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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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during a town hall meeting today. he put something in the cart and get to the curb can you get something back. >> how clearwater hopes to make recycling a money making program. welcome here on this monday. thank you for joining us. we're going to start with a developing story a robber misses with the wrong clerk and now he is fighting for his life. police are investigate -- police are investigating the hope food store on north 22nd street and mlk. and haley hinds tells us what she found out. >> reporter: the clerk is fine and the suspect has life threatening injuries. investigators have been out here for three hours but it appears they know what happened here
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around 3:30 they say that an armed man came into the store and he was armed with a knife a sizable one according to police. he indicated to the clerk he was robbing the place. the suspect didn't get too far here. the clerk was armed with a gun. they threatened him they shot him in the head. we spoke with the brother of the clerk he encourages them to have protection like this. his brother had been talking about concerns about the dangers of working at this store and the bottom line. he is thankful his brother is doing okay tonight. the clerk's story and witness story line up. neither the clerk nor the witness were injured. now the police are working on identifying the suspect they say he was not carrying any id when he came into the store today. we expect to get more updates throughout the night and bring that to you later tonight.
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have a update on the weekend shooting, this was in clearwater. wayne nundy and his wife came home to a man in his yard. he grabbed his gun and confronted him telling him to get off the property and fired a warning shot into the floor. after some words were exchanged the man lunged at him and he shot him. police say the suspect is this guy, jacob desmond. this is a mug shot from a previous arrest in 2007. he was taken to the hospital he does have life threatening injuries. investigators say he was reported missing and in danger earlier that morning, he has not been charged in the shooting. some of the pricest property here in the bay area and thieves are capitalising on that. police investigating a strange of burglaries in south tampa. and anjuli davis has details. what do you know? >> mark, you think of them
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you're at work and it is calculated hitting a handful of homes in a busy saturday morning. >> it is some of the most sought after real estate coveted for scenery and safety. cameras and alarm systems dependent scare off thieves from breaking into homes around park land estates around 10 a.m. saturday morning, people are home. and if you are smart you may case out a neighborhood. the same suspect is behind the crimes. four homes in all were hit. on gulf view and neptune. cameras caught a car loitering outside of a home for 12 minutes. police say as soon as the homeowner left for the gym the criminal smashed their way in another family member was showering inside. >> no one was injured there was someone home.
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before anyone was the wiser. at 10:30 they beat down the home of a different house and in and out with jewelry and electronics in less than 4 minutes. the families alarm system was blaring. by the time the cops were called the car and valuables were gone. >> time is of the essence when they are responding to alarms. and it has been in business for 30 years. they say it is credible to keep your family's systems emergency call list short and accurate. >> keeping that list updated is very important. and, set your alarm during the day and when are you home. politician say your neighbors are your best defense. >> there are no neighborhoods that are immune to crime which is why we tell people if you see something that does not add up, let us know about it regardless of what neighborhood you're in. >> and now, police say they are
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now they're not process of collecting more video. again they do believe that the homes were cased and that the criminal moved in when they thought the house was empty. police say it is a good idea if you want. park your car outside of your home to give the ill illusion that someone is home all the time. mark, they say make sure the car is looked remove the valuables from it. neighbors can be the best deterrent. thank you. a possible case of road rage on the street. police looking for a motorcyclist on fowler avenue. it was on north river hills drive and temple terrace. a man following him for several miles pulled up next to him and shot into the driver's side window. and caused him to crash into a pole. they don't know if they knew each other the driver is from california. before he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition he gave police a description of
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to identify a little bit of what the biker looked like. he said it was a white male. pr l in his 40s to 50s. and he was driving sort of a street racer type of motorcycle. >> the suspects said to have gray hair and beard. and the model is unclear but police are hoping anyone who may have witnessed the shooting to come forward. a couple is accused of animal cruelty. an employee was working when he noticed a dog in distress next door. and investigators say the dog was malnourished with no food or water in the backyard. detectives say the owners changed their story about what happened to the dog which wound up patsing away. previous vet records show the dog weighed 111 pounds in 2010.
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the time of her death. two other dogs and cats were removed from the home. will they or won't they be suspended? that's what the supreme court is weighing. robert adams with the other attorneys were found guilty last year of setting up a rival attorney for a dui. now they all face suspensions while the state supreme court is determining their fate. and gloria gomez has been following this from the start. what is the latest tonight. unlike the others that don't want to be suspended, go ahead and suspend me. he does not object. he admits to lapses in ethical judgments during the time that phil campbell was arrested and adams got into trouble when he is charged with punching a woman during a florida game in october.
