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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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p>>russell: just days after the pfirst execution of the year, the pu.s. supreme court strikes down pflorida's death penalty system. pnow hundreds of cases are in pquestion. p>>laura: america can cure pcancer. resident obama launches a new pmission that he compares to planding a man on the moon. p>>russell: and you can launch pyour own rocket if you hit the owerball. pthere's $1.5 billion on the pline. pand there's a good chance psomebody is going to win this ptonight. p>>dave: me? pam i that good chance? pnot the greatest. p50 degrees in tampa. pit's 42 in brooksville. p39 in crystal river. pyou are waking up in citrus pcounty thinking, where is all pthe frost? pwe had high clouds last night. pthose high clouds definitely phelped out. pwhile it's still chilly, we're pnot going to run the risk of plosing plants to frost or freeze por anything like that. pat least not in today's pforecast.
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pthe day today and we'll poke a plittle sun and it will filtrate, pif you will. ptomorrow a little warmer in the pupper 60s but then a good chance pof rain comes swinging through pon friday morning. pwe'll talk more about that in a pfew minutes. pi-275. pyesterday we reported this. ptraffic shifted in the pnorthbound lanes over a new pbridge crossing dale mabry and phimes and it was supposed to pmake the commute smoother. pinstead, traffic was at a stand pstill and many are still pcomplaining this onramp from pdale mabry is too short. pwe expect to see more of the psame as drivers get used to the pnew pattern and hopefully that's pall it is, trying to get used to pthe change. pvanessa, what are we expecting pfor today? pit's calm now. pit's early. p>>vanessa: it's a lot calmer at pthis point because the volumes phaven't picked up. pby 8:30 in the morning yesterday pmorning, this point of the
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pbasically pinellas side, we had ptraffic backed up from dale pmabry all way to here. pthat was a big headache. pwe encourage folks to plan for psome extra time out the door if pthey have to head this way a plittle bit later, but in the pmeantime, you can see it looks pclear. ptravel times, if you're coming pfrom the tampa side of the phoward frankland to the i-4 so pthe trouble spot we saw during pthe heart of rush hour in the pmorning is pretty clear. pthat's an eight minute ride. psouthbound 75 from fletcher to pthe selmon and then westbound pi-4 from 75 to 275, we will keep pyou posted when we start to see pthings pick up along 27 #. p>>laura: right now pinellas pcounty sheriff's office is pinvestigating a serious crash pinvolving a deputy and a pmotorcycle. pit happened just before 8:00 plast night near the skyway plaza pshopping center. p>>russell: shayla reaves is pthere. pthe motorcyclist, we know, is in pthe hospital and you tell us ptomorrow is his birthday.
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p20-year-old motorcyclist is in pthe hospital and according to pauthorities, he does have pserious injuries. pthis, of course, after that paccident that happened not far pfrom our location here near 62nd pavenue north and dr. martin pluther king, junior street north phere in st. petersburg but here pis what authorities are telling pus about this, how it all punfolded. pthey tell us it was right before p8:00 when a corporal joe minor pstarted pulling out of a pbusiness parking lot and crossed pthe -- to cross the road. pa motorcyclist tried to avoid pimpact with the cruiser but pcould not do enough. pthe result, he lost control pconnecting with the cruiser. pmedics transport him to the phospital for treatment for his pinjuries. pcorporal minor is said to be pokay. pnow, investigators tell us they pdo not believe speed or pimpairment were factors in this pcrash and they do tell us that pthe motorcyclist was wearing a phelmet at the time of the crash. pagain, at this point, detectives
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pcase and will continue to keep pyou posted as we learn anything pfurther, guys. pback to you. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. phope and change versus fear and pdivision. resident barack obama's final pstate of the union address pmirrored themes from his first. p>>russell: with the next pelection months away, the resident talked about what he phopes to leave behind as his plegacy. p>> fixing a broken immigration psystem, protecting our kids from pgun violence, equal pay for pequal work. aid leave. praising the minimum wage. pall of these things -- all these pthings still matter to hard pworking families. pthey're still the right thing to pdo. pi won't let up until they get pdone.
