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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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pwhat police in saint pete say planded him and many others pbehind bars. p>> what was the hardest point pto get across? p>> that it is a pilot, and we pdo not know how it it will do. p>> st. pete's mayor makes a pbig sell on the ferry between pstate heat in tampa. pwhy it is now or never for an pidea that really has been paround for years. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnew station, this is the fox 13 p6:00 news. p>> good evening, everybody i'm pkelly green. p>> and i mark wilson. pwe're glad to have you with us. p>> first though, a major pdevelopment today of all the pflorida's death penalty rocedures.>> the supreme pcourt has ruled it to be punconstitutional. plisten to this. pthe ruling comes five days pafter florida executed oster pray bullet. pwhat does this mean for the phundreds of other killers of pflorida's death row right now? pgordon gomez has been looking pinto that part of the story for pyou for us.
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p>> it means our justice system pwill be letter with appeal pafter appeal and our plegislators will have to get to pwork. p>> reporter: nothing brings pthe death of hope for a seismic pruling by the us supreme court. p>> man: everyone will file an pappeal. pnow they have found the death enalty procedures punconstitutional, that mean for pdeath row inmates i convicted pcop killer dante morris, sniffs pthat three times by judge? p>> in this particular psituation, four. pi think you will have three psentences, actually, with the pand sentencing phase going pcorrectly. p>> it also goes for ever pcoming to. phe will likely appeal his pessence as well. pthis is just the tip of the piceberg.390 inmates set of pflorida's death row with nearly p80 from the bay area. p>> every one of them will file pan appeal, is right now, we do pnot know how the court will prule as it applies to certain pindividual cases. p>> in the 16 page of any, the pjustices run our constitution, pour system of law, is evolving,
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pflorida is just one of three pstates still allows the jury to precommend life or death psentences, because the ultimate pdecision to a judge and their 8 pto 1 decision, the high court psaid that violates the sixth pamendment, and that is punconstitutional. pwhen says the ruling puts the pball in the legislatures court. p>> man: the legislature is pobligated to step forward and pcome up with a reasonable psolution. pwhat is important is this is a roblem that we can fix. p>> attorney general pam bondi psaid she did hear about the pruling and she is reviewing it pnow. pso far, no official comment for pher. p>> back to you. p>> gloria gomez the news, pthank you. p>> anchor: stay with us for pthe 630 hour tonight. pwe'll talk more about the psupreme court's decision here pwith attorney and legal expert pjeff brown. p>> $1.6 million. pthat's how much st. pete police pbelieve one man scammed the pgovernment for more than 13 pyears. phe did it with ebt cards.
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plife in one of the source link pto this camp tonight. pokay, kim, how did that happen? p>> reporter: well, pinvestigators said wally mari pled by ebt cards of people, go pto sam's club, by goes from pthere, and come to the bp gas pstation in cash and the premaining balance. pst. petersburg police were ptipped off to wali mari by pstore manager. pthe call said there was psomething fishy is ebt usage. p>> sure enough, as a vascular ptook a closer look, that tip pwas right. pthey say mari would pay people p$.50 on the dollar for their pebt cards. phe would then go to sam's club pand purchase is good for his or pher other stores in the area. pwhen officers arrested him pyesterday, he had ebt cards on phim and they have linked them pto 430.police say this is psomething they will not ptolerate. p>> man: if you are doing this pin st. petersburg, pinellas pcounty area. pwe suggest you go out and buy pfood, do what you're supposed
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pif you are doing this, we will pcome after you because there pare a lot of people who are pspending their tax dollars and pa lot of people who need these pbenefits. pif you don't need these pbenefits, you should not be pgetting them to begin with. p>> now, it is interesting to pnote that florida receives the psecond highest number of ebt pbenefits as any state in the pcountry. p5.6 he and dollars were handed pout last year and 10 percent pwas used in fraudulent pactivity. pnow, st. pete police say this pis not the first time that mari pwas in trouble. pinvestigators were tipped off pto some fraudulent activity pwith this ebt card usage. phe was denied when he preapplied. pst. petersburg police say stay ptuned. pthis is expected anymore padditional arrest to come soon. p>> anchor: take you so much. pkimberly is reporting first ptonight. pwell, pinellas county deputies prelease new video of a man who pstole lawn equipment for pmature. pthe victim was doing lawn work pin front of pete's your arbor
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pas you can see, a man in a pwhite ford f1 50 hold up aside pthe trailer. phe stole some of the equipment, ut it in the bed of his truck, pand took off. pif you know this guy is, call inellas county deputies. pthey would like to hear from pyou. p>> man: thanks to the phard-working people of our pgreat state, over 1 million pjobs have been created in just pfive years since i took office. p[cheering] p>> governors rick scott pdelivering his state of the pstate address. pthe focus here is jobs, and he palso talked tax cuts in his pannual message outlining his roposal to lawmakers. phe wants them to for pose $1 pbillion in tax cuts. palso, to create a $350 million penterprise fund to help expand pflorida's businesses. phe said is all about jobs. pthe governor is stressing the pimportance that every floridian phas a job. p>> i believe that the best way pto help the weakest, the oorest, the most
