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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pthis picking p check those tickets. pcall family and friends. ptell them the check theirs three owerball winners p big ones. pwe got one right here in pflorida. p and sleep may be sabotaging pyour marriage. phelpful information that could revent your life your love life pfrom becoming a nightmare. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody its 8 o'clock. pi'm russell rhodes. pgood morning everybody thank you
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pthursday morning. pjanuary 14th. pwe need to get straight over to pvery in is a right now who as phas an update on this big ptraffic morning. pnew crash just coming into our pnewsroom along i-4 westbound artially blocking entrance ramp pcoming from the mlk, some minor pdelays in the area but something pworth noting as you make your pway westbound 75 to the pinterchange is a 16 minute ride. pmeantime we have a skyfox pmonitoring crash along 75 psouthbound in pasco county at pthe very end of an entrance ramp pfrom state road 56. preally not causing any delays palong 75. pthose are pretty minor. phowever, big delays westbound pand particularly eastbound on 56 pitself if you have to head pwestbound plan for delays of j pu.s. less than ten minutes in peastbound direction delays pcloser to 15 minute point. pwe also want to actually bring pyou out to video of a deputy pinvolved crash. pthis was actually waters just punder the veterans expressway.
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psome delays heading that way. pabout 5 minutes or so. plearning that the deputy was pinjured we didn't know the pextent of the injuries but of pcourse we'll keep you posted. ponce we learn those. pdave. p>> thank you, vanessa, still in p40s and lower 50s outside with pall that cloud cover hanging paround. pnot a quick warm up for us. pin fact, today you know i still pthink it will be a little bit pwarmer than it was yesterday. pnotice how we're shifting winds pa little bit more northeast and peventually east with the tide. pthat will tend to scour out some plower layer of cool air. pmake it feel a little bit nicer. pbut in general, with the cloud pcover, our temperatures stay pbelow normal. pvery good chance of showers and pthunderstorms tomorrow morning. pand once again on sunday as pwell. pso a couple of storms systems to ptalk about, we'll do that in pdepth in just a few minutes. p>> anchor: well, someone once psaid our long national nightmare pis over. pafter more than two months we do phave powerball winner.
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p>> anchor: it does feel that pthe that way winning tickets pwere a sold in florida, ptennessee and california. pthat means that the $1.6 billion pwill be split three ways. pbut those aren't only winners. pin florida right now 12 other eople are waking up pmillionaires. pacross the country, that number pis 73. pand many of them may not know pit. pyet. pgrab your tickets. pbecause if you haven't checked pjust yet here winning numbers. pa look at your screen 4, 8, 19, p27, 34, and the powerball number pwas 10. p>> anchor: yeah. pnice job. pthe winning ticket we know this pwas sold at publix in mel fwourn pbeach new millionaire has not pcome forward quite yet. pand while the big winner may not pbe in tampa there are still of lenty other waking million pdollar richer shaw la reeves is plive at the tampa lottery poffice. pwhat do we know about winning ptickets any more than what we've psaid?
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pi did have a chance to speak pwith a florida lottery pcommunications rep. pand at this point they are still pworking to get confirmation on pwhere those $1 million winners pand that $2 million winner where pthey were all located here in pflorida. pat this point they are again pconfirming that the powerball pjackpot winner was located there pin or that ticket was sold in pmelbourne beach, florida. pand so far, again, that winner phas not come forward. pwe hope to learn more as we rogress through the day. pbut that winner, joins a couple pof others already in other laces around the country. pwe're talking about a chino phills, california where a pwinning lottery ticket was sold pat a 7-11 store. pand also mumford, tennessee. pthat's about 30 miles away from pmemphis, tennessee. pso those are the others. pwe have learned that throughout pday as we get into daylight phours, states around the country pare going to be a checking pmaking sure there are no
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pbe counted in that number that pwe've already mentioned. pso at this point, again, we've pgot a 3-way split and we hope to pgather additional details as we pget through the day. pbut certainly a few folks that pare going to be starting off ptheir weekend tomorrow, a little pbit richer than they started pthis week. pguys. pback to you. p>> anchor: all right shayla, pthank you. ptalk to you later. p shayla mentioned just one pwinning ticket in chino hills pand after that announcement was pmade this one in california eople started swarming the 7-11 pwhere the ticket was sold. plook at the video people could pheard chanting chino hills. pthousands of people went to pconvenience store and took photo pwith owner his lottery machine pwas one the luckiest in the pworld. pwhile california officials have psaid where the ticket was sold pthe winner, the winner, still phas not come forward. p>> anchor: big changes could pcoming to florida other lottery pgames if a new bill passes state
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prepublican representative says pat game assist abuse state oorest citizens who play them pthe most. phis bill which just pass ad phouse subcommittee yesterday pwould limit the lottery to 20 pactive scratch off games at any pone time. pit would also cap ticket prices pat $5. pthe lottery's website currently plists 79 active scratch off pgames. pincluding 14 that cost ten to p$25 per ticket. p alleged drug dealers are off pstreet this morning after st. ete police bust ad suspected pcrack house. pnow 4 people are behind bars. ps.w.a.t. officers stormed a psmall home on fifth avenue north pinside 14 people all were led pout in handcuffs 4 arrested. pdetectives have been tracking an ptone my oh ford who they say was poperating out house for two pmonths. pofficers say they found several pkinds of drugs including crack, pand prescription pills while psearching that house. pinvestigators say the suspects ptried to destroy the drugs but pcouldn't do it.
