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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 19, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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p a water crisis. pa community in an uproar and now eople of flint michigan are pcalling for someone to pay. p and is your daughter pcamouflaging herself? pwhy girls are hiding their pindividuality to fit in and what pthis could be doing to their pself esteem. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. phae effected it's an 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pgood morning. pwe thank you for waking up with pus this on this tuesday. pjanuary 19th. pwe need to get over to lindsay pmilbourne who in with dave with plook forecast. panother chilly start to the day. pbut, i tell you what if we could pjust get rid of all of these phigh clouds it would have been pso much colder that will happen ptomorrow morning. pget ready for it 45. phere's view we're looking a pcauseways and beaches. psome breaks in clouds. pquick moving and high in nature. pholding steady at 45 degrees. p>> here come the 30s. pcreeping in.
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pths 39 as of 8:00 a.m. in pbrooksville. p43 in bartow. p46 in sarasota. p>> so swift moving clouds from pthe southwest come on in today. pthen that big h of high pressure pit settles in tonight giving way pto a real big chill wednesday pmorning. ptoday though, despite the pclouds, we're only going climb pto about 53 by lunch time. pand up to about 59 for afternoon phigh today. pfreeze warnings up not this pmorning but for tomorrow morning pspecific numbers so you can plan paccordingly coming up. p and lindsay we do have a preminder for drivers in the pgulfport area that there's a pdeadly crash investigation still punder way. pthat closing down tangerine pavenue between 51st street and p49th street south a much earlier pcrash. pwhere this is actually we're phearing an overturned vehicle pwhere somebody passed away. lease continue to avoid that parea we will get you more pupdates as soon as we can. pmeantime expect a little bits of pa delay if you're heading south palong 50th street a new crash
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poverpass blocking two lanes pheading in that direction. p eight:01. psunday's tornadoes affected many pfamilies, destroyed many homes. pbut one family in particular pwill never be the same. pkelly and steve wilson seen your pwere kill when ef 2 tornado ptheir son and four other family pmembers were able to skype three pout of five are out hospital and psifting through clothing and ptoys and whatever is left pbehind. pneighbors say two were kind and pgenerous people who would help pin anyway they could. p>> the family members that were pleft behind to pick up pieces plearned the community is preturning that favor. phelping them out. p>> they were very good friends pof my parents. pand mr. wilson helped my dad pfrom time to time on the farm. pvery sad for the people that plost their home and the kids. p well there is gofundme paccount set up to help family ay for medical and burial pcosts.
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p>> and in sarasota county, eople are also cleaning up from pthe same storm system. pon monday people who live on bay pwood lane spent day he is st. pguillen damage and gathering pbelongings. pone homes was completely pdestroyed other have roof damage pand missing written dose if you pwere impacted by this storm pyou're encouraged to call your pinsurance agent almost pimmediately in sarasota counties pis offering to help. p today, man convicted of a phelping drug two men before they pwere found tortured and killed pmay be ready to a make a deal. pscott was recently charged in a pdeaths of two men who pdisappeared from a tampa gay bar pin 2003. phe was charged with first degree pmurder seven years after it phappened. phe says he didn't kill the men pbut watched his associate did. pand then helped to get rid of pthe bodies. pfox 13 has learned see he will phand over certain facts in case. pif the state agrees to not seek pthe death penalty. pand if the state does agree to lea deal the death penalty is
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pbe a trial. p>> smoke filled air after a fire pspoked abandoned house on bailey pstreet in tampa. pstarted just after 2:30. pit was out within a half hour. phome i say ban donned neighbors psay there was homeless person pliving inside. pthey were heavy flames and smoke pbillowing from house that could pseen as far south a downtown. pthe cause of the fire under pinvestgation. p thousands of teacher and arents in & students loading up pon gus headed to tallahassee pincluding hundreds from the bay parea. pthis is all part of today's prally in tally with a focus on peducation funding. pa fox 13's shayla reeves is live poutside the tampa bay christian pacademy. pto tell us what this group is phoping to accomplish. pthey left just a short time ago, pright, shayla? p>> yes. pthey left just a few hours ago pto make their way to ptallahassee. pwe were talking about more than p100 tampa bay christian academy pteachers, students, staff, all pon their way in support of peducation. pnow this really all boils down pto the issue of school choice.
