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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> there was not much time to react. >> we felt a rumble. >> reporter: as quickly as it happened, it was over. the roof was off and on to the cars and they were trying to figure out if everyone was okay. >> you cannot open the back door you just see roof. >> reporter: randy kendrick, the owner of the print center, knew something bad happened. he found other business owners surveying the damage. >> we started gathering people and just in awe. >> the roof that should have been on the building was in the back parking lot. >> it was buckled. first responders rushed to make sure nobody was hurt. >> we needed to make the building safe, we took care of the utilities in the building and then made sure at the same time made sure that everyone was out of the bidding. >> reporter: the only ones they had to rescue were the dogs at the mutt hut. >> we had 20 dogs.
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man's best friend was okay, business owners gave a sigh of relief knowing no one was hurt. >> it was scary, very scary. i have never been through anything like that before. >> we're lucky and fortunate we're all here and alive. >> kimberly kuizon in venice. >> it was not a tornado it was damage from straight line winds. six people are recovering after experiencing heavy turbulence on an american airlines flight into miami. a wind gust over jacksonville was to blame. a flight attendant suffered a broken nose. there were 159 passengers and six crew members on the flight at the time. here is a view from the station here on kennedy boulevard. the rain moving in and then it leaves as fast. the skies are clear now. it is beautiful out there. it may not last. we could be in for rough weather
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mike been knit is in for paul dellegatto. >> it is nasty early on. as you mentioned, not too bad looking. this is the satellite and the radar and we started at 6 a.m. light rain, you had to head to fort maiers to pick up down morning. you see that pushing through and the southern tip there is venice picking up straight line winds. that's the thing, with the storms and the squall lines, it does not take a tornado to do damage. the straight line winds can be just as damaging and they can be. and quickly as they pushed in and pushed out by noon and clearing out, we're not done with it just yet. the totals the area picked up a half an inch and some people off to the south picked up closer 2 to 3 inches of rain. this is where we are now, that
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straits, out to the caribbean and meanwhile clearing across the rest of the state. it does not last, we're watching the next system for tonight not a lot happening by tomorrow night into sunday morning, here is another zone of a slight risk of storms across the area. we're going to be watching that closely over the next 24 hours. we may not be done with it yet. details coming up later on. it is official dirk koetter is the new head coach of the bucs. it has been a revolving door at 1 buc. he is the fifth coach in the last 7 years to be hired or fired. the move is not a surprise. his name was the top of the list ten days ago. chip carter was at his news conference and has the inside story, chip? >> reporter: dirk koetter has wanted to be a coach. his dad was a coach. since he was 6 he said that's all he wanted to do.
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he is running the bucs. he put it perfectly he said it was a day to put the x's and o's aside and take in the moment. he thought about being a head coach he knew he was running out of time and chance so while this moment means a lot to him, he knows that even more to his family, especially his parents and the emotion of the moment at times overwhelmed him. >> i have to thank my parents. they are probably watching right now. man. if you knew the things that they instilled in me along the way that let up today. this is what i wanted to be
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i know what kind of players we have so. i'm excited about that. >> fans should be excited. he hired his old boss as the new coordinator mike smith his head coach when he was with atlanta is running his defense. that move benefits dirk koetter and mike smith. first, he has a former head coach he can trust a coach who was coach of the year three times on his staff and mike smith after getting canned in atlanta did not get one offer. he turns around in the bucs defense he will be up for another head coaching job, that is a perfect partnership. of course they have a one on one with dirk in a moment in sports. we get into the expectations and x's and o's of the team and the expectations of the job. >> i like him already. not liking this though another brutal day on wall street. the dow was down 390 points. at one point in the day it was
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the nasdaq dropped 126 points and the s&p 500 fell 41 points making this the worst two weeks of a new year in the history of the u.s. market. and chris cato has a look at the factors behind the nose dive and what it means for the u.s. economy. >> the worst two-week opening of the year ever in the history of the market. what this means is that the economy is slowing and which is natural because it has been expanding since 2009 but the rate of the slowdown is what has investors worried. that's why we're seeing the selling. for the last two weeks and don't take that from me but jeff simon here of raymond james. there are several factors behind the fear. and the economy is slowing down. because of the size that sends ripples across the market. number 2 manufacturing in the u.s. is continuing its steep decline.
