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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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p p>> she was one of our local pfavorites on season five of
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pwhat is melissa mcgee p>> i think it comes down to just pbeing able to say, at least if i pbuy one ticket i tried. p>> as the jackpot soars, the ower ball pressure heats up. pwhat's fuelling your dire urge
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p>> you just never know. pright up under your nose. p p>> reporter: drug bust has pneighbors sleeping easier. pthe push to protect your roperty from sink holes. p>> you're watching fox 13 and pthe 10 o'clock news starts now. p>> good evening and welcome, i'm pmark wilson. p>> and i'm kelly ring. pwe are less than an hour away pfrom the huge megapower ball pdrawing. psomeone's ticket could leave pthem with a billion and and a phalf dollars. pand players thought their odds pwere good enough for a few ptickets. pfor one group, a few wasn't penough. phailey hynes is live at ducky's pin tampa where they are panxiously awaiting the drawing
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p>> this pool of 300 people pbought 72000. pi would say they're better than pmost. pthey are all trickling in here. pwith the jackpot so big, the plotto has spread to many who phave never played before. pwhat is the draw aside from the phuge potential pay out. p>> another drawing, another pline, another chance for an paverage joe or jane to add the ptitle jackpot winner to their pname. pwith the pot up to $1.5 million. eople who never so much as ptouched the lottery are getting ptheir tickets. p>> since it's the largest in pthe world, why wouldn't i say i articipated? pi never play. p>> i just started playing last pweek when the total was p$800 million.
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p>> just want to be in it. p>> there are definite social pfactors that work adding to the ressure to play. p>> i think it just comes down to pbeing able to say at least if i pbuy one ticket i tried. pwhereas if you don't at least pmake the effort, i just kind of, pi missed an opportunity. pcould have been me p >> dr. ivanka ritter knows articipate. p>> it could come from feeling pyou're a part of something and plarger. p>> amid the frenzy, she teaches pbeing present. pthere's still an upside to all pof this. aper. p>> it can bring people ptogether. psometimes we need that glimmer pof hope in something. p>> at least tonight, everybody
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p>> what's meant to be is meant pto be. p>> well, i bought four tickets pand it's obviously no match for pthe tens of thousands bought by pthis group tonight. pwe were with them earlier today pas they had all of the tickets rinted at the metro market, it ptook all day as you can imagine. pthe store had to request extra plotto paper to get the job done. pthe actual tickets aren't here. pthey are stored in a safety pdeposit box in an undisclosed plocation. pthey have been standing and osting pictures in a facebook pgroup so the people can see what ptheir numbers are. phere's what the pool founders phad to say about the odds. p>> we brought them all the way pdown to 292 million to one to p4045 to win. pwinning a million dollars is paround 160 to one. p>> still terrible odds, but
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p>> they have already calculated pwhat their winnings would be pafter taxes if no one in the pgroup shared the winning pnumbers. peach person would bank at least p$3 million. pcoming up at 11:00, we will have pthe six power ball numbers after pthey are drawn. pwe will be with the group as pthey take a breath and hope one pof their 72500 tickets matches pall six numbers. pmark and kelly. p>> hailey, we're here how pthey're going to check all the pnumbers, there's no way to do pthat. pi guess they will have to let pthe machines do it. p>> it will take a while. pcould be hours or days or maybe peven have to wait for the city pto announce they sold the pwinner. p>> all the people pooling ptogether to try to win. p>> new at 10 o'clock. plawmakers in tallahassee are ushing for changes in the plottery scratch off.
