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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  January 16, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> how proud are your parents of you? >> they're proud. did you see my dad dancing? >> hot moves. >> at one point, i dressed up as a way tore and brought tequila
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sometimes i feel like i'm throwing old bruce out the door. maybybe he didn't deserve to be gone. >> tag time. hydra ma unfolds in the second condition of i am cait. season one started off big and faded in the ratings. we asked, will you watch season two? >> responses flooded our social - media mostly with harsh criticism. some even saying they'd rather watch paint dry. >> the honeymoon period is over. >> i watched the first one to know how materialistic caitlyn is. and then jan says i will watch again as i learned so much about transgender lives. >> stay the lottery winner couple that plans to go back to work on monday. >> starting with this, an everyday task that turned
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she was cooking dinner and her oven door suddenly exploded and this sounds like it could have been pretty bad. >> jody maddon simply has to take a step into her kitchen to get a sharp remieppedder reminder of the moment she called terrifying. >> thank god i didn't lose an eye. >> the often was set to 400 dress and then went up to broil. >> and then i didn't even touch it yet, and it exploded. >> i had it all over my face and arms.
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on her hand, a relief given what her kenmore oven looks like now, given that her 1-year-old was not nearby, but then she found out she is not alone. there will are dozens of reports of exploding often doors. >> the one thing that seemed to be common is high heat, and i don't mean just regular baking. i mean either people using the broiler or the high-heat self-cleaning cycle and it looks like the same story over and over ad own gefer. again, and that tells me it could be t leading edge of a recall. >> but for now joky dy wants to
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happen when people least expect it. >> all right, we are follow agnews alert out of tam with tampa where a motorcyclist was killed in a crash on dale mabry and gray and a streets, we understand one corner was killed in the crash, we don't know if it was the person on the motorcycle. >> and meet the robinsons, of mumford, tennessee the only powerball winners to come forward so far and claim their share of the multimillion-dollar
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you do, quit your job, take a trip, but this family has no plans to do any of that. >> john robins says he purchased the winning ticket at a grocery store on his way home from work, and he works in i.t. and she worked in a dermatologist's office and both say they are keeping their jobs. >> why not. >> that's what we have done all of our lives. you can't just sit down, lay down and do anything, i mean, how long are you going to last. >> and they have two children, a son who is an electrician and a daughter who just graduated from college. >> we'll pay off her student loans because we wanted just a little piece of the pie, and i'm really grate thafl we ful that we got the big piece of the pie. >> i always hoped for five
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winning numbers, i hoped for five because i know you get a million for five per . >> her daughter says she wants a horse, and she also asked for one and he also said, yeah, when i with interest lot rirks and lottery, and the question they have to answer? , they are taking the big check. >> we are going to take the lump sum because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. >> the other two winners have yet to come forward. those were sold in a 7-eleven in the los angeles area of chino hills and -- >> the next powerball is 11:00 tomorrow but the jackpot is just a measly $40 million this time. >> and the stock market could use a shot of that powerball prize money right now.
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investigators took, the dow down 390 points and 126 down on the nasdaq and the s&p down 41.5 points, making it the worst start to a new year in a long time. to what do we owe this? well, one, china, and two, manufacturing in the u.s. continues its sharp decline, and then a report out today shows that u.s. stores did not do well during december. they took a loss in fact, and number four, oil. crude is below $30 a barrel for the first time in 12 years. and so how should nts react? well, our expert says if you are thinking of selling some of your stock, you should not do it
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>> invest when you're calm, and professional investors invest most when people's fear is the greatest and so professionals are waiting for opportunities to buy and you should not give them the opportunity to buy your securities at a cheap discount because you are panics. >> he says wait until the market levels out and then determine if you have too much invested in tooks which depends on your age and financial goals. and if you have no idea, talk to a financial advisor. >> that is good advice, and new at 11:00, police need your help finding a man who scammed a woman. a woman posted an add on craigslist to sell her wedding rings. this guy said he would buy them and met her at a shopping center and he gave her money orders to
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to cash them, she found out they were fake. and a 45-year-old will joseph lammlein was dropped in a huge pile of sulfur. it's not clear how but you see crews working to free a piece of heavy machinery that is now buried in that sulfur powder. >> if you only knew the things they instilled in me along the way that led up to today, it's an amazing journey, really is. >> an emotional and humble speech from the bucs new head coach. a chance to thank his friends and family and the team. the bucs formally introduced did
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introduceddirk koetter. >> the turnover has been high to say the least but fans are hoping this time it's different. he said it himself, the hark hard work is still to come, but many are impressed with the work he has already done with jameis winston. >> he had a great year and i hope that continues, if he has the passion i think he does, he should be fine. >> chip carter carter had a chance to talk with him today, and will chip asked him how he thinks he will do managing all of the jobs of coach and his response is coming up in sports. >> mayor bob buckhorn said the goal is not to steal the rays but to keep them in the bay area.
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look at stadium sights in two counties and he says finding the land in tampa will be complicated and he said that public tax dollars only stretch so far. >> the goal to keep the rays here deserves our best efforts. we may fall short and may say at the end of the process the public sector can do this, that's all we can do and if the private folks don't step up, this deal won't get done. >> and like everybody else he is waiting for the rays to spell out their process for evaluates sites. >> those powerful cheers sounds like the team just won the game but this is much more than that, for the robinson high school basketball team. this is the moment during the
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made a sound. it was all a part of the game called breaking the silence, with the goal of raising awareness about domestic violence. >> i think it's really important for high schoolers to be aware of what happens on college campuses and to be able to identify abusive relationships and signs of unhealthy help. >> the students stayed quiet for the entire dinning of the beginning of the game and they waited until the ninth point was scored to cheer, and they chose that because every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten by a partner in the united states, and that is a tough statistic to believe but it's true. the crisis center of tampa bay teamed up with the students. >> it got our attention. >> sure did.