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earnings reports namely from intel and citi group. and oil, the price of oil is continuing to fall. crude sold for 29.42 a barrel today. demand is low which adds to fears of a slowing economy and results in lay offs in the energy sector. what should investors do with the bad news? >> i'm not telling people to sell right now because right now is not necessarily a good time. you should not panic out on days like this but look at the balance of the fort followyo and stocks and 75 years old you should reconsider lightning up on stocks when things settle down a bit. >> younger investors who have an even mix should just sit tight for now. he said the market is in a correction and it does not look at this point like we're headed for a recession. the economy is strong. interest rates are low,
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watch things in the next six months can you bet we will. cynthia. >> we will all of us. he was a softball coach, we loved by generations and they just caught his killer. he coached girl's softball for 35 years. back in august he was shot to death in the garage and drive way outside of his home. alfred jenkins is charged with his murder. in court a judge denied him bond. he killed him because he had a vendetta against him. he said he turned him in for stealing money from the union they belonged to. >> if you want to see evil in the flesh. there he is. this is a man who seethed for five years and going to get even with the man who wassing to the right thing, looking out for the union's money and bringing a
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>> he was the treasurer and when money started disappearing he reported it to police. police have made an arrest in a hit and run in winter haven. john may, junior was taken into custody. he has been booked into jail. he is charged with leaving the scene of a crash that killed tamara persong. she was crossing the street when she was hit and killed. she was returning to her apartment after picking up a prescription. he was in a parking area near the site. he walks back to the vehicle and checks the front for damage and drives off. they found the vehicle a day after the crash and they have been looking for him up until now. he contacted relatives minutes after and told them he was in an accident hit a girl and may have killed her. >> a worker trapped in an accident at a sulfur plant has died. fire rescue said the worker was trapped under that pile of sulfur right there at the plant
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it is not clear how it happened. the view shows the crews to free a piece of heavy machinery that is buried in the powder. they said the rain this morning is not to blame for what happened. >> it was raining when the lapse happened. there was not a dust cloud. there is no hazmat. >> as we came on the air, the name of the worker who died in the accident he is 35-year-old joseph lamline of palmetto. suspended, that's the decision just handed down by the state supreme court for three tampa attorneys found guilty of dui setup. the three attorneys have been told to stop practicing until their fate is determined by the high court.
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all three be permanently disbarred after he determined that the three orchestrated the dui arrest of a rival. and the attorneys can no longer represent clients or pick up new ones and all clients must be told about the suspension. building a baseball stadium in downtown tampa will not be easy or inexpensive. but the mayor said they will give it a shot. the council amended the stadium lease giving the franchise leeway to look at future stadium sites. at a news conference, the mayor put the cost at between 250 and 600 million finding land in downtown tampa. that's another challenge. >> the decision to keep them here and find a solution deserves our efforts. we may fall short, we may at the end of the process say, you know. the public sector can do this.
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and if the private folks don't step up it will not get done. >> the next big step in the stadium process within 60 days they have to disclose what they're looking for in any new location. 100 people in the bay area became america's you newest citizens they took the oath during a special naturalisation ceremony. and services health two events one in ruskin and this one at the tampa office. they spent months studying and preparing for the day and becoming citizens is a dream come true. >> it is an american dream, coming from that country it is hard to get a visa and now i'm free to do. the candidates at the ceremony in tampa come from 17 different countries. >> she came running in there.
