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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 this morning there are dozens p>>russell: this morning, there pare dozens of newly minted pmillionaires in america. pnone bigger than the three who phit the historic jackpot and one pof those tickets was sold in pflorida. psearch is on for the big one. p>>laura: and st. pete police ptake down a suspected crack phouse in a matter of seconds.
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pthings they found inside, peither. p>>russell: and just a short time pbefore the gasparilla pextravaganza pextravaganza. pwhy former drivers say the pcompany owes them more money. p>>dave: 50 degrees outside at ptampa international. pcoming off the high yesterday. phigh clouds continue to stream pin and while today will look plike it did yesterday, it may pactually be a few degrees warmer pso we get a little bit more of pthat filtered sunshine, high ptemperatures today in the mid p60s or so but we are still plooking at a good chance of some prain, windy conditions and pstorms tomorrow morning. pwe'll detail that in just a plittle bit. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: see you then. pright now we've got a live look pon the tampa side of the howard pfrankland bridge. phere's the traffic heading in ptowards tampa, that northbound pdirection. plooks pretty clear and quiet, pabout a six minute ride crossing pthe water right now. pin an hour or so, we'll be pwatching the stretch.
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pbackups around the 7:00 hour papproaching the dale mabry new ptraffic pattern we've been pseeing. p>>laura: thank you. pflorida, tennessee and pcalifornia, not one but three pwinning tickets were sold in plast night's historic powerball pdrawing. p>>russell: the total was $1.6 pbillion. pit's going to be split at least pthree ways. ptake a good look. p4, 8, 19, 27, 34, powerball was p10. pan estimated 85% of all possible pnumber combinations were sold pbefore that drawing. p>>laura: wow. pand this was the scene outside pof the 7-eleven in chino hills, pcalifornia. pit's about 25 miles northeast of panaheim. pafter the drawing and the news pbroke that there was actually a pwinner, dozens of people from tv pnews crews to gawkers were in
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pthat store will get a $1 million pbonus for selling the ticket. p>>russell: so far none of the pwinners have come forward. pexperts say that's the smartest pway to handle it. p>>laura: we will find out who pthey are. pit's just like in florida, owerball winners in california pand tennessee cannot remain panonymous. p>>russell: shooef shooef is live pat the tampa lottery office. pwe still don't know where the pwinning ticket in florida was psold, though, do we? p>>reporter: that is a big pquestion of the day, russell. pit's something we're hoping to pfind out as we get through the pdaylight hours. pwe're outside of the florida plottery district office here in ptampa. pthe doors are expected to open pin a few hours. pso at this point, i can tell pyou, i have reached out to the pdistrict manager to find out not ponly the answer to that pquestion, but some of the psmaller winners as well. pthere's 13 people around the pstate of florida that became pmillionaires with last night's pdrawing.
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pout if any of the reigners will pbe here in the tampa bay area. pof course we can tell you at pthis point, the powerball pjackpot winner that we're still pworking to learn, they're one of pthree around the country, pwinning tickets that were sold. pnow, this is some information pthat we're learning about those pother purchases. pchino hills is the sixth highest pincome mid sized city in the punited states. pit has a population of about p74,000 people. pthe average household income pthere is just over $100,000. pthe other ticket sold was in ptennessee about 25 miles north pof memphis. pthe population just under 5,000. pand there is an average income paround $56,000 in that location. pso at 6:30 we're going to pcontinue to work to find out psome answers to the questions. pwho won big here in floor more plast night? pof course, a historic jackpot
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pthose answers as soon as we get pthem. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: there were a lot of eople claiming that they won pthe jackpot. pmost of those folks are just pharmless fun but did you know pthis? pit's a crime to try to cash in a pfake lottery ticket. eople tried it before. enalties differ from state to pstate. pflorida, third degree felony. panyone caught trying it faces a p$5,000 fine. p>>laura: in the midst of owerball fever, florida plawmakers are looking to reign pin the florida lottery games. psome say it victimizes the pstate's poorest vehicles. pit would limit the lottery to 20 pscratchoff games at one time. pright now the list says there's p79. p>>russell: last night st. etersburg police busted a psuspected crack house. pthey say the people inside tried pto hide the evidence by putting pit in a lock box and pouring
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pthis all happened in a matter of pminutes. pswat officers tore down a steel pdoor and stormed the small home pon fifth avenue north and found p14 people inside, all led out in phandcuffs. pfour were arrested. pdetectives say they're tracking pone of the men. pthey say he operated out of the phouse for two months. pinside the house officers say pthey found several kinds of pdrugs, including crack cocaine pand prescription meds. p>>laura: a man from palmetto is pcharged with the death of his pgirlfriend's baby. pit's 37-year-old john stewart. pmanatee deputies say that he was pwatching the 14-month-old when pthe baby started having pseizures. phe was taken to the hospital and pdied the next day. pautopsy results show that the pchild had swelling on the brain, pa spinal cord injury and several pfractured ribs. pmedical examiner says that the pinjuries are the result of pabuse. pstewart is charged with pchild. p>>russell: we're expected to plearn more about a school bus
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ptwo young children were sent to pthe hospital. p31 kids were on the way home. ptwo children were taken to the phospital. pneither were reported to be pseriously injured. pinvestigators say the bus was pturning left and hit an s.u.v. pgoing the opposite direction on p301. pthe bus driver, that 63-year-old pmarilyn ray, was cited for pfailing to yield. p>>laura: the aclu and the pamerican bar association are purging the state to halt pexecutions until lawmakers pchange the way that death psentences are handed down. pearlier this week the u.s. psupreme court said that florida pjudges should not have the final psay in death penalty cases. pthey say that that violates the psixth amendment. pflorida has already executed one pman this year.
