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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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good evening, i'm linda hurtado in for kelly ring. i'm mark wilson. first here at 6:00, stiffed in the satellite lot. the lot near the airport closed up shot and went out of business only they never notified the owners of dozens of cars parked there leaving the owners without a ride. and anjuli davis is live at the parking lot off hillsborough avenue. how could this happen. >> reporter: we have used the services before where you parked your car and then the shuttle takes you to the airport and it is for a cheaper price than parking at the long term for an extended period of time. when they returned to the business they found that it was closed and the cars were stuck. snapping back after a vacation can be a nightmare. for sue warner it was when she stepped off the plane, we arrived last night and our flight landed at 8:15. we get our luggage and making the phone calls you call the
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but at premier parking. >> thank you for calling. you have reached us after our normal business hours. line. and the cab ride over to the lot revealed the 24 hour business was closed. >> we had her take us back to the airport and rented a car. and ended up getting home after midnight. so here we are today we thought maybe someone will be here. >> neighboring business owner says that it has been in operation for two years but says after closing up on thursday night they have not reopened. he said warner was just one of dozens left stranded over the holiday weekend. >> we had them come in and sit and make other arrangements to get home, get the keys and everything and get access to the vehicles, someone took the process into their own hands, shattering the window to get the keys. >> i cannot imagine myself going out of town for a week or two and coming back and you know are you trying to get home and
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your car is now just in a lot the keys are with someone else nobody is watching it, the car was untouched and deputies say it appears not one of the cars was stolen. now they are working to inform others their cars in safekeeping. >> you didn't know what to do. >> that's the most frustrating part that you don't know what to do, you still don't know what to do. >> the landlord has removed the keys from the business trailer. there is a number to call so they can return them to the drivers on a case-by-case basis. premier parking has 25 locations. they the headquarters is based here in tampa but the calls have not yet been returned. >> that's too bad we need to hear from them. enthusiastic. developing right now -- thank you. developing right now a man who was shot in his car and left for dead. someone called the bradenton police saying they heard
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when they arrived, they found karl tucksburg dead. a suv was seen speeding away. that's all they have to go on right now. 20 minutes from that is a second it is on bishop harbor road. that's where they found the body of a woman. a white female in her 20s. they have not released her name or how she died. does a murder defendant have a bargaining skip that could keep him out of death row? hoping. he may never have a trial. -- trial. gloria gomez has more on the case, he wants to cut a deal with the skate but he wants the death penalty off the table. >> reporter: he is hoping to cut a deal with the state and the state is considering it. >> are you explaining your role in the case and what you know.
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facts in the murders in exchange forever getting the death penalty off the table. the attorney says when it comes to negotiating deals, prosecutors have a lot to weigh. >> the possibility he is providing information on other unsolved crimes. >> he has been convicted on federal charges on drugging two men but now he faces murder charges in the death of two men. they disappeared from a gay bar and he pointed the finger at steven lorenzo saying he killed him but he helped get rid of the bodies. he is serving a 200-year sentence on federal charges. but he believes that the best chip could be providing information on other unsolved cases that implicate lorenzo. >> if he has information and he is willing to give that to the state attorney, they will be pressing him for other information.
