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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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p p>>laura: after years in the pcourts, a man accused of torture pand kill two men may be ready to pmake a deal. pthe offer that could keep them poff death row. p>>russell: gas prices continue pto fall and there doesn't seem pto be an end in sight. pare laws catching a break? pthis may not be a good thing in pthe long run. p>>laura: they spent a fortune to pmake a fortune. pall they've done is lose more pthan $100,000. pcoming up, their plan to make it pall back and then some. pgood morning. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes.
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pfirst the storms have given to a pbig chill. plet's check in with lindsay who pis in for dave. p>>lindsay: it's cool this pmorning. pcoldest will be tomorrow morning pand then we start a warmup later pthis week. pit could be colder. pthank the high clouds from reventing the huge dropoff. p46 in lakeland. pnow down to 43 in brandon and 46 pin tampa. pso what we have is going to preally relate to a beautiful psunrise and that's high cloud pcover. pwhere it's spinning and colder pand we may drop another degree por two before all is said and pdone. pnice mix of high cloud and sun ptoday. pgives way to a cold night ptonight. pthrough the afternoon, by noon, ponly 53. pour average high is 70. phigh clouds only topping out pnear 59. plate tonight, pasco north, pyou'll wake up near freezing. pwe'll talk about the freeze pwarning and storms on friday pcoming up.
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p>>vanessa: we have a few road pconditions for you. pno crashes to report to you. pit's been quiet and this is a plive look at 275 and bird pstreet. pwe can see traffic is picking up pa little bit, but our travel ptimes are still in the green. pit's about a 15 minute ride from pthe 75 junction in pasco county pheading down to the interchange pin downtown tampa. p>>russell: it's 6:02 and two pyoung girls are still in the phospital after a tornado picked pup a mobile home and clammed it pto the ground. pit happened sunday morning in pmanatee county. pthe girl's grandparents both pkilled. pwilson's son and his two young pboys escaped with some scrapes. pfamily members val salvaged what pthey could. pthe community has raised more pthan $18,000 for the family. p>>laura: and blue tarps line pbaywoods lane in sarasota. pa second tornado struck sunday pmorning.
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psecond floor of her house and pher family says this is a total ploss and this house will have to pbe torn down completely. pthey don't plan to rebuild, peither, because the house was pfor sale at the time. pinsurance adjustored toured the pneighborhood to add up the pdamage. pin siesta key, an entire condo pis unlivable after the same ptornado tore off the roof. pthe repairs could take months. p>>russell: and today a man pconvicted of helping drug two pmen before they were found ptortured and killed may be ready pto make a deal. pscott sweigert is already pserving time. phe was recently charged with ptheir murders. pthe two disappeared from a west ptampa gay bar in 2003. panother man killed them but padmits he helped get rid of the pbodies and sources tell fox 13
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pconcede certain facts if psomething is granted in pexchange, if the state agrees to pa plea deal, the death penalty pis off the table and it could palso mean no trial. pthe other man linked to the pcase, steven lorenzo, is serving p200 years in prison for drugging pnine nen order to torture them. phe has not been charged with pmurder. p>>laura: the fate of florida's pdeath row inmates is in question pthis morning. pearlier this month the u.s. psupreme court struck down the pstate's death penalty system as punconstitutional and now the pflorida supreme court has set a pdate to hear a case that could pimpact every single inmate psitting on death row and there pare nearly 400 of them. pone person was sent to prison he pkilled a couple outside of a ptrailer and went back inside to pfinish dinner with his pgirlfriend. pon february 2, the florida
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phis attorneys want the high pcourt to spare his life. pthe state wants the execution to pmove forward. pwhatever they decide, it could pset the precedent for the rest pof the state's condemned. phe is set to be executed pfebruary 11. p>>russell: pasco sheriffs pdetectives arrest a 14-year-old pfor making a false bomb threat pat pine view middle school. pthe threat was discovered on the pinstagram account and pspecifically mentioned today at p9:45. pdeputies believe there is no pactual threat to the school or pstudents. pthey say the teen told them he pthought the stuff would be funny pbut he had no intention of pacting on it. pthe teen faces a second degree pfelony charge. p>>laura: this morning, thousands pof civil rights activists and peducators are headed to ptallahassee, including hundreds pfrom here in tampa bay. p>>russell: they're planning a pmassive show of support for a rogram that allows thousands of plow income students to attend rivate schools. pshayla reaves is live at the ptampa bay christian academy
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pjust left, right? p>>reporter: a couple of buses ptook off a short time ago. pon those buses were more than p100 students, staff, teachers, panyone that they had on board pthere to support their cause. pwhat they're going to ptallahassee for today is the -- psome have called it the rally pand tally but it is an effort to pshow their support for the pflorida tax credit scholarship. pthis particular scholarship rovides opportunities, pdifferent educational popportunities for qualified pstudents to have different peducational opportunities if pmaybe their families do not have pthe money or the resources to rovide those. pthis morning we were here as pthose students arrived along pwith their parents and they had pbreakfast beforehand and then pultimately they loaded up on the pbuses headed to tallahassee.