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pthe next sentenced is lambrix. pthe recommendation was not punanimous in the end but the pjudge sent him to death row panyway. am bondi has until friday to prespond. p>>russell: uber drivers not phappy about a recently announced rice drop. pthey say it could keep many of pthem from getting on the road. pthat's why some are planning rotests in downtown tampa. pthe seasonal price adjustment is pmeant to encourage more pcustomers to order rides during puber's slow season. pdrivers tell us they were making pabout 95 cents a mile which pwould be $600 a week. pwith this price drop, they're pmaking 65 cents a mile and to rotest, some are considering a pwork stoppage at perhaps the pworst of times around here. pduring gasparilla. pit's one of uber's biggest days pin tampa. p>> we have a lot of drivers out pthere that this is their bread pand butter. pliving. pwith the economy the way it is,
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pto keep a lot of drivers from pactually being homeless. p>>russell: uber promises to pguarantee earnings of $10 an phour as long as drivers limit it pto a minimum number of trips and pare active a certain amount of ptime. pthe price drop can be reversed pif demand does not go back up. p>>laura: a polk county high pschool senior has launched a ptesting. pshe said it is causing students punnecessary stress. pchristina ramira is pvaledictorian and her and her pclassmates have year end exams pthat will be worth 30% of their pgrade. pshe said it should be closer to p10% or 15%. pthe school district is defending pthe high weighted test. p>> we'll see a high percentage pof grades that will plummet pbecause of the tests. p>>laura: she thinks that the
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pwith errors. pher petition has more than 2800 psignatures so far. ptesting is still a few months paway. p>>russell: the first republican residential debate of the pelection year is tonight. p>>laura: one candidate says he's pnot going. pwe'll tell you why. pand then explosions rocked the pcapital of indonesia and islamic pstate militants are suspected. p>>dave: it is a quiet start to pyesterday. pit started off at 50-degree pmark. psome are still in the 40s. plater today, the winds are going pto shift over an east-southeast pdirection and that will tend to pwarm us up a little bit more. pwe're looking at highs in the pmid 6 0z and i'll tell you what. pa good chance of showers and pthunderstorms tomorrow morning
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pwe'll have the whole thing on in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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3 space-x has released a new video showing p>>russell: a new video shows phighlights from the flawless pfalcon nine landing in the cape plast month. pwith the music it looks like the ptrailer for a hollywood pblockbuster. pit's the company's most pambitious yet. pthey're going to try to get it pthis weekend as long as the pweather permits. pthis time they're planning to pland on a floating drone ship poff the california coast. p>>laura: now they're just pbragging. p>>russell: showing out. plook at that. pspectacular. p>>laura: i would have to be pbragging, too. pthat's amazing. p>>dave: it's relatively quiet. pit's going to stay quiet until
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pand then we're going to unravel pthings for you here piece by iece. ptoday cloudy, like yesterday, pmake it to the mid 60s. pshowers and possibilities of pstrong thunderstorms tomorrow pmorning. panywhere from, say, this time pthrough noon. pokay? pand the primary threat, the rimary threat will be very pgusty winds with this line of pshowers and thunderstorms. pnot that there couldn't be an pisolated tornado, but the rimary threat will be very, pvery gusty winds. pafter the front moves through, psay early afternoon, late pmorning, early afternoon, gale pforce winds are possible right pat the coastal waters as the pwinds shift to the west. pyou're looking at 30, 35 pmile-per-hour winds. pyou know what that does to the pbay? pit's really going to make it plook like a washing machine out pthere with that west wind. pand with the high tide for some pspots in the afternoon, that pcould lead to some minor coastal
