
7:32 am
pthe cooler air and second push pis still lagging in the pan anhandle anhandle. pit will take all day to get here pbut won't leave for several pdays. pby dinnertime it's 64 in tampa, pand 60s through much of the week pand next rain chances are palready on the seven-day pforecast. pwe talk about the active pattern pcoming up. p>> alcides: distracted driving pis a growing threat on the proadways. pwe all know that. plawmakers from all over the pcountry virtually experienced pthe potentially deadly pconsequences. pit was all part of at&t's new 3d pdriving simulator. pit provided a very real and owerful message that nothing on pyour phone is worth your life or psomeone else's. pat&t says 61% of people who use ptheir smartphones while driving padmit to texting. pthe rest are surfing the web, on pfacebook, tweeting, taking pselfies or shooting video. p>> anjuli: a man has been pcharged with arson in connection
7:33 am
pdeputies say as firefighters pworked to put out the flames a erson jumped out of the window pand was later arrested. pfirefighters saved three rabbits pand a turtle from inside the phome. p>> alcides: a man remains in pthe hospital this morning after pan experimental plane crashed in pclaremont in open field pyesterday. pdeputies say the pilot took off pfrom a nearby airfield in pgroveland. phe was executing touch-and-goes pwhen the plane's engine began to psmoke. pthe pilot is okay. pthe faa is investigating. p police in italy say a p35-year-old woman was found pkilled in her apartment in pflorence. pashley olson and originally from psummer haven but she was living pin italy for a number of years. pa spokesperson says olson was pfound dead with a bruised and pscratched neck. pthey declined to comment on how pexactly her body was found, but pit's believed a missing persons preport was filed by her
7:34 am
p>> anjuli: french president pfran kroys hollande unveiled a pflashing for clarissa sgleen fip hillippe. pshe was killed awe year ago pafter terrorist attacks in and paround paris. pseveral people lost their lives pat "charlie hebdo" and a kosher psupermarket. aris spent the past week premembering those victims. p>> alcides: the pope is getting pready to release a new book. pit's called "the name of god is pmercy." pit's a 100-page conversation pwith an italian journalist. pin it pope francis condemns what phe calls the scholars of law psaying that self-righteous pchristians are hypocrites that puse the law to hide their own pdeep wounds. pthe pope also opens up on issues pinclude homosexuality, premarriage and the migrant pcrisis in europe. p>> anjuli: a show of military pmuscle. pthe united states sent a owerful message to north korea.
7:35 am
pdelivering a nuclear missile was pdeployed to south korea today. pthis is retaliation that the pnorth carried out the fourth pnuclear test. pit left guam and was escorted by pfighter jets by both south korea pand the united states. p still to come, it's a ptear-jerker. pa grandmother who thought she phad missed out on her first pgrandson's wedding day got the psurprise of a lifetime. pyou have to see it.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. when brian ker-tu-lik's 91-year-old grandmother p>> alcides: when brian's p91-year-old grandmother couldn't
7:38 am
pankle injury, he and his wife pbrought their wedding party to pher. p>> they made a spur of the pmoment decision to stop at the prehab center where brian's pgrandmother peg was recovering. eg didn't know she would be pgranted that special visit. poh, my goshing gosh that face pis classic. pshe was wearing a corsage along pwith the outfit she would have pworn to the wedding while in her pbed. pshe wanted to dress up whether por not she could go. pthe look on her face says more pthan it ever would. eg later passed away just weeks pafter their wedding day. prachel now hopes that the photos pwill encourage brides and grooms pnot to lose sight of the bigger icture. pwhat a precious photo. p>> she passed a couple of weeks pafter that. p>> i'm sure that made her life. pwonderful. p>> that was awesome. p>> alcides: after the break the pchristmas credit card bills are parriving by now, so why not save
7:39 am