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poff a list of his actions in poffice, helping lead the peconomic recovery, health care preform and ending cold war ptensions with cuba. resident also talked about some pof his biggest regrets, the deep pdivide in congress and his pfrustrations with stopping gun pvioence. p>>laura: last night president pobama also issued a challenge to pvice president joe biden and the pamerican people echoing resident john f. kennedy's call pto put a man on the moon. phe announced a national effort pto cure cancer. p>> i'm putting joe in charge pmuch mission control. pfor the loved ones we all lost, pfor the families that we still pcan save, let's make america the pcountry that cures cancer once pand for all. p>>laura: this is a very personal ptask for the vice president. phe was just 46 years old. pthe emotional toll of his son's pdeath was one reason that biden pdecided against running for
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psouth carolina governor haley pdelivered the republican presponse to the president's paddress. p>>russell: while she said the pspeech was rosier than the precords suggest, she also talked pabout angry voices that paint a pdarker picture. p>> today we live in a time of pthreats like few others in precent memory. pduring anxious times, it can be ptempting to hear the siren call pof the loudest voices. p>>russell: she's the youngest pgovernor, the third consecutive pwoman chosen to deliver the arty's response to the resident. psome think potential vice residential candidate. p>>laura: presidential candidate pand democrat hillary clinton pshowed her support for the resident on social media psharing this picture on facebook pand calling him a friend. prepublican frontrunner donald ptrump was very critical of the pimagine.
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pslow and hard to watch. pjeb bush said legacy will be pleading from behind. pwe're going to hear more from pthem tomorrow night, the next rime time republican residential debate is thursday pon the fox business network. pit starts at 9:00 and if you're pnot sure where to find the fox pbusiness network, log on to fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: death penalty psentencing system is punconstitutional and the ruling pcould impact hundreds of cases. pjustices say the state sten psentencing procedure is flawed. puntil now, florida juries have layed only an advisory role in precommending death. pthat means judges could choose plife or death despite the jury's precommendation. ponly a few other states give pjudges that power. p78 on death row are from our parea. pthis opens many of those cases pto appeal.
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pkiller morris says he won't pappeal until there's more pguidance from the state supreme pcourt or from lawmakers. phe did say this will delay his pcases. p>> we have to retry penalty hases for all those people. pthat's tens of millions of pdollars and untold amounts of presources and time. p>>russell: the ruling comes less pthan a week after oscar ray pbolin's execution. phe exhausted all of his appeals. am bondi says that current pdeath row inmates will be phandled on a case by case basis puntil the law is changed. p>>laura: it is 6:09 now and ptoday, hulk hogan gets back in pthe ring with gawker. pthere's another day long hearing pscheduled in the $100 million plawsuit against the site. pthis time hogan is expected to pbe there. phogan is suing gawker over a sex ptape that leaked online and he pcan be heard making racist premarks.
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pcourt order to investigate pgawker's computers and we could plearn what they found today. p>>russell: 6:09 and the widow of pthe man shot and killed in a pwesley chapel movie theater two pyears ago is now suing the ptheater chain and one of its pemployees. pthe theater had no procedures in lace to enforce the no weapons olicy. pher husband was shot and killed pby curtis reeves. rosecutors say they were parguing over oulson's use of a pcell phone. pthey also blame a theater pemployee for not stepping in to pdefuse the situation. pit was supposed to start pyesterday. pthe judges still need to decide pwhether the stand your ground pholds water in this case. p>>laura: all right. psomeone's life could change ptonight. p>>russell: right now someone may pbe holding a little slip of aper worth $1.5 billion.
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ptonight and you can expect pstores to be cranking out those ptickets all day long today. p>>laura: fox 13 alcides segui is plive at 7-eleven on gandy pboulevard to talk about the pnumbers and the chances at a pdream. pright? p>>reporter: that's right. pthe possibilities are endless. eople started buying the owerball tickets very early pthis morning, about 10 minutes pago. psomeone actually came into the p7-eleven at 5:00 this morning to pthey don't start selling tickets puntil 6:00 a.m. but stores like pthis one, 7-eleven here in ptampa, they'll be packed with eople walking in and buying pthose powerball tickets. pthe odds of winning, one in 292 pmillion but just in case you do pwin, wells fargo has some padvice. pthey recommend taking the pwinnings in a lump sum. pthat way your money will earn pmore interest over time and palso, once you buy that fancy pcar and that dream house, spend
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pcareful planning will no doubt pgo a long way. owerball jumping again to $1.5 pbillion. pthe florida lottery studio in ptallahassee where the record pbreaking drawing will take place phas a battery of security tests pto ensure that everything goes psmoothly. pso again, the odds of winning pare one in 292 million but there pare a couple of people in tampa pwho started a social media pool. pthe in is 500 bucks. p140 people are in on this pool. pthey purchased 35,000 tickets so pthe odds of them winning went pfrom one in 292 million are now pone to 8,000. phow about that? pso that pool gets 500, $140 eople into it in tampa. pinteresting stuff. pin the next hour, we'll talk pabout what if you buy all these pcombinations, right?
