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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we have much mor developing overnight. terrifying times for hundreds held captive for hours after gunmen stormed a hotel. plus the stock market takes a tumble. so what does this mean for you? we'll discuss some steps that you can take to keep your finances straight through some of the rough times. and a breach of fiduciary duty drug trial has left one volunteer brain dead and five people in the hospital. what's being done about it is all
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>> from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> and good morning, welcome to good day tampa bay. the time right now is 7:00 a.m. on this morning, i'mal leads segui. lindsay is off. >> 7:01. >> today is going to be a good day. i told you yesterday big storms. tomorrow morning at this time, we're going to have big storms so get out and enjoy today as we do have temperatures on the mild side and a beautiful start. the sun will be up in about 21 minutes or so, another pretty picture over the tampa cam. we have a little bit of cloud cover filtering in. we'll start with some sun and look at the temperatures which range from 52 degrees in crystal river. to 62 in tampa, i think with the south wind that we have, and that's the key right now, we should get back up into the mid 70s, but tomorrow morning at this time,
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our area and that i'll talk how bits. ago seeds. >> developing in west africa, a siege is over at a hotel which was taken over by suspected islamic terrorists. government officials say that 23 gunmen. military forces were able to free 126 people and are now checking nearby hotels to be sure there are no more extremists in hiding. the events unfolding at the hotel and a nearby coffee shop and the country's capital city. >> new this morning we have learned that extremists have kidnapped an australian doctor and his wife in the northern part of the country. very few details have been released on that. we do know the u.s. military plans to fly a drone over the scene to provide surveillance. there are about 75 u.s. military personnel including 15 assigned to the embassy.
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lanes of avery were closed for much of last night after a motorcyclist killed in a crash. investigators were on the scene and those lanes have since reopened. >> meanwhile this morning in tampa, police are out investigating a single car accident at the intersection of west shore and san jose street. officers say the car struck a light pole around 4:00 this morning causing critical injuries to the driver. they've since taken him to a hospital hospital. right now now west shore boulevard is closed in both directions at san jose, so you want to avoid that area. a woman in pen his county wants answers this morning after her oven door exploded sending glass all over her house. we have more on that. >> she simply has to take a step into her kitchen. >> there are still pieces on my cutting board. >> get a sharp reminder of the moment she calls terrifying. >> the first thing i said, thank
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>> she was cooking dinner this week, the oven was set to 400-degree, then turned up to broil. >> i went to grab it and once i went to grab it, i didn't touch it yet. it just explode blood sending glass all over the kitchen, into the surrounding rooms and on to john doe jody. >> she only ended up with a cut on her hand, a relief given what her kenmore oven looks like now. she's also glad her 11-year-old wasn't nearby. then came the next shot. finding out she's far from alone. in the last two years, consumers have filed about 150 reports of exploding glass oven doors on the government's safer products website. fox 13 consumer reporter chris camera noticed a common thread. >> the one thing that seemed to be common was high heat. and i don't mean just regular baking. i mean either people using the broiler or the high heat self cleaning cycle. >> this has him wondering whether the might eventually take action.
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story over and over and over again. that tells me this could be the leading edge of a recall. >> it was extremely, extremely scary. >> for now she just wants to make people aware that some of this dangerous can happen when they least expect it. >> i think people need to know about the dangerous more so than anything else. >> and kenmore is a sears product. break age in the first year following purchase is most likely due to damage caused to the glass during use. damage can be caused by a number of things, including using the door to push in an oven rack or an object striking the glass. both examples may cause a weakness and lead to failure over time. the spokesperson says the glass is also designed to pebble if it shatters, meaning it would break into round pieces to reduce the risk of injury.