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pdreams, is to give them a job. lus my. p>> the governor speech came on pthe first day of the plegislative session today. pback to kenneth city, police pare trying to find who is high pthe rest of car vandalism. psomeone has been three paint on pvehicles. pwith this. pthe owner of a nissan rogue pwalked out to find white paint psplashed all over his car. pit caused thousands of dollars pworth of damage. pinvestigators say it is phappened one dozen other times, pincluding a few times and st. ete.if have any information, olice call crime stoppers. p>> visions of fairies zipping pacross tampa bay. pthat is the vision painted for inellas commissioners this pmorning. prick heisman started hunting pmany for two counties into pcities, now has agreements from pall four. psteve nichols tells us the pnotion of a st. pete to tampa pvariable live or die very pquickly. p>> man: we welcome the mayor
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p>> laster, the mayor convinced pthe city council to set aside p$230 for this, a six-month ptrial run of a ferry service pconnecting avenue house tampa pand st. pete. pa 150 passenger vessel, very psimilar to this one. pthe trial run without start puntil october, but did the pcheck needs to be written in a pmatter of weeks. p>> man: a deposit would be pneeded by april 1. that is preally the main timeline that pwe have to focus on. p>> today, mayor christman pasked the commissioners to pbecome one of four fairy artners. pbob accords said sure, if the pnumbers make did the phillsboro county commission. pagain today, there were pquestions. p>> woman: do you have any idea pwhat the ticket price to be? p>> man: how much is it to you pfor the arcing? p>> you think it will be more pnovelty than public ptransportation? p>> all in favor i, all in
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p>> woman: it just makes sense pto get our waterways. p>> to make a vessel does posit pby april 1, christman has to pstart negotiating with the pferry operator by february 1. pand to do that, three other pgovernments each have to figure pout where to get $350,000. p>> man: is the county that pnimble? p>> for that amount, i think we pare. p>> they plan to spend some of pthe bp oil settlement on this roject. pthe other three governments now phave a couple of weeks to find pcash. pinfidels county, steve nichols, p>> anchor: news. p>> all of this adds up to a pconceptual agreement to test pout ferry services. pno real money will be committed puntil a real business plan with preal numbers is negotiated. p>> this is a project aimed at pteasing headaches on the phighway, but the latest piece pof 5 to but the latest piece of p5 to 75 is greeting drivers pwith good luck. ptake a look at the viewer now pheading into tampa on the phoward franklin bridge.
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pwell, it is still a nightmare pright now. pthere are major delays this pmorning as well as the pnorthbound lanes running pthrough the downtown quarter pshifted to their new permanent palignment here. pconstruction in that area is pnot yet complete. pcrews are still working on pfinishing a fourth way, but pwork should wrap up. p6 to 8 weeks. pin the meantime, the drive is pless than desirable. p>> man: i think the pcombination of reduced planguage, a little different pmerchant situation for the ptraffic entering from heinz and pdale avery, combined with pvisual distractions, the pcontractor was out there pworking behind the barrier pwall. pall those things tend to slow eople that a little bit. p>> and once work on the pinterstate is complete, they pwill move to whited dale pmaybury underneath the poverpass. pthe entire project should be pfinished, hold your breath, by pthe summer. p>> woman: i thought it would pget better? pwell, they are working on it pthough. pa sarasota police department is
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pand it is part of their tweet pfrom the beat program. pif you have a twitter account, pall you have to do is follow pthe sarasota police department. pthroughout the day, they post ictures and videos to give pusers an inside look at what pthey do. p>> woman: we have been holding pour tweet since november 2013, pand it is a really right popportunity for folks who pfollow us on social media to pinteract with their officers pand get a real feel of what pthey do every day. p>> followers can ask questions pof the officers. pthe department started the rogram in 2013. p>> the world's largest lottery pjackpot, it is a big one. peven bigger, the powerball pjackpot at $1.5 billion. pthe new electronic awards like pthis one, they have been pupdated with the new jackpot. pand it was a paper tape, pwhatever it takes. pjackpot has gone up for the psecond day in a row. pyou see them at $1.5 billion. pcan get bigger than tomorrow pnight strong. ptickets are so that crazy. plottery officials say the more pthan 20,000 tickets are sold a
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pthe drawing is at 11:00 ptomorrow, and your odds of pwinning are one in 292 billion. pbillion. pgood luck. p>> we have minds and are pbillions. pwhen we come right back, pgetting ready for disaster. phow they are getting ready for pthe worst at lakeland linder pairport. p a changeable weather, for psure. pand bright blue sky this pmorning with high clouds raking pin for the west.