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pthat this particular rally is pgoing to be headed by martin pluther king, iii. pthere are going to be thousands pof folks from all around the pstate attending this rally and pit comes at a time where you plikely see on some of the pt-shirts that have been there on pthe screen that hashtag drop the psuit. pdrop the suit is a reference to pa lawsuit that's been making its pway through the court system for pa few years and this particular psuit alleges or says that this pflorida tax credit scholarship pis unconstitutional. pnow, on the other side, the pargument is that it provides popportunities where maybe they pdon't exist in certain pcommunities or maybe certain pschools have been punderperforming over time and pthey want to provide different popportunities to qualified pstudents. pso it's a lot of back and forth pon it, but today the folks that pare headed to tallahassee want pto make it clear this is
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pwe'll be back with another live preport. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. pdr. king's legacy was felt pacross the country yesterday. phundreds of parades and pcelebrations were held from pcoast to coast. pone of the largest and longest prunning parades in the united pstates is in st. petersburg. pyesterday's parade drew about p100,000 people. pthat event started in 1985. pjustice because dr. king was a pdrum major at his high school in patlanta and in one of his final pspeeches, he urged people to phave a drum major instinct and plead through service and love. p>>russell: you can grab your pcalculator and w 2. ptax season has begun. pi.r.s. is now accepting pindividual tax returns. pi.r.s. expects to receive more pthan 150 million individual preturns this tax season and it plooks like the days of adding pthings up by hand are over with.
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pused with e-file. pif you want your money quickly, pchoose e-file and direct pdeposit. pfiling deadline to submit the p2015 return is april 18. pthree days later than usual pbecause of emancipation day. p>>laura: if at first you don't psucceed, try, try again. pthat's the motto, right? pfor a couple of local guys who phope to win it big in the record pbreaking powerball drawing. p>>russell: the local pool didn't phit the jackpot but they're not pgiving up. pjen is here with their latest lan to get rich. p>>jennifer: we told you about pryan and shane. pwith the help of about 300 pothers, they purchased 73,000 owerball tickets at a grand ptotal of $146,000. pwell, it turns out they actually pdid win some money. pnot nearly enough to cover their pinvestment, though.
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pto win $13,275. pthere were 292 people in the ool so that works out to $45.46 er person. pnow, considering each person in pthe pool put in $500, each erson actually lost $454. pwell, rather than cash out, the pgroup bought 13,000 tickets for pthis past saturday's florida plotto drawing. pnow they didn't win. pbut they plan to keep on trying puntil the money runs out. p>> i think we probably have at pleast two or three, four more pleft and then if nothing comes pof it, it was a bust but a hell pof a ride. p>>jennifer: they won back enough pmoney to buy 1,000 tickets for ptomorrow's florida lottery. pi hope they win. pwhat happens when the well runs pdry? pthey'll start another pool when pthe powerball jackpot hits $500 pmillion. phe's expecting more people who pwant to enter next time so he's lanning to put together an
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p>>laura: it would make a great pstory, wouldn't it? p>> it would. p>>laura: what about last week's pwinners? pso far only the winner from ptennessee have come forward. pif they take the lump sum, each pwinner can walk away with $328 pmillion. pand that's after taxes. pthat's take home. p>>russell: city of flint, pmichigan, have you heard about pthis? pin the middle of a terrible pwater crisis. pnow the national guard has been pbrought in. p>>laura: we'll tell you what the ptroops are doing to help people pfeel safe with their water and pthe chaos in the streets. pmotorcycle and atv riders take pover south florida and you won't pbelieve what they were caught pdoing on camera and why police pdidn't try to stop them, either. p>>lindsay: the heat is on in the pcar this morning. pit's cool. pwe've seen cooler mornings, pthough. pmake sure the kids are bundled pat the bus stop. phigh clouds prevent the deep pchill. pit's 46 in tampa. pthen go to gainesville, near
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pthose are the numbers headed our pway for tomorrow morning. pif you're curious, it's all prelative, 14 in nashville. p17 in charlotte.
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p>>lindsay: we are so excited pabout saturday but heads up, psneak peek, cooler changes pcoming for the parade. prussell has seen it here. pbreezy, mid 50s, i think. premember last year? pthe wind off the bay? pit was just like that last year. pthat's for the weekend. pthat was okay.