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partilly says the games abuse the pstate's poorest citizens. phis bill passed a subcommittee pand will limit the lottery to 12 pactive games and cap ticket rices at only five bucks. pthe lottery's website lists 79 pscratch off. p>> relief in a st. pete pneighborhood after police busted pa crack house employer. p-- aaron is live on scene. p>> neighbors suspected there was pdrug activity going on at that phouse and called in several ptips. pseveral of the neighbors were pback out their and applauding olice as they made the arrest. p>> a suspected crack house taken
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p>> it was just amazing to find pout it's going on right around pyour nose and you haven't got a pclue. p>> a swat team had to rip off a pfortified door. pthey found 14 people crammed pinto a 1500 space dealing and pusing drugs, all were led out in phandcuffs. p>> i don't believe that p>> it's just unbelievable. p>> i'm shocked as small as the phouse was to see that many eople come rolling out of pthere. p>> some neighbors expected it pgoing on. p>> they don't want it their pneighborhood. p>> the chief says the detectives pfocused on antonio ford dealing pin a house a few blocks away. phe bounced between homes and photels. p>> they go to one location and pwe clear that. pthey go to another and we clear pthat. p>> that led officers to 5th
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pmonths wednesday avenue, police pmoved in. p>> it was a crack party. pwe invited ourselves to the arty. p>> there's been a big drug roblem in the area. p>> as long as they're paggressive, i do see it change pin the neighborhood. pit's just a big relief. p>> police ended up arresting pfour of the 14 people they led pout in handcuffs. pwhen they got in there, they pfound crack cocaine and rescription pills. pthen when they went into the phouse, they all saw the suspects ptry to destroy the drug putting pthem in a lockbox and pouring pmuriatic pmuriatic acid on it. p>> donald estrena attacked a 75 pyear-old woman in her garage.
10:10 pm
pdemanded she hand over her pcheckbook. pwhen she screamed for help, he pcovered her mouth and nose with pgloves. pshe was about to pass out when pher 71 year-old neighbor heard pher screams. phe grabbed estrena. phe was grabbed and charged with pattempted murder. p>> p>> and a bus crash on 301 and pcali road. p31 students from an elementary pwere on board. pone fourth grader was sitting in pthe back of the bus and says it pfelt like an earthquake. p>> the bus driver was going preally fast and crash. pit was a big bang. pi let everybody use my phone to pcall their moms and dads so they pcould come over here. p>> 63 year-old marilyn ray was
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pcited for failing to yield. ptoday. phe is suing the gossip website for $100 million for osting a sex tape. pgawker tried to get the case pthrown out. phogan team's said it was an pinvasion of his privacy. pthe judge agreed and said the ptrial will go forward. p>> two years ago, curtis reaves pshot and killed chad olson. polson's wife nicole is suing the ptheater where it happened. pit could help reaves in the pstand your ground offense. pnicole's attorneys filed a plawsuit claims negligence.
10:12 pm
presponsibility to de-escalate pthe situation. pin the suit, nicole olson was pthe aggressor in the case. p>> it then says the staff was presponsible essentially for polson's death because they pdidn't stop her husband from pfighting. pwhen you file a lawsuit, you're padmitting to the fact and they pare fair game on pcross-examination in a criminal pcase. p>> t.j. grimaldo refutes the pclaims. p>> it was purportedly reported phe was the aggressor.
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pmovie theater's manager and pnicola asking for monetary pdamage and wants to see training pin theaters so this doesn't phappen to anybody else. p>> still to come at 10:00, we popen up without warning. p>> hundreds of sink holes open pup every year. phow a new bill can protect your phome and everything inside it. p>> when you're on stage, you're pin a completely different world. pyou have an audience to feed pback on. p>> her idol dreams were dashed pbut her singing career lives on. pwe will catch up with melissa pmcgee. p>> first things first, it's pgoing to be chilly tonight and palready in the western gulf of pmexico, rain and thunderstorms pare increasing and guess what? pthat's a sign for things to pcome. pwe will talk about the risk of pweather. pstay tuned.
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p>> in this part of the florida, psink holes are a part of our plaw. phomeowners insurance cannot pcover a sink hole unless it's pcatastrophic. pif the house is not in danger of pcollapsing, you're stuck paying pthe repairs and the cost of pfixing the sink hole. p>> chris cato joins us. p>> it's interesting how we got pthere. pwe will explain that in a pmoment, kelly. psenator from clearwater wants to pexpand coverage for the part of pthe state that is prone to sink pholes. phillsboro, with geologist refer
10:17 pm
pthis accounts for two-thirds of pclaims. pfar fewer claims are made. pyou could file for a cracked pdoor frame, crack in your pfoundation or driveway. pinsurance companies took a pbeating. pin 2011, lawmakers passed a law prestricting sink holes to only pcatastrophic damage. pthe law is now way too prestrictive. p>> so now the only way for you pto get a covered loss when you phave sink hole damage to your phome is if you also have other pstructural damage in your home. pcracks that are so severe that a pwall may fall down. p>> take a look at these photos. pthis is out of ocala. pa sink hole swallowed their suv. pbecause there's no catastrophic
10:18 pm
phouse, they couldn't claim the pdriveway as a loss and the pinsurance company said if they pdidn't fill the hole, they will pleave them. pfilling the hole would cost tens pof thousands of dollars. p>> then we end with the the pexact problem that it was pdesigned to remedy. pwe don't want a lot of punrepaired sink hole that would paffect the tax base. p>> back to the senator's bill, pit would allow insurance pcompanies to cover sunken pfloors, less serious problems pthat could become serious pissues.
