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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 13, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p we are a counting down the phours. eople snap up those powerball ptickets, but wait until you see pwho's buying in. preally? pmultimillionaires are now buying pin. p>> what? p>> yeah.
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pand looks that make a man pattractive. pwe've got the top 5 sexiest rofessions. pand good wednesday morning i'm plaura moody. p>> yeah. pthere's that. phe thinks he's a meteorologist. phey. phe may be. pi'm not so sure. poutside with dave right now. ptalking about it seems a bit pwarmer than it has last few pdays, am i wrong? pyou're right. pabout 4 or 5 degrees warmer pbecause of cloud cover. pcloud cover that we have right pnow. pit's kind of filtered. pwe get a little bit of pbrightness to shine through. pbut at the same time, there's pyour 53 in tampa. p56 in st. petersburg. pwhile we're getting back into pthe 50s it's going to be a slow pclimb for today to bring things pback up into 60s we're running plike russell 4 to 6 degrees pwarmer than yesterday at this ptime. ptomorrow, up to about 69 pdegrees. pbut, good chance of showers and pthunderstorms coming through on pfriday morning. pand i'll talk more about that in pa few minutes. p all right dave. pno relief over 275 northbound.
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pover the howard franklin bridge. pheading up towards dale mabrey pwhere that new traffic pattern pis in place. pbasically seeing same delays we psaw yesterday morning right now pyou go oh that looks great psouthbound direction. pright here you can see these are pnorthbound drivers. pactually at the hump so you can psee just how far backed up this pis over the bridge. p31 minutes is the travel time pcoming from the st. pete side pheading up to i-4. pso definitely plan extra time pout the door if you have to head pthat way. pmeantime drivers will want to pavoid east ulmerton road dealing pwith serious injury crash proosevelt boulevard south that peastern intersection with proosevelt boulevard drivers can ptake 118th around this. p well, powerball fooer, it's psweeping the nation. pand jackpot is now $1.5 billion. plump sum pay out $930 million. p>> if you take that, which most pfinancial people are now saying pyou should not do. pbut if you did, that will come
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pand we are approximating. p>> that's a lot of money, folks. peven people who currently make a plot of money are hoping to win. phere's a picture nhl star alan. pbuying his tickets. pa fan called hockey star with phis dad taking their chance. phe by way makes a mere p$10 million a year, and he's not ponly star athlete to get swept pup in the fever. pnba star can mi although anthony ptold reporters i don't think i'm pgoing to ever get hit by an pasteroid. pi don't think i'm ever going to pbe president. pi might have a better chance to pwin powerball. preally, he already makes a base psalary of $24 million a year. p>> that doesn't seem fair. pno i will disagree with you pbecause he's adding adding to? phe's adding to p>> okay. pand if he was to win that money p>> yeah. p>> he could donate, i think much pmore of a sub substantial amount pthan rest of us would to pcharity. pi'd give a lot away too. pof course i would.
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pyou're holding money in your phands. p>> ten bucks. pchief photo journalist rick phartman. pthat's for other people. pit's for so rick i am buying pyour $10 worth of quick picks. pbut i'm second in line. pso i will have to wait. pits okay someone else is buying ptheir tickets right now. pcan i talk to you? pi can. pwhat's your name? pdid you pick your numbers? pi picked them. pi picked them. pfirst time picking them first ptime what are your lucky pnumbers. poff a fortune cookie so. pit's off a fortune cookie? pi want to see it. pwhat does it say? p>> no no. pwe won't say what's on fortune, pturn around. plet's see this. pyou are the center of every pgroup's attention. pjudging from that smile i think pyou are. p>> thank you. p>> thank you. plook at this. pgood luck to you. pthat's awesome. pall right.
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eople across country that will pbe playing powerball tonight. pin fact, during last week's pdrawing 440 million tickets were urchased. pit's incredible appear craze pwhether or not anyone likes it, pit's incredible. pthis, this week's drawing 1.5, pyes, please. p$10 on quick pick. pyes, you got it. p>> $1.5 billion. ptake lump sum $930 million. pthat's a lot of money we've ptalking to people all morning plong about that. plisten in. p what are your winning pnumbers? pzero, 2345 seven. pthis is a quick pick with owerball 19. pyou spent eight bucks and got pfour tickets. pyeah. pwhy not. phow much you spend? ponly $2 so far. p$2 you got one ticket? p>> one ticket i got four pchances. pall right plus i got 20 more in pmy truck. pif you win arrest going to pshare? pabsolutely i know where you work pat. pyou going share? p>> why notr.