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psitting in jail charged with pdeaths of his girlfriend's baby. pmanatee. pthe baby started having seizures phe was taken to hospital and pdied the next day. pautopsy results shows child had pswelling on the brain, spinal pcord injury, and several pfractured ribs. pand those injuries came from pabuse. pstewart is charged with paggravated manslaughter of a pchild. p earlier this week the u.s. psupreme court declared florida pdeath penalty procedures as punconstitutional. psaying judge how would not have pthe a final say because it pviolates sixth amendment. pnow aclu and american bar passociation are asking the state pto halt all executions until plawmakers can change the way pthose decisions are made. pflorida has already executed one pman this year. pserial killer oscar ray bo len. p390 people are sitting on death prow. pnext inmate schedule for
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punderstanded in 1984 for killing ptwo people and invited home for pspaghetti dinner. pjury death recommendation was pnot unanimous the judge sent him pto death row anyway. am bondi had until friday to prespond to his late he's peel. pitalian investigators just pannounced that they have a erson of interest in murder of pashley olson who from florida. polson and the man were caught on psurveillance camera leaving club pjust one day before she was pfound dead in her apartment. pon saturday olson's boyfriend pcalled landlord after he handy pheard from her in days they pfound her in bed with scrapes pand bruises around her neck. pan autopsy said she strangled by pa rope or cord perhaps. pthere was also dna found at the pscene that led authorities to ptheir suspect who is now behind pbars. p a puppy was stolen out a pstore largo police need your phelp finding man who they belief pdid it. olice say on tuesday this man pwalked into an all about puppies
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pstore with a nine week old pyorkie pyorkie. pthey believe he was concealing pthe dog in his jacket. pright now police say they just pwant to speak to the man. panyone with information is asked pto call the largo police pdepartment. p year end testing a few pmonths away stress of passing ptests is already weighing pheavily on some students. pone polk county high school pstudent decided she wanted to do psomething about it. pso she started a petition online pand it has already seen almost p30 thousand signatures. pchristina rivera is a pvaledictorian at lake region phigh school. pshe says final exams for recalculus and u.s. government pwhich em industry physic and pjournalism are worth 30 percent pof their grade. pbut she believes that it should pbe half that. privera ools thinks that test is pkwoougdz and filled with errors. pa school is saying tests won't paffect students a much as they pthink the worst that could
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p>> we have some sad news to preport. pwe're just getting into our news pactor alan rickman has died. phe may be best known as snape pfrom harry potter movies but a plong career in acting. pyou see him there. pyou recognize him. pmade his first movie appearance popposite bruce willis a villain palso in robinhood, love pactually. pfamily released a statement psaying he died after a short pbattle with sder. phe was 69 years old. p sad. pdave's back in just a few pminutes with latest on this pstorm that's about to hit the pbay area. pand is sleep sabotaging your pmarriage? pwhat to do about it in about pthree minutes. p but first we need to check pin with charley belcher whos at lant city. pwhat do you have now? p>> it just got to do lot of pthislot of this here. ick or play vintage market only popen once a month. pthis is four days they are open ptoday through sunday. pwith depression glass and stuff
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plook at this a world war ii pammunition box. plook at the great shape that is pin. pwow. pimagine the things that carried. pwhat it did. pcool stuff. lant city park in 92 is where pwe are. pstick around the picking pcontinues when good da the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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pso you're in a healthy prelationship and happily married panswer may well be linked to pyour sleep. pjen epstein is here now on why psleeping alone may not be so bad pin the long run, right? p>> that is right. plove, marriage and sleep papparently is all connected. pthere's been plenty of studies psaying sleep is a critical phealth issue. pwe know that. pbut most of these studies plargely focus on individual pbehavior.