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pvideo, as everyone arrived here pbefore sunrise. pthe group headed to tallahassee pfor that rally led by martin pluther king, jr. third son of pmartin luther king, jr. pa rally centers a school choice. pacademy's head master says the rogram gives qualified students paccess to educational popportunities, their families pmay not be able to afford. pone parent and staff member pdescribed the impact. p well i have four children i pknow each of them have their own punique, you know individuality. pso it's important for each of pthem to get what they need and phere they get that. pthat public school kind of like pmainstream i have nothing pagainst public school just not pfor my children. pawesome that i had that choice pto send them here. p now attendees wore t-shirts pwith #drop the suit alluding to pa lawsuit that was filed to pstrike down the scholarship rogram.
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phave argued they believe it's punconstitutional where as psupporters of the program say pit's one that provides again, pdifferent opportunities to pdisadvantaged students. pjust to give you an idea about pthe impact right here in pflorida. palready about 80 thousand pstudents right now are pbenefitting from this particular pscholarship program. pguys, back to you. pall right shayla, thank you. prussell. p8:06. pman who spent his life helping pother needs help himself. phe spent two decades with tampa olice department before pretiring for years after leaving pthe force he's facing a long pbattle, not against criminals, pbut with gastric cancer. pright now he leaves in puerto prico and trying to get back to ptampa so he can get treatment a pmoffit. pmedical flight is $30,000. pan amount of money he just does pnot have. p>> he's at a point in his life pright now that ts life or death. phe was a pillar to this pcommunity with the help of his
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pdepartment we need to be the illar for them they help to praise him enough money to get phim here by wednesday. pthey are close it so far online pfundraiser has raised more than p$22,000. plindsay back with couple minutes pwith how long chilly ptemperatures will stick around. pthen camouflaging concerns. pcould your teenage are be retending to be someone they pantijust to fit? pfairly common. pwe will talk about it in feather pcause. pwe check in with charley belcher p>> are you okay? p>> that is a vinegary smell. pman even mustard make me cough. pi don't know what it is about pthat vinegary smell. pi'm okay. pi'm okay. pwe're in place watson kitchen. poh, man.
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p>> this is we will tell you pwelcome back to good day the ptime eight:10 new phenomenon pcalled camouflaging it could revent your teen from paccomplishing goals or reaching ptheir full potential. pthis morning a we have sychologist here to tell us pwhat it means you were justing ptelling you say a specialize in pyoung adults and children. phave you heard about this pcamouflaging before and what is pit? pthe person who coined term is pdr. joann deek and so i've known pabout this phenomenon for a long ptime where kids somewhere phopeful not as young an eight psomewhere before age 12 they pbeing vivacious go getter i pdon't care i'm going oh answer pthe question. pi'm not so worried about being pjudged to you oh, i can't be
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pout i don't want to look too psmart they sort of sink back a plittle bit. pand maybe hide their true assions. pand because they want to fit in. pand like you said, fit in and pkind of just be like everyone pelse. phow extreme is it? ersonality? pwhat really changes with them pchange. pi mean i remember being a kid pgrowing up in new york and you pknow wanting to make sure my ants were exactly right and my psocks were right. pyou want your hair to look like peverybody els. pthe beginning of that. pthen if you're super smart maybe eople are like you're brain you pdon't want to too smart or maybe pyou know the answers you don't pwant to be smarter than the pboys. p>> and is it, you mentioned pboys. pdo you see this more prevalent pin girls then guys? pmuch more. pthis phenomenon really we pdescribe much more in girls. pwhat do you think it is about pwomen or young girls? p>> well they are still gender
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psubservient and hard to imagine pgirls today still experience pthat. pbut we see in media you're psupposed to look certain way pyou're supposed to act a certain pway. pand it trickles down to the ptweens. p>> and how does it end impacting pthese girls? psometimes they lose their voice. pthey lose, you know and it's phard for them to, you know preally emerge and be true to pthemselves adult women talk a plot about authentic selves. psometimes you talk to tweens and pan and they which don't even pknow who they are. pthey don't grow out of it. pthey may or may not. pyou can go into your 30s people pare wondering how did i get here pwhy am i not doing what i love. phelping people find their voice phelping kids to know what they pwant have courage to do did pstill following normal social pnorms to some degree and not as pwe saidic picking your nose at pthe lunch table. pbut, hanging on to who they preally are. pwhat can a parent do to pencourage their child that they psee that their kid is kind of
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pyou know person that they were, pat younger age. pi think parents need to punderstand why this is happening pbecause fitting in and ng pblowing is so important at this page. pand i think we want to value and phonor that at the same time we pwant to help kids know what they pare about, know what their pstrengths are. punderstand that they can know pthe answer, they can raise their phand. pthey can be interested. pand a dialogue has to happen. p>> why are you doing what you're pdoing, let's talk about it. pand it's great to fit in. pbut also great to know who you pare on inside. pit's okay to stand out a little pbit. pabsolutely dr. rice thank you so pmuch for being here. pthat was some great advice we pwill toss things over to plindsay. pchillier weather in way a second pmorning in row we have woke unup pin 40s in tampa bay. ptomorrow morning a lot more of pus in the 30s. pso, we've got to get through a pcouple more cool days before pwithdrew bring back 70s later pthis week. pchanges this morning in terms of pclouds, and they are quick pmoving.
