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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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p>> alcides: severe weather and ptornadoes slam the bay area. pwhere the damage is heaviest and pwhat we can expect later today. p when we talk about brings pthe rays and looking at what phappened over there. p>> alcides: one of tampa pmayor's top pro prosed location pfor a new rays stadium has some pconcerned.
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pheritage festival. pa look back at yesterday's sell pintrags and what you can expect plater today. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> alcides: good sunday pmorning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pthe time is 7:00 a.m. pi'm alcides segui. panjuli davis has the day off. pmike is in for lindsay. p>> it's been a really busy pmorning. pthe good news is you look at pradar and put it into motion and peverything shifting off to the peast. pthere are light showers working ponshore but no real threat of psevere weather there. psevere weather threat shifted pwell off to the south and east pbut not before potentially at please a few tornadoes across the parea. phere's a look the athe forecast pfor today once we get through pthis front. pwe start to see more afternoon psunshine. ptemperatures warming into the pmid-60s by noon but dropping
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plow 60s by 4:00 p.m. by 8:00 .m. down to 56 degrees. pi'll have that full seven-day pforecast coming up for you just pa little bit later on. p all right. pdeveloping right now. pmanatee fire rescue has pconfirmed two people are dead pafter a tornado touches down in pduette. pso, again, two people now pconfirmed dead in duette in pmanatee county. pearlier we are reporting one. pnow vanessa ruffes is down in pmanatee county. pshe's confirming two dead, seven phurt including a child. pneighbors are saying the man is pa grandfather. phis wife and grandkids have been ptaken to area hospitals. pagain, we can confirm two are pdead including that man. pof course, we continue to follow pthe story throughout "good day ptampa bay," and we will bring pyou the very latest as soon as pwe get it. plet's head over to crystal clark plive in sarasota county this pmorning where the damage is
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pscene there for us? p>> reporter: yeah, alcides. pat this point there isn't a psingle home on the block that pdoesn't have a tree or some ortion of someone's roof in ptheir yard. pthe sun is just starting to come pup, so we look at all this pdamage for the first time. pright now i have sarasota county passistant fire chief with us pbill oak joining us. pare a lot of people reaching out pto you? p>> around 3:00, 3:30 we got a plot of calls for transformers pand power lines down, fire palarms. pthen all of a sudden we started pto get structural collapses, pstorm damage, and that's when we pchanged modes and sent units to pthe high-impact areas. p>> reporter: speaking of high pimpact, the house behind you, pthis seems to have the most pdamage. ptell me about what it was like pfor you all getting these presidents out. p>> it was very tricky. pwhen we fist came here, i was pwith another engine crew and pmade our way down the road.
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pwe had to remove the debris, and pas we removed the debris we made pan assessment down the street pand looked for the high-impact pdamage. pwe found this house at the end pof the street and two victims pwere in the house. pthe first victim was removed pwith a simple ladder placement. psecond victim we had to call in pthe special operations team and pthey used air bagged to lift up pthe roof and stabilize it and we pcould get the patient out of the pstructure down into an awaiting pambulance for evaluation. pminor bruises, scrapes and like pweather-related injuries. pso she was trp ansported to the phospital for further evaluation. pyou're still going door-to-doo pchecking through windows. pyou're also checking to make psure people aren't going in pleft. pis that the case? p>> yes. pwe've tef yated the eoc. pthere's storm damage teams that pmake they're way out in the pareas that we know are impacted
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pback to a central command so we preally have an understanding pwhat's going on in the whole pcounty, not just in this area. pwe would advise anybody with pstorm damage to stay at their phouse until it's further pevaluated for structure pintegrity. p>> reporter: i spoke to pofficials with sarasota quarter. pthey tell me it's not the fire pdepartment that will declare phomes that could be structurally pdamaged no longer safe for presidents to be in. pthey say it's going to have to pbe the county that's going to go pthrough and take a look at the pthese houses. pa lot of the residents that left pthis morning, they did it out of recaution for their own pfamilies. pthey don't know if the structure pis damaged enough to collapse. pthey want to be out of the homes pwhile they wait for the sun to pcome up and before they can preally get a good look at the pdamage. pagain, it's pretty dark right pnow on this road as we wait for pmonth light to rise because the ower is shut off. pthey want to make sure any of pthese downed power lines with pthe puddles in the roadway won't pstart a fire.