10:19 pm
pin hillsboro, pasco and phernando. pthe average cost to repair, p$40,000 to $80,000 per home. pkelly. p>> thank you so much, chris. pit's a special night for a 10 pyear-old boy who had the first pbirthday party of his life poutside a hospital room. pjamari hobson has been unable to pbreathe since he was born. phe responds to the sights and psounds around him. phis family dreams he might be pable to celebrate outside the pchildren's center. pthat's why the children's dream pfund organized this irate-themed birthday. pit's a special night for so many preasons. p>> it's going to mean a lot to phim because he gets to see faces phe doesn't see on a daily basis.
10:20 pm
phe hasn't met before. pi'm very excited about this. p>> jamari was born a month remature. phe's a permanent resident in plargo. pfirst birthday party ever poutside the hospital and he's 10 pyears old. p>> he will remember it forever. p>> 40 minutes to go. p>> couple weather casts and pwe're good. p>> do you have your tickets to plook at? p>> they're in the office. pi have five. pthe lady said if i lose i could preturn them. p>> i wonder where that was. p>> i want to buy my tickets pthere. p>> did it work? pnot sure where it came from. panyways, couple great shots. pthis was from last night. pthis was actually trending. pis that pretty cool.
10:21 pm
pthe reason why you can see the prest of moon filled in. pthat's actually light from the pearth hitting the moon and pcausing a little bit of a glow pon the earth. pthat's a great shot. hotos. pif you want to check that out, age. pthis is across over in europe, pfinland, northern lights and plight pillars on the same photo. pnorthern lights here. pi have been posting a lot of pthese light pillar pictures plately and they are caused by pice crystals in the sky. pit takes some of the light at pthe surface to refract it and preflect it. pyou get pillars of light that's palso on my facebook page. ptalk about local weather. pbecause it is important. p61 the high today. panother day below average. pwe will stay near average and pvery cold air arrives. pbefore we go from a to c, we
10:22 pm
pit could be rain and storms. pfrontal boundary just a lot of pmid and high layer clouds pstreaming in from the west. pthis is a sign of things to pcome. pland-based radars picking up prain near brownsville. pall of this will get going and pslide along that strong psubtropical jet stream. pthis is the jet. pyou can see it way out there in pthe pacific. pthat's the signature of el nino. pthat will bring us a round of prain later tomorrow into friday. pit's kind of a dicey situation. pcertainly couple of storms early pfriday. pcould be strong to severe. pright now, cool night but mostly pcloudy skies will keep ptemperatures up a little bit. phow about this? ptalk about a lot of weather pgoing on. pthe first time since 1978 we
10:23 pm
pit's subtropical storm alex. pfirst time in january going back pto 1978. palex is going to move north up pby green land as a nontropical plow with 70 mile an hour winds pon saturday. pright now we're 54. pa north, northeast wind at 6. pcold and snow in the northeast. pwe stay in the 40s tonight near p50. phighs will be in the 60s and ptomorrow clouds will over spread pthe region. plater tomorrow night, low ressure develops along the jet. pthe prime time for storms should pbe 5:00 a.m. to noon on friday. pwe rapidly clear saturday. pby sunday, more energy on the psubtropical jet. pcould bring us a round of rain pand storms on sunday. pthen after that, turns pdramatically colder.
10:24 pm
p49 and tomorrow lots of clouds. pshowers and thunderstorms parriving at night. pwe're up to 66. pany rain ends by mid day on pfriday. p69 we squeeze out an okay day on psaturday. pshould go downhill. prain and storms. pafter that, 30s and 40s for pnight time lows. pcoldest arriving next week. p30s. pthat's getting serious. p>> paul, thanks. p10 u.s. sailors are free after a ptense experience. p>> what happened after they were pbeing held b stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you
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p>> reporter: 10 american sailors pare safe tonight after a very pscary situation in the persian pgulf. pthey were taken into custody by piranian soldiers after they pstrayed into the waters pcontrolled by iran. ptonight they are back in pamerican hands. p>> jennifer griffin with the platest. p>> the video carefully editted pshows american sailors with ptheir hands up surrendering to piranian revolutionary guards. pa possible geneva conventions pmistake.