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pwhich is pretty odd because 60 ercent of people sleep with panother person. pand one one partner has sleep pissues well they both can end up psuffering. p>> so it might not be that bad pif you have a totally opposite pschedule from your significant pother. pdoctors say big take away you pdon't need to go to bed at the psame time as your partner in porder to have a healthy prelationship. p>> there's even some evidence pthat well adjusted couples who phave mismatched schedules are pactually better at problem psolving. pbut if you're one of those pcouples psychologists say make pcouples psychologists say make psure you find other times to pconnect whether morning weekend por even 30 minutes before the pfirst partner goes to sleep. pso i'm inhale theest prelationship. pcompletely opposite. pother than the four dogs in the pbed. p>> well, then there's that. pyou're three now. p>> i'm did i'm dog sitting. pi'm dog sitting this week, so ptheir four. pamazing. pamazing.
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pback to four. pjeremy the saint. pjust a saint. p>> in every way. p>> thank you, jen. pyes, you're right. p>> fun. phey, dave. p>> i'll be nice to her. pit is almost 8:16. pand the all children's hospital pcamera showing us we're in the pmid 50s. pthe cloud cover streaming pthrough. pit doesn't look any different pthan yesterday did. pbut the wind direction is pbeginning change. pmore easterly than north. pand that's important because pwhat that will tend to do is get prid of some of that lower level pcold air and start to warm us up pa little bit. pwhen i say warm us up i mean pstill looking a high ptemperatures below normal for ptoday. pthe whole week has been that pway. pbut instead of 61 maybe we make p64, 65. pso going to be an a few degrees pwarmer for later this afternoon. pwe go to lakeland. pagain mostly cloudy skies and pthat northeast wind at nine pmiles per hour. pso here you go with your steady pstream of upper level cloud pcover.
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pfront just south of the keys roducing just a miserable start pto their day. pall kinds of rain. pand then back out over the pwestern gulf, we're beginning psee the development with this plow pressure system that's pexpected to develop. pi mean the model has saying for pdays and days, and days, okay. phere it is. pas this begins to crank up, it's ptapping intoal an of this pmoisture, which by the way pstreams all the way back into pthe eastern pacific. pthis low will ride right along pnorthern gulf coast. pwhen it gets near us, obviously pgoing to bring with a line of pshowers and thunderstorms. pand that will happen tomorrow pmorning. pnow back and forth and back and pforth the computer models have pgone about timing of it all robably during good day we will phave to deal with line of pshowers and thunderstorms. pthe predominant threat with this pline are going to be high winds. pand this is your severe risk for pfriday. pwe're in marginal category. pit is the first category.
8:17 am
pwe do have again a marginal risk pfor severe weather. pthe predominant threat being pthose gusty winds. pthat's what i think we will have pto deal with tomorrow morning. pbut the way this low is cranking pup and moving, even behind the prain tomorrow the winds are pgoing to be a whipping. p30, 35 miles per hour just off pshore. pthat may lead to some coastal pflooding. plet's say it's kind of a one-2 pevent. pfirst a line of rain and high pwinds. pthen behind it, the winds pick pup. pand maybe at the time of high ptide tomorrow afternoon, there's psome minor, not major but some pminor coastal flooding we will phave to deal with. pi know. pit's going to quick and quick pout. pby tomorrow after late in day peverything should be much pbetter. pbut, i just want you to know pfirst thing tomorrow morning pwhen you get up hopefully your proutine any check in on good day pwe'll let you know where that pline of rain lots of clouds ask pcool 66 for a high. ptonight overcast showers late. p61 for a low.