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peveryone safe and the best part pis in this area in particular we pdon't see many injuries this pmorning. p>> alcides: that is psignificant, especially when you phear what's happening many pmanatee county. plet's get an update on that. pwe have two confirmed deaths in pmanatee county in duette, search pinjuries including a child who pwhat we hear is seriously hurt. pso good thing it's not happening pin sarasota county. pwe'll let you get back to, pcrystal pcrystal, thanks so much. pwith the severe weather in pflorida all the time, officials purge everyone to get a weather pradio. pit's so important especially pwhen we have tornadoes that hit povernight. pit could be the only way you pknow a tornado is coming, pespecially if it happens in the pmiddle of the night. ponly a handful of cities have ptornado sirens including winter ark in central florida. psome cell phone carriers also psend tornado alerts, and of pcourse, you can always download pthe free fox 13 sky tower pweather appear for your phone. pthat will keep you up-to-date pwith the very, very latest pweather information.
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psecond. pwe have an update in a homicide pinvestigation this morning. pinvestigators identified the man pwhose body was found in the psouthern sumter county. p31-year-old robert banks is from plakeland. pyesterday his body was found in pa wildlife refuge area. pdeputies haven't said how he pdied but they're investigating pthis as a homicide. panyone with information is pyurjed to contact the sumter pcounty sheriff's office. p a motorcyclist is dead after pa bad crash in pinellas county. pit happened just before 6:00 plast night at starky road and peast bay drive in largo. ptwo vehicles were involved. pthey say a motorcycle was going psouth on starky when a car pcoming from the other direction pturned in front of them. pthe person riding that pmotorcycle died at the scene. pright now officials are still pinvestigating but they do not pexpect any charges. p the florida highway patrol
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pcrash, this one involving a car pand someone on a bike. pit happened late friday night on pstate road 52 east of colony plakes boulevard. pa driver of a pt cruiser when a pbicyclist rode into the street pin front of them was hit. p52-year-old kevin waller was priding the bike. phe died his injuries. pno charges right now. p tampa's mayor has a first pchoice as a possible location pfor a new rays stadium. phis choice raises concern for pthe chairman of the hillsborough pcounty commission. phundreds of people are living in pthe tampa park plaza apartments pchairman. psteve nicholls spoke with both pof them. p>> reporter: the tampa bay pfull swing. pwe ran into the chairman of the phillsborough county commission pthere and asked a cultural
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pam i correct in thinking pdisplacement is more part of a pblack experience. p>> yeah, sure. p>> reporter: displacement was pon the commissioner's minds pbecause the rays are looking to pbuild a new stadium, and the ptampa park plaza apartments and pits large tract of land between pdowntown and ybor city is the pmayor's first choice. p>> certainly that site at this oint is probably the best plocation in that urban area. p>> reporter: the not-for-profit pthat owns the property is the ponly owner, makes buying land peasier and there's lots of eople and parking garages pwithin walking distance and pextra land for building extra pdevelopment. p>> additional development around pthe stadium can be helpful in pterms of the financing of it. p>> once again, long-time presidents would be moved out of pthe way of new development. p>> fortunately for these pcommunities we have done these prelocations before so we're good pat doing that. p>> reporter: is that your passessment? p>> it's been done okay.
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pmiller's thoughts on previous pdisplacements. pthe people still live there. pdid all of them come back? pi don't think so. p>> another possible pdisplacement? p>> what kind of neighborhoods do pwe put them in where they feel psafe and like it's their home pand we in this county feel we're pdoing the right thing for them. p>> reporter: mayor buckhorn is pfully aware displacement is the pbiggest challenge. p>> alcides: any stadium plocation is way, way early in pthe process. pwith he don't know what the rays pare looking for and how they pintend going to find it. pthe black heritage festival in ptampa will be in full swing plater today. pthis is video from yesterday's pcelebration. pthe two-day music festival poffers artists and food vendors pand health screenings as well. pit lasts ten days including the pweekends before and after martin pluther king jr. day. pother events include a marathon,
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plunches and banquets. p>> i think it brings a lot of pvalue to the community and also pit brings a lot of people ptogether and it helps us to plearn about the culture of the pafrican-american community. p>> alcides: this is the 16th pconsecutive year for the pfestival. porganizers say it gets bigger pand bigger and draws people from paround florida and other states. pthe event continues later on pthis morning at 11:00. pyou may want to check it out. p still ahead, how the atriots are on track for panother super bowl win. pkevin o'donnell will have a lot pmore coming up in sports. p spring is in the air, and so pis pollen. pi'm having a hard time pbreathing. pwe talk to an allergist about pearly signs of tree pollen pseason and what toob to breet peasier. p>> alcides, it's clearing the parea and getting rid of the psevere weather.
