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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 13, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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inadvertently beco here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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closed captioning and other considerations for "access
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tag time. earlier, we told you "el chapo" may be the world's most unexpected fashion icon after his shirt pictured with sean penn somehow became a sensation. so we asked do you like the look.
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is getting a lot of attention. donna says, not impressed personally. the shirt is nice, but who would want it or one like it. >> said it's nice. i like it. >> mary showing some love. she said rodeo chic. >> better than rodeo chick. you never want to call "el chapo" that. >> and who knew "el chapo" committed crimes against fashion too. >> i'm kind of torn on the look. close your eyes for a second. open. >> you need an el largeo billy. >> stay connected, join the conversation @accesshollywood on facebook, twitter and instagram. bye-bye.used ebt cards to carry out an pelaborate theft ring. p>> man: all these things still pmatter to hard working families. pthey're still the right thing to pdo and i won't let up until they pget done.
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resident obama says his job is pfar from done. phe wrapped up his final state of pthe union address about an hour pago. pcraig patrick has been analyzing pthe address, joining us now from pthe newsroom, what was your take paway? p>> reporter: it was unfinished pbusiness both for him and his psuccessor. pon that point, very interesting pcomments on the war on terror pand isis, among other things. phe said that isis does not pose pa threat to our national pexistence. pthat's rather the isis story and pwith that mind, we should be pmindful of what we call them. ptake a look. p>> man: we just need to call pthem what they are. pkillers and fanatics who have to pbe rooted out, hunted down, and pdestroyed. pwith or without congressional pedge. pisil will learn the same lessons
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pif you doubt america's pcommitment or mine to see that pjustice is done, just as osama pbin ladin. pit may take time but our reach phas no limits. p>> reporter: he used this paddress once more to explain his pstrategy to fight the terrorists pin iraq and syria and to degrade pand destroy isis. pas you just saw, this will take ptime and this is a campaign that pwill probably play out long pafter he is no longer president. pand that's the point he preenforced once again here ptonight. p>> do you hear anything that psurprised you tonight? p>> reporter: i heard a couple pof points but what is really pstriking to me, if you remember pthe speech that launched him on pthe national stage in 2004 that pwe're not a liberal or pconservative nation, we're the punited states of america, he
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punity and he said in that prespect he failed. p>> man: it's one of the few pregrets of my presidency, that pthe ranker and suspicion between pthe parties have gotten worse pthan better. pit's not enough to change the resident, we have to change the psystem to reflect our better pselves. pchanges in our political rocess. pand not just who gets elected pbut how they get elected. pthat will only happen when the pamerican people demand it. p>> reporter: and to that, the resident gave several different pexamples of what he had in mind. pone of them already in play here pin florida. pwe need to have fair districts pacross the nation in congress pand beyond so you don't have pdistricts where one party is not pchallenged by the other. phe also talked about the
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olitics and how that should pchange. pand i think that's where he has pconsensus on both sides of the paisle. pwhere there's a great deal of pfrustration among the elect pwhich is pushing for pantipoliticians in 2016. p>> far from any of those issues pbeing resolved. pafter the president's address, psouth carolina governor nikki phaley delivered the gop response pechoing the president's psentiments about immigration. p>> woman: we must fix our pbroken immigration system. pthat means stopping illegal pimmigration and it means pwelcoming properly vetted legal pimmigrants, regardless of their prace or religion just like we phave for centuries. p>> she says that no one should pfeel unwelcomed in this country. pshe said it could be tempting to pfollowing the voices.