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papizza and hot dog. p>> at least he's buying me plunch. pi like that. pall right, rick there's your pthose are your lucky numbers pright there, buddy. pthat's ten bucks. pyeah. pall right. pso rick $10 i got my tickets. pthat's kind of funny i hate to pdo this to you. pdave and i we've got a little pthing going on here. pif i win, what is bet here? pif i win then your kids are all pcollege paid for your house, pyour wife, you guys are all set, pif you win, then it's likewise, pright? prussell you got to get in on pthis too? phe's already gone inside. pjust me. phe's working. pi hate to tell you this, he had pworking those deals with all of pus. p>> i know. pi like it. pi think it's a great idea. pi love the guy. pi love guy you were talking to. pi'm buy you some pizza. pthat's funny. pand the girl the girl. pher fortune cookie lottery pnumbers. pi love that. pall right. p>> isn't that great. pi love it.
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pwe will talk later, okay my pfriend. pokay. pbye. pnew before overnight a pmotorcyclist is seriously hurt pin bad accident involving inellas county sheriff's pdeputy. pdeputy's cruiser was pulling out pof the business on martin luther pking street north. pwhen a motorcycle crashed into pthe car. pthe motorcyclist tried to stop. pslamming on his brakes which pthen caused him to slide. phe was taken to the hospital pwith serious injuries. inellas county sheriff's office pis investigating. p final state union address pfrom president obama. pgoing in it was thought it would pbreak from tradition. ptalked very little about policy pand instead, where the nation pshould go. pthat's exactly what happened. phe chose to look at the psuccesses he's had, and economy pon the mend. pa better standing in the world, peven with the perceived pinequalities as home and pterrorism abroad. pbut he also admitted to some pfailures. peight years ago he campaigned on phope and change. pbut says that he failed at
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pand in fact, it's worse now than pwhen he took office. p one of few regrets of my rest daens a rank or and psuspicion las got worse than pbetter. pif we want better politics not penough to change a congressman por change a senator or even pchange a president. pwe have to change the system to preflect our better selves. p promises education he went pon to paint a bright picture for pfuture in sharp contrast to what prepublicans believe. plisten. p>> as he enters his final year pin office, many americans are pstill feeling the squeeze of an peconomy too weak to raise income plevels. pwe're feeling a crushing pnational debt. pa healthcare plan that has made pinsurance less affordable and pdoctors less available. pand chaotic unrest in many of pour cities.
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pat summer democratic national pconvention, this was probably pthe president's last major pspeech. p>> a little less than three pweeks until the first election pof this primary season takes lace. pfebruary 1st, the iowa caucus. pand there's been an interesting pturn of events on the democratic pside. paccording to a new "new york ptimes" cbs poll, hillary clinton pis losing her lead to one of her privals. pthat's bernie sanders. pwe brought back in our political peditor craig patrick to talk a plittle bit about this. pand from what i understand, what pi read on this poll this is not pa specific state poll these pnational n yes. pthat's what we're looking a lead pfor 20 points that evaporated pnow to seven points in national olling for hillary clinton. pthe good news she's still up bad pnews we don't look at the pnumbers at this point. pwe usually look a polls to try pto figure out who who has the pmovement. pright now bernie sanders has the
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pyes, that's a national poll. pwe don't have national election pto determine the nominees. pbut if you look in iowa and new phampshire, the first two early pstates we're seeing the same pmovement, awayar berni psanders. pthe point that he is virtually ptied with hillary clinton in precents polling in iowa. pand he is up by quite a few oints in new hampshire. pso hillary clinton is facing the rospects that bernie sanders pcould get best of her in first ptwo early states. pand those sanders trails badly pin states that come after that, psouth carolina, and others, he pcould in fact get a huge boost pof momentum if in fact he's able pto pull off the first two races pin a row. p>> as i look, as i read this oll this morning, there's a pgenerational divide too on this, pisn't there? pmillenials in particular, pyounger voters are drifting to pbernie sanders. pand that is telling us among pother things there's an penthusiasm gap. pthis is an issue that hillary pclinton faced in 2007, 2008
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pthere were, there was a pmagnetism that bernie sanders phas today. pand that barack obama had in p2007 and 0 eight that is phillary clinton throughout her olitical career and it's psomething she's facing again pthis year. pyou might have thought this punlikely. pwho would have thought that pyounger voters would gravitate ptoward a 70 something self druks psocialist from vermont. psame could said for much of what pwe've seen rise of dodge trump pfall of jeb bush. ptemporary rise at least of ben pcarson. pnow ted cruz. pso many unexpected things have pbeen playing out, that offer redictions are frauth with eril not just republican race pbut democratic race as well pgiven what we're talking about phere, this is a recent polling pthat has happened, i have to pwonder if it has ab smart move pfor the hillary campaign to pbring her husband back in. p>> well they are looking at the