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p p the flames are real, but pthankfully, the emergency is pnot real. pairport fire training is punderway this week with a plakeland our department. pwhile it is not often a race at pan airport, firefighters say it pis always important to be repared. p>> lucas baldwin out around plakeland regional airport today pto get a closer look.
6:14 pm
p>> man: this week we are pmeeting one of our faa prequirements. ptoday is a fuel simulator. pit is plans that liquid goes to pand it is excited. pthis year we brought in a pmobile trainer to our airport pand are actually able to do the pscenarios using our equipment pand our trucks. pin the past, we went through pmake deal airport base. plast year we travel down to phomestead air force base. p[sirens] p>> man: 271 has arrived, we phave a large fuel spill. pyou need to finish the back ortion of the burn. p>> i am familiar with the parea, been able to use their pequipment and burn more than pthey usually get the burn, all pof that is training. pwe need to have that kind of ptraining. p>> man: we have talked to pdiscussed the game plan for an paircraft emergency or fuel pspill. pwe are actually getting to put pthose discussions and plans pinto play and see how they
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p>> everybody was working well. pwhen i found the first one like pwe want to. p>> it ended well. pthey learned a couple of pthings, just some pointers here pand there to make things better pfor the next time. p>> woman: we do get quite a pbit of travel in and out, so pthis is the second largest air pshow in the nation.we have a phighly trained team of pfirefighters that, gosh forbid panything does happen, we are pready and we can help. p>> fire officials say by phaving the training at plakeland, and not only safe ptaxpayers thousands of dollars, pbut it allows the firefighters pto trade using their own trucks pand equipment. p>> now, your sky tower radar pforecast chief meteorologist aul dellegatto. p>> blue sky this morning, but pi will tell you that the jet pstream blowing over us is very pfast. pit is a subtropical jet, a bite roduct of el nic . pit blows in high clouds rather pquickly, and that was the case made for a license pit.
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pclearwater hilton each game pgetting additional rainfall. pevery day in blue, we get 67 pdegrees, probably going above paverage briefly this weekend, pand way below average for the pmiddle of next week is the pcolder guys to the south. pbefore the cold air arrives, we phave weather changes on the way pwhich may include a round of prain, and perhaps some severe pweather thursday night into pfriday. pthis kind of tough to predict psevere weather a couple of days pout because everything needs to pcome in to play almost erfectly. pit looks like the ingredients pare in place for some kind of psevere weather across the state pthursday night and friday. pthe cold front that brought the prain a couple of nights ago is pnow south of us and brought a pvery chilly and wet day in pmiami, and points south. pyou can see some rain over pmiami-dade county, and also, pheading across the bahamas. pfast.