8:18 am
pbecause of that southeast wind. pthen windy with the rain and pthunderstorms tomorrow morning. pthe thing is we're not done with prain after tomorrow. pwe're going to sneak some other pstorms in sunday morning. pi want you to keep an eye out pfor those as well. pbecause we could get another plittle round of heavy rain first pthing on sunday. pwe'll salvage a decent saturday pin between, vanessa. pall right, thank you, dave. pright now we've got heavy delays peastbound on courtney campal pcauseway a crash blocking one of pthose eastbound lanes near the pmid span. pyou can see backed up pretty pmuch all the way across the pbridge taking before 42 minutes pto cross the water here. pnormally we would direct drivers pto howard franklin bridge. pdue to that new traffic pattern pyou can see that bridge is pdealing with concerns. pspeaking of hillsborough avenue pwe do have crash that's blocking psome westbound lanes near 30th pstreet north, those lanes are pbeing reduced to one. pso we are seeing some delays pheading that way. pfortunately, they are not very psevere, maybe about 5 minutes or pso. pso give yourself extra time as
8:19 am
pi want to revisit this crash 75 pand state road 56. pwe told you about bad delays peastbound a well westbound i pwant to let you know a lot of pfolks will probably be tenltd to ptake county line road as an palternate very, very jammed up pyour best bet to stick with 56 pand give yourself extra time. pall right. phow to spot a liar. pyou may want to pay special pattention to that personing osture. pit's going to a tough story to pswallow especially for mothers plike me what parents are doing pwrong when it comes to girl pscout cookie selling time. pi actually agree with this. pyou be the judge. pi'll interested to hear what peverybody else says. pyou can auto get me platinum psponsor of the family. pyear after year. p>> and in just a few minutes pwe're going to check in with pcharley belcher who checking all
8:20 am
pwe're back after t p good day tampa bay i'm pcharley belcher. pi'm in plant city this morning. pvisiting vintage market. ponly open once a month. pfour days a month. pthey spend rest of the time pgathering with collectors and pgetting the best stuff possible pto put up a for sale you can ick through. pthen it they close for three pweeks and do it all over again. pthey happen to be today,
8:21 am
pthis month's for your picking leasure. pdebby, is one of the vendors phere. pwhat do you look for when you're pout picking yourself? pand where do you go to find cool pstuff in a lot of different laces i can go to garage sales, pdifferent places online a lot plately, facebook has different pgroups that are called swap and pshops. plike every neighborhood has ptheir own swap and shop. p>> a buy a lot of stuff there or peven auctions. pgarage sales you don't have pvirtual garage sales. pthey sell like individual items. p>> i guess if you're really into pthis business, and you want to pmake money in this business, you pnever know. pyou have to be open to just pabout anything. p>> correct. pi'm not when i see stuff on side pof the road. pseriously. pyou walk by that dumpster. poh, yeah. poh, yeah. pdon't break the law. pbut, if something speaks to me pi'll stop and pick it up panywhere. pi like these big letters. pi sat here all morning evolve. pobviously at one time it
8:22 am
pi'm not very good word pscrambler. pthose are really popular. eople like those big industrial pletters. pyeah people like first letter of psomebody's name. psomething like that. pand then to right around the pother side of jason there, the pharley davidson sign. pi love that one. pwhere did you get that. pi actually got that garage store pand really wasn't even part of pthe sale. pit was display piece on two saw phorses and bunch of shoes all pover it. pthey were selling the shoes. pi said, i really want what's punderneath the shoes. pi like it because it says cash pand carry. p>> automatically, dates you to a pcertain time. pon albany on swan. p>> i mean it localizes it for pyou. pexactly. pthat's pretty. pif you're a harley collector i pwould assume anything harley is pcollectible too an old bus stop pthe back of bus stop bench. poh, it is. pwow. p>> oh, yeah. p>> that is. pon back it has that thing about pit's, j c sponsored projects. p>> yep. pyep. peverything collectible. pi love that table too.
8:23 am
pand the color is amazing. pand it looks brand new. pis that, it's so hard to p>> it's old. pit really is. pit is oh would. pi got it from a garage sale. psomebody's aunt, it had been ptheirs and she kept everything, pyou know pristine condition. psometimes it's hard to tell they pmake new things to look old. pthey do. pand that's, pickers beware. pexactly. pexactly you have to have a pcertain eye. pexactly. pgood stuff. pthank you very much. pyou can see. icker place vintage market ptoday, tomorrow, saturday and psunday can close down again and popen up again for four days in pfebruary, march and so on. pvanessa. pthere you go. pthat might be pretty good. p>> v for victory for vanessa. pthat's so cool. pi love thosicer show that is plooks like a great place to go plive and dream. pexactly. pi'd like to do that. pwe will travel the country icking. p>> that's right. p>> all right charley, thank you. p>> let's get a quick check on pthe traffic conditions right pnow.
