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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 3 our big story this morning: a *few people are waking up this morning... *multi millionaires. they have wininng tickets... in the powerball jackpot! we know at least *three winning tickets have been sold so far. one in chino valley,
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tennessee... and one, right here in florida! and fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live... on the *hunt for that florida winner. we're guessing its not *you shayla? 3 3 3 3
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3 in highlands county: a 71 year old man just risked his life.. to save his neighbor from a violent thief! 3 deputies say donald lastrina attacked the 75- year-old woman .. in her garage .. on erie drive in sebring. they say he threw her down .. choked her.. and demanded she hand over her checkbook. when she screamed for help.. he reportedly covered her mouth and nose with his gloves. she was about to pass out..when her 71-year old neighbor heard her cries ..
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took off. lastrina was arrested a few minutes later .. and is now charged with attempted murder. 3 3 a heated debate between students at u-s-f last night. the topic: whether to allow concealed-carry firearms on campus.. 3 two gun bills are already in the works in tallahassee. one of the bills.. would would allow permit holders to openly carry their handguns statewide. the other... would allow permit holders to carry their gun on college campuses. organizers of last night's debate say they set it up.. because they feel no one is asking *students how they feel about the issue: 3 3 advocates of the new gun bills say allowing guns on campus will make state universities *safer... but most university presidents and police chiefs disagree. the one thing that *everyone agreed on last night... student safety is definitely a priority.
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another place focusing on security... the *happiest place on earth. disney world is now hiring some *new security personnel. 3 the goal is to protect guests from possible terrorism and mass shootings. disney hasn't said how many additional staff they will hire for security. many of them will help staff metal detectors. disney just installed them at park entrances last month. the company also made several other security changes including banning costumes on adults and not allowing *any toy guns. even the ones they used to *sell in giftshops. 3 3 state officials are raising awareness today... for a very special cause. this is florida suicide prevention day. it kicks off with a news conference at the state capitol... at 11 this morning. 3 the group behind the news conference is hoping to pass a new suicide prevention bill. it would require school officials across the state to take two *hours of training in youth suicide awareness and prevention. 25 *other states already have similar laws in place. how big of a problem has this become? just look at the stats from 20-14. there were more
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the number of homicides... which was about 11 hundred. sucide is also the third leading cause of death for children, teens and young adults under the age of 25. 3 3 happening today in tampa: one of the country's *top military leaders stops at macdill air force base. defense secretary "ash carter" will head to central command. carter has meetings planned with centcom commander, general lloyd austin and special operations command commander general joseph votel. carter will also hold a news conference to update our military's fight against isis just before four p-m. 3 3 walter a 10-year old boy in tampa just had a very special birthday party. that's because it was his first one... *outside a hospital room. 3 jamari hopson has been unable to breathe on his own since the day he was born. although he is non-verbal.. jamari responds to the sights and sounds around him.. his family dreamed that he might be able to celebrate his birthday *outside the children's center for the first time. that's why.. the children's dream fund organized this pirate-themed birthday party at the glazer
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special night.. for many reasons. 3 3 jamari was born about a month premature.. to get the care he needs, he is a permanent resident at the sabal palm children's center in largo. 3 and... a happy homecoming for a manatee from martin county. crews at the miami seaquarium have been treated "sully" since last march. florida fish and wildlife crews rescued him from the waters off stuart. he was suffering from cold stress.. and weighed just 400 pounds.. not much for a manatee.. he was treated and given antibiotics.. and now weighs a *healthy 900 pounds. sully was loaded on a truck
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3 3 3 3 ?did steven avery *really do it? disturbing new details... from a woman who was featured... in his netflix documentary 3 plus: ?still not brave enough to order that burrito? chipotle's new plan... to get their customers back.
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again! r
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again! again! again? again! again! artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! 3 headlines: a new twist... to the netflix documentary *everyone is talking about. "making a murderer" while the man at the center of it keeps fighting for a new trial... his ex *fiancee is speaking out. and it just
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3 "jodi stachowski" sat down for an interview with "nancy grace" last night. she was engaged to "steven avery" back in 2005, when he was arrested for murdering teresa halbach. jodi was actually behind bars when the murder took place... because of a d-u-i. and the couple broke up while *steven was on trial. in the netflix documentary, jodi only had *good things to say about steven. but last night, she said it was all a lie. she claims steven *forced her to make him look *good on camera. she also claims he abused her... and even threatened to kill her. and she *does think he was guilty of that murder. 3 a federal judge has ruled that bill cosby's wife... *will be deposed in a lawsuit accusing him of defamation. the deposition of camille cosby is set for february 22nd. a u-s magistrate judge.. agreed to hold off on bill cosby's deposition.. as cosby faces criminal charges in pennsylvania. he was charged december 30th.. with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside his home near philadelphia in 2004. it's the first *criminal
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3 and.. restaurant chain chipotle is cooking up a new plan... to win back customers. the company is launching a marketing campaign this month to try and reverse losses after a series of food safety scares. chipotle's sales plunged after an e-coli outbreak in october. that was followed by norovirus sickening dozens at a chipotle in boston. chipotle executives say the company is taking measures to reduce the risk of another food scare. 3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 still ahead: hollywood stars don't have to set their alarm clocks this morning. their phones will be ringing off the hook, in just a few hours. we have a preview of the oscar nominations. 3 plus: can't stop singing "adele" in the car? apparently neither can *she. her crazy karoke interview... up next. 3 3 3 3
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3 4 50. here's a quick check of the top trending stories this hour. and we begin, with a big day for hollywood. in just a few hours, the oscar nominations will be announced. 3 and last weekend's golden globe winners might shed some clues on who will make the lists. right now... the "revenant" is the odds-on favorite. it won best picture, director, and actor awards. the catholic church drama "spotlight" has also been a big favorite of the critics this past year. and will "star wars" get any nominations? we'll soon find out. the announcement starts at 8-30 this morning. 3 okay admit it... how many times have you caught yourself *singing in the car? 3 well we know there's one song that *most of america has been singing along with the past few weeks... adele's "hello." and last night,
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some adele in the car. and it was *so good... you would almost swear it *was adele: 3 yup... that really *is adele! she joined "late late show" host james corden for his popular segment, "carpool karaoke." of course they had to sing her new hit "hello." but the *real highlight of the ride came, when adele sang to someone *elses song:
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3 still ahead: 3 jen gets to celebrate one of her *favorite holidays. and here's a hint... her *dogs are involved. plus: dave has another check on the thursday forecast, when good
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