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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  January 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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developing overnight, terrifying times for hundreds in west africa as they're held captive in their hotel by gunmen. plus the stock market takes a tumble. so what does this mean for you? we'll constitutes steps to make sure you can protect your finances. and a drug trial has left one volunteer dead and five people in the hospital. what's being done about it. coming up. >> from tampa bay's number one news station. this is good day tampa bay. >> and good morning, welcome to good day tampa bay, the time right now is 9:00 a.m. on this beautiful saturday morning.
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>> they picked the right day off. >> they did. >> beautiful. >> we're sandwiching two big storm systems right in the middle. look at the children's hospital camera 65 degrees were it's warm. honestly it's a bit on the muggy side with the south winds pumping in more moisture. we go over to polk county where it's beautiful in lake landry right now. 61 degrees with the south-southeast wind at 5. we will start to get more cloud cover later today so let's enjoy the sunshine this morning. overall high temperatures make their way into the mid 70s. tomorrow morning going to be quite stormy around here. it will move through quick, but it's going to pack a punch. we'll talk about that in detail in just a a little bit. alcides? >> developing right now in west africa, a siege is over at a hotel which was taken over by suspected islamic terrorists. government officials now say that 27 people were killed, including
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military forces were able to free 126 people and continue to check nearby hotels to be sure there are no more extremist hiding. we've also learned that extremists have kidnapped an australian doctor and his wife in the northern part of that country. very far details have been released. we do know the u.s. military plans to fly a drone over the scene to provide surveillance. there are about 75 personnel, including 15 assigned to the embassy. the video you're looking at right now is back home. the southbound lanes were closed for much of latoya last night after a motorcyclist was killed in a crash. investigators were on the scene and those lanes have since been reopened. >> meanwhile, this morning in tampa, police are out investigating a single car accident at the intersection of west shore and san jose street.
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pole around 4:00 in the morning causing critical injuries on the driver. they've since taken him to the hospital. right now west shore boulevard is closed in both directions at san jose street, so if you can avoid that area. >> a woman in wants answers after her oven door exploded sending glass all over her house. >> it just shattered everywhere. >> she simply has to take a step into her kitchen. >> there are still pieces on my cutting board. >> to get a sharp reminder of the mommy she calls certifying. >> the first thing i said, was thank god i didn't lose an eye. >> she was cooking dinner this week, the oven was set to 400 degrees, then turned up to broil. >> i went to grab it and once i went to grab it, i didn't touch it yet, it just exploded. >> sending glass all over the kitchen into the surrounding rooms and on to jody. >> i had it on my face, on my arms.
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on her hand, a relief given what her oven looks like now. she's also glad her 1-year-old wasn't nearby. i think he would have been injured. >> then finding out she's far from alone. in the last two years, consumers have filed about 150 reports of exploding glass oven doors on the government's safer products website. fox13 consumer reporter chris camora noticed a common thread. the one thing that seemed to be common was high heat. i don't just regular baking. i mean either people using the broiler or the high heat self cleaning cycle. >> this has him wondering whether the government might eventually take action. >> it looks like it's the same story over and over and over again. that tells me this could be the leading edge of the recall. >> this was extremely, extremely scary. >> for now she just wants to make people aware that something this dangerous can happen when they least expect it. >> i think people need to know about the dangers.
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>> and kenmore is a sears product. a specs person said break age in the following year beyond purchase is most likely due to damage caused to the glass during use. damage to the glass can be caused by a number of things, including using the door to push in an oven rack or an object striking the glass. both examples may cause a weakness and lead to failure over time. the spokesperson says the glass is also designed to pebble if it shattered, meaning, it would break into round pieces to reduce the risk of injury. joy thinks they should at least replace her oven. the company did not say if they would do so. deputies need more help this morning finding a man who scammed a woman in palm harbor. we're told that a woman posted an ad on craigslist to sell her wedding wings. the guy on your screen said he would buy them. he met her at a shopping center in palm harbor, gave her a amscot money order.