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pclouds are racing from southwest pto northeast. p's cold despite a little pinsulation we're still down to p44 in brook available bay shore. phere's a sneak peek what we will pdo is change the oned to pnorthwest and up it to 20 to 25 pmiles an hour. pgusty out there and cool as we pstart off the gasparilla season pon saturday. psomething to keep in the back of pyour mind if you're doing pshopping for the kids. plooking east over the bay before pall children's hospital. pbreaks. pit broo easy and cold. p48 degrees a couple more 30s pcreeping in brooksville crystal priver mid to upper 30s. p46 in sarasota though. p45 in brandon. p42 in new port richey. pthere's lakeland at 45. pthen all relative we zoom out pand we've got the purples deeper pblues 24 in memphis. psix below in minneapolis. pten in buffalo. pand even though teens for parts pof new england and mid atlantic pthey are gearing up for very pmessy possible snow storm late
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pfor us here clouds high clouds pracing across region. pa break and we will see few more pas the day progresses especially ptonight high pressure will kind pof rule the sky. pand scour out some of these pclouds associated watt jet as it pdips a little further south. pchilly today, despite the cool pstart. pby noon weary the 53. pafternoon high. pthat's cooler than yesterday. ptonight. pcold, chilly, maybe even a plittle frosty. pwe do have freeze warnings up pfor interior pasco north. pright now that's tomorrow pmorning clearly we know why. pmaybe first freeze of the season pfor leesburg crystal river, pbrooksville 31. p39 in tampa. p40 in sarasota. p43 in st. pete. pand mid 30s lakeland to winter phaven. pso make sure kids tomorrow pmorning have that warmer jacket. ptoday you will need jacket robably most of the day a plittle slight breeze at times 59 pdegrees obviously on chilly side pand below our average 70. p39 means byes that freeze pwarning once the sun sets skies
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poff rather rapidly. pwe warm a smidge on wednesday. p64 for the high. pbut that's still cool under pmostly sunny skies. pit's friday. pwe bring in 70s. pbut we also bring in some pthunderstorms. pnorth winds at 15 knots. pstill a tricky boating ride. pnext tide is high tide at 12:12. pstill on look out for potential pof strong are storms during day pon friday. pthat's in afternoon early pevening time frame. pbut couple of days to watch pmodels and hopefully come into pconsensus, the weekend model in pcon sense that saturday looks pchilly and breezy. pand we have to get through ptomorrow before we bring back pthe warmth at least briefly. p all right lindsay, thank pyou. pand right now we're seeing those pdelays along 275 northbound. pessentially in full swing. psla tore what we've been seeing pthe past few days over that new pmerging pattern near dale pmabrey, 37 minutes you can so pback up clear across howard pfranklin bridge is your travel ptime northbound. pbasically crossing the bridge pheading up to interchange. pyou can see area of dale mabrey
8:15 am
pare basically starting. pso you'll want to give yourself pextra time here, or as i show pyou here, this live look at pgandy just west of the gandy pbridge if you can get over to pthe gandy bridge that might be a pfew minutes quicker. pif you do have to cross the pwater coming from pinellas pheading into tampa. p>> this potential oscar boycott pis picking up some steam. pand now former friend of fresh rince says jada smith needs to pcalm down. pwe will sta talk with dr. jo pdeath of eagle's glenn just two pand a half minutes charley is pin, in kitchen trying to air out pthe that vinegar smell from peaster eggs in there.
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p good day tampa bay. pi did charley belcher coming to pyou from watson kitchen. pthey formed this company, a pcouple of years ago now? p>> yeah we've been in the pkitchen, this commercial kitchen pthat we renovated about three pyears. pbut it's been about a 4-year rocess.