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and in may it was termed that all three attorneys deliberately and maliciously orchestrated the arrest of campbell. the judge recommended they be permanently disbarred they would lose their license. they will no longer practice law but as they await that decision, all three face possible suspension. the high court will have to rule, my understanding experts say they may rule by early february. we will have that decision for you as soon as it comes down. back to you. >> gloria, thank you. clearwater used to make money on the trash that it recycled. it has plans to get the money back and that is planning a once a week plan. and this there are incentives to make that happen. >> wherever the trucks picked up today that's it for this week. see you next week. and it switched to once a week pickup today.
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we can get it all in one pick up a week. >> there is a down side to the recycling success n short a money loser. it used to make money back when people sorted their own items and the city could sell to buyers. and in 2013, single recycling arrived and putting everything in a one bin. but they had to go to a third party processing plant. and any profits went into the crash, we have not made any money off it. probably since we started. >> and clearwater will build its own and sell again. that will take a year.
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recycle and, they are on the wednesday. sign up now. 1200 residents signed up for a coupleons for recycling. there are discounts for a couple of dozen businesses. in clearwater, steve nichols. >> it is one of the most successful and trash outways the trash. and hopefuls are bearing down on iowa. and why he is here. craig. >> thinking ahead and the primary. it is a state. not just in sarasota but
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he spoke that can you get ahead with hard work and have a better life than you. >> and it is dying because our president has abandoned the principals that made us prosperous, and. and it is passioning the boundaries, way too many leaders are stuck in the 20th century. many of the other tds he spent around 36 days in that state so far. but he and allies they have spend more than $5000 in iowa. and blitzing the airwaves with more than, get this, 7000 tv ads.
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iowa a third will be aired. thank you very much. >> the jackpot is so big it does not fit on the sign. it is $1.4 billion. look at that. >> here on powerball they only say millions but we know what it is. and the number at 999 that's all it will fit. when we come back it will be late tonight we'll tell you about it. what a beautiful day. >> and it felt good in the sun with wind.
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a big traffic shift happening in tampa. and i-275 north will be closed between 10:30 and 5:30. and the final step of a three-year construction project. seems longer than that, can be finished. , we have gotten used to the road and through tampa. that road as it is now is winding and narrow and hard to get through. it backs up all the time, but tonight the old lanes will be shut down the new lanes will be open. the fdot said the shift will occur. that will be at 10:30 tonight. that means that 275 north will be closed between kennedy
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traffic will be detoured to dale mabry and back on 275 at himes. the shift will take place between 10:30 and 5:30 tomorrow morning. and represent the start of a straighter, wider lane. new bridges over dale mabry and that big dip. that's gone. >> at this timewelling dint. watch for signs. itwell be a welcome change, f to the will have another six months of construction that they plan on opening. now three lanes will be open, however, that is going to be months ahead of schedule when they finish that. this project was not supposed to end until the end of this year. things ahead of schedule.
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morning. and the traffic is going to be detoured along kennedy boulevard. that's where i'm standing now. schedule. you never here that. >> that's nice to hear, right, every once in a while that's good. >> that's a good thing. >> all right, evan thank you. dellegatto. >> here is a interview on the top of, this is the tippy top of sky tower. it is amazing how quickly we ad d-day light. you will see maybe that could be venus in the western sky. maybe a slice of moon. either way it is a good view 61. that is the high. we'll have a couple more days below average temperatures then above average for a couple of days. next week looks to be cold as
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when you look back on the climate data. usually the coldest of the year is the second and third week in january. i think that's going to play out with cold air. 06 is the high. that's the high which is 10 degrees below the average of 70. and the morning low was 44-degrees. a cold front has slid south of us. the cold air has filtered from the north and the northeast. the position of the high will guarantee us a couple of cold nights. it's tonight but tomorrow night and even wednesday night should be chilly. when a warm up ahead of the front and the storm that will ral over the gulf and that one could bring the rain and the potential of some severe weather on friday. this is the water vapor. the reds is all dry air. i'll expand on the view.