p>> we have top freebies for pjanuary in your sunday's saving. plindsay is keeping a close eye pon the radar for you as we get pready to wrap up the weekend. pstay with us. p our state lawmakers admit to pfailing over and over again. pas they head back to work this pyear, we call them out. pwe're rolling out a new segment
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3 savings.. today we have p>> anjuli: it's time for the psunday savings. ptoday we have top things to find pfor free this month while out pand about. pwe have pfounder kati kiefer. pthank you for coming in. pron couldn't help but be on pcamera this morning. pwe're talking about freebies for p"star wars" right now. p>> yes. pmy kids went and saw the movie. pwe had a split decision. psome loved it, but they love p"star wars" in general. p>> everybody loves a freebie. pwhat is this here? p>> this is a paper craft free at
7:43 am
pjust cut them out. pyou don't even need glue. pthey just stick together. pmy kids had so much fun making pthese and my husband anneded the plightsaber. pso it's super easy. pone piece of paper on card stock pand hours of fun. p>> panda express, a freebie pthere. p>> yes. pmonday, february 8th panda pexpress, you have to just grab a pcoupon on the phone or print it pout. pthey're doing a free egg roll. pno purchase necessary. pjust walk in and show a phone or pcoupon, and it's a chicken egg proll. pit's celebrating the chinese pholiday. p>> that's easy enough. pif you're still hungry caraba's phas a free meal. p>> i love it. pit's my favorite. pi pick it for my birthday. pyou have to go to ka rab ba's pgive site. phere's the thing. pset an alarm. pthis morning at 8:00 p.m.
7:44 am
pfree meals. pi know. pso you have a really good chance pof getting it because not many pknow about this freebie. pif you go and sign up now with pyour e-mail address, then pthey'll send you a reminder. pi put it on my phone for five pminutes before to go in and get pa freebie. p>> you have to be there at that ptime on that day. p>> yes, on p>> never pay for magazine psubscriptions. pwhy? p>> yes. pi love to show one magazine a pmonth, because there's very, pvery expensive. pup to $40 on an annual psubscription. pthis week i want to show you pbetter homes and gardens. pit's free for decorating the new pyear. pi love "better homes and pgardens." pthe bonus is every month they pcome with coupons for free. pyou can't go wrong getting an pannual subscription for the pmagazine for free and getting pbonus coupons. p>> anjuli: nice. pone more freebie. pelvis would have just had his pbirthday and now there's a free pway to enjoy his music.
7:45 am
pa free best hits album download. pgo to google. pi think it's the google play, pand probably you just google pelvis free. pthey download the whole album pfor free. pall of his best hits, over 30 psongs. pthey're rocking around the phouse. pyou're exercising and dancing pand you get a free -- you get a pfree album from elvis. pit's fun. p>> thank you, kati. pyou're sticking around for our pdeal of the week? p>> yes. pfor less than two quarters you phave a healthy snack. p>> i love it. pthank you. p good morning at 7:48. pclearly if you've been outside, pit doesn't feel very pwinter-like. pit's a warm and muggy start to pthe day. pwe end the day, though, on a pcooler, breezy and much drier pnote, so humidity will be pdropping. pwinds pick up out of the
7:46 am
pwe have a lot of clouds, though. pit's 70, which is close to where pour high will be for the day. phitting those earlier in the pday. pit's 71 in st. pete, and winds pare light. pif you're boating and you must pdo so, please do so this morning pas our winds kick up late in the pday. pclouds not budging much pthroughout the day, and we still pdo have rain around. pbut it's south of tampa bay pwhere the deepest moisture is, pand i expect over the next few phours we will get rid of pesky pshowers that are racing from pwest to east. pthey're fast-moving but padditional heavy rain over lake pwales where you saw 1 to 2 pinches yesterday. pfort mead saw a shower between pbowling green and fort mead to pbe precise. psouth of wauchula we have pheftier showers. pduet saw rain this morning. pnew showers popping up from pvenice to inglewood and north pfort and so we watch these. pfurther sort if you travel to pfort myers today, their weather pis a little active for a little plonger. pwe have rain brewing offshore.