8:24 am
pthe roadways. pnot so much on sunshine skyway pbridge reason i pulled this shot pup we just see fhp has issued a phigh wind advisory over the pbridge. pyou can soot bridge is open but pof course use caution especially pif you have one of those high rofile vehicles. preally heavy travel times to pshow you those travel times are pnot letting up northbound on p275. pthose delays basically between pdale mabrey and st. pete side of phoward franklin bridge. poverall that stretch, plus that padditional time getting up to pi-4 is up to 39 minutes. palso kind of heavy southbound p275, that's 23 minutes from pbearss avenue heading to i-4. p well maybe you heard someone pwho bought a ticket in melbourne pbeach is going to split the one pand a half billion dollar pjackpot. pthere are lots of million dollar pwinners. pshayla has winning numbers right pafter the break. pand alcides, live in st. etersburg. pgood morning.
8:25 am
pvanessa tampa bay rays may be plead city of st. pete, maybe pthey are going outside of the pcity into the heart of pinellas pcounty. pmaybe even hillsborough county. pbut first a big decision is
8:26 am
ptough news for anyone that was phoping to win the big powerball pjackpot. pdreams around dashed. pa ticket was sold in florida but pnot here in bay area. pthat doesn't mean other are pwalking away empty handed we've pgot big news to report fox 13 pshayla reeves is live at the plottery headquarters. pyou've learned something in last pfew minutes, right? p>> reporter: absolutely. pwe have working the phones and pemail all morning we've just plearned there were two, p$1 million winners right here in pthe tampa bay area. pnow just getting that pconfirmation over the phone from pthe florida lottery pcommunications representative. pwe have learned that that p$1 million winner, one of them pwas in pinellas county. pthat ticket purchased a publix pstore in seminole, florida a psecond winner reported for p$1 million in pasco county at pthe zephyrhills radiant food
8:27 am
pthat information coming to u.s. pjust over phone. pwe've working to gather details poh some of those 13 folks that pwoke up today and are now a plittle bit richer than they were pyesterday. pwe do know we have reported pthroughout morning there was one erson here in florida, one pticket rather, that was a urchased in melbourne, beach, pflorida at a publix location as pwell. psomeone who qualified for that owerball jackpot. pone of three people in at pcountry. p>> now i reached out to prepresentative for the media and pcommunications office managing pthat melbourne beach district pthey told me via email they are pexcited for customer or pcustomers who a purchased the pwinning ticket. pso at this point, no names have pbeen released. pno winners have come forward. pand we're still waiting to find pout later today if any other pstates will stake their claim if pthere were any other winning ptickets purchased in addition to
8:28 am
pin chino hills, california. palso the one in mumford, ptennessee. pstill developing throughout day. ptwo millionaires here in our ptampa bay area. pwe'll continue to keep you osted a we learn anything pfurther, guys. pback to you. pnews does get better as we go palong. pshayla, thank you. psee you later on. p yes. p>> it is an 8:32 now. pand riverview school bus driver pis facing charges this morning. pafter causing a crash that pshurnd some elementary schools pand another driver. paccident happened yesterday pafternoon. pnear intersection of 301 and pkelly road in riverview. p>> deputies say that the bus pdriver was trying to make a pleft-hand turn when it slammed pinto an suv. ptwo students from summer field pcoloradosing were taken to phospital. pnonserious injuries. pthe bus driver was cited for pfailing to yield. p uber drivers can get a huge ay day when people from across pcountry come the bay area. pit is just announced that a
8:29 am
pthat means they won't make what pthey hope they would and keep pthem off road for good. pdrivers are seeing almost a pdollar a mile. pcut back now to $0.65 a mile. pso today, at least 100 drivers pare planning to protest in pdowntown tampa. pthe organizer says if that pdoesn't work they don't plan on pdriving during gasparilla at pall. p it's 8:34. pin just a few hours city of st. etersburg could determine rays pfuture. pat least start determining it. pcity council members are pexpected to vote on amending the pteam's current lease. palcides is live in st. pete with pwhat this means for the city, pfor the rays and i guess other laces in our area, right? p>> yeah this entire region to be phonest with there's a ossibility they stay in st. ete move to hillsborough county peven pinellas county. pit starts today the council will pvote on this deal if they papprove it. pthe rays will have two options. pthey can either stay here in st.
8:30 am
plikely discussed on good day ptampa bay. pmaybe pinellas county outside pthe city of st. pete. pmaybe even hillsborough county. pif the city, if the council papproves the deal, again they pwill have two options race can pdecide to stay through their pcontract through 2027, the team pwill keep half of the proceeds pfrom developing the tropicana psite, remember the city actually powns that plot of land. pand it has lot of potential. pi mean it's near downtown. ponly an um could have minutes pfrom the water front. pand if they stay in st. pete, pthey could build a new stadium. pmayor kriseman says it could be pbuilt on the eastern part of pthat plot of land which closer pto downtown. pif they go there. pi mean they get nothing. pinstead they actually pay the pcity $24 million in penalties. pbecause they broke their pcontract early. pif council moves to approve this pdeal the rays will begin pexploring sites as we mentioned pin hillsborough pinellas pcounties where the team has pwanted to look for years. pbut hasn't been able to because pof their contract.