8:19 am
phow did you go from creole to pjam? pwe started doing the sweet heat pjams. pwe didn't know how long it would ptake to get fda regulations rocess authority for our creole psauce. pit took a long time for us to erfect the recipe and get it pall solidified. pjams you can do a. pso we actually started making pfarmers markets. pjust really to get an our name pout there. pand we have kept with our sweet pheat jams. preally popular. pright now you're work radaring pon strawberry jalapeno jam. pstrawberries are going in all praw ingredients are going in 40 pgallon where we do all of our pjamming. pso the ingredients go in here p>> we're also jamming. pfiguratively and literally. pthis is our jalapenos. p>> of course. pwhat they put green peppers in
8:20 am
plittle habanero goes in it too. p>> so and so we get our raw pingredients we bring it up to a pspecific temperature. p150. pand then that's when you start padding the pectin and once it pgets to boil you start adding pthe sugar. pis that going in, what is that pgoing in right there? pthat's habanero. pthis is also deseed the pjalapenos to reserve some seeds pso we have it exact every time. pand people are worried that oh pthat's going to sounds too pspicy. p>> it's much more sweet than pspicy. p>> you've taken seeds out also preduces a spice. pit pro sz we take seeds out and preserve specific amount of pseeds. pi gotcha for you control the pheat. pbut, it scares people but a lot psweeter than it is hot. pyou get a little note of spice pon the back. p>> a little note of spice on the pback. pyeah. pi like that. pwhere can we buy your products? p>> worry at
8:21 am
pquite a few places in the tampa pbay area. pa lot of local markets mainly. pand also lakeland, bradenton psarasota, venice area. pocala. pall way down, yeah. pand tampa bay area we're about a psix or seven stores. pall of it can found in watson pthat's best. pinstead of he's going list a pcouple places you can find them pand all of those stories will be pmad at them. pwatson pwe will put that a fox 13 pyou can get a whole list of pwhere you can buy the product if pyou want to support the home pteam and support. pwhy are you making your mom do pall that work? p>> this is typical. pmarvin is just talking away and. pthis batch will make between 160 pto 165 jars of jam. pthis is, about a normal batch pfor us. pgreen tomatoes we did today was pa small bash.
8:22 am
pfive days a week, 40 hours plus. pit's a full time job. pgenerally we are, five days a pweek in here. pwe may not cook every day. pwe usually cook about four days pa week but we're here five days pa week, because we also have to psell things. ptoo. pbut you know, that's smells pfantastic. pall right. pnext segment what are we going pto show? p>> well we might mess a little pbit more with jam. pwe've got recipes for you all to ptry to watson kitchen strawberry pjalapeno jam you see i'm putting ptogether right there with other roducts p>> very nice. pvery nice. pvinegar. pi can communicate with you again prussell. phad to bring emts in now you pknow my kryptonite. pnow i know. pnow i know.
8:23 am
pbe quiet just open the vinegar. pfume gator. pall right see you later. pcoming up at 8:30 the new artnership aimed at keeping pstudent athletes safe. pbut first ken suarez is going on pand on about gas prices this pmorning they look pretty good, pright? pthe yeah i can tell you really pimportant stuff politics of pworld plays into this, what's pgoing on over there is affecting
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pwe're going to save you all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget,
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aren't you lactose intolerant?
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p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p are gas prices going retro? pcould we eventually see gas for pless than a dollar a gallon? pthere's a chance aaa is preporting a cost gallon of gas phas already dropped $0.07. pken suarez is live for us an on pgandy boulevard in pinellas ark. pdo we know what's behind this pdramatic drop? p>> you know, a lot of factors, pbut most recent one just phappened. pyou know that relifted sanctions pon iran. pnow they are saying don't know pif they can come forthwith, but pthey are producing a million pmore gallons or barrels of oil pevery single day by end of the
8:27 am
pthat is whole lot of product. pnow right now at this gandy pboulevard in pinellas park pregular is running 1.73 a pgallon. pthat is pretty good. rices are now the lowest pthey've been in 7 years. pindustry experts are predicting pa continued drop. pone website called 24/7 wall pstreet says we should see gas pdrop to rock bottom price after pa buck a gallon. p i think it should be lower. pwhy? pwell i would just give iran p$150 million, first 50 billion pdla or next couple of days, i pthink we get lower prices. pi mean we just giving money paway. p>> now the prices these days are pin stark contrast to the prices pnot too many years ago. pyou might recall in 2008 the rice of a gallon of gas was 4 pbucks a gallon.