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follow this line of gray or white across the yucatan and cuba, this is that subtropical yet. that gets energized during el nino years. you played a roll and it brought rain and a tornado in cape coral. ef-2. that's what happens to the winters. and it will not be much. the jet stream helps things intensify. that's why any storm system heading our way from the west has the potential of producing severe weather. right now it's cold. 45 in pensacola. 47 in panama city. tampa is 53. brooksville a 51. sarasota is 50. sarasota is 54. when you head south. 60s from miami to key west. the air is very dry t is so dry that if you are walking around
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touch metal. get a shock. the dew points are up in the panhandle and teens and 20s. a cool snap. and cold air to drain. 32 tonight and 42 in tampa. 39 lakeland and 40s. and 47 in st. pete and tomorrow night with lighter winds and cooling we'll have 40s a reminder a freeze warning is up for hernando and citrus 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. temperatures near or a few degrees below freezing. 53 the dew point is 40. winds are west-northwest. high pressure in the southeast. cold air it is winter. lake effect snow in buffalo and 18 degrees. so tonight. clear, cold a freeze north. we're down to 42. sunshine.
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on wednesday. partly cloudy. cool. we stay in the mid-60s. we watch for a period of rain and maybe severe weather. you have to watch that. a brief warm up. we get cold again next week. >> kevin. >> the lightning could be on the verge of trading jonathan druhan. a high-profile person that wants
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vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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the lightning are it looks like the lightning are prepared to trade jonathan drouin. the first round pick wants out and there are plenty of teams and inquire. he was sent to syracuse the minor league team and scored two goals on friday. and he is very talented but he had a tough time fitting in. he played in six of the 26 playoff games last year and it has been due to injuries. they say they did not send him as punishment they want to get
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there are reports that he will be traded for the right compensation. he does not need another distraction. he has bigger concerns, steven stamkos. >> it was not sent down you know i'm prepared to trade him but any deal has to be a good deal for the lightning. we drafted him third overall and for a reason and he would be a good hockey player. and he will not be happy and, he is talking trade now. >> and will crown their champion. and should be a good matchup
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clemson has ray-ray mc cloud. has a touchdown. and over 800-yard and 5 touchdowns. >> you know we may not be the different we don't see ourselves as the underdog. we have a great team and and every role. >> regardless of what happened in the past, you know what they want to accomplish. and that's as a pproach you want to do. >> they will discuss which will move to los angeles. that will affect the decision for head coach. new think they want to be here for the news conference. that could be thursday but it will not delay the announcement. we don't know. dirk koetter is the favorite to land the job.
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him is the 49ers. they have moved on to other candidates. the niners spent five hours talking with the hugh jackson on sunday. they were granted permission to interview tom coughlin. it appears there is not a lot of competition for dirk koetter right now but that could be because everyone believes that he is destined for the bucs, this could be for nothing. here we have received a confidential tip as who wants to be the buc's next coach a surprise candidate. here he is. >> i'm rob lowe the new coach of the bucs. i want to help you out. you need it badly. >> everyone is having fun. we're all in the dark. >> are you suggesting this is a
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>> you think by thursday we'll get an answer. >> we could. this is dragging out a little bit long now. it has died down after saturday with the two names that they admitted to talking with. >> no other major names. >> we have not heard. >> expect for rob. he wants the job. he would do it for cheap. >> he is cute. >> that matters. >> yes, it does. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> thank you. >> still here at 6:30. the end to the run from the law how it looked when his home was raided. >> helping in the capture of the most notorious drug king pen. the end of a era at ringling brothers circus. sooner than anyone expected. why it is happening so fast. we'll talk about that and our consumer reporter is here to talk taxes, oh.
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the good news i have your back.