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pand we don't see anything that pindicates that bill clinton has pbrought hillary clinton's pnumbers down. pit may have been that case in 07 pand '0 eight, and in part pbecause bill clinton went off pscript a bit attacked barack pobama in ways that did not do phis spouse credit. pbut in this case, looking back pat the role that bill clinton phas played before for president pobama in 2012 i think the pclinton campaign is trying to pharness that now. pand moving away from ataging pdonald trump and focussing more pon issues trying to win a pdemocratic race first and if pdonald trump is successful then pthey can go from there. pall right. pinteresting to see all of this. pyeah. pcraig, thank you. p>> thank you. p all right. pstay with us coming up next, one pdating app that tells us what pthe sexiest profession is. pand why more women want to date pmen in this job. p>> and it's an adventure on the pwater.
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pand these guys are our pextraordinary ordinaries for the pnew year. pbut one man who always pextraordinary, charley belcher. pand far from ordinary. psexy zest job, huh? pis it feature reporter? pthat's what it is. p>> i like how you guys are get pall machismo about this story. pgot to just watch it i perfected pthe don knots. pthat one little sniff was so pfunny. panyway, we are at the florida pstate fairgrounds. pi got hue doing? pgo ahead. popen for business. phow doing? plook at this, like they all got poff an rv somewhere. pthey are open for business. pstarts today goes through the pweekend. pflorida rv super show florida pstate fairgrounds. pwhat do do with powerball pwinning.
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pand wai right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
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pwe're back to start in an pexciting new year of pextraordinary ordinaries. pthis week not just one person pbut three who set off in a pjourney of education not only pthemselves but people they pmeteor stay with us end up plearning something in the end pmaking this trio this week's pextraordinary ordinary. p a little discussion before pheading out to sea. pthe bay will start to fill.
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pnot locals. rivilege they chose to come phere and spend time with me and pmy dogs and my family. pthey are not all friends pvacationing to take break from pgrind but new ones stopping by pin middle of their journey. pten days in canada a whole year pin the united states. pwe're going to leave and go pthrough mexico for another five pmonths or so. pokay. pkayak. pa car. pno we don't have, we're just ptraveling by kayak. pafter that 7 months and you know pall of this, and it is pimpressive even though for us pwe're doing it every day. pso it gets, you know it's our pnormal business. pyou know we're doing it and peverything. pcome back to the dock. pone gentleman comes out and pcatamarans and dude, we started ptalking. pion a whim, here's my address,
9:17 am
plook out back and here they are. pmy head nearly hit roof. pi was really excited. pthat's part of adventure. pwe never know where we'll be. pwe can prepare for starting off. pbut so many stops to do. pyou know, we couldn't prepare pall of those stops. pso most of time we wing it. ptotal trip is going to a year pand a half going from montreal pto the yucatan. pthey are in about about seven or peight months now and half way pthere. pit's part of a project to pdocument a news for education pwill purposes when they get pback. palthough education is meant for pothers, they've turned into pstudents themselves. p>> like anything else, you go to pschool to be confronted with roblems and those problems you psolve and that's what makes you pa better student. pand in any case, that what we're pdoing. pwe're going on the water we're addling and be confronted with pall of these obstacle and
9:18 am
pthat's what helps us grow pretty pmuch in end. pfact of being able to work as pteam and solve these situations. pand that's the, that's a great pthing about it, i mean, that's pexactly why we do it in the end. peven people they talk to or even pstay with end up soaking more pthan they planned as well. p43 years old. pi thought i gave up the ghost. pthen i see these guys. pthey inspired me. pthey also said i inspired them. pno now one obstacle you were pable to see one video clips one pthree unhooking a fishing line pfrom seagull's wing. pif you're interested their pwebsite, we put it our website pviewer submission if. pyou have an idea someone oh psomething you think an pextraordinary ordinary should psuggestion on my facebook page. pdave osterberg, it is i can't peven tell, 53 degrees. phow are you? p53 degrees. pactually a couple degrees warmer pthan it was yesterday that the ptime. pit's not bad outside. pwe've got a lot of cloud cover pthough.