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p46 degrees. pnorth winds at seven. pwe have some high clouds poverhead so beautiful sunrise pand clouds preventing us from preally dropping as low as it pcould have been. pwe're at 50 in st. pete. p46 in palm harbor. pit's 43 in plant city. psubtract about six degrees from pthat number and that's a freeze. pthat's tomorrow morning. p41 in dade city. pwe're at 45 in venice. pmyakka city at 43 and wauchula, peven south of the bay, we have a pcouple of pockets of breaks in pthe clouds, 45 in bartow, 45 in phaines city. pin terms of clouds, they're high pfrom the jets drifting to the psouth and west, racing across pthe area. pafter they thin, we'll give way pto mostly sunny skies today and pgive us a cool afternoon and peven despite the sunshine. pwinds to continue to pour in pfrom the north, and they've been pbreezy by the water. pwe'll keep it breezy by the pwater so boating, you know, is a plittle tricky. pit's a little bumpy.
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pthen we go to 34 in tallahassee. p21 in atlanta. pwinds are out of the north. pas high pressure settles in late ptonight, that's the recipe for pcoldest weather and that's why pwe expect tomorrow morning to pwake up on the coolest point pwe've seen this season. phow much are we going to warm ptoday? pnot much. pby 6:00 a.m. starting to rebound pa little bit. pby lunchtime, only in the mid p50s and we only top out at 59 pthis afternoon. ponce the sunsets tonight, pdepending on how much pinsulation, how many clouds, the pfewer the clouds, the quicker pthe dropoff. pby wednesday morning the numbers pare generous. pforecast is 39 in tampa. pup 31 in brooksville. p32 in leesburg. pmid 30s inland and mid 40s st. ete so plan accordingly. pthere's a freeze warning in peffect. pnot this morning. pit's tomorrow morning. pand that's from interior pasco pcounty northward. ptender plants, it may be a good pidea to cover them up. atchy frost. pdefinitely cold enough for pets pto be inside tonight as well. phere is the setup.
6:17 am
pfor friday. ptoday is the high pressure. pthere's a freeze tonight. psunny skies on wednesday. pmid 60s return wednesday and pthat means here are the winds pbringing back the 70s. palready watching the next storm psystem gathering from the west pand the question remains, how pclose will the low knew to us? pwe may see thunderstorms late in pthe day. pmodels are split. pfor the time being, we have a pchance for some thunderstorms. pthat would be friday afternoon pinto the evening hours. pas for today, no thunderstorms, pno rain. psome clouds, high cloud, 59 pdegrees for the high. pwe'll be on the chilly side. ptonight we're down to 39. pthat's cold. pthere's a freeze warning north pof the bay. pstarting to moderate a little pbit on wednesday. p63 for the afternoon high. pthat's still on the cool side. pas we head through the next pseven days, we go from the 50s pto the 70s and then for the pweekend, as russell was just pgetting his personal forecast, pwe have that breezy wind off the pbay and temperatures may even pdrop late in the afternoon. pso come have a good time.
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pto t-shirts the best bet. p>>jennifer: sounds like a good pdress code right there. pall right. pthank you. pand right now we're checking in pon the brandon area. pwe have a crash newly reported palong brandon boulevard. pthis is the intersection with pkings avenue. pnot really a delay concern but pmore of a safety concern so just pwatch out for that as you make pyour way in the westbound pdirection. pmeantime, we have a live look palong 301. pthis is a couple of miles north pof pamper trace. peverything is up to speed. plooks good. pbuckle up and enjoy. p>>laura: search and rescue teams phave recovered three life rafts pin the search for 12 marines pinvolved in a mid air collision pnear hawaii. pthere's no signs that any psurvivors have been aboard the prafts. ptwo helicopters collided during pa nighttime exercise.
6:19 am
p24,000 square miles of the acific. p>>laura: more national guard ptroops have arrived in flint, pmichigan to help with the water pcrisis. pthey will hand out water testing pkits and filters to some of pflint's worst hit neighborhoods. pthe water was found to have high pamounts of lead. pit's the result of the city's pdecision to try to save money. pfor months thousands have preported an odd taste in the pwater and now children are pshowing elevated levels of lead pin their blood and that can pcause permanent brain damage. plawsuits have been filed to hold pcity leaders accountable. p>>laura: dozens of motorcycles pand atv riders ripped through pthe streets and freeways of pmiami, dade and broward pcounties. pthey were running red lights, pgoing in the wrong direction and pchase the riders because it was ptoo dangerous.