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illnss in the family is difficult, and figuring out how to pay for it can be even more difficult. >> we are taking a look at the benefits of pet insurance. >> we set out with a goal to help every child in need and every child we could. >> who says you have to be ordinary when you can be your favorite sky sci-fi character. >> maybe dreams come true for kids born without limbs. >> looks like we are going to squeeze in the potential for again! r again!
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again! again? again! again! artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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>> all new tampa general hospital a nonprofit group at the university of central florida is giving kids a boost. >> they make prosthetic arms and the force is strong. >> really excited and thankful. >> alvin garcia was born with one arm. >> i've been waiting a long time about getting it. >> and now he feels like a star wars action figure, he just
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storm-trooper arm, and the device was delivered to his at his school in nebraska. he is thrilled with his 3d printed arm, and his mom is, too. >> i told him i'm really, really, really proud of him. >> the nonprofit group is located at ucs, and sparkman's group has designed and printed arms for dozens of children across america. he says it makes 22 hours to make a hand. >> we set out with a goal to help every child we could. >> alvin showed off his new arm and he had "force-ful" supporters by his side whether he did it. >> i always told him the truth. you have one arm but that is the
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keep on going no matter what. >> a smiling child on the way to confident in mobility. >> and they are not just for star wars fans. nope, this is 7-year-old alex and next to him is actor robert downey jr., or iron man, and this was the first prosthetic limitless solutions created. prosthetic arms can cost tens of thousands but with this 3d technology, limitless can build them for far less, and the children get them for absolutely nothing. >> that storm trooper arm was cool. and we had stormed this morning,
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>> the other big thing is everything moved so quickly, and it just moved to quickly, and the storms were in here, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. and by 11:00 they were out. we are expecting similar stuff on day, with the timing sped up just a bit, and by 10:00, 11:00 on sunday, we may be talking about storms sunday. but once we got rid of them, boy, oh, boy, what a nice looking ending to the day. 58 in brooksville, and upper 50's to low 60's as you head inland. you look at the dewpoints we we call it the dewpoint depression, the difference between the dewpoint and the temperature, and the smaller it is, really, see fog. the other ingredient we looking
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are light across the area, and you combine that and you have dewpoints close to temperature and skies becoming clear and it's really a recipe for seeing fog develop overnight. you have a little bit more moisture near the ground and that helps to said the stage for fog as well, and could be locally dense but by 10:00, 11:00, it should be nice, by saturday night, though, we shift our attention once again back to the gulf. another strong low looking to form in the gulf and that sets the stage for more severe weather, saturday into sunday morning. temperature-wise, we are at 63 right now, that is above arrange for this time of year, and it's
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look what is coming. you head up into canada and we have the next arctic outbreak. it's 20 below in yellow knife, and 15 below in winnipeg, and 2 below in pickle lake. this is headed towards the lower 48 and we'll see some of that early next week, in terms of our temperatures taking a nosedive as well. the front continues to develop south towards miami, and so areas of fog but by tomorrow afternoon, overall pretty nice. as we head towards saturday night and sunday, 2:00, 3:00 a.m., that is when looks like the storms will arrive, and some of the computer information will indicating the potential at least for a squall line
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of an isolated tornado but also straight-line wind damage. snl this is 24, 48 hours out and we'll fine-tune the forecast but just know that saturday night into sunday morning there is the possibility of strong and severe storms. for tomorrow, 77, partly sunny. warm and just overall a pleasant looking day. and maybe a stray sprinkle off to the north. breezy, and a cool afternoon, and monday, highs in the low 60's and tuesday, highs in the 50's before we rebound to closer to average by the he said of the week. >> so this local family went nine years wondering what happened to their beloved dog until now. >> three months old when the dog disappeared. an amazing story of a pet
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and sometimes money can be the deciding factor between life and
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and so do you nee >> it's the new year and if budgets is one of your resolutions, join the club, and if you're a pet owner it can be a little tough. joining us today we are going to talk about pet insurance because i get this question so many times of is it really worth it for me to get pet insurance? what do you think? >> absolutely, i have had it four years and it's saved us thousands because my dog has allergies that is a chronic condition that we'll be dealing with his own life. >> and say you have a dog and it has certain conditions. walks through the what. ifs to give us an idea of what it would cost with and without
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>> we chose a scary diagnosis like cancer and we have an example of a cat and a dog, and what treatment could cost without insurance for a cat would be about $3,181 and with insurance, $926. now, a dog, slightly less costly, with insurance, 742, and i should mention these costs are based on a pet plan example with their most basic policy. >> correct. >> and you have a really with them. >> yes. >> but you are going to advise that people come out and compare. >> absolutely. and then in my dog's case, 857 without and with, $495, and for a dog without insurance, 1600
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this is based on an 80% reimbursement and a $200 deductible. >> and the deductibles can change depending on how much you want to pay each month. >> they are very customizable and you can choose the level of reimbursement and the coverage. >> and if your cat were to swallow something they couldn't and you are runed to rushed to the vet e.r. that would run you over $2,000, and for a dog, 1800 and with insurance, only 588. >> and some people say how could i afford pet insurance.
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making a middle-income wage. >> i have some tips. first of all, there is a great site called pet insurance reviews and can also get free quotes there as well, but when you go to app individual company to do bigging you want to make sure that the policy doesn't have limitations on illnesses or injuries. in other words, chronic and hereditary conditions should be covered. if not, keep looks, and you also want to watch out for reimbursement limits. and maybe sure it's not on a schedule. you want a policy that reimburses you based on what your vet bills are, and then look for a policy that covered those hereditary conditions for the life of your pet. >> and we posted all of this information.
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hey, thanks so much.
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