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psets up for tomorrow. pi definitely urge you, if your pmorning commute takes you over pthe sunshine skyway and the bay parea bridges tomorrow, i would pcome right back in early. pwe can check the winds, check pthe radar to see how things are ptiming out. pwe're at 50 degrees, 47 in new ort richey. p46 in wesley chapel. pstill in the 30s to the north. pwe still have a nice pnorth-northeast wind at the psurface but that west to psouthwest wind aloft, i mean, it pis just carrying in all of those pclouds and all of that moisture pand while we see a few breaks in pclouds today, in general it's pgoing to look like it did pyesterday. pyou see the sun trying to shine pthrough but in some spots it's pgoing to have a tough time doing pthat. pbig area of low pressure pdeveloping. pit's not big yet but it will be pbig and strong as it moves pacross the northern gulf coast. ptaps into this almost unlimited pmoisture that's been streaming
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pthe jet stream, the dynamics is pall coming together for some pstrong to possibly severe pthunderstorms tomorrow morning pand it really could be anywhere pright along the coastline. pit depends on how close it pcomes, how it sets up which i ptell you to tune in back ptomorrow morning and get a good pidea how things are moving palong. pby tomorrow morning at 1:00 pa.m., here's the low just pmarching across the gulf. pit will eventually slide just to pour north. pyou see a lot of dynamics up phere but right along the front, pyou're going to get a line of pshowers and thunderstorms and pagain, like i said, a few storms pare going to be strong. pthe primary threat will be high pwinds. pnot only with that line of rain pbut behind it as well. otential low to medium for ptornado. pyou may see one or two isolated ptornados, maybe a water spout. pthis flooding is not necessarily pfrom the rain but the coastal pflooding which we follow behind pit thanks to the west wind. pagain, high winds are really
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ptomorrow overall but it's psomething we haven't dealt with pin awhile. pit's really going to get your pattention. plots of clouds today, cool, 66 pdegrees for a high. povercast showers late tonight, p61 degrees and then for ptomorrow, between now and noon, psay 5:00 to noon, the showers pand thunderstorms move through. pwindy with a high temperature of p72 degrees. pjust a gale to watch out for ptomorrow for boaters. pif you have to squeeze some pboating in today, get it in pbecause i don't think it's phappening tomorrow. robably saturday or sunday as pwell because on sunday morning, panother system moves through. pthat one has the potential to pbring us some high winds as pwell. pso one on friday, one on sunday. pa lot of weather the next few pdays. p>>vanessa: looks like it. pall right, dave. pthank you. p6:17 the time. pwe're in winter haven checking pout a crash with possibility of plane blockage. pjust north of i-4. plooks like if there are any pdelays in this area, they're
6:17 am
pwe have green road sensors to pshow you but watch out for pemergency crews you might see on pthe shoulder. p>>laura: explosions rocked the pcapital of indonesia. pat least three suicide bombers ptargeted a starbucks cafe in pdowntown jakarta. pat the same time, two gunman pattacked a nearby police post. pseveral people were killed, pincluding a police officer. pno one has claimed presponsibility for the attack so pfar, but police say that islamic pstate militants issued a warning pjust before. p>>russell: yesterday ash carter plaid out a broad plan to defeat pisis. ptoday he's going to visit pmacdill air force base to pdiscuss the status of the pongoing military campaign. p>> it won't be easy. pisil is a cancer. pthe threat aims to spread. pyou can't cure the disease just pby cutting out the tumor. pyou have to eliminate wherever pit is spread and stop it from pcoming back.
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pannounced the special commando pforce has arrived in iraq, about p500 troops will be deployed at pthe end of february followed by panother combat team in late pspring. phe's calling for support from pother countries to put more ressure on isis. p>>laura: three people were pkilled and several others badly pinjured after an avalanche hit a pgroup of children skiing in the palps. prescue teams are searching for pother skiers who may have been pburied in the snow. pweather conditions are pcomplicating the situation, too. pthe area has seen heavy snow in precent days. psince the start of the month, pfour people have lost their plives in avalanches in the pfrench alps. p>>russell: 10 u.s. sailors were pcaptured in the gulf. pin a clip posted online, one of pthe sailors apologizes for the pincident. pthe military has not confirmed pwhether the video is authentic.
