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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> as the curtain falls on the "idol" auditions forever. 3 there's some stormy weather moving toward the bay area.. paul's got a look at when it will arrive.. when the
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paul lovie smith is out .. dirk koette >> lovie smith is out and dirk koetter is in. what we are learn background the buc's new head coach tonight. >> we are pretty excited, obviously. and it's a wonderful things for our fans. >> the rays win their battle to potentially cross the bay. >> we own $19 trillion, our country is a mess and we can't
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let all of these people come into our countries and break our borders. >> and donald trump is sure not holding back. the big issues that took over tonight's republican debate. >> good evening, everybody and welcome, i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson, thank you for joins us. paul is tracking the potential for severe weather heading our way, what have you got? >> this is not connected to the severe weather. this is just moisture coming back over cool air near the ground. the squall line is developing near the mouth of the mississippi. this is going to be heading our way. look at the timing. it looks to be to be after sun-up, probably early to midmorning. the squall line will be approaching our west coast and embedded in the line are very strong storms.
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thunderstorms could rotate as they move on shore, and with a rotating thunderstorm you could get a brief tornado, we'll track that in the morning. meantime there is the moisture maybe a come back. and there is the low which is going to ride right along the fast subtropical jet and move our way. we've been watching this for about the past week. upper-level winds are whipping west to east and this little kink in the jet stream, that will ride along the subtropical jet and the fast jet helps these thunderstorms spin and so any one of these could contain gusty winds and heavy raip rain and lightning. a gale warning would be off shore and after that goes by,
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for sunday, and then lots of weather next week. >> thank you, paul, and now to a news alert, dirk koetter will be the new headcoach for the buccaneers, it was a move that was expected almost as soon as lovie smith was dismissed after two years on the job, and this move is not a surprise to you at all. >> not al all. lovie smith was fired eight days ago and i said there that koetter would likely be pushed up to the position. and the only thing that matters right now is that koetter is a perfect fit for this team. he turned the offense around and did it with a rocky quarterback and two rookies in the offensive line, and not only that but the
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one of the best in team history. the best part of the hire i think is this. while the bucs are not commenting dirk koetter's tweeted first time a family meeting did not equal a move. so proud of my dad and always will berks and be, and his son tweeted very proud of you pop, so deserved. i think it's cool to see a family this close tweeting in support of a dad who made a move like that. i think it's the right professional move by this team. again, the news conference is tomorrow and we'll have a deeper inside look at exactly what koetter will bring to the head coaching job. >> looking forward to it, chip, thanks. and then across the bay or stay? that is the question that the rays will have to answer. the st. pete city council came
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allowing them to serve for another home, including, yes, hillsborough county. >> that's right, mark, this is actually the third time that the mayor and rays have come to agreement. the first two times were rejected by the city council but there are now two new members of the council and the deal went through and now the ball is in the ray's court and they have to city if the trop and st. pete is a place they want to continue to call home. >> 90 minutes, that is how long it took councilmembers to end a debate that lasted a decade. >> this has been a long time coming for us, obviously. it's a start. >> the team can start the search immediately and it has to be either in hillsborough county or polk hillsborough county. >> polk pinellas county.
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if they stay there are incentives including half of the proceeds from developing the tropicana site. >> i believe that your support today will give the city of st. peteringberg to r its best chance to be the home of the tampa bay rays. >> within three years we'll know if this team will be staying on that site or if that site will be completely available. >> but three of the eight councilmembers voted against the deal. some feeling this opens the door to a move outside of tampa bay. >> this is just the starting point for a potential larger relocation. >> nothing could be less factual. first, we have not given any indication like that. >> the rays have a minimum of six months to search and if the
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>> we have no sites in mind. >> he said the one thing on his might right now is we they he wants to make the right choice. >> we will do everything we can for our fans. >> that six-month window is enough time for the city to give their pitch that this city is the right place, but the mayor all along has been trying to pinpoint some sites. we know they have looked at the old greyhound track and one near ybor and one near the state fair grounds, and they have to make a decision by 2018. >> trump and his rowbl republican rivals faced off in a heated debate and it could be a game changer as the iowa caucus approaches. our political editor craig patrick joins us, all right, any clear winners or losers in this.
