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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  January 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 a homeowner fights back... against a would-be thief... and one of them, ends-up in the hospital. 3 ((jen the stars were out, for one of hollywood's biggest nights... the sassy golden globes ceremony is always full of surprises... the gowns that wowed, the comments that rattled... and the one win that triggered a lot of emotion. 3 ((walter and... a news alert from overnight... we've lost a music legend... david bowie has passed away... just days after releasing a new album... 3
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((walter)) 3 its now 5:__ thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we'll get to those stories in a moment... but first, to a developing story out of london... where singer *david bowie has died. 3 (jen the innovative and iconic performer, known for his ever-changing looks and sounds, had been around for five-decades, with hits like "fame"... "heroes"... and "let's dance." he'd just released a new album on friday... which was his 69th birthday. but bowie's rep says: he'd been battling cancer for the past year- and-a-half... and he passed away "peacefully" on sunday, surrounded by family. he leaves behind his model-wife, iman... and two children, duncan and alexandria. now the music world is responding... kanye west calls bowie "fearless and creative"... and says: "he gave us magic for a lifetime." british rocker, billy idol, tweeted he was "nearly brought to tears" by the news. 3
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(jen developing this morning: investigators are looking for a motorcyclist... who might be connected to a shooting in the temple terrace area. it appears a woman was shot about one this morning... on fowler avenue near morris bridge. she was taken to the hospital, and it looks like she's going to be okay. but authorities are anxious to find the guy on the bike. so far, no description of him, but this is a fluid, changing situation. we have a reporter and photographer at the scene, and will check in with them in the next half hour. 3 ((walter good news for drivers this week... your commute through tampa should get a little smoother. some construction on i-275 is expected to wrap-up much sooner than expected. fox-13's shayla reaves joins us 3 now from tampa, with the details.
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3 (jen) two years ago this week ... retired tampa police captain "curtis reeves" shot and killed a man at a weseley chapel movie theater. investigators say it happened during an argument over a cell phone. reeves says it was self-defense. he was originally scheduled to stand trial today ... but now, *another delay. 3 (jen reeves' attorneys are planning to use the "stand your ground defense." they say "chad oulsen" threw a cell phone at their client ... so he pulled the trigger fearing for his own life. the judge still needs to decide whether the defense applies in this case... that was *supposed to happen this morning ... instead ... attorneys met with the judge on friday and asked for more time .. they got it. 3 (jen) a new date for a "stand your ground" hearing has *not been set .. the judge will ask attorneys for a status update in *march .. if the judge decides the "stand your ground defense" applies to this case ... the state will have to toss out his second-degree murder charge. ... and reeves will be a free man. if it does *not apply, the case will go
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((walter deputies say: a former marine caught a thief in the act and shot him after they got into a fight at a pinellas county home. it happened sunday afternoon on "whitney drive" in largo. 3 ((walter)) according to investigators: the homeowner was trying to protect his property. neighbors say: he fired a warning shot and when the thief kept coming... he shot one more time. fox's evan lambert has the story. 3 i looked out the door and i saw the rescue squad and i looked further and i seen all the cop cars. suzanne halstead says sunday afternoon crime scene tape and commotion interrupted the usual quiet in this largo neighborhood.pinellas county deputies say just before 2 a burglar broke into a two-story shed behind a home on whitney drive.the homeowner--wayne nundy--according to property records--discovered the burglar in his backyard.. deputies say he got into a struggle with the intruder and shot him once.halstead says the criminal chose the wrong house.he was in the marines. so i know you know he's going to protect hisself.neighbors say nundy shot the burglar in the leg--causing life- threatening injuries.the homeowner did not appear to be hurt.i think he did a great job. i commend him i really do i think he did a great job. i'm so grateful that he protected his family and protected his neighbors.the incident leaves neighbors like halstead nervous and wanting protection of their own.i'm gonna get a gun and if somebody tries to threaten me you'll be here again.evan
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3 ((walter)) so far, no word on whether any charges have been filed. 3 3 (jen the cleanup continues this morning, after a tornado packing 135-mile-per-hour winds, hit southwest florida. authorities say: it damaged a 12-square-mile area in cape coral over the weekend. no one was seriously hurt... but for awhile, nearly 10-thousand-people lost power.