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should replace her oven. the company did not say if they would give her a replacement. >> deputies need your help this morning finding a man who scammed a woman in palm harbor. we're told that a woman posted an ad on craigslist to sell her wedding rings. the guy on the screen right there said he would buy them. he met her at a shopping center in monardas. she tried to cash them but realized they were fact. if you know who he is, contact the pinellas county sheriff's office. >> police arrested a 25-year-old man for double digits after, get, they fell asleep in his car while ordering tacos. he was in the drive through lane of a taco bell when he decided to take a snooze. a restaurant worker told police she woke him up and actually moved his car for him. an officer found him in the parking lot and this morning that man right
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>> did you realize how quiet it was before that shot. those powerful cheers are for more than just the robinson high school basketball team. that was the first moment anyone in the crowd made a sound. it was part of an event called break the silence. the goal is to raise awareness on domestic violence. students at robinson high in south tampa organized it. they say high school is an important time to learn the warnings signs of domestic violence. >> i think it's really important for high schools to be aware of what happens on college campuses and to be able to identify abuse sinjar relationships and signs of unhealthy situations where they can get help. >> and the students stayed quiet for the beginning of last night's game waiting until the ninth point to cheer. they chose that number because on average every 9 seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten about i a partner in the united states.
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how a worker died in an accident at the port of tampa friday. officials say 45-year-old joseph lenlend of palmetto got trapped under a huge pile of sulfur. it's not clear how. but crews worked to free a piece of machinery buried by sulfur powder. >> for the first same since it was published, act or sean penn has addressed his interview with el chapo. in an interview with cbs news he discusses joaquin el chapo guzman and what he had hoped the outcome of that meeting would be. penn says the purpose of this article was to start a conversation about the war on drugs. instead media outlets have focused on the meeting itself. >> the things -- here's the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very
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someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> the mexican government says the meeting brokered by mexican actress helped lead to el chapo's capture. he had been on the run since escaping prison in july. he's currently being held at the extradition to the united states. >> it's a big day for fans across the country as an additional round of playoffs get under way. plus it could be the start of something good for the lightning. we'll explain in sports. and president obama takes to the web to help spread his state of the union message. hear what he says he would think he would play in the new "star wars" film. >> 62 degrees on this saturday morning out at tampa international.
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a little bit of fog. it's not a big deal, but i did want to point it out to you. i think we have some fog there for the next hour or so. it's quiet, it's beautiful. we're going to get back into the mid 70s today, but later tonight, tomorrow morning, another big round of thunderstorms moves through.
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has in store for us in just a few in sports this morning, the tampa bay lightning go overtime to grab a win and with it comes their best stretch of the season.
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minutes into the extra session. he now has three goals and five assists during you four game streak. after the game, john cooper didn't want to jinx that four game winning streak and simply said let's not talk about that during the post game interview. the leaning are at home against the florida partly sunny tomorrow night at 5:00. >> to football, where it's a well known fact by now that dirk cotter is now the big smiles, all smiles. many feel that he got the job because of the job that he did with the bucs offense. the 56-year-old has never been an nfl head coach, but he takes over a franchise that is on its fourth head coach since john grud did en was fired back in 2008. the fans think this is the right choice. >> he had a great year, so i hope that that continues. if he's got the passion that i
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>> and koetter said he would remain the team's play caller and expects to retain most staff. he wants mike smith to be the team's defensive coordinator. not wasting any time at all. >> staying on the grid iron where the nfl playoffs head to gillette stadium this afternoon as the new england patriots host the kansas city chiefs in the afc division allege round. the patriots will hope that their week off will have been enough to prepare them for the kansas city team. that theme rolled them over to -- yeah. remember that game? that was a really bad game. they crushed the houston sextons. they're hoping to win their 12th straight game. that all starts at 4:30. after that, the card analysis and the packers clash in the grid iron as well. they both hope to win the nfc championship game or play in that game.