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p welcome back. pthe time is 7:14. pin sports this morning the new pengland patriots are closer to panother super bowl title, while pmeanwhile the usf bulls aren't phaving as much luck. pkevin o'donnell has more in this pmorning's sports. p>> good morning. pthe new england patriots are one pwin away to a return to defend ptheir super bowl title despite pall theoff season distraction pover deflategate, the patriots
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pafc title game for the fifth pstraight year. pthey pope the game with a recision 11 play and 80-yard pdrive to ron gronkowski. pbrady is not swift of foot. phe'll admit that to you. phe ran the ball just six times psix yards and he gets out -- pknocked out right here just one pyard short of the goal line. phe punches it in one play later. pthe chiefs turn it over to start and pmakes him pay. pnor strike to gronkowski. atriots in command. in e end panswering to cut the deficit to p27-20. pthey failed to get an onside off pright into the hands of julian phe had pedleman. pthe chiefs cannot believe it. pthe patriots advance to the afc pchampionship game defeating the pchiefs 27-20.
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pcoach mike white but it's not pthe warm one he was hoping for pfor the former ole miss point pguard but he expected it. pwhite said it gave him a pheadache thinking about how to pstop the s.e.c.'s top scorer, pstefan moody. pthe gators provide instant pmigraine reef with a slam as pflorida opens the game on a 15-2 prun. pallen paces florida in the first phalf with 20 points and knocks pdown five out of six pthree-pointers. pflorida holds the s.e.c. top pscorer stefan moody to nine oints in the first half. phe converted 2-7 from the field. pwhite never had anything to pworry about. pallen pumps in 27 points to lead peverybody as the gators beat ole pmiss giving them the first home ploss this season 80-71. pit's not getting better for the psouth florida bulls. pthey lose to memphis and remain pwinless in conference play. pthe bulls are trying. pbo ziegler is working the board pand skies high for the pone-handed jam but he had just
7:17 am
pjamal muck muir mcmurray drops in p13. pthey led by 8. pthe tigers open up the game in pthe second half. pusf had 16 turnovers and shaq pwith a good transition slam. pmemphis wins 71-56. p clemson turning into a giant pkiller. pthey take down a ranked team for pthe third straight time this pseason. peighth ranked miami were the platest victim. pthe 'canes had a chance to pcontrol the game in the second phalf. pdavon reed dishing to murmur ray pfor the slam. pblossomgame had plenty of game pand helped clemson claw back. pblossomgame had 25 points and pclemson within one. pthe tigers went on a 25-8 run in pthe last seven minutes of the pgame. pblossomgame with a nice bounce ack to ditte who slams it home.
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pthat's a look at sports. phave a great day. p>> alcides: it's been a busy pday, especially at the weather pcenter. plet's go to mike to see what to pexpect today and what he's been pdealing with all morning long. pmike. p>> it's been a crazy severe pweather morning out there. pthis is how the radar looked pearlier this morning at 1:00. pwe start to see showers and pstorms popping up late last pnight around 10:00, 11:00. ptake you through about 3:00 a.m. phere, and that's when we first psaw our first tornado warning op up. pthat was for sarasota, siesta pkey area. pthat's where we saw that tornado pmove through. pthat's where we've had crystal pclark and kim kuizon all morning plong as well. ponce that pushed through, it plifted up into northeast manatee pcounty. pnow, duette is right into pnortheast manatee county, and pthat's exactly where that storm ushed through with that ptornado. pthen that continued to lift
7:19 am
pthe rest of the line off to the psouth of that pushed through phardy, desoto and into highlands pwith more strong wind gusts and otentially morrow takings with pthe cells off to the south. poverall a busy morning typical pof an el nino winter. pwe get the storm systems that pstrengthen in the gulf and push pthrough quickly with the severe pweather for us. phere's a look at camera views pacross the area. pwhat a difference a couple hours pmakes. pyou see a little bit of cloud pcover but bright spots in the psky. philton clearwater beach cam is pmore ominous. poverall, not a whole lot of rain pout there, but we are seeing a plittle bit in the way of shower pactivity pushing through ortions of the area, pspecifically in southern inellas right now. pyou have a heavier downpour ptowards the skyway up north as pyou head towards the gandy as pwell.