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gay community in 2003. during that time, other gay when went missing and have never been found f he knows anything about listen. >> we don't know how many victims there are. >> he was in court today, linda, prosecutors did not make a decision but asked for more time they are in court in march. plays out. back to you. >> gloria, thank you. mark? and jeb bush is making some moves here gaining ground in some of the polls. he and marco rubio are trying to make their move. and new hampshire has a history of shifting late. >> this is about the essence of america. >> marco rubio is pouring millions into the iowa ads. he is in third place in the average poll. he knows a top three showing will keep him going and a surprise first or second would
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and he is trying to connect with the evangelical voters. >> the goal is eternity to live with our creator for all time. >> jeb bush has been bearing down in new hampshire. a state that's been known to surprise us. eight years ago hillary clinton was sinking until new hampshire bailed her out. and it boosted bill clinton in 1992. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the come back kid. >> now jeb bush is hoping for a surprise of his own if not winning at least scoring to keep him going. he is trying to pull it off by going after donald trump. >> one candidate to take on the bully. >> donald you will not insult your way to the presidency. >> and they are blitzing the tv with ads. >> killers that go grrr. >> and make bush look conservative. >> i believe in getting results. >> polls and focus gropes show
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>> who is more conservative jeb bush or donald trump? >> donald trump. >> who thinks jeb bush? who thinks donald trump, seriously. >> seriously. >> craig patrick fox 13 news. now in new hampshire marco rubio is in third place. jeb bush in fifth. the eye whack caucus is february 1. the primary right after that february 8th. and david jolly is swearing off fundraising. i will leave that to the fundraisers and ban members of congress from asking for money. and in seminole they introduced the stop act. and he says that we need an act like this because too many in congress are spending time raising money than doing what they were elected to do. >> you see you're not allowed to make a phone call from a government office. so those four hours of call time are four hours a day that your
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office and not doing their job but with great audacity is across the street at party headquarters calling you and asking you for money. >> he says he will not be fundraising for anyone else, including the republican party. new at 6:00, the lego land expansion is continuing. the theme park is in winter haven but the newest facility just opened in lake wales. the merlin magic making center is where the life like models are created in lego land parks across the world. that facility is not open to the public but we got inside today and we get a closer look. >> most days are not anything that you can sort of preplan and say i know what i'll do today. >> this is the hub t is a facility to make the models for merlin attractions.
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lego land parks. we make models that are the large models like the knights, dogs. and all those things that you see in the parks. this, for example, was recently completed. he will go to an upcoming new feature in one of the discovery centers. >> people say i played with them as a kid. i would who to do that as a living >> to make a living working with legot is incredible. >> i am a model builder for lego. if you told me i would be building legos i would say no way. and it is a fun progression to watch. >> this is a dream job. >> the parent company is looking
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if you like a job you have to go through interviews and have you build a model out of legos just to make sure you have the right stuff. >> if they don't judge you on speed we'll be fine. >> skipping through the bay area and leaving a path of destruction. a company working to find ways to keep houses from coming apart when we see winds like this again. another active front and watching that with interest in the meantime the headline is the cold. it looks cold 567890 degrees now under crystal clear skies. a busy forecast.
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sarasota are cleaning up from the tornadoes. two people are dead. homes have been ripped apart. how do you know if it will stand up to winds like that. >> a company works to help people withstand the winds. tell us about that, aaron. >> reporter: the business is
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across the country they put them up against the wind, fire, water, the goal is to fortify them against bad weather. >> the noise in there, i have never been so scared. >> homes and buildings destroyed. >> it is one of those things you cannot predict. boom, it is there. >> devastated families fort made to be alive. >> you -- fort made to be alive. >> it is unbelievable. >> reporter: they sift through the destruction, packing winds of 130 miles per hour. it was in a matter of minutes but year round, a company tries to replicate some of the worst weather. >> we're able to put mother nature in a box and unleech the forces in repeatable ways. >> to see how they are build to the codes before hurricane andrew compared to fortified homes build to stricter codes when the winds up to 100 miles an hour blow through similar to
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>> on the scale they are ef-0, ef-1. the difference is staggering. the unfortified house is destroyed the other barely budges. the president of the insurance institute for business safety says fortify something simple. >> we like to see in every home a load path which means the roofs are tied to the walls and walls to each other and the foundation. that manages the energy and the forces of the storm dissipates that so it does not tear the house apart. >> a lot of homes built after andrew are made that way, it takes lost cost materials. retrofitted. >> we hope to narrow the path and increase the quality of construction we eliminate the ef-0 and 1 damage. >> peace of mind for homeowners who cannot help but see this and wonder if they are next. >> a small investment and a big rate of return. >> ibhs does the testing in south carolina.