6:20 am
pthroughout the day because the psame thing happened last year on pdr. martin luther king, junior pday. p>>russell: for years links pbetween smoking marijuana and plower iq's. pa new report suggests something pelse may be to blame here. presearchers tracked test scores pand drug use in twins and found ot users didn't fair any worse pthan identical twins that didn't puse pot. pdoctors believe something else pis responsible for decreased pbrain power but they say it will ptake more studies to weed out pthe x factor. p>>laura: after nearly four pmonths and more than 1,000 pmiles, a group of endangered pbirds will reach their winter phome here in florida. psince 2001, a group called poperation migration has been pchaperoning cranes along the pwinter migrations. pgroup uses ultra light aircraft pto serve as the bird's parents.
6:21 am
pend in -- just south of ptallahassee. pthey should land in their winter pnesting grounds today. poperation migration has helped pteach dozens of birds how to pmigrate. pthey've had a loft success so pfar but there are talks of pending the program. p>>russell: we've lost another pmusic icon. pglen frey has died. p>>laura: we'll read you some pexcerpts of the lengthy letter pthat don henley wrote about his pfriend's death.
6:22 am
pto the woman p>>laura: it's time to see who is pclicking on the web. p>>russell: look who is back. phi, taylor. p>>taylor: hello. pit's great to be back and i have pa few fun clicks to start things poff right beginning with a dog pwho just might be the tallest pdog in the world. pmeet rocco. p>>russell: look at that head. p>>taylor: yes. pthe 2-year-old great dane living pin nevada, his owners, nicholas pand jessica, say they knew he pwould be a big dog but they had pno idea he would be this big so pjust how large is he? phe currently weighs 160 pounds, pmeasures 40 inches from paw to
6:23 am
pfeet when he's on his hind legs pand they say -- p>>russell: have you ever been paround one of these dogs for a plengthy period? p>>taylor: i have not. p>>russell: they become very phuman-like. pthey sit like that. pthat's how they sit on a sofa. pthey talk. pit's crazy. p>>taylor: he does. phe thinks he's a chihuahua. phe's like a lap dog, though he's pway bigger. pthey entered him into the pguinness book of world records. pthey submitted a bid for that. phe's the tallest dog in the pworld. p160 pounds like i said. phe's just huge. pbut they sweet. pall right. pnext up, video to rub in the pcoldness this morning. pwe have this surfer soaking up pthe sun and riding some waves pjust on his head. p>>laura: how cool is that?
6:24 am
pstable ground. pright? p>>russell: i can't, either. p>>taylor: then no big deal on a psurf board while moving on the pwater. retty impressive. p>>laura: just lives life, right? phaving some fun. p>>taylor: i'm pretty jealous. pall right, you guys. pand lastly, something you won't pever see me try, a human sling pshot. pthat's insane. p>>laura: if you have the nerve pto do that, that looks fun. p>>russell: i agree with you. p>>taylor: she looks like she's pflying right toward the hill. p>>russell: surely somebody has presearched this. pbut that first person that did pit, can you imagine? p>>taylor: and i can't even tell pyou where this was shot. pit was posted by a popular pfacebook page called grabatopia palong with the caption, who pwants to try this? p>>russell: i do.
6:25 am
pi do want to try that. pyou go first. p>>laura: i'll go first. p>>taylor: you guys go first. pi'll hold the camera. pbut i'm not doing it. p>>russell: see you later. p>>laura: there is a gas station pselling gas for 47 cents. pit's not local. pthe gas prices everywhere are a plot lower. p>>russell: and aaa expects them pto keep drawing. pwe'll hear the politics next. pand the u.k. banning donald ptrump from the co the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pwe need to get to lindsay pmilbourne with a look at the
6:27 am
pcold today, colder tomorrow. p>>lindsay: the cold has been phere for a day or so, but it pwill leave us this week and pwe're waking up on a cool pnotoriety now, 46 in lakeland. pi'm just ready for the sunrise pat 7:22. pit should be very beautiful this pmorning. pit's chilly but we have seen pcolder mornings this season. pit's 44 in frost proof. p43 now with clear skies in pwauchula. pthere's brooksville at 41. pso what we have are a ribbon of phigh clouds racing across the psky. pthese could be traced back to pthe jet stream, believe it or pnot, and it will drop a few more pdegrees. pthrough the afternoon, despite pincreased sun, we're only at 59 pdegrees with a high. pif you like the warmth, it's phere briefly late in the week. pthat comes along with storms on pfriday. pin the meantime, tomorrow pmorning is the morning that pyou're going to definitely need pheat on the car. pleave the pets inside. pfreeze warning in effect for asco county north. pwe'll talk exactly how cold. pmy forecast is coming up. phere is vanessa. p>>vanessa: thank you. p6:30.