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and tornadoes are more common in florida then. just last week, the national weather service held the "great tornado drill," so people could practice their storm plans. 3 3 (walter) 3 should we be preparing for *governor bob buckhorn? the current tampa mayor dropped a big hint about his future political plans friday, at an event in st. petersburg with that city's mayor, rick kriseman. he didn't exactly say he's running... but he *did say "i can't say that i'm not going to do it." and then there's this: kriseman said, quote, "it's always a pleasure to be here with my good friend, the mayor and future governor"... and joked that buckhorn had asked him to be lieutenant governor. buckhorn has some concerns about running: mainly, his two young children. but: he says the economic and other successes in *tampa, could be applied at the state level... 3 (walter now to the *presidential race. republican candidate "marco rubio" is holding a fundraiser at the "sarasota yacht club" today. it starts at 12- 30... but it's definitely not cheap. tickets start at a
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as high as *25-thousand. 3 (jen) so, think powerball fever was a big deal last week? it's *way out of control, now. in case you missed it, the jackpot rolled-over *again, saturday night... which pushes the big prize in wednesday's drawing... up to one-point-three *billion dollars. 3 (jen the number is so big... some state billboards can't even *fit it. they just stopped at 999-million. other states got smart when they installed the billboards... and found a way to change the word "million" to "billion." the next drawing is wednesday night at 11. the odds to win it all... are more than one in 292-million. 3 (jen but the odds *were in the favor of one tampa resident. florida lottery officials say twenty-five tickets won a million dollars saturday night. and one of those million dollar tickets was sold at the winn dixie on palm river road. no word yet, on *who that winner may be.
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((jen)) a piece of pop 3 culture goes up for sale... ((walter)) we're talking about the famous playboy mansion... and you won't *believe... what comes with it! 3 ((walter and... a guy walks into a pet store... and sneaks out... with a snake. and where he hid it... well, let's just say he's lucky he's alright this morning.
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3 3 an attempted robbery led to a standoff in arkansas. officials say an off-duty officer was working security at a red lobster saturday night... when 3 people tried to rob the place. the officer was shot in the shoulder... he returned fire... hitting one of the would-be thieves. a second person was arrested yesterday morning. a third suspect was taken into custody after a standoff earlier this morning. the robber who was shot is in serious condition. the officer was treated and released saturday night. 3 (walter) police in
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a tip that members of a radical group, may pose a threat to officers, after one cop was ambushed, in his cruiser last week. (jen) the department has notified all personnel... and is now working with the fbi to determine how *credible the terror link is... here's fox's kelly wright. 3 3 the f-b-i continues to investigate whether the suspect in last week's philadelphia cop shooting has ties to isis.... but while 30-year-old edward archer has been charged in the ambush ... none of the counts are for terrorism.wheeler says: "even though mr. archer did admit that he acted by the inspiration of isis, we in law enforcement as investigators still have to find some kind of direct or indirect evidence to support what this guy says. in other words, we just can't charge him with that because he said it." archer was arraigned saturday on charges including attempted murder... after he allegedly shot officer jesse hartnett - who was in his police car.hosko says: "thanks god that officer harnett was not only able to survive those wounds but was so heroic in getting out of his car and chasing this madman." the f-b-i has not yelled called the shooting an act of terrorism. but, republican presidential candidates are now criticizing the white house for not calling it a terror attack. rubio says: " look at what happened in philadelphia on friday. that was a terrorist attack. the white house refuses to call it a terrorist attack. the attacker says i did this for isis. i've been inspired by isis.cruz says: "we saw a philadelphia police officer shot multiple times by a man who has apparently pledged his allegiance to isis. (on-cam tag) archer is being held in jail without bond... and is expected back in court in about two weeks. officer harnett is in critical but stable condition after suffering a broken left arm and nerve damage... but is
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wright, fox news. 3 3 police are searching for a fifth suspect after an 18-year-old was raped at a brooklyn playground.