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phow much is it going to cost pyou? pwe'll talk about that coming up pin a half an hour. pback to you. p>>laura: fun. pthank you. p>>russell: luck doesn't always plast for a lot of winners. p>>laura: still ahead, a local pwinner's story with a cautionary ptale. ptrust no one. p>>russell: and 20 years ago ptoday, the little girl was pabducted while riding her bike. pthen her short life has helped psave hundreds of other children. pnow there's a new push to catch pamber's killer. p>>dave: the cloud cover has psettled in this morning. pnorth-northeast winds at seven pmiles an hour. paround the area, maybe in the pupper 30s in ocala, lower 40s in pbrooksville pbrooksville. pclouds helped keep our
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pit's nice, p>>dave: it's all about the high pcloud cover this morning. pand here's the interesting pthing. pthese high clouds, it's a pconveyor belt of high clouds. pthey're streaming in from the peastern pacific all the way pacross mexico, all the way pacross the gulf and right pthrough our state. pit's unreal. pthat's an el nino pattern for pyou and we are fully sitting in pthat, and that typically keeps pus cooler than normal. phence the past few days. pnow, the other issue is, pwhenever you get an area of low ressure to even close to the
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pwe've got one on friday. pit tends on trigger some strong ossibility on friday. pit looks like the time frame for pthis would be on friday morning psometime, maybe between 6:00 and pnoon, that kind of time frame pfor some of the strong storms. pobviously we'll fine tune that pand make it a better time period pfor you as we get the next day, pday and a half. pbut then after a quiet start, panother round of rain is going pto come swinging through on psunday. pfrost advisory, cancelled. pfreeze advisory, cancelled. pthose high clouds helped out. pbrandon, you need your jackets. pit's cold. p42 in brooksville, 50 in tampa. plet's say we had clear skies pthis morning. pwe probably would have been down paround 43 in tampa and they pwould probably be sitting at pabout 32 crystal river so pthere's your difference. phigh clouds help out in the pmorning. pstill mild down in south florida pand it's much nicer over the
6:15 am
ptallahassee was sitting at 28 pdegrees. pwinds out of the north so the psurface wind hasn't changed but pit's the mid to upper levels and pyou look at this cloud cover and pit's literally just streaming pin. pi mean, streaming in from the psouthwest and i don't think this pis going to change at all the pnext couple of days. ponce again, there will be a wave pof low pressure to form in the pgulf and that all comes swinging pthrough. pyou combine that with this and pthe end result will be a good pchance of showers and pthunderstorms. pfor today, the best way to pdescribe it is filtered psunshine. phigh clouds with the sun pstreaming through from time to ptime. pit holds us back a little bit pfor maximum hypo terrible. pwe'll put a high of 64 degrees. pnot bad. pand tonight we'll be in the 40s pagain. ptomorrow close to 70 degrees. peven though you see that 74, it pwill be a great day because you phave a line of showers and
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pquiet on saturday. ponce again, the rain should be paround on sunday as well. pgood morning. p>>vanessa: we're in the brandon parea. pdrivers heading in brandon pboulevard, keep in mind there's pa road hazard reported. pwe don't know if it's debris in pthe roadway or what but it's pcausing lane blockage at hilltop proad so east of 75. pwe don't know which direction pbut of course, we'll keep you osted here on air as well. pjust keep your eyes pealed pmaking your way that way. p>>russell: we're monitoring a pvery tense situation in the ersian gulf. pless tense now than it was. pabout an hour ago, we learned of pa 10 u.s. navy sailors were pfreed by iran. pu.s. military has confirmed pthey've been free. pthey were taken into custody pyesterday after their boats pdrifted into iranian waters. pnine men, one woman and they pwere held overnight at iranian pbase in the gulf.
