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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  January 18, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EST

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p>> there was a distinct sound of pa train roaring through. pand my husband said, hit the pfloor. p>>russell: a deadly tornado hits pthe bay area. ptoday, new help for homeowners paffected by the storm. pimprove it. p>>laura: plus a fiery faceoff at plast night's democratic debate, pbut can bernie battle to the top pof the polls? p>>russell: and the dream lives pon as america recognizes a civil prights pioneer. pwelcome to "good day." p>>laura: good morning. pit's monday, january 18. pdr. martin luther king day and
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ptoday. p>>lindsay: quiet forecast. pit sure is chilly. pit's going to get colder ptomorrow morning and wednesday pbeautiful sunrise. pthat's for sure. plakeland is at 45 degrees. pwinds lighter but by the bay, if pyou must be out to do some pboating, still breezy. p49 in st. pete with pnorth-northeast wind at 10. pwe dropped again. pit's 45 in tampa. p40 in brooksville. p45 in frost proof and 46 in psarasota so looking back at this ptime yesterday, these are big pchanges. p21 degrees cooler in st. pete. ptemperature trend is below paverage through wednesday. pthen late in the week, we bring pin warmth and then we watch some pthunderstorm chances creep back pin. pover the weekend, we had some pvery active weather sunday pmorning. ptwo people were killed in a pmobile home. pthese were ef 2 tornados, not pthe type we typically see in the
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ptornados, we may see them pfrequently during the winter pseason. plet's look at the cleanup from pthe awful storms. pi'll send it outside to shayla preaves in sarasota county. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pdebris like this, you can find pit all over the road here off pbay winds lane. ieces of wood scattered about, pwhole yards covered with it. pand if you take a look back over phere, you can see just how ex pextensive that was to a home phere at the end of the cul de psac. pthere was once a roof, once a psecond floor. pnow it is intermingled with pfurniture and debris. pthere's a vehicle still there in pthe garage and to the side of pthe home, there's a vehicle pcovered in pieces of wood. pwe've seen it before when you've pdealt with these weather pconditions and tornados and now pthat we're getting into the pdaylight hours, we're getting a
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plane. pin fact, the house next door, pthere's a tarp over the roof. pthere's a board covering one pentrance to the driveway. pin fact, a garage. pin fact, just down the road, now pthat we have daylight hours, we pcan see roof after roof after proof, i've counted at least four pof them with similar tarps to pcover them just to give you an pidea how many folks here were pdamage. pin siesta key, we saw some pcondos where folks described phearing that sound of wind, psounds loud enough to wake them pfrom sleep. pone woman says her husband told pher to get on the ground. pjust get right there on the pfloor. pand once she and her husband pwere able to look at how pextensive that damage actually pwas, they weren't alone. pin fact, their neighbors at panother nearby condo complex did
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punlivable now. phe can't stay here. pthat's how bad the damage was in pthat location and we know this pweek, there will be other folks plike those here off bay winds plane that are going to be pcleaning up, too. pif anyone needs help with sorm pdamage, they do have a place to pgo today. pthe county is opening up a storm presource center. pwe're told it will be at the petson keys mansion right off ptamiami trail. pit will be open from 11:00 a.m. pto 2:00 p.m. and it's there pwhere homeowners can meet with pbuilding and utility officials palong with representatives from pthe red cross, the sheriff's poffice, the florida power and plight companies. pif you're going to be going to pthat, they say you do need to pbring some sort of proof of presidency with you when you go. pin the field. pwe'll be back in the next half phour with another live report pfor you guys. pback to you.
