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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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3 3 >> the san francisco 49ers could control the course the bucs take when it comes to naming their next head coach. they interviewed koetter yesterday and word is he impressed. that is not surprising, he has a great personality and a sharp football mind. most consider him a favorite to take over in san
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considered to be the favorite, but where does that leave koetter. philly has asked a sit-down tomorrow with tom coughlynn, and so koetter is the buc's coach if than talked about the importance of finding the right coach to guide jameis winston. >> i think any coach in that role with a quarterback, particularly james a young quarterback, that is a strong bond that needs happen but we'll make the best decision for this football team for the future. >> well, so much for earning home field advantage. it meant absolutely nothing as all four road teams won, and that is the first in history.
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well, the packers don't like this. aaron rogers is going for drop back to pass and he is sacked in the end zone for a safety. the redskins leave 2-0. and washington rolling early. up to 5-0, and this for the 24-yard touch down, washington misses the pat and leads 11-0. rogers hurries to snap the ball and connect with cobb and the packers are down 11-7, and then right before the half, this is another touch down, green bay up 17-11 at the break, and then cousins cousins up the middle, just walks in for the score, and it's 18-17 washington but the packers answer and control the rest of the game.
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green bay wins by three scores, 35-18. well, seven subzero temperatures in minneapolis were not enough to bring the vikings a win. and the conditions were brutal. he does a face plant into the frozen carpet and that had to feel like sement, cement, but he plays on. it took a while for seattle to warm up. check out this amazing one-handed grab, for the first down but the drive seattle get it is together in the fourth and wilson right here to baldwin, for the first score
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but here is the turning point, petterson catches this short pass but is stripped and that led to a fieldgoal. 10-8 seahawks but the vikings have 1:42 on the clock to get down the field and this sets them up for a chip shot, and on this conversion, kickers converted 99%, but it's a bad snap and minnesota blows the game and seattle will play had carolina next weekend. well, in no way are they expected to -- or where they want to be i should say. the lightnings hit the half point of the season in a play-off spot. they won two back-to-back games this weekend to grab a share, but it's fragile. the lightning got off to a rough start on this road trip with a
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edmonton and in vancouver gaid gave them a jolt but the problem for the bolts has been they give up late goals in regulation and so they needed overtime for the tenth time this season. that is three wins in the last four games. a double header in the sundome on this sunday. first up the men taking on cincinnati. only eight times in 36 meetings. mcmurray right there gets the finger roll to go in, and the three, and it doesn't fall, and
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and uconn's winning streak pales by comparison. they move on to win again, usf getting better but tough beating the number one team in the nation. >> we'll be back with another look at your chilly forecast, next. >> and find out why a puppy brought a the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl
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>> temperatures have been slowly falling all afternoon, and they continue through the ink. right evening. the dry air continues to work its way in, very cool temperatures as well through the overnight hours and right now winds out of the north-northwest at 8 miles per hour. low 50's to our north. brooksville, 54, clearwater, 57, and lower 60's getting down in manatee and sarasota and running primarily in the mid 50's throughout the interior. you can see over the past 24 hours most areas running about 10 to 14 degrees colder compared to this time yesterday. so that is a pretty significant
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and all of the winds coming out of that northerly and northwesterly direction. so certainly make it is feel a bit cooler outside. the cold front continues to work its way further to the south. still have some of these high clouds passing over us. those will tend to thin out some. by daybreak we'll get back to mostly sun sunny skies and high pressure will build in and we'll have sunny days however they will be on the cool side. on the backside of the low there is a lot of snow in yourly activity and still rain out ahead of the front have very cold air across the state. chicago at 3, and minneapolis sitting at -5 degrees. a cool start for tomorrow, with
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just to our north and we'll have yet another reinforcing front working its way towards us. by the time we get into the second half of the week you will see a little bit of a warm-up but you already start to see more moisture, and more rain heading our way by the time we get into, say, about thursday. for tonight, 46 here in tampa, and could see upper 30's just to our north in crystal river. partially clearing skies and a chilly night for sure, and then daytime fieg high of 62. tuesday, we remain cool but partly cloudy skies. here is that seven-day forecast. the cool temperatures stick around for a while. we warm up a little bit getting into, say, thursday and friday, back up into the 70's but those rain chances come back as well. back to you. >> all right, jim, thanks.
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that brings them to tears. they received a little chihuahua just days after their guchi chihuahua was killed by a pair of bulldogs. they were saddened beyond believe, and a family friend heard about it and bought the puppy for them, and 80-year-old miguel rojos shouldn't stop cries holding the puppy. and forget the lottery, they have just won big. >> and donald trump is breaking ties and he is going after a big issue with ted cruz' citizenship and now says he wants to help the candidate. >> and how a fight between
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>> and an inside look at how the world's most notorious drug cartel almost got away from police again. coming up at 11:00.