6:17 am
preleased. p>>laura: we are also watching a pdeveloping situation in pcalifornia. pfire crews in oakland have just pfreed a plumber who was stuck in pa 10 foot sewer pipe. pbeen there since 12:30 yesterday pafternoon. pan independent contractor was pworking on a sewer line when it pcollapsed on him. pthey shored up the trench to get phim out safely. ptoday marks the 20 years since pamber was abducted and murdered pin arlington, texas. pher death and disappearance pinspired the amber alert system. pthey are case still unsolved. olice are hoping the panniversary will bring new pleads. p>>reporter: 20 years ago, pamber's mother had the pain of pknowing her daughter was pkidnapped and murdered. ptoday as her child's memory
6:18 am
psystem, donna williams is still phurting because amber's killer phas never been caught. p>> amber was butchered. pshe was just a 9-year-old baby pgirl and i don't want to forget pthat. pif it were not for amber, we pwould not have the amber alert ptoday and we would not have phelped save over 700 children's plives today. p>>reporter: amber was with her p5-year-old brother riding her pbike in this arlington grocery pstore parking lot, a witness saw pa man in a black truck get out, pgrab her and take off as amber pkicked and screamed. pfour days later, a man walking phis dog discovered her body in pnorth arlington. ptoday the kidnapping scene bears pa memorial tribute to amber. pher little brother ricky is now p25. p>> as a family, we want justice
6:19 am
phave any information -- please pcome forward. p>>russell: arlington p.d. pdetectives gathered today for pthe milestone anniversary pappealing to anyone who might pknow something or can remember panything to help solve the case. p>> our message to the person pthat killed amber is very psimple. pwe are still here. pdetectives come and go, some phave passed away, some have pretired, but someone will always pbe here to carry amber's banner pand we absolutely believe this pcase will be solved. p>>reporter: there is no forensic pevidence to trace and more than p8,000 leads have been checked pout. pstill there is hope for solving pamber's murder. p>> a lot of people obviously pdon't even know where the amber palert even originated so i'm palways very happy to go and pspeak and tell everybody where pthe story came from. p>> please don't forget amber.
6:20 am
psystem has changed a lot in 20 pyears. pthese days millions of americans pcarry cell phones. pthat means the alerts can be psent instantly to entire pcommunities, even statewide. piphones you can make sure amber palerts are activated by going to psettings and then notifications pand make sure you switch them to pgreen. pyou need to report a missing pchild immediately, call your plocal law enforcement. p>>russell: florida lawmakers pwant to reign in fantasy sports pindustry. ptheir plan is to help chronic pgamblers. p>>laura: when most of us lose pthe powerball, we're going to pneed a big hug to get over it pbut it may be the biggest bear
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p>>russell: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>laura: taylor has a look at phot clicks. p>>taylor: today we're starting pthings off with one of those opular instagram accounts and pthis one happens to show a dog pwho has better hair than most of pus. ptake a look at this. pthere she is. pher name is cuma and she has pover 20,000 followers on pinstagram where her owner, check pout that little beanie and the plong locks. pso cute. pher owner posts photos of her pwith amazing hair styles. pshe has fishtail braids in her phair right there.
6:24 am
pstyles are inspired by those of pwestern models she sees online. pthe unbelievable hair and the padorable outfits are taking it pto the next level. pdid we show you the one with the pbun yet? pshe has a bun. poh, yes. pjust cruising. pthere's the bun. pthat's how i come in every pmorning, with that bun. pi couldn't resist showing that pone. pall right. pnext up, we have a random video pthat teaches proper buffet petiquette. pwatch this. pis this how you do things? pdid you see him walk away with pthe main dish? p>>russell: he makes the play. uts it down. p>>taylor: puts it down and walks paway with what he feels is a
6:25 am
pi mean, so random but over p100,000 views in just a couple pof days. pi'm guessing it just doesn't pshow what you would expect. pvery funny. pspeaking of what you would not pexpect, lastly we have an pamazing video of a bear hug in pthe most literal sense. pit was shot at the wildlife pcenter in new york where they prehab injured animals and most pof them return to the wild. pwait. pit gets even better. pthen in this case, she's not pgoing back to the wild. phe's been at the center and the pcare of the staff member, jim, pfor 20 years. pneedless to say, they've pestablished quite the bond. plook at that. pthat's like a big dog, right? pjust like putting the head up, pletting him scratch. plove the neck. pthank you.
6:26 am
pafter you see the revanant, pyou're going to think twice pabout that big bear. p>>laura: that's what you were pthinking when you saw it. p>>russell: yeah. p>>taylor: that's a nice video pand i'm guessing it's not ending pthe way that did. p>>laura: in 20 minutes, new piphone 7 rumors. pthis phone may be the thinnest pyet. pthere's a drawback to it. p>>russell: will you spend all of ptoday day creaming about a pbillion and a half dollars? robably. palcides segui is watching those plottery tickets fly out of the pmachine and he's talking to the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes.