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p>>russell: and farther north, panother tornado left a lot of pdestruction. p>>laura: two people died when pthe twister smashed into their pmobile home. owerful ef 2 tornado hit on psteven and kelly woodson. psteven died at the scene. pkelly died of a heart tack on pthe way to the hospital. ptheir son and four grandchildren psomehow managed to escape. pthe children are recovering with pcuts and bruises. pone child has a collapsed lung pbut they are all stable right pnow. pwe're going to get over to pvanessa. pyou were there in duette and you psaw a lot of damage firsthand. p>>vanessa: it was a very sad pscene to see. pi wanted to talk a bit about pthat. pof course, it's one thing to see pit in person and all of the pdestruction but there's a pfamily, i just want to preiterate, that's never going to pget back two people and our pmeteorologists have been talking pabout the severe weather we're
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pthe winter and i want to take ptime to urge people to pespecially in you -- if you plive in a rural area, know a lan, know a way to get pinformation in the overnight phours because you don't want to ptake a gamble and experience pwhat this family is going pthrough right now. pvery sad situation. pi'm sure lindsay will talk about pthis as we go on throughout the pmorning. pin the meantime, i do want to pcheck in on the roadways. plooks like we're pretty quiet phere at 7:06. pi want to make mention in tampa, pmlk boulevard, there's some lane pblockage reported due to this pcrash. pmake sure you're giving yourself pa little extra time out the pdoor. plike i mentioned, otherwise on pthe roadways, not dealing with ptoo much getting in your way. p>>russell: the democrats got all pfired up in their fourth residential debate. pit's also the final one before pthe iowa caucus. p>>laura: was there a clear cut pwinner? pdoug has more from washington.
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p>>russell: today in tampa, pgasparilla parade starts early. pthe st. joseph's hospital is pholding a parade for children pwho are hospitalized and cannot pattend the outdoor events. pthis is a photo from one of the revious parades. pyou can see they put a lot of pwork into this. atients will make floats and pthen ride through the hallways pand hospital staff dresses up in ry rate g -- pirate garb. arade starts at 2:00. pnice. p>>laura: are you crazy about pyour coffee? pyou're about to meet your match. p>>russell: we're checking out psome of the most creative ptoppings from around the world, pincluding one that is literally pon fire. p>>lindsay: i'm ready for my psecond cup. pit is chilly to start out the pmorning hours. plook at the temperatures. pwe're waking up at 45 in tampa, p40 in brooksville. p45 in wauchula. pit's going to be colder the next pfew mornings. pbundle up.
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p>>lindsay: dave is sleeping in, penjoying a krakz day and pbringing you a cool forecast. p45 degrees, north wind at six. pa few clouds, that's it. pwe have a bone dry air mass pbehind yesterday's severe pweather. psunrise peeking over lakeland, pthat's officially at 7:22 this pmorning. pit's cool now but the next two pmornings feature even colder ptemps. p45 as of 7:00 a.m. in tampa. p34 in crystal river. pi would expect a pocket of mid p30s to develop tomorrow morning pand then near freezing with pfrost wednesday morning. p46 in sarasota. p49 in st. pete and 45 in plakeland. paround the nation we go. pit's cool here but it's all prelative. pwe have wind chills at least at
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pmidwest and the current p30 in atlanta. pnortherly winds mean some of the pair is headed our way the next pfew days. pit's a dry air mass. pbarely any clouds. p but the wind still a bit pnoticeable, just not as gusty. pwe have a north-northeast wind pnear the coast upwards of 10, p15, maybe 20 miles an hour at ptimes today. pless gusty. pfrontal system from yesterday pthat packed the punch is south pof the area. pwe have a dry air mass. pi want to talk about what phappened overnight, early on psunday morning. pnot only is it devastating along pwith the tornados but not the ptornados we typically see. pa new tool has been around the ast few years. pwe're looking for something pdifferent in the atmosphere pother than raindrops are maybe phail and skytower at 3:23 a.m.,
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pvicinity near siesta key. ptornado picking up from the pground debris. psadly, we did see two ef 2 ptornados and that makes the ptotal this year six. pin an average year we see 12 pduring the winter season so psadly, we will see more events plike this. pit's important to know what to pdo. phave your tornado safe place. pstay weather aware overnight. pby noon, 56. pwe'll hit 60 for the afternoon phigh. pbreezy by the bay. p10 degrees below average for pthis time of year. p41 for a low tonight means mid p30s north of the bay. pnow, our freeze watch doesn't pstart until wednesday morning. ptuesday during the day, we only prebound to 58 degrees. pif you must boat, try the pafternoon. pwinds less gusty. pour seas are still feeling 60. pcool morning, another round of pshowers and embedded storms on pfriday. pwe'll monitor it.