7:20 am
pthe east. pall of this moving very quickly, pthough. pso we should be getting rid of pit, most of the shower activity, pover the next hour or so. pa couple more sprinkles off to pthe south. pover all rainfall totals today pare impressive. pmost areas pick up 1 to 2 inches pof rain. pweather headlines. pfirst of all, windy afternoon ptoday. ptemperatures dropping as we head pthrough the afternoon. pwe're in the mid-60s for so for pnow through noon. pby the afternoon temperatures pdropping to low 60s and peventually upper 50s and overall pa cooler week ahead. phighs below average. pthe next threat for storms, that pdoesn't arrive until friday. pcurrent temperature is 67 in ptampa, 68 in brandon, 69 in pbradenton, 65 in wauchula and 66 pin brooksville. pwhat you see here is what you pget for the high temperature ptoday. pi don't expect them to waver pfrom where they are. pas we head into the overnight phours tonight and tomorrow, look
7:21 am
pmost areas start off in the 40s pand probably some 30s off to the pnorth and then only getting into pthe low 60s for highs on monday. pthen monday night even cooler pair. pwe're talking overnight lows in pthe 30s for most areas. pcould be a freeze to the north, pand then tuesday night looks peven cooler yet. pcould be getting into the 30s as pfar south as tampa even for pwednesday morning's lows. phere's the satellite and radar pand this area of low pressure pshifting off to the east. pthat tornado watch continuing to pbe trimmed meanwhile farther psouth and east as well. phere's a look at the forecast precap for today. p67 degrees and afternoon pclearing and windy. ptemperatures drop as well. pfor tonight 45 degrees and pmostly clear and chilly. phere's a look at the seven-day pforecast. ptemperatures below average for pthe next several days now. p62 on monday, 59 on tuesday, and pdown to 39 for an overnight low ptuesday night into wednesday pmorning and highs near 70 by the pend. pweek.
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pwe'll be right back. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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p>> alcides: spring is in the pair. pwhile the warm and sunny breeze pmight feel nice, for some of us pout there, the wind is starting pto stir up some trouble as well. pmany of you may be at home pexperiences sinus headaches and psneezing and itchy eyes can nose pas well. pthere's a reason for it. pwe're entering the early part of ptree pollen season. pthank you for being with us. pwe appreciate it. p>> you're welcome. p>> alcides: we were talking pabout in a couple of days ago, pbut in our opinion it seems to pbe getting worse. pi don't remember it being as pearly as it is this year. p>> typically if you look back, phistorically tree pollens pagainst in december, and the ollen comes outer. poak drives most of the season, pand that appears in the next
7:24 am
pwe still have a ways to go pthrough the tree pollen season. p>> does the warm weather have panything to do with this? p>> usually as it gets warmer the ollination begins. p>> this year it didn't get that pcold like in the past. pthat a component in all of this? p>> it can be. pusually it's just a timing pthing. pthe trees know what time of year pto pollinate. psometimes it's early or late, pbut usually in the same time pframe. psome of in? p>> you can try to avoid pexposure, if that's possible or ractical. pyou can close the windows in the pcar and at home and have the pair-conditioning running so pyou're not exposed. pif you've been outdoors and pexposed to pollens, when you get phome change your clothes and pwash them and take a shower and pget the pollen out of your hair pand body and that may help psomewhat. p>> sl is there a medication pover-the-counter.