8:28 am
pthis is certainly a talker for peveryone we've sending out ptweets all morning and a getting retty good response. pi want to read a fef them jp prosa says i hope people use the pmoney saved towards ptransitioning to cleaner energy pand divesting from fossil fuel. pi think we're doing that but not preal quickly. pthis is not good news, larger pgas vehicles sales might pincrease. pand deflation might occur. pmaybe not good news for pinvestors a well certainly for paverage every day driver they pare pretty excited about it. pi can tell you that from talking pmorning. pback to you guys. p>> i don't think it ever hurts pfor any for all of us to save a plittle bit of money. phasn't hurt any of us we'll pleave it there ken, thank you. p okay. p>> all right you're looking to pmove? psilly although named tampa pneighborhood forecast, to a show pbiggest increase in a 2016. pand the terrace park area just
8:29 am
pflorida is winner. phome values in that area pexpected to shoot up 6.7 percent pthis year. pthat's more than 2 percentage oints above runner seminole pheights. pthat other bay area hot spots ptampa fair oaks and st. etersburg's snell isle. pbartlett park and central oak ark. p>> got to learn where all of pthose neighborhoods are. pit's statue that keeps getting phit by vandals now artist behind pthe martinez bronze sculpture pjust replaced statures glasses. pfor the third time. psculptor suspects reason glasses pkeep getting broken could be due pto people trying to climb up on pthe 12 foot statue. pthey slip and grab glasses which pbus and breaking under their pweight. phe was a successful cigar maker pand considered founder of ybor pcity. p>> a woman in need of a lung ptransplant dies in miami and her pfamily says all because the
8:30 am
pundocumented immigrant. pshy died in west kendall baptist phospital last week. pfor more than three weeks other pfamily repeated tried to her ptransferred to jackson memorial phospital only facility in south pflorida capable lupg transplant pa designated safety net for puninjure residents jackson pmemorial denied transfer because pthey believed she was pundocumented. pthen because she uninsured. p she was admitted to hospital pafter accidently drinking from pcup that contained weed killer. p>> terrible story. p>> it is an 8:33 now. pand 4 of 5 americans freed in risoner swap with iran are back pon u.s. soil. psome even reuniting with their pfamilies. pthose involved. psome lawmaker are now pcriticizing deal that freed them pin the first place. psome republicans saying they pdon't believe prisoner exchange pdeal has potential to make more pamericans living abroad pvulnerable. pit has the potential. pspecifically, a texas
8:31 am
pthat americans were released. pbut also says the problem is pthat the ussery leased 7 pcriminals in exchange for the pfive. pthree americans are on u.s. base pin germany undergoing medical pcare and getting evaluated. panother one requested to stay in piran. p>> and the search continues this pmorning for three americans pkidnapped from an apartment in psouthern baghdad. pu.s. officials say that the pwoman and two men iraq's with pamerican citizenships. pand they were working at the pembassy. pthey were seen going into pinterpreter's apartment before pmasked men went in and pulled pthem out. piraq security forces are pconducting adoor to door search pright now after learning they pwere taken to a city about 40 pminutes away. procker and a co-founder of peagles has died after suffering pa from several heart issues pglenn frey done henley started pband 45 years ago band won 6 pgrammy and sold more than 120
8:32 am
pthe glenn frey also had a psuccessful solo career he a 24 ptop 40 single and recurring role pin tv show miami advice. pold. pflint michigan water crisis preach as boiling point. pand now people across the state pand country are calling for pmichigan's governor to resign. rotester gathered outside of pgovernor rick snyders home pdemanding his resignation even pcalling for his arrest. pissue at hand this high pconcentration of lead in the pcity's water supply. pearl why this month president pobama declared a state of pemergency after the governor pasked for help. pbut the water has been pcontaminated since 2014. psome say governor snyder waited ptoo late to do anything good it. p>> he should have paid attention pto the experts, he should have phe should have switch it had pback over to detroit water as psoon as he knew of the pcontamination. pthey are poisoned now. pat the very best they are going pto go through a lot of very pdifficult times to try to get pthat lead out.