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pthe weekend looks chilly and pbreezy for the children's pextravaganza. p>>vanessa: looking a little slow p275 southbound. pwe're watching a crash near the phillsborough avenue exit. pwe're not seeing any travel planes blocked which is good pnews, but traffic is moving a pbit slow through the stretch. pmake sure you're giving yourself pextra time out the door. pwe're getting relief northbound p275. pusually this time of morning, pthe traffic patterns and merging atterns in the area, we've been phoward frankland bridge but pwe're in the clear. penjoy it while it lasts. pif you're heading northbound pacross the howard frankland pbridge to the interchange, a 13 pminute ride. p>>russell: this is something to pwake you up. pgourmet coffee day. pyou can enjoy a fancy cup of pjoe. p>>laura: how do you take it? pyou had be surprised what some
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paround the world. psoutheast asia, a lot of people ut butter in their coffee. p>>russell: i do it. p>>laura: you do? p>>russell: butter. p>>laura: they've been doing it pfor centuries but it really pcaught on when an american pbusinessman brought the idea to pthe states and called it the pbulletproof diet. p>>russell: prime minister butter pand oil in a blender. p>>laura: it makes it richer and papparently healthier. p>>russell: do you want me to pbring it to you? p>>laura: i'll try it. p>>russell: adding a pinch of psalt to your coffee increases pthe bitterness. pcommon practice in scandinavia. p>>laura: i can see that. pif you really want to be brave, pindonesia. pstart by adding loose coffee pgrinds and sugar to a cup and pthen pour on the hot water.
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phot piece of charcoal. pit's added to the brew to pneutralize the acidity. p>>russell: i'll bring it for you ptomorrow. p>>laura: butter. p>>russell: butter coffee. p>>laura: do you have it with you pnow? p>>russell: i drink it at home pright off the bat. p>>laura: good lord. pi'll try it. pi love ya. p>>russell: the famous singer psending aid to a city dealing pwith a water emergency. p>>laura: and then walter allen pis in the cool weather with some pcreatures that found a way to pstay warm. pthis is such a great place to be pif you've never been there. p>>walter: that's right. pi've never been here. pi've always seen the signs and pbeen curious but now, i get to pdo it. pwe're hanging at the manatee pviewing center. psun is coming up and it's kind pof a spa day for the manatees.
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p>>russell: 7:23. pa developing story in ohio where panother police officer has been pshot and killed. p>>laura: his body was found poutside of municipal building pnear columbus overnight. psomeone stole the officer's pcruiser several hours earlier pduring a traffic stop. pthe suspect is in custody. p>>russell: search continues ptoday off hawaii for a dozen pmissing marines. phigh surf is hampering the pefforts and spreading out the pdebris. pmarines went missing thursday pafter two helicopters went down poff oahu's north shore. pcoast guard initially said that pthe helicopters collided but now pthey're not sure if something pcrash. p>>laura: and more help for the eople of flint, michigan. resident obama just signed an pemergency declaration over the pweekend clearing the way for pfederal aid. pthe city has been dealing with pdrinking water crisis for well pover a year. pcity switched the water pipeline pto one that was corroded with plead.
7:18 am
pand called for the federal aid. p>>russell: cher has spear headed pan effort to ship fresh water to pthe city. pshe was shocked by the story and pwanted to help. pshe teamed up with a friend who pan investor. pthey'll ship more than 180,000 pbottles to the city starting ptoday. p>>vanessa: 7:25. pit's much cooler start to the pday. pmost spots. pif you don't like them, they're pgoing to be around a few days. p45 in tampa. p30s north of the bay. pit's still a bit breezy. pa little water at the beach. pnot only rebounds to 56 at plunchtime with a breezy pnortheast wind, we hit 60 toes pbut late week, 70s return and pwe'll discuss that warmth ahead pof more showers and storms pcoming up.
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p>>vanessa: we want to check on a pcouple of incidents and also plook at your travel times right pnow. psounds like we have a pmalfunctioning signal at pfruitville road at the i-75 poverpass. pso of course, you'll want to roceed through the intersection pwith caution. pthis is treated as a four-way pstop. pofficers are directing traffic pon site. plooking moderately slow, 275 psouthbound, bearss avenue to pi-4. pi showed you the earlier crash pat hillsborough. pit's not causing any lane pblockup. pmlk just east of 50th street, we phave sky fox checking that out. pyou can see lane blockage and pyou'll want to avoid this area. plooks like a severe wreck so pwe'll keep you posted. p>>russell: still ahead, we're ptaking a trip back in time. p>>laura: no need for the pdelorian. pjust ken. p>>reporter: wow. peven warmer now because i've got pthis on top. plook at this. pwe're talking about 1,000 tents phere and i want to take you into pone of them right back here.