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and arizona crushed the packers. aaron rogers, the pack, however, have picked things up since that crushing defeat against -- they actually beat the redskins last week. that game kicks off at 8:15. what's the weather going to be like for that game, dave? >> for which game? >> for the packers game. is it indoors? >> well, then it's going to be a mild 70 degrees. >> in fact, i just checked the weather. new england is going to be fine and charlotte and denver, there's no weather issues for the games this weekend. i'm thinking three out of four teams. i think the only road team that wins is seattle, but what do i know. i'm a weatherman. >> carolina is hard to beat and we could talk sports all day. >> we could, but let's do some w. >> love the shot. >> nice job, alex, producer. >> there you go. we've got a beautiful start to the day. i mean, much different than it was yesterday.
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the brook dale bayshore camera, and it's quiet too. how about we had a gale warning yesterday morning and look how quiet hillsboro bay is right now. very fast moving progressive pattern. that's an el nino pattern for us, and it does favor overall cooler and wetter conditions. now, today will be an exception as it will be pretty mild, but after today the cold air is coming right back in again. 62 degrees in tampa. 57 in west chase. lower 50s in new tampa and in brandon. 61 degrees in apollo beach. inverness is this saturday morning. upper 50s to the south and the same thing for inland locations. pretty decent start to our day. the winds are out of the south and that's going to help to pump in the moisture, also pump up the warmth
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going to make it back up into the mid 70s. the sub tropical is carrying in moisture. now, this is going to be a weak low pressure system moving off the coast of attention. all of a sudden it's going to tap into some of this energy and it's going to quickly get stronger as it races across the gulf. so we're looking at quiet conditions until very early tomorrow morning. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, you're going to see thunderstorms quickly moving across the gulf and between 3:00 and eight, a big line of thunderstorms going to move through here. so it's going to be a lot like it was yesterday, but there may be some gusty winds inside some of those storms. just to let you know, very early sunday morning another round of storms. 75 degrees for a high temperature today. the storms will be out of here.
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i think tomorrow afternoon we're going to get some sunshine back, weather. we're talking about highs only until the upper 50s, alcides come tuesday afternoon. >> michigan's governor is asking for federal help this morning to fix the led water contamination crisis in flint. the state national guard has started distributing bottled water in the city, but the governor also federal aid. the funding would provide grants and low cost loans to step the city recover. led levels increased in flint's water supply after a switch to a different water source about two years ago. both federal and state governments are now investigating. as president obama deals with serious issues across the country, he took some time to sit down with some of youtube's biggest stars yesterday. the president revealed he hasn't seen the new "star wars" movie, but
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in on what character he thinks he would play. >> if you had to pick from one of these "star wars" characters, who would you be? >> well, i got to go with hans solo. he's a little bit of a rebel. >> i almost just killed that. sorry. >> the white house scheduled interviews as a ways to reach younger audiences as he remote the ideas laid out in president obama's state of the union address. >> democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are starting to feel the pressure as they get ready for the upcoming democratic debate. fox has more on that. >> from this tiny makeshift office in new hampshire, aids to democratic socialist senator bernie sanders believe they're mounting nothing short of a revolution. >> and today sanders collected the
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the liberal institution which backed then senator barack obama in 2008. meanwhile hillary clinton has a -- but for clinton, the trouble is spreading to iowa where her once massive lead is gone. a new bloomberg found clinton leading sanders by just two points ahead of the february 1st caucuses. in a move that appears to have backfired, clinton responded to the free fall in a series of recent polls by sending her daughter chelsea out to go negative. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. >> sanders' aids say $1.4 million in donations poured in on the internet during the first 24 hours after what they call the panic attacks from clinton started. the backlash was bad enough it left former president bill clinton scrambling to insist.
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has raised over $112 million by out spending them on tv ads. he has a new spot attacking clinton on his outsider campaign getting tough on wall street. the ad contrasts clinton whose fundraising in new york today raking in thousands of dollars from wall street while sanders wants to break up the banks. >> will thetic like me? no. >> as standards highlights his it's surge at this, clinton is doubling down on experience. >> she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. >> clinton is telling democrats she'll be stronger in the general election, you should lined by the super pack supporting her releasing a web video charging republican ted cruz is more emstream than frontrunner donald trump. >> i don't know if fans can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out. >> of course clinton still has to win the democratic nomination.