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ptonight's presidential debate. pearlier this week we told thaw prand paul and carly fiorina were pbumped to the earlier debate. pthey were supposed to join mike phuckabee and rick santorum. aul announced he will not be pthere. phe boycotted the undercard pdebate. phe said he deserves a spot on pthe main stage after coming in pfifth in the des moines register oll released yesterday. pkentucky senator blames the gop pfor his explosion and he said pthe decision may cause the party pthe support of libertarian pvoters. pnext prime time presidential pdebate is tonight on the fox pbusiness network and starts at p9:00. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. p>>russell: ted cruz has picked pup an endorsement from phil probertson. pthe two are seen together in a pvideo when robertson explains phis endorsement. pcruz is thrilled to have the psupport and touted him as a pfamily man with christian faith
6:20 am
probertson's endorsement could pget the cruz campaign an even pbigger boost with ee van gel i pcanals. p>>laura: health ad like no pother. p>>russell: if you ever wanted to psnuggle a goat, this job is for pyou. pand losing an engagement ring is pone of the scariest things that pa group can face. pand one man takes a big risk pwatching his the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. 3 it's time to see p>>laura: 6:23 now. ptime to see what's checking on pthe web.
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plooky who is here. p>>jennifer: so rumor has it that ptaylor katz won the power balm pjackpot and she's out today. pthat's why she's not here. pwouldn't that be amazing? pshe had a planned vacation. pshe's doing some stuff, not icking up cash. pall right. pso you want to know how to show pyour bay you're out of this pworld? pyou know what bay is, right? pyou know, girlfriend, boyfriend, pyour boo. psend they are in gauge -- their pengagement ring into space. pshawn wright saved up enough pmoney to buy his fiance the ring pof her dreams. pto make it more special,' tached pit to a wooden spatula and then phooked it to a weather balloon. pwhy would i want my fiance to do pthat? pit came back down. pand he attached a g.p.s. to it pso he could find it when it
6:23 am
roposed to her again. pi don't know. p>>laura: good way to start pthings out. p>>jennifer: if jeremy was like i pgot you an awesome ring and i psent it into space and it will pbe right back -- p>>russell: is she a rocket pscientist or something? p>>laura: i can imagine her arents going, he did what? p>>jennifer: and there's a go pro pattached to it as well. pso we're all animal lovers here pon "good day." pwe can all agree with that, pright? p>>laura: yes. p>>jennifer: i think i found the pbiggest dog lover of all time. pseriously. p>> he's just beautiful. p>>jennifer: he can barely keep pit together while holding this padorable puppy. pshe's just so beautiful in pbetween his sobs.
6:24 am
pa big heart. pthat's what russell does every pafternoon. phe's so sweet. p>>laura: yeah. p>>jennifer: are you ready for pthis one? pto snuggling goats, a farm in pvirginia says they're looking pfor volunteers to care for their pnewborn goat. pjob description includes pfeeding, caring for and yes, psnuggling the precious babies to pkeep them warm. aramount farms are expected 95 pkids by mid february. pwait. pit gets cuter. ponce they're born, they will pstay warm with heaters and plittle goatee sweaters. pare you excited? p>>russell: not as excited as pyou. p>>jennifer: they got an poverwhelming response on pfacebook so they said they're pbooked for february so they preally don't need any more goat psnugglers.
6:25 am
pthey're one of god's creatures. pi accept that. pbut these are not special goats? p>>jennifer: no. pthe farm is just getting an pinflux of goats. pthere's so many that they need eople to keep them warm in pwinter. p>>russell: got it. pgot it. pfunny. p>>laura: thank you, jen. p>>jennifer: you're welcome. p>>russell: today the city of st. ete could finally go forward pwith a plan that would allow the prays to leave tropicana field. p>>laura: we think. pwe think. pwe hope. pcoming up, alcides segui pexplains why today's meeting is psuch a big deal and the search pcontinues for florida's owerball winner.
6:26 am
good morning tampa bay ... i'm laura moody. p>>laura: good morning, tampa pbay. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. psearch is on for florida's big owerball winner. pbefore we get to that, dave is pwatching some approaching rough pweather. p>>dave: it's for tomorrow pmorning, though. pi do want to point that out. pwe're good and fly right now pjust like we were yesterday at pthis time. ptampa is sitting at 50 degrees pand it's also 50 in lakeland, a plittle cooler to the north. plow to mid 40s. pthat looks familiar, right? pall those high clouds just pstreaming in and streaming in pand we're going to be okay until pthe morning hours tomorrow, pearly morning hours. pwe'll be watching the radar. p66 for a high today. pmorning storms, afternoon wind ptomorrow with a high of 72. panother round of rain is going pto come through on sunday pmorning. pa lot of weather the next few pdays. pat least today should be quiet. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we're trying to pget some eyes on this crash pthat's reported along 75 psouthbound.