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pthat until after the commercial pbreak so stick around. pthen we'll take a look. pit's amazing what is inside in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it
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p>>lindsay: good morning to you. pcool start to the week. pcoolest morning of the season, pbut we're one degree above the pcoolest so far and that makes it p45 in tampa this morning. psunny skies, it should be a pbeautiful day for all the pfestivities to celebrate the pmartin luther king, junior pholiday. pit's 49 at st. pete. pall children's hospital cam, pit's cool and it is breezy so lan on a light, northerly wind. pthat 45 in tampa is cool but pit's colder in brooksville. pyou're at 40. pi see a few photos floating paround facebook of light, patchy pfrost in hernando county. pbetter chance for a frost on pwednesday morning. pwe're waking up at 38 degrees in ptampa. pbrrr. pmany people in sarasota county, pend on sunday. p>>laura: they have a lot of pcleaning up to do. pshayla reaves has been out at pone of the hardest hit areas all
7:22 am
pthe cleanup will be likely for a pvery long while. p>>reporter: good morning to you. plast week a family called this pthey can't even stay here. pthis is the reason why. pyou're looking at homes here off pbay winds lane in sarasota. pright now the roof is collapsed, pthe second floor destroyed and pif you look right over here to pthe side of the home, you can psee not only a yard littered pwith debris but a vehicle pcovered with debris as well. pthis is just one example of what pwe're seeing here in sarasota, pflorida after the tornado came pthrough over the weekend. pbut this particular area, this pseeing. pin fact, we take you right over phere, take a look at this cul de psac. pyou can see the extensiveness of pthe damage there. phouse after house after house on pthis street, you can just see a pline of those blue tarps pcovering rooves.
7:23 am
phe lived here since 1976. phe watched this neighborhood pdevelop. phe said he never expected to see pthis neighborhood destroyed. pthe force of that tornado over pthe weekend is evident. pyou can see it in the damage pleft behind throughout this pneighborhood. povernight, we watched as a psheriff's deputy, he essentially pstood guard here over bay wind plane to make sure any of the pfolks who had not been able to pstay in their homes, their roperty would be safe when they preturned. pa short time ago i had a chance pto speak with the gentleman that pyou're seeing walking there in pthe driveway. phe said he's okay. phis family is okay. pand the folks who lived in the phome where the roof has now pdisappeared, they are okay as pwell. pbut certainly a lot of cleanup pfor everyone still trying to pmake sense of everything that phappened here. pthe red cross is providing some
7:24 am
pwe know the fire department, peven assisted in a rescue here pover the weekend. pa man and woman stuck on the psecond floor of a home. pthey had some minor injuries but pokay. pso in the meantime, though, as pfolks assess where things are pand try to put the pieces back ptogether, there's some pinformation we want to pass palong for you that can help you pout sometime today. pfor those who are looking for phelp with storm damage, repairs pin sarasota county, there is a lace that you can go today. pthe county is opening a storm presource center. pit will be at the mansion at pfilipi state park. pit will be from 11:00 a.m. to p2:00 p.m. and it's where phomeowners can meet with utility pofficials along with prepresentatives from the red pcross, sheriff's office, florida ower and light to get some help pto get some questions answered
7:25 am
pso you may need to bring as well pwe're seeing here proof of presidency when you go but that's pone place where you can go to pget some help if you still need pit, still dealing with the paftermath of the tornado. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: you're feeling cold pthis morning? pjust imagine not having any heat pin the house, heat in the car pbecause what we're seeing is how pmorning. p>>laura: this is all about a phistorical reenactment happening pin polk county. pken is there joining us from the prendezvous. pken, these actors had some real plife worries over the weekend. p>>reporter: it's warmer inside. pi don't know if you guys went pcamping if you're a boy scout or pa girl scout. pi was a cub scout. pwe did not have anything like pthis. pthis is incredible. pcome on. plet's take a look at where ron
7:26 am
pcheck this out, folks. pi'm going to step out of the way pso you can take a look. pnot at them but also all the pstuff they brought. pthey are from texas. pthey have a tine dining room table, a pwriting desk and a lot of other pstuff. plet me trot over here to you pguys. pthis is an awful lot to bring. pwhy did you bring all of this pstuff? phow difficult is it? p>> it takes us maybe six to peight hours to get set up by the ptime we get it all unloaded and pget everything together, get the pfly on, maybe get the fire set pup. pit's difficult but it's -- if pyou're going to do this kind of pcamping, it's very homey. pyou can close it up and have pyour friends over and play eriod games, some of the domino pgames and things and it's -- it pmakes camping a lot more penjoyable. p>>reporter: it probably takes pyou six to eight hours because pyou do it all the time.