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the values in new york city are socially liberal. pro abortion focus around money and the media. >> new york is a great place. great people, loving people, wonderful people, when the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully and more humanely. you had two -- >> that exchange is what is drawing buzz today it could pay off for it. our political editor here to show us why. craig? that's a classic picture. he was going after new york city
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then clapping based on what donald trump says. he said no. it values as kind people, good people given what they went through with september 11th, the strength and resolve, turned that run around on ted cruz and left him vulnerable to the point where many are pointing out when he needed a loan he went to goldman sachs and did not have a problem with raising money in new york city and he was a winner in prior debates that point alone may have cost him because interestingly enough, he brought republicans and democrats together rallying around donald trump. listen to this from the mayor. >> on behalf of all new yorkers i'm disgusted at the insult that ted cruz threw at the city and the people. and the bottom line he does not understand new york values.
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agreement with donald trump. >> well of course cruz was talking about the politics of new york but donald trump said he is conservative, many other conservatives come from new new york as well and with this it puts, i think, donald trump in a better position than he was prior to the debate and for the first time in a couple of debates marco rubio and others tried it leaves cruz bruised. >> and donald trump and ted cruz are neck and neck, tied for first place and that first state of iowa. >> they come out and say this. >> was trump the winner? >> he was one of the winners. keep in mind based on what we have seen in the past, donald trump did not say or anything to lose ground. when you're the significant front runner that in itself makes you one of the winners. because much of the discourse
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relatively disciplined in the debate for the most part kkkly on that exchange, i think that he scores some points. he is the front runner coming out of the debate. i think that tough make a case for all of the others, save marco rubio and jeb bush, as being losers. >> marco rubio, he goes into iowa in third place. >> yes. >> what did you this about his performance. >> he was strong and disciplined. he walked in with a strategy of deflecting republican against republican. and when you had the back and forth between cruz and trump over the birth issue of ted cruz being born in canada s he qualified to be president. at that point, marco rubio said he hates to interpret the court tv. he was prepared and knew would come up. he shined in several moments in
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hit as he was by ted cruz. he is a winner as well. >> thank you very much, craig patrick. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with mike bennett. >> this is from our beach cam camera, you saw the storms rolling through this morning. once they cleared by. it is a pretty nice afternoon out there and here is a look now, 71 degrees. winds out of the west and breezy. and into the day it picks up. and and across the area. here it is 72 right now in tampa and brandon.
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most of the state around that 70-degree mark. and we have the cloud cover and miami 68. >> just to vero beach. and changes you don't see this too often. behind the front we have the temperatures warmer than where they were ahead of the front and the clouds. temperatures are a bit cooler. that's a sign of what is to come on saturday. even though we had a front going through. it's not going to do much in terms of changing temperatures or the dew points in the mid-70s on saturday. areas of fog tonight especially with all that rain fall we saw
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expect some fog and south and east of the bay. nice looking as we head into the day on saturday. expect the sun. temperatures warming back into the 70s. and we're watching another low forming in the gulf. that brings another threat as we head into saturday night and sunday morning. at this time that threat is worse than it did this morning. and a front through the area. the fog tonight for the day tomorrow. we're getting in between the sunday. look at this line here. showing the potential for a squall line developing. that would mean strong maybe severe storms possible and late saturday night into sunday morning. that looks to be the timeframe and this far out a lot can change in terms of timing. stay tuned for updates. clear clear-cut there. partly cloudy. some could be defense as we head to tomorrow morning. 75. partly sunny.
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here is the forecast. waiting for the big change this is after the system on sunday. rain chances on sunday morning and sunday afternoon not bad, breezy. look at monday. highs in the 60s. and the 50s by tuesday. guys. >> mike. >> the tennessee winners of the powerball have come forward. boy did they drop a bomb shell.