6:27 am
pboulevard and f.h.p. is pblocked. pno delays on the road sensors. pi've been checking a couple of ptraffic areas and i haven't been pable to pinpoint it. pjust be aware southbound, you pmight see some lane blockage pheading that way. pwe'll get you updates here on tv pas well as on twitter at fox 13 ptraffic. p>>russell: right now new this pmorning, somebody in florida is pholding a winning ticket worth pone third of last night's $1.5 pbillion jackpot. pthree winning tickets, one in pcalifornia, one in tennessee and pyes, one in florida. p>>laura: we know where they were psold in tennessee and california pbut we're waiting to find out pwhere the florida ticket was psold. p>>russell: shayla reaves is live pat the tampa lottery office. pa lot of people checking numbers pthis morning, aren't they? p>>reporter: a lot of people pchecking them to find out if
6:28 am
pright now here in the florida plottery district office here in ptampa, those doors are expected pto open in the next two to three phours. pwhat we are trying to find out pand we've been working and pmaking some calls is where pexactly in the state was that owerball jackpot ticket urchased. pwe know, again, it's just a pthird of that total amount that pthey could receive but there pcould still be some other pmatches out there. pat this point, we can tell you pthat chino hills, california is pwhere somebody was able to take phome winnings and there was a pbig winner as well in mumford, ptennessee. pthat's 30 miles away from pmemphis, tennessee. pat this point, we can tell you pthat crowds, they swarmed the pbuilding wednesday night. pcameras rolling in the parking plot of the location there in pcalifornia. pthat happening shortly after pthose winning numbers were pannounced. pso at this point, we can say
6:29 am
pwin he were ners to claim their part of pthe big prize and it could be a pfew hours before we find out panyone else joining the three ptickets mentioned as a winning pmatch. pthere's still a lot of news to pcome out here later today. pright here in the tampa bay parea, there were a couple of pguys who took a big chance and pthey went and purchased 73,000 ptickets. pthey spent $146,000 on that pool pand we hope to check in with pthem later today to see if they phad any luck. pdramatically increasing their podds of winning with all of pthose purchases. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. pand you know, there are millions pof dollars at stake at the city pof st. pete and rays negotiate a pdeal that would let teams look pat locations in hillsborough pcounty. ptoday, today is different. pfox 13 alcides segui is live for pus in st. pete.
6:30 am
pwhat a lot of people have been pwaiting for. p>>reporter: it really depends on pwho you're referring to, laura. pyeah. pa lot of people in hillsborough pcounty, people in hillsborough pcounty, not so much the city of pst. pete. pa lot of people hoping the rays pdo stay in st. pete, including pthe mayor and council members pand a lot of city officials in pthe area. pas you mentioned, it is a big, pbig day for the rays, city of pst. pete and really the entire pregion. pwe really don't know where the prays will be looking if the plan pis approved today. pthat's a big if. pit's scheduled for 3:00 this pafternoon. pcouncil members are expected to pmake a decision. pthere's a lot at stake. ptalk about millions and millions pof dollars, a lot of players pwill be watching this very, very pclosely. pif the deal is approved, the prays have two decisions. pthey can either stay or go. pif the rays decide to stay in pst. pete through 2027, the team
6:31 am
pdeveloping of tropicana site. premember, the cities owns that lot of land and it has a lot of otential. pit's near downtown, minutes away pfrom the waterfront. pif the team stays in the city, pthey could build a new stadium. pif they go, they get nothing. pinstead, they actually pay the pcity $24 million in penalties pbecause they broke their pcontract early. pif the council moves to approve pthis deal, the rays will begin pexploring sites in hillsborough pand pinellas counties where the pteam has wanted to look for pyears but have not been allowed pto because of their contract. pthe team will also have to pay pas much as $100,000 toward a pstudy of a master plan for the ptropicana site. pnow, should the council approve pthis deal, st. pete mayor pkriseman is announcing the pformation of what he calls pbaseball forever campaign. pit would include city and pgovernment officials as well as
6:32 am
pkeep the team here in st. pete. plisten in. p>> once they make a decision, ponce they have some sites to pevaluate, once there's criteria pto evaluate the sites, is it a pgood location? phow much does it cost? pwhat are the partners? pwhat are they paying for it? pthey could have a good pconversation. p>>reporter: but again, it starts ptoday. pit starts with this vote. pagain, if the city approves it, pit would allow the rays to look pin pinellas county and phillsborough county. pthere have been talks of moving pa stadium or building a stadium pnear the downtown area, downtown ptampa area. pthere's also talks of building panother stadium here in st. ete. pbut again, it all starts today pand it starts with this vote and pit starts at 3:00. pcoming up at 7:00 this morning, pyou'll hear from mayor kriseman. pat 8:00 you hear from mayor pbuckhorn. pback to you. p>>russell: if you have something pto sell, you could go on pcraigslist, you could make a few pbucks.