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were fake. if you know where he is, contact the sheriff's office. >> overnight in gainesville police arrested a 25-year-old man for double digits after he fell asleep in his car ordering tacos. he was in the drive through lane of snooze. a restaurant worker told police she car. lot. he's waking up this morning behind bars. still no word this morning on how a worker died in an accident at the port of tampa friday. officials say 45-year-old joseph lenland of palmetto was trapped under a huge pile of sulfur. >> for the first time since it was
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dressed his -- he excused joaquin el chapo guzman, the rolling st. john article and what he had hoped would come out of meeting him. penn says the purpose of the article was to start a conversation about the war on drugs and instead the media outlets have focused on the meeting itself. >> the things -- here's the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. >> the mexican government says the bringing brokered by mexican actress kate delcastillo. he had been on the run since escaping back in july. he's currently being held at the same prison while he waits extradition to the united states. >> still ahead, it's a big day for football fans across the country as
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playoffs get under way. plus it could be the start of something good for the lightning. we'll explain why coming up in sports. and president obama takes to the westbound to help spreading his state of the union speech. hear who he thinks he would play in the new "star wars" film. >> our temperatures this morning are mainly in the 60s now. 65-degree start out of tampa international. dewpoints are at 62. they're high because of that south wind. now wind wise we're all coming in out of the south. we're pumping up, we're juicing up the atmosphere and guess what, tomorrow morning, another round of big storms. it looks good with temperatures making they're way into the mid 70s or some we're going to pinpoint what time we think the
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>> in sports this morning the tampa bay lightning go overtime to grab a win and with it comes their best stretch of the season. finally some good news. how is that, dave, i think i said it right, come on. scored with the win just two minutes into the extra session. the 23-year-old forward now has three goals and five assists during a four game point street. after the game coach john cooper -- he didn't want to jinx that four game winning streak and simply said let's not talk about it, guys, during the post game interview, the lightning are home against the panthers tomorrow night at 5:00. on to football now, the nfl playoffs head to gillette stadium this afternoon as the new england
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chiefs in the afc divisional round. this is going toy add game. the patriots will hope that their week offer will be enough to prepare for the kansas city -- they actually steam rolled over the houston texans last week and the chiefs will be hoping to continue their hot streak and win their 12th straight game. this game starts at 4:30. did you say the patriots are going to win this game? did you say that. >> i think they are. >> you have the patriots on this, i have kansas city. >> after that the cardinals are facing it is packers in glendale as they both look to for a spot in the in the nfc championship game. these teams met a couple of weeks ago and arizona dismantled the packers. times. the backers, however, have been playing pretty good ball. redskins last week. was. that was a good game. that game kicks off at 8:15.
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so you have the patriots. >> patriots. >> and arizona. >> and arizona today. >> i'm going -- i'm going with the chiefs and the packers. >> really? >> i'm going with the packers. >> aaron rogers is unbelievable. >> he is. it's been a tough year for them. this is the fun. it's all fun. the lightning having a four game winning streak, we're doing good. temperatures this morning as we get into the nines hour have made their way up into the mid 60s out at tampa international. 70s our normal high for this time of year. i think we're going to buy pass that easily for today. we actually did it yesterday too, getting back into the lower 70s after the rape moved through. crystal river, inverness, mid to upper 50s at this hour. it's really a nice start to your saturday. and i would say just get out there and enjoy. if you enjoy that lovely warm air, kind of muggy, this is your day, because after today we got some big changes.