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developing in iraq.. a violent attack at a mall in baghdad has left 18 people dead and fifty others
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people dead, 50 wounded. citis has claimed responsibility. gunmen set off a car-bomb to the entrance of the mal. forces surrounded the building and in a fire fight killed two of the attackers and arrested four others. four police officers were among those killed. and isis suffered a defeat last month, too. when the forces drove them out of the western city of ramadi. but it controls much of northern and western iraq. >> and we have some new video that let to the arrest of the most wanted man. and marines raided a home where el chapo guzman had been hiding out. they fired their weapons and threw stun grenades. five people were killed. and the question is whether he
6:31 pm
mexican attorney-general said it will not be simple. and that could take years. >> he is in custody and the drug king pin is fighting exextra dishon and the legal system that means getting him into a jail cell could take a year or more. time is not on their side. they a network and paid for and has a plan. who knows who he has on the inside. he is being held in the prison he escaped from in july. another escape could endanger the counter narcotics partnership. they were embarrassed. when they tried to bring him to justice they escaped. we learned about the role in the
6:32 pm
photos of the actor taken by officials monitoring his meeting with guzman. some in hollywood criticized penn for fawning over a criminal. others withhold judgment. i would not do it. i don't -- it is a very personal -- i don't, i would not like to meet a criminal. >> it was pursuing something creativetively and thought it would be valuable. he did it. they now have three days to present the arguments against extradition and supporting evidence n los angeles. and sean penn has no regets about the visit in a brief e-mail exchange with the ap. he has nothing to hide. the f.b.i. now is trying to determine whether or not a police officer involved shooting in philadelphia has any ties to terrorism at all. police say a woman warned an officer on the street that the
6:33 pm
radical beliefs, you remember the amazing picture. there is video as well. the f.b.i. investigating credibility of that information. that's officer jessie hart net shot three times in the arm. he is still recovering. he was able to get out. chase down the suspect and return fire hitting the suspect. the attacker was caught he is now charged with attempted murder. the next gop debate is three days away. it will be on the fox business network. nationally. we report that ted cruz is now beating the billionaire in iowa. trump is leading. that's beautiful. >> but according to a poll, trump and cruz are in a tight at 24%. error. the tightening race has trump tightening down that cruz may
6:34 pm
because he was born in canada. this is not seattleed. people think you have to be born here in the case of ted he has to figure it out, he is in a dogfight in iowa. he is much better positioned in the first in the national primary state of new hampshire where he hold as lead over second place candidate marco rubio. >> hillary clinton believes i can whip. that's why she attacks me daily, and hillary clinton may have reason for concern. one poll shows clinton deadlocked in iowa with bostons. another fox news poll reveals he took the look in new hampshire four weeks away from the granite stater primary. and undetermined by the numbers is focused on the issues during a stop in the outcome eye state where she is firming up her ground game. >> i feel good about where we are. i'm not taking anything for
6:35 pm
>> and her biggest rival, bernie sanders, said his campaign has received 200 million contributions the most of any in american history. some precarious moments for a pair of window washers in houston. they were dangling 75 stories off the ground. this were six stories from the top of the chase towers. a motor cut off before scaffolding gave way. they were dangling 1000 feet off the ground. can you imagine. firefighters were able to take out a window of the building and pull them in to safety. neither were hurt. a surprise announcement from ringling brothers circus. this were to end the elephant act by 2018 that but changed. >> the greatest show on earth will be saying farewell to the remaining 11 elegants.
6:36 pm
in may of this year we'll move our elstands and these hind me from our touring units to live at elephant conser ration, i don't have any food for you. >> they announced it would be retiring them because of growing public concern about how they are treated. new laws made it challenging to use them in cities and downs t is more difficult and will be to tour elephants, we thought this would be in the west interest to have them at the place where they can live and thrive and be a part of our incredible program. >> the company's 200-acre property in polk county houses dozens of elephants. with new structures, the remaining 11 asian elephants will cause this home by the spring where they will transition into a new role.
6:37 pm
groundbreaking cancer research which involves the elephants. >> cancer is less common in elephants than humans. the blood may hold the key to a cure. they will study their blood. >> the center is a sham. >> activists have concerns about the center. >> they take a deduction for having it but it is a profit making enterprise. the elephants need to go to a proper sanctuary. >> they have a long reach. >> for now the feature attraction will continue a tradition that goes back a century. >> that is the most rewarding. to share that with the amazing creatures. >> that will be changing. the last shows are may 1 and in pennsylvania and providence, rhode island. when we come back here at 6:30. looking at the life and times of a legend.
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differen ((mark--bw)) the world is mouring the loss of a musical legend tonight. the world is mourning the loss of a legend. david bowie passed away from cancer last night. his songs provide mile posts in their life. before his life he had one last gift for his fans. >> look up here i'm in heaven.
6:39 pm
david bowie's album, he died at 69 after a battle with cancer. his death comes two days after his birthday which was the release date of his final album black star. >> song writer, singer, actor he was a composer. he was artist. he was a poet. >> they are never far away, david jones, the recording career spanned 50 years he is known for his look and ziggy star bust ego. he married a super model and survived by two children. >> it is a struggle to understand how i'm no longer 20. i don't know anyone this has happened to. they get to 20. they stay 20. it did not happen for me i went on and on. >> fans around the world mourning his death. people in london leaving flowers
6:40 pm
for his rise and fall. he will pay tribute at his walk of fame. >> generous is overused but i think creatively, he was a generous. for someone of my age he provided a lot of the sound track of our life. >> and with the persona. he is mourned from space.