6:28 am
pand it looks like we do have a pfew more clouds getting on the proadway at this point. pgood travel times. p10 minutes is the ride from pbearss avenue to the point where pwe're taking a live look. peight minutes is the time psouthbound 75 from bruce b downs pboulevard to i-4 and then if pyou're travelling west on i-4 pitself, just a four minutes ride pfrom the connector heading to pthe interchange. p>>laura: thank you. ptaking a look at some top pstories today, smoke seen and psmelled around much ofnt pa fire broke out in an band oned pduplex. pthis happened on bailey street. pwe're told that a homeless erson could have been living pthere at the time. pflames are out but crews are pmonitoring hot spots. p>>russell: hard landing at the pvenice airport sends a small lane off the roadway. pit happened just before 5:00 pyesterday. pone person on board the cessna p210 suffered minor injuries. paccording to the f.a.a. the lane's right landing gear pcollapsed. pthe plane skidded to a stop.
6:29 am
pis suspending the beluga pinteraction program. pguests were allowed to put on a pwet south and swim with a small pwhale. pthe program is under review. pguests can still swim with the plittle whales in san diego and psan antonio. p>>russell: ybor's glasses are pback where they belong this pmorning. pan artist just replaced the pmissing statue spectacles after pthey were stolen for the third ptime in three years. plater this week, an artist will ptouch up the glss with some atina to match up the rest of pthe bronze. phe was a cigar maker who helped pfound ybor city. p>>laura: gas prices have fallen palmost seven cents in the last pweek alone. p>>russell: and prices are pexpected to go lower now that piran plans to boost oil roduction.
6:30 am
p>>laura: ken is live for us at pgandy boulevard to talk about pthe prices now. p>>reporter: it's kind of like pthe limbo. pwe don't know until it happens pbut lots of predictions out pthere. pwe're here at this particular lace on gandy because it's one pof the lowest places we can find pthis morning. ptake a look behind me. pregular is $1.73 a gallon. pthat's a bargain. pa steal in comparison to last pyear when the average price was pa little over $2 a gallon and pthat was an incredible gallon in pcomparison to the price in 2008 pwhen it seemed like you needed a psecond mortgage to fill up. pgas was more than $4 a gallon. ptoday life is good. pif you're buying gas, or if pyou're buying diesel. p>> i think it should go a lot plower, really. p>>reporter: they're saying it's pgoing to. pdo you believe that? p>> i would be happy under a pdollar.
6:31 am
ossible? p>> lower taxes, sure. pi don't see a problem with plowering taxes, give us a break. p>>reporter: as you said before, rices are expected to drop even pfurther. pone of the reasons why, psanctions were lifted on iran. pthey say they're going to mass roduce half a million barrels pevery single day. pdown the line, by the end of the pyear, possibly a million more pbarrels a day. pnot all experts say they can do pthat but certainly there's going pto be an upsurge in the amount pof oil in the international pmarket so that's going to bring pthe price down. psome people are talking about, pas you heard that guy say, as plittle as $1 a gallon. pnumber one, if you live up north pand you depend on heating oil, pthat's a great thing because eople up there are going to be psaving hundreds of dollars. pbut if you have investments in poil, maybe not so good so it
6:32 am
pknow, on the food chain. pbut for most people who drive, pit's pretty good news. pit's great news. p>>russell: you're right. pyou're right. pfor now. pthanks. p>>laura: also in headlines ptoday, iraqi security forces pcontinue to search for three pamericans. pthey were abducted from a psouthern baghdad apartment psaturday during broad daylight. pu.s. officials say that the pwoman and two men are iraqis are pamerican citizenship and say pembassy. pwalter allen is here with the platest on this. p>>walter: we don't have a lot of pdetails about who may be presponsible for their abduction pbut john kerry says that work is punderway to find the americans pand get them home safely. p>> we are in very direct contact pwith iraqi authorities. pwe have a good sense of what may phave happened, the people are pfollowing up on it and that's pall i can really say at this ptime. pthere's a very full effort going pto find them as soon as ossible. p>>walter: witnesses told police pthe three were going into their
6:33 am
pthat's when a man in uniform pcame and abducted them. pthey were taken to another city pabout 40 minutes away. pofficials lost all contact. pright now there's a door to door psearch for them but again, no pother details so stay with fox p13 as we continue to follow this pdeveloping story. p>>russell: meanwhile, the u.s. pis facing challenges freeing pcaptives from a group of pinsurgents. pjoshua boyle and kaitlyn pdisappeared while backpacking palong the border. pboyle was canadian while his pwife was an american citizen. pthey've been held prisoner by a pterrorist network. pivity the same group that held pbeau bergdahl. pofficials have had trouble pnegotiating with that group. p>>laura: british parliament is pdebating whether to ban residential candidate donald ptrump from the u.k. plawmakers took up the debate pyesterday. pmore than 600,000 people signed
6:34 am
pthe ban. pthat's more than the 100,000 pneeded to force a vote in arliament. rime minister david cameron has pvoiced his opposition to the roposal. pbut he stopped short of saying phe should be banned. pif banned, trump is saying he'll pwalk away from the scotland golf pindustry. p>>russell: jeb bush is calling pfor an overhaul of the education psystem. pit would shift power and money paway from the federal government pand revamp how the high school pgraduates and parents finance pcollege and career training. pbush built a national reputation pfor reforming the state's public pschool system. p>>laura: you can call it burning plove. pwhat a florida hockey player is paccused of doing after a fight pwith his girlfriend. p>>russell: you may want to grab pyour jacket on the way out the pdoor this morning, right?