8:31 am
pabout it. p>>, end rul we now have an popportunity for constructive pconversation recognizing it is pin our best interests that they pstay in a region. pwe just got to find the right lace for them. p and obviously the mayor phoping rays would move to tampa psomewhere near the downtown ptampa area. pif the team, if council approves pthis message, this deal, the pteam would actually fork out p$100,000 toward a study of a pmaster plan of the tropicana psite. pso they still have to fork out psome money. pat that point, everyone comes to pthe table. pbest offer wins. pback to you guys. p>> all right, alcides. psee you later. pthank you. pabout 12 hours republican pcandidates will take to the pstage for the first debate of p2016. pright now jen epstein is here pwith look at what we can expect pto see tonight. prussell the race for white house pin full swing. pit looks like the field is palready narrowing.
8:32 am
pencaroline shively from south pcarolina. pit looks like it a fight between pdonald trump and senator ted pcruz in the gop debate tonight. pthe stage is all set for ptonight's debate which is being phosted by fox business network. pthe candidates have been gearing pup all week. preally, really nice. pother than last couple of days, pa little testy. plot of lawyers say you can't run pif you do that. pcan't born in canada, you can't pbe canadian citizen. ptruck continues to a hit cruz on psith hen ship texas senator and pbillion nar neck 'n neck in many piowa polls. pthis issue did not seem to pconcern donald until a little pover a week ago when suddenly he pwas trailing in the polls in piowa. ptwo have mostly played nice in ast debates but experts expect pthat to change tonight. p now trump is going to be pbeating him down and beating him pdown and cruz actually needs pthat. phe needs that moment.
8:33 am
prand paul didn't make cut for pthe main debate. phe says he won't come at all if pthat doesn't change. p>> but that's not stopping pcarlie fiorina. pform form senator rick santorum pand former governor mike huckeby pfrom taking advantage of extra ptv time. pfrom my perspective it great ponly leaves three of us. puniapie is same size just all of pus get a bigger slice with iowa pcaucus less than three weeks paway it looks like tonight could pa game changer in charleston, psouth carolina i'm caroline pshively, fox news. pneil and maria will moderate ptonight debate. pmain event starts 9 o'clock on pthe fox business network. pin pensacola larry's night trump ulled in at least 11 thousand eople at a campaign rally. ptake look at this image. pwow. p>> yeah. pfrom a reporter inside the ensacola bay center. p11,000. ptrump's campaign says it gave pout 20 thousand tickets and turn paway thousands at the door. pat the rally trump took his fair pshare of jabs a fellow
8:34 am
pgovernor jeb bush and senator ma pare could rubio he also pcontinues to hint texas senator pted cruz was born in canada and pmay not meet the constitutional prequirement to be president. p>> 51 degrees current ptemperature at 8:38. preally 50s for just about peverybody. pone or two spots, just the psitting in 40s mid to upper 40s. pwe're starting off in this pyesterday. anhandle. p66 down over south florida. pand whole lot of cloud cover. pmid to upper level cloud cover. pnotice the winds picking up palong the coastline. pbeginning shift just a little pbit. prather than due north they are pnortheast or east north. pthat will tend to help us warm pup just a little bit more from pwhere we were yesterday. pi think yesterday's high was plike 61 degrees. ptoday is going to be a little pbit closer to mid 60s then we pwill watch over gulf for a low ressure system to develop. pagain show awe couple different
8:35 am
ptrying to set things up for ptomorrow morning. phere's european by tomorrow pmorning mid morning or so a line pof showers and thunderstorms. papproaching the coastline. pthat's one scenario. panother one would be that you'd phave the same thing happen but a plot of energy may go north and pmay go south. pwe just kind of sit with a line pof showers and storms in the pmiddle. pcouple different scenarios could pset up the bottom line is this, pwe're going to have a line ptomorrow morning. pof showers and thunderstorms pthat we're going to have to deal pwith. pof course, the potential is pthere for some strong storms. pso was does that mean? pthat means isolated wind gusts. pwe could get wind gusts pretty pstrong category first thing ptomorrow morning as this line pmoves through. pwe are under a marginal risk, pjust a marginal risk for severe pweather tomorrow. pwith a primary threat being high pwinds. pthat doesn't mean there couldn't pan isolated tornado. premember what happened for the psouth last weekend. pso we won't rule that out. phowever, it looks like high