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>> so far marco rubio is having a very strong night in part because he is not getting bruceed up as he was in the prior debate. he is not fighting off attacks from crump trump and cruz. that really hurt him in december. but he just playing well to the gop base on a question about guns and this bodes well for him and interesting rubio did not go after trump, and neither did cruz. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states. >> someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief and someone who lies to the family members of the four people killed in
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>> her first 100 days she may be going bort both between the white house and the crowt. >> courthouse. >> and the candidates clearly have adjusted their strategies focusing on the democrats and to some extent that may do them both a deal of credit. >> and how did trump go after cruz on the question of his birth? >> well, yeah, it hit right around 9:30 and it was a fascinating and entertaining exchange. so the question over whether cruz can be elected president, many insist he can, because he was born in can't canada, but you have trump who has been raising questions about one's birth and whether he can serve as president, and before we get moo the fall out take a look at this exchange. >> there is a big question mark on your head and you can't do that to the party.
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i'm not bringing a suit, i promise but the democrats are going to bring a lawsuit and you have to have certainty. >> well, listen, i have spend my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court and i am not going be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> he was clearly prepared for another the attacks he would face, and rubio eventually stepped in, and said i hearing hate to interrupt this episode of court tv and it's another example of how rubio is having a good night. >> it will be interesting to hear what everyone says tomorrow. >> well, he just didn't see him coming. the sheriff says a simple driving mistake by one of his deputies has left a young man
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rest of his life. fox 13's chris cato is here and this is such a sad story. >> you look at the face of eli ulibarri and you realize what he means to his family. today he turned 21 and spent his birthday in the same place he has been for the past two days, the intensive care unit. he was riding his motorcycle when a deputy in an unmarked car pulled out in front of him and the sheriff says for whatever reason the deputy just did not see him coming. he had his lights on and was travel will under the speed limit, but eli is in veemly extremely critical condition, paralyzed from the chest down. today the sheriff met with his young man's father at the hospital.
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>> understandably he is very upsaid and is very, very concerned about how he is going to care for his son. unknowing what his motor skills are going to be and if he can talk,. so concerned as i would be, but especially bad is how is he going to care for him for the feks next 20, 30, 40, years, and all that is going through his head is just -- it's terrible. >> so listen to this, the sheriff handed the family a check for $200,000, that is the maximum amount the county can be held liable for in an accident resulting in injury but the sheriff acknowledged that won't come close to the lifetime of expense and care and rehab that the family will endure. the deputy was cited with failure to yield the right-of-way and may also face
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the corporal is absolutely disdraught over an accident that put a promising young man's life on an entirely different road. >> well, coming up, traffic tie-ups, and they are plaguing tampa, and you know this if you've been on i-275. >> i know i'm not going on that highway until they get it straightened out. >> nobody wants to be stuck like this but the push to ease the back-ups right after the break. and then this. >> it's cutting-edge technology. meet a bay-area band that is using eye the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. >> new adjusted lanes -- look at that -- on i-275 north, supposed to make traffic move better
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through the heart of tampa but all week long we have seen some of the worst back-ups in our history and now driverring trying to avoid the back-ups are pooing on to pouring on to surface roads creating a nightmare. >> i know you spoke with transportation officials today. what is their plan to keep traffic moving? >> state officials say they are going ask the contractor of that 275 construction to speed things up. in the meantime, drivers turns to kennedy boulevard to avoid some of that traffic. and they are iming task traffic officials say they are going to look at the times of signal lights. >> when transportation officials said they would shift track to
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traffic tonorthbound lanes traffic was supposed to move faster but instead all week we have looked out and see red. the new lanes are narrower and cause slow-downs all the way to the howard frankland. >> this is kind of out of hand. >> i have never seen it backed up that long, and i guess they say they make the lanes narrowing or whatever but something is really not done well this time i think. >> the florida department of transportation asks drivers to hang on a big longer. they thought people would get used to the lane shifts in a day or two and traffic would begin to move, but that has not happened and so they are putting pressure on the contractor.