7:25 am
pcounter, antihistamines and naz pnasal sprays are pover-the-counter. p>> who do you recommend? p>> we have an excellent group at pyou sf. p>> no the over-the-counter pmedication. p>> claritin or anything over the pcounter works well for most eople. p>> alcides: hopefully it gets pbetter before it gets worse, pright? p>> hopefully. pwe still have a ways to go. p>> alcides: thank you for being pwith us. pwe appreciate that. plet's go to mike at the weather pcenter. pmike. p>> we're talking about ptemperatures today only in the pmid-60s, so a cooler afternoon pthan what we've seen basically pyesterday when we saw the ptemperatures into the mid-70s. phere's a look at the three-day pforecast. ptemperatures dropping off only pin the low 60s by monday. pby tuesday we talk about highs pin the upper 50s, and what you pdon't see here are overnight plows.
7:26 am
pmid-40s, tomorrow night low 40s, pand by tuesday night we could be ptalking about upper 30s out pthere. pi've got details on that full pforecast coming up for you in pjust a bit later on. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today
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chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>> mike: 7:29 and 67 degrees pout there. pcertainly improving conditions. pyou don't have to look too far pfor that. pa couple raindrops on the pcamera, but overall serm much, pmuch better-looking than a few phours ago. pclearwater hilton beach cam, you psee the water was high if you plook at the beach there.
7:29 am
poverall, again, improving pcondition pconditions. pthey're quick-moving showers as pyou head towards coastal areas pthe bay. pwe continue to see the showers pthe next hour or so, but no psevere weather expected. pby 9:00 a.m. 64 and by noon up pto 67. ptemperatures dropping this pafternoon. pa much-colder night tonight than plately and a much colder looking pseven-day forecast. pwe have details on that coming pup. p>> alcides: we have team pcoverage the storm's aftermath. plet's start with crystal clark pin sarasota county this morning. p>> reporter: the sun is finally pup. pone man says he's the only one pon the block with a generator. phe's the only one with lights on pin his house. pagain, you can see this house pbehind me. pthis is the worst of the damage. pthis is more than likely one
7:30 am
pat this point obviously. pthe roof is completely missing pand both the residents inside phad to be rescued around 3:00 phit. pthey're at the hospital right pnow. phowever, firefighters did have pto remove them from that second pcollapsed. pbehind their house is the pintercostal waterway. pwe're told that's more than plikely where the tornado came pfrom. pfirefighter believe it blew pstraight from behind the house pneighborhood. peach home right now i can see ptrees are currently down, pshingles are off of roofs, psiding for certain homes is pblown off as well. pcleanup is certainly the biggest pthing to deal with today. pwe are hearing that right now psafety is not a concern. pmost of these homes have already pbeen checked. pfirefighters are out here and pthe sheriff's office is out here ptelling us they're not hearing pany other reports of injuries. pnow, i want to note one thing. pnow. pthey said their emergency poperations center is currently popen.
7:31 am
pfor residents asking what to do. pthe only advice they give you is pstay inside your home if you pcan. pthis isn't the time to go out pand explore because this he pdon't know what areas of the pcounty right now see the most pdamage. pthey're still going through as pwell trying to assess things. pwith people going out you can prisk things like driving over pglass and damaging tires and pdrive over a downed power line, pwhich is extremely dangerous. pif you don't have to be out in pthis at this point, stay inside. pi asked what's the plan moving pforward and are they going to preach out to fema. pat this point it's too early to psay. pthey have not confirmed this as pa tornado with the county just pyet. pthey say an assessment has to to phappen in the weeks ahead and pget funding for residents to get pmoney to repair the homes. pthis house is seeing the worst pof the damage. pthe owner's car is damaged and peverything is outside, clothing
7:32 am
pthis is a home that's really the pfocus today for people in terms pof getting some of that debris icked up. pa tree from their yard is psitting across the road in a pneighbor's yard. pthat gives you an idea how pstrong the winds are blow the. pwe continue to reach out to pneighbors and their only concern pis hopefully getting the power pback on sometime today. p>> it's important to note it's pthe national weather service who phas to make confirmation at that pa tornado touched down. pbut all signs looking behind you pthat a tornado likely touched pdown in sarasota county. pspeaking with paul earlier this pmorning, if it was a tornado an pef-2 with winds well over 130 pmiles per hour. pso very scary when you talk pabout sarasota county. palso in manatee county crystal pthis is important to know. ptwo confirmed deaths in manatee pcounty in duette.