8:33 am
pnational guard continues to phandout water to people living pin the area. pthey are going through dozens of allets every day. pand tonight, governor snyder pexpected to get his yearly state pof state address and protesters psay they will be there. p>> the town has been through so pmuch over the years. papparently they were using pdetroit water by they could save pmoney by using their own water pthat's when the problem started. pthat's why this, that's where pthere metal in the water has pcome from they switched back to pdetroit water but too much pdamage now they are calling for pgovernor. p>> yeah. p>> all right. plindsay we will get over to you pnow. pa chilly start to the day but pgorgeous sunrise. pso if you slept in on your way pto work and missed it we thank phigh clouds. pthose around associated with at poverhead. ptimes we will see breaks and phigh clouds. pif they are around tonight by
8:34 am
poutside and get your cameras pready. pa by the breezy cool. p48 degrees with north, northeast pwind at 15. plighter winds and even some pcloud cover inland. pnot just at the coast. pand lakeland you're at 45. poverhead. pstarting out day no remember was pup yet we're holding steady a p45. pwe're a 39 in brooksville. p47 in sebring. p46 in sarasota. pagain 48 in st. pete. paround the state where clouds pcoming from, our south and west pnotice they are breaking a bit. pbut ribbon of cloud cover racing pacross the area. pjust promotes the sunrise we saw pthis morning. pit prevent temperatures from pdropping quite as much a they preally could have overnight. pthat thinks tonight. phigh pressure to the west. pit slides south and east. pas it settles in just our pclassic set up for some coldest pingredients here in tampa bay. p19 in birmingham. pthat's a chill. pall relative 45 looks good pcharlotte. ptemperatures. pwe may briefly drop below pfreezing in northern counties as
8:35 am
plet's track the milder air pbefore the cooler air moves on pin late tonight. pby lunch time, only mid 50s. pat best. pmost of us will not hit 60 for pafternoon high. phere's 5 o'clock, coolest north. pand to overnight hours ptemperatures plunge, skies pclear, we wake up in near pfreezing in brooksville tomorrow pmorning a well a crystal river. pthat leesburg, computer model, plikely even colder for you. pand my forecast in tampa 39 pdegrees. pthat means mid 30s inland and psouth. plow 40s at the coast. pincluding in st. pete. pso official freeze warning for pinterior pasco north. pby 9:00 a.m. temperatures should prebound outside of the freezing oint. pwe're pretty dry but we will plikely see some patchy frost ptomorrow morning. ets bring them inside. p59 for today. pon the chilly side all day. pso jackets will be on stand by. pyou'll need a warmer one ptonight. p39 for the overnight low. pthere's that freeze warning pnorth of the bay. p64 starts slight moderate trend
8:36 am
pso there's moderate chop. pwe start to rebound in wake panother frontal system we're pwatching it for friday. pthunderstorm potential there is pin afternoon and early evening. pthe weekend it looks chilly. pit looks brisk. pi wouldn't be surprised if we psaw jusz, 20, 25, 30 miles an phour on bay shore. pfor kid's at that raid. pjust layer up. panother hat day too. p>> yes all right lindsay, thank pyou. p8:39 is your time got to look at pthe interchange. p275 near ashley drive. plooks like the traffic is pstarting to lighten up in that pdirection. palso, if you're heading in pdirection we want to make pmention there's crash that has pbeen reported not on interstate pitself but on off ramp to west pshore boulevard blocking center plane heading off in that exit. pbut, we're hearing that might be pcleared or in the clearing pstages. pbut at the very least remember pmove over law and keep an eye pout for any folks you see pworking in relation to this pcrash in the area.
8:37 am
pa new partnership in miami ioneer's way student athletes pbeing monitored for concussions. pthis could a game changer walter pis here to explain. pvery interesting russell new artnership is between puniversity of miami and pmiami-dade school district. pthey work together to catalog pand treat concussions in every ublic high school in the pdistrict and for every sport. artnerships started four years pan already recorded nearly 600 pconcussions. pdata is useded to track pconcussions in particular how poften they happen, why kids are pgetting hurt. phow long it takes to recover and phow to prevent them. pfounder of program says they pwant to use the data to figure pout how to make each sport as psafe as possible. p>> researcher found most pconcussion come from playing pfootball also come from sports plike water polo, soccer. pthey hope eventually the data pcan used to explain when kids pare most vulnerable, what the plong-term impacts are on the pbrain and how many concussions pare too many. pflorida is one of many states pmaking an effort to make pstudents sports safer for pinstance.