6:33 am
ptold you before, it has perils pas well. pmajor chad is here with us to ptalk about that. phey, chad. p>> good morning, russell. p>>russell: and we have discussed pthis subject before, but it's pworth mentioning and visiting pagain. pand we'll talk in a second. pbut first, we have a couple of p911 calls from people caught in pscary situations. plet's listen to the first one. p>> what is your emergency? p>> yeah. pi just got robbed point blank pand i just need the police over phere, please. pwe were working on a car and pthey came in, the two guys, and pwe went to see the car and he pbasically put the gun in my pface. p>> and chad, that's not that punusual. p>> it's not. pin the past month we've had six preported instances just like pthat, russell.
6:34 am
pbig business as we know. pbut it's become quite dangerous. p>>russell: we had geoff simon on pyesterday, and we were talking pabout online sales and it's a phuge part of the economy now. psome people make their living pdoing it. pthis next 911 call we're going pto play is, to me, the most ptroubling of all of the listen pto this one. p>> yeah. pi just got robbed. p>> what exactly happened? p>> i was showing a firearm and i phad the guy came over and -- p[inaudible] p>>russell: we have had stories precently, you've been
6:35 am
pguns have been stolen. pthat's the last thing you want pis another gun on the street. p>> i agree. pcan you imagine the innocent erson wanting to buy something por sell something? pyou pull into someone sticking a pgun in your face and taking the phard earned cash to buy the car por to buy the gun, whatever it pis, very scary. p>>russell: so what do you do? pyou guys have some ideas. pyou could help us out, at least ptrying to make this a bit more psafe, right? p>> we do. pwe have 2014 sheriff gee poperated sheriff safe sale. pcome to one of our substations. pthey're throughout the county. pas everyone has seen, most of pthe surrounding agencies have pfollowed suit. pgo to one of the police pstations, substations. pthere's police officers, pdeputies walking around. pthey're well lit if you end up pdoing the transaction at night pand they're all under psurveillance cameras so it's a erfect place to go. p>>russell: we're showing the
6:36 am
pis available to anybody. pi mean, i guess my question is, pdo i need to call in advance and psay, we're coming there to do a ptransaction or is it just okay pto show up? p>> that's a great question. pno. pyou don't need our permission. pwe're aware you're there and pwe've had no problems since eople have been coming on our roperties and using it. pthink about it. pif you're someone out there that ptruly wants to sell or buy psomething and you have all of pthe good intentions, you're not pgoing to have a problem meeting pat a police station to do the ptransaction. p>>russell: and if you're a bad pguy and you say let's meet at pthe sheriff's office to do this, pyou're not going to do it. p>> i don't see it happening. p>>russll: good advice this pmorning. ptake care. pthanks. p>>laura: 6:40 now. pnasty weather that could be pmoving through the bay area ptonight and tomorrow morning. pcoming up, dave is going to tell pus what we can expect. p>>russell: and snakes. pthe next python challenge is pabout to get underway. pit's not the powerball but there
6:37 am
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p>>dave: looking at overcast pskies to start things off, but pit's that thin, high cloudiness pto start off like we had pyesterday. pi mean, the good news is, of pcourse, even though it's chilly poutside for many of us, we're pstaying above that 50-degree pmark because of all the cloud pcover. pothers are in the 40s but still pbetter than yesterday. pcrystal river, you're at 41. phillsborough at 45 and the yell psxoe orange on this map tell me pfor the most part, we're a
6:40 am
pyesterday at this time. pbrandon is two to three degrees pwarmer. plakeland around five degrees pwarmer. pi look for a wind shift later ptoday which will start to scour pout the lower level, cooler air pand probably bring us back to pthe mid 60s or so. pmaybe the upper 60s in a couple pof spots. oint is, it will be a few pdegrees warmer than it was pyesterday. plook at all of this cloud cover, pthough. pwe have all the way back to the pwestern gulf because this is pwhat we're watching. pan area of low pressure pbeginning to develop. pit's tapping into all of this ptropical moisture which has been pstreaming our way and it's all pgoing to ride eastward over the pnext 24 hours. pby the time it gets here ptomorrow, let's just say pretty pclose to this time, we're going pto be dealing with showers and pthunderstorms. pyou've got this low developing pout here. pyou can almost see the spin pdeveloping and it's tapping into pall of this moisture which, by pthe way, is streaming all the acific. pclassic el nino fashion.