9:19 am
pthat we're dealing with. p56 degrees in st. petersburg. p52 in sarasota. pstill in the upper 40s for pfriends brooksville area. pnorth to northeast winds we have p8 to 15 miles per hour. pnot much has changed except the pupper level winds are streaming pin. plots and lots of cloud cover. pso while we're not going to have pcompletely cloudy skies. pi mean i've already seen the psunshine through upper level pclouds. pwe're not going to have one of pcrystal clear blue days as well pwe will have filtered sunshine ptoday. pno rain in the forecast but it plooks like temperatures should ponly make their way up say to pabout 64 degrees which is prunning about six bloez normal pfor this time of year. ptonight, mostly cloudy, chilly, pnobody's at risk tonight of a pfrost or a freeze or anything plike that. pnot with clouds around. pso there's your 49. ptomorrow a little bit warmer. pmore cloud cover. pwe'll scour out some of that low plevel cooler air to bring it up pto about 69 degrees for a high ptemperature. pboaters i'm going to say get it pin today. pi'll tell you why, because we
9:20 am
pcoming through one on friday, pone on sunday, really going to pchop things up on our coastal pwaters. pbut today moderate chop with pnortheast wind around 15 knots. pduring the morning hours on pfriday, showers possibly a few pstrong thunderstorms are going pto greet us. pand then it quiets down until psaturday night and sunday more pthan when we get a second round pof rain. plet's see what's happening on pthe roadways. pyeah dave we want to check in on ptravel times as we might suspect pstill pretty heavy northbound palong 275. p54 minutes is your estimated ptime coming from pinellas bayway pto fletcher. pjust remember that most of those pdelays you'll encounter in that pstretch are going to be from the phoward franklin bridge st. pete pside towards dale mabrey you phave new traffic pattern still pcausing some concerns on the proadways. plooks like otherwise we're plooking pretty clear on our pinterstate systems. p okay. pthanks, vanessa. pmeet dr. mike. pdoc lives and works in new york phe was named by people magazine
9:21 am
pmike says sex appeal is more pthan just skin deep. phe says the real advantage that phe has over single guys other psingle guys is his career. paccording to at dating app pcoffee meet bagel, that makes psense. papp asked australian women what rofession they found most pdesirable. pnumber one on the list was pdoctor. p>> doctor. p>> dr. mike says it's not just pthe size of his salary that pattracts women, he says resident clinton being a doctor ptakes dedication drive and pcompassion and why women would plove to date doctors. p>> yes. pi mean that's sounds about pright. pother top industry that is women pfind attractive if you're pcurious, guys. pfinance, law, entrepreneurs and pmarketing professional all of pthese take a big commitment and pthe survey think that women pbelief a man can be committed to phis career he can certainly pcommit to a relationship. p>> makes sense. pyes. papp also asked men the career
9:22 am
pthe top 5, sounds pretty similar pto guys. pentrepreneur, fashion, pconsulting, marketing and then pat number 5 is doctor. p you know i'm just sad to phear that report angst or pjournalist, isn't on the list. eople know what's up i guess. p>> i'm a little biassed i think pnews photographer are pretty psexy gig. pi think that makes sense for pvanessa to say. pshe's engaged to our hotographer. roblems in rio the glitz and pglamour of the olympics may psuffer because of it. p>> not a pretty picture there. pspeak of glamour though, win
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pone of these rv hit road may wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing.