8:38 am
pduring football practice and pfemale lacrosse players have to pthemselves. pall right walter, that. pnew study challenge idea of that psmoking marijuana makes people phave lower i q. roceeding national academy of pscience released findings pyesterday. pand researcher looked at changes pin test scores overtime among pteens particularly identical ptwins. pthey did not find any difference pbetween smoker and nonsmokers. phowever, researchers say even pthough pot will not affect your plevel of intelligence, there are pnumber of other physical and pmental problems linked to pmarijuana use. p>> all right taylor swift has a psquad, adele has a squad. pso should you have a squad?
8:39 am
pexplains why pwe've known for years having a pstrong social network is pimportant opinion new this pmorning we're learning just how pimportant it is. p>> having a good relationship pwith your friends and your pfamily could help both your pmental and your physical health. pfox 13 medical editor dr. joette pgiovinco pwith us this morning to explain pall of this. p>> you know, dr. jo we've known pfor mental health, obviously for pour spirits for our morale good pto have friends and family. pnow we're talking bat hysicality, physical health of pit. pgood morning, yeah. pyeah. pwe're hearing that that can paffect your blood pressure can paffect inflammation. pand all of those that things go palong with developing disease pdown the line. pso when you look at this articular study they followed
8:40 am
pi mean we're talking from age 12 pto age 90. pwhat they found is that the psocial relationships affect your pblood pressure the more pinteraction more relationships pyou had the lower your blood ressure was. pthey believe that stress phormones play a role. pso when we which don't have that pkind interaction we don't have pthat social support, adrenaline pgoes up all of those things pincrease inflammation. pthey were able to track that. palso able to track the body mass pindex. ptheir waist circumference. ptheir weight and so when they plooked all in all they found pthat there was a dose response. pso more interaction you had the pless likely you were to have all pyou. p>> and interesting, i find this pfascinating part of study talks pabout a teens and about opularity. pand the more popular a kid is pthe less obese they might be. pthe less weight problems they pmight have. pwhat's the correlation here? p>> the a lot of it does have to pdo with social interaction once pagain.
8:41 am
pstudies that say like attracts plike studies shown that when psomeone is maybe not obese joins pa group of other friends where pthey are, that increases their prisk of becoming overweight. pand then the opposite is true. pso if someone overweight joins a pgroup that's under weight or you pknow normal weight then 40 ercent chance of decreasing ptheir weight. pbut once again, it all has to do pwith those stress factors. pthey even measured those pinflammatory markers in these padolescents. pbelieve it or not they found hysical inactivity was pequivalent to the a social pisolation when it came to pincreasing inflammation in pteens. p>> wow. pare we talking about like a pstrong family support or is this pmore about friends? p>> it can all of those. pwhen you look at the pquestionnaire i have it in front pof me some of the things they pask you, do your family friends pcare about you, do they punderstand the way that you pfeel.
8:42 am
pcan you open up to them. pso it was a lot about pinteraction. pcan and when you looked younger pand old terrace seemed to be pmore interaction, more friends. pwhen you got to that mid age it pwhereas more about the quality pof the support verses the pquantity of the individuals you pwere interacting with. p>> i can see that. p>> study also talks about adults pand how loneliness, not being pabbying lone loneliless pdecreases a person's life30 ercent increase of risk of pdying early when you are lonely. pthat's mostly in that older age pgroups. pbut, we do know across the board pwe've seen studies in the past pwhere it's increased heart pdisease and cancer. pyou know russell we've even seen pstudies men who around not pmarried have an increased risk pof dying earlier. pand it's, some of the thoughts pare you know, in addition to all pother things we talked about, pare just having that person with pyou to say you know eat your
8:43 am
pthat's what researchers are psaying that social interaction pis really, really critical. pespecially as we do get older. p>> yeah haven't somebody around pto nag you is a good problem to phave. p>> wow. pfascinating stuff. p>> yeah. pthank you. p>> thank you. p>> back to charley. pyeah. p>> eating healthy today at pwatson, what's that? pwhat's that? pit's a pickled green bean. poh, i like the idea of that. pyou don't p>> i do. pi do. pvery much so. pvery good. pit tastes if you like pickle it pis tastes like a pickle buttist pgreen bean. pvery good in bloody marys they psay i'm not familiar with what pthey are talking about. pbut i'm willing to experiment. pwatson kitchen us name of the lace local right here in a psmall batch putting there pgoodness all throughout tampa pbay area. pthey are working on some recipes pin 9 o'clock hour we will talk pabout how best to use their roduct.
8:44 am
pthey are still doing cooking pback there. pand we'll tell you what they are our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. racing towards us. we didn' funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
8:45 am
with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a drew park industrial ark area of tampa.