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have colder air coming in earlier next week, so we're at 60 degrees in sebring. i do have some cloud cover over at citrus county now as it is just really streaming in from the west to the east, but everybody else starting off with mostly sunny skies. as we move through the afternoon, we will start to increase some of the cloud cover. as you see, the old sub tropical jet beginning to get a bit more active and we'll stream some of those clouds for later today. at the same time an area of low pressure is beginning to work its way off the onset of attention. it's going to gather strength, a lot of strength and work its way through the northern gulf coast. yesterday's area of low pressure was up here. tomorrow morning's may be just a little bit closer to us and that does make a difference, because it brings more energy, keeps the dynamics a little bit closer. hence, i believe tomorrow morning our threat for strong thunderstorms
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so don't be caught off guard with that. it is a sunday morning, so there won't be a ton of people on the road, and it's also going to be very early tomorrow, so for instance tonight, 11:00, big storms are forming out into the gulf, then by very early in the morning, we're talking about 5:00 a.m. look at this. from jacksonville all the way down to the keys, just a solid lane of shower and thunderstorms activity. but like yesterday it is going to come swinging through and we'll probably get back some sunshine in the afternoon on sunday that's how fast this whole storm system is going to move. we are under a slight risk for severe weather, really from the florida. we didn't have a slight risk yelled. we were just in the marginal risk, so it's going up a little bit that's what we're talking about as we have a little bit more energy that we're working with very early tomorrow morning. the dominate threat for tomorrow morning will be the high winds,
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and we did have some damage down near punta gorda yesterday, i think it was in venice where there were some straight line winds. there may be a -- i don't think the lightning is going to be a huge deal. 75 degrees today. tonight, clouding up, very early tomorrow morning showers and through the area. and then look at the colder air settling in. 62 for a high on monday and a high tuesday of only 58-degree. much colder. >> a lot colder. all right. thank you, dave. probably not a good time to check your 401(k) this morning. the stock market has had the worst start to the year ever. stocks crashed another 400 points on friday. the dow jones average is now below 16 how it points. the market has lost 8% of its value in just the first two weeks of 2013 -- 2016 rather. earlier this morning we spoke with jeff simon of raymond james financial.
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because of oil and a slow down in china's economy. >> we've seen two really important phenomenon occur. one, the chinese economy has been slowing down for several years. it seems to be slowing down substantially now and it's caught some people by surprise and we're beginning to realize how interconnected the u.s. economy and the rest of the world economy is with china. >> investors say wait until the markets level out, then look at your portfolio and determine if you have too much invested in stocks. if you have no idea what to do, of course contact a financial adviser. >> michigan's governor is asking for federal help this morning to fix the led water crisis in flint. the state national guard has started distributing bottled water in the city, but the governor asked president obama to declare a federal agency and approved federal aid. the funding would provide grants and low cost loans to help the city recover.
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water supply after a switch to a different water supply about two years ago. both state and federal governments are now investigate. >> as president obama deals with serious issues across the country he took some time to sit down with some of the youtube's biggest stars yesterday. the president reveals he hasn't seen the new "star wars" movie quite yet, but that didn't stop him from weighing in on what character he thinking he would play. >> if you had to pick from one of these "star wars" characters, who would you be? >> well, i got to go with hansolo. he's a little bit of a rebel. >> the white house scheduled the interviews as a way to reach younger audiences as he promotes his ideas that he laid out in president obama's state of the union address. >> democratic presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are starting to feel the pressure as they get ready the upcoming democratic debate tomorrow.
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>> from this tiny makeshift office in new hampshire aids to democratic socialist senator bernie sanders believe they're mounting nothing short of a revolution. >> and today sanders collected the endorsement of the nation magazine, the liberal institution which 2008. >> meanwhile in manchester, hillary clinton has a small army of volunteers working to get trailing. >> but for clinton, the trouble is spreading to iowa. gone. a new bloomberg des moines register found that clinton led by just two points ahead of the february caucuses. in a move that appears to have backfired, clinton responded to the free fall in a series of refugee resettlement polls by sending her daughter chelsea out to go negative. >> senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. >> sanders say $1.4 million in
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internet during the first 24 hours after what they call the panic attacks from clinton started. the back lark was bad enough it left former president bill clinton cam bling to insist -- sanders has also stunned the clinton camp by out spending them on tv ads. he has a new spot attacking clinton on the issue an mating his outsider campaign, getting tough on wall street. the ad contrasts clinton whose fundraising in new york today raking in millions of dollars from wall street while sanders wants to break up the big banks. >> as sanders highlights his it's surge at this, clinton is doubling down on experience. >> she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. >> clinton is telling democrats she'd be stronger in the general election. underlined by the super pack supporting her releasing a web
9:19 am
is more extreme than front return donald trump. >> i don't know if they can glow in the dark, but we're going to find out. >> of course clinton still has to win the democratic nomination. it's interesting. she's keeps focusing on experience. but in iowa that new bloomberg poll found among democratic voters, 57% said this election is about issues, not leadership. >> ed henry, fox news. >> when we come back, youth sports are becoming more and more competitive. and with scholarships available, many begin to focus on just one sport, but as we'll show you, sticking to one sport can actually lead to more injuries. we'll explain what you can do to keep your child playing coming up. >> you saw the president's final state of the union address.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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as we start our slow crawl out of the winter months, millions of children across the country are getting ready to sign up for little league baseball this spring. but a high rate of injuries may be putting off some parents. here this morning to talk more about that is dr. patrick from all children's hospital. thanks for being with us, my friend. >> good to see you. so my son, both my boys are playing little league baseball and there's a little bit of concern on over specializing, because you don't want to just focus on one sport, although they may want to play one sport, you should focus on others too, right.