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on experience, but in iowa that new bloomberg poll found that among democratic voters 57% said this election is about issues, not leadership. >> ed henry, fox news. >> well, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both locked in a tight race in iowa, and the republican race is almost neck in neck. we'll show you how trump and cruz's tussle may shakeup on the race on sunday's money, power and politics. chris patrick will score the winners as well as the ludes others. we'll also investigate the armed anti-government protest in washington with an inside look at the protesters. we'll have a lot more on that and some fun with our first annual state of the show address. join craig patrick saturday night nor money, power, politics right here on fox 13. >> when we come back it's been a rough ride on wall street. it's left a lot of nervous investors and everyone else wondering what they should do with
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simon on what we >> you can call it the red tide. a downward movement that is swamped wall street the past week. 391 points ending below the 16,000 level for the first time since the end of august, the s&p 500 lost 42 points. the nasdaq was down 127. so what does this mean for all of us at home and your wallet? joining us this morning is joe simon from raymond james financial. thanks for being with us. we greatly appreciate it. >> happy to be here. >> how is this affecting the homes at home and us here at the station. >> anyone who has a 401(k) has just seen a certain percentage of that money disappear in the last two weeks.
7:23 am
that and you begin to worry because all that money you worked so hard to make over the years just went away, and you didn't do anything, you didn't do anything wrong, but the market took it away and that happens periodically. >> this is not a time to panic, though, is it. >> no. panic is always the wrong decision when you're dealing with investments, because panic usually occurs when things are at their worst and it's usually at the time when things are at their worst right before they begin to actually recover. so you shouldn't panic. that's usually what you do at the bottom. the rule on wall street is buy low, sell high. right? not buy high, sell low. don't sell when things are low. >> why is this happening? >> well, there are a lot of reasons. largely because we're really if a global iced economy and we're in global ohio ized financial market. we've st. augustine two phenomena occur. one, the chinese market has been slowing down substantially and it has caught some people by surprise
7:24 am
the rest of the world economy is with china, so that's one thing. china's devaluing its currency, that makes the dollar very strong and if the dollar is strong, it makes it difficult for people aren't the world to buy american products and goods. when that happens, corporate earnings begin to get weaker because the u.s. companies can't sell as much overseas and if earnings get weak, then stocks get weak. so that's one thing. the other of course is oil. oil has had a big factor on this. >> let's talk about that, oil prices slipping. we've seen the price -- by my house it was $1.79 this morning. it's been going down for a number of weeks now. >> years. >> this is playing a role in this as well, right? >> no question about it. we take oil for granted until it gets -- gasoline gets to four dollars a gallon, then you don't take it for granted at all. but when it gets below two dollars, everyone thinks this is the best thing in the world.
7:25 am
energy industry is a very very big part of the u.s. economy, and when oil prices decline like this, it becomes an unprofitable business for many companies in the u.s. and if companies are profitable, then they begin to lay people off and it begins to have after economic impact, and you forget that there are people that provide manufactured goods to the energy industry. they build boats for tankers and so forth. so right now there's an over supply of oil which drives down the price. when the price gets low, the energy industry gets weak, their earnings get weak, they've borrowed money from banks, so if they can't pay the banks back, that effects the banking industry and they begin to see the interconnectedness of all these things and that begins to play out eventually on wall street which always responds to big changes in the economy. >> it's always so fascinating. thank you for coming in on this saturday morning, jeff. >> you bet. >> still to come on good day.