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pit's cold this morning but dave psays some worst weather is on pthe way, right? p>>dave: it's friday. pfriday we have a good chance of pshowers and thunderstorms to pcome through but relatively pquiet the next couple of days pand cloudy as well. pyou can see with the tampa cam pthat we have a high cloud cover pstreaming through the area. pit's not going to stop from ushing through, filtering pthrough. p50 degrees in tampa, 42 in pbrooksville. pmid to upper 40s for the inland plocations. pi think we get back to mid 60s pfor today. pwith that filtered sunshine, ponce again, friday morning will pbe a bit stormy so we'll discuss pthat in a few minutes. p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe're keeping an eye on i-275 pnorthbound approaching dale pmabry. pthat trouble spot from the heart pof the rush hour commute pyesterday morning. plooks like it's all clear at pthis point as far as those ptravel times go. pnot too many cars on the roadway pyet so of course, we'll watch pit. pwe didn't start to see trouble
6:29 am
pfolks were on the roadway. pso if you're heading out right pnow, so far so good. pbut of course, if you're going pto be heading out a little plater, you might want to plan pfor extra time. plooks like the average speed pnorthbound approaching dale pmabry is still around 55 miles er hour. p>>russell: florida's death enalty system is punconstitutional. pthat's according to the u.s. psupreme court. pthe procedure violates the sixth pamendment because it gives too pmany power to judges and not penough to the juries. pright now the jury makes a precommendation on the judge and pultimately the final decision prests with the judge. pthere are 390 floridians on pdeath row right now and there pmay be appeals coming from many pof them. pstate lawmakers plan to rewrite pthe statute to comply with the psixth amendment. p>>laura: police arrested a pformer student in connection pwith a crime we talked about pyesterday. pjoe carter is accused of
6:30 am
pkissing her on the cheek. pit happened while she was punloading her car at a campus arking lot. pcarter was recognized by housing pstaff and arrested. p>>russell: governor scott kicks poff the 2016 legislative session pwith his state of the state paddress. phe's asking lawmakers to pass $1 pbillion in tax cuts and boost peconomic development incentives pand the governor focused on the pthreat of the islamic state pterrorist group but did not ropose new policies for pconfronting it. p>>laura: a house panel approved pa bill to require operators to ay hundreds of thousands of pdollars in licensing fees. pmoney would go to the florida pcouncil for compulsive gambling. pthe bill could still allow the pwebsites to operate and shield pthem from possibly be considered pillegal gambling. p>>russell: all right. pwatching the news, fox 13, and
6:31 am
pyou've got your ticket. pand you're a winner. p>>laura: it could happen but ponly if you dish out $2 to play. pyou can't win if you don't play. palcides segui is live on gandy pwhere they are expecting a very pbusy day. pgood morning. p>>reporter: stores like this one pwill be busy all morning long. pgood morning to you, laura and prussell. pfor $584 million, you can buy pevery combination out there and pyou would make a massive profit. plisten to this. pthe lump sum if you walk away pright now, as of right now, is p$930 million. ptake the lump sum. pif you bought every ticket, that pwould give you a $346 million rofit. padd to that $92 million in lower ptier prizes and by flooding the psystem with all the tickets that
6:32 am
pvalue of the jackpot would rise p$200 million which theoretically pyou would win back. pthat's a grand total of $1.2 pbillion in winnings after taxes pand other deductions, you walk paway with $584 million. phere's where the whole theory pgoes bust. pyou'll likely have to share the pjackpot. pduring the previous drawing, 440 pmillion tickets were sold. passuming the same amount is sold pthis time around, there's a 77% pchance of at least one other erson to win the jackpot, not pto mention you couldn't possibly pbuy that many lottery tickets. pyou would have to buy tickets in erson and that's a lot of ptransactions and even if you pdeploy an army of people, it's punlikely you'll be able to hit pevery combination. pso theoretically it couldn't phappen. peven if you had $584 million, pi'm not too sure if i would pchance it on the powerball. peither way, $2 is fine with me.