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pwill stand up for their beliefs pand if one was in the white phouse, taxes would be lowered. p on the first day of pflorida's legislative session, pgovernor rick scott delivered phis state of the state address. pmain focus, jobs, of course. p>> man: thanks to the hard pworking people of our state, pover one million jobs have been pcreated since i took office five pyears ago. p>> he also talked tax cuts. phe wants them to pass a billion pdollars in tax cuts and to pcreate a $250 million enterprise pfund to expand florida pbusinesses. p in other news, florida's pdeath penalty is up in the air. pthe court ruled that judges have ptoo much power to impose the pdeath sentence when the power
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pthere are serious questions pabout what happens to the pinmates that are on death row. p>> reporter: there are 390 pfloridians on death row. p78 of them are from tampa bay pand there may be appeals coming pfrom many of them. pthe question will be how the pstate supreme court decides to psentence the convicted killer pwho you see there who brought pthis case. pthat's tim hurs of pensacola. pthe us supreme court did not pgive guidance in its 8-1 ruling. pit said a mere recommendation pfrom the jury to the judge is pnot enough. pwill their ruling be retro pactive? pthat's the question. pif the state supreme court pallows him to be resentenced, it pcould be grounds for new appeals pfrom others on death row. p>> man: if you have to retry enalty phases for all of those eople, that's tens of millions pof dollars and untold amounts of
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p>> man: this is a problem we pcan fix. pthese are not like some supreme pcourt decisions that bind us pforever. p>> woman: we can keep pfloridians safe by keeping very pdangerous criminals behind bars pfor the rest of their lives. p>> reporter: state law makers pwho support the death penalty psaid they would be rewriting the pstatute with the sixth pamendment. pthat ruling coming down on the psame day that the session pstarted. pso convenient timing there. pattorney general pam bondy said pthose on death row will have to pbe tried on a case by case pbasis. pthe defense attorney for a tampa pdeath row inmate, dante morris psaid he will not appeal until pthere's more guidance from psupreme court. pthe lawyer said he will delay pthe four pending death penalty ptrials. p we're following a news alert
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pdeputy. pa deputy involved crash on mlk pand 62nd avenue north. pwe do know the accident involves pa car and a motorcycle and of pcourse we'll bring you more pinformation as we get them. p and developing tonight in pst. pete, police break up an palleged fraud scheme causing the pgovernment more than $1 million. pthe man at the center of this is pthis convenience store owner. pwe're live from one of those pconvenient stores involved. pi know police worked this case pfor years, didn't they? p>> reporter: yeah, this was pactually a 15 month pinvestigation. pled them to half a dozen pconvenient stores and now more pthan a dozen people are facing pcharges. pnothing to say, and nowhere to pgo but into a st. pete police pcruiser.
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pdoing this to people and stores, pwe're coming. p>> reporter: they come with a pu-haul and hauled away almost peverything. pthe store's owner made a lot of pmoney off of a widespread fraud pscheme. p>> man: i think he knew the gig pwas up. p>> reporter: police say it went pon for 13 years when he bought pebt cards from customers and pacquaintances. pinvestigators say he would then pbuy items in stores like sam's pclub and resell them in his pstore or to other business powners. pwe're told these are psurveillance picture of him in pthe act. phe would cash out the remainder pof the cards at this gas pstation. p>> man: he took $1.6 million pfrom the government. p>> reporter: he wasn't allowed pto accept ebt cards. pthe feds suspected of fraud in pthe 1990s and ordered him to pstop. pthere's even a sign posted on
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pwe stopped by his home in temple pterrace. pwanted to see if someone would ptell us his take. p>> man: he's not home and we pdon't want to share. p>> reporter: he's a criminal pand won't be adding anymore pchapters. p>> man: for 13 years he's been pin that store and robbing from pthe community and the pgovernment. p>> reporter: and police say pthey confiscated about $160,000 pfrom him. pthey're still looking for some pof those people who are accused pof selling their ebt cards to phim and they, too, could end up pin jail. p>> thank you very much. p new at 11:00, a st. pete man pis behind bars after detectives psay they found nearly a dozen pimages of child porn graef on phis computer. ptheir investigation started in poctober and found at least ten pimages in his possession.