9:22 am
when we were kids, in the spring you play one sport in the fall you might play another and a different sport in the winter. now with all the specialization where there's so many travel leagues, so many kids are being pigeonholed into one sport. my daughters are swimmers, they've been swimming year-round for two to three years and it's difficult to take a break and the data shows that you should do like the pros where you should take a couple months off a year and do some cross training, maybe do another sport. >> what are you doing with your daughters? >> we're taking time off and playing soccer and i have them doing other sports as well. i have them in gymnastics, but the problem is taking time off from it. the little league players are coming right out of travel season. >> they're playing travel ball, they're playing aau, they're playing as much as they can. >> if we look at the pros, that's not what the pros are doing. they take time off and come back to spring training and unfortunately
9:23 am
that opportunity. so for parents i would suggest if you find time, take a month off the year, just a month so the child's body can rest and possibly recover and maybe during that time do some department of homeland security training or enroll in a different sport for one of the seasons. >> best way to avoid injuries, other than taking a break. >> the best way to avoid injuries is watch out for doing the same mechanics over and over and over again. muscle memory. >> muscle memory is good and some for 10 how it hours. some of our best athletes have played multiple sports in -- you don't need to just specialize in one sport. you can play multiple sports and still achieve the one you want. >> they play football, they play basketball, just about everything. we're going to focus strictly on baseball just for this question. what position do you see the most injuries with. >> it's pitcher and catcher. and especially those pitchers. we have problems called little league elbow and little league
9:24 am
poor mechanics and because of over pitching. there are pitch counts that publish that basically say you should have a certain number of pitches per game and you should take several days off in between those. the one take away for parents is if your child is having pain, they might have some soreness in their muscle, that's okay, but if they're having joint pain, they're going to change the way they're throwing and they're coming off of the field with actual soreness and you see them not using the door appropriately the next day or the day after. >> acting like they're hurting the next day, that's something that should be checked out by a physician, because these injuries are slow and it's sid i couldn't say and then -- insidius and they
9:25 am
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from tampa bay's number one news bay. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on this saturday for good day maine. i'm alcides. headlines. a search and rescue operation is still under way in the heart of the african capital, a gunman attacked a nearby hotel undercover of darkness. hostage. the country's interior minister including four gun mendoza. >> a polk county man is behind bars this morning after he was arrested for the murder of a popular auburn
9:27 am
he's said to have killed him in a driveway of his house. investigators say jenkins killed him because he turned him in for stealing money from a union they both belonged to. jenkins was the union's treasurer. when money started disappearing, he called police. >> three tampa attorneys are found guilty of a double digits setup have been suspended. they've been told to stop practicing law until their fate is determined by the high court. last august a judge recommended all three people permanently disbarred after he determined the trio orchestrated a double digits arrest of a courtroom rival. the decision also says the attorneys can no longer represent clients or pick up any new ones. >> friends in beautiful downtown bartow. everyone in the 60s at 9:30. they're still at 59 technically, but you get out in the sunshine, it really is a nice start to the day.