7:27 am
p>> we've been to pennsylvania, patlanta area, we try to come phere every year. pthere's always ones in our state pof texas. pa lot of times we do a weekend pone. pwe would not live this lavishly pon a weekend trip, though. p>>reporter: you've been outside pcooking. pwhat do you have here? p>> this is an egg pie or modern ptimes, we call it a quiche and pwe baked it in the dutch oven poutside earlier and it's ready pfor breakfast. p>>reporter: i remember going pcamping and sleeping on the pground. pyou do not sleep there at all. pcan we pull this back and show pthe folks at home where you're psleeping? pis that a king sized bed? pa queen. ponly a queen sized bed. pyou also have a dresser over pthere and i mean, you have a pbunch of different trunks and psuch. pit's fairly comfortable living pfor what it is. p>> i feel like a princess quite pluxurious. pa lot of people peek in and say,
7:28 am
pwould want to come. p>>reporter: how did you get pinvolved in all of this? p>> late 1990s, joanie inherited pa long rifle, a small one. pwe didn't know anything about pblack powder. psomebody signed us up for a prendezvous in north texas. pthere will be all kinds of eople to tell you about the pblack powder guns and how to pload them and that's how we got pstarted. pwe had to borrow clothes to get pin. pyou know, got to come in period pclothes and we started off with pa tee pee, 18 foot tee pee. pwe decided to meet the people pwho owned this particular camp. pthey were traders and we decided pto turn this into our living pcamp as well. pour furniture and stuff would be pmore protected. pthis point. owder.
7:29 am
pme but they're actually going to plet me shoot a gun. pnot a great idea but it might pmake good television. pyou guys know about 911 just in pcase, right? p>>laura: thank you. plast night's democratic residential debate, gun pcontrol. pone of the hot topics. p>>russell: and that debate is pone of the big political stories pmaking headlines this morning. plet's go to bret. phe's going to talk about the pdebate among other things. p>> good morning. p>>russell: good morning. pit got loud last night, didn't pit? pit got loud. pit got feisty. p>> oh, yeah. pdays of just back and forth that pis very civil, that is very pfriendly is really over as you pget closer and closer to iowa pand new hampshire. pthis was the last democratic pdebate before iowa and new phampshire.
7:30 am
pdemocratic debate before both of pthose contests. pnext one is a couple of days pafter the new hampshire rimaries. pthis is the time to sharpen pelbows and distinguish pthemselves and hillary clinton pand bernie sanders have a number pof stops throughout the night on pguns, on health care, on wall pstreet and both had good pmoments. p>>russell: i agree. pi think they both -- i think pit's going to be hard to say who pwon and who lost between the two pof them. pi think they both had something pto do and they did it last pnight. p>>reporter: i agree with that pand i think it's sort of like pthe republican race in that pnationally. phe's leading in, let's say, new phampshire and a number of other pstates. pnot necessary until iowa. pit's essentially tied there. pbut when he has a night that pdoesn't really affect him phim.