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with her father thursday night... when 5 boys pointed a gun at the man and ordered him to leave. that's when the group assaulted her. 2 of the suspects turned themselves in on sunday... while the other 2 were apprehended. they're between the ages of 14 and 17-years-old. police are still searching for the 5th person involved. 3 officials are investigating the cause of a massive 3-alarm fire in new jersey. it started inside a vacant building around 5 last night. flames could be seen shooting out the building when firefighters arrived. it took them about 2 hours to get everything under control. luckily, no one was hurt. 3 (jen well, here's something you don't see everyday... and thank goodness for that. a guy in oregon is accused of stealing a snake from a pet store in portland... and he decided to *stash the python, in his *pants... and walk out with it. that was friday... and the owner couldn't believe it, when she saw the surveillance video. the guy had to waddle out, and try to act casual. the owner says: he's been in there
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the snake is about two-feet long and worth about 200-bucks... and the guy was pretty gutsy... he reached right into the "snake tank" to grab it. police are still looking for him... and the snake. 3 (walter and in australia... they're "all shook up" over elvis. they're celebrating the king's birthday... with a five-day festival that draws people from around the world. there are floats and costumes... and yeah, plenty of sideburns, too. this year's theme was based on presley's 19-63 film, "fun in acapulco." we're told there were so many people
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3 ((anchors)) 3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 ((dave quite an impressive show in hawaii... the mount kilauea volcano is showing-off a bit. this time: there was a massive explosion, where rocks fell into the volcano's lava lake. scientists say: this is fairly rare... it can only happen under certain circumstances... when the lava lake level is relatively high. but despite the daring display, there's no real danger. experts say: the blast doesn't pose a risk to people living nearby. they're pretty used to it. mount kilauea has been erupting since the early
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3 3 3 time now to find out what's happening on the roads
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3 (walter 3 listen to this... one of the most famous mansions in america is reportedly up for sale. according to t-m-z: the playboy mansion is on the market. but before you get your checkbook out, there are several strings attached. whoever purchases the property would have to allow playboy founder hugh hefner to live in the mansion until he passes away. also: prospective buyers can tour the grounds, but won't be allowed in hefner's bedroom. the six-acre estate was built in 19-27... the price tag is going for about
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3 ((walter)) no cheers here...((jen)) the new recommendations on *alcohol... that could make happy hour, a little *gloomy. 3 (jen and... an important deadline is coming up. why president obama sent one of his top advisors to *our area, to help people get this done. 3 3 wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you.
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and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit 3 (walter new guidelines in
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alcohol consumption. public health officials are warning people to cut back... saying there are just too many health hazards associated with drinking. and the chief medical officer there calls the popular notion that red wine is good for your heart... "an old wives tale." the new guidelines say: both men and women should not drink more than seven glasses of wine... six pints of beer... or half a bottle of whiskey per week. and if you must imbibe, spread it out... don't binge drink. these are the first new recommendations, in 20-years. 3 ((jen if you don't have health insurance, you have until the end of the month to get covered, or get fined.. the third and final enrollment deadline for obamacare is january 31st.. sunday, the president's top health administrator was in tampa, along with local leaders, working to get people signed up.. 3 (jen) fox 13's crystal clark was there... (walter) and she tells us:
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3 (walter) the president says: he will *veto any bill that's bent on repealing his health-care plan. (jen) right now, florida has more healthcare signups, than any other state. 3 ((jen)) a big change for u-s-f students when they return today after winter break.((walter)) the one thing they absolutely, positively can *not have on campus... 3 ((walter and... we're
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woman was taken to the hospital after some sort of incident on busy fowler avenue. now... who investigators are looking for. .