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whatever they can to shorten this to less than six weeks. >> but all of this has resulted in a pile-up on kennedy. >> we'll work with the city whro who controls the signal times and see if there is anything that can be done to improve the flow on kennedy, or any of the other roads. >> back live. the good news here according to officials, all of the 275 construction is set to be complete in the summer. mark? >> yeah, let's hope. something tells me we are going to be talking about this still this summer. >> oh, i hope not. well, it's a sure sign that gasparilla season is here. the bleachers are going up in preparation for the upcoming parade, and all of the parade's, actually. the children's parade is on january 23, and mark and i will
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be broadcasting that day, and then the pirate invasion and main parade is on the 30th. and by the way, the bleachers will cost between 35 and 45, and we have done this so many years. it's always cold. >> it's funny how january will do that to you. >> coming after november and december, the hottest on record. >> and seven or eight we had the squall line come in and a tornado -- and it ended early and we were done, and tonight is the same thing. watching this line of storms come in and tomorrow morning could be a mess. i think overnight is okay, but always a good idea to have the weather radio on, and it will be busy. you see the showers and rain increasing over the gulf, and this is just light. it's acatched to attached to the warm front but this is nothing severe, just
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this is moisture that runs on top, like going up a slope and that rising air going up a slope produces areas of light rain, not a big deal, and this is attached to the low across the state of texas. this is what is going to ride that subtropical jet and the times should be early to midmorning and we'll also have to deal with wind issues. winds very strong and it will shift to the west and northwest, and we'll have to die down and then pick up speed again on sunday. here is the light rain, even a little smatters smattering around tampa bay, and we have many hours to go, at least a good seven to eight hours before this gets close, but it is raining all
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and you see some of the heavier thunderstorms out here. as the storms approach us and go across cooler waters, they will weaken but any one of these cells would rotate and produce a brief tornado, and we are watching for the risk of severe weather. the highest risk is in this darker green which includes pasco, orlando and points south. the reason is this area gets the mice moisture coming back from the crin caribbean, and for that reason the chance of storms is lower to our north. right now a mild night. we are in the 60's. the dewpoints are fairly low, and it's awfully tough to get severe weather with dewpoints in the mid 50's and so the atmosphere is going have to
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dry airwe have had, and with that dewpoint coming up, rich air will come in and give us a chance of a brief tornado. gale-force winds behind the front and even minor coasting flooding a possibility with high tide later in the afternoon. a medium to high threat, and tornado low to medium, and costal flooding and obviously flooding. there is the rain across the gulf and there is the area of low pressure taking shape in the gulf. tonight, temperatures not moving all that must much but team tomorrow we'll be likely stayed in the 70's, and the front going by, the weather improves. we dry up on saturday and by sunday, look, there is another
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storm that will move across the gulf and likely impact us on sunday. and by sunday evening, that goes by and the weather improves by sunday night and then it gets cold next week, and it really is a full place. mostly cloudy, with rain developing and 63. some storms severe, and it will end by afternoon of midafternoon and then variably cloudy and mild and i think we'll see another surge of moisture on sunday. and check out the lows. 30's across our inland areas with daytime highs in the 50's and 60's. >> and what we are learning
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>> well, it's all over. the power ball is back down to $40 million, not to sneeze at tu but it doesn't come close to the 1 preponderate .# .5 billion that went to three lucky ticket holders. >> cynthia joins us with a look at what we know so far about the lucky winners. >> the short answer is not much yet. we do know where the winner tickets were sold, one in the small working class town of mumford, tennessee and one in chino california and one here in
10:26 pm
florida near the space coast. and they matched all five numbers and the powerball, and media from across the country starting depending on the area, and the rumor is the winner in washington might california might be a nice nurse, and reportedly her boss without $18,000 tickets. a manager says she stayed on to the end of her shift after the big win, and the owner of the 7-eleven where the winner ticket was sold, he got a $1 million bonus. >> do you think your business is going to get better. >> yes, definitely. come and please play the locally tickets and be ready for the next jackpot. >> a nice little perk for selling the winning ticket.
10:27 pm
winners up to a year to contact the lottery before the money automatically going to schools, elsewhere winners may have to claim their price within 180 days. and. a publics in seminole and also right here a radiant foot store had ticket winners that watched all five numbers but not the powerball. and the people who coordinated the lotto pool, they say all is not lost. their 73,000 tickets were put through the lotto machine to check for smaller prices and the store workers took days to print out all of the tickets and feed them through the machine to see if anyone actually won, and the
10:28 pm
organizers say everyone who participated had a great timeine if they didn't get the jackpot. >> they are all in a facebook group with a lot of communication back and forth, and i think a lot of them became forms. >> and they didn't have to do anything. we were the ones printing and scanning 24 hours a day. >> and they think they will end up with about $16,000 in secondary prizes. and this is florida's 11th powerball jackpot winner in fact, they have had more winners than any other state since joining the game in 2008, but a measly $40 million right now, you woppedder if it's even worth it. >> wonder if it's even worth it.