8:36 am
psome minor coastal flooding will pbe at two biggest issues that pwe're going to have as that line pof rain moves on shore tomorrow. pthat coastal flooding could be pinto the afternoon hours ptomorrow because in the wake of pthat front, we're going to get a pvery, very strong west wind. pand a gail watch has posted for ossibility of 30, 35 mile per phour winds tomorrow. pespecially late morning early pafternoon. pso it's going to be a quick. pgoing to pack a punch. pbut should be out of here by pfriday evening. p66 for high temperature today. pvery similar to yesterday. plots of cloud cover. pthen overcast tonight wp some w. psome showers a low of 61. pas your chance of rain coming pthrough tomorrow morning 72 for pa high temperature in the wake pof that going to stay windy pfriday night, quiet day on psaturday. pbut, look what happens again on psunday. panother very fast moving system pmoving through the gulf. pbrings a shot of more rain on psunday morning. pand then the cooler air sets
8:37 am
pwednesday, vanessa. pall right thank you. pdave we're checking on veterans pexpress was travel times they pticked down nicely speed mark pnear waters averaging around 21 pmiles per hour speaking waters pwe did want to revisit this pcrash from about two hours still pcausing delays westbound along pwaters just under veterans pexpressway. pthis is an earlier reported atrol car crash. pyou can see a vehicle actually pslammed into the side of the phillsborough county sheriff's poffice vehicle we're learning psome injuries to the deputy in pfact. pno new details on the extent pstill planned extra time outdoor pway if you're heading westbound pas i mentioned before at waters. pmeantime this just come into our pnewsroom tampa is letting city pof tampa letting us know about pan utter was main break closing peastbound lanes cypress street pdale mabrey and himes avenue pwe're starting to see delays pheading in that direction. p>> 8:42 right now. phow effective whooping cough pvaccine according new research
8:38 am
pcdc cited a 2013 case out of ptallahassee involving 26 pstudents. ptwo staff members and 11 family pmembers who had contracted ertussis. presearchers say the majority of eople who got whooping cough phad been vaccinated for the pvirus. pscientists say in one preschool pclassroom in which all students pare vaccinated the infection prate still stands at 50 percent. pthat has research concerned pabout importantly that some eople's systems are atoday pthing to vaccine. pif that is the case it would pneed to be reformulated. p>> women are waiting a little plong tore start a family these pdays. paccording to the cdc, the paverage age of first time pmothers in the u.s. is now at p26. pan all time high. pwomen are focussing more on ptheir careers. pthe government first started ptracking the mothers in a 1970s pwhen average age was 21. phas been climbing ever since. pall right. pwe're waiting for are big news pnow. psome of hollywood's best and pbrightest are learning right now
8:39 am
pactress in leading role see if pyou can listen just for a pmachine. p>> jennifer lawrence in joy. pcharlotte in 45 years. pgot to listen. pbrian cranston, matt damon in pthe martian. pleonardo in the remnant. pmike fast bender in steve jobs. pand finally we're pleased to pannounce films selected a best icture nominees. pthey are, the big short, brad itt dd gardner and jeremy pkleiner producers. pbridge of spice steven
8:40 am
pkristi, producers. p brooklyn, mad max fury road, pdwoug mitchel and george miller, roducers. p the martian, simon wrigley pscott, michael shafer and mark roducers. pthe revenue pand spotlight, michael sugar, psteve, nicole and p>> for complete list all pnominations please visit pand join us sunday night pfebruary p>> just in nick of time for good pstuff. erfect time to take it. pall right we're going to pbreakdown the nominees in of the
8:41 am
pfox 13 news at noon mor wow, you changed my old bedroom. with a little help from a havertys designer. he helped us, uh...reinvent the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then too, because you're perfect. yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing.