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bill could be going up as much as $160. plus the state's python challenge gets under way today. how you could earn $16,000. then, when you call 911 we expect somebody to answer the phone, right? that wasn't the case for a man who was having a seizure. what the operator was doing. you won't belie wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
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want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday for good day tampa bay. i'm alcides. anjuli has the day off. a quick check on the headlines. in west calf that africa, the search and rescue operation is
7:29 am
security forces are hunting for al-qaeda linked gunman who attacked a hotel and a nearby hotel and cafe under the cover of darkness. the gunmen took dozens of people hostage. the country's interior minister says at least 23 people were killed including four of the gun mendoza. a polk county man is behind bars after he was arrested for murder of a polar auburn dale softball coach. he was said to have killed him in the driveway outside of his house. jenkins killed him because he turned jenkins in for stealing money from a union they both belonged to. jenkins was the union's treasurer when money started disappearing, he called police. >> three tampa attorneys found guilty of a double digits setup have been suspended. steven diaco, robert adams and adam
7:30 am
a judge recommended all three be permanently disbarred of it he was determined the trio orchestrated a rival. the decision also says the attorneys can no longer represent clients or pick up new ones. about 7:33. top of the morning to you, and it's 62 degrees, a little different -- a lot different than yesterday, because we've got beautiful sunshine to start off versus the morning. it's a little bit muggy with that south wind picking up and that's why we've got dewpoints near 60 degrees. while we start with sunshine we'll finish the day with cloud cover. another fast moving storm system is coming through tomorrow morning. that's going to bring some storms, maybe some strong storms very earlier on your sunday, probably about the time the sun is coming up and then it cools off significantly. in fact, by monday, high temperatures only 62 degrees. honestly, today good, a lot of weather to get through tomorrow. we'll discuss that in full detail,
7:31 am
>> thank you. allegiant airlines will be moving forward without its chief operating officer. he left his position yesterday. he had been allegiant's coo for about a year. the company says it will use the leadership change to focus on areas that need improvement. allegiant has been "liked" with problems recently. there have been several emergency landing in the last year. the company has not announced his replacement. >> your electric bill could be going occupy. florida power and light has asked the state for permission to raise rates over the next four years. customers would pay about eight dollars more a month this year and $14 more a month by 2020. the company says they need to move to improve service and reduce emissions. state officials are expected to make a decision later on this year. >> this is a bizarre case out of palm beach county. florida fish and wildlife officials are look into how and why a shark
7:32 am
a woman in a condo complex called police after a found a 5'black tip shark alive inside a pool. she saw two men running away beforehand. the shark was taken out of the pool and safely returned to the ocean. >> all right. the time right now is 7:34. happening today in downtown tampa, the 16th annual black heritage music festival is kicking off and with grammy nominated artists such as jonathan butler on stage it's going to be a fantastic day and the weather, according to dave, is going to be beautiful. fox 13 crystal clark joining us now live out there at 36th and park in tampa. i expect a lot of people out there, crystal? >> oh, yeah,al leads. setup has been going on for a couple of hours now. we've got the food trucks going, vendors have already arrived bringing in artwork and all kinds of things you can buy and as you mentioned this is going to be a really big event. the weather is great and this is the main event really for the
7:33 am
really goes on for a couple of weeks. now what you're going it find out if you head out here today. plenty of food that's one of the main reasons people like to come out here. tasting different food from different cultures around the world. and of course plenty of artwork as i mentioned local artists will be out here selling their pieces. you'll find jewelry, and also all kinds of helpful information for you as well, such as health information, getting the community healthy. that is one of the targets they're focused on and this morning they are certainly making sure they reach it as well. there's a 5k walk that actually is happening. registration just started at 7:00 for that. we're told the walk is going to go on from 8:00 a.m. until 9:30 followed by yoga. big event. as you mentioned, alcides, the music festival is one of the biggest events that a lot of people are headed out here for. the main artist we're going to see, jonathan butler. you've probably heard his songs before or his music. tomorrow you're going to find another big name.