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manufactured mobile homes that are fortified t is unclear if that's the case for the houses in manatee and sarasota that took a hit over the weekend. mark and linda. >> i don't know that i have seen video that demonstrated the difference as well. >> that's amazing when you think about the winds. since we don't see them all the time you forget the strength that can be behind the winds. how quickly it happens. >> now to paul. another stark reminder we need to be prepared with the phones and aps. >> during an el nino winter if we have tornadoes it will happen more often than not in winters like this. we get a break now with the headline is not severe weather it is the cold. it is dazzling outside as we continue to add daylight every evening, sun set now is at 6:00 and starting in a couple of days, our average lows
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head to the spring season. 53 down the peninsula. look at the set up. it is a perfect night to get cold. you have high pressure. the clouds around last night that gave us the outstanding sun set moved to the south and no high clouds to act like a blanket. winds will diminish. between now and 7:00, your backyard thermometer could drop just like that as the sun sets and the dry air helps to make it cool. it will drift and east of us we get back here. in the zone that's more of a light east and southeast wind. and afters that. we turn cold for the weekend ayo-yo. low to mid-50s.
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and down to 47. brooksville is 52. 46. here is the cold air to the north. and watching us. 53. and our inland counties will be cold 567892 right now in lake placid. a reminder a warning is up. inland pasco and all of hernando, all of citrus and a decent duration, eight hours or so of temperatures at or below freezing. if you have any tender vegetation, anything to save cover them or bring them inside it is going to be cold tonight. high pressure will slowly drift to the east and the southeast. the winds will diminish. 39 in tampa and brooksville. 45 in st. pete. 38 degrees in sebring. and then tomorrow night the air mass starts to modify. look at the difference tomorrow night warmer as winds start
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we're on the way up once we get through tonight. 53, the dew point 32. winds north-northwest at 9. satellites and radar a developing snow storm in the plains and in those of you that have interests in the northeast. storm on the way. the first of the season a it will be in washington, dc and baltimore could get 1 to 2 feet of snow then the forecast is tough in new england but that big snow storm friday and saturday will bring another surge of cold air our way for us. windy and cold out in the west. 16 in chicago. 22 bristol. raleigh 29. columbia 38. buffalo at 20. tonight 31 spring hill. 34 land o' lakes. and tampa. mid-30s east of i-75. low 40s in pinellas and our
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milder right near the coast. the same. upper 30s and 40s inland. we have rebound into the 60s and then we just kind of watched the arrival of the front up to 61. we plunge over the weekend a chilly one a lot of wind on saturday. clear, cold and patchy frost night. down to 39. sunshine tomorrow. and a cool afternoon in the 60s. we are continuing the warm up on 71 degrees. i know that you are concerned about friday. my thinking right now is that most of the energy will stay north of us. there could be showers and storms as the front goes by. after that we turn windy and colder on saturday and sunday. bright and chilly with a temperature in the 50s. >> how about this, pete rose
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having the east-west shrine game is kind of a huge advantage.
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video camera on the spot. this is the most consistent
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champs. they are riding a high five-game winning streak. they are finally healthy. they can extend that tonight. they host the oilers who the bolts beat and brian boyle is back after sitting out with a lower body and will get at least a couple more starts before the all star break. they were on the outside looking in. now there is a few pointsm back of the pack. >> and it felt that way all season. both ways have been in striking distance if you want to say so. it has not changed our finds. that's you know the group and the way we have gone through the ups and downs and now going through the most consistent stretch and hopefully the right time.
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the break. >> pete rose is going into the cooperstown right now. the reds will induct him into the team's hall of fame. he played played from '63 to '78. and he is the all time leader in hits in 1989 he received a the lifetime mlb ban from the baseball. last month the current commissioner decided not to lift the ban from the league. cooperstown. the east-west shrine game brings gms, scouts and coaches from every nfl team. they are here to look for the next great nfl stars. it attracts the second-tier players guys from the third to the 7th round. some may not get drafted but many will end up on nfl rosters next year.