6:35 am
pit's 44 degrees, chilly, but pwe've seen chillier mornings phere in the winter season. pby noon, that's the struggle. pwe're at 53. ponly 59 for the afternoon high. pand if you're just joining us, pthere are 30s north of the bay.
6:36 am
pbe freezing temperatures in p>>lindsay: if you're just pjoining us at 6:40, the sunrise pis going to be so gorgeous.
6:37 am
pof some high clouds funneling in pfrom the southwest. pit's cool, 46 degrees but we're panticipating a little bit more pof that chill to the air, and pthat will be here tomorrow pmorning. pi assure you, our skies will pclear and high pressure settles pin. panother view of that sunrise in pthe works is from all children's phospital cam looking east over pthe bay. pa brisk wind is at 13 miles an phow were. ptemperatures this morning are pcool. pwe have a low 40s. pfor the most part, these are pmanageably chilly temps. pwe're at 43 in watch all -- pwauchula. pwinds are coming out in the same pdirection. pnorth-northeast. pso we'll keep it breezy by the pbay today. pwinds shifting the next few days pand that will help to warm us pup. pthat is after tomorrow morning. pnow, tomorrow morning we do have pthat freeze warning. pit's for interior pasco county pnorth. pvery late tonight through 9:00 pa.m. on wednesday. pwhat that means is temperatures pwill be at freezing for a couple pof hours.
6:38 am
pfrost dropping. pthe air is dry but you'll see psome tomorrow morning. lan accordingly. plate in the week, we warm ahead pof the frontal system on friday. pthe low? pwhere is it going to track? pfurther north? pwe'll see fewer thunderstorms. pcloser to the area, the threat pfor any severe weather will be pwarranted and it's still early. pour models are in perfect pagreement. pi want you to stay tuned as the pweek progresses. pmorning. pnow, behind the front, winds pwill be whipping, temperatures pwill be dropping and we have a pchildren's gasparilla pextravaganza on saturday so plan pfor cold temperatures, some cold pconditions with very gusty winds pby the bay. pkind of what we saw last year. phere are high clouds. phigh pressure to the north pfunneling in that chilly air pmass. pseasonably chilly air mass and pit's all relative. pwe go from 46 to 21 in atlanta. ponly one in chicago. pthat's a warmup. p but the arctic air has made its pway to new england where it's
6:39 am
ptemperatures are in the single pdigits for parts of the mid patlantic. phere's our freeze warning. pinterior pasco county north, plate tonight into tomorrow pmorning and that's where we'll pbe waking up to temperatures pnear freezing if not slightly pbelow. pnot all night but at least a pcouple of hours. p31 for the low in brooksville. p33 in wesley chapel. p40 in sarasota and 37 in winter phaven. pcoolest so far in tampa. p44. pthat will be changing tomorrow pmorning. phere's future cast. pwe can track the next system. phigh pressure to the north gives pus northerly wind and a really pcold start to our wednesday with pthat freeze north of the bay. pduring the day on wednesday, we pstart to rebound. pwinds shift. pwe're back in the 60s. pthursday we're back in the 70s. pwinds southerly ahead of a pdeveloping frontal system. pthere's our model as we head to pthe overnight hours friday. pi think it's afternoon and early pevening event. pwe'll have to monitor the pstrength of any storms if they pdo develop. ptoday 59. pit will be a dry day but we'll psee high clouds. psunrise is at 7:22.