7:31 am
pkind of night, too. phe stood up for himself, he pdefinitely landed some blows on phillary clinton when it comes to rogressive point of view and by pdoing that, i don't think it pstops his momentum from those pearly states. p>>russell: good to see you. pokay? pfallen. poffice. p>>laura: and then what is the
7:32 am
pthe critics have p>>lindsay: on the way to 8:00 pa.m. pstefrpt ptemperatures are on a cool note. pnortherly push of air behind the
7:33 am
pwind, that 45 nowhere close to laces like lakeland this time ptomorrow morning. pit's near 50 in st. pete with a pnorth-northeast wind at 10 and pstill a little bumpy. pkeep in mind the seas aren't pexactly smooth. pthey're four to six feet this pmorning. pthey'll drop a bit by the pafternoon. ptemperatures have dropped since pthe start of the show. pwe have 40 in brooksville. p44 in wauchula. p49 in st. pete. pthat's 45 in tampa. pone degree colder than the pcoolest of the season so far. pbig 24-hour differences. plook at the dark blue. pit's anywhere from 24 degrees pcooler in sarasota. pwe'll be several degrees cooler ptomorrow morning than we are pright now. pwinds out of the north sustained pfrom only two in watch you'll a pto 10 in st. pete. poverall, it's gusty. psub tropical jet, clouds with it pare south of the area. pmainly sunny sky today. pstrong, high pressure builds in. pnortheast, first measurable snow pof the season exiting boston
7:34 am
pthey started with the morning pcommute. pit's cold, though, the air means pbusiness. pit's mid january. pfour below zero in chicago. p16 below in bismarck. parctic purple is carving out psome air mass our way. pwednesday morning, be ready for pthe coolest in the week. pthat includes patchy frost in pthe northern counties. pcitrus, hernando and sumter are pout for a freeze watch. pas for the overnight lows, pchilly. p37 in wesley chapel. p41 at tampa and 43 in venice. pwe do have chillier changes on pthe way. pbreezy by the bay today. phere is high pressure in pcontrol. pthis front not really doing panything other than kind of psliding east. pit's the air behind it that pslides in. p30s tomorrow morning. pduring the day tuesday, we won't phit those temperatures. pthere's the possibility of pshowers but a thunderstorm.
7:35 am
pin the week. pany systems we watch very pclosely this time of year. p60 for today. pcool, winter day but breezy. pit you like the cooldown, you plove today, love overnight, 41 pfor the low. ponly a few high clouds. p58 for tuesday. pour average high is 70. pstill on the chilly side. pi think boating will be pcombroufed -- improved ptomorrow. pnext high tide is at 10:31. phere's my seven-day forecast. pwednesday 38. pwe'll watch the storms friday. pweekend looks chilly right now. plet's head over to vanessa who i punderstand is tracking a pretty pbad crash. p>>vanessa: we're still urging pdrivers to probably take phillsborough avenue around the pmlk crash happening just east of p50th street. pwe're learning this is actually pa head-on collision. plooks like a van that collided phead-on with a flatbed truck pwith some serious injuries preported so avoid that area. pin the meantime, other than
7:36 am
pquiet as far as the number of pincidents we're seeing as well pas the congestion we're seeing pon the roadways. pnormally we're backed up psouthbound. pyou can see northbound and psouthbound, we have nice, green psensors to show you, looking plike 55 miles an hour is near pwaters, which is perfect for any ptime of morning. p>>russell: sports news this pmorning, dave is not here. pwalter is out in the field so pshall we? p>>laura: i really appreciate our roducer feels it necessary to pgive a disclaimer before we pstart reading this but we're pgoing to begin with a big pweekend in the nfl. pdown to four teams vying for a pspot in the super bowl. psaw hawks and panthers, this is pthe first play from scrimmage. pon than stewart goes 59 yards pbefore he is tackled. phe scored a few plays later, ptoo.
7:37 am
phalf-time. pseahawks got within seven, that pwas it. pcarolina wins it 31-24. p>>russell: afc, a game featuring ptwo veteran quarterbacks. pmanning versus ben proethlisberger. pa lot of field goals. ittsburgh fumbled. pbroncos would get a rushing ptouchdown and pull ahead. pbroncos win 23-16. p>>laura: and that all sets up pthe final four. ptwo conference championship pgames this coming weekend. pstarting at 3. po. 5 with the patriots out of pdenver to face the broncos. pthis will be the 17th time brady pand manning have played each pother and the fifth time the layoffs. pand then coming up at 6:40 psunday night, cardinals head to pcarolina to face the panthers. pand you can watch that game pright here on fox 13. pwe're doing all right. p>>russell: so far. pnow to hockey. plightning are really heating up pat the right time, taking on the anthers at home on sunday. ptook the lead in the second
7:38 am
pben bishop stopped 26 shots in pthe game and gave up one goal. pthis is the fifth win in a row. pnext saturday they host the poilers on tuesday night. pit's that. pit's that. p>>laura: we know what would phappen eventually, "star wars: pthe force awakens" slips from pfirst place for the first time psince the opening one month ago. pride along 2 is number one now pwith an estimated $34 million. pthe revanant is in second place. p$29 million. pstar wars fell to number three. pstill made another $25 million. pi don't think disney is too pupset. pforce awakens is already the phighest grossing film in u.s. phistory and just crossed the pmillion dollar mark overseas.