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they have to get used to playing with new teammates even the hand offs it be -- can be a problem. the game showcases, gives nfl prospects another chance to be seen alongside other senior stars. this gives scout as chance to uncover hidden gems. practice. staff. this is where they get excited as the east-west. the those guys, this he are doing that and kicking the weeds and turning over the rocks, this is the process. they get excited. there is a soccer team that's lost one regular season game in four years. hard to believe that the mitchell girls don't have a state title to go with that. and the lady mustangs have not lost a game this year. they will head into the regional
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they shut out hillsborough enroute to a combined 16 goals on the way to the title. they will most lakeland in the quarter finals as they continue the journey for a state championship. something they have been talking and dreaming a lot about. >> all the girls, they are very committed. i think that's a big plus. they are committed to win that ultimate trophy in high school. >> that's amazing though, one loss in four years they don't have a state title. >> thanks. at 6:30 the americans freed from prisons are talking. what one is saying. and ethan couch. the affluenza teen, how did he end up in mexico. it may not be how everyone
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and chris chmura will be here. >> linda and mark. consumer reporter chris chmura here with a message at
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don't i'm lucky and humbled at everyone's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and my family who have gone through so much throughout this time. >> a former marine amir hekmati speaks out for the first time since his release. he was convicted of spying and spent four and a half years in prison. the release was a surprise he thought he would never be free. and we go to germany where they are recovering. >> reporter: they smile as they are reunited for the cameras. they are receiving treatment at a military hospital in germany before heading back to the us amir hekmati said he had no idea he would be released. >> it feels great, i feel lucky, like i said i feel alive for the
6:28 pm
born again i feel proud to be an american. >> i had sort of accepted the fact i would be spending ten surprise. >> and rezian's congressman called it horrific. >> if they thought they would break the spirit of him they failed. his wit and intellect, sense of humor, all is fully intact. >> the administration criticized for the swap which saw sentences of 7 iranians pardoned or commuted and charges against more than a dozen others dropped. this is a propaganda coup for the bad guys who want to destroy us. >> the white house press secretary praising the move. >> a great weekend for the families and those who had been deprived of the company of their loved ones. >> we have learned that the pastor will reunite with his
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returns to the states. >> there has been controversy why an agent was not part of that. robert levinson disappeared nine years ago. tonight the officials say they believe that he may no longer be in iran and the government is cooperating in the search for him. >> isis confirms that jihadi john died in a drone strike. he appeared in videos depicting the we headings of hostages. he is was a british citizen. a military said it is certain he died from a drone strike in november. isis finally acknowledged his death in the propaganda magazine. the supreme court will review the president's executive actions on immigration. the justices will look at rulings that block the plan from taking effect. it shields 5 million immigrants from deportation. and allows them to work legally.
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in challenging the president's orders on immigration and be argued in april. a bus driver says that hing was tired before the bus crashed rolled over. two women died. it was raining, the bus was careering -- carrying the driver and passengers. two were killed and five hospitalized. authorities will now test the driver for alcohol and drugs, that's routine. the driver said he stopped for a caffeine jolt at the last stop before the accident. there is fallout from the water crisis in flint, michigan. two class action lawsuits have been filed against the governor and other officials. the lawsuits include an emergency injunction to keep the city from shutting off water who cannot pay their bills and the calls on the court to inval dade all bills. the tap water was contaminated with lead after it switched the
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2014 to save money under financial management. lawyers for the so-called affluenza teen may have been taken to mexico against his will. they were captured last month. prostitutors are investigating whether he violated probation. he was driving drunk when he killed four people. they are investigating whether he fled or was forced. his mother is back in texas facing charges. he is being held in mexico. donald trump is holding his double digit lead over ted cruz but when it comes to iowa they are tied. as we report here at 6:30, they are fighting -- fighting for the top spot before the all important iowa caucuses. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign teasing a big announcement as he made his way around iowa firming up the ground game in the hawk eye state, we'll talk about that
6:32 pm
it is a big event planned. >> reporter: a poll shows him 17 points ahead of his rival ted cruz but in iowa 13 days away, they are clawing for the top spot and the gloves are off. >> we're doing well, the polls came out in south carolina where, as you saw, i went up 4 points. cruz went down 3. >> reporter: cruz is shoring up support in the primary state of new hampshire today continued to blast trump for not being a true conservative. >> mr. trump supported the big bank bailouts. i disagree with him, we should have no bail outs of the banks. >> on the democratic side a new poll shows that bernie sanders lead. he gained 11 points since last month saying the campaign is not finished gaining ground.