9:28 am
too as you've got the dewpoint with that south wind rising up. we're looking at variable clouds. it's going to be a nice day right through the end, but overnight tonight a very fast-moving storm system that's barely getting going right now is going to come screaming through before sunrise tomorrow, and that's going to field some -- some strong thunderstorms, so even though it's going to be beautiful today, it's going to get quite stormy late tonight. i'm going to talk much more about that alcides in just a bit. >> allegiant airlines will be moving forward without its chief operating officer. he left the position yesterday. he had been allegiant's c.o.o. for about a year. the company it is it will use the leadership change to focus on areas that need improvement. legion has been plagued with problems recently. there have been several emergency landing in the past year. the company has not announced his replacement. >> your electric bill could be going up. florida power and light has asked the state for permission to raids
9:29 am
customers would pay about eight dollars more a month this year, and $14 more a month by 2020. the company says they need the money to prove services and reduce emissions. state officials are expected to make a decision later on this year. a bizarre case in palm beach county. florida fish and wildlife officers are looking into how and why a shark was found inside a swimming pool. a woman at a condo complex called police after she found the black tip alive inside the swimming pool. she told police she saw two young men running away beforehand. the shark was taken out of the pool and safely returned to the ocean. >> the time right now is 9:33 and happening today in downtown tampa, the 16th annual black terrible teenage music festival is kicking off with graham knee nominated artists such as jonathan butler on stage it's going to be a great time. fox 13 crystal clark joins us live
9:30 am
good morning, crystal. >> good morning, alcides. i feel pretty lucky. we've been able to see this thing now. right now we are seeing all the vendors out there. the food is here. the smoke blowing past the camera right. we are seeing quite a few people today. they have everything you can expect. if you want to learn more about african-american culture right here in our area. we're told today as you mentioned there are going to be some major artists performing, jonathan butler is the headliner. and this festival goes into tomorrow as well. angie stone will also hit the stage as well. we're told this is all about celebrating tampa's divert diversity, you'll find artwork, jewelry for sale. i've seen people bringing in clothing as well and of course the best part about it all, the food.
9:31 am
we've seen barbecue, i've seen some janacan food out here as well, lots of different variety for you. but again the main event today is going to be the music, that's >> they are starting things off this morning with a 5k run. it just wrapped up and we're told the yoga event following that is what's going on now. this is all happening right in the middle of curtis hixon park. there are a few parking garages that are opened up right next door, so you'll want to get out here early if you want to find parking and not worry about walking too far just to get to the event. but this does go on all day long. the festival in tampa is about a two week long event, but this weekend is the main event. this is when you're going toy thousands of people and today is the best day to do it. the weather is great. come out today before that rain hits tomorrow. al seeds i'll send it back to you. >> make sure you grab some breakfast and have some fun.
9:32 am
>> thanks so much, crystal. >> overseas this morning, the polls have closed and voters in taiwan have elected their first female president. the leader of the progressive party won in a landslide. china has been paying close attention to the results as her party has historically been in favor of taiwan's independence. >> the quest to fight pain is as old as the pharmaceutical industry itself, but there's word of a drug trial this morning that went horribly wrong. fox news correspondent abby hunts man has more on that. >> critical trials are designed to make sure medications are safe before released to the public. but in france where several large pharmaceutical companies are based something went very long while testing a new pain killer. sick men are hospitalized, one of them is brain dead. >> an accident of exceptional gravity happened during a clinical trial in phase one in rem. >> the medication that was being
9:33 am
system in the brain that deals with pain. >> it acts on natural systems which fight system. but i must stress, there is no cannabis in this drug. >> 90 healthy male volunteers were given the drug in varying doses. >> it is obvious that we are facing an unprecedent situation. such an event has never happened in france before. i remind you that we are in phase one of the drug trial. theoretically there is no reason for any type of accident to happen. >> the experimental drug is produced by portuguese pharmaceutical company. the company testing the drug is headquarter in france but also has offices in london and national hurricane center, new jersey. the chief neurology at the hospital where the parents are being treated says there's no known anecdote for the drug that was being tested. in new york, abby huntsman fox news. >> iran state tv is reporting iran
9:34 am
prisoners this morning. the report did not notify the names of the prisoners, but it comes amid speculation that a washington post released. the u.s. has not immediately confirmed this report, and of course we're going to continue following this story very very closely. if we have an update, we'll bring it to you. >> all right if you're feeling advent russ you can go python hunting this weekend. challenge. more than 16 how it dollars will be award to theed to the hunters who capture the most and largest pythons. it runs through february 14th and of course the goal is to reduce the python population. they are not native to florida and pose a threat to wildlife as well as our pets. >> a patient in fort lauderdale had a seizure in the middle of an eye exam this week. but as workers frantically call 911, the phone just rang and rang.