6:40 am
pcold, freeze warning north. pmake sure the pets are bundled pup. psome of them may need some psweaters tomorrow, too. p64 wednesday. pstill cool with bright sunshine pand still breezy tomorrow by the pbay. pnorth winds today at 15 knots pand a moderate chop. pnext tide the high tide and pthat's around lunch time. phere is the seven-day forecast. p39 wednesday morning, friday 72. pwe'll watch the storms and i pthink the forecast is going to phold for saturday. pany sprinkles in the morning pwill be gone but chilly for the arade. phere is vanessa with an update pto the commute. pgood morning. p>>vanessa: good morning. pyesterday morning we had a nice pbreak from the slow speeds but pthey're back again. pyou can see it start to hit the pslower speeds and really notice pthem around linebaugh. pwe're averaging around 29 miles er hour there. ptop to bottom, just a 14 minute pride. pnorthbound direction has ticked pup a minute. pthat's at 12 minutes. pwe want to check in, sky fox is pflying over the gulfport area. pwe can tell you at least at this oint, we have some lane
6:41 am
pof some sort. pwe're making calls on this. pwe'll get you an update as soon pas we can but in the meantime, p49th street south near ptangerine, we're seeing the lane pblockage right there. pmore information on come on pthat. pmeantime, about to switch over pto 6:45. pwe want to check in with charley pbelcher. pnow you're back with us. p>>charley: i did. pi had a nice daddy-daughter day pyesterday. pthat was nice because my pdaughter is out of school for pthe martin luther king holiday pso i requested it off so i could pspend it with her. pwe had a nice day. pit was fun. pwe went to the movies and walked paround the mall and went to plunch together and it was fun. p>>vanessa: nice. p>>charley: and i watched a plittle "good day" and i saw pwalter with the manatees. pi saw you doing your wonderful ptraffic reports. pit's weird. pi never have a tv, i never have pa monitor where i am so i always pjust have to kind of pretend in
6:42 am
pthe purple that you're wearing. pi can see you're wearing a urple top. ptoday i actually -- look. pwe have a television. pi hate seeing myself on tv. pyou like seeing yourself on tv? p>>vanessa: it's like a box pwithin a box within a box. p>>charley: and there's a delay. p>>vanessa: this is like pinception. p>>charley: so if i stand in pfront of myself, let's break the prule. pso then i'm in there and then pi'm in there and then i'm in pthere and then i'm in there. p>>vanessa: you're photo bombing pyourself. p>>charley: i'm easily amused. p>>vanessa: this is so cool. p>>charley: i've got a great lace to tell you about this pchilly tuesday morning. pkitchen. ptype place. pa small business might be preferred to as a mom and pop.
6:43 am
pit's a mom and son. pthere's mom right there. pthere's marty. pshe's the mom part of the mom pand son and marvin is part of pthe mom and son. pyou'll meet those two and it's pall about this right here. pfresh florida ingredients. pit's almost strawberry festival ptime. pand here are the products that pthey're putting out here. pgreen tomato pickles, spicy pdilly beans. pblueberry jalapeno jam and a pstrawberry jalapeno jams. pit's a really cool story about phow this mom and son decided to pcreate this business and they're pdoing well and selling it all pthroughout the tampa bay area. pwe'll share the recipes with pyou. pwe'll show you their suggestions pon how to eat all of their great roducts, tell you where you can pfind them and we will have a p"good day" this morning from pwatson kitchen. p>>vanessa: i have to spruce up pmy pantry. pi'll be watching.
6:44 am
p>>vanessa: thank you, charley. p>>laura: congressman david joly romises to make a major plegislative announcement. phe said his plan will get pcongress back to work. pjoly has not released details pahead of the announcement. phis plan to unveil them at 9:30 pbefore heading to new york. pa minor league hockey player pfaces larson charges after pburning love letters from a pgirlfriend. phe plays for the everglades and plee county deputies say he was pupset with his girlfriend so he pdoused their love letters in pgasoline and lit them on fire. phe tried to put out the fire but pit got out of control. phe's due in court next month. pand star gazers are in for a ptreat. ptomorrow morning, five plan pements, mercury, venus, mars, pjupiter and saturn will all be pvisible at the same time. pthe last time this happened was pin december and january of 2005. pif the clouds don't cooperate, pyou can catch the planetary
6:45 am
p>>russell: don henley says pgoodbye to his band mate and pfriend, glen frey. pand could a man really become pspiderman? pthe science behind the superhero pnext. in 1934,
6:46 am
another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... -no! we are giving it away of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
6:47 am
p>>laura: welcome back. ptraders are on wall street pgetting back to work after the pmlk holiday. p>>russell: there was big news in pthe rest of the world. pfrom sanction lifted in iran to pa slowdown in china. p>>laura: joining us to talk
6:48 am
pgood morning, lauren. p>>reporter: i was saying yes pbecause we're talking oil, we're ptalking china. poil down. pactually oil up today. pi'll explain in a second. pchina economy really struggling. pthey have the slowest growth plast year for the chinese market pthan they've had since 1990. pa quarter century. pare you kidding me? pbecause of that, we have up parrows for stocks because this pis what investors are saying. pthey're saying china is so bad, ptheir regulators are going to pstep in and give stimulus and pthen you have the oil market pwhich is firming a little bit ptoday. pwe still have crude trading paround $29, $30 a barrel. pyes, it's cheap. pyes, you receive money at the pgas pump. pwith the sanctions being lifted pfor iran, their oil, 300,000 pbarrels more or less per day pbeing added to the markets, pwe'll have so much oil. pthe fact we have them firming, pwe can rally in the u.s. pdow is up 250 as i speak.