10:28 pm
pthe iranian behavior was great pand we appreciate your phospitality. p>> we had no problem, sir p>> p>> the state department and pothers denied the apology. p>> there's nothing to apologize pfor. pwhen you have a problem with the pboat, do you apologize? p>> iranian authorities released pthe nine male and 1 family psailors at 3:43 eastern time pafter nearly 15 hours, allowing pthem to leave in the same two privering boats that the u.s. and piranian officials said faced pmechanical problems the day pbefore. p>> our final finding is that it phas not been a hostile pcrossover. p>> john kerry praised the new phigh-level channels during the pnuclear talks to allow for the pswift resolution. p>> i think we could imagine how pa similar situation could have
10:29 pm
p>> the sailors are undergoing pmedical superstition in bahrain. p>> coming up, donald trump takes pover pensacola. p>> his message for florida
10:30 pm
prepublican debat p>> well, republican presidential pcandidate. pdonald trump is back in florida. p>> he took the stage in ensacola before a crowd of pthousands. pthis comes one day after resident obama's final state of pthe union address. pahead of thursday's republican residential debate. ptrump took aim at the president, pspecifically the claims he made pin the state of the union paddress about the nation's peconomic recovery. p>> you know he's trying to pjustify the economy. plet me tell you, it's the
10:31 pm
pit's not a recovery. pyou look at what's going on. ptake a look at what's happening pon wall street. p>> florida's presidential rimary is coming up. pthe district where trump spoke. p52% of voters are registered prepublicans. p>> the top 10 polls candidates pwill face off and there are sure pto be fireworks. p>> joe waldman tells us what to pexpect. p>> several gop candidates pdetouring from ohio and new phampshire and getting plast-minute campaigning ahead of pthe next debate. p as momentum builds toward pthe next debate in sacramento, pted cruz and marco rubio show up pin florida.
10:32 pm
plegalizing people here pillegally. pwe will have a conversation and pdebate about that. p>> cruz is neck and neck about ptrump. p>> trump is still firing off pquestions whether cruz is peligible to be president as he's pfrom canada. p>> you have to to be sure you're prun. pa lot of lawyers say you can prun. pyou can't be born in canada and pi hope it works out for him. p>> one candidate you won't see pon stage, senator rand paul who pdeclined an invitation to the pearly debate. phe says his campaign is only pworthy of a prime time spot. pdes moines registered, we're in p5th. p>> the fox business network says pit will not revise the lineup
10:33 pm
pqualify for the mainstage pdebate. pjoe waldman, fox 13 news. p>> you can watch the prime time pdebate on the business network. pthe seven candidates with the plowest number will face off at p5 o'clock. p p pbay area native melissa mcgee psang on america's stage to come pup short of the dream. p>> life after american idol was pnot the end for her. pit was just the beginning. p>> you can say melissa mcgee was pborn to sing. p>> i started singing when i was pfour and randomly started pbecause my parents put a pmicrophone to my face. p>> by the time i hit high pschool, my mom took me to porlando, to nashville to tons of
10:34 pm
psinging as an arch career. p>> melissa wanted a fast track pto fame and fortune and believed pamerican idol would get her pthere. p>> i auditioned for season two. pi didn't even make it through pthe first round. pi went against my dad's wishes pand told me he wasn't going to ay my car off. p>> there's more to her miami paddition people don't know pabout. p>> i went to miami you go there pand stand in a line and audition pthat day and it's all done. p>> after being told to come back pthe next day, melissa was out of pmoney but desperate to keep her pdream alive. p>> we took turns sleeping on the pboard walk. p>> i had given up singing for a plittle while.