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pbut they're still investigating. p a tampa bay doctor convicted plast year of running pill mills pwill spend the next 30 years in rison. pshe was found guilty of passing poutline hundreds of thousands of ain killers to patients who did pnot need the drugs. pshe made more than $1 million pselling those pain killers at ptwo clinics. pboth were raided in 2011. pfollowing her prison sentence, robation. p they arrested a man accused pof grabbing a student over the pweekend. phe approached her in the parking plot and while she was giving pdirections, he grabbed the pstudent and kissed her. pwhen she tried to run away, he pgrabbed her again before letting pher go. phe's a former usf student and
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p officers in district three phanded out light bulbs tonight pin part of their front porch plight call to deter criminals pwho look for shadows. pofficers will be carrying light pbulbs with them and handing them pout where they see a need. p>> woman: we're able to catch pmaybe one or two more bad guys pthan we would not have normally pcaught to be hiding in the dark pin someone's neighborhood. p>> the tampa police department pteamed up with teco for this roject. pthey donated one thousand of pthose energy efficient bulbs. pso they won't run up your bill pand you can stop criminals. p her case led to the creation pof the amber alert system and 20 pyears later, the search for her pkiller continues. p>> man: detectives come and go. psome have passed away, some have
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phere to carry her banners. p>> her family's plea for new pleads. p tension in the pergs gulf. piran. pthey're doing. p no freeze, a bit of frost pacross our northern counties. pi think our story is potential pfor severe weather. pwe'll talk abo this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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p an update onn this story now, pat this time tomorrow, a group pof us navy sailors being held by pthe iranian military are psupposed to be returning to the pship. pthey were detained after being pin iranian water. p>> reporter: intense news from pthe persian gulf as iran holds pten us navy sailors including pone woman, including their two pboats. pthey say the boats in these pimages are the types of vessels pinvolved. pthey say the sailors are safe pand well and at least one of the pus boats may have had mechanical roblems and drifted into piranian waters. p>> man: us authorities have pbeen in touch with iranian pofficials.
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pare safe and assured our sailors pwill be allowed to resume their pjourney promptly. p>> reporter: they lost contact pwith the boats. pus officials say the incident punfolded near farsey island and ptrouble with one of the boats pmay have caused them to touch pground. piran's foreign minister tells pthe us navy that the sailors pwill be allowed to continue. pall of this unfolding at a recares time. pmany time, in days, sanctions pare set to be lifted on iran if pit meets the terms of last psummer's nuclear deal. p>> man: iran is testing the pboundaries of this padministration. p>> reporter: meantime, on pwednesday, the house of prepresentatives is supposed to pimpose a bill for new sanctions pwith the iranian regime. p happening right now in
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pworking to free a man that's pbeen stuck underground for pnearly eight hours. pit was 3:30 our time that a pcontractor got stuck in the psewer pipe. pthe trench collapsed around him pleaving him ten feet trapped punderground. pas of 8:00 tonight, they only puntraped one of his legs. phe does not appear to be injured pbut he's still stuck down there pand they're working to get him pout. p on to the power ball dreams pnow. p$1.5 billion, that's how big the pjackpot is now. pit will probably be bigger pbefore tomorrow night's drawing. pwith that kind of money on the pline, it comes as no surprise pthat someone out there is taking padvantage of people's excite. pthey're warning you about a pscam. pthere's a fake website that psomeone has created that pconvince people to buy shares of
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pit promotes itself as a usa ower ball sinned cat. pfolks, this is a scam, of pcourse. punder florida law, players pcannot buy lottery tickets over pthe internet, phone, or mail and pthat includes power ball. pit sounds too good to be true, pit probably is. p it is hard to ignore that pgiant jackpot out there. pfor most people, buying a few ptickets is no big problem. p>> but for some people pstruggling with a gambling paddiction, all this hype could pmean trouble. pthey're reminding everyone to lay responsibly. pdon't use your rent money to lay, okay? pthey say with more than 6 pmillion americans experiencing roblems with gambling, having pthe jackpot this high can lure psome people out of recovery and palso cause people who have never pgambled before to develop an paddiction. p>> woman: it's all about
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psticking to them, not gambling pmore than you can afford, pknowing your chances you have to pactually win. p>> well the power ball website preminds players to play presponsibly and never spend more pthan you can afford. pif you're struggling with pgambling addiction, you can get phelp by calling the hot line. p some of our coolest air of pthe season upon us now, some of pour neighbors to the north will pbe getting frost. p>> yeah, snow well to our north. pjust patchy frost. pthe cold is the story. pbut what might happen thursday pnight and friday and also on pfriday, we can watch for severe pweather. pwe'll talk about that. pwe'll see how it plays out. pit will be thursday night and pearly friday, this is the pweather pics winter. pthis is vicky lee, that's a pgreat shot. peven folks in the water fishing. pand capturing hopefully some pfish and capturing a great psunset. pfox 13 umbrella winner.