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pthat is kind of deep. pyou look at it, and this is pwhat it look like, by the way. pwe looked at this of 97 and 98, pthe winter of 97 or 98.just pwatch the subtropical jet. pthe problem is, once in a pwhile, little ripples of energy pright across the subtropical pjet. pif the timing is right, we get pheavy rain in severe weather. , the psubtropical jet stream. pright now, it is chilly but 50s paround the bay area. p57, wesley chapel. pthen 50s and low 60s s., and p50s and low 60s. pwhen you get the idea of a pchilly january evening, 56 pdegrees for the air mass, wow, pthat is dry. pdew point, 24 degrees for the pnorth, northwest wind at 10. pthere are high clouds over the pgulf, and even tomorrow, you pmay not see that much of the pway of sunshine as these high pclouds condemn or block the psun. pthis could be one of the days
6:18 pm
paround the sun all because of pice crystals up there at 25,000 pfeet. pyou have some snow in the pnortheast in alberta, clipper, pand behind cold front it is preally cold. pchicago has a, minneapolis at pone, columbus ohio is 12. pnight, pretty similar to where pwe were earlier today. pthe main concern is not a pfreeze. pspringhill down to 33, newport pit 31, around tampa bay, 3090 ptampa, 49 in saint he, 49 in pbrittany, 44 and ruskin. pas we slide south, more low to pmid 40s are commonplace. plakeland ranch has double pforce, and highest tomorrow, pbecause there may not be that pmuch in the way of sunshine, we pwill top off generally in the plow to mid 60s. phere is futurecast, and the pcold high gradually moves away. ptomorrow, lots of highs with
6:19 pm
pby thursday night and friday, plow-pressure gets going in the pgulf. pthat will race across the pstate. pwe will watch for a round of prain and storms. pthat will go by, and another parea of low pressure right palong the subtropical jet. pthat may give us a period of prain again on sunday. pthe seven day forecast our top pel nic gears because a jet pstream blows so fast the models preally cannot handle it. pthey just go so fast. pthat goes by on friday, and pthere could be another one pmoving along the jet on psaturday or sunday to give us pmore clouds and maybe a cold prain. ptonight, some high clouds with panother chilly night in the pmid-40s. pclouds tomorrow with some dumb pson, 63 for highs. pthere could be brains or storms pat night in the mid 60s. pa good rain for some pcould briefly clear up for psaturday with another route of pclouds her son.
6:20 pm
pdramatically colder. pthat is a lot going on. pwhat you have, chip? p>> well, alabama does it pagain. phow the crimson tide has it
6:21 pm
p well, alabama and nick psabin are now officially a pdynasty. pfor national championships and pseven years. pthis game against clemson has pto be one of the best in pcollege history. pthis thing is just pure fun to pwatch. pthis is where the tide turns, pand everybody knows it.after palabama tied the game, nick psabin catches clemson off guard pwith adam griffin with the pouttake it. parvin humphrey is underneath, pand is damn cold sweeney says, pthat is the first mistake. pclemson cannot recover from the pfirst mistake is a committed by pthe rent. pjay covered over to wide open, pfive catches over 200 yards, pbama up by seven. pclemson did cut the lead to pfour, but this is how they risk podd on the kickoff. pcanyon drake takes a move, and phe is gone. palabama leads to 37 to 28. pthe two teams combined for 57 point
6:22 pm
pnick sabin's overall national ptitle. p>> man: we did not always play retty in this game. pit was probably not one of our pbest games when it just comes pto flat out execution. pwhen it comes to competing and pmaking plays and we need to pmake them, it was probably as pgood as it gets. pthat is the kind of competitors pthat n psitting here. p>> man: this is a great pexperience for our team against pa team that represents the pbest. pthere is no doubt we will be pback. pit will not be 34 years before pwe will be back. pi promise you that. p>> a take on colorado tonight pfor a chance to win their third pgame in a row. pand john cooper is hoping that plisa something they've not had pin the season, a winning streak plonger than three games. pit has been a weird year. pthe longest winning streak this pteam has had is three years. pthat is not bold like. pnow, the lighting finding the
6:23 pm
icture for about that long. pthey were in it saturday after pbeating that connects, but not pback out less than 24 hours plater. pi now, just a point out of the pwildcard slot going up against pthe avalanche. pthe caps are out to the pfour-game road trip. ptwo points tonight would be phuge in getting the team back pinto the playoff teacher. p>> man: the teams find a way pto do that, and it seems like pwe are finding a way to do that pand what we need to do to be psuccessful. pwe have said this whole trip pthat it starts with the work pethic so hopefully we can do pthat and have a good time. p>> man: this is a big game for pus. pthe last two were big for us to pget points, but we are still pfighting to the and of the layoffs. pwe need to make sure we come in phere and get two points ptonight. p>> jordan spieth is the number pone ranked golfer in the world, pand it is not a stretch to say
6:24 pm
phere in the day area when he pwon the valspar classic. phe won the valspar classic and pno one knew he was in. pthen he wins the masters three pweeks later that started a pdominating run. phe will be back the valspar is pdefending champ, and he tells pus in a phone conversation that pthis time the tournament will pfeel a lot different. p>> woman: last year when he layed her, and that you were a preal, true golf fan, you might pnot have really know who he pwas. pnow it is terrific year from p2015, everybody knows who he pis. pso this your kids everybody in ptampa bay the opportunity to pcome out and see a superstar in pthe making. p>> man: it led to an pincredible run throughout the pseason, and hopefully, pcontinuing out. pbut it all started their on the p17th green with that but. p>> yeah. pi think this time everybody pwill know who jordan spieth is pand everyone will be following pthem. p>> it is a big year for him.