6:49 am
pwe needed some good news. prebooting the year, i think, pafter the dr. king holiday. p>>laura: we needed a reboot. p>>reporter: i know. p>>russell: let's talk about an pamerican company that is going pthrough a really tough time pright now and that is chipotle pand what they're doing to try to pget customers back. p>>reporter: they're doing peverything they can to win back pyour trust and make you eat at ptheir restaurants again. pyou know they're closing all of ptheir restaurants nationwide for pthe popular lunch hour on pfebruary 8. pthey're not going to open until p3:00. pbasically as a question and panswer/safety training session pfor their employees and now they pmight give you a little psomething extra when you stop pby. pit's going to be different at pevery single chipotle and some phave been doing this at the pdiscretion of each manager but pfree food. pwe hear there's going to be more pfree food at the chain as a way pto say, do you know what? psorry.
6:50 am
p>>russell: you've told us pbefore, how much has this hurt pchipotle? p>>reporter: their december sales pfell by 30% and their stock rice has fallen substantially pas well. pi can chart it for you at the pnext hit. pthey're hurting in reputation, pstock price, store traffic. p>>russell: for a time you pcouldn't even get in the door. p>>laura: that's true. p>>reporter: i know. pi have to say, the ones here by pus are always busy regardless of pwhat's happening. p>>laura: and i think you've preported on this, too. pwe talked with adam about it. pit's a stock likely to rebound, ptoo, as they do things pcorrectly. p>>reporter: yeah. pso the stock this year, and this pis a relatively flat but for the ast year, 52 weeks, is down p33%. pif you want to go back when the pillnesses started, it's about pthe same.
6:51 am
p>>russell: we'll talk later. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. plog on to fox finder. p welcome to the hotel pcalifornia p>>russell: we lost another pgiant. pglenn frey of the eagles died pof complication from illnesses pincluding pneumonia. phe wrote and sang most of the pband's hits like take it easy, photel california. pafter the eagles broke up in p1980, he did a solo career and phad a series of hits, including pthe heat is on. pdon henley said he was like a pbrother to me. pwe were two young men who made pthe pilgrimage to los angeles pwith the same dream, to make our pmark on the music industry. pthey did it. phe feels just 67 years old. p>>laura: american pie singer don
6:52 am
phe was arrested yesterday in pmaine. phe was relegalsed from jail pafter posting $10,000. phe is scheduled to make his pinitial court appearance pfebruary 22. psinger/songwriter has more than p40 golden platinum records. presearchers at cambridge puniversity say there's almost no pway that spiderman could pactually do whatever a spider pcan. pthey say a person would need psticky pads covering 40% of ptheir body to climb buildings plike the comic book character pdid. pthis would require him to have p43 inch hands and size 140 feet. plargest animal capable of psupporting its own weight is a pgecko. pit would be impossible to be plarge enough to fight crime. pcharacters like spiderman, pcaptain america and ironman are pknown as superheroes. pthey use amazing powers or high ptech gadgets to overcome pincredible odds and while they pmay only exist in comic books, por on the silver screen, real plife superheroes inspire people
6:53 am
pand those are the ones we will phave to talk about. p3-year-old max had a metal disc psurgically inserted into his pchest to help treat a blood pdisorder. pmax's father explained the rocess to max comparing it to pironman. peventually his story reached pmarvel. pthe creators of ironman, they ut him in the comic. pthey say they hope ironman's pstory -- iron max's story pinspires kids exactly like him. pand i'll bet you they do. pyeah. pa lot more news ahead at 7:00, pincluding tony stewart under pinvestigation for an argument pwith an off duty police officer. p>>russell: and a sandal in the pworld of tennis. phave you heard about this? pdid some big names fix matches? p>>laura: and then we'll tell you pabout a new safety lk that pwill warn you when someone other
6:54 am
pit's all ahead at 7:00. p>>lindsay: and temperatures pcontinue to drop. psunrise is gorgeous. pit is 48 with the brisk north pwind in st. pete. pdown to 45 in tampa. pthat's cold. pget ready for the coldest of the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'.
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