7:34 am
in addition to them we have some local artists too. we're told true legacy is here as well as violinist david g. if if you're driving by here expect big crowds as well. we've noticed at least one lane is currently blocked off right now, right in front of park. so it is going to slow down traffic quite a bit, especially as people are beginning to look for park asking walking to this event as well. if you're headed downtown just know there's going to be a big crowd and this is going to go on all day. come out for some food and fun, alcides. >> go say hi to crystal clark. you'll be there most of morning. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> also taking place today overseas, polls have now confused in taiwan. they have elected their first president. the leader of the democratic progressive party won in a landslide. china has been paying close attention to the results as her
7:35 am
favor of taiwan's independence. the quest to fight pain is as old as the pharmaceutical industry itself, but there's word of a drug trial this morning that went horribly wrong. fox news correspondent has more on that story. >> clinical trials are designed to make sure the medications are safe before they are released to the public, but in france where several large pharmaceutical companies are based something went very wrong while testing a new painkiller. six men are hospitalized. one of them is brain dead. >> an accident of exceptional gravity happened during a clinical trial in phase one in rem. the medication that was being tested was supposed to work on the system in the brain that deals with pain. >> it acts on natural systems which fight pain. a system called the endo -- but i must stress there is no cannabis in this drug. >> they were given the drug in varying doses. >> it is obvious that we are facing
7:36 am
such an event has never happened in france before. i remind you that we are in phase one of the drug trial. theoretically, there is no reason for any type of accident to happen. >> the experimental drug is produced by a portuguese pharmaceutical company. the company tested the drug is headquarter in france but also has offices in london and newark, new jersey. the chief neurologist at the hospital where the patients are being treated says there's no known anecdote for the drug that was being treated. in new york, eastbound hunts man, fox news. >> if you're feeling adventure us, you can go python had you not this weekend. it's time for florida's python challenge. more than $16,000 will be warded to the hunters who capture the most and the largest python. it starts this morning and will run through february 14th. the goal of this hunt is to reduce the python population. they are not native to florida and pose a threat to wildlife as well as pets.
7:37 am
a seizure in the middle of an eye exam earlier this week, but as workers frantically called 911, the phone just rang and rang. as they call over and over again. it's the weirdest thing. they still weren't getting an answer. the broward county sheriff's office is now saying the emergency operator on duty, get this, was ordering a pizza. here's part of an eight minute call. >> okay. what can i get for you? >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza. >> okay. >> let me have a lunch special for the -- the pizza lunch special, two cheese pizzas and a coke. >> let me have the punch special, two pep -- unfortunately the man having the seizure came to an end >> all right. after the break, big flames out at lakeland regional airport.
7:38 am
the emergency is not.
7:39 am
are working in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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. >> the flames are real, but thankfully the emergency is not. airport fire training is under way this week for the lakeland police department. while it's not often a fire breaks out at an airport, firefighters say it's important to be ready. fox 13 photo journalist went out to lakeland regional interrupt to get a closer lack. >>
7:41 am
our faa requirements. today is a -- a fuel spill simulator. it is partly sunny that liquid ignited. this is the first year we've brought in a mobile trainer to our airport and are actually able to do the scenarios using our equipment and our trucks. in the past we've gone to another air force base. last year we traveled down to homestead air force base. familiar with the area, being able to use their equipment, being able to burn a little bit more than they normally get to burn, it's all training. we need that type of train zag we have discussed our game plan for a large emergency, and we're actually getting to put those discussions
7:42 am
they really work. >> was working well. >> today they did very well. they've learned a couple of things, just a couple little pointers here and there to make things better for the next time. >> we do get quite a bit of travel in and out, it is the second largest airshow in the nation, so we have a highly trained team of firefighters that gosh forbid anything does happen, we're ready and we can help. >> and fire officials say by having the fire training in lakeland it not only saves taxpayer dollars but allows them to train using their own trucks and equipment. when we come back, who says you have to be ordinary when you can be your favorite sci-fi star? this is a great story. we'll tell you about the florida group making dreams come true for kids born out limbs. >> you know, it really is a nice start to the day on this saturday morning at 7:45.