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3 it's 5:--, it's 3 monday, january 11th. i'm walter allen.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. we're following a developing story out of temple terrace... after a woman was taken to the hospital. let's go to fox- 13's ken suarez. 3 3
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3 the time now is 5:__. let's get you up to the minute on today's top stories: iconic singer, david bowie, has passed away. he'd been battling cancer for about 18- months, and died peacefully at home in london last night, surrounded by his family. bowie had just released a new album on friday, which was also his 69th birthday. 3 ((walter u-s-f students return from winter break today... and there's one big change waiting for them on campus in tampa. the school has now banned *all tobacco on campus. the policy officially went into effect a week ago, when school staff returned. the ban applies to *all tobacco products... cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs... and even chewing tobacco. the ban will even be applied to school *events, including sporting events. 3 ((walter a huge mess in clearwater, after a fire ripped through a travel resort. it broke out saturday night, on "gulf to bay boulevard." three r-v's caught fire. firefighters were able to keep the flames
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vehicles. they say: the fire started from an electrical short. no one was hurt. 3 3 (jen) now to a mystery overseas... a woman from florida was found dead... in italy. and the circumstances surrounding her death... are *very suspicious. 3 (jen the body of 35- year-old "ashley olsen" was found saturday, in her apartment in florence. italian police say: she was found *naked, with bruises and scratches on her neck. olsen had been living in the city for some time. her boyfriend allegedly found her. he went looking for her, saying: he was worried for her safety, because he hadn't heard from her for several days. olsen is originally from "summer haven," near st. augustine... and word of her death, hit the tight-knit community hard. 3 "i can't imagine a person who would hurt her, she is a gentle, a kind, a beautiful, friendly, lovely girl and it's an awful shock. we've got a great community here of people and everyone loved her." 3 --jen 3
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olsen was *stranlged... but police won't comment until the autopsy results come back. 3 (jen) we're following an unfolding situation in the temple terrace area... let's go out to ken suarez. 3 3
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3 3 ((walter we're learning more this morning about the capture of mexican drug lord "el chapo"... and the role actor sean penn may have played. 3
5:33 am
saying that truth is stranger than fiction... but even in hollywood, this is a weird story.((jen)) as we hear from fox's robert gray... movie star sean penn went south of the border to interview el chapo before he was captured. 3 mexican authorities *got shorty.* but before they captured joaquin guzman... the mexican drug lord met up with sean penn. the actor and one of the most wanted men in the world got together for a story penn was doing for rolling stone magazine. asked whether he believed drugs destroy humanity and bring harm.. guzman said it's a reality that drugs destroy.. but claims that where he grew up there were no other ways to make a living. in the video... guzman says if there was no demand... there would be no drugs. guzman also says that he has not used drugs himself for about twenty years. he also claims that he only uses violence to defend himself. the meeting between sean penn and el chapo was set up by mexican actress kate del castillo. apparently... guzman.. who is as famous for his escapes from prison as he is for his far-reaching and bloody drug cartel .. was interested in having a movie made about his life. now that he is back in custody.. the united states wants guzman extradited so he can face drug trafficking charges north of the border. one security expert says it would be wise for the mexican government to hand guzman over to the u-s before he pulls another houdini:hope says: "his escape is possible and even probable. the longer he stays in a mexican prison the more relaxed the penitentiary system will get, the security guards will be more exposed to corruption and intimidation, and the more probable a new escape will be.." it's worth noting that rolling stone violated common journalistic procedures by showing the article to el chapo before publication. they say.. however.. that the drug lord
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fox news. 3 (jen) mexico began the
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say: it could take a very long time, as his lawyers file legal appeals and try to keep their client south of the border. the defense team has three days to present arguments against extradition, and 20-days to present supporting evidence. 3 3 ((walter the showdown begins with three weeks until the iowa caucuses. presidential candidate hillary clinton is neck and neck with bernie sanders. donald trump and ted cruz are also locked in a tight race in the hawkeye state. 3 (walter) they were buddy- buddy on the campaign trail for months... but now trump is going after cruz...questioning his citizenship. 3 ((walter it's the same kind of thing he did over president obama's birthplace. cruz was born in canada, but his mother was a u-s citizen, which he says makes him eligible to run. but trump casts doubt on his citizenship. he says if it's not taken care of now, democrats should file a lawsuit. trump offered some advice on fox news sunday. 3 trump exchange with chris wallace: he had a joint citizenship. and, what i told ted to do is go into court for declaratory judgment because, you know, you can't run -- i'm talking about from his standpoint, not from mine -- i
5:36 am
wallace: i know, but people say you're trolling him and- trump: i'm not trolling him wallce: you're under the guise that's helping him, you're sticking in the knife.trump: well, i'm not. what he should do is ask for declaratory judgment because you know what? wallace: but he says it's not an issue, and in fact when you raised it, he posted a video of the fonz jumping the shark, andtrump: ok- it's just games, look it's just games.--walter 3 no word on if democrats say they will challenge it. senators say: they're *not getting involved in the dispute. 3 ((jen)) it started right off the bat... ((walter)) the *first presenters were *bleeped during the golden globes last night. 3 ((walter when we come back... the gowns... the gaffes... and the biggest applause, at hollywood's first big party of the year.