6:25 pm
p>> he is amazing, and he is a pkid, too. p>> and he is so nice. p>> straightahead here at 6:30. pwe are looking and a breaking psituation. p>> and something was carried pout by isis and turkey. lus, khmer will join us. p>> hey there, kelly. pholy deflated tires, batman.
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p p we have a developing psituation where falling right pnow in the persian gulf. pto say mainly because it were pbeing held by a rod. ptold there on the right to pequate from the rain. pone develop mechanical problems pand directed into iranian pwater. piranian guard got the boats and pare holding the sailors on pthem. pthis is all happening your pfirst the island in his right pthe middle of the persian gulf. pwe will keep an eye on this and pbring you more when we get it. p traditionally, state of punion, the president gets up pand they give a long laundry plist of things that they want pto accomplish legislatively. pi want to identify three or pfour big ideas, three or four
6:29 pm
pa lot of what we can do is b p>> president obama giving a phint of what he plans on pstaying at tonight's state of punion address. pthis, of course, is the resence last state of union, pand the aides say he will call pattention to all of his psuccesses while he is been in poffice, of course. pand joe waldman joins us now pfrom washington. pgood evening, joe. p>> reporter: kelly, good pevening to you. punlike the president's previous psix speeches, the white house pis promising this last one will pnot be like anything we've pheard before. p>> forget the usual list of pgrant proposal, presidential pappeals and new policies. resident obama who is running pout of time to push a new pagenda was the finishing ptouches on what is described as pa nontraditional speech about pthe two things that help get phim elected the first place. pthe hope and change she wants pto see in our nation's future. pwhat the president is hoping to
6:30 pm
pfirst election and focus on the pnext generation of americans, pto keep the country safe. p>> the president is articularly optimistic about phow every american now has a pshot in the changing economy pafter the bottom nearly fell pout back in 2008. p>> man: what i want to focus pon in the state of the union paddress, not just the premarkable progress we have pmade, not just what i want to pget done in the year ahead, but pwhat we all need to do together pin the years to come. pthe big things that will pguarantee an even stronger, pbetter, more prosperous america pfor our kids. p>> the president will also pmake it clear he wants some of pthose things accomplished psooner than later, like tougher pgun control measures, and the pclosure of the u.s. detention pfacility in guantcnamo bay. pnow, south carolina governor pnikki haley, bandied about as a otential vice president pcandidate, she will deliver the prepublican response. p>> art.joe waldman reporting pfrom washington tonight.thank pyou. p>> we want to bring in our
6:31 pm
pwhat do you think you will say pabout the war on isis? p>> man: it may not be the pfocus, but he must stress what pis and is, where we go for pthis, and yes, he has addresses ptime time before. pmost recently in last december pin front of a prime office. pthis is his last opportunity in pa primetime setting to be able pto explain the war will pcontinue beyond his presidency, pand specifically what he is ptrying to do to degrade and pdestroy isis because, to this pday, there is a great deal of pskepticism and concern over his papproach. p>> what about b what do you pthink the president will ask pcongress to pass now be on some pnew gun-control laws? phe will likely ask them so pthey. p>> beyond guantcnamo bay, he pwill likely ask for tax reform. pthis is an area where both psides, republicans and pdemocrats, when change. pit may be a tall order an
6:32 pm
pthis is also combined with his pfocus on trade. pi think he wants congress to pclose the pacific deal. pif he can accomplish those pthings, and it will not be peasy, he can say in his final pyear, he was, in fact, able to pwork with congress to get these pdone. p>> craig, thank you. pthe state of the union is at p9:00 tonight and you can watch pright here on fox 13. p>> a suicide bombing and is to pbuild killed at least 10 and pinjured 15 others. pnine of the 10 who died were pgerman tourists and the other pwas from peru. pthe explosion happened in a pspot popular with tourists. p[sirens] p>> reporter: emergency ersonnel hean pattacked city. pgerman interest citizens along pthe crowd. pand isis is to blame. p>> man: we will not take our psteps back in our fights. pour resolve will continue as in pour fight against all terrorist pcontinues. p>> the bus, the latest in the pstring of ice is a texan
6:33 pm