7:43 am
the coast line, it's quiet now, but in less than 24 hours, we're going to have a repeat of yesterday, that's right, another big fast moving storm system is going to make for a pretty rough go early sunday. so enjoy this sunshine as we start in the 50s and finish today in the mid 70s. lots to get through weather wise
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a nonprofit group at the university of central florida is giving some kids a boost of confidence. the group makes prosthetics arms using a computer and a 3d printer. most would say that darth vadar is one of the badest of the bad guys, but he's a hero to one nebraska boy and that's because he delivered alvin garcia the gift of lifetime. he was able to show off his new arm because of the work done at limitless solutions. the nonprofit group is located at ucf. they've designed and printed 3d arms for almost 20 children across the country. >> we set out with this goal to help every child in need and every child that we could and we're going to see it through the best that we can.
7:47 am
just for "star wars" fans. this is 7-year-old alex. there he is right there on the left. you can see who is height beside him. robert wowney, junior. he presented him with his own bionic harm. how cool is that? that's absolutely perfect. shaking his hand and everything. >> that is amazing and so nice. >> that is what technology is all about. 3d printing and changing lives. you know? >> if you just think 3d printing making prosthetics limbs, that is just mind blowing. i mean, seriously. compared to when you and i were growing up. >> okay. i'm sorry, when i was growing up. >> you're a lot younger than me. >> it's true, though. i mean. >> it's changing lives, it really is.
7:48 am
years from now what are we going to have. >> i can tell about you 22 hours from now we're going to have some strong storms moving back in. let's talk about how beautiful it's going to be today first before we get to that. we have a little bit of cloud cover and i do expect as the day moves along we will get more cloud cover, so we'll start with sunshine today and today we'll end with cloud cover. today will be a warm day overall . our temperature is about 70 degrees. we'll make the mid 70s, so for you warm weather lovers it will be a pretty decent day. i will also say this will be the warmest next seven days, because after the thunderstorms come through tomorrow morning, the cold air -- it's opening up a big door and lots of cold air is coming in for much of next week. temperatures this morning are running a few degrees above normal. 55 in brooksville, wesley, chapel as well.
7:49 am
winter haven, 57 degrees. lower 60s along the coast and let me tell you, colder than it was yesterday at this time, but decent. now with that south wind we're getting dewpoints to pump back up to the 50 and is even the 60s outside, so you may start to feel a little bit of that mugginess today. the future cast really just brings these storms in, though, very early tomorrow morning, and we'll cloud up and these storms will come in anywhere -- this may be a little fast. 3:00 to, say, 9:00 or 10:00. that's the timeframe pushing these storms through the area and i think after that we'll get right back into some sunshine for tomorrow afternoon. notice by say mid-morning or so we're pushing everything toward the east coast. we do run the risk of a strong thunderstorms, maybe severe. yesterday by the way we're in a marginal risk. tomorrow south of tampa and especially as you go further south and east, a slight risk. so they bumped it up a little bit. we could see some pretty strong
7:50 am
will be the dominate threat very early tomorrow morning. but don't worry. we'll be here and get you covered. 75 degrees for a high temperature today. storms tomorrow morning, sunshine back out tomorrow afternoon. i do want to mention a gale warning for tonight and tomorrow as well so we're staying off the coastal waters and by tuesday, here's the
7:51 am
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>> fox 13's good day. local for you all morning long. has anyone ever asked you a answer? sometimes people can be down right rude with their questions. but our etiquette expert kim have to be. >> have you ever been asked is a answer? i mean, the question is nobody's business? this seems to happen a lot with this time of year with the new year's resolutions and all. people can make comments when they do not really mean to be rude at all. before you get upset or motive. ask yourself, what is this person's motive, is this person just an extra vert who talks too much. the wsyx best way is to answer in a direct response.
7:54 am
gym to lose a few extra poinds? will you stick with this on is this something you do every january. you can respond with, actually i'm working out to stay in good health. i've used this one myself, and then i add, i'm not getting any younger. this keeps the mood light and shows no hard feelings. and you may be asked questions like, well, how much money did that cost you? and you can laugh and say, not as much as it looks or i got a great deal or you can even say ask my accountant. it's very ease tea take the low who wins? remember it's all in your delivery. copy your tone, keep that smile on
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