6:33 am
p7:00 hour. p>>laura: all right. p>>russell: thank you. p6:36 right now. pit's important to remember even pif you win, luck does run out. pnearly 70% of lottery winners, p70%, end up broke within seven pyears. peven worse, several winners have pdied. pabraham shakespeare. olk county man won $30 million pin 2006. phe befriended moore who tricked phim into believing she was ptrying to protect his fortune. pshe convinced him to transfer phis assets to her before he went pmissing in 2009. phis body was found buried under pa concrete slab. rison. p>>laura: the cost of building pthe new st. pete pier would be a pdrop in the bucket for the owerball winner. pyesterday they heard
6:34 am
pcompanies interested in poperating the new pier. ptwo of them are local. pthe third is a subsidiary of the pcable giant comcast. pthe pier is considering all the poptions on the table right now. pthey'll present their findings pto mayor kriseman and he plans pto pick one of them by mid pfebruary. p>>russell: we have some rough pweather possibly on the way. pcoming up, dave shows us what we pcan expect later on in the week. p>>laura: an ohio fugitive is pcaught in florida after telling olice he didn't like his mug pshot very much. pnow he has a whole new one and a pwhole new story to tell. walmart set out on a mission to find you the best oranges. to do that, we first had to find
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p>>dave: as we get closer to psunrise this morning, you can pkind of make out the cloud cover pthat we have. pit's a thin layer of high cloud pcover, not the real low clouds. pthe sun should be able to shine pthrough that in a filtered pmanner. p but the good news about this is pthat it helped to keep our ptemperatures up a little bit. pdave, what do you mean? pit's freezing outside. pit's in the 40s new port richey, pwesley chapel, brandon, bartow, psome spots still in the lower p50s. pi've got one area in crystal priver at 37. pbut if we didn't have that high pcloud cover, tampa probably pwould have been at about 43. pcrystal river would have been pdown close to freezing so you pget the picture of that, even pthough it's quite chilly this pmorning, the high clouds did phelp us out.
6:37 am
pcoin, which is this afternoon, pthose same high clouds will be pworking against us to keep the phigh temperature down a little pbit. pso we're running about five to peight degrees warmer this pmorning than we did yesterday. pit is a noticeable difference. pthe wind not as brisk as it's pbeen the past couple of mornings pbut look at this upper level pcloud cover streaming in and you ptypically get into an el nino attern around here, it's a plittle bit close ooler and a little pbit wetter. pthe cooler is from the jet pstream. pwatch this. pthis cloud cover not only runs pthrough here, but it goes all pthe way back into the eastern acific. plook at that. pthat's what an el nino pattern pdoes. pi mean, you just bring in all of pthis like a conveyor belt of phigh cloud cover. pthat's why we're not going to pget into the beautiful,
6:38 am
pwinter days that we love to see paround here because of all of pthat moisture being thrown this pway. pnow, at the same time, you get a pdisturbance to come out of the pmid section of the country and pdrop down into the gulf picking pup some unlevel moisture and you pget a little extra dynamics pgoing on and showers and pthunderstorms are up out of pthat. pthat's what we're looking at for pfriday. pit's between 6:00, noon time pwe're going to get a line of pshowers and thunderstorms to pmove through here. pthe way it's set up, the pdynamics are there for the ossibility of strong pthunderstorms and after that pcomes squeezing through, notice pby friday at 8:00 a.m., you have pseen some rain moving onshore. pwe'll squeeze that out and then panother developing storm system pbrings us rain again on sunday. pso the way it sets up is this pfiltered sunshine today, high paround 64 degrees. ptonight we're going to be back. pfor many of us, low temperatures pin the upper 40s, maybe the plower 50s and 69 degrees
6:39 am
pthunderstorms on friday morning, pmaybe into the early afternoon pfor inland locations. pquiet on saturday and another phalfway decent rain chance going pthrough on sunday. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we want to check pin on some of the trouble spots pon the interstates before we get pto a water main break affecting ptampa drivers. p275, we're up to 14 minutes from pthe bearses exit to i-4 and up pto eight minutes westbound i-4 pdrivers coming from the mlk exit pheading into the interchange. pwe're still clear 75 at this oint. pnow on to the water main break. plooks like sky fox is still pcircling the area but i'll just ptell you while we wait for the pshot to get shaped up a little pbit, spruce street eastbound pdirection between low and is pdale mabry is still closed while pcrews work to repair the water pmain break as well as patch the proadway so you'll want to avoid pthat area for the meantime. pwe are hearing, though, paccording to the city that it pshould clear out by 5:00 this pafternoon. plet's check in with charley
6:40 am
p>>charley: good day to you, pvanessa. peverything treating you well pthis morning, i hope? p>>vanessa: yes. phow about you? p>>charley: so far, so good. pi cannot complain at all in the pcouple of hours i've been awake pso far so that's a good thing. phow is your memory, gloria? p>>vanessa: it depends. p>>charley: my -- i'm really bad pwith names. pi joke that i forgot your name pthere but i'm terrible with pnames. pmy memory is -- i think it's pwhat we do for a living every pday and then i know all about pthe restaurant where i am, about pthe event where i am but the pnext day, i erase all that will pand i have to remember something pelse. pi think sometimes my brain pdoesn't know what to erase and pwhat not. pwe like to clean it. pwith you, you have to memorize pall the roads and where the pthings are but then the next pday, you have to remember all pnew ones so we're constantly pflushing the brain. pi feel like that's affected my pmemory. phere's a trick.