7:33 am
pseveral children and one child pis critically hurt. pyou can make that a part of your pnews story as well. pvery, very scary morning in psarasota and manatee counties. pthank you so much. ptalk to you soon. p>> alcides: it's 7:33. pa quick check of the headlines a pbraeden denton man is behind bar paccuse ing of molesting girls punder 10. portiz lived in the same house as pthese girls, and investigators pbelieve the abuse has been going pon for three years. psantos ortiz is charged with psexual battery and lewd pmolestation of a victim under 12 pyears old. p hundreds of bikers hit the proad to honor the life of one of ptheir brothers. pyesterday they traveled from plutz to st. pete in memory of pmatthew. phe was killed on new year's eve pin seminole. pa drunk driver turned into the
7:34 am
phis final facebook post went pviral after his death. phe reflected on 2015 and said, i preally don't know where i'll end pup tonight, but i do know where pi wind up is where i was meant pto be. p the hunt is on for invasive pburmese pythons in the wetlands. pmore than 500 people have signed pup for the second annual python pchallenge. pmoney will be awarded to the phunters who capture the most and plargest pythons. pit runs through february 14th, pand the goal is to hunt and preduce the python population. pthey are not native to florida pand pose a threat to wildlife as pwell as our wets. p another round of political pdebates is right around the pcorner, and the u.s. celebrating pone of its greatest civil rights pleader. panita vogel has the story. p>> reporter: on sundaes after pthe gop candidates went at each
7:35 am
phillary clinton, bernie sanders pand martin o'malley meet in pcharleston, south carolina for pthe fourth presidential debate. po'malley narrowly made the cut, pgetting 5% of the vote in the pmost recent iowa poll, the pminimum needed to qualify. phe looks to close the gap and pmake up ground against party pfront runners clinton and psanders. p>> the greatest demonstration. p>> monday across the nation we pcelebrate the reverend pdr. martin luther king jr. psince 1983 the third monday of pjanuary is spent commemorating pthe life of one of the great ioneers of the civil rights pmovement. arades, marches and volunteer rojects are set to take place pin cities around the u.s. to phonor his legacy. pon wednesday president obama pwill be in the motor city to ptake in the detroit auto show. pmr. obama getting a firsthand plook at the progress made in the pauto industry since an $85 pbillion bailout in 2009 helped pto revive it. pthe auto industry is coming off
7:36 am
pand friday thousands of pro-life padvocates will be in the pnation's capital for the annual pmarch for life rally calling for pan end to abortion in what will pbe its 43rd year, the march pmarks the anniversary of the plandmark roe vs. wade supreme pcourt decision making abortion plegal nationwide. pgop presidential candidate carly pfiorina is set to address the prally. pthat's a look at the week ahead. panita vogel, fox news. p>> alcides: sub zero weather pdidn't stop swimmers tr taking a pdip in north dakota. pit was the fourth annual polar lunge for the special olympics. pthe temperature was about 10 pdegrees below zero yesterday pafternoon. pwow. pabout 50 people actually plunged pin there. pno thank you. p a milestone for nasa. pastronauts have successfully pgrown the first flower in space.
7:37 am
pon twitter. pit's part of nasa's veggie plant pgrowth experiments. pit will help them solve the pchallenges of growing plants in pspace. pearlier in year astronauts grew plettuce inside the international pspace station. p coming up, we talk to kati pkiefer about her money-saving ptips on this sunday's savings. lus, after the break i pintroduce you to our pet of the pweek. pit's winnie.