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pi tell you, the high clouds pmoved in rapidly. pthe one thing i learned back in p'97, the last big el nino, it's prare to get two sunny days in a prow. pthe jet stream is so fast and pstrong, it just brings high pclouds and moisture right back pover you. pyou get one day where the cold pfront goes by, the sky is nice pand blue and the high clouds pback in, that's the case tonight pand tomorrow, ultimately we'll pend up mostly cloudy all day. pmaybe dim sun a little bit but a plot of clouds but look at the pextent. pthe water vapor, it's pretty pimpressive. plook at how far the subtropical pjet heads out to hawaii and then pit picks up moisture across the acific, moves across mexico, pover the gulf and then over our pstate. pif you remember back in the last
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pnino with a storm track like pthis, it's here. pas we saw on saturday, this fast pjet can bring with it lots of pinstability, lots of twists to pthe atmosphere, we have to watch pout every single time a band of prain or a front goes by. pthere's at least a potential for psevere weather. psome more than others but you phave to watch every single one pof them. pright now it's chilly. p48 land lakes, 44 in pbrooksville, areas south are in pthe low 50s and areas inland are pin the 40s and low 50s. pit's a chilly night and we'll be pin the 40s and 50s tonight. pi don't see any significant pfreeze at all tonight. pmaybe patchy frost and that's pit. p52. pthe dew
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psome of that snow is heavy. ittsburgh today had over four pinches of snow. ptomorrow's high, under mostly pcloudy skies, low 60s. pthere's going to be an area of plow pressure developing, that's pgoing to sweep by thursday into pfriday, there may be heavy rain pand perhaps some severe weather pover the peninsula. pthat low goes by, we dry up on psaturday and then another batch pof energy rides along the jet pstream and that also could bring pus some rain and maybe some pthunder storms on sunday. pit's an active pattern. psome high clouted ds, another chilly pnight tonight. pwe're in the mid 40s tomorrow. pit may end up mostly cloudy ptomorrow and cool. pthe clouds thicken on thursday, psome rain and storms at night or
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pwe briefly clear up on saturday. psome storms come back on sunday pand it could be very cold by pwednesday and thursday of next pweek. pso nonstop action. pback to you. p all right, paul. pcoming up, her disappearance is pwhat inspired the amber alert psystem. p>> all these years later, 20 pyears since amber was kidnapped, pher family's n look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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p tomorrow marks 20 years psince amber hagerman was pabducted and murdered in texas. pit was her death that inspired pthe amber alert. p>> fox's dion talked to amber's pfamily and the detectives who pworked this case so many years pago. p>> reporter: 20 years ago, pamber hagerman's mother felt the
1:27 am
pher little girl was kidnapped pand brutally murdered. p>> woman: as her mother, i'm pnot going to live up. p>> reporter: today, as her pchild's memory lives on, donna pwilliams is still hurting pbecause amber's killer has never pbeen caught. p>> woman: she was butchered. pshe was just a 9-year-old baby pgirl and i don't want no one to pforget that. pif it wasn't for amber, we would pnot have the amber alert tonight pand not saved over 7 million pchildren's lives. p>> reporter: she was with her pfive-year-old brother riding her pbike in this grocery store arking lot. pa witness saw a man in a black ptruck get out, grab her, and ptake off as amber kicked and pscreamed. pfour days later, a man walking phis dog discovered her body.
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p>> man: as a family, we want
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