9:35 am
they still weren't getting any answers. the broward county sheriff's office says they now know what happened. the emergency operator on duty, get this, was ordering a pizza. here's part of that eight minute call. >> okay. what can i get for you. >> let me have one slice of cheese pizza. let me have a lunch special, the pizza lunch special, two cheese pizza ands a coke. >> okay. >> let me have the lunch special, two pepperonis and a coke. >> deputies say the operator admitted her mistake and was issued a written reprimand. fortunately the man having the seizure is expected to be okay. >> after the break we'll have the folks -- one of the popular tampa restaurants coming up, we'll see
9:36 am
time now for your savory saturday. ask this morning we're in for a treat. we have jonathan from elevage from tampa. thanks for being with us. we're making a burger? >> we're making a juicesy lucy. >> that's cheese its put into the burger and you cook it that way. what's nice about it is it's really creamy and rich. i'm going to make the sauce for you. it's called come back sauce. it's very similar to a well known named sauce, special sauce for our burger. >> that ketchup and -- >> this is cocktail sauce. this is our house made mayonaise. a little bit of garlic powder. >> ginger powder. a little bit of lemon juice. just a little bit of and some tobasco. >> a little kick to it. >> it's really good.
9:37 am
it's almost like a fancy french dressing so to speak. >> i like that. then we're going to put it together. all right, so i've got to ask you. because you've made your ma'am burgers on the stove top. i make mine that way and it doesn't taste good, because it sweats. >> you're losing a little bit more moisture when you like. when you usually cook burgers on the grill. you get the charlie broil flavor. so how do you -- what's the trick to -- >> well for a juicy lucy you want to car -- the cheese. >> we basically, you don't want to take a temperature, meaning you don't want to serve it medium rare or medium, because you want the cheese to melt. >> this is just completely cooked through. not well done, but not -- medium rare. >> in that ground beef you have cheese, pepper, anything else.
9:38 am
a little tomato and our house bread and butter pick elves. >> where are people able to check you out. >> today we have the sticky bun and it's one of our main stays that we brought back. that will be the place today to be brunch. >> thanks for coming in, my friend. >> thank you very much. >> all right, dave, if you're hungry, my friend, we have a little burger for you. >> i am on my way. i'm on my way. 65 degrees outside. it's beautiful. like i said, the rain yesterday. we have rain and storms early tomorrow morning, to at least we're giving you a nice little saturday. we're back to the mid 70s this afternoon. storms late tonight.
9:39 am
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now your sky tower radar forecast with meteorologist dave osterberg. >> look at the beautiful start to our saturday morning. a little bit of high cloud cover covering tampa. this is a pretty picture. river view back toward the coast line. wait until you see this camera tomorrow morning at this time. it's going to be a whole different story. hard to believe there will be all the big storms in the forecast this morning when it's this gorgeous out there. there's an individual hanging out at the beach this morning. so it's real nice. mild, somewhat muggy start to the day.