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frenzy has died down for a little while. >> and learning about a vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> some new development the tampa general hospital in tonight in the devastating attack in indonesia. terrorists opened fire and set off bombs while people ran in terror. two minute people were killed and 20 wounded. the attacks like those bombings in paris. >> and isis is claiming responsibility for this one as well. >> an explosion at a starbucks in jakarta followed by two hours of gun fire. a coordinated attack officialed said was carried out by isis.
10:32 pm
said the attackers carried home df made homemade bombs with timer, suicide belts and timers. >> the police chief had set up checkpoints and searching. >> if it's true thirteen then isis has now drawn blood in over 13 countries. >> i believe that the islamic state sees indonesia as an arm or a distant part of the caliphate and be attacking there they can continue to sow the seeds internationally. >> president obama will be briefed soon in the recent campaign against isis adding that the group is facing more pressure than ever before and it's having an effect.
10:33 pm
indonesian tv is claimed that three men have been arrested believed to have had a part in the attack. >> and an update on that philadelphia police officer who was ambushed. the fbi is saying there is no indication that the gunman was a part of an organized terror cell. the attack they say did not appear to be connected to something beyond the shooting. edward archer claimed that he was acting in the same of islam. he is charged with attempted murder. and sad news for singer celine ion. her hub and husband and long-time manager manager rene angelil has passed away.
10:34 pm
>> no doubt it's been a very tough week for blire walsh with the kick that ended the vikings season. upset fans ripped him on twitter but some schools are using it as a teachable moment, telling them that nobody is perfect, and these first graders wrote letters of encouragement. >> i know it can be hard to get through things that make you sad but you have to try and try again. dear blaire walsh, you are the best player in the world. everyone makes mistakes. i had a missed basket before. your fan. >> and one little boy went on to say i love you, which was just precious.
10:35 pm
that some of life's most imorpt important levins are learned as a very young age. >> >> it doesn't sound bad, does it? it's an item most of us use every day but there is a ref liewtion in revolution in music is going on tonight. >> it's ipad used as instruments. >> they are marching to a different beat and that thing is an ipad. >> this is a new thing and not everybody is maybe ready for the idea of an ipad as a musical instrument. >> a musical journey of many genres, orchestrated for maximum audience participation. >> you can watch our fingers move.
10:36 pm
money or the next big record deal. their mission is to educate and entertain. >> we use this as a tool and use that to incorporate different things into the music education classroom, and when i walked in and held up an ipad and we talked about that being a musical instrument there were certainly mixed reactions. >> we had to look between a curtain between gigs, a singer even joined the jam session. and this is about the siem time james brown might start to roll over in his grave. >> try it and listen to the sound. you would be amazed at the similarity and tone between the real quote-unquote real
10:37 pm
>> so what is the evolution? >> things we were not traditionally doing in the music classroom, this is a new way to bring in those ideas to the educational music world. >> and they plan on taking ipad stretion expression to new heights. >> once you give it a try, and i know you are kitting there going it's not music, it's just an ipad but it's the music collaboration and the sounds are pretty good. >> and everyone involved is having a good time. >> it will never replace the instruments but it's another form of stretion
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express that expression that should be colored. and then coming up tonight at
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coming up tonight at 11... >> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00, uber drivers are without a fight. they are threatening a boycott, and a family's plea to the people who broke into a mawz mausoleum, stole a coffin and
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and idol auditions blue away the auditions blew away the judges. >> are you ready to get started? >> the farewell phone of "american idol" continued the search for its next and final superstar, this time returning to denver, colorado and little rock, arkansas. >> there are a lot of people who grew up watching the show and so this is a special moment for them. >> many hopefuls had potential but judge harry connick jr. said being good enough won't cut it this time. >> i don't think singing is for you but don't let that take the wind out of your sails. >> we are trying to pick people that are a little bit more ready to go right out of the gate.