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we have a winner. tennessee officials verified the ticket bought in mumford is the real thing, lucky folks. >> these are the people we would trade places with. john robinson and his wife bought one of the three tickets in the jackpot. so they came forward this morning on the "today" show with their daughter with their lawyer and reporter friend. they met with officials this afternoon and spoke with the media. they say that they plan to go back to work. >> why are you going back to work? >> why not? >> that's what we have done all
5:25 pm
you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing any more. how long are you going to last? >> they say that now. >> i was going to say. >> they say that they want to help friends give to st. jude and donate to the church. their daughter is looking forward to paying off her student loans. she want as horse. they have an adult son and the family said they will take the lump sum payment of -- $327 million. >> i'm not sure they got their head around that yet. >> we'll check back in a year. >> yes. >> nurse is said to have won a share of the jackpot but she was pranked by her son. >> i cannot believe her kid did this. this was at park avenue. not far from the 7-eleven. her son told her she won so
5:26 pm
center said it was not a hoax. the owner bought 18,000 tickets but then once the story grew the family came forward and said my son just played a joke. this is a 62-year-old nurse that works at a center. officials say nobody has come forward to claim the prize but i cannot believe that her kidder kid did that. >> no word on the winner who bought the ticket at the publix. they have 180 days from the drawing. it could be a while. >> yes. still ahead an announcement by chipolte y all of the restaurants will close for a single day next month. not a dry eye in the
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ringing the bell was by now we know courtney brantly she is the exgirl of dante morris. she was about to charge her sentence and she found herself
5:28 pm
and the very latest on this. >> and brantly was supposed to start a sentence last monday but she is still in the county jail and it does not appear she is leaving there any time soon. >> courtney brantly in the system. she should be serving her prison sentence for charges related to the killings involving her ex-boyfriend. but on the eve of her going away party, this happened. >> i have to go. >> where are you going to go. >> we need to come in contact with you. >> and brantly's friend, we used to date we got into an earth. she is throwing stuff at me and hitting me with her keys and throwing a brick at my car. >> she said she and her car are under attack by brantly and this has happened before. >> we have been through a situation before. >> i didn't call the police.
5:29 pm
>> she was charged with domestic violence and criminal mischief. the u.s. attorney fold fox 13 he will let the state pursue charges against her f convicted on the charges, she will do her state time first and then the feds will pick her up. >> i don't know, i'm scared, we need to find out where are you. >> i'm down 60. >> frightened and confused she said brantly was drunk and turned violent when she tried to end things while she is locked up. >> she is going to jail, i don't know if that's why she is reacting. >> she is. >> she is on appeal right now going to prison for a year and a day. >> now into new court date has been set but we'll follow the story closely. back to you. >> thank you, gloria. teams are looking for 12 marines missing after two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. the coast guard is searching the
5:30 pm
this very spotted a 2-mile debris field and empty life raft and six marines on each helicopter which are called super stallions. right now there is no word if there are any survivors or what caused the crash. two astronauts had to cut short their walk after water leaked into a helmet. they managed to repair a power outage to the international space station. the water leak was reported four hours into a six-hour walk. mission control ordering them back in. that came from the cooling loop in the suit. he is fine but back in 2013 an astronaut nearly drowned because of water in the helmet. a botched trial leave as man brain dead and five others hospitalized. 90 men took part in the trial of a painkiller. six are hospitalized.
5:31 pm
problems irreversible brain damage. there is no cure for the drug they were testing. the french prosecutor has opened an investigation. chipolte restaurants will close for one day next month to have a national staff meeting about food safety. the 19,000 will close february 8th. staff members will be required to attend. six outbreaks involving e. coli and noro virus. several lawsuits have been filed. the company said it is making changes to enhance safety that all the changes will be discussed at those meetings. dan haggerty, known as grizzly adams, has died. he starred in the 1974 movie and then the series. the show ran for two seasons and he had roles on several other shows and movies. he died of cancer of the spine which was discovered in august. he was 74 years old. and a little girl overwhelming the odds.
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and dr. jo tells us hope for one child is coming from a drug to treat sleeping sickness. >> if you are happy to go home and listen to our song. if you are happy to go home, clap your hands.