pnearly 40 people. ptwo bombs in ankara are killing pnearly 200 in october. plast month, authorities this pfact that toews militants and parrested them after they psuspected him of planning pattacks of the capital. pthe white house released a pstatement saying, quote, we pstand together with turkey, a pnato ally and a strong partner pand a valued member of the pcounter isis militia in the pface of this attack and place pher ongoing cooperation and psupport the fight against pterrorism. pisis is also striking in our prock this week.the terrorist porganization carried out pmonday's deadly report a bag at pmall. pwhile taking responsibility for pthe siege, isis is warning pwords attacks are still to pcome. px both turkey and iraq have preally stepped up the fight pagainst isis. pturkey increased its pinvolvement in the u.s. led pcoalition fight against isis
6:34 pm
pwhile iraqi forces liberated pramani from the militants in pdecember. pin jerusalem, john huddy, fox p13 news.>> the mother of the pso-called affluenza teen is now pout of jail. ptonya couch walked out of jail pthis morning in texas. pshe bonded out after a judge preduce your bill from one main pdollars to 75,000. pshe will have to wear an anchor pmonitor. pshe is charged with hindering pthe apprehension of a felon. pauthorities believe she helped pher son, ethan, flee the pcountry. pto avoid meeting with a robation officer, ethan was in phis for 10 years probation for pkilling four people in a crash ptwo years ago. pthe two were found in mexico plast month. p>> all right. pwhen we come back, you will
6:35 pm
pattorney p all the attorneys are ptrying to adjust to the opinion pnow and see whether we need a plegislative change, whether it pwill affect the people who have palready been sentenced to pdeath, the pending death cases. p>> attorney general pam bondi preacting earlier today to the pu.s. supreme court ruling pflorida's death penalty process pis unconstitutional. pokay. pthe spring our attorney and plegal expert jeff brown. pthis is big news today, jeff. pwhat the court is likely pexplain this. p>> this is usually his is pright now in florida, we do not phave a death penalty. pwhat the supreme court has said pis something that a lot of us pknew. pthe do death cases new a lot of pthis was coming for quite some ptime because they previously pruled in a case that it was not
6:36 pm
pdown death sentences. pthat those are elements of a pcrime, and facts should be layed in front of a jury in pthe jury should find beyond a preasonable doubt. pso we care and floored a new pthis would be a problem, and peffect, to day the supreme pcourt has said, in fact that it pis a problem. pthe statute as it is written pand applied is punconstitutional. pso, really, the florida's plegislature will probably pconvene some sort of emergency psession and try to pass some plaw that they believe will be pconstitutional, if they want to pkeep the death penalty in pflorida. p>> let's go back a few days pago because it comes just after pthe execution of oscar ray pboland last week. pyou think this why there was a pfour hour delay because pjustices were looking at this pknowing there was a ruling had pof him? p>> yes, kelly. pi think there is no question pthat was a concern to them. pi think had boland been a ptypical death case, where he pwould've got in front of the pjury, found guilty of the
6:37 pm
pdecision would've been made by pthe judge with the precommendation of into your, pbut still, the decision made by pa judge for the death, i think pthat clearly, oscar ray boland pwas still be alive and they pwould not have executed the pdeath warrant. pthe problem though, for his pcase, he waves that ability to pbe in front of the jury and get pthat recommendation. pit is probably this of frame pcourse definition that what he pdid was waive its rights to phave a jury to heal decide pthose facts even though that is pnot the law in florida.that pis the only thing i can think pof, since i was obviously ondering that. pbut they did allow him to pexecute the death warrant on phim. pthat is the only reason the pspecific facts of this case or pnot your typical dedicates. p>> what will happen at all the risoners on the throne the. p>> yeah. pi think everybody in the state pof florida is pondering this pquestion, and all the lawyers phave inmates or have clients pthat are in death row, they are
6:38 pm
pwhen we look historically back pat what happened in arizona pwhen they declare their statute punconstitutional, it was really pa mix as to what was happening. pthere were some cases where the prescuers were proceeding ahead psaying there was here most perror, and therefore they could pstill rule under that and pconstitutional statute. pand then there are some cases pwhere the petitioner backed off pand either reissued the death psentence or offered a license pfor information. pso now that it has been pdeclared unconstitutional, you psimply turn them all into life psentences, or go back and plitigate them. pbut if we look historically, pthat is not what is true.