6:33 pm
vollen tears and a field staff, we're knocking on doors we need >> reporter: hillary clinton is picking up a big endorsement today as the human rights campaign the largest lgbt civil righted a vo casy group will back here. in washington. donald trump has been promising a big announcement all day we're learning in a moment, sarah palin will announce her endorsement of donald trump at a trump rally. a new york man charged with vehicular homicide he was not driving when a man was killed.
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look at this, this james ryan he is about to go on trial for vehicular homicide. he was not behind the wheel when a police officer was struck and killed. he was legally drunk at the time. the officer was investigating a few minutes later an suv didn't see ryan's car crashed into it and killed the officer. all right. here is where we are now. ryan on the left is charged in the death and faces 25 years in prison. the suv driver was never charged. if we needed you today is the day. how are they using this. this is causation foreseeability. >> they said it was foreseeable
6:36 pm
pulled over on an intersection that could lead to an accident and crashes that that result was foreseeable to him. he is criminally liable. >> couldn't you make the case, make the case with the police officer they have a certain risk and pulling someone over and exposing yourself on the side of the road may be a normal expected risk that they're going to take, right. >> that is true and think about where this could go. >> let me say this first, though, we don't see this in criminal law. this is on the an aberration and on the fringes of law, we don't prosecute them for criminal negligence or foreseeability. that is the few cases that come through, not the mainstay but this can lead to some incredible results if you think about it. if you are caught speeding and you get pulled over and someone come innocence and causes an
6:37 pm
it is foreseeable that you are pulled over there could be an accident. there are a lot of results that's the reason why most of the time you don't see this. this does set a dangerous precedent if we go down this type of law for all criminal cases. >> sure n all fairness we don't know the story. >> maybe there is something else that has the prosecutors wanting to go after him. what is the end result? it is hard to put you on the spot. what is the likelihood of a conviction. >> you hit the nail on the head. there are two things driving this. an officer doing his job and he different category. and involves someone drinking and driving. something that this country takes very seriously because of madd and the deaths that have occurred on the highways. when you combine them, that's one of the reasons this has gone on and this far down the road. i don't think he will be convicted.
6:38 pm
is a stretch but if he gets convicted the case will go up to the court. and if it turned it back before when the judge it will have to go beyond the appealate court the new york appeals court that's where it will end up. i don't foresee that it will keep this conviction. >> the other car that caused the crash that killed him f they stay at the scene there is no likelihood of charging them, it was an accident. >> there was an accident but they are parked on the side of the road could you argue he was negligent and not paying attention to hit the car. could you argue that he is responsible for this as well. and that's why this case is unique you don't see this negligence and this being extended to a lot of criminal cases. we require the intent to commit a crime.
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we need to slow down when we see stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you
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whenever i want you
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after recent terror attacks more persons are taking extreme measures to protect themselves. you will see how the bunker
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booming. yes, bunkers. and preparing for the apocalypse. stocks are struggling to remain in the positive. the worst opening year in history. and dropping 11 and the s&p eking out a point. >> it is the phone call we love to hate. the robo call. >> and he would like to give us and you at home a false quiz. how do you measure it? >> we reached out to u mail it is voice mail that allows it access to the calls that you receive including the robo calls. it will see the numbers making thousands upon thousands of
6:43 pm
how to block them. number one. this is not for the viewers. ready. >> zero. to a robo call. consumers were subjected to 725 million robo calls in december alone. >> 725 million. what do you think. >> a set up. >> true. >> true because of that. >> we're going to go with false here. the answer is 1.45 million. double that amount in the month of december alone. so,. >> that's shocking. >> smoke was coming out of my calculator, 46 million call as day, 2 million an hour, 32,000 a minute, 500 or so every second.
6:44 pm
hun- 500 plus, i blocked more numbers in december than i have in a long time. it is on the rise. >> number 2 here. true or false. 5 of the most robo called cities are here in florida. >> i think true. >> and they are in florida. i will say false you will say twice as many. >> the answer here i got you is true. it is 5. jack sidelineville at 50, orlando, fort lauderdale miami and tampa at 24 with get this. more than 13 million in december. pushing 14 million robo calls in our city alone in one month. unbelievable. >> we're a melting pot probably. >> right. >> we part with our money easily. question number three, true
6:45 pm
face fines of $16,000 per call they make. remember, they make more than 500 a second. every second of every day, the first reaction is to say false. >> that makes me want to say true. >> it needs to be higher. that is true though. up to $16,000 per call. >> anyone being prosecuted though. >> that's it. they are prosecuted but they rarely pay the fines. in part because, a, they just close up shop and move on to another operation or they're outside of the country and what is the risk. >> i thought if you are going to have a business that operates and calls people you need a credit history for that like are you driving a car or voting. you have to have a history can you keep doing this. it demands action. we have to do something. maybe 2016 will be the year. >> interesting.