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3 so, did you watch the golden globe awards last night? you probably *saw, more than you *heard. (jen) a lot of it was "bleeped out"... and not just stuff from host ricky gervais, who *delights in making people squirm. but this is the globes... and it's always a little wild, right russell? 3 (russell) that's right... it is... probably because there's champagne at every table... or maybe it's just the vibe set by the group that hands out these awards: the hollywood foreign press... but it's usually the ceremony most likely to go off the rails. gervais skewered the stars, as expected... and complained often from the podium about how long the event was... but there were some great moments. here we go. 3 "and the golden globe goes too... leonardo
5:40 am
3 --russell well *that was a popular win... leonardo dicaprio took home the globe for "best actor in a motion picture, drama"... for his grueling, gripping, gritty role in the 18-20's thriller, "the revenant." that sets him up for a possible oscar win, next month... which, at age 41, would be his first. "the revenant" also won for best director, and best motion picture drama, which was a bit of a surprise. 3 (russell another film about surviving the odds, was good to matt damon. he won "best actor in a motion picture comedy" for his role in the stranded astronaut tale, "the martian"... and *it won "best motion picture comedy." a lot of people were scratching their heads over it being called a *comedy, but that's how they do it at the globes. 3 (russell jennifer lawrence won best *actress in that category... and she did it *without falling on the way to the podium. this time, she won for "joy"... another film directed by david o. russell, who directed her to wins in "silver linings playbook" and "american hustle." she thanked him for believing in
5:41 am
be buried next to him. 3 (russell the most emotional win was sylvester stallone, for "best supporting actor" in creed. it was his first nomination in nearly 40-years... and it was for the same role... "rocky balboa." after the standing ovation died down, he thanked rocky for being "the best friend i could ever have." 3 (russell the globes also honor television, and won of the most popular wins was taraji p. henson... for best actress in a drama. she plays "cookie" on the fox smash-hit, "empire"... and she handed-out cookies on the way to the stage. she had to beat viola davis and robin wright in this category... no easy feat. 3 (russell/ there were some other interesting wins on the t-v side... jon hamm won his second globe for the final season of "mad men"... and thanked the writers for his character, the "horrible" don draper. lady gaga won her first major acting honor, for her role on "american horror story." and 80's star, christian slater, won "best actor in a drama" for the cable show "mr robot,"
5:42 am
beating out heavyweights like "game of thrones." 3 (russell and wait, don't forget this guy! patrick wilson... john's son... mark's brother... and nominated for his role in the t-v series "fargo." he didn't win, but he and wife dagmara looked great on the red carpet. on facebook, mark congratulated him for wearing a bow tie. 3 3 (jen) and if i can just say a brief word about fashion... dagmara was definitely "on trend" in her deep blue... 3 (jen it was *everywhere last night... it showed up sparkly on julianne moore... sleek on kate winslet... shiny on melissa 3 mccarthy... and very
5:43 am
lily tomlin... 3 bryce dallas howard and jenna dewan tatum also went with the indigo trend. 3 (jen other standout gowns at the globes... jennifer lopez's yellow..... complete with little cape and long train... and kate hudson's barely there halter top and skirt... 3 (walter so, what's next this awards season? well, this week, the oscar nominations will be announced... thursday morning, around 8-30. then on saturday the 30th, the screen actors guild awards will be handed out... followed by the british academy awards on valentine's day... and the oscars, february 28th 3 it's now 5:__. 3 time to check the
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3 ((dave talk about *vintage. a meteorite... that could be even older than *earth... was discovered in australia. it weighs about three pounds... and it was spotted falling into a muddy lake, down under. it was almost washed away... but geologists grabbed it just in time. it's estimated to be more than four-and-a-half *billion years old. researchers think: it came from somewhere between mars and jupiter, and it *could date back to the very