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for sophia anderson. the bell marks the end of a year of cancer treatment. >> this is the most amazing day of the first day of our life again, she has been cancer free for four months. we heard remission on her birthday. a few days before. it was -- god gave her a gift of life. >> we're going to see family, just enjoy life. we're out of the hospital. >> we met mom and dad and brother in april 2015. >> every morning we wake up we thank god we have her, the cancer found tumors near her spin around her eye and in her bone marrow. - >> were you shocked. >> i remembered dropping to the ground and saying that can't be. >> they spent half their time at home and the other half here at
5:36 pm
>> i love you. >> but after all that therapy and half of the children the cancer comes back a harsh reality. karl matthews faced that when he lost his son. >> it was quick. he relapsed the last day of august and died november 8th. kyle add robin started a foundation. through their efforts they're helping fund a clinical trial using dmfo a drug to treat sleeping sickness. >> it is promising >> to know we can have something to do with her never having to deal with this again, never having to deal with cancer again. that's awesome. >> and one cancer doctor said she will be the second child to get the drug. >> this is fantastic. many times we have chemotherapy or treatments that have side-effects, require
5:37 pm
and this case it is fed cages is oral and the side-effects in the studies have all been minor. >> there are no guarantees that it will work. >> we're here the last day, she made it. >> thank you. thank you. >> all the nurses, dr. hill. today is filled with gratitude. tears of joy and lots of hope. (bell ringing). >> for the fox medical team. >> now that's a homecoming. she will be on another medication used to treat acne for the next few weeks and taking an experimental drug in march t is not better to see that story. >> that's nice to see her ringing that bell like that. dirk koetter has an emotion filled news conference. hows to he handle the transition but make sure the buc offense is
5:38 pm
the x's and hello friday and check out what is trending. >> he is not smiling he will be here to deal with whatever this
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>> i'll be here. this dog want nos part of having seals hang out on his dock. no. >> no. no, no, no. that dog is smaller than stuie. >> now he is proud. see i did it. >> he has that napoleon complex. >> my dog could not run fast enough to do that. [ laughter ] >> timo the cat. he is trying to figure out what this toy is. testing it. is this how you get in. >> no. >> it's not a scratching pad. what is this. >> i'm trying to figure that out. that was not right. >> look, does he have it? >> no.
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>> gorgeous s that a forest cat. >> e-mail us, i don't know. >> ham mocks are hard enough for humans, they are having a good time on the greens and get out foxed. >> there is the cover. >> then they chase him off and the fox. wouldn't you think that after being run at with the club he would take off. >> look at this. now i'm thinking this has done this before. they throw it on the ground. >> what does he think it is food? >> i do pants know what he thinks. this goes on for a while, we don't have time to show it. he gets it another time. he ran a long way. maybe that's golf how he plays.
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>> a new strategy for that. >> kind of cute. >> yes. >> we got through rough weather. >> the parameters are more severe than they were this morning. we're still, this is saturday night. it is a finky. we'll wait and see we're paying attention to it. >> if you don't have that app, you will get the alerts. >> and paul's voice says well there is nothing better than paul's voice at 3 a.m. the visible satellite. you can see the clouds and storms shifting off to the south and east. check out the camera views. it ended up being a nice afternoon and looking end to the day. getting ready to go down. and the beach camera. this is out the other way.
5:42 pm
hilton clearwater beach camera. and starting to show. some of the nice colors in the sky. here is the radar view. as far as the rain fall total goes. can you see the area you see the green. we'll throw on some of the totals. can you see across portions of hardy and polk county and 2 to 3 inches of rain falling. we had some flooding. strong wind gusts as well down to venice and fasty storms w that rain fall, all right. with the temperatures dropping tonight we'll see fog developing after midnight. head to 3, 4, 5 a.m. we see the fog densest. and picking up in the morning hours. you will see the dense fog out there.