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p wow, get ready to just say pwow. pgood day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from at florida state pfairgrounds where the florida rv psuper show up and running. pthey've already opened the pdoors. lace is packed already. pgoes all way through sunday, $10 pgets you two-day ticket. pbob is here from marathon coach. pand oh, my goodness. pi'm just blown away that every pyear it just gets better and pbetter. pwe have to fulfill the american pdream. pthis is, so this is it. pthis is quite a dream, bob. plet's just go through this. pfirst of all i love fireplace. pyou know you can it's electric. pit's cozy. pbut it throws heat out and serve pas purpose too. pall right. pyou see driver there is.
9:25 am
pno they drive like a big sedan. pquite quieter than european pluxury vehicle. pyou need a cdl p>> no the if you own it. pyou're the owner you do not need pcdl, if you hire a driver he pneeds a cdl. pyou're going to need a cdl. pnot driving this myself. pall right. pbefore we give you the sticker rice let's look around. pdoes it come furnished like this paccessorized everything in pthere. pis there packages you choose pfrom everything custom done. pall line item it depends on your ptaste. pwe, you know, we make all of pthis furniture our self we don't pgo out and buy the stuff. peverything made by marathon in poregon. pyes, sir. plet's walk down or let jason pwalk down the hall here. pwe will stay out of his wap. pand a beautiful kitchen. peverything you t phidden? pfold up. poh. peven better.
9:26 am
p>> freezers are on the bottom. pisn't that nice. pice maker all the way on the pbottom. p>> there's a dishwasher in the pdrawer there. pyou got to have dishwasher i was pgoing to have russ dole that ptoo. pall right. pthere's a tv in bathroom. pthere's an pand then the big bedroom that pleft. pyou go in and look to your left. pthat's unbelievable. pi mean this is, this you were in plap of luxury here. pyes i'd say so. pall appointments that 4, p$5 million home would have. pso i mean, none the fake stuff pthat's real wood. pbamboo flooring solid wood. pall tiles and stuff are either pmarble or granite. pand all polished or tumbled. pit's a bath and a half model. pso you have a half bath up here pand full bath in the back. p>> unbelievable. pwhat a gas mileage? pwhat kind of gas mileage
9:27 am
p>> who cares. pi mean it's go a big tank. pyou can go at although ng ways. pwhats sticker price what will pcost me to take this beauty home p>> about $2.4 million. pworth every penny. pi think it worth more but that pis all we can ask for it. pyou going to be around tomorrow? pwe will be here tomorrow. pi will show all week. pwin powerball tonight i'm going pto i want two of these if i'm pnot here i win powerball. pthank you very much. pflorida rv super show. popen now through sunday. prussell, i can't even wrap my phead around somebody would pactually just tootle around the pcountry in something like this. pi know, right? pit's great. pgreat. pas my chauffeur you will get an pexcellent salary. p>> i'm driving the thing? p>> oh, yeah. pyeah. pwe're in a ditch in the first pday. p>> i'll send you to school. pback that thing up.
9:28 am
pall right. pwe'll see you later. phave a good day. pyou too, man. roblems in rio just 7 months puntil olympics what athletes and okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month
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internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus with a 2-year agreement, fios gives you $400 back, and all of the premium movie channels for a year. this is your last chance. offer ends january 16th.