8:46 am
pbusinesses and this is a small pbusiness that is still, still ptrying to get out of its infancy pif you will. paround monday watson and his mom pmarty. pmarty is right back there. phi marty, and how do you pdescribe the business? phave you bottlers? pcanners p>> we describe to people we're psmall batch bottlers. pand not many people do this. pobviously. pa lot of it you go to co-packer pto bottle your product. pbut that's kind of our thing. pourselves. rocess. ickles. pvery small batch usually we have pabout 90 going a time did you pbroil them inside. pthey call amish water baths. pyou fill it up with water to pcertain level. pyou want it two inches above the ptop of your pickle. ptop of your jar.
8:47 am
pfor 15 minutes. plike our string bean pickles you pactually hold it 180 for 30 pminutes. pdifferent process authorities pfor each of our products. p>> really interesting. pyeah. pand so what this does is pbasically water bath is psanitizing the product. pso no bad bacteria can grow. pin this product after this boil. ponce it cools down, the lid is pgoing to suction down. pso then the product is sealed. pand then, so it's quite a rocess. pbecause, these aren't pnecessarily, you couldn't open a pjar and eat them. pthey are not going to be ickled. pthese take two weeks to ferment p>> it wouldn't taste very good. pvery, very tart, vinegar. pthese ferment for two weeks. pand then that's when you can popen and eat them. pso a slow methodical process? p>> yes
8:48 am
pdo do all of this, which is phard, a lot of people, bras it's pa pain and hard to make money. pright, right. pbut we're going to prove that it pis possible here. pat watson kitchen. pi like that. pi like the determination. pand working with marty, come on pover here for a second. pi know he's got you working to pdeath p>> i know it. pi know it. pcome on over for a second. pturn around see your lovely face pon television. pworking along side your son, we ptalk about you know families phave differences and you can say pthings to him you'd never say to panybody else but you also know pthat you guys trust each other pand know you have each other's pback better than anybody else we pdefinitely trust each other ptrust each other opinion. phe's probably much better at pdoing more of artistic stuff pthan i am. pas far as putting things on pinstagram and so forth. p>> i saw and he's great with our pkettle.
8:49 am
pbatches of things. pi have been doing bottling for a plong time as far as making jam pat home so i had that background ptogether. pi remember growing up my pgrandmother would do canning pvegetables my mom would do ickles and jams. pit seemed like it was thing that pany more. pthese kids these days, are they pcanning and pick willing like? p>> i think there's resurgence pinial of that with all local pfarm, the move to local foods& pfarm to table. pi think there a resurgence in pthat, if you look online, pthere's lots of recipes for pdifferent jams. pbut you just have to be careful pthe way they are processed that pit's safe. pto eat. pand then there's, you know, pamount of water activity and the pacid level and all of that pthat's necessary. pi you guys bring over all the roduct. pis there products in the future pthat you're thinking about that
8:50 am
p>> yeah we always do some bit of pexperimental stuff here. pkim one people that works for us pshe did experimental batch of pcarrots we're always messing paround pick willing different pstuff. pbut it's quite process to get panything through the whole papproval stage. pyou know, it's a lot of money to pdid do a product and lot of ptime. pyou have to careful a lot of eople have ideas you should do pthis and this, but you can't pjust willy-nilly do anything. pyou really got to take your time psteps. pand that's to get the state pcertification. pyou need a process authority. pso usually that goes through puniversity of florida. pwe use new mexico state puniversity for some of our rocess authorities. pthey tell you what's safest way pto make this product. pyou have to follow that to the pinth degree.
8:51 am
ptomato pickles we didn't have to psend to fda because they are so pacid if i had. pbus these pick else creole sauce pyou send to an f.d.a., that's a plong process to go through that. pfor list of where they sell go pto watson and of pcourse go to pwe'll link you to with the pwatson prussell rhodes and laura moody, psome recipe suggestions on how pto use their products. pthey seem like very nice people. pseems like a great out pit. pi'm glad you're there. pyes, yes to all of that. psee you later. p>> all right. pyou know they are talking about pbanning him in the united pkingdom. pdonald trump. pbut on our soil he's picking up psome important allies. pchristian evangelicals we will ptalking about that coming up at p9 o'clock. pand we may be in big trouble phere. pcocoa, josephine, do we have proom? pwe've got puppies ending into pthe studio. pand they are looking for homes
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