7:47 am
pyesterday in tampa? p.65 inches. pfor two rain events we're at an pinch and a half, and we expect pthe rain to increase through the pmonth of january as we get pimpulses from the gulf of pmexico. pour next one on tap is thursday pnight into friday. ptoday, though, this morning, pwe're at 70 in most spots. pthat is warm. pwinds pick up a bit in pbrooksville out of the pnorthwest. pyou notice by midday and pespecially this afternoon it's pbreezy. pour cool air is lagging. pwe have 40s in the panhandle, pand you guessed it with a pnorthwest wind that air is pheaded our way today. pthis is the first boundary, and pthat's not the one with the pcooler air. pthis one is right here, though. pto put in perspective, it could pbe a lot colder. pcurrent actual temperatures 17 pbelow in duluth and 9 below in pminneapolis where they have a layoff game at home today. pthe current windchill is nothing pcompared to what's on deck this pafternoon. pit feels like 27 below in pminneapolis. pdangerously cold.
7:48 am
plike today if you cheer anyone pon in the playoffs. ptemperatures today into the pafternoon they drop at 3:00 p.m. pwarmest still south of the bay. pby dinnertime and beyond, then pwe get the cooler push of area. p7:00 p.m. tonight and 50s north pof the bay. pwe're near 40 in brooksville and p47 in tampa and 50 south of the pbay. pmonday features abundant sun but phighs only in the low 60s. pa couple days of cooler changes pand the mornings are noticeable. p70 for today turning cooler and pbreezy pbreezy. artial clearing late tonight pand chilly and a bit breezy. p47 below average in tampa and pquite a change. pthe sun is back, and tuesday we phave a few more clouds and if pyou boat, do it right now. pthe winds are kicking up and pseas up to 6 feet by the pafternoon. p60s for a few days and 40s in pthe morning. pwe watch the next round of pshowers and embedded storms
7:49 am
p>> alcides: you know what time pit is. pwhen we come back, it's one of pour favorites. p>> anjuli: this week's pet of
7:50 am
yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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pit's time for our pet of the pweek. pi couldn't believe when i got pthe e-mail pure-bred boxer. p>> i know there's a line for phim. pthis is one of america's pfavorite breeds. pthey're energetic, very loyal to pthe family, very good watchdogs pfor the family. pthey're in the working group, so pthey need daily exercise. pi can't stress that enough. pshe's 3 years old and came to us pbecause the husband has terminal pcancer and it was too much to pdeal with. pshe's trained, house-trained and pgood with children. pi can say that the former owner psaid she doesn't like female pdogs, some female dogs. pif you have a female dog, bring pher to the shelter to see. ploves male dogs but doesn't like pcompetition. p>> she wants to be the lady of pthe house. p>> she sefrnl certainly does. pshe's 56 pounds and a perfect pweight. p>> i love that. plet's get this little lady a
7:52 am
p>> we go from boxers to cats. pwe have something called game of phomes, and it's our attempt to pget more cat he is home. pwe didn't put a cat inside the pmesh like that. pit's game of homes, $5 for every pcat over 4 months of age. pthank you to rachel ray's pfoundation. pwe love that. phopefully we'll find more homes pfor cats this year. p>> all year. pwhat a great way to clear the pshelter and get new animals in pand get other ones home. p>> game of homes this year. p>> super cute technique with the pnaming. p>> last week we had a wonderful plittle dog. p>> we did, sammy. p>> sammy and the fishers. p>> the little chihuahua. ptheir other chihuahua had passed paway, and they're very loyal fox pviewers and saw the sesment and pgot sammy, first in line. pi love that. p>> one big happy family. pthey all found their forever pfamily, and we have darby here
7:53 am
p>> i think there's a line for pdarby. pbeautiful girl. p>> beautiful girl. pif you're interested get there pbefore 10:00 a.m. pshe'll be long gone. p3607 armenia in tampa. pthank you. p>> alcides: don't go anywhere. pthey're plenty more to come in pthe 8:00 hour on "good day tampa pbay." pthe race for the white house pheats up with a countdown to the piowa caucuses and we prevail resident obama's final state of pthe union. pwe talk with chris wallace all pabout it coming up next. p one pasco county woman is pfull of soul. pshe's not letting her age hold pher back. pwhat an amazing story, and this pis coming up next as well. pstay with us. pwe'll be right back.
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