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pfavorite segment, the pet of the pweek. pwho do we have? p>> i brought winnie today. pwinnie is a chihuahua/terrier pmix. pshe came to us just last week pfrom the floods. pwe took in a whole lot of panimals from the flooded pshelters up in the midwest. pshe's one of them. pshe's kind of had -- besides pthat, she was lost her home. pshe had puppies with her. pshe went to a small shelter in pmississippi and then transferred pto another shelter. pthey just didn't have room. pso she ended up here in tampa pbay. pher puppies are in foster and pthey're almost old enough. pshe's been through a lot. pthis is a really stoic dog and pis taking it all in. pshe's a little shy and timid, pbut she's a wonderful dog. p>> we said this a little while pago. pthis could be perfect for an pelderly person looking for a dog pwho can relax. p>> this is what she wants to do. psit on your lap. pshe's missing her home. pshe's missing her puppies i'm
7:40 am
panother chance. pi have a little shirt on her pbecause her little bobby area is pa little -- we just did surgery. pshe needs to heal a bit. pshe's looking for a quiet home. psomeone retired looking for a pforever home. p>> winnie. ptalk about the other dog, darby. p>> darby got a home. pi hope we have a picture. plook at that. ptodd is from apollo beach and phad another boxer and loves pboxer and she's in her forever phome. pi love that. pthere were quite a few people in pline for her. pshe was a beautiful dog. pi hope we have a nice picture of pwinnie. pin the kids parade wile have a pfloat and all of the homeless panimals walk down the bayshore pdrive. p>> sna a good time to adopt the pdog? p>> after the parade is over on psunday. p>> you can come after the parade pand see what you have. p>> they walk right down pbayshore. pi love that. p>> if you want to adopt winnie pcome to the shelter.
7:41 am
pright there. phumane society of tampa bay, p3607 north armenia avenue. pagain, that's in tampa. popen 10:00 until 5:00. padopt winnie.
7:42 am
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p>> mike: all righty. pwelcome back. pafter a nasty, stormy morning pout there, we have seen some pimproving conditions so far by pmid-morning. pclearwater hilton beach cam, you psee some blue in the sky. phere's a look right now from the priver view camera. pthere was blue in the sky a few pminutes ago, but some light pshowers try to work through the parea. pvery quick-moving showers. p68 right now at riverview. phere's the sky tower radar. pthe heaviest of the rain and the pbiggest of the storms well off pto the south and east. phere's what remains. pa few showers work in from poffshore here, and not a whole plot left. pthis is continuing to now push pthrough the area. pthat's the actual cold front, so pthat's the cold air pouring in pcausing the showers. ponce we get through that, we see pmore sun by later on this pmorning. pone rolls through southeast
7:45 am
pjust to the east of riverview. pno severe whether eather with the pshowers. pi don't see thunder or plightning. pmaybe an occasional downpour. pa couple of lighter showers pthrough sarasota and manatee pcounties, and that's it. pwe get through that, we should pbe good for the res of the day. p67 right now in tampa, 64 in new ptampa, 65 in west chase and to pthe north and 64 in crystal priver, 66 in brooksville and 70 pin sarasota, 66 in myakka city pand 72 in venice. ptemperatures in the mid to upper p60s as you head inland. pthe cold air is filtering in and pby tonight we feel it. pwe wake up tomorrow morning to p45 in tampa, 43 in new port prichey and 38 in brooksville and plow to mid-40s off to the south, pmid to upper 40s as you head ptowards venice and inglewood and psarasota.