10:35 pm
pto denver to audition for season pfive. p>> she gave it another shot and pthree years later in denver, she pheard the words she was waiting pfor. pshe was going to hollywood with pa warning. p>> once you make it, you pobviously are really, really pexcited. pthe problem is you can't tell panybody. pi had to wait and couldn't tell panybody anything until january puntil they aired it live on tv. p>> once there, melissa stood pout. p>> i ended up getting one of the pbiggest complements i got from psimon. p>> that was the best performance pof the day. pbrilliant. p>> i was so excited. p>> melissa made it to the top 12 pbut her idol dream ended the pnext week. plife after idol was a different pstory. pvocal chord surgery left her punable to speak. p>> after time, i was able to psing but i had this brand-new
10:36 pm
p>> she also revealed a secret pshe had been hiding. pshe said she was gay. p>> my mom wasn't excited about pit. pi wasn't allowed to have my pgirlfriend with me in key west. p>> now the future looks bright pfor melissa mcgee. pi joined a band in 2015. p>> melissa's american idol dream pending but her passion for music pnever died. p>> when you're on stage, you're pin a different world. pyou have an audience to feed pback on. pyou have the energy is insanely phigh and of course, you got an padrenalin rush.
10:37 pm
pthe answers and play gigs all pover the tampa area. pwe asked her about her worst pidol experience and i wow, you changed my old bedroom.
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p>> coming up in just a few pminutes at 11:00. puber and cutting prices and many paren't taking it well. pnew security measures at the phappiest place on earth. pwhat the people at disney will pdo to protect park goers from pviolence and terrorism. pthese stories and much more pcoming up on the fox 13 news. phow about the city of eden got pdamages by the b.p. oil spill. pa number of it will be used for pdowntown parking. pin addition to local residents pand the pinellas bike riders,
10:41 pm
p>> we have 1600 units within peight months and adding more pfuel to the fire. p>> over the summer, the city pwill open up a mix of paid and pfree parking lots. pmany state new development pshould be required to provide pthe new parking. p>> chipotle is launching a pmarketing campaign this month to preverse losses after a series of pfood safety scares. pchipotle sales plunged after an pe-coli outbreak followed by pnorovirus sickening boston pcustomers. pthe company is taking measures pto reduce the next food scare. pchip, what's going on? p>> the rams are getting close to pgetting ready for spring ptraining.
10:42 pm
pis coming up. ptalking about everything from phis new car to the whole new pseason. psports coming up next. pmots p p p>> and a dancing dad upstages phis daughters.
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p>> reporter: this is mike jones. phe saw his daughters filming a pdance video decided to make a psurprise appearance. pcheck it out. p p p p p>> they had no idea. pthey had no idea he was right pbehind them which i find hard to pbelieve. pkids these days will turn the hones around to watch pthemselves.
10:46 pm
pthough. p>> the sister spotted her dad. pyou saw what happened. pright when they stop, they pstopped right when they saw dad. pthanks to dad, the video has pbeen viewed on facebook over a pmillion times. retty sure that wouldn't have pbomb them. p>> paul has three girls, i'm psure he has nae-naed. p>> random act of motivation. p p p p p>> that is pretty good. pthe driver spotted the guy pjogging down the street and gave phim a musical boost.
10:47 pm
pthe eye of the tiger and it preally got the jogger going. pit's been viewed a thousand ptimes now. p>> kind of creepy, though. p>> got to be careful. p>> i know. p>> somebody is going to do psomething. phopefully he didn't follow him a plong time. pthat would get creepy. p>> i wouldn't like that. p>> okay and now we've got to see pa raccoon. pit's a fight trending too. pyou have to check out the video pof the chubby raccoons battling pit out a chinese restaurant. pthe owner went after them with a pbroom and they eventually ran pout the door after a little pcreaming scared them. pthe customer shot this video and osted on facebook. pit's gone viral. pthat's would not be something i pwanted to see in the restaurant. p>> no. ass on that.