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3 : >> i'm so grateful that he protected his family and prected protected his neighbors. >> a man takes down a burglar in the act. why his neighbors say the suspect picked the wrong house. >> we want the best choices of healthcare, and not having our little income tax check taken away. >> the deadline is approaching. have you enrolled in health care for 2016? why waiting too long could cost you a hefty fine. >> it's like a hypnotic chant, and they can do anything.
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trump's rally wants an apology. what message he wants to get across. >> good evening, i'm lloyd sowers. >> and i'm haley hines thanks for being with us tonight. pinellas county deputies say a homeowner shot a burglar catching him in the act in his home. investigators say a burglar broke into wayne nundy's shed, and nundy fired a warning shot but when he advanced, nundy shot him. the burglar is being treated for life-threatening injuries. >> i think he did a great job. i really do. i am so grate thafl he ful that he protected his family and protected his neighbors. >> deputies have not said if
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>> it's a mangled mess in cape coral, florida as an ef2 tornado swept through, downing trees and powerlines and the heavy rains then only made things worse as people had to tarp their roofs after parts were blown away. >> and presidential candidate hillary clinton is neck and neck with better better bernie sanders. and they were buddy, buddy on the campaign trial for months but now trump is going after cruz, questioning his stinship, citizenship, an attack he once used on obama. cruz was brn
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american mother, and trump over the advice. >> what i told ted to do is go into court for a declaratory judgment, and i did not bring this up, "the washington post" brought it up. >> i know, but people say that you are trolling him. >> i'm not, what he should do is ask for a declare story judgment. >> declaratory judgment. >> but he says it's not necessary, and when you brought it up -- >> the senate says they are not getting involved in this dispute. >> meantime muslim activists want an apology from donald trump after two people were kicked out of a trump rally. >> shortly after donald trump
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presidential candidate encouraged the audience to point out protestors so security could arrest them. >> it's a good thing, they check for weapons at the door. >> after standing up and shouting islam is not the problem, he was escorted out. >> he did not have the power or right to put his hands on me, and i pushed back some and i think that altercation made the rock hill police feel like they had to be more aggressive. >> he was removed in handcuffs although never arrested or charged. others had a similar experience, including rose hamid who shood up stoodup but never said a word. attendees got in her face as she
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>> when it comes to an agenda, i don't think he has one. >> it was to suppose the racism and the islam phobia and the hatred in the room. people have to see that. donald trump is tapping into that and running with it. it's a hol politics of fear at a whole new level. >> it says it's dangerously nem nis reminiscent of nazi germany. >> it's keeping a whole group of people out, and internment camps, these extreme measures will not make us more safe. >> the council of islamic-american relations is demanding an apology from the trump camp and although he says it probably won't happen, it
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>> he wants to make america hate again. >> the trump campaign was not commented on the pair's removal from the rally. >> and if you don't have health insurance you have until the end of the month to get covered or get fined. today the president's pop health administrator was in tampa along with local leaders working to get people signed up. fox 13's crystal clark was there showing us how opinions are mixed over open enrollment. >> with only three weeks left, democratic leaders are giving it one final push with the public. >> we need people to sign up. their lives will be better. >> there is a lot of talk about this powerball lottery but if you really want to win the jackpot you need to be covered. >> navigators were brought into this church to explain the process of enrollment.
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insurance and i know i'm aging, going through the aging process. will need to see my doctors more often now >>'s not >> fines for not being enrolled in 2016 are up to 2.5% of your how old hold income or $695. but some citizens, specifically african-americans are still underrepresented, making up only 11% of enrollees. secretary for health sylvia burrwell are hoping that churches and local leaders will help to pick up the pace. >> we are using churches and pastors to spread the word. >> the uninsured rate has developed but gop leaders say
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are still up and some can't afford to pay for it. >> i first had to pay $17 and change and then it went it up about $117. >> a murder investigation is underway in italy after 30-year-old ashley olson from florida was found murdered. she had bruises and scratches on her neck. her boyfriend game worried after he didn't hear from her for several days. investigators have questioned him but do not have a suspect so far. and el chapo's quest for fame led to his recapture. sean penn interviewed him for "rolling stone" magazine, saying
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movie about his life, and investigators say those plans helped to locate him. guzman was able to get away through a storm drain and escape to a manhole in the street where there was a get-away van, but marines were able to capture him. >> a police officer was responding to a domestic violence call and that is when he spotted an on-coming car with a man on the hood, holding on tight. the officer stopped but the car keeps coming and venture rally slams into the patrol car. the man on the car had just punched his brother and jumped on the hood to try to get his cell phone back. no one was hurt but both men were charged.
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zumba class?


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