6:41 am
pand throwing it at us. pwe have a little bit of pinstability, a little bit of pupper level dynamics. pyou put it all together and that pcould yield some strong pthunderstorms. pthe timetable of this right now, pand sometimes these computer pmodels can run a little slow, pmeaning friday at noon time, pthis very well may be onshore pearlier in the day. pso say between 5:00 and 11:00, p5:00 and noon time tomorrow, pwe're likely to get a line of pshowers and thunderstorms to pwork onshore. phigh winds will likely be the pbiggest threat with this line as pit works its way onshore psometime during the morning phours and then quickly moving poff to the east. pthis is not something that's pgoing to stick around for a long ptime. pit's going to be in, it's going pto be out. pthe primary threat being high pwinds tomorrow morning and early pafternoon. pnow, once that front moves pthrough, the winds will a pbruftly shift to the west and pgale force winds are a
6:42 am
pthat may yield a little bit of pcoastal flooding in those spots pthat are prone to it with that pwest wind so throw that in the pback of your mind. pif you have lower lying areas, pwest wind, strong west wind, you pmay get coastal flooding and phigh tide, that may be an issue pfor tomorrow. pisolated tornado threat is there pbut i think high winds are the pdominant threat with this line pof storms coming through ptomorrow morning and then it pwill quiet down for half the pweekend. pi'll explain why in a second. plots of clouds, cool today, 66 pdegrees. pquiet day overall. povercast showers late tonight. plow 61 degrees. robably an organized line of pshowers and thunderstorms psometime tomorrow morning. pit will be windy as well with a phigh temperature of 72 degrees. pa gale watch is out for tonight pand tomorrow. pand that line moves through, the pwinds are going to whip up and pthat may cause problems with the pbridges tomorrow. pthen it's quiet for saturday. panother quick moving storm
6:43 am
pmore than likely in the morning pso you've got rain on friday pmorning, got rain on sunday pmorning. pthen it cools down for most of pnext week. p>>vanessa: we have delays pbuilding i-75 southbound in asco county. pthere's a new crash that's preported at state road 56. pa lane blockage here of some pnature. pwe're still trying to get the pdetails which lanes are blocked. pit's causing concerns headed pthat way. pin the meantime, plan for extra ptime out the door. pwatch this and make sure it's pnot bad enough to take another proute. pthis is normally along the pmorning commute. pthere's a crash possibly on the pshoulder at this point but pwaters avenue at i-275 so just pat the very least remember that pmove over law. pspeaking of waters, just getting pword from my traffic producer pthere's actually a crash on pwaters under the veterans pexpressway eastbound direction pwith some lane blockage delays ossible in that area. phearing that that crash involves pa patrol car.
6:44 am
pall right. ptime is 6:47. plet's check in with charley pbelcher this morning. phow are you doing? p>>charley: who is your traffic roducer? p>>vanessa: andrew. p>>charley: i didn't know you had pa traffic producer. p>>jennifer: he lives in the pweather center. p>>charley: look at you. pi might be jealous. pvery cool. pgood day to you. pdid i see on jennifer epstein's pfacebook -- no. pwait. pi think it was twitter. pi stalk everybody's social media pon my way to work while jason is pdriving. pdon't ever do it while you're pdriving. pdid i see it's dress up your dog pday? p>>vanessa: yeah. pwe talked about that this pmorning. p>>charley: did you? pokay. pi thought i saw that on the ptwitter and i thought, oh, pgoodness. pmy wife loves to dress up the pdogs. pshe -- if she could, she would phave a different outfit for them
6:45 am
pshort pants in the summer and plong pants perhaps at best. pthey've been wearing their pappalachian state sweaters the plast couple of days. pi'm at a very interesting place pthis morning. pwhen you think of plant city and pyou think of picking, you robably think of the picker lace. pit's the picker place vintage pmarket. icking has become so popular. pshows like american pickers and pthey have made it even more opular but it's searching, pyou're hunting and you're icking out really cool antiques pthat you think you might want to pturn for a profit or maybe you plike going out and picking up pthings just for you or your own pcollection. pso it's becoming incredible opular. pthe vintage market, here is the pcatch.