6:46 pm
we're getting into like brr, super chilly,. >> just in time for gas gas -- gasparilla. >> every parade the children's parade but the adult parade had issues. look this is it. and right at the top of the hour. we had lots of after flight 6:30 and hints of daylight great sky. and that was the high today. that's the coolest day time high of the season. that's running about a dozen grows. 11 below the average. we're going to warm up a little bit tomorrow but below average. brief warm up ahead of a front
6:47 pm
average as a strong front moves across the peninsula on friday. if you like a chill and cold air the setup is perfect. skies have cleared. there is a cold high to the north. that's going to drift to the south and promote radiational cooling as winds subside and the cold pockets will be colder. by this point it is dark and any vegetation you want to protect. you should have brought them in. there wilt be frost around. the el nino pat certain in full swing. can you see, this is amazing from a scientific standpoint all of this indicates the fast jet stream from the pacific across central america. then over the gulf and it is this pattern it does it every day bring us weather. we felt the impacts in the form
6:48 pm
our way from the west. this subtropical jet jets energized, it will on friday as the front heads our way, at this point it should stay north of us but a couple of days away. we'll update that tomorrow. chilly. low 50s around the bay area. it is very dry. the dew points in the 20s and 30s and dry air, heats up quickly. and cools off. that's why the desert has swings because the air is so dry, we're in that desert environment now. winds are coming down the peninsula. they will go to near calm later tonight that's when the things get cold. 53 the dew point is at 32. a north northwest wind at 9 around the country. looks like winter. lots of cold air locked in. moving through the midmississippi valley out in the
6:49 pm
there is more mountain snow and valley rain. the resorts out west after last year's fiasco. they're having a great season from lake tahoe to park city. west of denver on 70. resorts in eastern oregon doing well. 16 chicago, 20 in buffalo. 29 degrees in raleigh low pressure passing by us will produce a headline making snow storm the first big one of the season in cities like baltimore philadelphia. 1 to 2 feet friday and saturday. clear, cold. we're down to 39. we have sunshine bright and chilly. we're in the mid-60s. we warm up on thursday. 71 degrees. as i mentioned we'll track the situation on friday. it will be a day time event not a night time event. the storms that do come through are not going to be at 3:00 in the morning during the day.
6:50 pm
colder on saturday the high of 55 degrees. >> thanks, paul. >> next, getting ready for the listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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tonight at 11 in a world where cyber attacks are common, the most popular passwords are the most obvious yet people use them. a study says about an avoidable trap. to make room for rides at disney world, they're closing down some of the popular attractions. which ones will bite the dust on the 11:00 news. see you then. and gasparilla has started. the pirates invaded the mayor's office. they demanded he surrender the city in a week. if he sticks with tradition he won't and they will be back with friends for one big invasion. >> they will outnumber him for sure.
6:52 pm
becoming the norm for darren scano. >> he creates a float for the parade the plan is center stage in what's right with tampa bay. [music] >> this is the famous coconut. >> every year he adds something to the project. >> i kept on adding, i added the coconut head here that we fill with the beads and coins to give out as we go down the parade. >> he built the first float for the parade four years ago when his oldest child was born; we kept seeing the parade and said we're going to do this. he took a cart and made it into a pirate float to ride in the parade. we have a good time they enjoy it. he added a mast and streamers. >> this year we're going to do lights and i'm trying to rig up a way to do fake smoke. >> it takes 40 hours to transform the float into a work of art.
6:53 pm
the mountain on creativity; he says the children's parade brings about an unusual change. >> the kids are adults, the adults become kids. >> something the children never seem to forget. >> coolest dad in the neighborhood. >> i know. >> that's awesome.
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