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>7 p this is good day tampa bay. p and welcome back 9 clo 32 pnow in headlines this hour a pgroup of u.s. sailors have been preleased after they were pcaptured in persian gulf. pand it couldn't come a more pcritical time. pbecause we're just days away
9:31 am
pnuclear deal in place. psailors and two naval boats were pcaptured tuesday after officials psay they traveled more than a pmile into iranian waters. pit happened near farsi island pwhich one of the iran major navy pbases. pthe nine men one woman held povernight. pboat's experience mechanical roblems while traveling between pkuwait and bahrain. pdrifting off course took less pthan 24 hours for them to be preleased. pnuclear deal with iran will go pinto effect at the scombnt month pwhich unfreeze about p$100 billion in iranian assets. pmeanwhile three russian being pheld by turkish police following pa raid on suspected isis pmilitants. pthis comes one day have a psuicide bomber attacked istanbul phistoric district killing ten pforeigner anti conducted raids pyesterday. psuspects allegedly in contact pwith isis fighters in conflict pzones providing although gist pwall support. pin november russian officials psaid more than 2700 russians
9:32 am
p>> police in new york have parrest ad fifth person expected pgang raping an 18-year-old girl. pthe victim and her father were a layground in brooklyn thursday pnight when 5 teens surrounded pthem. pthey put a gun to the father's phead and told him to leave. pthe young woman was then passaulted by all five of them. pthe suspects are just teenager ptoo ranging in age from 14 to 18 pyears old. olice have not located the gun pinvolved yet and they are pawaiting dna results from the phospital. p during the investigation, ptwo parents of the accused teens pactually turned their sons into olice saying they are pheartbroken that their sons pwould do that. pand for what the dad and pdaughter now have do live with. p>> it's 9:34 right now. pand a judge has order ad woman pto hand over documents relating pto an article featured in that pdebunked story at the university pof virginia. pthis all stems from a defamation plawsuit. pin 2014 rolling stone publish ad pstory about girl named jackie
9:33 am
pschool fraternities. olice later determined none of pit was true. pcourt papers say the girl made pup a story to try and lure in a pclassmate that she had a crush pon. pand then later retold the story pto rolling stone. pthe associate dean seouling prolling stone for it's depiction pof her women's lawyer says prolling stone knew story was pmade up but ran with it anyway. p>> all right. pwe'll get over do. pa look at the forecast. phow does it it feel? pnot bad at all. pa little warmer than it was at pthis time yesterday. pyou're right. pabout 4, 5 degrees remember pwasser. pwe're getting a little bit of psunshine. pagain i've using that term all pday filtered sunshine we've got. pthat should be enough to bring pus back up into the mid 60s. pseasonably cool week. pand it's going to continue that pway. pi think for the next couple of pdays until we warm things up for pa day or two. p55 in brandon. p53 in tampa still in 40s as you pgo a little bit further toward pnorth. pwith high clouds it will be a
9:34 am
pbut, no real rain associated pwith those particular clouds pthere. pso just a lot of cloud cover. pnot a lot fan fare. pway we like it. pover the course of next 24 to 36 phours, we're expecting a storm psystem an area of low pressure pto develop in the gulf. pmove into panhandle. pand that's going think before us pa pretty good chance of showers pand thunderstorms on friday pmorning. pso high clouds today, seasonably pcool. pkeeping it in mid 60s. ptonight mostly cloudy. pchilly, 49, no one's in danger pof a frost or freeze tonight. pno worries about that. pnear normal temperatures for ptomorrow. pyes, finally, back up to about p69 degrees. prain coming through on friday pmorning. pit looks like sunday morning pinto the wee early afternoon phours another round of rain. pwe've go two of them for you i pwill sandwich in a decent psaturday. pall right dave, thank you. pappreciate that. p>> and on the roadways, i wish i pcould deliver good news here punfortunately can no 275 pnorthbound normally at this time retty clear crossing over
9:35 am
ptowards interchange still seeing pdelays very severe approach dale pmabrey, of course similar to pwhat we saw yesterday morning pafter they installed that ptraffic pattern up near dale pmabrey himes. pif you're crossing howard pfranklin st. pete side to i-4, p26 minutes doesn't look like pimproving too much. p all right. pvanessa thank you. pworld soccer governing body fifa pdismissed it's secretary general pthis morning after an alleged pscheme to profit from the sale pof world cup tickets. pfor more on this story we head pover to walter alan now. pgood morning to you. p55-year-old jerome has been psuspended since september 17th pby meeting a fifa committee now pdecided to is in dmis him from porganization. pinvestigatory chamber finished robe and recommended nine year pban and a fine of around p$100,000. p>> he has denied any wrong doing
9:36 am