6:46 am
pfor four days once a month. pthey spend the rest of the month pworking with different pcollectors who have different pbooks here all trying to compile pthe coolest stuff so once a pmonth, people come in and they pgo nuts and pick through it and pgets the inventory down and then pthey close for another three pweeks until they can get up the pinventory again. pso the monthly sale starts ptoday. pit's today, tomorrow, saturday pand sunday for the month of pjanuary. pit is at 709 north park road in lant city to be exact. pand we will show you around phere, show you some cool stuff pthey have and we will have fun pthis morning picking and we'll robably do a little grinning. p>>vanessa: so funny. pi feel like sometimes we have pthe same thoughts and if you pdidn't go there, i was going to pgo there. pyou went there, though. pall right. pthank you, charley. p>>laura: finally a winner. pactually, more than a few. pa lot of people struck it rich
6:47 am
pthere were dozens of million pdollar winners. pthree winning tickets were sold. pthose were the big winners. pone in florida and the others in ptennessee and california. pthe powerball prize has rolled pback to $40 million now. podds of winning that are the psame as yesterday. pone in 292.2 million. psomebody has got to win, right? pback street boy nick carter, if pyou didn't know, he was from pruskin. phe is in trouble with the law. phe was arrested last night after pallegedly getting into an paltercation at a bar in key pwest. p35-year-old was taken into pcustody by the police after a pfight broke out at the hogs pbreath saloon. pcarter is facing one misdemeanor pcount of battery. phe was previously booked in 2002 pafter a nightclub incident in ptampa and 2005 carter reportedly led guilty to misdemeanor drunk pdriving and was ordered to a pthree month alcohol treatment rogram. pand this. pare you ready for another python pchallenge?
6:48 am
pkicking off the annual snake phunt. pthey're holding a big news pconference outside of the peverglades. pactual competition doesn't start puntil saturday at noon. pthere are thousands in cash rizes with the teams that catch pthe most and the biggest snakes. p>>russell: great. pgreat. pall right. pcoming up, are you looking for a pnew car? pmaybe we have good news for you. pand a look ahead what to expect pwhen the academy award pnominations are before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal zen. the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal.
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the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4.
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p>>russell: end of the year and pend of the month are usually the pbest time to buy a new car. p>>laura: there are big bargains pout there. pjoining us to talk about it, plauren simonetti. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning. p>>laura: what's going on?
6:51 am
psales, right? pthat's one of the bright spots pin this economy. eople are buying cars. pwe didn't see a drastic jump in pthe price tag of a new car last pyear and we're not going to see pthat this year, either. pkelly blue book says the average pcompact car will cost about p$18,000 this year. pthe price is a good thing pbecause you can drive away with pa deal and the reason is, phousehold incomes have gone up a pbit, have enabled them to get pmore of this price, afford more pof it. pbasically we can afford 58% of pthe price of a new car at the pmoment. pthat's reassuring if you think pabout turning in the old one. p>>russell: big deal going on, on pfox business channel tonight, on pyour channel, right? p>>reporter: yes. ptonight is game night. ptwo debates, one at 6:00, big pone at 8:00. pseven candidates. pthat g.o.p. presidential debate.
6:52 am
ptalk about the big story later ptoday, markets down yesterday. p>>laura: down big. p>>reporter: the average 401k is p$92,000. pmarket is down 7 1/2% this year pwhich means you have lost $7,000 pso far and it's only january 14. pfutures are down right now. p>>russell: all right. pthat's scary. plet's talk later. pthanks, lauren. p>>laura: the big question in phollywood, can the force come to pthe oscars? pacademy award nominations will pbe announced at 8:30 today. p"star wars: the force awakens" phas a shot at best picture pnomination. pleonardo dicaprio and matt damon pexpected to get best actor pknoweds. p>>russell: charley sheen has pexperienced a setback. phe said he went to mexico to try palternative treatment that papparently did not work and his
6:53 am
phe's going to restart the pconventional treatment that made pthe h.i.v. undetectable in blood ptests. phe went public in november with pthe news that he has the pdisease. p>>laura: disney has announced pit's stepping up security at the porlando parks. pthey're hiring and training ptheir own security officers. pdisney had been using a private pfirm prior to this but now pthey're planning on switching to pan all in-house operation. pthis is just the latest effort pto boost security at the park. pthey started using metal pdetectors at the front gates. pwe know there's a winning ticket pin florida. pwe know that. pthere are 12 other tickets pbought in our states that are pmillion dollars winners. p>>russell: and the bucs coaching prumors are heating up. ptop prospect is already getting passisted coaches in order. pand the driver of this frozen pcar comes to remove his wheels. pwait until you see the shell pthat was left behind.
6:54 am
p>>dave: 51 degrees at tampa pinternational. pmostly cloudy skies as the sun pwill be up in a little bit. p50 in bartow. pmid 40s to the north and i'll pcontinue with clouds today. pit should be a quiet day poverall. pmid 60s. pbut this time tomorrow, it's
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