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3 (kelly hair loss is a problem many men battle.. hair loss is a problem that many men experience. dr. jo shows us something new. that's tonight on the fox 13, 10:00 news. stocks closed mixed today. the dow up but only 52. the nasdaq slipping 5 points and s&p up by 2. we spotted some people dressed in statue of liberty costumes.
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>> that got us wondering what should we be paying to get taxes done. we asked chris chmura the question. what is the number. what do you think. >> i think the answer is a four letter word -- free. free for many of us. the answer is free. according to the irs is income is south of $62,000 you have the option of calculating and then filing your taxes online free of charge. you start at the irs web site. the they redirect to you the brand names that do all the calculation and filing for you. they made a video that i can show you how it works out. you start and redirect you. the computer does the calculation which is what we all won't, right. we don't want to do this long long hand. this takes care of it for you. you don't have to have someone do it. can you let the computer do it for you. it is become easier and easier than ever to do this.
6:45 pm
as long as the income is south of $62,000 t is. >> on the irs web site. it web site. it is on the facebook page. do that before you give into someone trying to pressure you to get money to do it. when should we. we get the w-2s soon. >> we should be. there is a deadline and that's february one. >> and starts off they start taking all of the applications on january 19th. but you forget the w 2 by february 1. if you have a brokerage account or other information investments you are supposed to get those by the 16th. the deadline to file this year is not the 15th. the 18th because there is a holiday in dc three more days. the 18th is the day. >> some people love it do it early. some a lot of people get extensions. when is the time to file? >> i think because there are so
6:46 pm
steal your identity, do it as soon as possible. >> look at the prosecutions can you see in 2015 there were 776 new id theft investigates. now. the numbers peeked in 2013. and they have started to come down. that's positive. still that's 700 people those are the cases that are reported. try to beat them to the bunch. do that january 19th. that's the first day that you can file. if you do file on that day not only do you beat them but be first in line for the refund. >> check your mail every day. don't leave it in the mailbox. that's where they are looking to grab your return and refund. >> you don't want that to happen. horrendous. >> very bad.
6:47 pm
>> you're welcome. ranking up the day not much of the sun left but a great shot of the moon crystal clear. sunshine. >> 83 and a couple of years ago. remember this. you may remember that week right around the middle of january. and 25 degrees. >> and that was just six years ago. 44 degrees.
6:48 pm
>> they are significantly. >> we talked about christmas how there would be a pattern change. and the we have to watch how they play out. that could give us a round of rain. and first things first the cold tonight and the position of the high which is sitting over mississippi it is the perfect spot for cold air to drain right down the peninsula t is getting chilly now. and dry air. temperatures drop like a rock. 49. 55 in st. pete. and tampa.
6:49 pm
and 51 and 52. double nickels under clear skies. freeze warning is up for all of citrus county and a slice of hernando. spring hill a couple of hours near or below freezing 56789340. and the jet. light snow then more rain is out in the west. let's talk about specific lows. 35 or so in spring hill. and 32nd in brooksville. 35 zephyrhills. 42 in tampa. in pinellas. 39 in plant city. that's cold. upper 30s. low 60s.
6:50 pm
we go from 42 to 62. sunrise at 723. we stay chilly on wednesday. cool we'll be tracking with interest on friday. you saw what happened this weekend with the ef-2. watching for maybe some severe weather. that goes by. we should turn cold next week with 30s and 40s by monday and tuesday. >> back to you. >> thank you, paul. a boy with a medical condition
6:51 pm
what worked when wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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a family who saw they're son experience a family who saw their son experience seizures got relief at all children's hospital. and riland went from being confined to the couch to having
6:53 pm
how this happened is what is right with tampa bay. >> we were afraid for him to get off the couch. >> and asher and john say their son has been down a long road. it is heart wrenching. you cannot put into words. you cannot describe it. >> the 8 year old started having seizures at 3. doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy so severe he would have 120 seizures a day. >> he would just be walking like a normal kid in front of you and then he would fall down. >> medications did not work. >> if it would have continued there would have been things they would be behind on, they took him to all children's hospital. >> what should we do. >> and one doctor a specialist prescribed a diet for him.
6:54 pm
adequate protein, low carb died that works for seizures for reasons we don't know. >> go,. >> the diet did something no drug could do. he is now seizureparent >> so very blessed that they were there, i feel blessed that he is completely healthy and can do everything a normal child can do. >> a family so thankful at they found the answer for a better life. >> they are a shining star in a dark sky. >> and the diet was design odd in 1924 at the mayo clinic for people with epilepsy. it has worked. >> diets are critical to their well being. >> you know where the news is. when we're not on tv.
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