6:41 am
pbritain's university of suri, phave you ever tried to think of psomething and you close your peyes? pthat actually works. pit actually helps by shutting pyour eyes. pit supercharges your recall. pthey did an experiment and eople who kept their eyes open panswered questions 48% correct pon average. pthose who close their eyes panswered 71% correct. pso when we try to remember pthings, other things are phappening that distract us and pyour attention, when you try to premember, you're seeing the rv pover here, i see the light on ptop of jason's camera. pthat's shiny and it distracts pme. pthen your brain gets psupercharged and you can focus pon what you're trying to premember. pgiving your eyes a rest helps pblock out the visual noise. pthe closed eye trick may work pwell if you're trying to premember something visual like
6:42 am
ptry to do it -- don't do it when pyou're driving but you might pwant to try to remember psomething, if somebody is ptelling you something important, pclose your eyes, say it to pyourself and it might help you. p>>vanessa: you know when you pwalk into a room and forget why pyou went in there? pi do this all the time. pi look like such a sneak and pafterwards i'll -- you'll see pwhy when i explain. pi had heard if you shift your peyes from the left to the right pback and forth, it apparently pjogs your memory as far as what pyou had gone into that room for. pyou look super sneaky. p>>charley: i'm here for the rv psupershow. pi remember that. pi had to do a little shift pthere. p>>vanessa: why am i here? p>>charley: it is the rv psupershow. pall right. pwe're talking about the owerball. plet me give you some ideas how pto spend it.
6:43 am
pyou could drop some cash. pbut also they've got great small pcampers for just about any pbudget, they like to say. pa fun place to come here and pkick around if you're going to pexplore the open road for months pat a time or maybe a weekend pgetaway. prv supershow is truly a fun lace to come and kick around. pthey open today, run through the pweekend and you can see peverything from the giant tour pbuses to the -- this is like a preally, really popular size and pa popular thing where they take pthese vans and they convert them pinto campers and of course, i plove the classic airstream. pwe'll kick all that around and phave a "good day" here. p>>vanessa: we'll be blown away pby what we see. p>>charley: i have to find a way pto spend some money. p>>vanessa: thank you. p>>russell: it's 6:48 right now. pmilitary confirms that 10 u.s. psailors who had been taken pcaptive by iran have now been pfreed. pthe sailors, nine men and one pwoman, were taken captive
6:44 am
ptwo ships that they were on pdrifted into iranian waters pafter experiencing mechanical roblems. pearlier this morning an iranian pnaval commander said that the psailors' actions were not on urpose. pst. louis rams moving to los pangeles. pnfl team owners voted to approve pthe plan yesterday and gave pcharge he weres the option to pjoin them in the city of angels. pthe rams are planning to build a p$1.8 billion facility in penglewood. pthat's about 10 miles from pdowntown los angeles. pthe oakland raiders also had ptalked about moving to l.a. pthe league has offered to pay p$100 million if either team pbuilds a new stadium in their pcurrent place. pa man from ohio police sent them pa selfie because he didn't like phis mug shot they were using has pnow been arrested in florida. phe was wanted for failing to pappear in court. pit's also a person of interest pin several other cases.
6:45 am
pa picture of himself in a sports pcoat and sunglasses because his pmug shot was, quote, terrible. pnow he has a new mug shot to add pto his portfolio. p>>laura: something to smile pabout so it would seem. pjust about 10 minutes from the ptop of the hour now and coming pup, new iphone rumors. pit's thin he were. pbut will it be better? pand convicted killer at the pcenter of a popular netflix pseries wants the courts to take
6:46 am
pwho p>>russell: everybody is talking pabout the powerball jackpot but pjust about anyone with a car and psome extra cash coming their pway. p>>laura: and oil prices are pfalling.