pexemplary. p now to headaches for another panother lettic international polympic committee could face pslew of problems less than 8 pmonths from summer olympics pbrazil's economy is struggling pin deep we recession domestic pticket sales sluggish and vital psubway attention to olympic park pmay not be completed without phundreds of millions of dollar pin new funding. pto top it all serious mosquito pborne illnesses further pstraining government resources pas gears up to welcome hundreds pof thousands of visitors. pfor athletes themselves it pdoesn't get much pretty ioc says pathletes are almost certain to pbe exposed to viruses in water pthere. pno matter what. pwater has gone through pbacterialing but ioc won't pexpand upon that on recent prowing junior championships pdozens of athletes got sick pincluding 13 from the u.s. team. pthey suspect due to sewage in
9:37 am
roblems brazilians growing pincreasing fed up with the games psma protest have been held in plarger demonstration are pexpected to be held closer to popening ceremony games kick off paugust 5th. pall right walter thank you. pcoming up it is the best of the pworst. pthe annual razzie award pnominations are out. pdid your favorite movie or at pleast favorite make the list? pwe've got the run down next. plive look at the board on wall
9:38 am
p earlier this week multiple pmedia outlets were reporting pthat aaron roger and olivia munn pwere engaged. phmm pretty couple. pthey cited okay magazine saying phe popped question over romantic pdinner after getting approval pfrom munn's parents. polivia is saying not so fast one pfunniest ways possible she osted this conversation with pmer mother to social media psites. pit's a text conversation. pin it her mom says she's very phappy for them. pbut wonders why she wasn't told.
9:39 am
pif she was engaged her mom would pat least 8th or ninth person to pknow about it. p>> very nice. p>> it looks like one ma are very pwell most eccentric characters pwill not be back. precent interview he played the pcollector was not exactly preturn. p>> he said no one has told him pthe character is coming back and phe thinks he would have been ptold by now. p>> he added he hopes to play the pcharacter again at some point. p>> award season continues with pnominee this is morningtime for pbest of the worst. pit's razzies. pjust like with the big awards pthere are categories for worst pfilm, worst actor or actress. pyou get it. pone highlights for this year's prazzies 50 shades of gray mom pnated for worst picture jamie pdonor unworst actor. pdakota johnson nominated for pworst actress. pand some of other nominees for pworst picture fantastic 4 pjupiter ascending "paul blart pmall cop" 2 and pixels.
9:40 am
pnominated for not so stellar erformance katherine high el phome sweet hell jennifer lopez pfor boy next door gwyneth paltro pand mila kunis for jupiter. pmen nom johnny depp, kevin james pmall cop two. padam sandler and chan for pjupiter ascending. pyou guys on first name basis be pold chan. pchanning may have blown it on pbig screen jupiter ascend but pgold for spike network lip synch pbattle set a record for network pincluding video on demand dvr previews on average 4.7 million eople watched it that shatters pthe network 3.4 million held by pthe finale of joe the one-hour pspecial featured chan and is has pwife jan with a special pappearances by beyonce and paula pabdul. poh my god did he own it though. pshe came out.
9:41 am
pi don't know if they will show pit again. phe doesn't even lose his, pdoesn't miss a beat. pi'll admit you had to tell me pwhat the show was i had never pseen it. pit's classic. pgot it's good tv. pespecially when look at it. pi know. pbeautiful even there. pespecially when stars like that pown it too. pthey get out there and they are, pi agree with you. pi agree with you. pthey just blow you away. p>> great. pall right. pcoming up next we're keeping pculture and a love alive. pvanessa has a very special good pday gourmet coming up for all of pus next. pbut if today is your birthday pyou've got lot famous friends to
9:42 am
p welcome back into the pkitchen. pand you guys know i always put pmy heart into into cooking. pbut today's good day gourmet has preally a special meaning for me. pfolks who have been following palong on facebook and you guys pas well i've told you, i lost my pgrandmother on new year's day. pi really wanted to honor her by psharing the first recipe she
9:43 am
pfor duration of this we're going pto call them that. pshe lived up in spring hill. pand very nice. pwe're so sorry for your loss. pbut what a great way to honor pand share her a little with us. p>> yeah. pwe're here to help. pcome on. preally easy recipe. pand we'll let you know you do pneed a special iron to make it. pthis actually was one she bought pfor me when i first started pmaking them. pyou can find them online. plike a little waffle iron plooking things. p35 bucks or so. pand some are actually more pexpensive and pretty designs on pthem. pi just. prussell i wanted help. pi have a half stick of melted pbutter. pyou can add that on in. pand you can probably guess why pyou put hot butter into eggs. pyou get scrambled eggs. poh. poh. plet butter cool down.