10:43 pm
to lend a hand. while the contestants did their best to shoot for the cars, the judges took a break to shoot hoops hoops. >> when you first walk in the judges are just sitting there looking at you and the lights are so bright but i got all pumped up at that moment. >> you get in there and they are extremely talkative. >> and my first song was shaky and they said would you sing another song? and then i got more confidence. >> idol will revisit four more cities. >> hey, there, chip. nothing going on?
10:44 pm
it didn't take jason jason licht long to find his new coach. we'll take a look at what dirk koetter brings to the job. >> and who needs a selfie stick when you have one of these?
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>> all right, so the selfie stick is so yesterday, so yesterday. the selfie drone is today. this is lily robotics brand new state-of-the-art flying camera designed to follow you as close distance, and it will take videos gaided by videos guided by a homing signal, and a smart dwis, device and they are not cheap. around $800 but i'm guessing it's a little bit smaller and it's not going to carry the go pro. >> and is there a time there are so many things like this flying through the air that you are going to get tired of them.
10:48 pm
>> and don't have a conversation with someone with a drone flying hipped flyingbehind them. >> then it turns into something else. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is junior. >> hello, junior. >> he is a cape fur seal, hi, good morning. >> that is wild, this video was shot on a dolphin cruise and the tourists were thrilled when it jumped on to the boat. one woman grabbed her camera and just starting rolling. >> and i'm sure thief they've been feeding it many, many times. >> these up-close encounters are amazing but you have to wonder if it's just not a good idea. i mean, what happens the one time you are out of food and he jumped up on the boat and you
10:49 pm
are out of food and he gets a little angry, and takes someone's hand with him. >> there is no doubt that kirk koetter will be the new head coach of the buccaneers. pa offensive that has to be one of the best in team history with a rookie quarterback running the unit and other rookies on the offensive team. and ripped by injuries. the work he did with jameis winston should earn him the rookie of the year award and it's imperative that the bucs
10:50 pm
keep that consistency. we take a look at the bucs next head coach. >> although he has never been an nfl head coach, dirk koetter will get his first chance to be one with the buccaneers. >> i had a chance to work with him day to day, the last year, around i like dirk. >> koetter is from from idaho and was a high school coach there in his 20's and he had stints at arizona state and boise state. but this is not only about developing players. it's a little more about winning games. >> numbers look nice on the pieces of paper but you have to win games. >> koetter has taken what was the 30th ranked offense in 2014 and improve it had to one of the best in the league.
10:51 pm
the bucs offense was rated fifth after he took over. >> he has put a good resume in front of him this year. historically the best offense we have had in tampa bay, and he has done great things with jameis. >> and it is now clear that the glazer family agrees with the choice. and they will set up to try to take the team back to the play-offs. >> and the question is who is next, and who will he keep on his staff. i'm sure that most if not all of the offensive coaches are coming back but how about the defensive coordinator, i would not mind seeing mike smith in that spot.
10:52 pm
a winning locker room understood to be and he would know that having -- i think it would be a combination, mark and kelley the works. >> all right, chip, thanks. and coming up, getting ready for
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>> and idol sup in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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>> this is how the sunsets have looked the past couple of nights, a beautiful view with a bluish tint to the sky. this is our fox 13 umbrella winner. we have not seen much of the sun accept for the first days of the week under a dazzling blue sky, but we know this time of year it doesn't last long, and now rain is breaking out, all in advance
10:55 pm
guidance and new model data. everything appears to be on track. we are going to be clear early to midmorning up to about noon but any one of the cells could rotate, with a chance of an isolated tornado, and more than likely the storm center will issue a severe storm or a tornado watch up and down the peninsula. don't forget to download our sky tower radar app. this is producing rain over louisiana and now it's just riding the low as it moves over the gulf. there has been a little bit of spotty raip in the spotty rain in the area but not much.
10:56 pm
squall line and the lightning data clearly spends this squall line down here, tomorrow through midday and look at the energy, just riding along that subtropical jet and there is the little kink. this has rain going by early to midday and behind that the winds will be gusty in the afternoon. >> all right, thank you, paul. tonight, winning florida lottery numbers. take a look. hey, good luck. well, he is gone but his music still lives on.
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