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p out in good day garden with pour good friend david. pgood to see you. pgood morning. p>> the plan had been, i think. pwe were going to plant new pengines our garden you got out phere today you realized we've
8:43 am
pyep we had a pest in the garden. p>> so i did some digging, pcouldn't get my hand in the psoil, and found these. plittered all through garden we phave crepe myrtle a few feet paway from the garden. pand let's see, we dug this out pand got it prepared in july. pso since these little booger phave crept their way into the pgarden. p>> and this is something you say phappens to a lot of people who phave gardens at home, they pforget that things like this can pcause a problem. p>> absolutely. pwe're putting this wonderful psoil in, we're putting the area pon a regular irrigation, it's pvery inviting to neighboring ptrees to make their way into the pgarden. pif you don't turn ittime a pcompletely just fill up your bed pto where you can't get your hand pin the soil. p>> so what when ai hear the you pneed to turn the soil, that's pwhat e. away uk about. pwe're talking about turning the use w
8:44 am
pand we just get it in there. pand dig it around. pto loosen up the soil. pif we find any bigotry roots we pmight actually have to get and pin and get our shovel and chop pthem up. pso far this morning you ever palready dug that out. pi've already dug that out over pon this side. pthis side is ready to plant. pi guarantee we're going to be pout here doing this again in pfive or six months. pjust the way it is. pjust the way it is. pwe have tried, i've a lot of pclients who ask me if they can ut down landscape cloth punderneath garden bed. pit does slow the tree roots down pa bit. pbut they will find their way in pthere. pand then when you go to dig the ptree roots out now you're pdealing with a layer of plandscape cloth. pit makes a lot more difficult to pfix problem even though it does pstave off the problem just a ptad, it makes it more difficult pto deal with. p>> so the problem is, that crepe pmyrtle here that made its way pinto good day garden it's pstarving everything else. pthat's right tree roots come in
8:45 am
pthey take nutrients. pso i was noticing some yellowing pon the plants and this really pexplains it. pso we're going to dick them owl pi might even dig a trench around pxr of bed to chop those roots pout a little further away. pbefore we go, tell me what i pwould notice in my garden at phome that this might be a roblem for me? pyou said yellowing on leaves. pyellowing on the leaves is just pa sign of a nutrient deficiency. pso you know, that could be a pcause. pi know we've added enough pnutrients, so i was a little pconfused about that. pbut now it makes a lot of sense. pbut just when you go to replant, pif soil is a little difficult to pget your hands through, and you phaven't been jumping up and down pto compact the soil chances are pyou have tree roots. pand just, put the put pitchfork. ut pitchfork in and just turn pthe soil break them pick up like pi said if you find any big ones pyou might actually have to premove the soil and get in there pand chop it up a bit with a pshovel.
8:46 am
pyes well today i'm going plant pnext we will talk about it. pgot it for those of you playing phome game you understand. pthank you. p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a plant city this
8:48 am
ponly open once a month for four pdays each month. pit happens to be the next four pdays, today, tomorrow, saturday pand sunday. palso a wonderful antiques and pnot everything necessarily just pold and antique some things prepurposed like right behind pjason a whole booth of art taken pfrom older pieces of wood and pmade something new that you can phang on your wall. pcarrie here does a little by the pof that work too. pthis is her booth here. psomed p>> yeah. pthis coke container here. poh. p>> yes. pan old box for coke bottles. pi saw that in there. phang it upside down, and. pwhat a cool idea. pi saw that, i thought you had plight bulbs in there what great pidea. pi'm digging this too. phub cap table.
8:49 am
ut it on a stand and put some pglass on top. p>> that is you could sell those pbut i guess that's what you're pdoing, isn't it? psometimes i'm not real. pgood idea. pyou should sell that. p>> thank you. p>> all right. pi'm sorry. p>> how do you know, how do you pwhat are you looking for when pyou go picking? panything. pbecause it's no the about like pwhat it is at the moment it's pabout what it could be. p>> do you always change it? p>> not always. pi mean some of this stuff up pthere, you know i keep as is pbecause, you know i appreciate pantique stuff but i also want to pmake it now modern you know so eople can reuse it. pi'll honest when i first got phere this morning check whole lace out i walk by these two pthings i thought to myself, preally? pwho is going to buy a boat pcleat. pyeah. pin you had a nautical thing hang pa coat on it absolutely. eople buy these.
8:50 am
pyou can turn anything into, you pcan just repurpose it. pand use it for storage, hanging, pyeah. p>> that what men used to wear ut their coats on. p>> the little, i have it as pjewelry holder. plook at you. plet's end with your doors over phere. pare those you put a little pyes. pand i took the screen off and ut chicken wire because screen pwas old. pthese came from the 1930s home. pso now some of them do have the poriginal screen on them. pthat's cool. pi love it. pyou can repurpose it. icker place plant city park and p92. pyou really should sell this pstuff.
8:51 am
pway our picking fact. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get
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advil. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
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