9:44 am
pwhat. pi would pour that hot butter in pthere. pright. pit goes time for the flavors. pwe've got vanilla and annis plicorice plicorice, phenyl. pyou can give it a smell. pstar of star annise. pa similar flavor i think pseparate i think they are ptechnically different. p>> smells just like black plicorice. pyou can measure out tablespoon pof that and teaspoon of vanilla pall way to to the top of that. p>> all right. pnow. p>> yep. p>> then we will move on to the pteaspoon measure. pwhich one is the teaspoon? pthat one. pwe'll add the vanilla. pi'm with you. p>> no. pno i identify it. p>> sugar put it in. pyou're so sweet. pyep add that in. pyou're sweet too. pthree quarters of a cup of sugar pthat can go right into there i
9:45 am
pthat. pit was love for everyone here. p>> and all right. ptime to add the dry ingredients pbasically a cup and three pquarters of flour. pwith some baking powder that has pbeen added together. pyou can just put that in there pover the sifter. pwant me to stir. poh, yeah. pthis is not going to go well. pjust be gentle. pnow why do you sift it? pyou don't want lumps in your pbatter. pyou want to mix it, you gets too pthick you can use this. pthese kind of things your psegment has taught us the prefined little. pyeah. pi agree. pyeah. p>> all right. pall right. pokay. pso this is. pwe've go to hurry. pokay. pbasically, here's your iron. pand we're going to do one ptablespoon drops here. pthis is mixed up better we're pdoing it for tv purposes and pfinished product anne marie said
9:46 am
pi'll stir. pshe wants us to do it. pcan we pick up when we come pback. pwe'll come back and finish up. pwe'll give you time to mix.
9:47 am
wow, you changed my with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover
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pi got to tell you over next pcouple of days still a little pbit cooler mid 60s upper 60s ptomorrow. pgood chance of rain. pmaybe some storms on friday pmorning. pand then once again, sunday pmorning into early afternoon. pso two rounds of rain. pbut have nice saturday in pbetween. p>> who stirred that up? pwho stirred that up? prussell did that. pand i approve. pgrandma approves too. pnice and smooth. pit's a little bit thicker then ancake batter you drop ptablespoon rounds into round plittle circles. ptell me again the name of these. pwhat's it call. izzales different pronunciation pfrom different folks that have pdone similar recipes. pthey have pretty designs they pmake great christmas gifts. pyeah. pmy neighbor brought me some from pchristmas. pthey only cook in 45 seconds. pif you put teaspoon it spreads
9:49 am
pand you can see i did different pvariations here. pjust this regular flare with owdered sugar i took same one pand dipped it in melted pchocolate straight up chocolate pones where you put basically you padd in an extra quarter cup of owder. pwow. pbut basic. pbatter is pretty much standard, pright? pannise is traditional italian pway. psteam has slowed down coming out pthis is chances are pretty good pthis is done. pand there you go. plook at this. pand, this is generally what they pwill look like. pand basically lift them out with pa fork. pand put them on a flat surface pto cool. atterns in there. pthey will get so pretty. pyeah. pyeah. pthen of course you'll dust with pa little confectioners sugar. pi love it. pi always like to share family
9:50 am
pand folks out there like to make pmemories with their kids, pgrandkids. pit was hit in our house i pfinally learned how to say it. ptell us what was her name p>> barbara rufus. plived up in spring hill. pher husband's still alive frank prufus. pyeah she was a great woman. pa tough lady too. pshe was a fighter. pyou loved her so much. pshe passed that along to you. pthank you so much. plove you grandma. pthank you for doing this. psweet family recipe. pshall we go? pi think so. ptake care everybody. psee you tomorrow. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning
9:51 am
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