10:48 pm
pwe are moving into the baseball. pit's just 37 days until the rays pgoing to spring training. pthey got to go to the trop. pthis is the rays winter pdevelopment program for some of ptheir minor league prospects. pjust working on the basics today pso they're ready to go when the pspring training begins. pgarrett was one of 20 invited. p>> for me especially i'm valuing pthis situation as like i said a ptime where i can make sure i'm pdoing what i need to do and make padjustments i need to before i pget to spring training. p>> nascar cup driver, martin ptruex junior is coming off the pbest year. phis team is a long way from pcharlotte which makes it harder
10:49 pm
phis team is based out of denver, pcolorado, i asked him how that pmakes getting ready for races ptougher? p>> for me, i just show up and pdrive. pit's not that difficult. plet's be honest. pbut for the team it's definitely pa huge challenge. pyou look at every race team out pthere. pthey are all from the charlotte parea or north carolina. pthey have been doing this past pseason was their 10th year. pthey figured out how to make it pwork for them. pthey certainly had to figure out phow to make things work plogistically. pthey have done a great job. pit in no way holds us back. p>> you're making a switch from pchevy to toyota you have an palliance with joe gibbs racing, phow will that help you with the ptransition? p>> it will be important pobviously. pthis year is a big change for pus. pthere's a lot of thing changing. pthe parts and pieces are pdifferent than the ones we raced
10:50 pm
pthe fact that nascar changed the prules up quite a bit is going to phelp us keep from falling pbehind. peverybody is going to be out ptheir to figure out the new set pup. pwe have done testing already. pthings are looking good and pfeeling good. pthe team is pumped up. pwe're ready to get to daytona in p39 days. p>> i will see you out there. pyou make a good point. pthe engineering and paerodynamics, are you now pstarting from scratch? p>> a lot of it will be like pstarting over. pbecause the rules changed, it's pkind of a clean slate. pit's a good time to make changes pwhen the rules change seems to pbe when it's at least the most, pthe least disturbing to the pteam. pthe whole team is back together. pthe guys are obviously fired pupcoming off their best season pever. pi have so much confidence in the pgroup. pwhat they did last year.
10:51 pm
pwe need to get to the final four pand see if we can do a better pjob. p>> i don't know how he could do pa much better job. pthe next step up would be pwinning. p>> chip, thank you. p>> coming up. pa sweet surprise for power ball pfans. p>> can we just play the music pfor the next 20s.
10:52 pm
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p>> now, your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13 chief pmeteorologist. pfox delagado. p>> margaret, if you want to psuper my competition.
10:55 pm
pupload your photo and we give pumbrella away. pthe rain has been held well psouth of us. pit could be light rain pdeveloping in our southern pcounties. peventually, they will be low ressure developing in the south pwestern gulf of mexico. pthat will move east, northeast pand the passage of the low may pbe enough to produce severe pstorms. pthe prime time will be tomorrow pnight into early on friday. pi say between 5:00 a.m. friday pmorning and noon. phere's a hint of what's coming. pyou have rain showing up on pbrownsville radar. pthat energy rides along the pfront and heads our way late pthursday to friday. pthen there will be another one. pultimately, it's just wave after pwave of pressure. pthere's one for friday. pthat goes up toward new england.
10:56 pm
pthat also could bring us a spell pof rain and storms, once that pgoes by, the door opens for pcolder weather to go by. pthe coldest the season tuesday pand wednesday of next week. pwe talked about this so many ptimes, even going back to the psummer of last year. pthe pattern now is settling into pa typical el nino. pwetter than average rain. pyou have the threat of severe pweather that goes up. pmost often, over night and pduring the early morning hours pfrom 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., pthat's the prime time for pweather. pthe forecast for tomorrow it's pmostly cloudy and cool. retty much all day long. ptemperatures in the mid 60s. pwe may get light rain late in pthe day. psouth of tampa bay.
10:57 pm
pby evening they will be around. pstudy psaturday looks like a good day. p>> looking for a new car and a pnew deal, you could be driving paway with the steal of a deal. pcar prices are likely fall. pspeaking of loans. pmore americans are jumping into pthe housing market because of plow rates. pmortgage applications for urchases and finances have seen ptheir biggest jump. pnot a good day for your 401 k. pthe dow and s&p taking a dive. pall are down 10% from their precent highs. phere's something the folks in pthe windy city will not like to phear. porkin pest control is naming pchicago the biggest bed bug pcity. psleep tight, don't let the bed pbugs bite. pthat's business.
10:58 pm
p>> how about tonight's florida's pwins tickets. pa play four today. pwas 7967. p7379. pthe power ball jackpot just pbecame a little sweeter. pa connecticut baker surprised pcustomers with lottery ball pshaped tickets. pthey gave a free power ball pticket with a dozen order. p>> i'm like oh, my god. pthey are really, really excited pand it's just a lot of fun. pwe're just trying to have a lot pof fun and hopefully one of my pcustomers will win. pwe will have the power ball pnumbers for you in a few pminutes. p>> swap out the power balls with
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