5:43 pm
before burning off. saturday with the sun. 73 well above average. >> 72 is the current temperature. winds out of the west. we pick it up. 6 4 in bradenton and 72 in wauchula and frost proof. a dew point not too bad right now. upper 50s and the 60s. they'll rise overnight into the day on saturday. saturday may be a little mug er now. and no weather risk. but by tomorrow night that's when we start to see the next front, the system pushing through.
5:44 pm
one behind the other a slight risk where you see yellow. marginal green. either way we're going to have to watch that threat temperature-wise not bad. saturday, sunday we drop it more. as soonmonday in the 60s. 61 for tonight. partly cloudy. fog. some could be dense. here is the forecast. >> temperatures in the mid70s. look at that drop. drying out. highs in the upper 50s and the 60s. chip. >> thank you. dirk koetter is the new head coach of the bucs and hopefully he stays in that slot for a while. this is a team that needs two things, making the playoffs and heading on to a head coach. there has been a lot of turn over.
5:45 pm
he did with offense delivers and then all of that evaporates they are a head coach and doing more than running an offense. that's what i asked. can he keep a handle as head coach? there is a prototype of that. three of the eight teams in the playoffs the head coach is the play caller. it's not easy. there are things that are different. tough have a great staff. >> i have great confidence. there will be changes. >> you talk about how you love to work with quarterbacks. can you spend time the one on one with jameis winston the past season does it translate knowing that you have to wear so many hats and have roles and responsibilities.
5:46 pm
my role will change. but every head coach i know and every coach i have been around my greats back to his position. i'm sure i will go over to them quite a bit. >> can you talk about the sense of family. two of your children tweeted out last night about family meetings equal a trip or move. this were happy to stay in tampa. you have a dad involved in coaching. it's not an exaggeration to say guiding line since were you 6 years old. >> everyone, this is a popular game, the nfl is popular but everyone forgets when they talk about the players and coaches. there there are families behind all of them. when player as traded and change teams, coaches are hired and fired it affects other people. you need great families along the way, we have, you know this time the family meeting was good
5:47 pm
>> how excited are you right now? >> i'm real excited. you know this is just the start. there is a lot of work. today is the starting point. >> he showed up to watch dirk koetter mccoy said it isen a announcement when someone knew is in control on the field. >> it is never easy. this is my fourth time. it is hard to describe his impact on the team he doesn't say much but when the offense is up, you know it. i believe that's why they had so much success. i'm excited to see what he does with the team. he is very offensive and
5:48 pm
what do you know. have you asked anything about the style. >> he has a history of winning. atlanta was a good coach when he coached. beyond that, not much. >> i like his hair. i love his style of coaching, how excited he gets so, we'll see, man. it will be fun. >> i don't think it is how you look or how you play, the hair. >> that's a factor. >> an out of this world lesson for kids.
5:49 pm
for a the dow closed down 390 points. at one point it was down over 500 points. the nasdaq dropped and the 500 fell 41 points making this the worst two weeks of a new year in the history of the u.s. market. >> not a happy new year. >> no. there are no growsry stores in space. where do they get vegetables. some students learned firsthand how they grow vegetables in space. six scientists from the system stopped about i pine view and talked about the research and what they are working on.
5:50 pm
same soil that astronauts use it space. it has excited students of all ages. >> i think a way to excite people with agriculture and in science in space, all together there are things we can relate to and understand. >> it is very interesting. i'm shocked they use it at nasa. >> i love his enthusiasm. >> i know. >> the scientists have never been in space but the experiments have. they are working on more projects and hope to teach astronauts how to grow food for an extended trip like a trip to mars. >> they use the same soil, hey. >> that's cool. the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. st. pete struck a deal with the rays. >> the team will search a new home. and what the mayor had to say
5:51 pm
moving to tampa. protestors take to the streets in chicago again. what set them off this time. two astronauts went for a walk
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