7:46 am
pcloser to the water there. poverall one of the colder pmornings so far this year is not pthe coldest morning, though, in pthe seven-day forecast. phere's the satellite and radar. pthere's our area of low ressure. pthat continues to push off to pthe east. pthe trailing cold front is ushing through right now. pheaviest of the rain still well poff to our south and east and pagain that continues to push pfarther and farther away from pus. pso good news there. pimproving conditions by later pthis morning, and especially pthis afternoon. p67 degrees. pthe one thing today, though, pyou'll notice it will still be pbreezy and we're also going to psee the temperatures dropping pthis afternoon starting off the pday tomorrow only in the pmid-40s, mostly clear and chilly pday and then heading into the pday tomorrow, 62. pmostly sunny and just overall a pcool-looking day. pseven-day forecast, we have ptemperatures in the low 60s on pmonday, upper 50s on tuesday, pand only rebounding into the low p60s wednesday, near 70 as we phead towards thursday and
7:47 am
p>> alcides: mike, we're pswitching gears for a little pbit. pwe're go to manatee county in pduette where vanessa ruffes is pjoining us live. pthis is where the suspected ptornado touched down in manatee pcounty in duette. pvanessa, are you there? p>> reporter: yeah, alcides. pi can hear you. p>> alcides: what can you tell pus about the victims involved in pthat. p>> reporter: we're on all pbright pbrighton road. pi'll step out of the way so you pcan look at the damage out here. ptwo people have passed away in pthe storm that hit this part of pmanatee county. pfour juveniles, so four children palso inside in mobile home were pinjured sxshg they were taken to pthe hospital. pyou can see quite a bit of pdamage. pas we mentioned, this was a pmobile home that was struck by pthe suspected tornado, and they
7:48 am
pjust moments ago i spoke with a pneighbor and a family friend of pthe folks who passed away. phe says they were actually pgrandparents to the four pchildren who were taken away to pthe hospital. psome very sad news to report. pas we mentioned before, they pbelieve that those people were pinside this mobile home at the ptime. pso right now you can see that pfirst responders are still out phere, the sheriff's office, the pcrime scene units are still out pthere and the fire department. pwe've been watching throughout pthe morning, too, since the sun phas come up. pthey've actually had the psheriff's office helicopter pflying over. pjust a lot of debris right there pin the middle of the road where pthey have it all taped off. padditionally we can see just in pthe farmland around here some pdowned power poles off to the pside, lots of wrecked metal, pdowned trees and limbs. pyou can definitely tell that psomething very strong passed pthrough this area, but just some
7:49 am
pfrom albrighton road. pneighbors and friends learning pthese two grandparents passed paway. p>> alcides: so sad. pi'm trying to figure out the pscene there, vanessa. pto the left of that dirt road, pis that where the mobile home pwas at? p>> reporter: to the left of the pdirt road you see some deputies pmilling around, maybe some pneighbors as well in the back. pthere's basically a big trail of pdebris, and you can see that's pwhere it looked as though this phome was actually just ripped papart and pushed into the proadway. pi mean, basically what we're plooking at -- it's hard to see pbecause they are keeping us pback. pwe're told once they remove some pof the bodies from the area we pwill be brought closer to look pat the damage in the area.
7:50 am
papart, pieces of this home, and pcontents of the home or what pwould have been a home. p>> alcides: so scary. pvanessa, just to talk about this pone more time or reconfirm, you psay the two adults, male and pfemale, both grandfather and pgrandmother, they are the ones pthat were killed, and you have pthe four children who were hurt pand one critically hurt. pwe will stay with us, vanessa. pstay there. pwe'll go to break and be right pback to continue to follow the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>> alcides: the time is 7:54. pwe head over to manatee county. pit's been a very, very busy pmorning not only across the bay parea especially in sarasota and pmanatee counties. pwe saw crystal collaring lark's live shot pin sarasota. pthis is a live picture from pmanatee county, and this is pwhere unfortunately very sad pwhere two people lost their plives ver early this morning pincluding a grandmother and pgrandfather according to family pand friends who are there at the pscene. pwe understand there were four pchildren and their grandparents pinside that mobile home when
7:54 am
pnow, we have been live streaming pkron ponline streaming at and we've been plive. pmike, roughly at about 3:30 this pmorning or so you talked about a pvery large tornado going over pmanatee county, more pspecifically duette, and that's pexactly where this picture is pcoming from. p>> mike: yeah. pwe are tracking this tornado peven before then. pyou go back to about 2:15, 2:30, pand this thing was over the pwater and looked like it had the otential to be a pretty big pstorm. pit moved over siesta key, fell papart a little bit as it moved ptowards lakewood ranch but icked back up and became really pa large tornado or what radar pindicated to be a large tornado. pthe national weather service pused language in their tornado pwarning saying that there's a plarge and dangerous tornado on pthe ground. pthat was as it was moving just pto the west of duette there. pyou know, i know it's difficult,
7:55 am
pyou're going to seek shelter, pyou want to seek shelter in a psturdy building, you know, not a pmobile home. pi understand it's difficult to phave those last-minute plans, pbut that's why it's important to lan ahead for something like pthis pthis. pyou know, it really is tragic pwhat happened there. p>> alcides: we're going to pcontinue to follow the story. pin fact, we go out to sarasota pcounty and manatee county coming
7:56 am
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