9:41 am
bradenton is already at 68. how about venice at 72 degrees. already above the normal high for this time of year. south winds really pumping up the temperatures today. of course they're adding some extra moisture in there as well. we have 50s to the north. key west is actually at 73 degrees and i think for the most part today, great day. all right, you've got some clouds coming in later this afternoon. we see a little bit of the visible satellite. a few extremes of clouds. but everybody else in the viewing area, it does look very nice. this whole active sub tropical jetstream is really going to play into our forecast in about 18 hours from now, because off to the west we're anticipating an area of low pressure to develop in the western gulf tapping some energy and moisture from this jet and begin that quick movement toward the east. and here it is. watch as this comes ripping across
9:42 am
early tomorrow morning. so while it's beautiful now, we'll quickly cloud things up. here's your low tapping into that moisture and as that runs off toward the east, by 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, showers and thunderstorms. this is the future cast at 5:00 a.m. give us a little leeway. it could be an hour early or hour later, the point is it's painting a line of thunderstorms to move here very early, maybe before sunrise tomorrow morning. we're under a slight risk for severe weather. we were not under that risk yesterday -- yesterday. so i think tomorrow morning's storms will be a little bit stronger overall than what we experienced yesterday. it will come quickly screaming through the area and then guess what? i'll bet the sunshine is back tomorrow afternoon, but it could be a very rough first couple of hours for your sunday. high winds will be the dominate
9:43 am
no doubt just like they were yesterday, some of those damaging straight line winds. there could be an isolated tornado as well. low on the hail. i don't think flooding is a huge issue nor lightning, so it's going to be the second time in a row we'll have to deal with that. some variable clouds today. you're good today. 75 degrees. tonight overnight lows near 63. looks like tomorrow, again, the showers, thunderstorms, this is very early in the morning. but then we're going to quickly clear skies out just like we did yesterday, making it up to 68 degrees. boating today is okay. however, tonight and tomorrow morning gale warnings are posted as that line of thunderstorms approaches the area we're going to have to death with some gale force winds briefly before it quiets back down and then we'll open up the door to some much colder air. look at the 30s and even 40s on the map next week with high temperatures, 62 monday, 58 on
9:44 am
so one, two punch, big storms tomorrow and alcides, and cold air behind that. >> we're staying on top of that breaking news story this morning. iranian news outlets are now reporting that one of the four americans released is indeed the washington post journalist. the news comes as secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland and compliments a nuclear deal with iran. 's been held in iran for some 18 months. of course we'll continue following that story throughout this newscast and more. search crews will be out in hawaii again today as they continue their search for two marine helicoptering carrying 12 service men. they crashed off the island of of -- here locally bad weather that rolled through friday morning left its mark in venice. straight line winds blew off most of the roof at the arc plaza.
9:45 am
first responders did have to rescue 20 dogs from a grooming shop. they're all doing fine. >> a tennessee couple who bought one of the three winning powerball tickets claim their massive jackpot yesterday. john robinson said he bought four tickets at a grocery store near his house on his way home from work wednesday night. mumford is a city of just about six how it people. only three businesses sell powerball tickets there. interesting. >> all right. coming up, we've all been asked rude questions that are no -- no one else wants to hear. it's no one else's business.
9:46 am
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>> has anyone ever asked you a question you would rather not answer? sometimes people will be downright rude with their questions. but our etiquette reporter kim goddard says your response doesn't have to be. >> have you ever been asked a question you really don't want to answer? i mean the question is nobody's business? well, this seems to happen a lot this time of year with the new year's resolutions and all. people can ask questions or make rude comments when they really
9:49 am
before you get upset or defensive, ask yourself, what is this person's motive? is this person a bully trying to be hurtful or is this person just an extra vert who talks too much. the best way is to answer the question in a direct response. so you're asked, so you joined the gym to lose an extra few pounds? will you stick with this or is this something you do every january? well, you can respond with, actually i'm working out to stay in good health. i've used this one myself, and then i add, i'm not getting any younger, and this keeps the mood light and shows no hard feelings. and you may be asked questions like, well, how much did that cost you? well, you can laugh and say, not as much as it looks. or i got a great deal, or you can even see, ask my accountant. it's very easy to take the low road and jump back with a sarcastic remark, but who wins? remember it's all in your delivery, keep your tonight nice and keep that smile on your face and that's
9:50 am
i'm properly yours, kim goddard. >> she's so nice. >> and she was talking to you too. >> a lot of that. >> listen, i will say something that is not nice on television. >> exactly. and that's the problem. none of your business, dave. >> i know. >> hey, 75 degrees today, big storms tomorrow morning. i urge you to check back in with mike bennett this evening to see how they're moving along and much cooler air comes in for next week. a lot of 30s on the map next week. >> remember you can keep up to date on your knees, weather and sports.
9:51 am
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