7:39 am
pbest picture is spotlight. p>>russell: spotlight was in the pspotlight last night. pwon best film. pdrama film. pcritic's choice award based on pthe investigation in the child pabuse cases in the catholic pchurch. pboston globe. pit wasn't the only big winner plast night. pleonardo dicaprio ron best drama pfor the revanant. ptv side, big win ires, pmr. robot, fargo and master of pnone. pthat netflix series won best pcomedy. p>>laura: amy schumer took home pbest actress in a comedy for the pmovie train wreck along with a pcritic's choice mvp award and pher acceptance speech is what pmorning. pthey said thanks for the trophy. pcovering the reason i have to
7:40 am
pshe was holding the trophy in pfront of her stomach at the time padding, quote, if you're an pactress and you have this area pright here, you have to write pget it made. pthis is not the first time she pcriticized hollywood for the way pit treats women. pall right. pwe'll move on now. phow do you stay warm? pgrab a sweater? p>>russell: our florida manatees phave their own unique way to pstay warm. pwalter allen is showing us how. pgood morning. p>>walter: you're a james bond pfan, aren't you? p>>russell: i am. p>>walter: does this remind you pof anything? pjames runs across the crock odiles pto get to the other side. pwe could probably step on each pone and not even touch a drop of pwater. plook at that. p>>russell: beautiful. p>>walter: i could sit out here pall day long. pwe'll talk about the manatees. pwhy do they come here?
7:41 am
pmorn ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo findin', weekly ad flippin', couponing mastermind. who's saving big time? this girl! can i help you? indeed. this queen of savings deserves a reward. a cannoli, please. the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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p>>walter: "good day." pwalter allen in for charley pbelcher this morning. pwe're at the manatee visitors pcenter. pjamie is joining us this pmorning. pi see the posters and the signs
7:43 am
pi've never come out here. pi didn't know really when to pcome out here. pi'm learning this morning. pso november through -- p>> april 15. pseven days a week, 10:00 to p5:00. pthe reason for those hours is pbecause the manatees come in the pwarm water during the winter pmonths. pthey use this for a spa in the pwinter and leave us in the psummer. p>>walter: that's so funny. pwe're looking at the power plant pbut look at the wildlife refuge ptype of thing. pyou wouldn't have the refuge pwithout the power plant, right? p>> correct. pexactly. p>>walter: so why do they come phere? pwalk us through why the water is pso warm. p>> we use warm to create the ower. pwe create steam. pit comes in this side of the pcanal. pmanatees come here because they pneed to be in warm water. pthey seek out warm water. pso we're the perfect place to pcome visit. p>>walter: we're cold stressed.
7:44 am
p>>walter: noses are running and peyes are watering but that's pokay. pit's a good time. pday today. pcold water and warmer weather pout here so it's a perfect day pto see them. p>>walter: how many are we plooking at? pdock. p>>walter: you've been doing this pfor about 15 years. p>> correct. p>>walter: what's your favorite art about this? pi want to show you this, too. pwhile you're watching this icture at home, you're going to psee not only the manatees but pspinner sharks are very active pthis morning. p>> spinner sharks. pyou'll see large tarpon, fish, panything in tampa bay you can psee in here. p>>walter: this is great. pso getting back to my question, pwhat's your favorite part about pthis? p>> just coming and watching the pexpression on visitors sea faces pand a lot of people have not pseen a manatee. pivity just a joy to come out and psee so many here. pit's an animal that's so docile pand they're so ugly, they're
7:45 am
p>>walter: whiskers and the nose. pwe'll talk with you all morning plong. p8:30, we'll talk about -- i use pthe word rescues. pthey're rehabs. p>> rehabs. p>>walter: there will be some prehabs that will be released phere in a week or so. p>> probably. p>>walter: we'll talk more about pthat and how they monitor them pin the coming years. pguys? p>>russell: all right. penjoy it. pit's a fun place to be this time pof year. pwe'll talk later. psee ya. pwho am i to judge? pthat's a question posed by pope ontiff. p>>laura: at 8:00 we hear what he pmeant by those words and we'll ptake a look at his newly the new caramel macchiato let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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