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3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 traffic". 3 no closed captioning is available for traffic. 3
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3 round one of the nfl playoffs goes to the road teams... but the road to the super bowl isn't going to be this easy next week for the 3 underdogs.... don't be surprise if all of the roadies are sent home after the divisonal playoff round... credit the bucs for blowing a 24-point lead to washington to make this the phrase of the year in the nations capital..... the packer don't like this.... backed up inside their own 5-yard line... rodgers drops he's sacked in the endzone by preston smith for the safety... redskins lead 2-0... the redskins are rolling early... up 5-nothing in the 2nd quarter... kirk 3 cousins over the top to jordan reed for the 24 yard touchdown... washington misses the pat and leads 11-nothing. it wakes up the packers.... on the ensuing possession... aaron rodgers hurries to snap the ball... and connects with randall cobb in the endzone for the touchdown... packers down 11-7... then right before the half... rodgers goes to davante adams for the 10 yard bay up 17-11 at the break.... jay gruden comes up with some great calls to open the 3rd
5:48 am
walks in for the score... 18- 17 washington... but the packers answer and control the rest of the game....james starks takes it in on a 4-yard toss green bay outscores washington 18-7 in the 2nd half... they win by three scores... 35-18 even sub zero temperatures in minneapolis wasn't enough to bring the vikings a win against seattle.... minnesota manages just 3 field goals..... before seattle gets it together in the 4th.... russell wilson to doug baldwin for their first score in the game.... to cut the vikings lead to 9-7... here's the turning point... adrian peterson catches the short pass but is stripped by kam chancellor... seahawks recover in great field position... it leads to a steven hauschka field goal...10-9 seahawks.... but the vikings have 1:42 to get 3 down the field.... blair walsh starring at a chip shot to win.... from this distances kickers have converted 99 percent this season.... but it's poor snap and it suppose to be laces out...... walsh's kick.... no good... .minnesota blows the game and seattle
5:49 am
(walter so, here's how the schedule looks. the divisional round begins on saturday, when the patriots host the chiefs at 4-35. that's followed by the cardinals and packers *in arizona, at 8-15 p-m. and then on sunday, the panthers host the seahawks at 1-05... and you can watch that game right here on fox 13. the last game... *could be the most anticipated. the
5:50 am
pittsburgh 3 steelers at 4-40. and peyton manning *will be denver's starting quarterback. it's 5:-- stay with us. 3
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3 a happy new chapter for hundreds of dogs. they're in florida now, in animal shelters throughout our state... after escaping some flooding in mississippi. the humane society of tampa bay took-in some of the pups... about 20 of them... all ages and breeds. and soon, they'll go up for adoption. shelter workers here say: they're glad to help out. 3 get ro have a very good adoption rate." --walter 3 five of the dogs are heartworm positive. they'll be treated... and after *all - neutered... they'll be up for adoption. that should happen in just a couple of days.
5:52 am
(walter) and here's proof of how special dogs are to their owners. (jen) a miami couple received a new pup... and the gesture brought them to *tears. 3 (jen they got a little chihuahua, just days after their first dog was killed. the three year old dog, "gucci," was killed by a pair of bulldogs last week. the couple was devastated and saddened beyond belief. a family friend heard what happened and bought the 9-week old puppy for them. 83-year-old miguel rojas couldn't stop crying, when he held the new puppy in his arms. daughter ada says: forget the powerball jackpot...they've already won big. 3 ((jen)) there's much more to come on good day.((walter)) let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 right now we have a crew in temple terrace, at what's still a very active situation .. investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened. fox 13's ken suarez will bring us an update. 3 rock-and-roll legend david bowie has died after a secret battle against cancer. we look back at a memorable
5:53 am
3 and ... after *months , a woman accused of stealing *millions in jewels, across half a dozen states, is in custody .. find out how the f-b-i tracked her down. 3 3 3 3
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