6:39 pm
pit will p p communication problems in pthe office are pretty common. plook at a little zip lining or phiking solve those problems? ptonight at 10:00, we will show pyou by one former army captain pbelieves they can. psee if his teambuilding plan pwould help you and your pcoworkers tonight at the fox 13 p10:00 news. p>> and stocks getting their psecond state day of gains. p117, which is a lot
6:40 pm
pgoing down. p>> let's mosey up the back pway. p>> that takes you back, pdoesn't it? pthat is episode one of season pone of the batman tv series pdebuted 50 years ago tonight on pabc. pit happened in three seasons pand had a ton of big-name stars pmaking cameos from vincent rice to just like a bore. pwas known for scampi style and pthemes, which were really moral plessons for these young people pwho are watching. pand the battle bill probably pdid not have a digital tire pgauge, and for many drivers, it pwas blinking leading to lines peverywhere for the air pcompressors at gas stations. pso yes, blame the cold. p>> some say putting nitrogen pin your tires is better than pair. pis asked the consumer reporter pwhat is the difference, and is pit worth the cost, chris?
6:41 pm
ossible the batmobile may have phad one of those. pit was in its vance vehicle for pthose times, was it? robably those tires did the late a little bit when it got pchilly for batman. pholy deflated tires. pwe are here to talk about pnitrogen in 2016. pis it actually worth the cost? pthere are proponents that say pthat, yes, putting nitrogen in pyour tires is the superhero for pyour tires. pyou'll pump them up less often pbecause nitrogen molecules are pjust a little bit bigger than poxygen and less likely to leak pthrough the walls of your all pseason radios. psecond, you will soon to better pgas mileage because of proper pinflation being maintained with pnitrogen when the oxygen is pless likely to leak child. pand third, you will have your pbangs. pyour tires will not pop as pmuch, basically, is what pthey're saying. pbecause removing the billing, poxygen, i'm your all season pradios also removes the
6:42 pm
pcan break down the walls and plead to replacement of those ptires sooner than you should. p>> really? p>> all for 3 to 8 bucks per ptire. pso $32, possibly on the phigh-end, though i have heard preports for some shops or pturkey more than $100 but pnitrogen in your tires. pthat is a bit steep x is it pworth the cost so? p>> that is a hotly contested ptopic all over. pin the automotive world, and pthe consumer world. pif you ask the automotive, they see pthis as a bus. p>> really? p>> they have looked at the pnumbers, and they have gone pback and forth with the claims pand counterclaims. pis a based on the cost and pconvenience and the actual erformance benefit, edmonds is pnot the nitrogen is worth it. pinstead, they said the bit much pbetter use of your money would pbe to buy a good tire pressure pgauge and check your tires pfrequently, filling them up pwith air is free. pnot three-day bucks, or
6:43 pm
pi will pick a middle ground phere. pi have nitrogen in my tires, peven though i do not have a pgauge of my 1998. pso i have it in my tires pbecause it was part of the ackage. pi got my tires at cosco and it pcomes as part of the package. pif you find it as part of the ackage, go for it. pif you have to pay extra, do presearch and ask yourself pquestions to see if you will pactually save some money. p>> save your quarters for the pcompressor that does not work por the court is not work. p>> although the air is free at pwalmart. pi love the fact the wall is in ptown because the air is free. pthat is fantastic. p>> and a lot of people will be pdealing with this because i pheard paul say next week will pbe very cool too. p>> yes. p>> so, paul? p>> yes.>> do you write? p>> it seems it is always the pfirst goal of the season.i premember back in mid-december, pwe had a cold snap and pimmediately, the car pressure b pthe tire pressure light comes pon, and after that you fill the ptires in your pretty much good pto go going forward. pyeah. pa lot of cold air on the way,
6:44 pm
pnights, the coldest the next pcouple of weeks. pbefore the cold arrives, we may phave issues and we will talk pabout that in one second.the pfirst, here is a look at the pold terms hospitals can. pyou can see the high clouds pthat were racing in from the peast b or, from the west all pday, and those are all high pcirrus clouds. pone that shows us how fast the pwinds are blowing above us. pthat means the weather systems pwill be on the move, rapid pweather changes are on tap, a pcouple of cold nights. pitu, going to be concerned pabout maybe thursday night into pfriday. pmay be more friday morning. peven on sunday, we will have to pwatch for the essential of psevere weather. pany one of these severe weather psystems that goes by during an pel nic year, you cannot write pthem off until you see how pthings lay out. pwe saw that on saturday, let's pjust look like a line of storms pcoming on shore. pbefore you know, you haven't