6:47 am
pjoining us to talk about that pand more, lauren simonetti. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>laura: good morning. plower and lower. p>>reporter: how low are oil rices going to go? pyesterday they hit $29.93 a pbarrel. pthey're saying, yes, $10 oil is pout there. pi have two problems with cheap poil. pyes, it means cheap gas but i pdon't know anybody, and tweet me pif this is you, i don't know panybody saving $15 every time we pfill up our car so i'm using pthat $15 and going to go out and pbuy a new t-shirt. peveryone is pocketing that $15. pthe other problem i have with p$10 oil is that companies cannot pstay in business. pthey have to cut jobs, be a plittle more leaner so when oil pgets so cheap, there are roblems for the economy. pit's not necessarily a terrible pconsequences.
6:48 am
pstocks up, dow futures up 111 oints. p>>russell: not to mention what pthis -- you mentioned this pyesterday. pcheap oil, what it's going to do pto some newer companies. p>>reporter: pushing them out of pbusiness. pthey've been resilient so far pbut the "wall street journal" phad a great piece saying that a pthird of north american energy roducers will go belly up as a presult of not being able to pcompete. pand look. rices may go down more because pyou have iran. pthey can return all of their oil pto the market. pthat means we have more supply. p>>russell: before we go, we have pto ask you about -- it's about ptime to talk about a new iphone pand now we have seven. p>>reporter: for the people who pdrop their phone in the sink and pthe toilet and in a pool, get pthe iphone 7 because reportedly, pit's going to be waterproof. p>>russell: jennifer epstein. p>>reporter: so there is a erson.
6:49 am
pthere's a rumor that it's going pto have no head phone jack so pyou have to buy wireless head hones. p>>russell: i'm not sure i like pthat but okay. pall right. pwe'll talk later, okay? p>>reporter: great to be here. p>>russell: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network. pi'm sorry. pin my head, that script. p>>laura: you're on auto pilot. p>>russell: there's something big pon the fox business network. pthe next presidential republican pdebate thursday night. pif you're not sure -- now we're pnot sure where to find the fox pbusiness network, go to fox finder. p>>laura: in entertainment news pnow, david bowie will appear on pthe next entertainment weekly pmagazine. pthey're doing a tribute to the plegendary rock star. phe died sunday of cancer. phe was 69 years old.
6:50 am
pillness for 18 months. p>>russell: a convicted killer pwho is the subject of a hugely opular netflix series has filed pan appeal. pthis time he says the juror was pout to get him. psteven avery wants to be preleased on bond. p10 years ago he was convicted of pkilling a toddler. pyears before that he had been pwrongfully convicted of a rape pcase and served 18 years in rison. pseries "making a murder" has pcast doubt on the case. peverywhere. p>>russell: i haven't looked at pit yet. p>>laura: neither have i but peverybody is talking about this. plast week they visited little prock, san francisco, tonight on pamerican idol, the judges head pto the city of brotherly love in psearch of the next kelly pclarkson. pamazingly after 14 seasons, pthere has not been a single top p10 finalist from philadelphia. repare yourself for more pspectacular auditions, too. ptonight's episode is just one
6:51 am
pfollowed by the premier of the psci-fi series "second chance" at p9:00 and auditions continue ptomorrow night. phollywood week begins in two pweeks. pthat's when we'll look at plocals. pone from tampa, carrie from st. ete, both got golden tickets. pof course, we'll continue to pbring you updates on their pamerican idol journey as the pseason continues. pit has been one week since the pbuccaneers fired lovie smith. pthere's a rumor about a coach in pthe job. p>>russell: reports are backing pit up at 7:00. pthis is what pure joy looks and psounds like. pa group of restaurant owners who pthought they had won the owerball. pwatch that joy turn to sorrow pwhen they realize their mistake. pwe're going to have that for pyou. pthat's hard to watch. p>>dave: we're about 25 minutes paway from sunrise and we'll have pthat filter if you look at the psunshine. phigh clouds around.
6:52 am
pit's 49, 50 degrees outside. pit should be a decent day. pnot quite as warm as yesterday pbut some cloud cover. pi like that. pnow the sun should come through pand bring us back in the 60s for
6:53 am
pstick around for the 7:00 hour in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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