6:45 pm
pthe cause significant damage. pyou have to tornadoes are pstate, that is a big deal when pmost are efc euro. pyou have cold air again today, pchile on wednesday, and robably the sun will be dimmed por blocked by a lot of these phigh clouds, which are racing palong the active subtropical pjet. pan awful day in miami today. pdamn, chile, in the 60s. poakley, we are in the 50s with phigh clouds around 54 in pbrooksville. pi do not expect a freeze panywhere in our viewing area ptonight. phigh clouds run, there may be pareas of frost, especially in pour northern counties. p59 in sarasota, and in length, pwe have reading to the and to pupper 50s. pspecifically tonight, lows in p30s and 40s, not expecting a pbreeze. pthe air is very dry it 24 pdegrees. pit is tough to get an idea of phow to weather systems are pgoing in the dewpoint is it 24,
6:46 pm
pcan be talking about severe pweather in a couple of days. pthe atmosphere has to really prebound with tropical moisture. pthat may happen briefly pthursday night or friday. pthere is the stuck front south pof us, energy riding along the pfront. plake effect snow, very heavy psnow in pittsburgh and downwind pof all the right lakes. ptulsa is a 45, kansas city at p26. phere's the european model that pshows clouds around tomorrow, pand a low-pressure writing palong the subtropical jet. pwe get into the warm sector, pget cold while the timing is pright, could be storms to roduce tornadoes on friday, pthat goes by, there will be panother one fighting along the pjet, and that one could pinstigate at least some rain on psunday. pand maybe depending on the osition, maybe some strong pstorms as well. pthis is el nic . psome high clouds with another pchilly night tonight down to p44.
6:47 pm
pdimmed or even blocked by high pclouds coming in from the gulf p63. pclouds will taken on thursday. pthe timing now look sometime in plate thursday night or friday. pagain, the nighttime thing as a pbad thing. pthat is the favorite time at pleast climatological he, for ptornadoes and the winter is plate night. pso pay attention thursday night pand friday. pwe will track it in the mid p60s, even said that, to bring panother round of clouds and prain, or maybe some stores. pfinally next week, it turns
6:48 pm
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p p coming up tonight at p11:00, we're digging deeper pinto the elaborate fraud ring pinvolving ebt cards and the psuspect.
6:50 pm
pthe $1 million stolen over a pdecade. pa look at the long road ahead pfor investigators there. pand a warning for powerball players. pwe know there are a lot of you. pas the jackpot grows, be on the plookout for schemes, including pone in particular offering pfalse promises online. pthose stores are much more ptonight at 11:00. preally? p>> arm what high school is pknown for its successful pfootball team. pthe school's namesake is a phighly regarded local educator. lay charm what's impressive pachievements are still pimpacting lives today as you pwill see in tonight's what is pright with tampa bay. p . p>> man: blanche arm what was robably one of the most psignificant educators in tampa pand hillsboro county history. pshe was born to levan and pmaggie are what. pher family went back several pgenerations.
6:51 pm
pfrom st. peter klaber with the pequivalent of a high school pdiploma. pand she was offered a teaching osition right then and there p12. pinstead, she went to spell and pseminary, spelman college, and pgraduated at 16, then came back pto tampa and began her teaching pcareer. robably the biggest paccomplishment for blanche arm pwould, as far as education, was preally her pioneering of what pwe now know as home economics. pshe was the first psuperintendent for what they pcalled the negro schools here pin hillsboro county in the p1920s. pshe also was one of the pfounders of the urban league. pin her 49 years, she paccomplished an incredible pamount. pa high school and college pgraduate, that alone for an pafrican-american woman at the ptime was an achievement. pbut then going on to a law pdegree and leadership positions pin the school system, and in pcivic life.
6:52 pm
pan incredible career. p>> a trailblazer. p>> think about her. pat 12, graduated and could pbecome a teacher at that point. pso smart. pour strong school is named pafter blanche of course, and pthere's also a bust of her of pthe riverwalk it curtis exit parc in downtown tampa. pthat is something that b p>> for work will live on, >> pforever. p>> you know when we're not on ptv we are on facebook and pinstagram. pwe have another live report if pyou're heading into tampa right pnow from pinellas county, you psee it.this is a live look at pthe bridge.this is the best. premember, fdot just open the
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